07/17 - 10 am - All Star Week

The Day Shift
Tuesday, July 17th

Bryce Harper is so much fun. Baseball needs to let that dude be himself. The Chiefs offensive line is going to hurt the development of this young team. the Royals hand print has been all over the lst 5 all star games but we're left wanting more this week. Mike Trout should man up and do the home run Derby. 


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And re late. I'm pissed off of what it was just constant months. Thought. She'd been clean my wife speaks up before the season gets it. I'm not all be clear here probably nine off. The dean shares. Well let's you and I did she would year old fired. It was. It was quite a rock you're loving some bombs supplies. Eleventh and lots of files will work next month's that's being unveiled. It's usually a home run into the home under procedures. I was locked in to a man it's one of those things it I don't know if you want to reach an all star teams from all the different that we. I think the NHL certainly has more talent because all the big dogs that are both for being basically use them still the best. Either they do kind of idea. India. Accuracy fittingly picked up org it's there and hold me in many Eagles in a bunch of stuff. And one thing you do do is be artists like shop which is kind of the slap shot artist let's just kind of like the home run derby it's like to slim down it's the main thing for the unit shall be MBA curly as payers. In the one thing about Deion. NFL is they didn't skills contest but it's never. It's kept an afterthought and spent the afternoon show what kind of ignite it Kevin would be not that big deal I typically like. Watching these skills companies who drove drop and everything else producer trying to create interest. In the NFL with the skills contest and I. It misses them I'd love that stuff in any way but I will admit you're kind of has its irons were drags on. In Major League Baseball the spotlight event was clearly what happened last night. Two home rendering that's that's their deal is that. We look through the you know you look at some of the top home run hitters in baseball. Some of them were here of I suppose you were here as wooden and it into words not in it. Judy Martinez who leads Major League Baseball not and it might Trout. Possibly the best player on the planet right now is not in it and tell me in my truck had hit some bombs and galaxy from the linebacker. It would be fun it would be great for the sport I think every Trout per showdown. In the home run derby that's not what we got but it was Exide. It was exciting for baseball with the need at a fastest man like I would do Henry. But loves he Estes pitched he would do that some of the arm so forget about that one but I think there's other things they can do. But that was on full display last night I saw a lot of people talking after the home run derby. Talking about Bryce Harper winds up winning the home run derby would he did as the switch to form an ounce. Used a five outs the new seven ounce in the and you had nine counts. In Major League baseball's he had different different outs in different rules for home run derby as it's been throughout the years. In one thing they changed was 2015 your driver's Cincinnati. At the altered exits while the royals went. In Todd Frazier was an Indy shortly big change formats where her body gives him a five minute cards needed to rebound out. Number the all star game was what you using key in city rubs you know didn't it'll get nine and in yesterday there was guys like Bryce Harper in the blues but legal system he would have made out and he got a rolls read Russian. But he did makes amounts you know. The big name in Cincinnati's 35 minute rounds. But because of the thought of rain in Cincinnati. They changed it to four minute rounds in the kept the four minute rounds since then. So regardless harper was the hometown guy harper one home run derby. It was kind of fitting that he won a national sports it was kind of fun to see what's a hole and as it is also assault or is it was cool in Frazier in Cincinnati. It was incredibly why. But people have short term memories. They're crowding all Bryce Harper is the east or Major League Baseball. Hitting this year faces numerous negative. My truck is hell lot better than Bryce Harper just point. Brits are presented on years agree yours in the past talked about gimmick would get 400 million dollars I think that might be off the table at this point would with the season he's haven't. But I like Bryce Harper he's good for the sport based one like a lot of things Bryce Harper does and says. Be honest with you but I think you were cut at the moment it that was the best moment for baseball Bryce Harper. If they got lost in the moment to Bryce Harper but they forget last year they receive ebony and jet. When he among others there's baseball superstar there. I think if for kitten the year before pickled pork when Joker lesbians that want to resurrect this guy's hit bombs off that warehouse that nobody said before. That was insane. It's a great moment for it and yanked it just its cradle for it does not tree incident in it does not last though is every year we see somebody also rise. In every last year's crowd and hear and judge he came in as the favorite to win it. He came through with that. In one night but here's Bryce Harper less than any his opinion when he won on the play this in a play Todd Frazier and in utility excitement level speaking for didn't Todd Frazier in Cincinnati in 2015. And how crazy that ms. atmosphere was here is Bryce Harper. In June. You see. Once you trophy. And mean it was exciting it was a little bit electric although. After their champions are still mad at him. For wearing big school nights Jersey during the league playoffs what thinkers people mixed. On because you Woodward's hometown capitals Jersey which I see big fuel prices from Vegas where Brazil wants. But that was kind of mixed reaction be here. Here is Todd Frazier in 2015. And he is Ian. With Chris Berman this is home run derby. In tell me. This was an electric. I. He. Was just select more electric and Bryce Harper won. In my point is Fraser was never gonna be a superstore. On the in the obese this preachers been very good player but he's not transcending like a Trout like corporate. In Abbott hopes to Trout at some point one do this operas not done this very much he did in 2013. In the only reason he did this year as his initials pork replaced so that's the only reason he did it. I wish that the Bryce Harper's orbited might throughout the world we're in the home run derby I understand the reasoning drawback to it it's sometimes guys' skills to decline. After playing home run derby. But casino Bryce Harper is the best player in the game he's been featured in press harpers not the best polar measly based orange. Yeah and yet if anybody saying that they're just they're just flat out of their all time. I don't hear me people saying that he's better than my trouble maybe there are some people out there to believe he's got a micro. Come across who wore hurdles people but at the malls will look at Major League Baseball today specifically this year. And it looked and they say that Mike Trout is the best player in Major League Baseball have the sounds of rare now yesterday I had no issue of people getting hiking people getting excited about Bryce Harper because. That was his moment last night it is good for baseball that doubles as moment. Is he the best all of all of all the players that played all or part of the home run derby last night possibly but the bottom line is that moment last night. It was good for baseball idol every year we talk about the home run derby. We will elevate somebody in the last year it was just I have no issue with that because baseball needs. That's what they need a baseball leagues that they need more of that because that did bring your guardian of what Zack Greinke when he see some wood but don't tweet they agreed told them. He might leave early warning we're derby is boring it was a lot of people Wessels Specter. His timeline is people doing some deals when it was like out forcing donkeys is that watch over derby. Wheaton at day at Steve inspector earnings between them. This is boring people but we'll watch it but I think he missed a good show that was a lecture me that he could sports vote. This is going to be Mort said in the all star game and the home run derby last night everybody cheating and spinning up like it's warmer it exactly hometown favorite. For the Washington Nationals. Obviously put into verbal or peace corps of cheer for him at the end but the greens won't get behind guys are our vehicle runs in put on the show. Within the other thing people were talking about was defective Bryce Harper cheated. Which he harbors and it heated because his dad. The rules or you have to wait until the boldly. In Bryce Harper needed on a home runs I don't runs the test done and it it was the that was fired fastballs and he. Before they even played up. It here's the thing that receipt is it cheating 170. Also this to double. Because Bryce Harper was our group shots into symbols further anybody else. Of course they're going to take longer to lay and and a guy that puts him barely over the fence agree that it's come to see a show they come to see long home run put the rules rules are rules and sensible shots to put its beauty books but it Saddam. It is getting rid of that rule. In say no you can just keep iron in hit home runs as much you want but that was kept the controversy lest I experience the road set the price was away. At some point might Trout just needs to do the home run derby. Now know that people say well late you know LeBron James light of what is the do via the dunk contest. I guess you could make the argument that the NBA does it need LeBron as much to you the dunk contest as Major League Baseball needs might try to do the home run derby. Oh Mike Trout said this to the media yesterday others parts of the home run derby. He Davis also a home run derby and he essentially he says he just likes watching it. Just in in doing it into a kind of watched. This just. Yeah hearing some. Some things about it. A tire is in this policy through that and they're hitting. But just you see things into it. Price Solis also might Rouse as he likes to sit back in in Joliet. And he says he years Bettis diary. I honestly would I heard him say that. I think that that is his excuse. That is his outs to never be apart a home run derby day I think that was my truck to police yesterday. At our public health participants. They can get tired you get worn out by it and in baby affects you coming out all star break. I think they heat clearly all the display yesterday. All on media day stated that he is not be part of the home under. That's his excuse that it's not like he says I've heard that it's tired. It does have its sales guys are apparently in the Gatorade to put me. Dean Reynolds go in so much your of sweat and they are I mean they're go out there and keep him in the big out here is a hard working for a few minutes when that bad. But it does work for. Mean it is work would you wanna compete beaten to doctor dog hit a couple that we worry about it read and be like harpers were with a going. You balls out to win them. If they were the ones getting tired. Yes Trout. And fortunately you'll probably never do it you probably never do it now. Yeah I'm with you and I got harper visited him he just does sound like he doesn't hear about the home run derby at all but here's the thing to this enterprise fund. Jim start outlook does not play its. Do the home run derby no. Did or judge you wanna last year do know. When judge your duty in Lebanon or Bryce Harper ever do it again probably not let's probe based we go these big tech measures it at Purdue did. The pressure present and the proof he's achieved in evildoer wouldn't unfreeze the world. Welcome them in the middle innings in baseball he's finished twice accurate Indies won it he thought could add lights. The big gun store hours. Those of you see you pricey users and lord do it again. He would put orbiter show he'd do it the next month he's the world that diplomacy and I was shocked about Bragman whose. Basically found his power this year he put on held display it as well now. Coming up next whose teams he achieved over regular cash contest when he that's way. On the thirty your jeans with a thousand dollars in the national contest catch contest each orbit they'll have next cheese softened supply. They're the ones who will be the catalyst for the chief to an anything this year we explained that. That one thing that people and it's an ambulance. After going after the what Patrick. They're going to what's in the two of sorts I read it in their career. Interval workers a year to speak with good stop anybody although I don't think that's the real winter. For people drive and like I think that's. TV air under the ball that's my whole speed gun would you agree that that might be the one thing they're watching I doubt they'll be watching the offensive line girls. Something tells me that that's not going to be. Beer you steal LB he hits led. Not until they do team drills his a lot of thank you lose your line but it does a lot of times the doing. The script the office of defense. And beat writers of their and they look at who's looked on the offensive line put the ones and twos together he had a fear of depth chart gives you see who's in more. Which winds and with homes that that's the starter. But generally people just don't go appears they've. Whose ethnic LDP Mitch worker Fisher albeit in marine units that are. In who they do and had them or old it's Parker anger he's it is shock people don't care about the office like unfortunately. You've got to have a good off the line. Go to anymore you're just not going and we're on offense if you can't pass block in if you can't run blocking especially passport this year. Patrick Holmes and aired out execs got to have our. I don't care how good he is or he could throw defeated at a time you'll see a NASA penis that. Out to me when I came across as NFL all sorts of lying rankings. All 32 teams units entering 2018. Business from coal. Oh ball focus back now okay so Dassault is impossible falters and said. Let's dig into it is say or dive into this because when it comes to looking at the chiefs. They have issues that need to be addressed when he comes that they are also declined that we talked about that as much. Because typically right now everything in and everybody is in the mold of talk about that he's from one perspective. It is the perspective of look at all the skill position weapons at. Backed up past the home's gonna have his his balls we talk about Tyreke deal we talk a loss Amy Watkins we talked a lot Chelsea we talk about rebound double all these guys. And we anticipate a going to be play makers. And it after that we Celtic was gonna happen defensively they're very goes back almost finished up well was happy with the linebackers. Is it sends. Rightly are they gonna be good what the quarterback's going to be with Nelson. In Amherst. The group that we have not paid any attention to enter the big concern about that much. Has been the offensive line as you just talked about it according to the rankings they go what 32 is all NFL teams. They have the Kansas City Chiefs not the top five. Not the top ten. Now the top fifteen bandit it is that he sees projected starting lineup this is projected just baseball both. All's well they have right now and put in in injuries that they have added an act how this stuff has been working in terms a look at an increase from last year. This is what their projected starting lot of it is they have left tackle Peter Fisher left guard Bryant went span of which. I don't I don't know about that but that's as would have approached projector right now senator Mitch Morse right guard LBT and right tackle Mitchell's warts. Yes Schwartz is the highest rated portion. At eighty point L okay. Erik Fisher. He ended up. What those seventy point four. On greed and he has at his old world great okay when it's been forty point six Mitchell's law ms. Morse. At 44 point nine in LDT 78 point two. 2017. Sees it in rain they had sixteen. Sixteen at the end of last year now they have that she's projected at eighteen it's a big drop back a couple spots okay. This is what they have is via analysis. It sees the definition of a solid if unspectacular unit. Mitchell Schwartz is one of the best why tackles in the game earning an eighty. Op points year old all walk rate last season pretty much everyone else on the line is right on average for their position. That gets the job done in today's NFL the winner often times a line is only as strong as it's weakest. Link. So the weight cobalt focus looks at is. Yes the chiefs have a couple of guys that are solid and better than average in sports really did as well the best right tackles in the business. Oh we got some work to do great intro to that all the decline because we can't sit here and weakens us. B Mets or buys and daydream about catching the Holmes and patty cake make you sick when his arm is going to do. For retail and his speed or Samuel wanted his speed or Travis tells he created separation from bombed out on the linebackers. It doesn't matter if the offers the widest tracks in this office applied take steps back. It's not go to war and look I did I understand. That if you haven't elite quarterback. They can make or having a battle and won big with seat of Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay Packers all the supplies haven't been that great ever since they won a Super Bowl. But that's Aaron Rodgers I'm not expecting pack two home CB Aaron Rodgers in year number one. Not any equals so how state. That patch homes going to be the best course of himself anywhere near close no one is of course your play here. Oh for sure star number two as somebody who's. Gonna be starting behind office of line it is a projected to be all that great I just can't look at it that way. Hope that this all the line protects him because if they don't protect him. In his team's not going anywhere but when you sit here you start looking at the overall rate and they think that this team is actually from Altamont perspectives gonna regress. If they actually did regrets it tells a couple of things. That number one we gonna have to DC to upgrade this Alter its line over the next year what is the draft freed through whatever. In number two it also tells you being. Oh well what you're losing is that full. Acting done a lot of fans heard the name Zach pulled. A lot of stand salt would admit to this team in this organization. Game inning game now. But now you have to look at the fact that the guy is gone he signed elsewhere in one of the reasons why he got big money. And was signed elsewhere because he was such a valuable member in both single member of the softens. He really was and look at this last year that full metadata and 46 at 630 ports that are. 150 left or sixty to record shows versatility seder was the most. And obviously left or eating please marine guard twelve pressures like out. One hit. Eleven or one hit that one hit on one it tactful as senator and two guard and so he was quote out of position at different times. That's tough guy to replace Zach old but in the near and do things he did better for would be the highest reading chiefs' offensive lineman. I believe last year which accuses him teach you asked what protection ul probable focus so. It what it was a loss for the chiefs aren't obese. He birdied loomed in a defensive lines switched think that there Irving was or statements -- breeze switched over to the offensive line. So. Will this be a focus I would have to say this will be a focus. Of bread beach in future draft this year it'll be so you spent the strip. On the defense but he's got two skilled positions the going to be here for a couple of years remote Perry you'll kill steal those cream on. On him to walk and obviously so make next year in focus on the war. I think that's were his focus will be next in the next. It has to be that you you you have to concede it shall and off the sublime to just. Look if if you're not talked to the ball. Protecting your future the future is patched homes this team is going nowhere without passing homes if they don't protect. Past homes. They you're gonna be stuck for quite some time yankees got some great offensive weapons that's all fine and dandy but the got to make sure that they to take your religion it. That's the homes that are broader. But he is decent at you know reading he's giving up to a to a low pressure so he he's at least that's going for him defected. And he's good stepping outside the with his arms during. He can throw off the back foot deal like Aaron Rodgers so nobody can scramble or he's got a runner he's running stats more veteran that wealthy can run its scramble okay. But he's mobile mobile to loosen cameras each case. He gets back he's not in Iraq is but he's not to Hebert one. Know who was more was he somewhere but that's several more weeks Ehrlich Rodgers but he Keyon. At least. Minimize mistakes of growth it's one hughes' arms so strong in he's willing to take it but how many hits you want Patrick most aching. In the nativity commended the game. Or where units that on that keep people to people just have to acknowledge it when it comes down to a bank. That exact full. That was a key law that was. Very underrated loss if you're cheating to get the accolades all of the escalade does Jamaal Charles wants it but he was he was a valuable member of the sting. Coming up next torching it. It's winning a thousand dollars the initial cash contest plus. In reneged eagle some meals thirty story lines next. At. This. Under 1000 dollars in the national kids conscious you would mine thousand dollars that are like I was 9000 dollars. Alibaba thousand dollars it's good for simple it's your cell phone text acts like he loved that those filtered text like good effects do. So tax advice. To seven to 81. It's in bytes ADV. ICE. You could be thousand dollar cash winner in the national cares contest miss and eatery. May apply your next to it's to win a thousand dollars initial cash contest comes up. At 1130. In the fourth third and 1323330. Don't say all the way up till 630. This make it rain all day bigger in all day 121000 dollars a day. This post rank today it is maybe you're more media afternoon they called for more. It Beazer exit thugs though. Cool off a little bit. Cool and all citizens though an August date we spent his Summers earlier let's get that and I don't mean cutting they canceled it. The All Star Games that I gained Chris Sale making his third straight start hasn't happened since the fifties matter of fact. Scherzer is making his second consecutive start in the all star game. So players have not faced each other since 19391940. Is for his players facing each other in the all star game is orders. For two street years that's pretty impressive feat say what you want about. Say what you want about our guy. Chris Sale he was the one that obviously kept the uniforms. He was voted for a bag and you weren't bad looking for about a few words like that a rumor he's up so nobody can. That's for sale Chris sales also. Part of the he's part of the experience. The fights between the royals some more urgent networks more urgent sale very active in that fight bull kids admirable is currently the punched their. Allegedly for sale went to the da locker room. Trained to fight. You're Donald ensure that night I guess Alex Rios. Who's a former teammate of pre sale Kenneth Cole the situation. Cooled it down just a little bit. But. Chris Sale gets the start that I diesel competitors that is instinct and a historical thing going on that let let me let me say. Number one I can't stand for sale okay. I had like Chris say goal when he was with the white sides and that was the bad blood between the White Sox in the Wales we old. The did not like Chris yelled don't like Chris Sale every tried to go after or Donald. On in the clubhouse all of us aware of saw us you know back and like I did I get all OK I don't like the gap. Any just really comes off says. He's got an attitude issue. Game. At a select OK all the bulls threes. But there is Noelle. Waited too cannot acknowledge his talent he is remarkable. As a pitcher in Major League Baseball. He is as the third man in baseball history. To start three consecutive bowl start. On K yet let it go man is. With the Yankees back in 1993. To 35. In the last or individual was Robin Roberts with the Phillies in the National League from 1953 to 55. That's an exclusive list Stabile is been that long three consecutive starts. When it comes to the Major League Baseball all star game spectacular. And quite frankly bay. If you look at it this way or this block on Chris Sale as much as I despise the I don't like the guy just don't like how we operate how it rolls attitude and all that. He might be the best player. In Major League Baseball. That doesn't get a whole lot of raw. I've not seen it Chris Hill who Marshall. I don't know the here is a Bol commercials or endorse the public does he did ABC mixer figured if he get yet no B but he did he does seem like that type of guy. They cares about in you that you're right serves as another guy that doesn't it all but your starters the game but history here to speak is more talked about interest sales and all yet because it actually do way more raw. Ed in the rats well until muffled from a marketing perspective because harper. Not the Red Sox did a lot of the Atlanta one in terms of the spotlight on national TV but I don't know one they're on their clubs getting. Endorsement opportunities like Bryce Harper is getting endorse opportunities act CEO of bull guards commercial I had seen a bets commercial. I don't know anybody on the on the Reza is really duet. Who is doing big time commercial. 1940. Bullet all Ford's face get run. Which is unbelievable last since 1942. Starters. Faced each other in eastern Ellsberg. Like it's a long time ago for war. Did to you telling me rotisserie baseball American League next when they're ready guy. It was consistent enough to start produced hurdles for this crazy. That long history this game that just speaks at the longevity of I'll have to beat it do it. Chris sells and vary vary do what we like to. Say to a now it's. How did he is he's that it. It at that to me it's it's kind of a weird night for Kansas City for eons who's the all star game has been a lot of fun in Kansas City. Obviously in 1516 you had Ned Yost managing. A Premier League squad obviously 1415 years that a lot of a boating. They have the royals were the story nationally in fifteen people bash in the back the royals beans vote for everything so they bashed him forcibly. And then sixteen. You have Hosmer and opera is hitting home runs and pepto Hosmer all skirting and he doubles a lot of fun last year. The fund was my stock is. The final vote did moves into the all star game that was fun in and of course moves in the home run derby that was fun. This is the one year. Since fourteen. Did he just hasn't been heaped on a fun. For royals in the appeals for yourself operas now starting Ramos is not so operas is your stories Lee's sixth street Ellsbury games. So I guess that'll be fun what's so I did these giving HTC and sell the edge brokers say. You know he'd done it before these games and stated as we hear that dynamic. Is for sale southeast yeah huge locating in locating a huge. Herself and obviously it's obvious he's smoking that's. Evidenced in Seoul salvia and interest sale may be okay today. I'm a summons. I'm assuming that they'll be just followed. You know it still seems like chill will be a little assault on the edit LB network said he was gonna you know be in the regular dude be seems like. He's so and so is a little bit. A little he's calm down just a bit but like this he called down from ripping up jerseys. When he was with the boss the rest of merit of your views would feel what's it doesn't have a Scott White Sox we when he was when he was doing that that was. That was when he was. Everybody was a good Hammond says is borderline crazy because he's cutting out all of the jerseys. In a clubhouse at me absolutely no sense but he's active pitcher they'll. You know what the with a whole incident came out of laugh and both actually at a I thought it was funny that Chris Sale admiral Michael a grown man and all star. Was in there whatever is the BP. Shred their uniforms with the word different broad picture where those those white Wednesday in an ounce than his like it or Lou. She is like. He said that comparable to where. He wouldn't cancel the people what you need to be open so you you don't divide seal the big problem Adam LaRoche funny he was just like I thought as will be these I I find that amusing it was crazies at all. But I did they have kids it's perfect for sale it would have been here story about a guy. It's at all store. Going in the locker room and cutting of the jerseys how can you not laugh crucial. I can't see anybody in the rules don't. You think Ian Kennedy who go without not Wear any stupid throwback but the futures game they had in Seattle couple weeks ago. Because those very urged repair those you care bills bills bills easy. Those emergency you're going and are written a very uniform now James pacs than not liking it's not comparable to pitch it. Chris stills with a few dead guys who do do. I'm Jonathan do. Rule with the royals organization will be that guy and I don't I'm not should they have Baghdad. I'm not sued the royals have a guy that will be that race evolved not want the city to. I see you this question is it was a question yesterday. Any interest in the Ellsberg in and I thought people did not wanna watch Komondor gives not one of those who don't watch it. I am going to watch the polls are gained. There is not what's on TV and I we all right now that we know that this wondered that is weeks when it comes war it's the works right week away from drinking again. Still Apple's not going on exit from this. All right so so so we so we only now says yeah I'll be watching. Tonight but I'll also be one team. NBA's summer league team it's. So that's now. Yes there's your question will be. What does he baseball wanna see who's gonna win. Policy is the only itself these subs part of the festivities and he sort she starred NI CU Watson's. I do Sam and allow us the entire game but out will be lost in this. The home run derby I'll give them. I watched the play. United colosio's again at nine steals third but I don't think it's gonna use bug is the Komondor last night. I don't see that buzz is electric Parker goes out there and it's couple bombs they not gonna tell you I'd watch the entire home run derby last. I watched the eerie little of the home under last night I actually turned on the TVs are Watson derby win when Muncie was Max Muncie was up their. Eating and all he had just wrapped up heating and ask saw it was harper an ass almost over and Noble's pretty much it. That was it I do like to thank you have guys in that there aren't Ellsberg. Given trip. Bloody ulcers don't vote that owned it. Which is frustrating. It was great great players and the bogey me wrong and those guys were in good good based Ellen our music report. If he or Freddie Freeman is brought you the VP candidate. Bryce Harper and it is there restorers in the home under yell. But next month's he's not a star yet but the one major star. Just continues to shy away from being a part of the home run derby. I think yesterday Mike Rada essentially. Explain why he doesn't want to be a part of that would get to net. Being John havens were freezing. On this possible it's not a yeah. Good night. Six top prospect they have. Including he hit two home runs and futures game looked at them who poor prospects. One needed shot and it is Chicago poor. That would mean the guy's problem. Outside. Or I'll beat you give you know and you're not giving across and so you have to remove players you're signing him to a long term deal. Yes that'd that would make no sense you got me team. Meaningless out of your top two prospects yet was on the long term deal. But according journeyman one thing about potential Dodgers which how to deal you're on the stayed below what to. Bristol so they may need to balance the money could include a price that do it. So I priced documents that the knowledge of the Baltimore. It doubles up to kind of balanced outlook through expert dealt with it moos is an option sign that go to wasn't that yet. The patent in that. Yet the bulls they made up. They're talking like they're going to medical procedures here and everything else so this I think this deal would be done already. But I think you won meaning to a. And herbs and the Orioles in the all star game that's got to be bittersweet that's very bittersweet. Is the royal fan who watching me which I don't know when it probably tomorrow. Yeah I think it everybody's prepared for it though right knee he's talked about was last couple of days now. You know he years. Everything is being speculate likes to he says my phone's been blowing up as we go off he's been liking different post on mr. Graham so yeah he. He understands us that's the way news. It was manners is because it matters. Obviously Munis move look for moose to be the the backup option in the meaning each auto rental player in the team like the Yankees or Phillies might or Red Sox Red Sox don't light. Interest it's I think the whole thing late as I said his epic old and in heaven the Red Sox and yankees will be in a moment who's. That's for the royals who's been through. We were bargaining power when you those two teams wanna warm up each other at the good news. The Yankees and Red Sox don't play together a very nicely they will probably willing to give you more than it was he moves will be able. That can be in favor with moves off red. I hope I'm glad to me he's going to LA if that's where it's going to be looks like that's what's going to be I'm glad to get them because I wanna see yankees and Red Sox built on. I hope so I'm not sold that the Yankees are animals in terms of like like the moment they're any good shuttle goes to LA. Which it sounds like he's gonna happen all of a sudden the Yankees are gonna feel compelled. Do you have to go after Mike Espy did what I hope so it's got your the last series New York Yankees scout team the watched my stocks that's why plead for the W. I hope so but I do I guess all saying uses. I just don't think it's a foregone conclusion. That he planes in New York it's much out ends up and outline that would first base of moves in thirty do everything third based beach. Short porch right field the minimum let me ask any second push more salary Herschel that the wicked acts. If there was a foregone conclusion that it may miss out a bulls LA that the Yankees need to pull the trigger on my stock with the old Red Sox their grief and me. I'll wait and see if it Dole's team didn't do that right now because it sounds all indications are but shuttle set to go to LA so did. Everybody else step. That Phillies Phillies are and rates the need yankees Red Sox is about is winning these herbal play. In this aren't really will be moved the next week you know I don't wanna see moves moved Adam I look at it moves has got to be moved this is the reason one loss team. Everybody. And I myself I'm looking at this and saying. Okay let me just let me just panic on downforce. I am with you today and man I believe. That Mike was not going to move. I do not think it's a foregone conclusion. Because. What we do all last winner. We sat around here we thought it was a foregone conclusion that might stop this was gonna get at 88 from somebody out in Major League Baseball and it never. Now what's that you're doing the same thing saying there's notes and tubular ross' two weeks and now with colleges but he's gonna be some us all anticipate it. All I'm saying is it still beat its its its whole line. To be honest with you I feel that moves combat in city was gentlemen's agreement with both teams. I think it was moves united who play anywhere working beach it's the play however to give you chief Clifford and are treated. Won't get something out of view just like they approached John Jay Lucas Buddha or they brought him and I've you'll leave moos was brought in. Would wink wink and here we come here you. Plea for the royals in well we can get value out of view so weak gain something we prop up you in you profit Bible and who can fit in it I think you were palpable port. It will try to do it but they can't in the season movements. I am an agreement with you on that but don't say it is to do is slide to do. You say you can swipe too because you cannot guarantee that you get a get a guy to a contender a contender hopefully will watcher dot. Figured he'd owe but on contenders treatment. So we will we would hinder. No no best bet with the price of Gettysburg as we thought that it you're gonna settle that's my point I'm guessing and not content we're gonna settlement could organ of the oath that when moves it's treated in people don't like the prospect like horror of what I'm saying is is yes. You're you're selling it to him that would get a movie to a contender. All I'm saying is. If if New York or Boston don't come calling it. And there's nothing you. You can Boston had been so mixed it with warnings on booze making it even Philadelphia I just can't imagine. It mainly goes out west that moves doesn't become a priority. Thank you bombs that thirty last year moose good defensively and play first obviously did on this beat playing first base but. He was the home run derby last year. We're I never gonna see my Trout lake and what that the support. We're probably not gonna see it I wonder what. Baseball fans all think of the legacy of my chop block this affect his legacy at Selena as anything to do abide throughout a meet. Ego a lot of Spain's double wanna see him in a home run derby I would love to see him up participate. But it took his legacy is not affect his legacy he's still gonna go down as one of the great players ever play in the game but he stayed at last night. During the media session. Is also the home run derby it sounds like. This is not gonna be some that he wants to be a part of because he's Harvard. But guys are extremely tired when they do it it affects them after Dave up participated. Over the course of the job. Over the Major League Baseball all star week in and he just says that he likes watching. This in enjoy it enjoy coming to watch. Just just. Yeah hearing some. Some things about it. Tire is in this policy through it and they're hitting. But just the lights and things into it. The said the sale in my mind this at the sale in my mind briefly this ship is sailed on my trial participating. In the home run derby the same way. That the sit has long been sealed on the Brian James participating in the slam dunk contest but he he LeBron. Has come into the league take in the league by storm. He's become a world champion he's gonna go down as one of the greatest players if not the greatest player ever play the game he did not participate to slam dunk contest. I think that in many ways might shock. The door in the same. Trout also cares so much about a swing he cares so much but the Olympics of it. I don't see is guys finish first or fourth MVP voting everything you're better or he's won it twice. Finished fourth last year even though in his car. He cares so much about his job his legacy. I don't think I do know there's a stipulation sometimes wonder does scrupulously and is told he Trout. Is a guy. Geragos to what they put the home run derby as it is some it's been a brand builder. Ever assessments wanna twice he raised Canada's profile. As people pleaded it and says this Plano Oakland I believe judge needed to at least when it. No. To kind of carry that demonstrative. People look at her judgment behemoth because special ones like he'd be the that'll render me he's got it would do it. State and he's won before he didn't dude I think it does depend on the market it is at Lawrence went that the Brandel. I I agree. But it depends on the market that Serena because I had not seen one. Says this commercial from when he was in Oakland even now he's in New York. I didn't see one Todd Fraser commercial. So I think if you're in a major market it absolutely helps you it does help you from from certain perspective that. You get some rhyme you did you get talked about you as being a some of the major. Networks and outlets of course regardless of market but if you're a big time market it absolutely. Capsule. Is some guys don't. But what it means harper and they needed it embodied it. Would have been really bad at nationals Borg and break. That would not have been. But he did it egos and LC LE. Constantly go figure. He don't want it also urging their in my do it it's important is career teams well under 500 genes. In the post season maybe my probe as like you see my truck hosting meals per game his pork in that doing. Maybe that will be the one thing agreement that it happened. Because we have seen at the last years with him you know stand and we saw with now. One last year was last year was in Miami after my when you brokered the minute last judgment pesos in wanna pick on California. In the man this year you have corporal we saw it in Cincinnati with a tough race because we Revere it. Wasn't select what it was that you and by the way the nationals are themselves. Harper 45 home runs you've 45 dollars up it gets like five not screw themselves. It pack the place you know a lot of measles uses the repair takes us to its speed in my trial look who's talking right now on the set of this much. Take us if these seat dual it and and it ends dropped. Just a few dollars to get to as a block and take some kids to a baseball. By the way programming note an hour from now what Bill Snyder and live in the big twelve media days that the star war in Frisco Texas via. Jerry's conflicts during jury it's everything. It's college football games and give the national title he's got big twelve media days that was by the way I brought this up yesterday Judah have complained about the big twelve media days. Should be during Ulster. When there's that the SEC is just dominated every headline you see most sports stories now or SEC stories. People talk about Nixon's got reed and supporting one of idled him. Males as he sees coaches they get will be will be used to be told me to do this we are from bill Schneider. Live at about 1150 closer chains in the thousand dollars wants initial cash contest comes up 1130. But coming up next because the Green Bay Packers publicly traded company. Financials are released. By the green bay Packers and people pay attention to that the NFL you know arguably how much money they are eager teams for the and so one ticket. We'll explain that next. Okay.