07/16 - 11 am - Fat Guys in Baseball, Death to the Doubleheader, Whatcha Watching

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Sunday, July 16th

In the final hour of the experimental Sunday morning where the Show is rolling with the ful 5 man crew we dicuss the Red Sox releasing Pablo Sandoval and if it is really okay to release someone when we clearly know it had to do with his weight. Also, The Yankees and the Red Sox played one game yesterday that lasted the length of two games headed into a double header today. 


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Dived for the last 592. Show and all of radio. Welcome and studio lot to winning 59 seconds down I am here how students are not as always sponsors are most certainly pending. Johnny man's well. Is back in the news again well it's that's a bad this time he's back in the news because he's feeling hopeful. They can make his NFL come back in fact he told the Dallas morning news. That he's actually been in contact with a couple of teams and Johnny's only 24 he's. Supposedly cleaned his life lovers so he says he deleted his Twitter account that's that's go to gas. For people trying to better themselves. But I really big problem if Johnny Mandela actually landed with a NFL team in college cabernet can't get a job because he'd just taken me on yeah on the sidelines. College average is obviously more talented and Johnny man's out I don't believe there's actually NFL teams talking to Johnny buddies doesn't show. Oh man for the show which hero thrived as soon you please say out loud. To all my listeners but those thing yesterday and because we solution. For allowing us to be a small part of our Sunday morning Leo's that it is. Produces this bad boy am I let ten guys Steve insert ads in the building and the others. Led by Julio Stanford joke page the end turn great word. That's on telling the stuff is working man. I was thinking during the during the break. And we need and we should just put this up as a poll what I should use him in of course. It it's not already. 76%. Say as it loses. Sentence of saying six here on the text night except this person does it go. Shout out to Jeff Schwartz he text me or tweet enemies. He has lost ninety pounds since October congratulations anybody move those. Speier we've seen it we've had a couple people texting and tweeting and I came in bigger. It is it yourself healthy together. I had a three year old and recently had a four month old and I am really motivated to getting my body together. As we said he'd go on sixteen sports Casey and votes yet to lose six or seven pounds next week. We're still looking punishments in two to six 69306. You can join in on that. All right speaking of the in thing. This is the Ellison. I sent this text message out to to gain. Peyton was. A Synaptics this is that a game. And we do this week sapa ideas thoughts for the soon and I don't. Know how to put this or to make the ball them the blows softened. I don't know that I want to because ads is going to be completely real but. Pablo. Sandoval. Was a third baseman for. The Red Sox on for 95 million dollars a couple years ago the year after they beat the royals in the World Series. Pablo Sandoval just got fired because he was to effect. So let that sink in because it's about seventy. Bet it's the year a little fun. But real well all understandable. The Boston Red Sox. You wanna say DF native of the it's fired in layman's terms. They fired his hands because he was too. Now on you don't know his case he's been completely unproductive. And one of the main issues that the brits accident is. You need to give it your weight under control because we truly feel. That your weight is a direct. Result. Of the results that you are giving us. Batting in the 212. The power the things that clutch hitting he still showed in San Francisco. They battled his weight at times. So essentially he's still had like several more years left I believe they still had to pay him out nearly fifty million dollars and they just said. This is stupid. And it's causing you to be this bed. Now as a person who is that he. Who is press take much in Sydney. I was 32 when he and about twelve weeks ago it deputy three pounds and twelve weeks at taken but as somebody who is Andy. And I don't like discrimination in cases. But in this case. I have no problem. With the Boston Ritz. And may be everyone else so make the differently I've got no problem. In problems in the balls field of work. Him being fired because as an assistant there trying elicited 255. That's up for collectible. That is a lie David crises is also listed 230 apps and we know how much Jim Bos dumbo. Diaz is listed Dave Roberts is Steve. Apart was fired as you on productive. That he'd been productive in fact he still have a job and the reason why I say prince fielder's. That always produced and the reason why safe bet though is because. Yes he was unproductive. But from the Jun. When he got to Boston. That was the major issues that the Red Sox had with. Ed they sit they directly thinks his weight. Results into the results he gives them on the feet. I mean it is weight problem we had something to do with him being and they couldn't lamb at third base native felt comfortable him playing at third base. If there is if you're job is to be. Relieve it physically and powerful physically and you are doing things that would detract. From you being in the best physical shape you can be in it makes sense for the club to be concerned. But my goodness do you even have to be in the best physical shape then let baseball my guy is an. But he isn't a place where he I mean it's a prop. On one year is big is he is though when your third base and you got to try to dive for a grabbed on your gone. Like every you die. Ideas but I think that's the first question do you do you find any issue with. I don't end this is coming from someone who is overweight. Vastly overweight. We found out last week Joseph Louis five alleged. It overweight or go this 300 pounds up but not in clinging to the nine and a half. I'm twos 75 francs up the Big Three out so we all I severely overweight. I give it. Put it oh this is yards. I've got no problems with the giants or or the reds excuse me saying. It did it 2070. When it's sing fears. Yes this person has a job he was let go of his job because he was to it. I gotta say this you may act I think that's close is that getting most of put on them. As you sit still he has been extremely productive. This is uncommon. In sports but no lights here you're held to a certain standard. And when you're profession. Is showcasing your physical gifts and apple says some light you're expected to stay and well here's my problem with this he has every opportunity to be healthy to be healthy individual with all the what with everything that he has at his disposal as far as what the club provides the that eating habits all that stuff. It was given to him there's no reason there's no excuse for an SE in the shape that he's in S double that excellence at from the six sailors and reduce the giants used to have tilt those to provide answers to his room. But that as the poll after day you sign you had an issue with the Boston Red Sox essentially firing. Achy. Because he's IQ is it. Six is this a good vote in the pulled it a problem with I don't because of its. I actually don't Eddie lacy. He got fired. Because it's a different because it as a as a diving moos has put on weight I think obviously Bartolo Cologne as long time now documentary that was why. Last dating given the opportunity to get initiate I mean they pay you what two years well here's the difference and I figured out. The difference I think with moves. And and other players with Pablo is. This was a direct issue that the Red Sox stated prior to having. Ed this is a direct issue that they've said they've had from the job. Is you need to be in shape and you can't be putting our panel say with any place the Packers head it's hey event artists still. Yeah evidence that doesn't some of that. Doesn't Boston have also owns some of that like like Seattle put in precautions with Eddie lacy as far as if you don't meet the certain way. You're not getting this much money as some incentive. That's on Boston as well. I know what you're getting into when you winner in that giant contract abatement baseball's so different like see key states Eddie lacy. We're giving you'll one year deal. Where if you're a man in shape. We're just gonna cut it or not you're not spending a lot of money on us like as well. Was going to get a big contract from someone in my house probably offered him more than anybody else buys it is. No I don't put that that much of it on the T. Because they're going to I'm sure the Red Sox are going through strides to help this gets his exes fall. Little self motivation goes a long way liked it and people are putting up like CC sabathia somewhat said that. Eight was six the only that's not the only reason though he was one of the highest paid players it was a be productive at all. I did not read what I'm saying the difference is. Is the Red Sox may debt. There issue they say it looked. Rob it's out we familiar weight issues. All reasons why you're not productive. And we need you. To be at a certain way and emit their base they had. I believe and still plays for the Brooklyn nets. Was playing third base yesterday for them because they didn't believe that he can play there face. His ticket at about being a light passing gas everytime he moves I've I've you know that's main I'm feeling heavy that's what I. A little too much information. But it's not surprising news are not look at me and the heavy that it seems like well yes I guess. It happens. So once that they'd just lost two pounds listening that was not gonna lost two pounds earlier today. But no I don't. But let's you know I don't blame the Red Sox that much. I that much but a little right. I. Explained that because they signed the content and that is your contract exactly. He you know. And it was a clutch player he was really it was holding needed at third base. Let me. He's a money making he's ever eat eat eat I apple and again he probably will get another shot somewhere he's got an early. And hopes I mean I. Shot because and hopes he get it figured out utter. Or at least go in somewhere and just via hitter. Well you think it takes problems involved look like meet the way idea. Twelve weeks at. Couple months with that money. Battle on in that type of light training since that it's accessible man I was watching this and will go to break I was what is like mitzvah Geary. He used to play for Michigan. And best I think he's on Oklahoma City now but they said. He used to go to the Wendy's that was connected to their to war at Michigan and he'd give it to. Bacon haters. Aid he'd eat of one before they got to their room a dvd that another. Like fifteen minutes later and they city do this every night to go along with all the food. That they were getting with their team meals. That the about it. Yes US. And execute and it lost in outlets clients doubters eat food that this nativity. Now it's a college you're right and a DM claim to outer I don't know on a college it that's not a guy that is a it's already a professional may have won the biggest contracts in baseball. Cause animals thirty years well for a long time as someone who was at a thing. Coming up. I Wheatley. Hey here is. And we say and I think that it's instant and and I'll look at the poll right now. Does anyone have any problem with him being fired is an exit no. Now anyone present. On the Taylor. You out there listening you know this shouldn't be disregarded. In restricted just to sports. Some other jobs out here. Where if you wore heavy. That I would not have a problem. Even in 2017. Dead sound right that I wouldn't have a problem. With you get fired Imus say that. If you work in looters in your 53 to 35. It's assistant. Yeah several pulls up the last news and Ronnie still had to lose six or seven pounds over the next few weeks or the weight loss challenge. Of course. 70% as it did seven pounds. I think it's weird dean. It looks like we're headed that way. All soon as we were just talking about. Do you have any problem with plot closely in the all of the also resides. Getting fired essentially for being too. I was thing about this during the break somebody said thank god the NFL doesn't. Make their coaches do a slight lose weight and stay in shape like NFL does require dead. They're wrestler he's being in shape though because they have to be able to maneuver around the field and same thing in MBA like their -- have to stay in shape because they have to be able run up and on the court. Like it here and that we posted to this because I think this would me. Get a little bit more push back on this because I do and that's up from the great. I'm glad I am not about. Discrimination. And I and I don't. Think just because. Use or have the UA assert that now there. You shouldn't be afforded opportunities. At doing work. That you're able to do. Like I don't that's the keyword them yeah you're able to do but not the key phrase there idol thing. Who it is. A woman it is. Idol thing rose and gore and her height. If she wanted to be a sideline reporter I don't think or weight should matter and that Iranian druse should get the job over rules in galore. If they're bros and Boras better. Their report that there were reporters were like they're not. Well I do think and I kept saying I'm not a fan. I'm not gonna I'm not a fan of the sex the sex is nature of the job that looters or places like to win peaks a beam. Specially now that I have a garter. I you know I would not feel to be thrilled at my daughter working there at all. So I'm on us and I liked liked their blood to understand their standards and gable the other side of the break if you're 53. You were at 235. At who looters but I don't think there should be an up roar. If they. Terminate your job. Because. I I I just don't think that is. Well I mean one unit and any stipulations for the job before you take right. Too it's not necessarily about being overweight and being fired for being overweight it's. It's the fact that you're overweight and it's affecting your job performance so it's not directly if it's directly tied to your weight yes but that's not the sole cause for you losing your job. If you're right I mean if you're a cop or fire fight. Like. They they have those test that you have to always is yeah right and you have you seen some firefighters. At some police officers. That you can tell have probably been in the field been on the job for awhile. Where you would say. That guy. That guy should not be. A firefighter like I don't feel comfortable at my house is on fire. And that guy can fit through all the the and I body which I didn't flip that guy can fit through and dual all the work like how hard I've heard those firefighter test or. Like using some firefighters you filters no waiting list that is right but I do. I mean firefighters have to pass like physicals and things like that I gain. Once you get older. I don't know how how much they keep up with that stuff but I know just become a fire fighter like you have to meet certain physical limitation but I don't think they continue to make you do that if you've answered many years. It would look that up for their firefighter I mean I mean hey hey they're supposed to but maybe they are alien force they can't. You have seen some fire exits of cops out there you say there is absolutely no way. Though by way. Nothing it's that those guys got fired for being no way it would be a problem. There would be Earl I know we're not that would not have been affected their job at all. They're pretty sick a police officer I dies I disagree Leo I think things are right I think it would you know it's seventy. Someone getting fired. For the white you would. The same way about it when it's in Atlanta athletes say while I'm explains dollars I'd stay in shape I still at its core life and an officer people get upset because the guy. That is until they deserve to lose his job they don't but it doesn't it means it's affecting this amount he would you campfire to be just overweight but he's obviously got currently designated but if somebody if some of a criminal gets away and that he would chase him down because he's overweight. You're gonna lose his job. Now he he Dana. Any names any rightly should I think and I pieces and I should that I'm with if you can't perform the duties at the job. All but I think it would be enough or I don't think they would do it if it fits solely based on someone being overweight in the sense that. You're being just you can't astronaut Sally I absolutely know that about sums up this be an issue though with. Like this and I hear someone politics line CA. I own a construction up. I had guys Cold War and announced at a deeper all day I have to. Because in the past I have. Once upon a time Ike moved furniture. For awhile and you didn't see that you didn't see anybody it was right. 300 pounds like most the guys there word. Reasonably in shape because it was hard you work your ass off all day or someone who is who is in an effort to lose weight right now. If I saw a trainer that was 325. And not reach when he I'd like. Ndamukong Suh I'm talking three Tony five good sloppy. Like I don't think that there is an issue. That that person would be fired. And I don't and I don't think it's a problem that you let people go. It's art but it's an outrage to does seventy. I guess it's about race even though like little saying putting yourself. In danger you're putting other people in danger. Because you're not at a place where you can go do things. I probably looking at this trainer to many of these 32 point five. Look at sloppy than the three Tony at outlets not start outlook could you imagine me at the start of this weight loss challenge at 328. Up at the YMCA is a personal trainer. Would you go to me. Somewhere John Gardner you said he says not illegal to fire people is a far far Heidi you know this what. He's always he had. Well I mean there. When we train and arm human or not. Could. You can't discriminate. Age gender and then that. Is. All. Fired from any. Arm. But you understand how bad of a look it would be right. Well in. I think I'll. Are. There tax reform and ordered them perform Schiavo. Version of a job like were amateurs or whether the church. Or. Are we. That's. An important that you got more. Kind of the a different topic it. Yeah I appreciate the cause I'm unless they've and I don't know if I agree with that old around like standards don't. I think in Europe firefighters the police are as you were at hooters as someone gets fired essentially like models viable bid for being too fat. I think it would be enough. And I don't think it should be. I mean. Policy in the most fired because he was bad and productive the firefighters was bad and unproductive of yours majors is bad and unproductive. They were performing. Then it would make arm of it could be a problem but I think they've event that productive because of the way Alba and I think a lot Iraq's priceless and sad at the records are night. Is that it was because he was that isn't as because he just wasn't working out he was implying while he wasn't he wasn't knocked it out he wasn't working. There's just opt in managers. We'll see you guys struggling and it could be 45 reasons why and try out things with pop it seemed pretty clear the issue was is wait they'll fix it or you in. He didn't. I. I don't know I'd. Like I think it would be rhythmic. For a big. Corporation. Or something like that like a McDonald's. Firing someone to meet. At a McDonald's firings of what way would be a terrific look for them I'm chairman down that he's got it to somebody because there that's a good way to Kessler who just plowing doubled she's Brooke's you don't you don't think it's a good way to catch a lawsuit if your police officers firefighters you'd get somebody Horry. Ana winds EA is a fitness. Percy or at. This guy right here at the construction work who's in Italy two guys though because he felt like they were productive. But the but there's other reasons behind those why why look a lot just because they're overweight it's because they could perform the job but people always of the reasons to cover their own hands well I mean if somebody who works at McDonald's I mean they could say the same thing you know it here. 300 pounds and it's hard for you to move down like they can say while you can't do your job fast enough like it's what you Islam or their jobs that's the thing. Legally I'm no lawyer by any means but legally speaking if if you. You can't just fires by because they're fed has the other aspects to otherwise you don't. You're gonna get sick you just opening up yourself for a lawsuit is what I would Katie but yet. But I would continue to argue I think it legally speaking he can't get our it was right down and guard was right about that but it debate. You be Smart because you have a chance assumed it was enough on loss in there and I just don't think in certain aspects are certain jobs. It's (%expletive) I don't think it's I don't think it's a negative day. Like if your if your fire fire police officer and you have got to the point where you can't. Completely perform that duty where you're putting your life and other lives in jeopardy because. You can't reform do to your weight. I think there's an issue NN somewhere as shallow and a place I don't necessarily love how they depict women but if your 53. 235. Working at twin peaks are voters. I would not be shocked it didn't think there should be an up or if you lost your job because you weren't at the place of their state and coming up. Baseball that again. That's all I'm gonna say bad night again for days. And the I think anywhere and a lot of first we tried and now with the others. Other lay it all come up with a name yet are we just going with the fill in the others. I like it will be touched by inspiration. I know you've. Visited some of if you and even listening. The yen hit assistance force KC. A nice 3% have no. Problem with him. Being fired because he's that that we have some people who. I guess. Believe. Based sports news. It's humid day. You're blind so. It is comfort the brits believe he was unproductive because of his. I bought them like being the guy that says. That's outline he got DFA of the watch baseball artists artists in this week be again and appears defiant enjoyed it. And laughter one. Space and of speaking of baseball. Another awful day for the yesterday. Us at this tweet out last night you think that people around here in big twelve country get this. Off about. How long over the keys gains go on big Monday. What about yesterday. You know there are royals fans in the middle part of this country in light. Colorado believe it or not in Nebraska. Iowa Oklahoma. Bit I don't believe just naturally gear. Fox sports Kansas City. Hand. This fox sports ones that promote this all week. Probably not a lot of you may not have seen is well maybe some day because what's the royals but outside of the country. Nobody really confined if if there's one at this moment. But they've been promoting all week doubleheader yankees Red Sox it and following that royals Rangers. Ed yesterday they had the double better. And the second game of the double header and did it before the first what. I don't. How they're not contractually obligated to cut to the other day Mike the way the NFL which you viewers CNN viewers admit that. Note that NFL would do with it local market so what they did they just put the game on. The local television market I'm sure it was shown in Dallas. And and in Kansas City but would you would you cut away from yankees Red Sox. Two royals Rangers in your Major League Baseball brawling. Well. The game ended those set to hit game and did for us one day. That is absolutely. Asks about it and say. But you kid is so low that royalties it became go watch it on fox sports go. Is back and use the facts yet we did XP driving home from a dogs well for Minneapolis mediate but tiger just ate it kept them but here's the crazy thing. It's not sound that I also sent this out deaf to the doubleheader you know we talked about this. Yankees Red Sox they go sixteen innings yesterday they use sixteen picture. Guess what they got to do today. Double header. People say to me so what's still say yes and it's yesterday to meet responded to my two week. There's no player safety on the line when it comes to double headers to tell that to the pitches today. They use AT and it's six statement excuse me. I mean they did this they get to bring up one player got to believe. It would be really really hard for them not to use one of their pitchers. Twice today. Though we plan double headers. The Yankees and Red Sox play each other nineteen times this year. They'll play this doubleheader tomorrow at sixteen. I mean that. Has to be something put him at the center at this point out there's nothing like that because. Why yesterday's. Sixteen game probably wasn't the best thing for baseball neither is putting that those two teams. Back out there the very next day for a double header when they're clearly not going to play very well I don't know which one is more amazing to be that. Fox had a double hitter and that the first the second game indeed before this the first game and it all our. That Major League Baseball. It's hadn't Senna. That the Yankees and Red Sox after playing sixteen innings and using a total of sixteen pitches are they going to be playing a double. I that is this ad is that. How this where people in Nebraska. Iowa Oklahoma. Eastern Colorado. Waiting all we get the role of national hey baby. I'm at problems and it would be problems. They may they uploaded. Those that. Is that hey didn't you alone stop. Yeah yeah. There. So he's gone it is. At any advantage is should not be any race. I don't blame it on your sleep yeah socked with the pop out like that. Physically. It was really a classic is he's absolutely love of the other's data that it alone. Way back before the MLB all star game. Reds' Joey violent tells teammate Zach Mozart that if coats RB game and also are the first time he would buy him a donkey. All cut tarnished by an MLB network that one day after it's all about oh about how he took his son of the donkeys and the other ads training facility about it is that I am gonna buy you a donkey if you make the all star team. And apparently he's buying him a donkey. Brings us to Saturday moderates have three donkeys visit coach cited the Great American Ball Park before their game. By his actual donkey is only five months old is currently being trains at the honey hills farms and Pendleton county Kentucky. And the reds actually holding a vote for fans to name the dunk. I hope they don't it is a good chance of getting your name what would you name Larry by the way it's. I'm sitting here watching. My quilts sing the National Anthem at central Missouri speed awesome they're there for six in sports case each night and this is something. He is an inning he would bring it it is how I did answer it that. I felt the pain I had Welch is seeing your idol field like this will steam it was a roll. Out like he was down to. The idea. I he called and the festive out of that all of them but certain Leo do you think. Who you think when when. Mike welts. It will give it to the others do you think would Mike Wilson was asked to sing the National Anthem on sixth in sports night institute Missouri speedway. That he had and his arm pulled and he kept asking him I think he just. Volunteered completely so you think about all night uncertain why you. Which National Anthem mount pocono. When he got to first pitch I was utterly out of thousands that I get that there with the heat well listen it's like it's like we talked about with. Having when you're overweight. Kids thing. So while I just beat us to not be asked to do the national and in the words of a bar brilliantly and stay in your lane going the words that you just ruin. Scott got. I think the fans and I didn't really unique in his debut but it sounds like it's still comics that it that he should fitness to. He's the one quoting the bar ball up the lights go would be more of the money did. Your World Series. Hey nearly an. Eight iron to wrap up this credit to him. Coming up good to get says let's six that he 06 ahead just. And these seven Prez on ethics code lets you watch it takes it was you know to Watson Netflix if you go into the movies Lou what's lots of an. Okay is there anyway so Margaret there anyway. But with the game that mountain yeah. I don't know. There. Needs. Battlestar Galactica what commitment you'll want to be. Indeed but it's too late to catch weight touched down at Super Bowl my first class plane. Walk Embarq connectors. I'd like to remake movies yeah. I'm not superstitious but. Prep school and I think that. And the science. It works instincts. What a rather be feared or loved. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. And this. What's it lots in sponsored. Absolutely no one's a look good step up. It's excellent 69306. Ticks did what's what's denied Netflix Hulu movies. Edwards he needs its sudden today. Big TV night and I'm seeing it give respect to the first one they went six. Tropic thunder is what I'm watts never saved that now feel like I should have seen that because. When you talk about like that when us all the properties of that movie never ever think someone would be nominated for an Oscar. For what and I believe. It looked. This I'm pretty sure. Robert Downey junior junior was nominated for an Oscar. Poor tropical thunder. Dropped them I'm pretty sure I'd eighty's certainly the best buy film it's not as accurate predictor of any kind of nominee for best of cardiac I guess it that was never something out would have ever thought when I saw that bill. Our audience I thought I'd never watched him. As your day in and it and it's not a very good movie. 78 watching goodfellas in honor of the general Casey. And Martin Marty Scorsese teaming up they're getting old they're doing another mob movie. The Harris and they're doing another not the be all. And I'll be down for that. Late June aren't in line and did Nero and this they're doing another mob movies one more time. That it would look than. It and then I will be there for that update them Ray Romano. Great Vermont home yet I take it. Israeli old Leo that's an. I'm down this okay we're getting this a lot game of the groans inventors game at the rooms nothing else matters I'm guessing tonight is the series premiered. I'm now. The game season business that's on the gets in seven yeah seven who all all lots others all the others what's in the room I see behind. I do on mono season behind a mark on bait in turn to US in the room. I've watched it since I started. You game at thrown watch or pay into iron you've got to be rating and a Vietnam unaccompanied paid the only ones I feel like I have. It's one. I just need to watch I just feel like it's it's this I would not kids but everyone knows that I'm not into that night. There's no you will like you got to know a lot of people here say that saying like I'm not into the fan sea dragons things like that. I gets much more than now against it's the wired. On steroids and and just a fantasy world that does it that's why is it. I'll let you literally. That Sony has been a lot was such a spectacular show was because it urgent Dodd. Game does the exact same way but it's even bigger. Do you feel like you need you do you feel like you reception. Though the wires and watched TV ordered it back that you need to understand the real world better. You can understand dragons better David yeah we Thai people get their heads out now can we make that apple. Is Steven sort of write in game of the rooms. Is the why here on steroids. Any fantasy war game the throne is essentially Bret Boone and the liar is Erin blew. Game at drones is Barry Bonds in the early ninety's. It did Barry Bonds when he hits zippy three B strains. Also comes back tonight that's just pretty average but it's one of those shows that. I'd just lost since it started this hillside just continue to watch it that commercial makes me feel. Glassy eyes it's nice to have that makes people don't I don't watch it watch because of your mind don't tell or like I keep giving it a shot. Thinking it's going to change and it's is still not Mary and apparently evil and evil is having a documentary on reels tonight. Oval. That should be something. Royals. The Rangers looked and not get swept today. It this feels like he gained a need for earnest coming up with these centrists Olympics. And stay with them after the game. There will be country more callers ago. We're off. All next week and I will not be here next Sunday. So some of the would be in. Hold me down. But we did a lot of fun thanks to the others I really enjoyed this I they we can continue to get better with this we are.