07/16 10am - Royals Slump, "Big Bats" In Lineup, That Guy Gets The Show, Showstoppers, Weight Loss Challenge

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Sunday, July 16th

Ron & Stephen kick things off by observing how quick last night's game was and how quickly fortunes can change as the Royals are slumping. Then, is it a problem that the biggest bat the Royals have right now (Moose) is not hitting 3-4-5 in the lineup? That Guy Gets The Show features a pregnant raccoon before Showstoppers and the Weight Loss Challenge round out the hour. Did Show lose 8 pounds or will he have to dance to "Single Ladies" in public?


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You show. Ron who's doing view please not now. Love a lot of listeners. Hook those fingers that they me these salutes you. For allowing us to be a small part of your Sunday morning. Julio science is reduces this bad boy but. A new endeavor. On this show. July 16. Let's remember senate slot. On that our boss doesn't even know about his development. Which ranks of they've. Stanford Joseph who is also a part of the show produces this time and time he is also here. And we gotta pay the Internet as well. I was calling you got as the others check all aces. In Nome Rick five. Ron Harper alignments and and Robert Horry and the ones who may need. Him rate no you know. As calling the as. I mean it's like yours ill. That the horse that. Name is. An arsenal to. Hearings of abuse. And that means. In the Robert Horry of the show and obviously BJ Armstrong and I'm good with that electing others complete. And beat him. A that's we're just going wouldn't it we're not going with ninety's both as the but in general Robert Horry is on the whole week that reference was to Shaq in the lakers. And you come out with Egypt arms like you'd need to come out with the most. The bullet and come out of court with current where we're going for happily. This. Repeat. Creepy like you're on likes her. You could call it it's like nobody got got to go back olden that Iran. At. Least it. I like the 266 and 306. The nickname for arc and room. Ten note to. As we do at this time every day on this. But it prima gusty and certain state. It. This. I drinks that needs to her today yeah all of the starter. This year's. I get my hair would more often than. Measures and lights the counseling and you can accept our ship. The minute it looked a little excessive today it's eight it was like it. Was like man. What do you think about the use these things. As. I knew I look at a guy and Robert Horry can it's like Houston Rockets Robert Horry who was already taken your. Or is it is he's not even listening and this is the jail completely took Robert. C a now I don't feel that you looking like it. And it was Robert. Months. They can make me feel better sir. Lol yeah you'd need to use to be at other. The others. Likes that as I said apple like the others does that but he still. I feel like these guys are Dan Williams. You know maybe pay a lot that that would make you pay there. At the guys Cleveland who plays and he's quickly get a handle on. He could make its I think he accidentally. They it's doing a good effort. So flawed. I. Every now and then Deron Williams can still bust that that's crossover. OK. I got particularly to take me on this road of new ways. Let's get this let's get this year. Dana was quick. Yesterday. Like one of the things I love about sports is like the beauty. And I guess if you're on the side of the royals the curse. Of baseball in sports in general. Is how quickly. Things. Change yes change how quickly your mood can be up here. Did gain. A full use cable leaked. Period Helen hand basket into depression by the way Roger Federer wins Wimbledon he would. In some of whether you'll look at how many majors and how many times he's won Wimbledon I mean majors Roger theaters that it is. I've just really he used. It. It is these eat major title eighth Wimbledon sanctuary. Nineteen. Major eight Wimbledon title. L gel and game very. Well. But. I think in this crazy if you watched that game. The royals gave up the lead in the night. And they come up and paying starts this thing up at the other way they say news. The Texas Rangers don't have a closer they go closer by committee which is always. Not a good dad. But they got me in Kane. Works great at bat works a walk. If this is one of the top and base stealers in the league are pretty sure I'm not be reckless and I say this about British hurricane has not been caught stealing yet. And you give him on days where is. You know your 45 on the behind him and Osborn. And sent it. It rained because they're closer by committee so they bring it. And let. A ticket out. There in the let's go and those European guys they give you bring in the maids are up at a good round. Did you know this picture loves it starts up Eric of well now. Qaeda the net take the chance it's really. Get to third bay predict a second basically escorted disease just about it. God is real. Just got a lot. A dove into the organism go and not the crowd is going. And from that point on as high and as competent. As royals Hitler. Rub acted the real. NA now three minutes and depicted buzz at the game was oh. All this law is an American. World. And other orbit. Eric strikes out. Sounds that come back into the picture for a double play and it's all Byrd a unit signature at a bigger outlet de fields is there. This is part of the problem with baseball that because we keep talking about speeding the game out. You know makes baseball games go really fast you don't score very much when you can't put a ball into play don't say that it till Boston to New York 1211. In the sixth while I'd be witty double the there's all you can do. I regular season games probably don't need to be got a sixty Diddy was sick but I think as a I don't think this is a problem I think is that beauty with sports obviously speeding up the game in not having nothing at. 00 to the ninth is that would. We want you wanna see action but then people complain games last four but this is why Connor has seen it. And each is out and aiding and if your Floyd and then others like eight of the floor can be dominating the fight it out of nowhere. Connor in just. Well I can make a small mistake which he never does Floyd can make a small mistake and contacted his drop. And everybody who's part of Lloyd's family. Three aids is dead. I ends. Whoa what bill is that just happened. In this gain sold. It was just it was. I I've gone to the that the room after the pitching change I might. To go witness I had talked to burn but I could feel actor after that. Leadoff walk to Kane. Good guy Prince William carriers. Go. Accidentally don't want to K. It well like an end and I. After they gave up that run and I just felt like it gained the royals needed to let I'm not normally does that I'm not normally again five win. It baseball always seems like there's at least a hundred games live. I'm not normally would this mean gains let's say. It's about us win it felt like. Well like at a game day. It felt like somebody of the text and I stopped watching after the Hosmer bandages news. I mean it was just crazy you pick kaine to lead off with a walk what other person on the team would you want on the basis. You got hot Burris out coming up. And bet thing indeed. And like less that all or minutes. And I meet you were sold I hit I concede that I could see royals Twitter all of it went it went and yet three and out just. They. What happened. I mean you would you have rather it went sixteen inning no outdated. As a play it as somebody like Stanford still is that the game. I would like to have the decision in my mind that I can pick up they did equally to lead to try to beat detract. The decision to lead to meet the traffic because it has been that bad but that's. The royals make a living off of this ago idea being games like this and making you believe that they always have a chance to win. I a couple of years ago they did it for an entire season. Yeah but it did but still in terms of what the gains looks like you could still make the decision. That you might have been wrong the jig and I'll I'll admit I've said this. Outlook the wild card game against gays early. I'll let her I let actor I Haskell got that he left the nationals gamer and last year when they came back got a lock but yeah. Like I aired out like seven hours that I bet that your I had like a seven month old child. It was really late as and I was just go in beat the traffic there. But they get a decision today was no decision made under four minutes. Look what it is heading to ask you know. He even reaching. Why did that it. You even have time. I'm for that to be gut rich. Like you thought it got hot dog sit down and not even come close to it is. I mean at that point you're pretty much sat in the fact that you're not going to get out of quakes they might as well just hang out a bit. I got I got to move his stop at the tired maybe drink to be here and wait thirty minutes of that take. There was even time it's they did of the year at the stage he's not had time for maybe a bathroom break came back game was over. About this is the effort. Watching that game last night. Did you ever think. At their Hosmer was up 30 in the count that they gain within that quickly. Some way you can do that Omnicare trees you have Stanford but did you ever think. Cain leads off with a ball. Oscars 30 in the count that the game with is that quickly. The way cell ran down that baseline I'm sure he didn't they. Coming up. You weren't able to hear this on FS one because. The Yankees and Red Sox are still currently playing. But Ryan of fever. And his one opportunity this year problem will be on network television and it was not granted because the Red Sox and yankees still playing. But he said. As the bottom of the ninth came. Well the royals had their big that's coming up they're down about one that they had their big bets coming up. Anyone else out their spilled something on a way that. Would you say your big bets are coming out that Mike was stock is is not a part of that. And the most items. Yeah. The CO. Against Minnesota and as of now that is their name. The leader the other is a loose ends this Stanford Jones. Hey the concern. That he'd seen the real city. A lot of his number's there Steve. I went on day a Sofia. If you release any number. Eight enters shares. The good news Eleanor and. This year I think we as a show should get a hair braided likes them. I'm not gonna do it's because you write this on purpose because you know of the intense anger. On and just partner knows it I am glad they let me down that lane this week you know we're not saying sound that is here. Basically run the eight years. Possibly the worst idea bastard ever think I'd just ain't. Shows everyone's commitment. To each line eight note okay. Almost enough right now. So why did you get this ball this party started with Saturday about what you go and do your cricket punished spurs. Before you tell us to do's. She'll outward. Fowler. You know myself now I'd show up at this thing in two year ones I do. But before you start telling people dedication of the CO. By the way the weight loss challenge is back two weeks Adams eight now. Coming up here at the bottom of this hour but if you miss that we were just talking like it it was only got a chance to be gut wrenching. It was is. That game you were so high royals Intersil. They'll origin guy and the hit political royalty it's Cohen our core. Cain your best based dealer leads off who works a walk. Hosmer comes in 30 count Rangers don't have a closer. Enacted at 30 can ask where list of four minutes the game was over. And as high as you were at the three okay now. It was it is what it hailed this happened. But. I did wanna go into this. Because this this this one has been something that has been a bother to me when we filled in for Frisco. In the morning we talked about this in a small way. But I wanna go around the hole with all five people on the CO. And gates acoustic slide 69306. You can chime in on this too but I wanna go around the world five people on the on the show and tell me if this hitch your ears Rome. Ryan Le fever. Royals are down one. But coming up. They had their big bets. Coming to the plate. It would use say they're big bets are coming to the plate. 345. Which constitutes as the heart of the order in your bets your big bad. You fill some kinda way. That might move stock news. Is not a part of that sort of if that did that hit the years oddly. I think the guys that. Beat your team and home and and is clearly mean your best power. That's a first some. At this. That does not include those. What does he does say he leads the team at home runs like they're just I mean. Yes that's your power and you're like but this guy hasn't that this is this line was working its construct. I think that's the way they're going to continues to. Alice Ricky games and they feel like. She. Used this couple RB has line. So the opera is in a position where he has now been. In Libya it's still stay in the years. And actually. Play. That is this being years. It did it it that. You're big bets are coming up in my whose stock is is not a part of it is it is. As well major I've not trees. Nine you don't. A night you might not. It is not when he but. I think that. On the team RB. Yeah you have earns oak and in where I'd own. It it it it made an all star wives and on and it makes notes that elected me I buddies got 25 home runs from that spot. I think that there has got to be some sort of change. Are there there it you can't say you're big bets are coming up to the plate and I would you better give this power hitter. It your best run producers not one of. Let that not that it's not Butler and. I love their constant. It's not as a year. That's got to today. And their needs to be something beautiful picket signs or something detained there there's got to be changed it. What you're saying our our vets are coming out. Ed my stock is is not a part of who's probably from from the beginning of the year and how big your most consistent hitter. It's got to come to the plate. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone. They can make frosted tips is itself. A back to me that's a. His eyes and the support. I mean it is it is mixed note like. That does better than any of us right. And it is comfortable in that spot. In his ears and say that I know more than that yeah I. Say I'm like I don't know. As much is part and probably do about baseball but I'd trust the net you know sick I've got you back to back World Series. Knows what he's doing auntie feels birdies it's okay right now moves past five rounds getting worries. We all know ended knows more about baseball and all but I would just X continue to extend this. And I'm sure. If we even if we had burned on here. He would I I think. He would. Understand were coming for a Ned knows better he knows this team better. But I'm just going to say if any situation. In the bottom of an inning the bottom of the ninth when years the game's on the line. And you have you can pick. The part of the order you want to come up. Any team in baseball. Will pick greed for lack any taint you down. Which means one swing of the bat in wind can tie the game at least. O report pop. But on this team the brief court but does not include your best power hitter. It to me your best run producer is a couple RB behind Sal and minds being protected. But Al CDs Escobar. Brandon Moss. And Jorge so later. And not to bits and when he batted second or disease that he was batting behind. Alex court. And LCDs basketball. So he's not that in that space big. It'd be far away leading the team in RB adds if he hit port there's been. But I'm just saying any take a minute we pulled down. If you wrote out silicon it's the so we'll give me a content DT. Pastors asked wrote let's funny Castro. I would imagine it we went to the Astros not pulled up. Which I am going to right now you do is give beat down and we hold up their line. We pulled up that line you are reasonable but I have. It yet it is aptly. That's at least I had I might like trees and I had it. I've tried to say we've looked airline and we went three for five. It would be out Tuesday. Redick and correct it. If we look public yet the toll malware says no. It kept. Yeah I mean maybe it's just one of those things that from the outside looking in it just doesn't make sense like. Like ASCII batting lead off last season but for some reason it seemed to work like this. Seems to be working for moose who's having the best season of his career and maybe they just want to change it up. I did I just don't. I don't give it. And he is hitting fifth today this out Democrats to supply global. Let I'd like to me I think you hills rip about. Oh will we want to break up the lift he let go come on now. You get three right he's at the top of the order. I mean I think Payton said it we were talking earlier in things canes a lead off will hill. He could bat second. Bonifacio could go to six. I mean he hit a main you know. Above watch those he did they were on a run but there's no reason that bone a Fazio is seeing. That may be more pitches that moves. I just. I just. I'm not convinced that this lineup is. Set in stone and that they're not going to play around that at the end to till the end of the season because. I this isn't the same hitting team this isn't the same just put the ball in play roster that were used to this is a team that is depending more on home runs disease. And it's it's a huge part of that I'd see this I exist if it makes knows it theory go yankees big moment. Aron jets he's betting. Before I got it up. We got injured in the six. Well. Unless they have moves is George Brett. But on this team this year he's been the George Brett of the team I cannot imagine. You're 34 and five not including Jewish. I had. Don't. And it it'd be that they're trying to protects. On retainer Salvi by having the power threat right behind that's absolutely yes. And that it I mean it makes. Out of the box thinking wrong it makes it that it adds to protect them with it because it protected but to. You get out the holes in the IL's. Doing things the way that. People generally and the right win the royals ever been traditional when it comes bit. It lets users and it. Is leading off. It seems that that's how. The right. And equally as bad move ever and oh. Exposed at that protected but it's a lair. That it behind him on Friday that he's hitting below 160. Why pitch to him. You are down. By one. Europe has power hitter and run producer on deck. He didn't give it to get to the plate. Actors so topic of the day that rivalry heats. A pregnant rent food decides to get busy in the backseat of a convertible global. I'd I'd. It. Again this go oh yeah. Run the show immediately coming up here in about. Oh. 1012 minutes the weight loss challenge head to lose eight pounds in this two week period. Crack in the 272. Rating on the last time away looking to get to 73. Four. Single ladies Wear out if he is in is in the colors. You will have a a poll of about this move. Situation because that at this. It is when I heard Ryan say were head into the ninth the royals and big bets coming up three foreign. In my who stuck his was not a part of it it is something just fell off. Maybe this is. I'd. We do this every day we signed. Creative crazy stories. And for our listeners that this your first time welcome if it's not. You know. If you get this you are part of the highest honor that guy is the show. If you listen to us and you get so this is what we called. Pick Agassi showed topic. If I'm to act like you hear. Dispute that aspect I kissed the show topic is it. This match is what. If I'm to act like you can hear it. So. Today. And Saturday days' box by ads the new ones of what could step up and we're adding people to the zoo we at least get it in front. This let's cut it out of Sarasota Florida the herald Tribune and I Danny's son and headline reads. The president decided to get busy in the backseat of a convertible that's giving birth giving birth. That always and I don't eat detailing shop and blow Disney teen county is discovered the mother. Crawled through a plastic cover of the cars went dead. DeVine street course it's his name who works with the wildlife rescue group said that in this Lee just found. On Wednesday but when he opened the track. There was another Google they sacks and opened up but we're popped the trunk in. Stripe. Put the look. And the babies into it generally did release them into the woods. Reports that the critters are the sun shades on the car and sued on since you. Straight later this direct loans typically have three to buy. My babies for later he couldn't find any other new boards it says she still may be Britain. So others as plastic covering the window. And it is about them at times yeah. Was this his car was as someone else's card as somebody new somebody else that bonds the bonds and the wildlife. But questions days. So it. Generally we have as the bonds in. They don't they normally have 583 to five babies in the later. So we just quit looking. And implore you. To. I expect it. You're staying and as an expert with out lives aren't. As an expert with the wildlife. Still be pregnant that's about it and speculate on slide the Aggies spent these last tampering and yeah. Last wasn't given birth and you still be right right it can't. Stop themselves continuing I. I did she say they are good. In pity is think like but it lives that you have like twins game you have to ends like insignificant amount of time by not. What's that well first of what's significant amount of time I really continuous line and it takes like eight hours and not definitely I don't think that's that the answer I've never heard that is at eight outward to. It any easier for the man. Get someone would certainly give it to be as reckless as could be you know once he's always. Excellent is the date and as I attempt to third as reckless is. The program here. Stay. In the decade we've report. I. Threatened being badly. As well. I reckon there's something wrong periods that. So it. It's been. At it knows that you could stop yourself babies directly elect the hoses rework it. I don't you think it shows. It is that time if he show not just Siena. Spot. Yes it's. Huge and Denver Broncos wide receiver county lautner was shown being pepper sprayed by a bouncer at the diamonds cabaret strip club near Dayton. And late February after a fight outside the club. To resolve Canada by TNT sports the so it's those kind of specials that that this book. Yes when news as we get the guy happy hour spent is there on the diamond cabaret strip club near. Date now why are wonders is it the mood Dayton strip clubs it's just that sound like it. He had an Alley night. Prime. I was not allowed out. Getting pepper sprayed he should be embarrassed because he gets. The balance there liked about it pepper sprays him jabs him and then knocked out is on answered is doing the performance of what happened to us that anyone can see. Atop my hands it's cut it. The diamond cabaret. And point out to. See it in hole. That's it there's a forty cars aren't out there mister president there as they pulled him. So up there isn't. It does. So. I'm imagining that the champagne and am as I thought I think they actually need a majority I think actually let's go out the other is that. That's notes he'd like leveled it out if that that's that's it sounds like it's priced accordingly within the location they announced it would expect. I. Yeah. Yes Zack that Agassi yet revived it now puts. The public outcry it in Libya and the that's just eat that put I ain't prove this money five dollars LG fluid dance this campaign room. In Dayton oh hi I aimed at its ad dollars at the campaign much accounts are just like a regular line right out in the view of that product if it's like I could fifteen yard sale has been advised to get the rights in this campaign around. OK I also like we don't know what else is thinking if it's too hot the sick they'd read rule book how much does that look. But the responded to a question does it rattled it's good for heartless outlets that the bulletin that derives. You can buy art. What does that that would be like in like. This in the shower if you put that down on Saturday. And how much this hour in a 150 dollars but what. And what you did this champagne room. They had good. This out this place that it probably did somebody call that it. And then I'll I'll probably have our these are on the line already we prosecute all of its republic day I'm sure it is what it but they're not open. But we need to get to mark the shouts look at its scripted they're just trying to keep it's a mystery for him. I just let me get this hour I'm there at the water on them do you get to flat what so woods up there I'm sure. Put them on the air but we just want another. Lamar dollar's gonna do a question about Joseph Allen needs 101000 dollar fine for cursing about it. Of hardball offered this pearl with them yet find every time he says the cost right like I. Said his vocabulary is limited I bet he can't say bleep you more than I can say it to him because you'll be brought. When you're there for somebody shot a match. When your if your Lavar bald you know how much damage you could do. In this campaign rumor at this book and they. If metals be a process they'd be scared to Lucas's height but love Clark. As really deep voice. Coming up the weight loss challenge I had to lose eight pounds. To get to 273. Listen if we can do it. I mean he did I mean you know about a 50 is he did they were on a run but there's no reason that bone a Fazio is seen. That may be more pitches that moves. This isn't some. Are welcomed today and it's senseless it's not resumes its we are coming along the way. Leader was and is that every two weeks bigger numbers. Garnered some. It's Israelis they get more cheap case lets you guys. Well it was not really suggested. I'm myself. Strokes existed. Someone else that. We'll give them we'll give them. But I did it to lose eight pounds. In the two weeks' period to 81 last times 273. Use of the arc. We need to hit. If you're on FaceBook lives. One of the the others pay in turn is recording this even see no lies my friends. And allies you can see the numbers on the scale. Some. Tough to get the eight what are what is titled him then Aaliyah. It's it's it'll be down that it to be down to 73. To 73 is will open in order to and we started at 32 when he ate like fifty if it before. It is. Joseph went to Stanford and Oxford. So who do that also could you take is excellent be aware of the numbers and I'll face were glad the numbers we need to look at. For me to lose next week going around. To everybody Saturday do you think of example the eight pounds though. I care like it's really starting to show. Julio do you think Jose to pull the eight pounds. How many go with the no I don't think so thank you. Sanford do I get paid looking gay Republican slender yea innate and. ID go to bury. Things but I guess what I don't. I'll announce it and you know going back on this one but I HIR is someday play anyway I got the sunflowers now. I got the simpler set out. And you didn't pick off anyone else's plate now added I knew we go list of Poland. The nerves. They've got to it and on here. Well we worry I can't say I'm not the one doing the face a live video like usual. Twos seventy. That sounds like I am the winner as their. And sign onto is why he's got a I hates. So that we got to say he's it's. I don't think it was. They didn't breakfast at eight this idea of a coupon for free salad for sacked fetus is shown us. So what is it six pounds I lost what does that give this to. 75 to 75 that's a total. Which. Three Tony a matter. Is that 53. I would las hit three pounds and eleven weeks of still ecstatic and happy about it. And needed to get those two pounds. By the way we get to 75 sort of has to quit smoking so. And we are approaching it. I mean invented this rain every two weeks the only job lives out. OK you agreed to think there needs and actually tried to. I think it's inevitable. I don't think you did. Yeah that's that's well now he's had his eyes. If you're taking it every week obviously you're gonna take its series like we would have made a part of the show you're going to take its. So people who don't take series. I got to think about it I don't take about it. During the order rates are borne of the entirely so good to get six last 69306. How much weight will I need to lose in the next two weeks. Six pounds go around also what do you all think in two weeks the next two weeks. Amid a six pounds. Six of those six bounced. Six is like yeah at that point or hear it we use and round QB I don't know I don't believe. Okay and make it and I did say that we need I mean if you ask us isn't a bar I did I had to maintain its ties to. Is Google doesn't FaceBook live also you can jump in. How many we need to lose the next week so that we got two sixes. Sir it probably will say fifteen. Because he's self. I would get two sixes let's figure out coming up amidst a need to lose and will need another will need honest I will I will. Because Saturday is. A lie here I will live up to the single ladies and will I doubled. Reached to try to make it happen this week. That's going to be moderate. So there after that there are supposed to that like Regis did you hear why can we just doing here. You wicked. Wicked good at the station. It's up to showed that record are you on I gotta get the course of the Koran I mean party or work team. Is chairman single ladies and work out routine. That's a good thing now I admit things number class. Zone lets you. Oh yeah to top it all on what. Hackett on the punishment I I. Like hop dance on the. Well maybe you can request. On the single. It will be where this week we can do it here it's all. It's odd sitting up somewhere. I think soccer. I did down the stairs like this out here that'll be what dance up and downs and while. You start thinking someone nearly it was six I go for eight for the next two weeks. And mind you I am not on the June seeing starving myself it. Except. Our are so big that's. That's what they're down the middle I think seven would be good Huertas Huertas adding we're six. Mutiny at weight. If I lost six. 26369. So that would give me under 270. I mean the 269 goes with the theme of the show are. We'll put it right now to diet to lose six pounds of the next two weeks or seven over the next two weeks I lost six. And lost the bed at eight. Could take its excellent 69306. Should it be six or seven and throughout punishment. If you most com. It will come with them on the other side coming out in two minutes the best fifteen nines that it show in Sports Radio. Generally because it's the only. And then why. To.