07/15 - Who the Hell is Bud Norris?

Sunday, July 15th
Sal is getting the nod in the All-Star game and Ron doesn't have a problem with it even though we know Sal doesn't deserve it this year. Serda all of sudden believes Sal should Kawhi the Royals. Who the hell is Bud Norris and why would anyone listen to a thing that joker has to say? That Guy Get's the Show is an all-timer. The Mahomes hype has reached a uncontrollable high to the point we're calling out elite status when we don't even have the tape to prove it. 

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You'd show. So this show with the euros. Run as soon arguably shadow. I'd listen. Put clothes hangers. The only salute to. Or allowing us to be a small part. Yours sun day evening or morning. We have a good show today we're here until world when the burned pregame show starts. I do wanna get into it is this the South Korea's. Deal he has this. Been named. The starter of the all star game his fifth straight start. And look governor to be Leon Smith yeah he does not desert. With his play. By hill I guess if I look at. The rest of the American League hitters feel maybe he'd I don't know. But I'll get into my thoughts. On that with him here in the second as a syndicate soup plan review. Blood. Being that it is 10 o'clock on the a little early here. As we do at this time. Every day let me bring my guys Steve inserted to the states. Yeah. Experts. Just it and I hear that like every. Two weeks like many African Americans last night. Was a baby right. I'd rather than I really just wants is wrong let's say this world that this started the final. Or 38 million dollars in the prior to your country. Croatia who really needs. I guess it gets for me I mean really needs and gives grants. I'm a police were finally this leads them. But well as as I mentioned here before sort of this out or is the south is is now because Wilson Ramos the catcher for the rays. Has hamstring injuries LaSalle is now gonna start his fifth straight. Ed yes if you look at his statistics elderly does deserve it he does deserve to be on the T had normal statistic. I mean. I'm I am. You know I am pretty positive he's now at 82. And he did hit a home run yesterday which. You know I guess makes them a little bit better. But. Took me that's not even what it's. Well it's about gays into two. On base since two. That is act either of those that have a little that get me he's trailing Al Gordon. Vazquez Chris Davis. I think this man Ed and I don't have anything pretty pretty explosive I just think that things at that. Good Pete. And I don't I Madison pretend that I bills now operate as personally. I just see him in the way that weeds we see in the club house. Spring training or what have an OTB. I salad just generally rising political doom amazing like a good vision in many does. He does his charitable work very close was mom and you know anybody this those that mama you know that had already let you know. The type of person years. Militiaman was just horrible but. So aroused state salas is in but the good dude and I'm not even upset about. Because. You know good things happened he deserves the tests out at this date sort of is still not being paid at the at the ruled that he should be. That I and I know I've talked about about this he thought about starting next year rules target paid like it now is not getting he's never going to see the money. That he's supposed to see this big this third sort of coming out of let this year Eric Hosmer. To. Is is an important position on the field as of got a letter of what it all. This cancer cancer up. He is starting the all star game batting totally one it lets you know how rough it is. As they captured it makes baseball the pot. And I and I I think summit he was in the beginning and I think a lot of it is he's playing on this. And this is it is in the words of Charles Barkley on apologize. For only scored twelve points because it's pretty hard for me to get a as did the goals the war is probably hallmark a little tougher. For Saudi get up and play when he's not really playing for anything like isn't pay we watts now he rides on those home. He's. He would ever do it if they went in the open market right now at 2728. Years old if it Eric got 140 force out would have would it pay. So he's. This happens to people and good people. And I bind. I mean. No he does not is there with his numbers. These are good too so I think I. I am a believer in date that things happen to people. We're good people. All the times that these. Are good things happen to bad people but. Not have a problem I'm goat. Let us navy's he's still in pain the way he should keep. And that will never. Even though he started. These past act against the self. That he does not think his situation it put heaps of eight. You're live and you're live in the light that he's got to keep taking this one boat there's one things are often this. That they got talked about this with a couple weeks ago there's quality. When he got when he does go to play at Washington and that's all star game and he start to play with all the better players. And he actually plays on the stage that matters. This right now this is the only game. That he will play Olympic stage this year right well this may be the only game that next three or four years. It endless he makes other all star game that he's gonna play than it is a big level gate and we don't sell steps up those old so. I think that's going to be tough rips it is he's gonna go play all the great players implanted that matters at play on the big stage they've cut back it. And I mean he's been there before so he knows how these things go there's the things that. Drives me crazy with this is they you know he's probably the best player on the team are one of the best players on the team when the team is just absolute. We horrendous. End and that's and it's ours it is in the best player on this team isn't saying much for just the people who say well you know it says a lot when. You're not good and you show up to work every day and you do that stuff like I wouldn't blame the guy. If he said I need more days off me and I we're not going anywhere where we're not a good baseball team anymore days of any more time under. Ladies in June what should listen Steve sort. State senate is in one of the real. In an awful way. Radio One 01. I've not really listening and responding to what the person I'm working with stated. I noticed. I've got a at that point. And I've got to take. And I'm gonna get it though if you go back like you have to he's yet to be really lose the took on. You go back I. Hopefully that is. That is actually right here debate out appoint. Right there. Hey this is going to be more difficult sell because he's actually going to have to play and get a chance to play in the game that matters on the big state. And think of activists. Edited. Certain spots. May builds it and it it it up eerie way it did but honestly it. No listen I like I I trust that it may sound sense that that went back yet you want like certain. And I believe for the third sixth minute that is old hurts it'll take. He was gonna get out plot madness for awhile and and anti pot as that by saying. Well yes he's been there before so he knows that they'd be what's. If they. And let's. And that's. Outlet. That is going to be playing. And a game that matters to the only gave immediately and that matters for the next few years. That this is going to be typical and playing games that managed a bit late this the third did respond to. Uh oh he's been in the Ellsberg need to force you know to me but big. I wanna get to my take if you really let it be I just. I think south should collide the royals if you want to be completely out its. Own axis. It I mean that was the the exit and that this man you did to track. To have rushed over that with saying. Oh yea he's been and its altered if a force of it. If at. Oh did I do whether segue to this quick third. So I believe cell Utley Colby is is easily the sofas the most self as an athlete I've. I mean to me he makes Terrell Owens looked lonely island dinners in the race. Like is that and he. At this life VVV. Raise the is. Selflessness I've ever seen from Kobe. So Kobe Bryant is now ripping. Away. Line or twelve. In his article written by Lee Jenkins of this. This is what it beats. Did you know. You know it will be is now coaching is twelve road or. Here we go. Or normally returns to the office around 330 loves another couple of hours and then heads to practice. He has backed out he would never coach but broke his promise or is tarnished a bureau de UT. There called. Yes and I mean it's the mob which he runs like the 2010. Lakers don't bother us. Well. Practiced well it is only. Then that's. Off the they where not. He is black and white uniformed. Riot encourages. Them lose and entire days without using that right yeah it. Rushed here to meet with Atlanta he instructs the boards Oprah practice today. And all. Boats don't worry about port buys how to handle that little girls a UT. You know. Geno is somebody who hopes and there it. Obese daughter and hopes that later he let implicates that. I mean. Wouldn't you want your kid to play for that team know. Now it will I let it come of these like but the bill for everything he had he got a beautiful wives listen Oz there's a mob attack got it. On the surface it sounds fantastic I think about this it will. I've got a coach and won't let me use my let my right knee. I've got coats and making us it will practice five days a week. This is the most selfish thing Colby is. He is ripping away the less. I got this sort of the winner at every ball game. I've seen their blowing every team away by twenty to thirty points. How much fun do you think those kids had. And sir I've aggregate that is if you're good enough today you know eventually it is not my vision one that we and they just. Why. It you when you're playing or on your practice like five days a week. Do you think those practices are just easy so I use it let Brian James junior a year that he has played basketball us. He's about to be in high school both sort of. This sort it says in the like thirteen it says Aldi is running as like the 2000 diddley. And they act. And I'm gonna win I would not what it's about it well. As. I was eight would states they use is not about food a use the depth knowledge written that it well. I do is I've read this other thing. There's a difference between let the 58 year old HUT. And then the twelve year old. They were just didn't. Doubts though that's our. Listen if you're saying you boats out there at you run into the of the mounds of UK you do that and their right hand this week. I tying it around Japan Ike should then lose so. It's just that's our I sneak LBB varies so I saw him run check that out. I saw it just killed his beard Dwight Howard. I've seen him do a lot to answer that the saints did. This is the most selfless they both hit it well. The first day they found out that those votes that that's going to be a black Lamar almost die after his time they'll be. Ed and it took one. They were like. Where its oats wheat. Coming up. Cardinals manager Mike Metheny got fired yesterday and I believe it was well Purdue's. Unlucky. This is that this story that I'm an Italian word minutes. He should've got fired as soon as this hat as soon as you hear this. I could've done that then. That statement would put fit. You listen to the show would run the show. Sixteen Sports Radio broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studio system. Milan fan keen. Last night likely thinking the manager of the saint closed or its feet in for good reads. That in my personal opinion it is openly. This year. This should've been a reason that he get fired in the first. What a start this if this is where this. And I'll still. I believe the greatest person on the Mike in the history of race. That is. The rock when he puts they'd. It people who live there. Just put into words they. Who did the Blue Hill this blood Delors the is sort out what to pull little foot sources. Her readers stance when I actually do that I would like me to go ahead and re not yet. What's a game and I don't think it hot out there who still does he think he hits every. One and one more. This film does Matt look they Mike Metheny a key. So is it is good and it started in. The story done and yet let. Bob marks next France up on nailed by the French that it must just. Except one in the world released. When he when he said. Away. For. But. Let's hope no Lawrence has been writing. And this is the word that there is they're year old doors has been. Riding 21 year old Jordan hit since spring training reminding him to be at meetings on time. Publicly calling him out when he is lagging in eighty or perceived in his Mitt opinion to be lagging. On any details. Of that is someone might notice. I. He's been a bad. Honestly just hazing at picking on the head of its last week where he was. He was listening hit was listening to music and by the way but ignores is that part of close it throws a hundred war's going to take. But. There were listening to music that support what north did just walked over and turn it down and Dan hicks. Turned it back up ended Norris told him while I suggest you. Use of head. And hicks hicks is saying is you know. I think bush has the best interest or me easiest teaching me how to be a rookie. First of bets this stuff you say when you feel like Kate thing. But the biggest part and I have a problem with and. All these blue pill does but always think he is at call for them right now what are his career span. What does but no ours is careers. What is his career ERA sort of or point 45. Paula. It is wins. And loss if you he's 67. And 86. A blue hell does the dollars. Think he is that he could start picking out layers and just riding the into the ground and telling them what to do as it is Mariano Rivera. And that is something special in baseball. Any. But things. The trip. I have I have XIA. That's at. But dollars. Go and report to me about guys the ball in who are doing the things that they should be too. Mike Metheny has acts but. To report another road it may edit his ears but no. Laura's got a ERA for his life that's nearing five it is like almost when he games under 500. Who has not like he is nothing. In this league. Nothing this would be like this table. As a grunt has it and wouldn't let air if I'm someone like mark is the outlook that aired. Come in here and tell me and take notes that report let me tell me what are my music up and dale. Well what I pilot did you swords did. Which is what but doors basically. Will not let Daniel swords did tell me what to do. Grown and asked me go to jail. Mike Metheny should have been fired for giving but no race. The authority to be reporting back to him about what things people overdo it especially because is it. It's. Is it. You've got to be kidding me but oh. Well as well let's. I don't even think I don't think our. Reporting back. And tell people I had never heard but north. He's a failed scholar who has as it is done. Not that I can't thank Mike Metheny got fired last night if he should have gotten fired book report just for the blood. I know that's a journeyman. Sup markers that we editor until closer who still has an ERA nearing three as a closer. You don't take charge and report to me about. Which it has inspired just for that disease just. Not in this yet I was just. I don't think I I think I irony that all right let's dating X eight hits in ever inning. Right yeah. Person who you think at me angry and I think him more people angry was. Puppet Jain who basically once you would say. The global cardinals had taken that name off the stadium already did just gonna bill it's it was up they it's it's going to be cardinals they. That is in recent recent development the last few out that the little or no longer going to be pop up state. But his I think what popped out while I'm here I'm really did. My but this province is. Well most people think it's the race thing it's really listen I'm 34 years old with two kids and wife and more acute car payment. That you know him the way especially the way he used it is you know saying this isn't Arnold colonel Sanders what's it. That'd that Ed that didn't do it. I think it's stupid the more that the thing that was more. Irritating is they eat Steele as the minds in 2018. It. Colonel Sanders at the inward and people get by and chicken. A move. In his blame it on people that relies generations. Before us as to why we are who we are but still. Thinking today you could say whatever and you gotta run at the board. But. Like that's a bore a knowing but the biggest the biggest part about this is sort of series. It does not matter who. When you reach a certain status. Like everyone just has a real stupid. And it seems like that stupid gene me newly barrels its way out. When you reach asserts that. That's something or just have like JR he is kind of just carries that's two. But then like Bill Belichick in me to the status and he goes I. Super Bowl about the Butler no. Even when we're continuing to get thrashed by backing up no. It just seems like you've already got this you can count people who outrage starts bad. You know all they're not idiots you know there intelligent to get to where they've got. That stupid changes sneaks. Best part about this whole Poppins on this crazy just last year you got in trouble by saying idiotic things that well. Well I think that the approach. Is that while not our numbers at pop Johnson. Ended in a conference call under a year later Disney. It's a good move for me to go look Arnold Sanders musical people will be Edward. Like that's the part that is wild to me is you've just got into this. You're not stupid and it's tied racist if it's. One this it's weird that he. Event in a radio interview on Friday where he said he was coerced into using that work well see now that's the Smart as comedic if you just denied. I just like this is great but he didn't and I eat it's again a yeah said they tricked him into a year is it. It's a way of the now. It's just crazy to be held the stupid Jean K just real its way to. Bill Clinton. Smart guy we know he smaller. Lot of stupidity. And it is just. It's just crazy to me would you give asserts that. All right let's let's take this thing Beck that day gets choked up the day coming up of four minutes. Police fine 82 grams of drugs in Wisconsin woman's vagina oh. Police fine 82 grams of drugs and it was the ones that. Once again in the world. It is 11 rants relation. Just had enough on 34 minutes past. And no big joke of it as just one. Wimbledon. The women in middle men's final animal that eats it up there. With the amount to a plane slams before. He's he me and come won't get three guys who were still playing I think Roger's outsiders arrive. Prince William everytime I see these haters. But the I mean. Date as to be thinking good lord that you weren't. So. I'd. Let's jump back into this the show. With Ron the suit you we Stephenson it is in yours will. This use this was a staple for a show. We find crazy topics that interest says and this is that this is one of the real crazier ones we've ever found that guide his show topic of the. It's time to act like you to hear this dispute that aspect I kissed the show topic is it. This is where. It's time to act like you fear this is. Due to show. Today. We know and someone that's the that's one's coming into about to get rid of this country. Boys behind hey. Eighty grams of drugs in Wisconsin woman's vagina is headlined hopefully. Wisconsin want and is facing felony charges brought synergies or at least that they found that 82 Hampton roads and her vagina. Deseret. Quality of that the Portuguese Desiree it was a missed it. June 25 in. Shalit knows that police pulled over in aid what he thinks he was driving today it in 1997. Monte Carlo seems bad. Our opinion there in and you. Their alma got convicted drug dealer was also on the card with it. Officers pulled over the car and getting a tip that we'll call them. Might be selling better on cocaine marijuana and at other option but look. It and you like people attract money violence that's just what you expect that debate between right that's the seatbelts and that would. But columns MO was to travel with the woman who would slip the drugs that you're not that the police stopped. The police dogs showed particular interest in the drivers. But Lester had been sitting at that whole time of the stop. After the corrections officers or script sort of went after he suggested there was something hidden somewhere around. The CT scan of lets his pulpit area taken at hospitals something that looked like a plastic bag. That was about the size of the human fit. Ops or sit it down nearly eighty grams of drugs and sad and here's the breakdown vote. 36 point 67 grams of cocaine fourteen point 72 brands of men. 47 point 80 grievances and that we. Six DJ. Ecstasy built in did not get one point six grams of marijuana. Murphy said this is the best that registered it's administered she likely. Would have died. To begin. I mean I don't. You know as well at least at camp in your. You didn't know it's like Bob what is the size of the fixed I intend to Wisconsin and I didn't know they got down like that you'd. Not that you got it racing equipment. Good days of rain. So C allowed the CDs game as it definitely that they. By the way Francis says this is a barn burner critics see it sport you. They thought suitable for Eagles under forty minutes. And an earnest celebrating. It's Nichols alone but. But that's that's hitting it's just. It is that time didn't show and sometimes. I. Show host. Can kind several thousand dollars I would imagine north I think one hell of a night out yet and a elephant. Published this he had stuck hitter Marlon loot but the I'm a symphony of the tax line. They said he's here mistakes he provides more information that would be a pet project real name is really takes clinics anecdote because that bag less approaches. But they have let's get up the Marlins. Be a woman selling ourselves there is very allegedly giving her herpes is demanding the NFL star produce a list of all things sexual partners yeah I that I would like ever. BI Jacksonville jags defensive end was hit the glossy bio amusing alias Jane doe who claims he gave heard. Yes CD during an April 28 teen hook up in Houston. Part of her case tell his father quest for production. At any dares fork over any info he has connected to the case. I'm eating it minutes it's not like that's like just timed this to Tuscaloosa. Who would I would be rough I now my cells a wealthy man but he's not the best looking back. I didn't have. And that meant first he's got a couple things he can activity but it took it. It to be played football it was a top tidbit no matter what you look like. Dennis Rodman got Madonna. It doesn't matter what's looking like it he's a train work rate train wreck waiting to happen. And bounce and then asked us. Well on top of the world ourselves top ten Alabama because bonus the top of the world in Tuscaloosa. At the state of Alabama. But Marcel Darius go to to Birmingham. In his heyday in Alabama. Not like Magic Johnson looked at. As a staff person now as it without a journalists and my cell various press conference at the great of a yeah I have actually listens and I prayed fortunately it's up about I know he's a world to me given look at Mark Davis. But he's so he probably didn't. I don't think Mike Davis this is that an. It's that well acres and is does it stand out to see this those seatbelts on mine no more candidates. A taxpayers should. Pacman jones' it's the deal and principled. There's a feeling Colin Capra. Don DMZ sports he does not support the players who took a knee during the National Anthem once in the find a different way to protest goes this. Pacman jobs says I'm all for it I'm all for standing for the anthem amicable family members have been overnight Iraq. Packed and also explained that at ten hands social issues don't have. Anything to do with the National Anthem and players who want to make it change to figure out another way. I think there will be one that he's entitled to his opinion. And and it's not a horrific. Two I would think the world. When you hear about the words in the national and this. Globe of three. At par today at some people pushed. We're actually. All experience the same. Fairness. Of treatment so. There could be some discrepancies there with him would disagree but Adam is in Thailand that it was going to be another person that I mean. I think there are many who disagree. And meeting to agree with. And I think it's a point where. The sporting event is maybe not the place but as I've said before. Sometimes. To get your point across you have to be disrespectful and go to a place where year earth. Dead to me when I watch that Amir rise video. They've taken me and then get the word out like that I think it's it's. It's worth it. I. Coming up this offseason and I'm gonna say so victories in the next seven sick this offseason. Has driven me so crazy senator. There is a small part of who wish is that these were steel. Having Alex Smith. Historical. The show would run the show you can lead. From the MVP electric heating and coups don't yield sixteen Sports Radio. Are you listen here's the show. Arrived as soon as beautifully and well let's name guys being inserted in the building. And I am not kids they're I'm really so you've heard this I mean at the loans it is it is. Is really good coming in six MBA and and it it is making me. It's not making me just like you know I don't know like to point out that this is craziness there is a small part of me sort of who would know. Let's let it be intuitive in balance with. Up those small part of me that this is Alex because we wouldn't be dealing with the craziness. Insists the hot taker this pretty hot. A step in saint. This is stupid. But some of it is this is just it Tony makes. And and this up one of these. Or REIT. Bryant Tracy. I had a really chick is. Yet. It does she's five has and I'm Camellia and from I nearly all people in the eased it in like he's got a pretty good following and he does work it does and it does work for different. Reputable. Sites. He comes out with this. Certain. My homes and kills you are in a leaked to. And the National Football League. And soaked in red and and it's the schemes both will use. And you'll see it in 2008. The policies this would eat is that you wouldn't of these. It just out in the two we know. Homes. In interest policy or any leak on the big words person except I would like this is how I saw. Set like in between it is in this hour I saw. You know I respect that so sick this liking every tweeting is not I'm. I've led to believe that he's a belief it would mean that this thing is is this is going well. Hell can they be late and they bet. Students at. Say. There's literally not a single. Footage. Of that and it. Just pretty can't track does not auto all packed and it's these that. Let alone and really. Need sleep. Okay yeah they elite if you are completed next week. How can you. You wake up one of the persons involved in the cup is it I've ever played. Well late. It's also part of the problem if your job. All day is to cover that team in the you've rooted for your entire life what you just. EU just say things because you assume that let me get new hope that it works out. Which is why. As animated things like me you know Steve sapped their detail. I root for all the teams here and capacity. It's beyond. It's yeah and homer because the seriously the national people are saying this. Crazy things to the big. Thanks. Crazy. It's if we see. While Holmes play like three years in the National Football League they talked about. Let's not. You would agree sort as one of the best. Receivers in football yet. Images lots and lots and play 56 games to get. And I had not and you know how I feel about this lots. Got skipped. I am not even want to say that I think those two. Already leaked combination. It football because they haven't done it together Logan up five games under their belt and hips don't let up or. Listed once it did how racist and a guy who really does it work literally. That he believes. He's got me. Pets of my home. Makes me feel as if he inspires people the way. Tim Tebow was inspiring people that you're in Denver where it would be craziness. That that makes it but he would just. Actress inspiring people write stuff that doesn't make sense yet. Do I think that they had the ability. And possibility to be an elite combination sure. I can't right now on July 15 without ever seeing the complete a pass in recent days. Let alone a real game think that those two ardently combination. Does this say these things out loud at. And make it at least it like this how outlandish dissent yet ultimately quarterback in combination. Tom Brady. And rod counts you're preparing to put it holds its that is Kelsey already there. You know is a great tied it can't know Greg Olson a former NBP and Britney Cam Newton grip compared to put Patrick they're all ready. Ed and Kelsey. It could ever completed pass it pre season together. The editors and whatever. But you what it's really have a complete a hole. Russell. Ed Britney grain then an elite combination. I. Think also. Our blood and Ali was third in India at but but Ed have a guy. Who has not played real game. They don't get to the Denver game Kabul and now he's Smart football you know what that was about. Win. I honestly. It real football game yet at him top rate at Rutland ski. I get older guys. Yet but it's. Down the law. These two have a chance to be the best combo. Quarterback it's guided it would all boats they took it by and Betty well like. Like Carson Wentz and Zach hurts. Ike we got one really really nice season and a production with those two but I wouldn't say they were late. I did easily can be because they're both very young players they're both. Two of the best players probably at their positions in the league. But cars when he's coming off that ACL to like you have to see and hope that Carson went can get back to it again and put up an MVP caliber season because. I a couple of years ago we said Derek Carr it was in the race for an MVP and then he was terrible last season. I just. I just over dished like that support. Is me is I that's what's almost was a support of the small part of Vietnam Nazis the chiefs have done the right. It and bringing in passion they get a chance to have a guy who could be in Rogers he has that I. If it were here if Kirk as Kirk that's not saying well. Kyle Rudolph perk does have teased varied leaked already. Let us think that craziness in Minnesota. And they're trying to convince cal enough to eat tied in eight seasons. Like. We don't even know. If they actually hold you 100% sure that that holds it guy. Was throwing at the time did. To be honest all I'd go. Patrick which is used in college they likes to throw the ball harder. All bodies lives changed more than Vernon Davis did Michael Crabtree what is college can't predict became the quarterback in Alex if it. Because college avenue it was more out of the ball outside. And Vernon davis' numbers wit. Now don't think Travis is we'll do that because it reads it but what you got Tyreke ill. Running flat routes you've got Sammy blockage Ronnie black outs. It is preference might not be just throw the ball down. To the outside. And that's the biggest problem stop this. I mean how he's inspiring people like he's accused to Poland just crazy. Chris it's. And had the ballots. This year. There and deadly combination already really their up there with rocket Brady. And it coming up in two minutes the best 592. Show and all of Sports Radio primarily because it's deal.