07/15 Vern's Post Game Show

Sunday, July 15th
Vern discusses the final game before the All Star break for the Royals as they fall 10-1 in Chicago against the White Sox. 

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The city pier six. Insider. Josh for a year. Yeah thank you very much do royals lost again you know royals haven't won a series. Since the end of may. Thought we can get to the game we can talk about at a Oberto Mondesi is as. As going into the all star break there's not aid. Brighter spot on this team there there's really. Within the organization there are a few other bright spots below. Well when we look at this 25 man roster and prepare for the second half of the season. No Brad Keller. Some of the shine has come off. Say which Jacob G Eunice. So Odyssey Jorge Bonifacio. The injury Jorge solar air eliminates. What would happen. A breakout season. For the 25 year old corner outfielder. But Jorge vote Fazio at Roberts a bond to seat those two guys that I think we all. Well if we're looking for something to get excited about in the second rapids could be the 25 year old Foss Il. And the 22 world and Albert so Muncie. Possibly could talk about their days coming up if we want to be the pitching there's really no need to discuss anything that happened on the mound for the royals. It was a bullpen game going and in fact going again. I've maintained that this was. The worst game in the history of Major League Baseball prior to the all star game. Because it was all the first series. In the history of baseball. Should pay to sixteen loss teams. Against one another before the all star break. Never happened before baseball's better round since like 1870. And this has never happened before two teams with more than sixty losses go about it before the all star break. So when you take that dynamic. And that add on top. The pitching match up. The pitching match up by the way was Lucas GO go for the White Sox. A guy that had the worst record in our excuse me the worst our. League baseball. The White Sox starting pitcher had the worst. All of Major League Baseball and he was squaring off with the royals bullpen. Which has the worst ER rate in all of Major League Baseball. That's it means throw in a culture equates to. The worst game ever played in Major League Baseball history prior to the all star break. And the royals got ruled. That game. Its tenth. Well my good lord 41 games below 500. I I got to read a few responses. That I got in regards to my opinion that this was going to be. The worst game in the history of baseball prior to the all star break. And the amount of blame that some of you wanna lay at the feet of Ned Yost is beyond me. If you want to get into it wanna talk about my disease powers turns out at 96 model robber fastball and blasted. 414. Feet in the eight inning talk about that we can. Get in the Jorge Bonifacio. We can. Laugh over the fact that the royals. Had five different pitchers. And not one of whom are really worth all that much. It was five different guys and out of them and I really excited. About what they can become. But I gets an idealist and in look and I don't I did this on the pregame but I hope would again I don't mind. I would rather not. Sit here and defend Ned Yost when his ballclub it's 41 games below 500. And lord knows Ned Yost has never done a darn thing for me I owe him nothing and yet yeah let's do it. All defend them and we'll do it right after this. Brotherhood of. 124. Hour by jaguar American motorist Brett motors the city of green valley real excited are. Wesley he's hardware. Burns post game show. Built by the all workers local 124 to. Empowered by seventh street casino covers the red Mercedes-Benz. CM VP electric heat. And plumbing and heating JC route Randy electrical. See if there's just swollen from Denmark Gomez did you know it drives will it keep gender. Backfield single for the London city. Over fifty push right sender of that break to shut down. That's the Bob Hamilton plumbing heating AC Rooter and electrical play of the game this is playing Jonas on Tesco the morning tomorrow at 745 talents who was part of the play and you'll win pizza from toppers now back Denver. Yeah I had a bird so modesty homer number three on the season a 108 miles per hour off of that the royals. Get volley lob though they lose to the White Sox in the finale of this three game series in the final game before the all star break final score ten to one. Aren't so to talk about how it's my belief that this is the worst game. In the history of Major League Baseball before the all star break. Now that sounds like Oliver that's hyperbole no how. I do not believe it is. Hyperbolic. Its record wise. Pitcher wise. Royals offensively. Now that that that was and it turned out to be. I'm very ugly game I believe that was the worst game. That's ever been played in Major League Baseball before the all star break end. I received. In the proper amount of replies you know joking and but there was one response that I got on Twitter and Twitter is especially during baseball season. But somewhat wondering you know why videos as and then go. And of course they point back to what happens with the St. Louis Cardinals last night then letting Mike Metheny. I understand why the the cardinals did. The cardinals have a fractured clubhouse right now. Dexter Fowler. The highest paid players on that team. And a reliever but Doris was. Openly. A mole for the manager. Snitching on his teammates. That can't happen. So it's the first time the manager has been fighter with an above 500 record in the season. Since Ned Yost was fired by the brewers in 2008. And that I was around that team now heads nervousness. Is is tension. As their playoff spot slip through their fingers in Milwaukee. That tension was. Permeating throughout the clubhouse. Guys all started a grip and a little bit tighter. Started to press at the plate in the field and on the mile. And you had an overzealous owner. That was willing to make a move in the final few weeks of the season and the ultimately fired back. Net didn't have proper control back clubhouse just like Mike Metheny lost control. Of that clubhouse in Saint Louis and have long maintained that the only job a manager truly has. From the beginning of spring training until the end of August is maintain the clubhouse. Keep guys believing in themselves. And at one another make sure that everyone is pulling on the same side of the route. The main job of the manager for the first six months of the season that in making sure you don't over mr. bull. And I still think Ned Yost. As these guys believing in one another. Playing hard holding on the same side of the rope you don't hear of infighting. Inside the royals' clubhouse. There are there are really factions. In that royals' clubhouse that have separated themselves from the other teammates. It's still late rather for. For the different. Ages inside that clubhouse it's still a very. Friendly positive. Jovial attitude for the most part. It unless unless you guys are seeing something that I'm not if you're seeing a lack of efforts. If you're seeing a lack of energy well will pointed out on this and isn't this and tell you how many of these things fall at the feet of the manager in. Look if you wanna say a big enough a homer go right ahead I have no reason to be homers at all. Think I have don't for me is that I've watched every single inning of every single game. And what I seen as a team that was without their best player in Salvador writes for the first month of the season. A team that was without. Their best young bat in Jorge baloney Fazio for the first half of the season. A team missing one of their best slugging. That's him or where hazel air for the past month of the season. A team that's. Doesn't have anyone of note in the bullpen. And rotation. Where your veterans and Jason Hammel went into an idea of giving you nothing. Less than nothing there works career seasons coupled with your eighties and Danny Duffy having two of the worst months of his career. I don't know how widely in the manager after that. But you can let me know projects real famous Philly text line 693060. Collect. And I mentioned this untreated Sam Gallagher came up with a list. Top ten reasons why the royals are in the position that they are Sam Allen of course the columnist from the Kansas City Star. Top ten reasons why the royals are where they are reason number ten was that ghost has lost. Some fought here. Not the fiery skipper that we. Became accustomed to and thirteen fourteen and fifteen and I disagree with I think he's right. I think most people lose a little bit of fire after a day have the kind of success Ned did. Reached the age that and that goes does that. And she that's the way Ned Yost did this past offseason. Again tax line 69306. Let's head down to Dallas and talk to our good friend Kevin. Kevin great to hear from you today god. Yet here you. Do. As far as you're concerned. You know for people that are that are trying to you'll grasping at straws swing plane for four or conduct occurred keen student. They needed the wake up and pay attention that it Ned Yost is the perfect manager for our situation. You know he's got the club house together. He's navigated through this before with us in terms of the regional alliance those people that are criticizing give me one name. At a meter has done. You know or get shut out because. Kevin Kevin let me piggyback on that -- continue because again to go back to the ups and Gallagher well I thought he put this perfectly. In one of his recent pieces where all let's say you know for the people wanna get rid of better get rid of Dayton. OK so you open up a search. The criteria you would believe for the next GM and ex manager would be. Someone that has rebuilt for. Someone that has worked in a small market before someone that is had success before and I'm talking October success. You know someone with high character somewhat of high while having all of those things added date checked all the box. Absolutely they check all the boxes and they've done it you know they've done it before they've done for us. And you know you get the sentiment that I watched this you know over you know the being 41 games under 500 it would beat you you might not have as much fire well you know. Monarchs and iron in people getting frustrated bit what you gotta do that would you'd been due interest. Look at the kids. He would need you know enjoy watching kids play I mean you can watch more kids play because. Hopefully the royals written it's a return on punitive means bachus. And if they get a big ol' American fantastic if that's what that that's part of what's going on and end. But they've been a great job so core. Clinton and John Cheney and kielty in your area. The end drafting and getting you know getting a number of prospects in the works. It typical. The end you know so you know I have talked to them I'm not not the opposite and we should commercials very very fortunate these guys committed to. Our team and our well being in in re building this thing they know it they've been the worst the battles they want the war. In and I'm personally very thankful that they're in place in do the job record so. Great combo drive in the reported. Listen to mortgage into one thing with it goes. That you know in years past. This. This post in Joe's been like the cherry on top of the cake. Oftentimes measures indicate. You do great job then outlook for that. Spot this year thanks. That's very nice music and appreciate its diamond no second. He mentioned that there are talking about the trade deadline and the best bits from the post game notebook. Add nothing to do with the game itself the best bits come from some of the national writers in Major League Baseball Jerry crass and ESP and tweets out the Red Sox. And braves. Are both interest that it might lose doctors is a trade deadline acquisitions. Sources say. The Yankees have already been mentioned as potential landing spot. Enough market for my stock is Jerry crass nick writes that it's more likely than not. But the royals will deal him. But the trade deadline July 31 its attitude by Marc fein status and LB dot com rights according to a source the royals are trying to find a match for my stock is deal. But it appears the royals will have to wait until Manning Mitch Otto gets this deal first. Many of which auto could be the domino that starts number of things in motion. But the royals and the rest of Major League Baseball. Diamond notes driven by Mercedes-Benz. Of Kansas City. South Kansas city's Mercedes-Benz. Dealership royals get rolled in the south side Chicago. Final score ten to 141. Games below 500. We go to Steve in Italy Stephen what's going on about it. That was a problem call I'd say I mean it's. I had to do you have the best post game shows and baseball. We do that and Twitter which. We should have to. Struggle with Orioles. And of course it wouldn't turn that down. It. Their contract that would contradict me actually in center. To change and then like now when. You start talking about. Complaining about out of flinch as much you know I don't I checked it was complaining about this in the way that. I. Agree that this you know that went. You just actions let small I wish it would focus on development. Is. Especially in absolute yeah books are popular good occasion. It's has kind of smack so a lot of people. Then. While. We. Used to stability. And get. The best way to. It's just that person out. I got you on that I'll say is thanks for the full well Steve I'll say this when your in every single day like cut is. Like I am. Like it is and Danny and I know what people bring this up all the time would then. That doesn't get all excited about much. You can't. It went when you've seen as much as Danny has. You're not as easily impressed you're not going to sell a bill would goods. Right. That's how Denny does with hot. Hut needs to remain positive. I've seen the lows of blow in Major League Baseball and life. And when you're at it every single day what is your entire life like it is putts. And if you solely. Talk about the negative or if you're completely honest all the time about how bad this team is it'll Wear out. Life's too short. And baseball's too much fun and not. Be positive did not attempt right. Strive. To be the positive. Person that Rex others I wish. I had that attribute. I'm I'm thankful that that my life has gone the way that it has that I haven't had experienced some of the things that. Rex toddlers come out the other side out. But for him the person that he is today to have that sort of outlook that mindset that's. Reflective of the kind generous incredible human being that he is so look at if you think he's too positive you don't know that happen you don't know what. He's overcome what he's been through and how difficult it is to remain not positive in a game that consistently. Tries to beat you down get baseball's a lot like life. And that there's more bad weather is good but if you look at it. Straight positive. Lands. If you try and force yourself to put a smile on your face you're going to be happier. And when the team that you cover it's 41 games below 500. And you better start looking for the positives or else you're gonna drive yourself daddy. By the end of September. So you need to look at the positives. You need to be overly optimistic. Big pessimist. It's too easy in baseball. It's not to. If sales 70% of the time in baseball. It's easy to be a pessimist because you're right most of the time of that when your wrong you get to celebrate. To be pessimistic and in the game of baseball is to be a fraud. You can't have. You just you cannot go out the game of baseball that way. Because you're right 70% of the time and that the rare moments in which you're wrong you get to celebrate now that that's old. He did doubles kind of people all over Twitter. All over society. Where there'd their negative negative negative then something good happens like the royals go to back to back post seasons and they get in the front row celebrating now it doesn't work like that that is. The acts. Pick a line. There's three lines. Pessimist. Optimist. Are apathetic. Which one he going to be. I strive to have the personality. The demeanor of Rex Butler so I have to tightly disagree with that sentiment. Fault line opened up for united 135767610. At Albert's mom deceit is the right now of the most positive thing about this game. Odyssey two for three on the day with that. Solo shot in the eight inning might see as an OPS now of 714. That's fourth best on the team behind only boos. Mayor of field and Bonifacio. At Albert so my Odyssey two for three. Raises his average to 250 and bombs that'll PS. Up to 714 he has the game MVP presented by MVP electric heating and cooling relax its MVP. Royals are ruled by the White Sox final score ten to one we get back to your thoughts after this. Be eligible. Powered by Dick. Ordinances regenerative medicine center. Turns post game show built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124 of Kansas City and powered by Bob and AC group or an electrical dire events and vital stakes are you in the hands it's. A good hands can't simply. Bottle and sell its fifty so I had a million low ground ball to third tough topic hoosiers stayed on. Broad dugout but do these look both ways that was not easy playing first of all 400 Kosher. It is drove which load dude ahead ticket. On the back end. They're really good play good food. Streets are you do the fans. Luke does do it again continues to impress. And Denny Matthews even going on about Lucas did it because book. What would you learned that Luke is due to assign that one year deal this offseason with the royals what was the first thing that came earmarked. The throw home. And Eric Hosmer steal of home. Right so we all kind of assumed all my good got loose and Eric Hosmer the finest offensive. First baseman and all of Major League Baseball and we're bringing in a guy who it would all argue. Be honest with you. Next to others. But he's been very solid at first base. And I shall I say solid I don't mean he's just making all the routine plays and big outs of impressive plays that we would be fawning over Eric Hosmer for making so. I give some love to Lucas to go to today. One for four. A single to the right side as he beat the shift. I'm Lucas started out for the season. I still believe in the bill that OP yes it is below 700. Obviously you're not going to get any thing of notes for him but he if you can get something. Do. I maintain loose and dude. I'm desperate to move them I will settle. To move them all take pennies on the dollar. To move that. I mean you don't need either one of those guys. You don't need those back next year you don't need due to back next year bolt of them. Really appreciate what you've given possible the first 95. Plus games. Well go join a pennant race Lucas you can go BA. Left handed bat off the bench for some contending team goes you can service day quarter infielder slash DH for contending team. It's something for those two. Whitner feel you'll have to get the proper ransom if you're gonna move and I don't imagine anybody. Offering back for the royals I would assume that no Whitner field will be held onto for the rest of the season maybe something could be worked in the offseason so it would Dorothy. But really outside. Lucas do that and might miss doctors I don't expect much. Happened prior to the July 31 deadline regarding. Royals baseball hit the blue collar player of the game this afternoon. Difficult choice. It Mondesi was the only roil with multiple hits and he was the game MVP. Lucas dude Salvador rats Whitner feel all of them collected a hit. Or was even on base twice and I think that's something that you would I expect will be shall the ball park but the guy. Being very blue collar just doing what is expected of him getting his job done. Maybe it's way. But you know. I think I think it like this a bullpen day. Who that bullpen gave the best work. It was once bark and six out sits down for the right. Bert Smith face nine hitters in two innings and gave up a pair runs. Brian Flynn face nine hitters in two innings and gave up a pair runs. Eddie Romero gave up five runs and face nine hitters in one inning off. Jason Adam allowed a run now it's let's apartment let's spark and the blue collar player of the game presented by the sheet metal workers local union number two. And swinging for the fences. Hi first of all eighth inning and Albert film Odyssey. Turn on I 96. Mile per hour fastball from Kmart Gomez. Belting at 414. Feet a cool 100 eights. Miles per hour off the bat his third home run out and it's say the royal embarrassment of being shut out once again. So it's Odyssey getting it done for the big league club. Fuel home runs around the moderately today those games up on going and coming up a little bit later tonight that the story. The two biggest stories with the organization what was the 22 hurled at Albert so modest in the other that in nineteen year old. So let's he has who leads. Minor League Baseball width 27. Home runs on the season. He served as the cleanup hitter. You still may be Iran serving as the cleanup hitter for the world team in today's futures game. You guys remember the futures game it's always during the all star weekend that Sunday. You're Donald Ventura and will buyers represented the royals the futures game was played here at Kauffman Stadium in 2000 well. Also admits he has who is ranked by mlb.com as the royals third best prospect. He served as the cleanup hitter as the DH today for the world team and in his first at bat. Take it out one of the yankees' top pitching prospects. Still in it he tested this courtesy of MLB network. Ladies he's basically got the salinity is there's a world class say he's facing a nearly big league ready pitchers get three legitimate pitch it's it's tough match. He says this the right. You please draw well you can extract the law it all. If that you played them. Nineteen year old certainly but yes I'd just gave him wall. When you leave the miners actually succeed here it is again the international signings you you know this briefing next year. I'm walking on the back of the surprising here is the fun of the difference now makes up. And I hear that sound like an excellent news sixteen years old born to put bombs that. Again that audio courtesy of MLB network so silly but see us and at Albert some Odyssey swinging for the fences with dire fans. It just makes sense to get dire fans act out right now as we take a quick sneak peek at what's to come with our friends at twin peaks. I'm right now the futures game it is going on sixth inning USA world not up at five appease. Soon unity as the loans represented of for the royals in this game. Baseball. And then on Tuesday Tuesday night it is the 89. All star game. Some darker reds starting catcher for a fifth straight season. Second only to up pudge Rodriguez for the first. American League catcher started five street sense the hall of Famer pudge Rodriguez started in nine straight. So all star game coming up on Tuesday the team is off on Wednesday and Thursday before. And now back to Kaufman. And opening up a three game series with the Minnesota Twins Friday Saturday and Sunday right here on 610 Sports Radio. Sneak peak would twin peaks twin peaks the ultimate sports lodge you've been searching for. Videos terribly terribly went inside the clubhouse had. Well it's a difficult time. Difficult time finding positives in the first half of the season. He pointed out my on this even mention the stretch that we saw from Brad Keller right. I'm trying to I personally these last two outings have been so. Below average. For Brad Keller that I'm not letting a race what did in the first two and a half months of disease. Right because. All extent Kelvin her rare. Brad Keller was the best thing that bullpen had this season. His first six starts for the royals were well above average and again he'd like Odyssey only 22 years of age and back. I'm not there Mondesi nor Keller who share a birthday. They won't turn 23 until next Friday. The 27 of July apple mob scene Eller will turn. 20/20. Three. Years of age so that had a tough time acknowledging. A number of positives in the first. Butts. He did admit that these past two games these past two losses to the White Sox both of them really started to grind on the guy. You can see the finish line you concede all star break ahead of you. Net telling the guys after the game. Clear your mind come back here Friday ready to play inside the clubhouse delivered by red or grow Kansas city's best little upscale neighborhood grow. Stick a look real quick at the pet projects grilled famous Philly text line 69306. John and Harrison bill writes and Burr in the royals need to focus on their roster and starting lineup through September. Ned has been getting a good look at all of these young players. It'd turn it's a wicked double plays up in middle policies Escobar has some troop competition. Com and that's pretty good at the break outlook that's going to be interesting to watch over these final. Two and a half month of the season. Is how often. Or rather how infrequently. We see LCDs basketball. Because Mondesi. Without question. Is earned the everyday job at shortstop. With his glove and with his back I understand it's a short sample size. But a 714 all PS. As Clinton's goals of baseball prospectus pointed out on Twitter. LCDs Escobar hasn't had a 714. OP yes since 2012. We all know that modesty. Along with a guy like Mateen is hopefully Keller. Bony Foss EO. At these guys are central to the read. That gave the royals are going to have that quick turnaround would be back in the postseason contention by 2021. Mondesi has to click. My Odyssey has to be one of the top four hitters in your line. Leadoff for two spot or three it got us in my Odyssey that. That's gonna do it for us thank you very much adjacent cats for the help boys are back on Friday royals and twins opening up a three game series. At Kauffman Stadium and joy at the all star break and join the rest of your Sunday Kansas City I appreciate you listening. They care. Built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local one. For more coverage go to burns notebook it's 610 sports dot. Use our town sixteen and Sports Radio.