07/15 - 11 am - Randy and Shannon

Sunday, July 15th
Serda just won't udnerstand how rough summers are during the summer where baseball is the only sports running and there's nothing to look forward to in sports once you're married with kids. The royals need to keep Duffy beause LeBron has inspired him and we're a little upset this Shannon and Randy beef didn't escalate. The segment that's sweeping the nation " Whatcha Watching" 

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I've been about 592. Show and all of radio he. I. Job and to lay out and vivienne and zillions. Those students. Is about as Imus certainly pending. Dell does decide not to attend his own hall of fame induction ceremony in classic PO fashion. His decision and said hold his own induction ceremony is alma mater the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Received a lot of back. Michael Irvin specifically. And has been taken a few shots it TO here in there and obviously. Four TO deal in his state and I want him to have this party I think it's ridiculous and paddy for the hall of fame induction committee is I can imagine him. What I understand this out there is not a single. Later a single player who is openly backs TLY on this when you know hall of fame voters are job. Quite like how was don't have his back. The neck is this is how. Our number. I'm just who you believe you this regardless. Into the snow. That was the sort of the this 59 tickets going on those with radio. From goat man that got suited that might have been your worst you live or I hope. That's that's the main news that horrific and there was one where he just hit the steps though a process. No. We've had a good check out the first hours it the it's paid. And listen to that sixth in sports dot com. As of now we're at the have at the World Cup final between Croatia. And France a lot of action happening to the one already. Two to one France with the lead. At this point I'm going to be honest with you I am to the points or two we're. Obama. And I know this is may be on pot he understood what I'm country in this deal. Glad they have given us something to talk about. With this royals team in the places it's in what I had in and now I'm out. Because you know it got to a point where for me as a casual fan. You know this this France. Team they've got some young guys that we have heard about but the people coming into it it. Then I was intrigued I love to see greatness the people those tendencies. And the the teams and those candidacy of greatness this year. And really two of them were knocked out the first part of the knockout round. Germany may tobacco round so I'm really two point round ready for this to be over. And us to move on with the rest of sports. But 38 million to the winner and actually. Well we found out last week it is up to the the leaders in the country to decide how that money in delegated. And believe it. I'm wonder announce some of these smaller countries if the players getting any. Good to have him on Sunday. Coming up remember INS is burns. Pregame shows the royals looked and in the series against the white so it's. Speaking of yesterday. This is a topic that. It is inevitable will come up early this almost any. Work. And I don't think it's just something that people keep in the holes I think their topics that are that some people just keep in the holster I don't think this is. I think people just legitimately kit ears and did they come and talk. And the conversation is when people get to a point where they've really really miss. Football and really hate summer. Because sports on the week in and that's when I believe in his country and really look at sports sports on the weekends are so different in this country. And. I've really come to a point where I. I've always thought well I've I've seen a whole new version of it started. Use exports on the week kids on Saturdays and Sundays are bad in the Summers especially when your baseball team is doing what the royals baseball team. The biggest bet now. I tell you when it's really and this is something that I just learn. It's really bad when you're married and this is from a males perspective it is really bad when you're married and you have kids. And an age where they just a stay at home. Say sir do you as a person who may not be singled as you do that pepper which are not married you have no responsibilities. To life you know in terms of children. It makes up for you ain't nothing compared to what it is be it Mary with key. Table and I am not going to. Other person that. If you decades of running your running their asses around all summer games for me it was swim lessons in the morning. Ended running around all the places I don't think that you would love to do is to come home to a really big game. To come on to Georgia and Alabama. At CBS to Kabul to ESP it's going to dictate. How has our kids as gets packets that come up well we've come on to the that's that's really bad because please sir do you have pepper or you would have always can go out. Ed Knight and gold it's a bars have some breaks and enjoy the weather because now. I've got these radicals at home. And you know you get you know you're married you have that many days that you get out in a month you know you Mary you've got to be at all thank god for Netflix. You got it all at the Arctic. That's when it's really series. Not this single. It was never is bad for me sort of when I was single or what I was married and have kids that I could just kick it. About 5:6 o'clock start and give my drank alone and I bought out with a minute edit go out ticket it. Now an elbow and had it. It's what these jokers the bad and now is 7:38 o'clock and I'm like. Only thing on TV right now. Is cubs. Luxuries. Time and I just won't watch sports that is this it's not. Just the. That's just like Ed that's why so that's why it sucks and that's the country. To step out. Any time and that's what it's comical because they're going like in the summer this needs to be in this every week because you can go out. In a timely fashion in enjoy the weather and I suspect that all while Mr. President because group policies that. College balls into Saturday night. I skid late. It to the Ohio State in state game is oh that's a basket late little Oklahoma Texas problems lies older. You get. Are not now when you're married with eight. I mean pepper hasn't even seen me during football season yet she doesn't have any doses of shares have any idea what's coming might. I I I will be unreachable on Sunday citing got over if he won. And watch football with me but that's what my Sundays will be spent doing. But that's why. The AS and the ex FL. I ecosystem. Immediately that he has because those and I watched those games on a Saturday night. When you when there is when there's offseason there's a football there's no NBA the only thing really going on his baseball. I'll watch those sports is. I scared I'm not doing is just nothing I care like it I'm telling you it is so much more difficult. If your you've got kids and you're married. Or you're a relationship yet aids and at 7 o'clock. You know they use UK just about gone nowhere. Opted. And you got to sit back. And get ready for will. You know may be in in some town and at and other Tanzanian Boston in New York it. Saint Louis these other towns where their team for any. It's it's it's better because he had the baseball game. Yesterday the royals royals played it ought. In the hill was that they got Burnett. I don't know what buried people did. Without it. CS. Is that Saturdays ago but it kind of came moments that I just. I don't know what they would move the that is the toughest thing you'd think it's typical. Because at least if you're single you don't have the responsibility of kids or even why I duke it. It's weekends Saturday night Saturday it's actually. Get out momma now. I am last just sat and watched aliens and yet you chose to do. Side note as there too. Yesterday. I also damn tired at the after everything we did run around gains were less Eileen. I want us to back it watching the game. And you know and I ended up doing. Slid over NFL network. Because they had. The titans. Patriots play out April glance. Relative I think YZ that outlets blow on the and a party lines a lot of that was that was just like and how Watson I think FL network anymore that used to be my go to like even over ESPN just right I turn my TV on it was NFL network to see who was our. When the NBA season sets door. Closes and if you're dealing with the they are all team like you have here even if you're not dealing with a baseball team because. There was no net there's like no national thing it really drives it's just what we do. I feel like that's why some currently has gotten so popular as people of people of summer league so it's like night because there is anything else going on the summary get a chance to see all these young guys all these teams distracted like. I what's his face. Kevin really gets it I Kevin Knox let's get tired out summer league I I know that much about him as a player and you is really Yorkers and visually gut. But he's been Boller mountain summer league you've been fun to watch speed. Is looked guidance I'm currently. Yeah man. I'll watch a launch this summer league basketball game before I watch or a baseball game. Easy. Special especially this time of year. We'll blow world free all star break. 816 just before Netflix peopled his OT at. A particular. It. That your word governor. I must say it is right now. And out the people the rules at least. You cannot rate the game. I repeat. Today whatever you do you can not for me it. I could've done better man. That statement would put fair. Listen to be show would run the show. Sixteens swooped radios and broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios. I this is as soon. It's Easter is the buildings. Remember burns pregame news coming up at. Least. And Adam earnest talk about business pregame shows that he shoot it. Francis took care of Maine obviously that means it's it's read it here. 58 almost 59 minutes on. In the World Cup final three and one ran over relations. 38 million to the winner. Still like thirtieth when he. Bird problem. Ominous they do not so. Brain. Danny death. Yet. It not straight yet like I don't think you should look it's raining this year. I am tidbits that are. I am convinced they're is that any death. Is a man. Who is playing inspire. He was lights out. It's not just today. I think we'll be frank with. I think any death has been inspired by the broad. A I'd hate to any he has been in the buyer as well lakers violet yes by LeBron James sits he. Was a Laker since he's become a Laker. I think he's been inspired I think it's no coincidence during that down time he had this year probably was at the same. Plays when Isaiah that traded to Italy. And Isiah Thomas gets paid to the lakers I bet you that is right wind Danny's Danny started slow. LeBron went. To. To the lakers that was led announced. July 1. I he was still kind of feeling his way through all of the third his first. He gave up six he was still trying to figure out like outlook holding. Let LeBron makes it basically did have it that that's. He has given opera. He hasn't given up a run Saturday. This last two starts. Sixth inning seventh inning zero earned. Nine strikeouts eight strikeouts in his last two outings. He's inspired Saturday. Look at what happens when LeBron James went to his childhood team the lakers he has earned this the activists. In which to me. I believe you can't trading yet. You gotta give I imagine what he has next year a full year with knowing LeBron. Is a full Laker knowing that LeBron is leading his team. To another finals appear knowing the greatness of the bra he'll be so inspired sort of I get to a point at to have landmark work. I did just that Greinke deal if you wait. That. Let him play while LeBron the Laker. This LeBron in America so I'm convinced. Maybe he can be inspired. By LeBron when it comes to despair. Maybe Brian can be. Idiots please. Have me believe it is understood. And that and away the prize. But look at this man. Says really LeBron is it's got here. Since he signed the contract he has to know. Too little knoller and striking people not edit strikeouts about eight. He's inspired man. His life changed LeBron came here. And that's I think he got to give it suits the play with the threat this year because I think look I think that it be in it. Inspired. I I truly do. I it it is it is and I don't know what else you can save it it was. Commissioner the White Sox big but. He wasn't beating those teams. He's inspired baby. Let's go any. Here he gets LeBron play at all tickets Oprah don't let coli come index don't lick lie get on this team any obvious Ian. It obvious idea. And back up and put it right now you can't treaty I'm predicting next year LeBron James is playing for the lakers. Danny Duffy is going to be aside end game. I ended up on the tennis in the top this idea that he is inspired. By an American hero and LeBron saying LeBron James inspires people. That he doesn't even know he's inspiring I am a perfect example of Ed Danny Duffy apparently is you think it's because he likes to take long walks to the stadium. It is LeBron James signing with fists out of the team the lakers. When he was bad it was when Isaiah was there. Actually got it. There was a small totally. Give us this ball club that it's there it is as they as well everybody is also bad for a it was a small uptick. When Jordan Clarkson left would like to start in any real Isaiah was a bad economy and it wit in Allen and beds but with a bronze. With a rod signed this deal. As they want from Max level playing in assigning a one year after you attract better at minimum no hurt as our listeners about him right now. I'm telling you any upbeat. They've had the first a bit dated debt is out side in game. Market down. A lot fifty Barak in Cy Young kid the bra LeBron inspires souls unlike any you've seen in now watch any death. The inspire. I've heard. I I I in my heart I've heard that about seeing what. It is now over in the words believe it yet this it is now over. Old offer. Florida won France Bono preparation legislated a ship. This is upon us and there and a attaining World Cup as. Especially for a run eighth. Six that's real low enriched this this is some of horrible level for electoral no. I just work and honestly I belief. And you get what else would you say he had a guy writing him a note. That we read I was now's Ryan of fiscal writing him a note expressing to him. Well right it is that now and he's becoming a pitcher not a thrower. What do you think that had to do LeBron siding with the lakers I'll take it. I don't want to transition to this. Yesterday was a. Yesterday was a great day for women's team. A needed day more than great for when it's ten minutes they were right now Serena Williams little one that turned. As I've said before it's continuing to me to make her legacy look worse. It to be it it is shows that the other women playing or force and they're not really good in eighty year. And I think the lacy lost yesterday in straight sets 6363 win this thing wasn't really. A two wasn't even really close close. Is how ahead. A serious. Issue comes out this and you can ask associate said it's urge she's not in any anybody's real shape that she would wannabe and issued common they're coming off I have a child. Of which she has some real complications. In her life was thought to have issues. And come in and just walk through the Wimbledon field. Not in her shape. That's a problem it is eight it is a travesty sort of this she'd made it to the final. 36 out of state. It's it's bad guys don't want that they. I said that I think are. Our legacy takes a hit because of the competition with and luckily yesterday I don't think this young lady's gonna become a star or anything they need a couple of war. You know finals appearances where they go back in port in a final but this had. This had at that Euro. Losses Serena. In this situation Serena whose 36 we've never seen anything like this it is they just having a child she just beat an entire field. In the last Grand Slam red. And that happened again here that have a couple of it's. Hurt her daily get pregnant and then post pregnancy while not in the best shape. All of us abreast of things that are sick and having your health and real issue. During her break after her pregnancy come on that she had the lone bright lights just the pit. She met that allowed verdict to the final at the it's ridiculous. Issue that I've got to the pilot apart like. Is he Roger Federer get to the final at least loses sub like it this had to happen. I mean it had that I thought this is the out of that they needed. This to me I think get a bit absurd if they think with quotes. That was 36 and called this lets us fixed rate six it was a relief. It would if you watchers are and I know you did you watch your you can tale this is not she's not eat right and she's in the I see is that in shape he's he's an. Croatia now want. But law school year for his support killed sake not so fast. My free the it has scored that last goal for France. Nineteen years old he is born in 1998. I mean if lists of Croatia Tuesday in wins this next hole the it'd. It would be amazing if they cut back when I and that I went and I'm pretty sure Croatia's been down in every game they've been not as bad like this but damn I'm pretty sure they were down one enough they almost every game they played in this stereos like in entertaining Mets analysts say that. This is as well as much as they. A couple minutes ago for one match can be entertaining this big bills and they price is going I think it. Come off about the licences incidents at best and ask that. I have an up here in this day and aids is really. A challenge especially in entertainment to see adult being adult. It jittery rarely has now soared it is bad for us. And what we do that it happened but I was I was very impressed by two people should be that they would act as a deal. If you hit the show put the news today be it the show would run the show you me. Sixteen. Book written. Broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios. Fortitude France's leading Croatian. In the World Cup final. Just under said he in its own fans. And then no big kill him as. Won Wimbledon. This morning. I am. Let us all this Saturday I thought this this is going to be Jews right I thought this was going to be something. They disconnect here he has. You know we celebrate. At every year. At the end of the week of football season we celebrate all of these that was able helpless based on these. And I thought for sure this is gonna give a speaker tonight. Between there was a deal seen in in Randy Moss again and Ed. Not gotten into it that Randy. Edges that exhibition that every time he felt like every. That's Shannon spoke about Randy Moss and public. It was always at. So rain the you know came out and a bit early shots it is shared it which is you know the group. Social media it was like H enemy and he had an issue with. Thank you have a problem with. And I thought a mobile. This investigated eight. Presume it. Would say he's enjoys. Her speech at the bipolar. That gave us two weeks days. Beckett did and that was that that canceled meeting so many chemicals that it was fantastic they started going that. Weeks ago it was quite. And out Tila Tequila Michael Irvin is still blowing that Michael orbit continuing to push it. In my opinion this had the vacancy and a shark. A fantastic. Soccer Randy Moss one of the most country people I've ever run into in my life and I here's. And has done that element to hide in his recent television career go watch ray and you Obama. What does it do they handle this thing like Ethel Shannon. Got his contact information call Lima. And they sit down at a talk like adults. And figured out what the issue was and I'm pretty sure it had a beach in its stand and amp B and a man and apologize. He was handling being. And both of the big amounts that we. We had a good conversation. There was a misunderstanding and miscommunication. Of things end the conflict was loss and they handle like it. I'm pit stop for us and what we do because this that it given us two weeks of continent. But. Is impressive to see two min who I would never. Would have handled this this way. Actually handled this like adults and do things now adults rather than in other ways we've seen people that the I mean Steve she seems messages and inject himself into this and just audience and start back up yeah and just what people side. Yeah. Come back in like a and Ravi Euro all the claim a first ballot hall of Famer that's where it's coming from she and in his society that it took him three trips the going to be a L sandy. CNN is insulted because. He believes rather startling is the best receiver of all time and even startling knows that he's not Baird and you read it yet it's passable the. And it's easy to make the case for Andy because Andy is probably the greatest wide receiver I've never seen Soledad challenges that these injuries there rights slow. I mean on. He's the best received. I'm not a numbers person but when you triple the fielded every single category. Even with those trades and parades that he he still he is. I junior only surprise. In 2000 AT. Weird this is a day where people don't act like adults all the time. And Ed be frank with you we don't want to because it's better for. But this one was impressed that I'm telling. The Shannon Sharpe I know is that the Spanish are by no the eagle gets on the phone calls people expressed. But the and that was that was actually impressed. And I think when it comes down to for me is Shannon is also being inspired by LeBron James. Every since he's become such a fan of LeBron I think that that inspiration. If he handled that the wave LeBron. And he has a race is WW LB. Well LeBron and LeBron slug him like that that the question. Of. It is that time didn't show. Stockpiles. I. Cash stock. You. The cavaliers first reported signing since LeBron James announced he'll be joined the lakers is that Cheney for a for the Associated Press he'll be getting the 2.4 million veterans minimum deal. Proud as a member of the cast from Tony sixteen when they won their first championship until a trade and the lakers in February. Fiat 35 year old responded that the trade with jokes because as someone photo shopped. A big and they're out of him where the LeBron James van used to be. And now Cleveland is now via Channing Frye it and about tax. I tell you and I think Shannon was his three point shooting in his awful ability to defend anyone. I think he's going to really fit in perfectly with them losing. Sixty games. They said they should be really terrific and if Kevin Love and get out of there. Well more power to. Buying Jeff. Green is he still going to be a matter us but naked while he's out he's sound assay data you can easily after seventeen game. Averaged double figures let's. What do you think Taylor sees himself as the one here. Well it believable but even Kevin owned the team right now jailer. Ecstasy himself and envision himself as the as these skaters. What's Tyrone Lou them. Let's quit now. Everything about him says I'd love to be insisted no way. The Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander and paid up and are expecting their first child. While announcements came on Saturday she simply simply captioned her post pregnant in Miami. Whose president mine Qaeda. And just in early. Look at him. Good for just. Good for just I think it'll change his life. I think Justin. Justin's already haven't Renaissance here lately. This is a guy know when is saying anything about steroids but he just all of us that picked up. A few miles an hour up on his fastball the last three years this how to change his life. I didn't mean geez it's legal courtside like just threw it out of hands on him. But congratulations to them. Belgium's red debt levels Debra how in the World Cup's bronze medal after 20 victory they get medals. They get levels I guess. Are maybe it's just say figure of speech and it's like a bronze. Strip it of runs for the SP is. Above teams are aiming higher in the tournament after progressing further than most expected however this third. Position is still Belgium's best result ever World Cup. Well they should be happy right where they have like belt I don't mind about my never watched it one. Listen they have. Releases. Its fallen apart a bit here they got a little time. Just about to hit the 83 minute mark and they are still trailing 42. To France France is trying to hang on. I don't think about. I know they were supposedly did and it it it did it feel like when a lot of these themes sort of fallen by the waist. And rushes defeating people. That you thought had it sees what term would Spain went down than you thought they might have a chance to. And make it through you know. Good place right. Up there. A swing used to it means. That they. 10 yeah. I want to talk about do you think I feel like exude the first episode. For Kobe Bryant the tail is going to be. The pick and roll between his orders that. It. That deep and he's just going to be brutal death that he broke as he was breaking down his brain and every playoff or the first images would be. This strategy. At the pick and roll between her so I told her to. Yeah I think. Coming up let's Watson said that this sweeping the nation and the project real famous Philly takes 69306. Fixed in what you watched. Show would run this. You can leave. Probably MVP addicting TV and coups don't you fix these Sports Radio. Indeed but it's chilly Pettway touched down at Super Bowl my first class plane. Watch him bark orders. I'd like a remake movies example. I'm not superstitious but. Triple and I think that. And web site up. It works and missed games what a rather be feared or loved. People. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. What's it. Sponsored. Absolutely no one's someone good stepped up. Pet project real name is politics lines 69306. Sticks in what you once in Netflix Hulu Amazon. Network TV Sunday night's big TV that whatever it is you want. Texted on in. And as we always do listed tradition here on the shows. From rules. Are excellent in goat man a force slides in without a lot seeing EE they've reviewed at night it's true. We do this right next it's. So. And. I mean yes it gave. The extreme rules that even that come out Croatia gross and may defeat. I hope they. I don't think people expect AJ styles should be at peace they've reviewed Bobby Leslie and and Roman reigns as the making of being in her wrist and her receipt. Beyond the country get I get repaid their view now Debbie says he network. Since its inception and of first up level of their first eight team and potatoes you pay back and it paid you yet it is they do get old school stuff. But this NBA. Is that the that the lord. This that the best and I'm looking forward to votes. Is the thirty men and iron in minutes with. A Seth Rollins and dolls that some reason I'm a big deal and I think the reason is because his nickname is show off. It's. That I'm I'm I'm ram ready. I mean. 62 old age a certain AD like member re watching the X. Third is the Eagles re watching these these lots I don't know Dix. God I don't know why you really watch Dexter Dexter is a show that I watched. Since its inception now means a longer on its over now but Dexter went downhill. Fast like the first three seasons at Dexter are pretty solid. I'm all. Of what you want them and then you know obviously god Dexter Dexter was okay like the first three seasons were really good. And then it just got an absurd and ridiculous site. And and it just wasn't very good the final few seasons so it's not a show I've read watch like it's not so is it like the Walking Dead. Eyes not that bad the Walking Dead news. Guard is trash. And I don't know why anyone watch and I still like. Is this bill does that. But if it bit a bit but I don't know why anyone would be blood I wouldn't guys who I would genuinely never recommended to any. This is what's what's. Sixty in that particular game is fluid it's the well I. Cancers but then a senator certainly. Unseen by Jack horse. Not for news looted there's. Donnie Netflix I've heard it's very fun visit. Okay it's it's a comedy out that I gets carded. But. Just the we've seen that a lot. Somebody said that that it. Dig DVR every episode of the joy of painting but runs it at the pro runs. How it's always please keep it created that is why he's and it's used phones Internet well but these days like these. It'd bill Nye the science and really surprised with all day and it. I don't. He's look like the long nights knights. I've dropped. We build nine. I guess it the last night for me sit in which was. Started to aid there's no sports on the restart lots slid in a couple of episodes of clear. Oddly they're coming here we've really into. They're coming years and again and we knew we're getting. Yeah we will welcome that because I do love him as well as well as strong for me it's good I'll watch the episode with the Mir last night. Really ultima. And now want us on ice. Was that guy who was lying about graduating cum off here and he he was fans you know he reminded me of myself is that because he. Really can't just analyze. It like that that he was noncommittal to the lines which is where he really went you have to convince obviously inference. Brain. Is just won the 2018. While. That in its eighth ranked kids. See. Back to square around the best part about it. The episode was. His mom. Or a split second for a guy actually was a television it was ready to lay up now. When he finally gave clean about this heated seat gain dead in the acidity control and stop their so. And round cylinders and I went predicts this season four is the best season France after the game was season Gordon would John looked down. And to ask Nazis pretty I forgot about that these. You slide your city the trinity killer Yancy is solid. I guess after season Coleman and went on that three well went down now. Ages I mean it's like we Swedes who is solid the first couple of seasons and then it just got ridiculous. I stopped watching that China green and my dad. Oh but I love mean it was really got the first few seasons got a certain things that continue to watch. So living in seven the 816 watched quietly theory that it's. I've heard that is really I seen its atmosphere I don't know you. It feels like scary it is. But I see color art. X es Sydney deceit in Manhattan on movies lately the last and I would lose those groups to see and and I UC. And the drastic hard. And it makes his boat a boom. This. It's just I don't know what's. There. Who now I've allied sharp objects on HBO all I was afraid and a gap was the first episode last week. Is really. I'm not really really you know it is really interesting tonight's episode to hopefully it's as good as the first as are not so I started as I've watched it on HBO watch says its its stance. Is not about after watching the lines what I'll watch the success because you know the experience this in my Sunday night. And I think it's fitting end he's. Nominee online. And it was it. Does the savings came out and there's so I was like I'm disappointed in my. The problem is that out because the drugs lots. Were. Like not not an expert what that element and launched on network down below there there were. Wild but the but the grounds. The same us things that went awards now in light you on HBO. You did I'll watch HBO but I just named two things so literally affair. Successive that I want to come all of those and a it. It. Pilot did it I win a lot of fun today. Burns coming up next the Rula those. Looked at evidence that the bullets. Ground.