07/14 9a - Royals, Mayweather v McGregor, Remedial Sports, Debut Segment

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Friday, July 14th

Royals storylines, Mayweather v McGregor hype after one week, Remedial Sports plus we debut a new segment 


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That's going to work now Mike welcome Bob best of just regular producers Steven Specter. To date more here in just a moments as we had a bond. Every Friday now 830 date more world film and you'll join the show it's what he had to say about. Ronald modesty junior and maximizing the return on grades here in just a minute. But we've been discussing the royal story lines as we headed into the second half of the season after the all star break. And two of the biggest surprises in 2017 have been Jason Vargas and might we stock it. You guys in knew where they mean they were good they were good but both coming off of injuries pretty major surgeries that go along with those injuries. And yet Jason Vargas with an all star performance one of the best pitchers in baseball and of course like we stock is with 25 home runs on pace. To shattered although he's record I don't think we've talked enough about Jason Vargas and certainly he was on the national stage Tuesday night and they barely talked about it yeah. I remember what was going on time but I was I was trying to indict breathe deep and say. Don't demand document Vargas others like through like battered half before they even in Dallas he was on the mound yet. He probably could have started the all star game I mean his numbers award to him starting the all star game on Tuesday night. The thing about that and that twelve wins a 262 ERA I know we decide to strike out numbers of sale to think was the glossy part of making that decision. This guy could've and would've. Deserved a start in the all star Amy said that good a season and were kind of is all gifts is Vargas then yeah I mean he has been outstanding. And I think one of the things were also overlooking his two with a three all star starters if you will that we had an in my Woodstock is Jason Vargas in Salvador Perot is. Two of those guys are coming off a season ending surgeries from last year and shut down their entire year okayed Vargas was up pretty much. You know an entire calendar year with the fact that he had that Tommy John surgery and those two guys. That really you know what part of the team last year. Are coming back in a big way this year for the Kansas City Royals we talked earlier about how good the bowl the bullpen has been would boil it where would they be without him. Where this rotation be right now without Jason Vargas mean this guy's been nothing short of outstanding Santa big tip of the cap to the royal staff who. Started in a couple times last year that's exactly right and going. On why bother when we're well. I sit at the toxicity is that this is good laid the ground work for him getting off to a fast start this year by just making a couple of a starts towards the tail end of last season feeling good about it. Going into the offseason and look at the way he's he's jumped out of he's been outstanding he had had even talked about it one of -- shows of the year last year to match how Vargas getting in there and and performing was one of the key things this season going forward in new you know you give him. In that realm of bill we need to do and as opposed to wondering you need to do what he knew he finished the season it's fine and ready to rock and roll let's do this thing. There was no thinking about it all offseason and and he's done nothing short of AJ at a Cy Young level so far this season for the. A sense them knowing you can do it because it's not just the injury it's also you haven't done for so yeah that's true like man I go out there owner what's at stake it's gonna go all yeah I think it's gonna be fine but when you actually get that opportunity is stand on the mound and throw the ball running team gives you that our. I can still do this it's not forget over the last years so how to pitch India starter in this league. Vargas has been fantastic as has moves in the their success. Is so important to the royals going forward in the second half this season that both those surprises continue to be. Really pleasant surprises for the royals. In the sense that they're playing so well having career years coming off venture while that it has to turn into. Not being a surprise to being the guilt and yeah. Has the mood of that category right for the remainder of the year for. For the end of the royals to do to got to maximize what these guys are doing to make the post season hell yeah yeah yeah so I think martz has to be the this is the nor I we embark patrols out there on the mound you know you're going to win their baseball game. We were joined by Dayton Moore general manager added that the royals earlier here at 830 if you didn't hear it you can catch the entire interview at 610 sports dock comma. But. Dayton said something a few things are really interest and one of them was about maximizing the return after the 2015 season and when the royals on the World Series. It's something we'll make rules for. If it would do them maximize. The the Hal. Won't definitely hurt. What are corporations that haunted him with a after the 2015. Feet. We will look at exactly what he had two years left to control. And ill and so. There's general managers and crawl this is baseball operations department itself. A very has. Been great impact now required if that's the murder effort to what we did the 2015. It. And trade could go on court that would trade group then so. Is simply not in the war bill watts in today's game you did several years ago. But you know knowing full well who would have little for people over for responsive and they give up the type of how he did. Certainly doesn't. You know all of the curve. The state more earlier today right here on sixth and Sports Radio you can hear the entire interview assistance or stock common. Maximizing the return would have been yeah let's get rid of these guys rafter win their at their highest value right quickly past the rules are trying to do there trying to win. World Series is that yes yeah yes Toyota Volvo and carrying pitchforks and flaming away easy if you're maximizing and half of their arrows are the right there but he makes a point if we were really worried about that right we have done you could've done that you're getting it's it's kind of like the old you drive the car up a lot from the value starts ago did it right. That's kind of where they're at now right I'm. Reading into what he's saying is that if there really are thinking about that that was fifteen we didn't do it Dan. Like why do we do now. Now right exactly and in thought of really was a fascinating interview with Dayton Moore that he he basically just addressed everything that everybody's talking about right now and and it brought up Roman SE yeah it and you know yeah. Don't like skis yeah. Applies here is tuned in because he's right. I mean that's what people think like. You're not gonna get a hole in return form of stock as of Hosmer and in Cain and whoever else has an expiring contract right now it just doesn't happen and and I like the fact that he he mentioned Quaid his way to instill breast. And said that wasn't the norm and that's not the norm in baseball now was the normal we all grown up used to see those big time blockbuster deals all the time at the trade deadline we had his rent a player you need them so much for a player. He just don't see it that much anymore Major League Baseball because they think. Major League Baseball front offices have realizing dates added a few times. It's a business too I mean we got to maximize. Our guys we got to maximize our payroll we've got to find ways to you know save money and win baseball games back in the day nobody care is salaries were where they are right now needn't have all that kind of stuff to worry about. But you do have that financial side of things to worry about sometimes teams are willing to take on contracts and sometimes teams or willing to give up a lot. To get money in return and I do like what he said about the farm system as well that the date that were complaining that we don't have enough guys to trade. Is the day you need to be worried about the farm system don't be complaining and and worried we're gonna trade guys because that means were in a good spot it and feels like they've got enough guys they need to pull off a blockbuster he thinks they have enough. Quantity of guys to do that. We've got more things to discuss from Dayton Moore will do that at 945. Here on six and Sports Radio. But the biggest fight of all time. It just had even more gas from the fire. Hear why next. Colin McGregor yeah it whether in the middle of what it's been an amazing moral sewer I mean every part of this thing has been fantastic. They never as much energy yesterday in the third straight press conference in three days months now isn't it about this it's a world tour and they have to go to schedules of the fighters they have to go to training Mike. There's so many things that maybe five press conferences was too much bullets and not. It over five weeks it feels like their burgers they're kind of X old expo mean what's the word important forks bounding exposing. Real or not looking for expects balsam some this year and there there should there in there shoot their queries and the other shoe at their old chamber right away Bryant yeah instead of just kind of liked. Taking time and wait for that every track street period and everybody needs the kind of going full speed ahead in its final losing some steam. Spending expect it that's when. Is it bigger ad. And I'll tell you on the spot but for the schedule of fighters that works out the best and knock all these out as quickly as possible so they can get into fighting shape and make sure they're training correctly trained not to go off. Traveling when they're trying to get ready for it. So I understand it just feels like a little bit much that's said. It is created a lot of amazing contents across the board for sports media and really any sports fan around at Dana White yesterday. Drop probably the biggest line of anybody. When we travelers through the figures. My yeah those all it is yeah. The first stop for. Well once. Things. You. And this this this morning. Apple licenses. Like the whole world is watching what a person. I mean Dana White might sound like he's overstating right there but he's not coming years we didn't see anything like this for Pacquiao Mayweather potter McGregor. Has given boxing they shot of adrenaline is wanted for years they've been waiting for somebody like Connor McGregor and how amazing is it that McGregor is like a boxer. Mixed martial artist trying to box. And now he's treating more height in any boxer has for a long time I disagree to an extent because I think it's the combination of bowl because of McGregor was fighting you were me. Nobody would care he's fighting one of the best of all time in Floyd Mayweather in an event where he's never fought before cell. I think the combination. Of both of them I think the combination of having Floyd Mayweather. And Connor McGregor one of the biggest names of boxing him probably the biggest name from the USC. Together. I think that's what ads of it was just kind of McGregor boxing and Peter McNeeley. That creates the same buzz I think I think this is the optics the war of everything that's said it McGregor didn't have the skills that he has on the microphone. I think this is much smaller McGregor skills on the microphone I've changed the entire dynamic of this fight because when it first came. It was first announced. The initial reaction from a lot of people was well. Who cares I've no I have no interest in this fight McGregor Mayweather it's a boxing match Mayweather is gonna win a total waste of everybody's time. But after you start to hear the press conferences and you hear the way to McGregor has been roasting and Floyd Mayweather. It has to at a lot of injuries. Smooth. Okay. And he led. A. Yeah right yeah. It is not bad. And image. I there's in my locker McGregor yeah. I think the vast underdog I think as the great way to play it scores searcher to archer may have not played Floyd Mayweather cut yet and I pressed up I don't know that I. So that's the first and personally a couple of solid one world is so we actually can he play off our press conference press conference press coverage of back to back to back days like the AU champions now I do in the first one was and I knew it was a world tour I didn't realize that they were. All always rise all week long hair and light it's crazy it is that I know another went to de young London that belief is London today. I believe real or they do in London on Monday he had given a breather for coming days I had to be OK maybe headed off maybe maybe next week. Still because what do you do that the that the weeks leading up to the fight you know what we got gas that's gonna be Twitter. IR. And a you know one of the guys it's. This show at training video and he mouth off for on thing I mean it's are gonna have the the effect that this has pressured this is this has been I think great momentum I think it has been great momentum but you don't wanna kill that momentum because this fight's not for six weeks okay no you don't wanna kill that momentum. When the fight is getting it because as a people are gonna start buying and it's summer people are on vacation and they're going away doable thing I did this and I mean I know you can do it the week of the repeatedly dove would you be. What can now money tomorrow night white kid to do with a week like you to do with the weekend and get those guys think because they are still supposed to be fighting in a match like there is a lot there's always liked it goes on every understand if you had this guy Arnold believe this media tell that to the day you're gonna. By the fight. This of reaper yeah likely leading up to. Sell you gotta save some there will be some for the weak enough daylight this fight now I think you can like see you could have. You orders Aaliyah Dana White along with the money team in the USC empire McGregor I mean. People involved in this bitter brilliance. Promoters on both sides Floyd's people are amazing and it Gregor people armies Nana and you McGregor on the Mike in it's just it blows up so. Something will happen I don't know it's exactly but something will happen close to fight time that nobody really sees coming and you'll find a way to elevate this thing where everyone's gonna buy I know what it is John king's gonna get involved. Don king's involvement you've got to be right I mean he's the greatest promoter of all time he's the only one not involved and is today the missing link the -- I mean I could see Don came rolling it would to American flags waving them get excited and whatnot I think dunking gets involved will face value for tickets this fight have been released its 500 dollars for the cheapest ticket and then you go up higher and higher higher all the way to 101000 dollars to be willing to spend to get into this fight 15100 you would spend if I I by the 15100 dollar tickets maybe even when he 500 if I felt you really good about it but I think it fifteen hunting you think the 101000 dollars or what the first three rows may be the sort of like that like first five maybe when their right in front of the you're right ringside basically I bet that's the tense hour in lens with fifteen dollars and keep you would probably be in about an idea that it be a high I could. You live with that. I would be there policy that thing that obese weeks getting a better seat at home for a hundred bucks. You know when he there 500 dollar being in Vegas. At the fight. And then everything that leads up to the fight everything that happens after the fight that's an experience. That's true that's what you're paying for it's not just. To actually watch the fight itself it is an amazing experience going to this what is shaping up to be probably the biggest fight of all time it is it was originally. Projected it hit just over 600 million dollars which would fall. Roughly short by about thirty million dollars to the Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather fight. Now. I'd be willing to bet it's going to be bigger. Josh what would you be willing to expect to get in via ground man Kenji I don't know but just like just say it is a once in a lifetime dealer was given news that your the check book how would what do you think you would be I had wanna be ringside and I was you I would land I would I wouldn't spend money. And I would want I don't think had just one ago like like lot like ads wanna go and be their pace. 500 dollars and up top ever I don't think I wanna do that I I I think the more I look at like the 2500 dollar range is probably. Where I would go when I wouldn't spend that I think that would ultimately spend the 500 if I ask Miguel it's been because I think that's a lot but. I mean what were 4500 dollars or 3500 dollars gets you to get the start looking at that too in seeing what those of. Rangers are were those seats are going to be now obviously the major over BearingPoint most people may human they try to prove who the fight is that well. Mayweather is probably going to win by large margins went on the scorecard is not gonna knock him out but. Nobody really gives Connor McGregor much of a chance. That's what I start to wonder car McGregor actually has a chance the second that everybody around doesn't give you a chance that's when he can happen after it goes to score card give anybody a chance again after what an impact now. Yeah do. Yeah the other out at me he just got that the decision I'm not saying that you know there wouldn't be sucked and what if you happen not what if you had hung jury. And you have a rematch sure that's they're gonna try to do something to facilitate a rematch because the hype it's cubic team I mean but this ticket for the second or. Depends on what happens in the first he had no let's say Gregor finds a way to win. Right like. Well he wisely and his decision goes to Floyd Mayweather and yeah like if everybody in the country everybody in the world sees the fight says potter Macgregor just beat the hell out of Floyd Mayweather. And the judges say Mayweather wins then you're going to have a huge rematch in the annual have Macgregor because he is so skill on the microphone. We basically promoted as. I'm going to knock him out. This is not leave boxing Floyd Mayweather this mean knocking Floyd Mayweather out because that's all I have to do it that's what I'm gonna go out and and knock him out cold like that will be. Been aired it going forward if Mayweather wins on the scorecard because right now it's always got to go yet 49 Awad the right that's his that's his monster right now if you lose the first one at the knockout module come for the second one. This could end up being one of the biggest spectacle we've ever seen and boxing and USC now first I thought this was just gonna help out boxing. It really helps save a little bit of boxing from from what it used to be. But. I think it's open everybody else do it so mutually beneficial for both sports it's gotten bigger than I thought it was going all it like already asked and whistles. Right away and it's too. It's already because there's a horse that came out Isaak and and the more I thought about like our list or fantasy draft let's Spotify into one big gainers and OK that sounds pretty good. Now all the hype leading up to it now if you're not watching this fight you're doing something wrong thing. The. And not too. Not favorable to do anymore. As long as these things about a McGregor keep coming people are going to keep watching they're going to be locked and it and it's going to get bigger you need to get the script writers a couple of days. Consider it who have introduced out all right. To play a game are you Smart than the sixth an employee. Remedial sports for fifty dollars. Fifteen dollars smoke as Barbara zoo we already ought to do to get that fifty dollars vocals barbecue is no. Very generic things about sports now I'm 1357676. Tenet it's remedial sports you play next. You. This remedial sports we're basically all you have to do. Is no anything generic about sports is that they are at. I'm intrigued to see what happens this week as last week we actually had a tiebreaker winner wow did did answer. Random question I came up with a on the fly about Leo who which she's the player. Former chief Blair was nick in the Nigerian nightmare of it's easy that is definitely scary word. That is correct so pursue aquae it was the answer got to correct and everything as we have to have a tiebreaker question now have yet. So there were some like where I didn't expect you to get them in the they did or expect of this one's easy in and totally flawed so it's a lot of fun and of course if you win is Jeff in Kansas City is our contestant if he wins he gets fifty dollars to smoke house barbecue so it's. Our spin off are you smarter than a fifth grader but it's really are you smarter than a 610 employee we have a panel of Susie from sales did till Brad. And the loads from the newsroom whose party home in his mom's basement as he leaves at nine so Bob but it was a little background on the. Wolves lol is the perfect nickname like if you're gonna find a nickname for somebody the nickname low since this guy perfectly tad overweight. Where's cargo shorts. Goes to comic time not that quick not fast not well capped just kind of like this law. You know he's the perfect that they miss him for him as low squelch what does did do Brad roughly do you wanna Saturday afternoon if you had to guess. Starts off by reading comic books and then probably just channeling and you know going through his is fantasy football simulator which. Actually kind of brilliant he sets is simulated fantasy football with him and his friends they simulated game seeking play all your although he doesn't know fantasy football is a seriously that's actually it's that he explained knowing how it's actually pretty incredible Johnson was killed eight to ten how angry is Susie typically. Ten. Well. I. Pan out this now. So that is our panel it is Susie from sales digital format and both from the newsroom will be competing against Jeff in Kansas City. Five medial sports questions at Geoff winds. He gets fifty dollars to smoke tells Barbara windows machine where his jet went when Jeff when you get that fifty dollars to smoke as barbecue you get to shoes. Either pursues its heels ran at or below. For each of the five questions of Jeff. Question number one who would like to go up against. Soon ten days ago ensues but it was in Susie all right Jeff how far away is the pitching mound. To home plate. Not a big. OK that is incorrect. Suzy did you get this correct about 140. Feet. Like. Correct answer is sixty feet six inches. Pitching mound to play. Now how Florida's from home plate to first base yet that's the Jeff count where Susan was come from I don't know we're going. I think I see he's God's problem because it first base to home plate and he bases but. We're equal with forty witnesses come up with anything buzzes on and that's a dull one like well. I don't know aren't. Just like you gotta deeply than me don't trying to rationalize it'll say owners are right Jeff you and the panel is tied at zero and one. Your second question who would you like to go up against. Low from the newsroom okay. What was the name of Kansas city's soccer team before they were sporting Kansas City. Adds a radical knows this one with Steve wolf yet I'm. You think we'll get I think I'll get it a comet. The wizards. All guys to October. Right there at her heart heavy volleys as the comets at the electricity is give that when it's death that's just right he got it all right Jeff in the panel tied at one Jeff would you like to go up against and question number three. Matches snappy. Ample controversy in this question how many scenes are on a baseball. To. View is correct speed to get that correct as well. Were tied the race yet your horse race with RRE Smart and sixth and employee panel question them before you go up against slow horse. Donkey. What you use. The best. In slow. Oca. If you're not playing man to man defense. What type of defense are you playing. Zone is correct closed zone yeah. OK okay I'll play at that come to play today. So we're tied at to appease the report questions the reviews have more questions. This is the final one champ who would you like to golf against. I don't. You Susie in news completely skipping digital interesting okay. It's. Probably. Fair enough. All right how many porters are pleading to college basketball. It open exporters but it. Right Suze. I think that you. Can stand pat me. But there's no quarters it's who have. We're deadlock it now for peace through five questions plus you have a tiebreaker question for Jeff against our panel. OK Jeff. George Brett started in forged great All Star Games who's the only other royal and history. To match that achievement. Or great. He won't objectively. Or it does Forster there's one other oil in the entire historic figure in the air and bears down too much Sosa's. What because he said he. On late. I'll say that that's as it's been mentioned along on this station has been mentioned a lot through media. We've talked about a lot lately flashed back to Tuesday bill war. Other player other than Georgia threatened royals history to start four straight balls to this question why. Oh. Yeah that's congratulations Jeff did the city. You're going to vocals barbecue with fifty dollars winning remedial sport sign away their questions. If you chosen digital Brad for the trick. College basketball question how many quarters are pleading college basketball no one ranked yeah. Trying to throw me you called brass or questions or by sea explorers. Means for some go for. And if a brat what with four quarters in college basketball knowing that you're. Trying to not pass yes correct where did you interview him idea to do it he was doing some home remodeling. You know hop. Add to go to digital Brad this week you did you leave his house of course I've gotten murdered oh dad used to be their early days and you say you like it just a ma dancers. Did you get murdered by diesel brow that's rats too nice a like for you to be thank you for a few days very little interest in seeing where Brad pointless ball. Like Brad idea till I just don't want disease als. I don't see many people's did you ask anybody what he was when he was Ramallah. I know I didn't. Probably is murdered engine. She sees god in me and uncalled for brightening. All right Specter edged of course as a surprise segment for us that he won't tell us about. Which means they guarantee it's gonna be in there and apps so it's either brilliant radio. Or train wreck radio strategy can go about your next. That's in the morning I'm Mike welcome Bob best coach just playing their producers Steven Specter. A rabbit things appear on a Friday and we will get through some of the things Dayton Moore discussed with us. At 830. Here we have some time because I mean there's still much we do another hour ago at pearl it'll be had 610s forced out if you didn't get it didn't list for the entire interview I mean like if you're out there and he gave you everything you wanted to know ever at all. And it was like fifteen minutes long because he is any debt Dolly kept giving more more information that I think a lot of world stands really wanted to know so we'll get to some of the here. Towards the end of the show but. If you wanna catch the whole thing and if you're royals fan trust me you do at the podcast page six and sports dot com. Right now spec has what he call they surprised segment for us which makes me incredibly nervous but I'm curious as well. Your team absolutely. Sucked. Her huge. Shocked some from Maryville to Parsons yes I enjoyed covered Kansas football from wounds due to Salina more is Peters the AFC defensive player of the ridiculous things well. Every one agreed. The bed with this one just beat up dog and both Dodd and grab Don it's been a dumb ass critique of the. I'm living my point once again I could be an answer. Only knows I'm a double. Yeah our bracket are terrible thing. In the all been done ask me illusion video this is awesome. We have Bob ask why all the way the all I am betting the islanders have 83 dies between now and opening day. That's the only reason I'm taking the under. On the camera ratings is that Andy Reid dies that's the only because I believe and be that much is a coach in the regular season. That he's gonna get these guys that ten wins and the defense is so well and good. That they're gonna stop everybody so from any means short re dying. This team is going to be over that nine and a half until I just told Boston about how doubled down a dialogue that go. Larry I. Talking about them she's been so compelling because you could see a number of things happen and won a lot of close games last year. As I wouldn't be too shocked if they end up going like 88 something like that and that Ford this team and would be I think the floor that's Curtis goes or less in Erie dies they're not winning less than ten game. Injured Alex men. And a entered the defense. Sort of Andy Rooney dying during the NFL season it's easel and more than nine games yes Oca. Okay marketed for Colbert January they'll take you to do they want to east should pay day advance. What I that's a dark and depressing day like. This. Short of him dying Hubert. I'm telling you that's how much confidence I had. Like this is a damn good football team it is good if all three guys then they lose less than ten game this football teams falter all the time the Carolina Panthers last year were a good football team and they fell apart and are there any good football teams not just slowly we're like handy though look like they lost loot weekly last year that really hurt their defense at all for the chiefs of lost Eric Johnson they've lost and they lose somebody in Gibraltar morals then did they could end up losing some games whom they lost air period when he fourteen. Right after that raiders game means of the chiefs were on pace to go to the play they also lost Derek Johnson and if he plays that raider game they win that raider game negated the playoffs there's a lot of different variables that came in that season but that's that was a good teammate Jamaal Charles was on fire and when he fourteen. Justin Houston. Shattered records and 4014. You add to the best individual performers in the NFL that you're still missed the violence because you'll see a couple of back are taking the old idea of picking the over what are you take this is about taking the over the under this there they're handy things that happened to take a size of grand jury aside from your head company saw hi guys I mean. I mean this is too cool good. They're too he. To ID eight how quarterbacks we go from last year a lot. There are a lot of corners how good offensive linemen did we roll through last ten that was a revolving door but you also kept a healthy Chris Jones helped played wide receiver Eddie healthy markets Peters sure. In wide receiver was at that they didn't. Of the chiefs' starting go to wide receiver anywhere Travis Kelsey is the top pass catcher by a large margin. Well over a thousand yards last year nobody else even really coming cool who'll be who do you think. Is the V one guy. Player wives that would cripple this season if we'd lost in injury. On only one guy don't just want to one guy I don't think it would be one guy. Two great question is there one got taking cripple the team could argue Peters that's the first name became the mind I also thought Eric Berry because of the emotional leadership in the vocal leader N and everybody looks to him. I think barrier Peters would be huge loss beat swords and you guys the other guy is so. Part hurdler that are a lot rob Parker her buried yet. Source it would be the one thing it would make me feel better about it so I guess. As much as you would miss Eric Berry you can't lose Marcus Peters because. You're already relying on Terrence Mitchell as a number two a guy that just then it just came on last season and was unemployed for a large portions when he sixteen. What does number two quarter but slide them over to number one would be rough so yeah markets Peters would be the one guy who'd be crippling loss. And maybe Tyreke kill. I think as I think about it's like Tyree hill and what he brings you on offense and special teams from a dynamic playmakers to employer that would cripple what the offense can do. So those two guys you lose one of those two guys. I conceded that cost in achieves wins. You can go back to last year I can run through this guy's like a run through the games and I could probably take at least two if not three games won by Tyreke. So he goes down it's a massive loss there. I still think Sharon and he died instantly game. So that's so what's a segment called spec. I idiot that dumb ass take of the ducks take of the week. That's that's going to be good times and X satellite is very long term that's had media tell us you were doing this this is good. I wanted to reconcile. Yeah I. Earlier. He gets the entire interview with six cents forced comma but. One of the biggest things he discussed that we didn't we were all I'm wondering throughout the last few weeks about Ronald Odyssey junior and if he could potentially be a trade piece. They more answer that question. I don't feel threatened world boxing. And what it's something that it's completely bored with the way this sort won't help it's now for the future whether it's you know it's been no order because. You gotta deal with such ball. Up the middle there have what of the metal and certainly is doing that work don't have a truer to eat in cook or I. And watched them we moved in court what that often find that and a half what really helped the quarters and provide you. But that fit the bill that help. A win championships in which which we passed. At the possible move will be blue glow quickly and we have today it will you know and I suspect we'll we'll be here and hopefully someone in September. No aspirations date more there now there he's that would be it to meet in less like he said the royals got some kind of king's ransom for Raul Mondesi junior just something unbelievable that helps you right now in in the future. Trading while Muncie Jeter will be a panic move I I like the fact because we're not treating your alma besieged. Unless we get blown away by some kind of embodies technically a male sure somebody's gonna come to you with the absurd trade you have to take it so that's why absolutely police say never but. I I think titles to his two separate. Part saga that Fella just donors I don't see a strain Rahman is right however. Our most were really blown right. It happens from time yeah I'm I'm sure in baseball where you think. There's no way we can get back guy and then suddenly the phone rings is general manager on the other side of the line he says wanna do is true ally utilized to give his mom to see it will give you Ariana and cantata back in return like okay bad exactly it's one of those things split. Another interest in discussion from Dayton Moore was. Really it's the way they focus on things when it comes to trade. Keep in mind and not all of the summit of all you watch somebody be so concerned about what we're giving. You know one of the deferred deal with a lawyer or their future. Is if so is that is what you could get it over the whole. To make an impact the poorest in the position the World Series I'm more focused on what will get access to civil war we didn't because. I hooked one goal for a truck through their differences so I trusted with the coal lobby Richardson out short of all of our managers coaches. Everything we do important though. Always come up with another quarter it's good job so yes. I'm was possible for them and I achieved what are you hopeful that we didn't do but I and that's what I twelfth start if he built. An interest in takes and they re Lawrence earlier today here on six cents force radio because it makes a lot of sense it and what you're getting back is what you're moving forward with if you're comfortable with that The Who cares we're getting away from any away from and I liked the fact that the underlying message in everything that he said his. We're focused on winning the big league level I can't be worried about prospects or giving away if we're getting somebody back in return. That's going to help us win right now and that's what you have to be focused on because tomorrow isn't promised to anybody including general managers in Major League Baseball so. He's got to focus on this group right now and it we've got guys. In our minor league system that we can use to get his Major League players and were gonna do that I I always thought Walt jockey when he was the GM of the St. Louis Cardinals for all those years. Did an amazing job with that I think the Yankees have done a very good job of treating minor league guys were proven major leaguers. And those guys you never hear from again look at those organizations that do trade those minor league guys hardly ever do you hear from those guys making huge impact of the big league level the royals included I mean what they gave up for so bursting quite well. Those guys are really doing anything that you did you you need right now here at the big league level so is there to make themselves better at the big league level Dayton Moore is not gonna hesitate to trade one of these players. You wanna hear the entire interview with Dayton Moore had a 610 sports dot com all so if you wanna Hughes see our list of the worst person in the office. Had a six fans force dot com as well they can big with the day shift in two minutes.