07/14 - 5pm - The Hits, Mazel Tov Heis!

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Friday, July 14th

We bring you the biggest stories in Kansas City in The Hits & this is the last show before Heisler returns from his honeymoon, we celebrate it the only way we know how. 


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I'm still bruised and more plus a power drain lifetime warranty only M nine margin belt and let myself and bill that has lowered prices on every single round draw from regular head different cast every random drug is on sale -- always have power train lifetime warranty no mileage restrictions never expires July 21 will be the last day of this huge dram sales so hurry and now let myself dodge Chrysler Jeep brand the home of where else pricing and go home of the summer rams sale only in Belton summer clearance event after all rebates plus crazy you have Vijay. Electric police studio. What we know is royals pitcher and a tally polices heading to the fraternity list the El Monte will take his spot in the hand sporting KC announcing today that they will host the San Jose earthquakes in the US open cup semi finals. August 9 at 7:30 PM will be the date of that match and finally Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Michael Floyd has been suspended for the first four games of the upcoming regular season. For Riley the NFL's. Substance abuse policy I'm Jason cats that's what we know now let's get back to show. Congratulations again that you're not a five congratulations on getting through your work we definitely a different week the last week is many of us. Had a shortly because the fourth of July but this week everybody back from vacation and everybody is driving well except Iceland is celebrating his honeymoon congratulations to him. We will pay tribute deisler anyway that only the drive can do to in the show today so no ask us anything. But fun showed dates at the podcast page. Six in sports that count also want I'd soon as you can grab. The pied chance if that's how you listen again thank you so much listening as a drive Cairns in brand Jason canceled down for the final day until iso. Returns Allman they'll be back on money can't wait to see him and wanna find out about his he's gonna be some birdies very fares you probably still not agree I've never been around highs in the sun been involved in him not. These sunburn and we got a little bit of the analog it's not surprising Mort this yet but tomorrow. I'll be out with bird during his pregame show fortify yeah. You can throw a lot of balloons at media for one hour. Not an hour and fifteen minutes. I'm gonna be on time and I'm even on time I got to like a well man baseball team on out there either her or. Third baseman pitches plays third throws eighty so. He's gonna well I mean what if he's not network on Monday because these dislocated shoulder but he is on the water balloons at me while dobbs kid I've. I feel bad for your team on Monday night is you giggle a lot of things to get into in today's it's. These of the biggest stories of the day game city I've been waiting for that moment all my life. We talk about them every day and filed. Hit number one the top story of the day in sports. The Boston Red Sox have DF eight Pablo scene of all they're willing to fifty million dollars is he second biggest. I guess DF say in the history of Major League Baseball oddity and Josh Hamilton's contract. Which I believe the angels are still paying rule and what was your reaction when you saw the Red Sox are willing to just go ahead and cut the court on Pablo Sandoval. A year and a half into a five year 95 million dollar contract dress that while. This my second thought was man about the royals got hot June because the Red Sox to be in the market for third baseman. And then you brought it to my attention seat you're looking beyond the trade deadline and it and and that gave me another wow what you said. You have what about free agency so now that freaks me out I mean I think the fact that the Red Sox were able to just eat fifty million bucks blows me away. Blows me away and I just let the royals got hot and now they're not gonna come after most of the trade deadline. I just look at it. For a couple of different respect those in number one it shows the financial disparity that exists in baseball not many teams can do with the Red Sox did today. I would say a not many teams sign players to contracts like the Red Sox there was never assign anybody to five years 95 million dollars or about eight if if they did they certainly wouldn't cut the court a year and a half into that contract. But a civil country has been bad for the Boston Red Sox. But only about five to six teams in Major League Baseball can say hey guys not doing things the doctors can do that the Red Sox can do that the Yankees can do that the Mets can do that. Not a lot of teams can just say I were gonna pay you fifty million dollars to not play on our team anymore. Ain't it does create a third base hole for the Boston Red Sox but I it's gonna not compete and not have a quality third baseman out there. Then if you're not worried about like whose stock is being traded at the also leverage the spur of the fire out on the Katrina meet. I'd be worried next offseason. At the winter meetings if I'm Boston and I know I need a power bat at third base there's one out there. Big does offer things became the CDC offer they could offer more money intensity can offer they could argue offer a bigger market than what Kansas City can offer. Boston is going to be a very serious player for the service is a micro stock. Yet really think this that I think about that that's what I hope and in this July hope happens is for for our sake for royals fans six for the royals is that. You know the royals errors in the Red Sox are gonna have to go after third baseman before the trade deadline they're gonna have to do there in first place in the east right now they're gonna have to do it and they will do it. I hope they get a guy that they can control for 345 years to analyze that would take about a most mark if that happened. Number sued today you are calling this moving day for the Kansas City Royals. I am. It's similar to do. Breeze like what movie days that's on the PGA to every Saturday you jockey for their spot. On the leaderboard put themselves in a position away I think the next ten games for the royals. Or just that it's similar to a moving day on the PGA tour on a Saturday they've got. Games against teams are losing right games against two bad teams in the division. And they go head to head start with the Texas Rangers but eighteen that's a game behind them in the chase for the second wildcard so. If they can win this series possibly sweep the Texas Rangers beat up on the tigers and White Sox. They can make a nice move potentially LeapFrog to Minnesota Twins and put it gets in space between them and Texas ranger. Iger did a 100% I look at it a little bit differently though. The American League right now is just so bunched up I don't know that separation can be treated in the next fourteen days after so many teams are bunched up over half the American League is four games or within four games of 500 either positively or negatively. And that doesn't include the Yankees it means an Astros are all leading their divisions of somebody so jumbled up. Is that going to be really solved in the next ten days probably not that I think is gonna be jumbled up that. The American League only has one of those dominant teams last year it was three or four teams that kind of got out to a big lead that trade they'll look at the royals. This is the separation stayed out of the north between answered in the next couple weeks that's separation probably crates so over the next month and as you get down the September. Then you know was legitimate about winning their division right now which is so jumbled up. I just open it at you know over the next ten days or two weeks. There's a decent chance that a couple of teams that think the buyers now. Turn into cellars and that's the case that's good for the royals because that means they can now acquire arms a little bit cheaper than they could right now. Number three. Daytime one of best coach in the morning today and he said they're not trading. Your guy around Mondesi unless they're blown away this is date more today on fast go in the morning. I don't its trade roll bar. In what is something that it's completely blown away that's sort won't help you now from mr. just that no because. You got to deal with as ball. Up the middle there have what off of level and for what we're doing that work at the tour it's seasoned crew for its. And who if we move and we'll put off. It was really help the players you can provide you a specific skill set help. A wooden championship team which which we pad. But the we'll move move move move oh polian and we have today wolf you know and I suspect we'll we'll be here and ultimate when did September. That was date more today on fast go in the morning the royals as they sit. They're not willing to trade their number one prospect unless they get a deal that blows away financially they're not at least in the market for a guy like the Gordon what do you think this team is going to do at the deadline with those restrictions. I think realistically they're gonna get a bullpen arm and a guy like Andy Garcia got we're talking about her I think they're gonna try to get a starter escaped eat innings doesn't cost a much they think they can fix. That's what thinks capitalists they get blown away with the dealers to trade role models. Get a bullpen arm and Andy Garcia type pitcher they can eat innings Torre in a ballpark doesn't give double and a home runs that's I think you'll probably get it do. Early gains gonna come away with a trade that you like wild what. They got Decourt Marcus drove it that's now. Seattle think they're making that kind of move I just look at you. If you look at this team right now on its holes and his efficiency now in the hits for today for gonna look at this team is deficiencies. It's time make Garcia the one that's giving you over the home. I'm Garcia this season is 27 with a 455. ERA. Now you can make an argument that Jose cantata the season is not. Lighting the world on fire east ornate with the 449. ERA. Most they can tonic every season up to this year has had a sub 75. ERA he is as much better pitcher than I mean Garcia though I'm not going to be dismayed by the one poor season. At least for Jose cantata. Last year I may Garcia wasn't really that good that I don't know if this year that bargain basement kind of deal. That date more special K let's get a guy's been struggling like Ryan Madson or guys like that analysts try to turn him into a jewel that can help us down the stretch. I don't know if you can do that in the sense with how competitive the American League is going to beat this team has a significant hole I would say the back in their rotation. Singing gotta go out there and you've got to be the most aggressive team of free agency but Garcia he's free. Unless he's one of those cash considerations that he named at a future date. Let's he's a player to be named later this cannot be your big move the big move this offseason if this team all in cannot behind me Garcia and another bullpen on that I've never heard before that's not enough to get you past the Cleveland Indians. With either or to be honest with you there if they feel like they got a trade row modesty and uncle that's due. You know David if they get enough for Mondesi on bond that you don't want to see is an absolute studded line. Point one years old yeah he struggled offensively. We saw that. They even Mitt admitted that they pushed it was someone is not struggled to its 41. It's gonna be great defender he's fast is that I switch hitter he can hit for power at ten home runs in triple a right now. It over 300 is going to be fine he's department right now and that's that's the thing within. But they like to get enough. And and and they get honesty and it got me club control whether it's a star or wherever I'd be fine with that. But again I think that the more realistic thing is a guy like tigers in the air on A Garcia excuse me. Well the reason I say that is because look at the number of innings he's pitched and he's made sixteen starts this year he's pitched 99 innings. Yes he's earned run averages four point five but not great but he's pitched 99 innings on any place for team that has been stating we're baseballs flying out. In Atlanta you pitched a 171 and two thirds innings the year before that 1292 thirds the year before that. The data can eat up innings and that's what you need right now if you start that eat up innings in and for the most part keep in games that save your pin down the stretch and I think we get. We caught up in talking about a starting pitchers just wasn't what he does as a starter. Man if the stark can get is six innings even if it's even if you're down 43. And that can save your pen for the next two to three days and there's tremendous value that and I would think that's the reason why this names float around out there because he's cheap. And he's an innings. I just look at it of that though overall deficiency that you hand in his this move good enough. I don't know timing Garcia is one of those kind of moves and at least wanna see him settle somewhere in the middle. I think yeah Gordon was a very lofty goal down to nine hitter. Guy's gonna make forty million dollars he's due 37 million dollars that preceded that they seized a got to pay the rest of this year salary so he's to around forty million dollars. I don't think they were taken on forty million dollars in payroll. I also want to aim a little bit higher than Heidi Garcia and I look at the deadline of if you had a spin V. And you are penetrate a prospect unless you absolutely wowed by an offer what the table to negotiate. Because the as a bring it something to the table to negotiate. The Astros with where there are likely bring it bring us some of that it's able to negotiate the Yankees we know they got the resource is always to negotiate embrace of at the table. What a biter or you going to be. Straight to the clearance section are you umbrellas in the other idols behind me Garcia. The broke an item that it is open box items he's the scratch refrigerator Nebraska furniture mart back. Picking up a guy who's two and seven with a 455. ERA. Press conference and tell me this is the peace to gauge in it this is what you gonna do if you're written pieces on that end of it. That's not the piece to get you over the did you get all the innings that you wall it. If you go up five runs in those innings budget that budget it's not enough you're good yeah it's to your team a chance to win so I look behind me Garcia is he aren't. Yeah. Should get a good or a decent all our art that you could feel compete. Cards Vick is a guy that can compete I you and I don't know if a guy like nick aren't gonna cost you your prospect. What he's capable long that you felt pretty confident about the not gonna be one or two would have good backing kind of star now. Guys might be washed flashier you know 467 ERA. This year yet the 455 you're right that this is not the peace that to get you above the Indian agree that she her collar fraud. Completely and I don't think anybody's gonna get super excited about high me Garcia if he's that it he's the only person the royals acquire. On at the deadline but the one thing you have to look at too we saw today I'll bring out Michael Pineda is. But the New York Yankees pitcher throws a million miles an hour done for the season that Tommy John detours you CO right so he's out. Lot of things can happen in the next 1415 days they can change the market and I think that's why. I'm confident the royals are going to be something but I think it's going to be super late before they before they make them and I think you're gonna wait as long as possible because. If you've got some teams that think the buyers now the could be sellers and a couple of weeks or somebody could get her. And then that changes everything so. I think if the royals Smart which they are I think you're gonna wait the last minute before they had an. Text size 690s a six should act like Dayton Moore is gonna sell Bob's -- with a in the other front office staff members are thinking certainly don't think that I don't think the Bob I don't think that they Moore is gonna go there and say are were not willing to trade rob on the Cebu we are willing to trade just down now in the hundred closure. I don't think that's why am looking at that prison I think everybody understands that as well. I don't think we can agree that Dayton doesn't once trade rom on courses that this will lead traded at the deals right absolutely I think they trade anybody if the deal was right. They trade. Danny Duffy if the deal was right if they got to deal that was at the royals benefit I think they trait Dini Duffy. That's for him to say well we don't wanna trade modesty unless a deal blows us away the case for your oh when your team you feel that way about everybody. So August looking edit the with a very I think clear lanes of viewing the royals. If you're not willing to trade short top prospect because like him and you wanna. Get ready for the future that's affairs staff that's the stance I would have I wouldn't trade rom on the seat. This year and a pilot that you are now but if you think you're the shares to be a productive Major League player. And he fills a position of need that you don't have to pay Osce does the bar in HD rom on the C. I don't know who else who have a value for you to go get somebody so it's gonna be buyers you better bring two things at the table. You better bring prospects that table or money to the table. So let's David Glass is will an ad in twelve million dollars in payroll this year maybe he is I don't expect Dayton say that. Oral sure willing to trade Bubba starling or hundred -- this offseason maybe we'll do that you've got to be willing to trade something to acquire peace. Or you're gonna trade. Somebody in northwest Arkansas we never heard a thriving Garcia and they're gonna sell that as it is the movie thinking get us over the hump. The whole time Garcia not giving you over the hump this off the courtesies are. You look at the royals the debt to third base right now. We got Lucy and uttered those you get Jessica bird is somebody straight I would guess. It's going to be copper and I'm just guessing and spit ball that is look at it at depth in what they have. Robert Dozier probably attractive it probably put that one of the water both those guys on the market probably just one of them. You know as an apple moves in the house is all adept at shortstop. You know and now they've got a guy that that's a pretty talented kid in Rawle modesty that they expect to fill that role so that's why I don't think modest she's gonna go. Unless they get soda tax I asked would you give up on C. Was two more prospects to get market strike that don't have enough absolute committee would be you have an but you don't have enough because my if I'm not mistaken. You know the luck club control over markets Charlotte I think it'll 2001. So you're getting. You know. I don't think stroman and ace but I think he's a number two or number three and this guy. You know pitched the championship game of the World Baseball Classic one it was and it was terrific yeah I'd make a deal in a heartbeat. Zinni got it got. And your rotation looks like you got Duffy Kennedy stroman. On Hamels and cars come and absolutely and they debt deal and heart. I'm RT MEU that's not gonna happen the other team has he willing to make that deal on the tree and I would 3-D need to be here in Whitman or feel for Bryce Harper. I don't think he's available for what I'm willing to trade for so like you're eating stroke me if that's your idea if all modesty is the big jewel in your trade you were not getting one of those elite level players like. The cubs trade that that's like like a Q&A got Jose can honor there's even aside from the White Sox Bartlett say the label and the Toronto Blue Jays then. Eating might it be a problem Odyssey is the big cell that Trey you're not getting Jose can talk about any of the phone for you and it took a top five prospect in baseball. What that trade to get done minus mighty good he's not a top five prospect in baseball he's not gonna be a crown jewel for one of those punditry. Yeah I'll tell us told my agent did that the jays could get a topped forty prospect in baseball for mark stroman as part of the deal. Everybody in the top 108. Al Rahman he's the best we've got he's not the top 100 sold more than likely that deal and that. It's it is arguing that kind of deal wanna get back into this before we take a break about the Pablo Sandoval deal. I really don't know with people eyes maybe in the short term kind of see the big picture when it comes to the Red Sox. The Red Sox to me Vegas have a financial wealth that novel now a lot of other teams can match. Then. There's a risk when you sign a big name free agent there's a risk attached to you when you sign outscored. Not you felt a body site knows the organization. May have favorite. There's a risk for that some teams combine those deals some teams can't. Note the Red Sox would keep someone on there every day lineup that under 200. Gordon does a lot of other things I don't know if they would do that. Policy in the ball. That's a big decision for organization to make. Policy animals signed a five year 95. Million dollar contract he's only played a year and a half of that you. This isn't like the Chris Young deal that he's only got three months lefties do four million dollars all right we can just go and eat them money. The over fifty million dollars that the middle deepening problems in a ball like the next fifteen years he's that was body we need a kind of deals. Fifty million dollars it paid off for awhile. And they just said after a year and a half it's our that's us anymore we don't want them DHR team and what you do anything with our team we wrap. Rather pay your salary and you go sign with anybody else and they still all on the money that this is a football that's guaranteed money. I just the football or you don't date you don't cut problems animal he gets picked up by another team and Ali oh that fifty. Policy animals gonna clear waivers nobody's picking up a fifty million dollars in the Red Sox on the hook for every single penny that some teams can operate in this soaking calls placed. You are big problems in a long yardage they outscored your debate Omar Infante so he's a producer for this team. The organ red album we're not gonna continue to put this got to line up everything but it has not producing. That's a luxury that very few teams can operate with and they operate another luxury that can also sign another big player at the same position to that deal. They can still assign my sockets this offseason. Moves very easily look at our organization look at our fan base. We're one of the three franchises in Major League Baseball. The green monsters on this side it's short on the other side you hit forty home runs here. You know financially can always compete we can always give you some of the best players in baseball play with. You get to play when the big markets good for your brain I'm sure to make more money endorsements play for the Red Sox the plan for the royals. There are a lot of changes any team like Boston can offer you so. If you're expecting moves to take that hometown deal next season. Mean I'm scared about what the difference of the conference going to be like if your only willing to pay moves that five years 95 in Gaza Pablo Sandoval. What possible in the name five years a 110 1000000 dollars this am bottom like Sox the same fear that you have for Eric Hosmer as a free agent. Fear about that with a Red Sox as today they opened up a big hole no pun intended would pick of the Bob is available at. Third base yet well. Here's the thing going in and let me go back on the first things you said you're talking about they can afford to cut Pablo Sandoval with the royals can afford to cut out court that's accurate. Part of that the two Red Sox fans in that organization does that any emotional attachment or any history. But Pablo Sandoval put butts in seats is Pablo Sandoval. Not Boston put butts in seats no matter why. It Kansas City gore donation. You know he's one of loss. And that has values that's sparking that seats that beer popcorn that's hot dogs that's all those other things I'm not defending Gordon's batting average over the last year not on. Not sane. But it's much easier to cut the guy like Pablo Sandoval here rich team. And if fans only care about and in a bomb in game one of the World Series that tide is staying out the year they want. This team this town and in its fan base is emotionally attached a guy like outscored have a lot of business value to that a lot of lot of money value to that is that it's people go into the ballpark. And gore those murals you know I mean there's no problems I would guess no Pablo Sandoval murals in Boston's Dustin Pedroia it's guys like that. So. From a business standpoint it's easier to cut them when you're gonna make atomic cash anyway with court. Let's asses in seats out of the cash and that's so that makes a lot of money for this team and they need right now because a crummy TV contract in one of the smallest markets and. Coming up next there was eight interest thing NFL question is Tyree kill more to Avon Austin or TY Hilton. Plus as we get closer and closer to the start of the second half of the baseball season what are the royals need to do to put themselves in contention we had a conversation next draft. Dayton Moore Xilinx vesco in the morning today there was one more cut that I wanted to play and it's a really good point I disagree with Dayton. Just dismayed. The quote we had today was that they are not focused on what they give us. But they're focused on what they did this is Dayton Moore with vesco in the morning earlier today. Can provide about all of this quote you want somebody so concerned about what we're giving. You're one of the deferred deal but the lawyer for the future. Is if so is that is what you could just over the hall. To make an impact of course in the position the World Series I'm more focused on what we're getting its civil war were different because. I bought one goal for our truck to a reference as though I trust your typical little blond Richardson out sharp and all of our managers coaches and everything we do imported oil. Always come up with another quarter it's good job so yes. I'm responsible for them and I've achieved what sort it all on everything that we do but I and that's why twelve. If he built. That was date more Ol and with Vasco in the morning. Earlier today I just look at. Where the royals say and I think the mentality in philosophy has to be different than it wasn't when he fifteen. It's only fifteen it was clear the best team in the American League. So you were less concerned about John only human brain and see any game. He still had two years of club control after that for moves and Hosmer indie guys that are now free agents so I just think you're aggressiveness at the deadline was a little bit different. Nobody thinks the royal should be back aggressive you. All in for the season can you know hey it's not only fifteen we can't just go out there with a capital that we had. And then packaged Mondesi Dozier and all these pieces that to try to go more run so you're even a little bit reserved so it doesn't matter what you give up. There's some guys it's a major should be off limits this time because you already have one and he and gained you do need to think about when he saint. I think this team had a chance at the playoffs too but I'm not willing to risk everything to do I'm in a witness risk. The trading prospects on the trading of moves to get prospects to keep yourself in and he genuinely see if you give yourself chains. By ideas would not double down so I'm not packaging on the seat again like he says unless something absolutely just blows you away. That's gonna happen or not you should be open to trading anybody if if if the deals W way. I would just be reserved about who I'm willing to trade but you're willing to trade with mayor fueled trying to be a long term peace because that's somebody you wanna build the future towards. You gotta look into the future with this team that Allen is different in the position you're in 25. You know I'd be like 80% aggressive if that makes any sense a negative he may address it probably 80% aggressive. I mean it's like you know just fifteen went shopping and an awful pocketed money. Big fat wallet by whatever they want. Indeed accurate accurate double B two of those give you six of these I'll take that that that right. You're a budget. You're a budget and trade deadline you can't give you want. So you've got to settle for something a little less man you can't get the you know that the Jeep Grand Cherokee and and you gotta get the Wrangler that enough. You know with it's a manual transmission actually got to get so he'll tell I'd be willing. To trade row modesty if you're gonna get club control over a pitcher. The good starting pitcher. That's the only time that I would factor into anything with brawl modesty but I still don't think you're going to be able to get enough on to do that so. Because. Tammy Garcia the names being thrown around by Jon Heyman did that the royals pitchers in from the Atlanta Braves in his four point five by the RA. But more than likely that's what you gonna get in lies. The royals somehow figure out a way to fleeced somebody and pull off some deal you know from some knuckle head just trying to unload salary which could happen in Miami mean Marlins are messed right now. We don't know is gonna own a couple years it's on the payroll and I think that's like. But to me. First priority. You've got add another starting pitcher and more than likely it's not going to be a market stroman tightening you look at. What the cubs had to give up just to get Jose content the other two top two prospects in two other guys four guys for Jose content which is the what grade I mean you know he's not he's not mark stroman. Stroke is better than more club controls so on I'd be about 80% aggressive on this thing. On and go after it and you're probably not even if you're that aggressive you're probably still not gonna get what you want. Does look at Tony fifteen games and you could you make the analogy about how you could just shop you apocryphal money you can do it. If you were the big bowl yet you're the Dodgers you Wear the Astros you knew the words championship club. You don't know this team is a championship cluster of the big big though because you had you have bread instead of in the you're willing to deal you one shot and that's what I mean that's that. That was their capital and money MM I guess I would also look at it just to me you're the big boys who were clearly one of the three best teams in Major League Baseball if this team was one of the three best teams in Major League Baseball. He final would you trading rom Odyssey because to be a 100% like in fifteen it was a 100% guarantee or make in the playoffs. This a 100% making the playoffs in this team's not going to make a move that's when I make them a 100% to make the playoffs we all knew and when he fifteen liberals are the playoffs. And it was about. All right this person needs to pitch game one of that playoff series this person is given a pitch in the world cedars that. That's what you shopping for this time this out shopping for its order. Into fifteen yourself into that because you knew you had a lot of those things why does look at. It's different what's your negotiating with what you consult your fan base in the kind of power you man at the negotiating table. When you're the Dodgers. When you're the ash rose it's that kind of team. You can make a lot of different demands does want this team to be a little bit more. Reserved when it comes to true I'm. They did have a choice I think they have to announce the get a choice they've got to be more reserved in doing it because. They don't have anybody that they can really give up and and in it sounds like you're gonna stepped out to be a blockbuster deal or something that they can't refuses pro Mondesi so and I don't see that tree. So tonight the second half of the season gets going as the royals take all in the Texas Rangers and important team game stretch and as they've played teams that are combined 22 games. Under 500 wanted to kind of get into this a little bit I was read an article today long line in the question and it's how we kill more TY Hilton. Or Avon Austin and the little expert said. Terry chills wildly inconsistent last season which is to be expected from rookie but he was often talked about like he was the second coming of TY Hilton rather than a souped up team on Austin. Which sees more accurate. Every day and I see this. Last year Tyree killed from an offensive standpoint at 61 catches for 593. Yards and six touchdowns. Created the first month of the season he wasn't very involved in the passing game they didn't really usable whole lot. And this year I think that we've all taken for granted just a little bit complacent as a certainty. That's Phil's gonna have 950 yards a thousand yards 11100 yards he's gonna be. I DeSean Jackson this season but if it's that absolute certainty in him developing as a receiver. Now he's not in use as much in the return game. I was almost you can't we just how limited your offensive weapons are. I'm not sure what kind of receiver Tyree Achilles there are some comparisons warm and a lot of people use these new blog he went used to Shawn Jackson he could beat those guys on the high. But increasing your yardage as a wide receiver by 600 yards. It's tough to do in one single season and maybe it would just be a gradual increase this year reaches for eight under York knicks streak to 4000 yards. Artists think we ball kind of place Travis Kelsey in Tyreke illness box. That would need to worry about the off its production this season. Paid try to feels he's the best line in the NFL or second grounds healthy he's gonna catch 12100 yards this year because who is unpalatable to. Tar Heels gonna have a thousand yards in one of the best returns in the NFL. That's asking a lot of a 5980. Pound players to have that kind of expectation has got to productivity. He is more detail on Osce got right now and in table hos was running back in West Virginia ran he's more as a white as a wide receiver right now. The TY Gil and if talk filtered into a TY Hilton. And you kidding me and we got it at T like Hilton type player yet pat mahomes. As your quarterback. You got something right there but. Iraq I think it's too early just to assume that tiebreak it was going to be amazing after Revver that you Hilton. And I and I did gain in college went we'll play Florida international like who is this cat. It was due idol runner up on the field faster than anybody I've ever seen to it was a true receiver actually didn't college. Over 4000 yards receiving college nobody catch in the Dallas burn how we saw and rip our souls out Indianapolis and a playoff game and the chief with a big lead. TY Hilton is a legitimate true receiver. I reach deals not that he maybe. But he was mostly running back at Oklahoma State when he bounced around. It is slot guy that's that's the way icu right now until he proves me differ if if if he turns into this number one receiver Austin he's that guy. We see an undersized guys do before. But and I've got to see it before I really jump on the bandwagon like he's like a true number one guy. And he's not the return kick us and I think the kind of pick and usually used them pots anything you break one. The put a factor crucial time of the game probably put him back there but he can't carry boat that load and be the number one wide receiver I don't see that. Did he talks about this all the time Nebraska about young players he says the hardest part about being young player is adjusting to the adjusting. The league is going to adjusted tire retail very few players in the NFL look unstoppable now last year Tyreke Gil had stretches of a completely unstoppable. I don't know I stopped in the running game out of high and stop and catch a ball screen you're a stop him in the return game very few players in the NFL look unstoppable. Solis you think that he's Julio Jones or OL Beckham or bronze in one of those players it as a high you match up against. Then there's going to be some adjustment period because the NFL one thing they do is once they are deceit bill. There's hurdler tendencies have figured things out and they haven't plea of any scheme to stop you. What's it going to be like now is you take away weapons on this offense and you focus more energy all in two tire retail. That right now there's two bonafide weapons in the passing game. If we're counting receivers that experts or contest the ball out of that field and I'm talking about legitimate pass catcher seems like plays its guidance there's two players on this team. So a fun guy on defense on a coach out walking up to the white board on Monday for the meeting. And I am right now on two numbers retail numbers I was tells his number we got us out one of these two guys always that one of these two guys we can be to chiefs. That's a pretty good about my shades about that other teams might hold Travis tells the 35 yards receiving. Or time every two to 35 yards receiving that is don't know what's gonna beat you on their offense. So I look at tiger retail excellence excellence that he's more like Percy art and save on Austin. I think the question continues to remain about the usage and Cheney stay healthy. He's more like Percy garments that I think it's Avon Austin cup is a little bit disrespectful in the better player than it in Taylor and Austin. But he's Percy art that you got to deal with the injuries that come with. Immediate we're saying the proposed change but. Without the game is if you're gonna give a player of all that much it takes a big stretch a lock to keep depth player healthy anti retail size. But I do think it's huge it's wise to use him a little bit sparingly a little bit as a gadget player you can just I have a better role and better fit a team that way. I just don't know if he's a guy do you want to ninety catches a year maybe I'm wrong on him and he's a lot better than. But Maine that that's a tough thing to do and not a lot of guys at his size are doing it at that a league level in the NFL there's a little Antonio Brown yet it is it's it's not many of them and I've. Look it's I would look at Ty retailers last year he had stretches of guys that are dominant. At last write a list of guys who were dominating in the NFL they are the true a leaked the best of the best future hall of fame guys. Hit well touchdowns last year we count on twelve touchdown to give anti retail this year has like seven. The big number four rookies specially guided they are trying to give him fewer roles and responsibilities Danny and last year. I does bring up the question to ask it at all so I put myself in this category. We've put Tyreke fill in a place that I've I don't really think about it this year although he's got to be good no Maclin number one wide receiver he has to have a monster season. It doesn't. What Tyreke eulogized as a good year receive 800 yards. May lose the rest of the George Chris Connelly is got to do do your Albert Wilson's got to get those north I don't think getting Tom's going to be on the team. Jay who chest and get those yards last year somebody has the make up for in the passing game. Do you think it's fair to say last year is you're talking that I reached number you think it's fair is it. That even though Jeremy Maclin had an off year you still had to sort of respect him and teams prepare differently which opened things up for Tyree he'll. Because they know about it and plus MacBook still back. You know I mean. Not gonna have that this year. Right Jerry Mac is gone and even had a down year he still had to respect to Jeremy Maclin was on the other side. I have yet Chris Colleen Albert Wilson. JU chest and to Marcus Robinson who we haven't seen. Make the reception a regular season so yes you're right two guys. And those at both those guys don't have good games or one guy doesn't she's gonna arts I want for. And I mean it was easy for him to kind of sneak a poignant stuff about everybody left Olympic against the Broncos. Was the clear all right I read still has arrived he's one of the more dynamic players in the NFL. This season everybody knows about bill. They know about the jets weaves they know about the bubble screens they know about his need. They have spent the offseason trying to figure out against Oakland and San Diego and you know you guys in twice. You're thinking about that all season jerk what do we got to play the cheats aren't we gotta stop we got to keep has gotten behind this is just going to be a different mentality. This year's delegate your basketball player like Graham's case you've got a great. It's easy to accounted admiral if frank Mason's there prison is gonna be there anymore it's more of the responsibility is going to be you know you are you gonna hand you become more passer. More shooter or driver or your goal has to change every kill you are now asking him to be your number one wide receiver. I know you know everybody knows how do you adjust. Now the other team's best corner might be when you all the time. They're put a safety over the top shape again shoots to make sure you don't deep. I more attention gonna be on Tyreke feel that I do think it's a talking point something we got to keep in Ireland as we continue to get closer to to the NFL season. Up next eyes there is back on Monday so we pay tribute ties there and away the only the drive team and Nextel and. Six pin. And sports. Ice. Has been in greens all week. We're excited for highs there's return congratulations to him. He got married last Monday. You Alain can gradually since both of them you'll be back on Monday. You don't know this that news. But I wanted to pay. Respects our guy Heinze the he's dead he's got married I just I'm Sandy's been on New Orleans funeral. And I wanted to play a lot of my favorite memories from my god being Heisman has to do this month you know now i.'s been gone. And if this the last segment we'll do ice is that since we got to do this is when Chrysler. Couldn't say tactic as it's forty Casey searched their home schedule tonight taking on cruise as you'll at sea and they can't keep cap. That's not right don't. Added it's the champions lake it's the champions league how well pain and this panda. Tax panda PE ND NA. And and and art. That become food and you just get come abandon no definitely not good at all and everybody that does the update everyone who speaks were living miss speaks. We all that occur at linebacker for the chiefs is Derek Johnson we do know that are needed Derrick Thomas. Chrysler got mixed up one dated if you miss royals GM Dayton Moore on the day shift along with chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas on fast on the morning. Check those out on the podcast page as well if Derrick Thomas wood on fast go in the morning that would be an amazing that's what the greatest yet at all times did I mean if you could she handled the spears it's now take G-8. Dairy comments to join your radio show that is in a me being. Poll buys fest going more places in places defense we've botched. I just I mean you know sometimes you got it. Sometimes you got to those jokes out there in the I mean you'd seen that this is one this this isn't a good luck if you miss royals GM Dayton Moore on the day shift along with chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas and that's on the morning. Check those out on the podcast page as well. I personally am a little buys these I really enjoy him I really love. I loved. Bruce Weber. All of his voice and his impressions I think that eyes there does an amazing job you'll get if you want to music I really like resentment at a look at him like. That's Chrysler and they know and people. No that's Chrysler's Italy's one Bruce in Manhattan. When he did this traffic update you Bruce Weber is by my favorite thing that highs than ever done iced over as leverage traffic. You got some things done for thirty mired in LA got some cars to a left and right. I 35 your jacket off on our big step by another out there's a couple things to an idea but. We're gonna try to get through it together just down everybody drives today and we're gonna make you know saying. Bruce Weber is our guy being highs and things though I would say when you do an update it's always good to know. Scenes are playing especially the local yes. You know another possible ties or breaks that rule and he stayed. Take sign. Aren't they play but it went out. State. And USA RCA. Last week average Joe's line. Happy birthday to boots and a member or CA if you. Just quote radio France. But it. The is the risk now the state and at you for incorporating him in the update but that's a lot better than this and he state. Take sign. I'm with a plan for the place come. Oh. Ice is probably one of the nicest human beings and self aware and he's I give them credit for being honest yet you believe that you don't know I love ice we just continue to did Iceland is this the royals off today their backup Q tomorrow at 615 against the royals. They're playing themselves while ago theaters. Rated at. Your average show me the linebacker idea it was the royals also running back Jamaal Charles returned to practice this afternoon. And royals inside linebacker Joseph Mays will have wrist surgery. Continue to play or else the royals coming up back to back shut out slept for eighteen game sweep of the royals tonight. Mean this week themselves was ice that describes as well scroll left and I started talking with her with interest on my father. Really really nice really sweet lady. Sweetly yeah widget that's vintage ice like if I can describe ice to anybody that did know him. This 72 clip value describes as woman that he had a two minute interaction with. Is perfectly guys scroll left and I started talking with her with a sudden my father. Really really nice really sweet lady. This in the system has heists or worst date ever I don't know what it is but I definitely wanting year Chrysler worse. Ever brought us and look she's missing practice they just use that it was swelling in his knee he was out of the Philippines and I'm Ali. Missed practice today as well also DJ Alexander going to the global as the special teams contributor. Baseball is the royals signed Gammons if she needs to even minor league contract also Johnny comes in here press. Report says he is likely is likely to play point seven team college hoops tonight as he plays Illinois and he state excise. Politically but the point about so that's arena now let's show up at at at. Prices got up like. That's when this. Is all time I use the rose. Oh in the week means it was called the practice squad yeah. It has no name go to nobody can check out the bats he students that galvanize their thanks to Brad blank for producing this the practice yet. That's why I. It. This job to dammit there dog and Iraq Asia's I mean that was the that was the good would let easily been on the drive the whole time right and now we have an oxidation. No I don't know how we got your name on the exit Iraq other I don't know what happened I don't know traction night shift might have been well not yet had you ever heard the double camp's story before a non. It will is it. Was maybe his first year in Kansas City. And it was at the big twelve tournament. All three of us when now Chrysler kind of hung around little bit met with the young Leah bar. The bartender there having the conversation drinks. She. Les I guess it separately that hymns all Chrysler takes a canned from power lie to break. He takes the cat now Aysu that was in sheet. Alia. When he gets there. I think he throws. So he's a little out of it. He didn't sleeps on the couch and he doesn't wanna call me Yardeni says the company Kamal the things that were made fun of any so regions which are. Accurate all sleep on the counts in the and do this. So big he didn't cats it actually I thirds of the cities are eating it from rate down. Bats that pound light to do is call our. AA and he told it was means detainee. Detainees girlfriend that Simon is now his wife all of us will now. I don't know why Islip office a good idea then turns over Stephanie and says hey let me tell you this don't tell anybody else. Instantly she turns around and says guess what Chrysler told me on the the story ice it and tells us the story so for about a year on the show we call Chrysler double and a to two cats make you can't record he took he took two cabs to sleep on the couch ending couldn't call one of us not a delight. My room with that kind of stuff is very simple all you have to do is they coat. As a man if you do something you don't hear me just say call. And a hard. Because that your wishes. Put it you don't say quote it's open season that's an accident I thought it was Seko resident that's why a four column I hamlets this code. I mean the man code. I'm vault baby lock down I must say anything I got to play the kind. And that was alt. The Denver Broncos reach agreement with our parakeets we've. Now defense than the markets where it's forty Casey starts their home schedule tonight taking on cruise as you'll at sea and they can't keep cap. That's not right don't. It's the champions like. CONCACAF. And play our game. Easy at Chrysler. Or hear read we would go through both there to order counts and you guess who tweet while you could never tell that to like Jack here this here you know and yeah or pretend it's me ice age you may see you back when you get here or audience drives but nobody can check out the bats he students that galvanize their. Thanks to Brad blank for producing. This the practice sets. Let's slot. Six pin. And sports.