07/14 - 4pm - Pick A Player, Royals Trade Deadline, Gimmie A Minute

The Drive
Friday, July 14th

Jay Binkley of The Day Shift is our guest for Pick A Player this week, there is a new pitcher that has been linked to coming to the Royals, we bring you Ned Yost live from the dugout & Gimmie A Minute. 


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They give me my kids you give him credit not so John with not a good performance. Still well and some sometimes you can win one not yet some good score one and that's enough there sometimes you score one and you lose 91 today it was one of those days the luck of the draw was in your favor with the central right now. I'm moving on down the line Eric Holden and are you doing. I'm a good. I'm doing fantastic today are right deeply we're gonna test his hip knowledge Brinkley got. Wrappers of the 90s90s. Rappers Erica I mean you're thinking you name it fifteen seconds your mark get set go. They got cute yeah. Did monogram. It. I. Okay Aaron which hold it down for a six by Digital Underground as a group continues as one to get entities he can say anything to him Smart thinking about you got it got it does currency now yeah yeah absolutely. I just got six Patrick Erica and I mean maybe you run it Cingular. More than eighty rapper than in ninety's ramped up. I'm sure they drop the song in the nineties that would technically qualify well. Ice and he's got definitely you know pressure you account as a as a as a ninety's wrapper or at least his legacy item for 660s to go out jumped him in the eighties to go I would put them in the same category as run DMC. All right let's see your job Brinkley does nine these ramblings let's his hip pop knowledge. Jay-Z two live crew. Dr. Dre day. In the NBA. That count. I'm gonna give them that is one because I was fair idea Digital Underground which was a group I'm gonna give you in WA is one individuals and she named him. I got an alpha. I got for four yeah and now for 42 or so in the lead plus two Baird is in plus to our fourth caller dropped off today. So cats if you wanna get somebody else or you know that's life. Carter in EOP. We will head to you Carter iTunes and all right you have. Cuts of meat. How many different cuts of me Mardy hit this was meetings categories of the massive cuts in me. If you believe that you go to the right Carter. Our third in the I mean ham. Turkey. Armitage a monthly car. And they're the day. Yeah. Other types of the prototype parts of me and you still gotta give them sports by heart. In the fold you do that you talk and revive your house on revived ball stripped he'd probably still sounds but you could you what's at stake and you re. Tried to did not and I grills and in we had a top opera violence that it Sullivan's finally thank you very much Greg cut him Abdullah apparently. I'm putting him down for four I'm gonna assume I've lost anyway are you think Brinkley after right after yesterday it is right now I could dominate cuts of meat of the matter remains super. It'll certainly. Okay yeah like the weekly screws this up when you get. There's a million different cuts and me let's see all right Jed basically cuts of meat let's hear basically noses meet. Play rib by. More. General points. Hamburgers. Strips. Yorkshire. I can for. You know again important to underline. A disappointing effort from users who reached. Its like all these different cuts me to drive Sullivan's last after great and you. But it was the chili pepper crusted relies. Does that mean you're gonna just like his next of did you all of you and Hillary. Is because. Rove went and party give. Well the news it really does tell in the and it doesn't brown was so that people murder and sell it I've outlined area in Plant City air and how you doing today. It. To a fantastic last. Today you got to beat plus two. McGregor has been going worlds or how many other UFC fighters can you name in fifteen seconds your mark get set go. There are. I mean I just won our workers. To Orton at Mayweather. And I I'll be generous argued yet I'll give you the plus two I only gave you that either from the loser side of viewers remotely and animal. Nicely. I can't set that kind of press put it there you see fighter or the rule is fighting USC five. Was it doing USC rules of the boxing world oh I didn't want to being technical. I'd never won a bit more technical muscle in his or her staff in the Arctic. Our rights you see fighters let's see a Brinkley king did better than war and men he used John Jones Rhonda arousing. Me in the New Year's. When I can hear. Jumbo loans Jones. Has it own. Fails to mention Connor Macgregor he texted me right after that and said I can't believe I didn't remember McGregor yeah there's so many of I'm out of the biggest you have seen guys. Yeah Silva. Forrest Griffin neat yeah and I mean DA. Is it DA is is. So I got Eric went plus and I got Eric and winning it with a plus point oh congratulations say Eric you're going to a future. Wells has been royals game tomorrow nothing happening special the royals game tomorrow is on the like anyone would be. That intrigued by what's happening at the rose in your your line manual to lie detector do that I don't know him other then the base. I don't know doesn't have what exactly exactly what's gonna happen you're gonna get the ultimate balloons with water balloons in the rules that you got to pull our rights are going to be there. What time what time. Let's I was birds brigades are 5:4 o'clock yep 4 o'clock from fortified need to bald seat out of water balloons because he. He's he's doing this is basically panics he's apologizing to the royals because he was wrong I was wrong so I'm gonna go out there. And I'm gonna sit. At the Budweiser. Mobile studio. For now yeah. I to have baby jets he's going to be out there on the did a lot of billable. And then. You've got an hour well Matt Ellis was the hours ball gets hit 33. Foul shots per person humble home I'm not having anymore paid. I'm not let you. Use your kid to run out there are 501 strategy that no. That's eight and a 45. An angle hole that wanna drive off after you're lucky that I'm not gonna be there tomorrow and be. I don't disappoint I I would be taking pictures or no Lincoln said it comes out there OK you guys are you thinking god I don't yell sonics. Go. More news keeps my work if I'm wrong I'm wrong oh roll back is. The key you're part of that I'm fairly certain it I wanna steak dinner back a signal of the incidentally term orgy yesterday. Oh to sell you got a state dinner yesterday not reviewed and does it cover your wallet. You've got a state dinner coming up next. The raw doesn't linked to an alarm and it is right up Dayton's Alley to tell you next on the draft. I. Meet with the media. And it's 430. Thank you so it was into the drive today. The royals have been in the middle of some. Rumors. As you would put it. And a one name has been linked Saddam so far and Igor and what. As we get closer close to the deadline more names will continue to trickle out about who the royals are interested in. Ending name that has pumped up makes a lot of sense timing Garcia he is they Brady's left hander. Has been linked to the royals courtesy of John payment of fear Iran exports friend of the show. He is 31 years old I struggling this season is a 455. You're eight with the way. With 75 strikeouts 37 walks in 99. Innings so far this season he had a really bad month of June he had a 687. ERA in opponents hit. 313. Ask oh against I may Garcia. Now he eats innings which we know is something that pick out so the royals. This is screens bargain basement kind of deal in a city thing we see every offseason and every trade deadline. It's like Dayton. Just once the save struggling braves players how they Garcia's throw for the Braves that you can do well in our system this isn't a move that I think does anything for you well. Thanks for money actually made part of the point he's thirty page 99 innings this year. In sixteen starts in the standings it's a 171 innings last year we seen. You know players come to Kansas City and and resurrected career pitchers. Jeremy Guthrie comes to mind. Ryan Madson comes to mind Joseph Blanton comes tomorrow. They did say in my mind I get recovered from the Braves things yeah Chris that the Mike Minor and now potentially Hymie Garcia. The body RC is he's gonna be cheap. Which we've talked about I don't know a whole lot. Of of Kapalua but get a big name arm. Maybe Heidi Garcia is a guy that keeps it well Kauffman Stadium I would assume that's why the royals are look at it and they choose at new ballpark in Atlanta balls fly out of there man. That's that's they are at home runs. So and that doesn't have a cup and stating no that part of that from the braves' perspective anyway is that. As a really good working relationship with the lamp that's where you came up. Scott worked his way all the way up to the front office there and I think that's issued a lot I mean teams. We've got connections they trust Dayton Dayton trust them they're gonna talk if they can HL teacher so. Is Heidi Garcia. Right you know my first impression too I think Andy Garcia is the God's gonna with the royals over the top probably not but I understand why they're looking. No I understand why they're looking at I think aegis disappoints me a little bit in the Guinness the rumors about you take this to the parents are at and it required him he's not on the team is. If you think this team needs another caller. Is someone who is struggle as mightily. Really the guide to chew over the hump like irritation much better if you acquire a timing Garcia now maybe you say. Hey Dave Miley can fix and he's in this ballpark effort just about anybody though they acquire that is look at if you're really gonna make a moo. A in Dayton Moore today on fast go in the morning said he thinks they need to pick up two more arms. Man the rest of Major League Baseball that feels the exact same way is making moves the cut to pick it up Jose can comment to make those kind of moves. Other teams that Major League Baseball are gonna make substantial moves I would hate for the royals move of the deadline to be. Tammy Garcia and other throw labeled an arm that you NASA. That then it's a huge big risk reward you like some kind of short saying they Garcia at least in the season just hasn't been that. He's not mean he was 1013 to seven this year 1013 laster 106 the year before again. If you got to run out a starter. Every fifth day that you're only bank on getting four innings out of that can separate open. Yeah I'm negotiating what that does eat innings in and I know that's not sexy and it doesn't sound amazing I wowed Johnny quite go. Now pose take into Anna but eating innings is just is big because that saves depend on the line I don't know why I'm eager she's going to be that they get me. The bullish start up now done but. If they see something on and they feel like they Nolan. Then you know you gotta trust them on at least I will based on some of the other traits now. I digger she's that was with the same team with Saint Louis for 2008 through 2016. Is first year Atlanta 31 years old. So I don't know we'll see they've got to add somebody they need something in honor of hi Andy Garcia is the dude but they gotta do something and he that he is an innings eater. Does wanna CNN equality peace that is don't know if you look over the last few seasons if you can say this equality peace last year for the cardinals you know 467 ERA in the National League. This year is a 455. ERA in the National League so there's someone to be adjustment. And we can agree the the jail was a more offensive driven league that is the National League is guys is not quality that. Elegy to get a good or not. Just an all our march to get a quality there's a lot of guys Angola Indy five ERA are close to it I can quote eat up innings but you're really talking about winning this division pick of somebody that can genuinely help you down. The stress on his look at the two names that we seem. Soon ninety hitter but a little bit too expensive I'm a Garcia on the other ain't cheap. But is definitely a boom or bust on a potential just let sweet spot in the middle just find that sweet spot in the middle. That when you look at that guy. Out to talk myself into you being good for the royals. They make it's signing day make a trade him make an acquisition is that our us the other guy fits in I see how he can get this team over the hump that is don't get that feeling well look I'm a nurse. Either I don't either but to be truthful to you know think a lot of people knew about wade Davis and James Shields and they came here either. Only people that it didn't follow the Tampa Bay Rays close you were like yeah that's it that's the deal that's the one that's gonna get it. You know so listen if Davis thinks he can fix timing Garcia and I'm cool you know because you know you look at last UGR fair point. Last year's ERA now. He was it what four or 55 this year is four point 67 last year year before that 2.4 three. Houston six and again baseballs fly out that you ballpark in Atlanta and that won't happen again and again I don't know tiger sees the regular first but now. Even though they did Gordon's high and that absolutely yeah the short and 300 hitter making. Forty million dollar yes it's not just not that that's that's the high end of Larry yeah I would agree so yet you find somebody the middle grade but the same time. I think you're seeing constant coming up next radio's live from a stadium the manager of the royals fresh off the all star break next draft. Belligerent yet full. And understand. Really about the position this team find itself if its. I'd rather read in first place. I mean we've after April. You know we've organized crime together here lately and look to continue. What are your guys. So removed ideals. Watched. Home run derby I was very proud of moose lodge. The all star game washed out these moves and or real vision is very credible there are represented themselves well in the organization. Looser triggered maybe your warm burgers. Here's all your career or through out the shooters go. Pray. And you know it was just it was good seeing hauling and wait there to sell. Always come a long way from that surgery like party has in both of fans back. You know back to all star caliber type players I'm assuming it is upstarts like amnesty and puff game homestand. I don't know it's a benefit or not we like playing at home. You know you got to play your games. You know we like do more comfortable here we you know we like playing here and so it definitely could hurt us. Itself or break. I disarm. Different it's. It's era fishing and drilling and now we didn't we didn't really do much fishing was awful. Didn't get dark until like 9 o'clock. I had a good time and far out of writing four wheelers with the kids and cutting grass on the tractor and distance myself. Act in all on the drive that was Ned Yost today live from Kauffman Stadium a little surprised I was spec in here a little bit more myself yeah on the royals have been over the last week or so. Especially here on the road before they left for the trip or for the all star break. But we're gonna get a little bit more meat there from Ned Yost as we are back is ticking off the second half of the season the most we've got with the saudis got breaks now. Is there is operated I'm happy that he fix here they have before it sounded like proof well yet more with and we I was there he. They set up by the Lakewood little golf four Kevin Tway birdied nine of his last ten holes. At the John Deere classic birdie nine of ten holes is freakish she's on number that's a process in that yes so he's in the lead at the John Deere classic. The the last term for the British album which is next week but 39 of ten is unbelievable so he's on pace to shoot. What 62 maybe even sixty. Six year 61 gender class. CBC Deere run that was given up like 33000. Birdies those signing into theory it's a very winnable course it's a very easy course to these guys played but still that's. Going that way out that's that's and economic on the birdie nine antennas on Leo just wanted to mention that out there if you wanna keep an eye on that is your creeping up on around sixty which is birdies is a major. OK I got close look at my answer is there's. This guy's pillow and this is do that shot seventy yesterday and ease. He could finish ten shots better today and be in the lead in the turn it on in the weekend so. You birdied ten and you get my attention that John Deere classic went went typically you probably wouldn't that's fresher so was only. You called this moving day over the last. Of the next ten days the royals had a very important thing game homestand. Against the Rangers tigers. Ian White Sox those teams are combined 22 games. All below 500 when I have I don't wanna call it the difference of opinion about the Nixon games and how important they are I think. I just look at this as maybe being I don't know it's it's gonna treat the separation that you know it's going to trade over the next ten days. Right now over half the American League is either four games up or four games below 500. So at eight out of the fifteen teams feel like they have machines in its not kinda teams are leading the division the Yankees Indians are Astros all. The fifteen team thought they got a shot. And it's not like last season like last season the Yankees were 500. But they also were in fourth place in our division into three teams our head of the world double digit games over 500. So you yearn 500 what you're does 500 in the wrong here where this year being a 500 that gives you a chance to win the wild card spot. Last year they were the ninth best team in the American League 500. This year just a completely different beast I don't know off the separation can be created at least on a grand scale way maybe you think you can't over the next ten to fourteen game. A lot of it has do with who you're playing and where your plane and the royals bad and they've got ten at home and you know what it's the team to their Planar combined twenty games under 500 the Indians on the other hand I think they've got a decent shot. To maybe widening gap a little bit over the royals right out of the gate and say that because they've got six in a row out west against the ace in the giants' two teams that are awful this year. That are combined 33 games under 500 let's not forget that Cleveland Indians are really good road team they're ten games over 500 twist on the other hand it tough. After the Ulster break ride the gay. They got three other against the Astros they came out they come home against the Yankees combined 35 games over a 500 the majority of that is though from the Astros per share. I just think it's sort of reminds me that that final lap on the on on the 16100 mile run you know when runners like look at saved a little bit the tank here and now it's time to make my move. And I feel like bachelorette right now. I think you've got to make a move with what to a camp weeks whatever it is take it to the trade deadline on July 31 two weeks. It's time to make a move here and I think the royals at the golden opportunity to LeapFrog the twins in over the next ten days based on the twin schedule based on the royals game. That's what I'm talking about I think you look at the plane where they're playing them. I'd the royals got a decent shot today to put little separation between then and into it you can only you know in most cases eliminate one team at a time. And if the royals. Can't you know have a 73 homestand. And the twins get knocked around a little bit by the Astros and the Yankees at home. The royals are Dolly ashes of Delhi yankees dealt with those teams they want the season series with the Astros lost it to the yankees' dugout that. They've got teams that they could not around when you're at the White Sox killer until the lights are sold out so they can jam which means. Russ that team is the light plane from mine. I want my numbers we're not going anywhere and it's clear that we're sellers sought to get mine on the Utley and one down in the eight inning down Iran. I'm here to get my numbers are liking get paid. Next year whether via arbitration is a free agent so. I think the wasn't nice opportunity here run out of again. The Austin maybe it's disrespect towards the Minnesota Twins and and I'm alone in this feeling I kind of look at the minutes and the Minnesota Twins like a race we've all seen a race where somebody. Maybe overestimate their ability and they get out and they run really fast in the beginning of the race they don't have anything left actually. Wow look at Minnesota but it really well the beginning of the season. I think very similar to the 2013 royals this is not or a year to wean beat. Got a twins finish over 500 they went 81 games 82 games unity over 582 games absolutely. I don't know if they're good enough to compete at the very high yen I don't think they'll finish with a winning record. I think that's why are about as well as they played I think there may be a year maybe two years away from being a legitimate contender in the American League central. But I look back to that series that you and I both put big importance on fourth of July weekend twins were common in town had to play the royals four games that. The royals had to win that series at least had a split the series you set for your four from the twins I kind of look at that series. All right but their nest as there's not at the royals caliber at this point I don't really pay a whole lot of attention to the twins that I think is the vision either comes down to the Cleveland Indians why I think the most talented team in the division. Or the royals the clue we have the most experience championships all that kind of stuff in is with the World Series I don't know if it's that big of a difference. But the royals have a little bit of an advantage in that category cited haven't really played a whole lot of attention to the twins I just find it hard to believe. Out of the last two teams that represent the American League in the World Series the team that wins the division is the Minnesota Twins I just find it hard to believe this. Think it's gonna happen either what other sport it against them I think something like that right around there. So I do I do think yet taken seriously the royals in the over the weekend and I think it shows based on the on there the pitchers they're throwing. I mean you're going handled Duffy or Hamels Duffy Kennedy and his Texas series. You can separate yourself from the Rangers right now to remove the Rangers are below it. Now I would love for the royals to get hot right out of the gate and then at the Rangers follow their face because the more teams that. The more teams that did fall behind the royals. Then those teams become sellers instead of buyers Orson sit pat which means the competition for arms or who or whoever gonna go after its smaller. And so the better the royals play. The worst the other team's place is better for the royals coming on the line of the trade deadline if you could not legitimate chance to sweep this series at the race against the raiders. That's huge because the right is a ride on your tail for that second wildcard they think they can win so if you could not these guys out. This huge series for this weekend. Coming up next gimme a minute involving seuss story is about my Missouri Tigers and saving as a bone to pick with the magazine writer we tell you next on the draft. Two of the biggest stories of the day during the hits at 5 o'clock a big. DF AA in Major League Baseball today and we'll talk about that. In how it affects the royals plus you have had enough of the time armor Gregor and Floyd Mayweather worlds or I'm done it is come to Indy and if you missed it today. Floyd Mayweather used a homophobic slurs were kind of McGregor today that I think all of us can agree. Yes over all right you guys have had your fun for the last four days baseball backed let's just go sit down somewhere we will. We were resume this thing August 26 or does try to get everybody mad at each other pick sides and truthfully it's they would it. And I got black vs YE USC vs biking I gave vs straight so. I don't know beat up bad sound that you once again to speak at all they both got I think they've gotten both of them got very cared where over the last 48 in just a dumb things beautiful and it. I was gonna say that then essentially the gay and lesbian communities gonna go for out of order I just think you're try to try to get people pick sides. And then go and go by the fights than a hundred bucks we're gonna split everybody well one people one group on this side one group on this were making gazillion dollars. That is think over the last couple of days they have done so much and just gotten each other both riled up like it's clearly this is a ruse they've gone from city to city. Say the most inflammatory thing you can say about the other person get everybody fired up to and that sure goal sometimes you would you say really dumb things got a McGregor said really dumb things over the last four days Floyd Mayweather is that really dumb things over the last four days it's over the Tor is ended they'll both go back to training. And we will hear from them begin the week of the fight is I'm sure you'll have the same room result regained all all Florida wal give them a lot of money to watch them fight we will get back today it's on at a 5 o'clock first let's gimme a minute. Coming out of CVS. John save Porter maybe you've heard him he has a very talented older brother I have heard that John Saint Paul. You would assume it is likely that he will join his brother next year or this year excuse me at University of Missouri. If they get Johnson Porter which everything would shrink in the direction of him being in Missouri Tigers. This season is now console more. You have everything you need. You got a veteran point guard returning got a veteran big guy in Kevin per year another veteran wing in Jordan Barnett. And you've got one of the five most talented freshman class is in the country if this team is not good. I'm not point net Jeremiah silverlight as team is good enough point that John Shea-Porter a lot this team's not good. I'm point that you. Coaches would die to have the talent that Missouri is gonna handle on the court next season if they're not good that's a reflection of console mourns ability to coach. I can't get that. There's yesterday Kevin Smith. He's on the bus speeds that they come out Liz that I was stopped. It shell fired up in this and got deadline is guys decide to purge flip flops from our closets once and for all. Tell you what I couldn't disagree with this guy more foot joy of my favorite things where especially in the summer. If you get real life uniform to Wear for the rest of my life and elegant warm weather you need to ensure repair shorts and a pair of flip flops and I'll leave you alone. This guy says you have to take flip flops out of your wardrobe he says they should only be award at the beach. Or the pool. He says they're putting you at a disadvantage. Says they've been affected our bars our barbecues and even coffee shops are this anymore. I couldn't agree more. And better put us flip flops in the summertime heat. A lot recently. I don't Wear under rocks destiny in the mud. Flip flops in the summer. Are comfortable. Feat they'll get on. Everything about flip flops to Kevin Smith from Busby. I took lemon today to tell you you're absolutely wrong my friend. I actually. Agree with him to a certain extent. I think that flip flops are great for the pool. They're great for the beach and because that's one of those things you don't mind seeing other people's feet. When he talks about the coffee shop he is correct. Watches the TV out issue easel. Six Ers and it's the and then flip flops and it's you must be our job is a little bit different than most of these are jobs that you can just do different things BI report on the computer sometimes and Nolan did so did undefeated. Todd is actually a little. My job when it says not safe for work and I can click on the non safe for work late and it's not going to do me any amount of trouble. If you do that at their job you were open to those of the job in the same thing Scott Parse words and every single day nobody says anything to bring the dog to work and they walk round out at least we have lived and worked at a completely different place but he's got parks. I mean dot Johnny did. He has done doctor Hamilton went out here and I just budgets and you gotta get to a certain level and yeah make six figures of our bring your dog appear to work I'm still grind in my dog beer. Have a problem with me my thing if you can do whatever you wanna do you're an adult. But I would say when it comes to wearing flip flops sometimes. Again we're at a restaurant. I don't wanna see your feet and sharks and kind of restaurant isn't much just said at a coffee bar that you got a few dollars cable got you yeah. Socks and shoes don't put your feet on a table I would do that or flop it's summer man who cares. I'm tired of buzz feed these guys to only what like and where it can't. And nobody is committed to rate your closet doors say. The rate. At our speed go out. Now or flip flops in the summer it's a hundred you'll agree to steal for UC. That's for you don't you see my toes the mother now that's done hunter present actor it's a little attacks on says why are women exit from having to give up their flip flopped because all women take much better care of their feet than men do. Are you going to get better cure is often and Eleanor awhile but I. Karen my feet I bet it Tracy goes to get our hands at her feet done their wind and just take better care of their body I'm gonna do that. Greater with hygiene in those kind of thing that's not the problem now is the most part I like it. The little open until you keep it toenails yeah I like it. Then we've all seen some people Wear flip flops is meant that shouldn't be wearing them. But should know that I don't have that Tennessee you know I have bad feet. I average fees. There's small town square but I don't have don't have like crazy to those with orange and billions in Allen and like feet or via. Not to like Daniel and where to Sperry top siders rank on spinal angles. The tops Sperry top sellers and a note and get it do you see in a price wears a long time like that the boat shoes I don't wanna where yeah I don't have that either Aziz. Yeah I'm a measly seconds and in our fans and the canvas sneaker like on that router I go he'll flip flops in the summer. I just think if these guys are overreacting about the whole flip flopping formal Wear flip flops more flip flops bad summer hours in the winter like basically and our shores of the winner. Somewhere flip flops in the summer constantly keep my feet. I completely understand your adult nobody stopped absolutely what you wanna do out here ballots is sometime just two feet away you know. At the pull defeat him yeah at the beach defeat India out. We agree there's some places that are unlike you anywhere flip flops capital grille nuts and look at how that plays if you put also regulars you course that's. And disrespect five guys wants to walk round and defeats all out you've been hot and sweaty old and he's out at. Refusal puts Sox puts an issue Google and everybody can be happy in music. That's that he is yours is here's this guy suggests instead of flip flops consider him notices. As stupid as as the drills Otis. It's like it's like and does little moccasins look in the mr. Lugar and we're there yesterday about the flip flop shot. I. He flip flops like this how would you describe that. I don't know yet smells like Thompson is like a Spanish way of saying town yet the sales would like like you got issues for dude you got any of those I don't the other proposals like glorified as absolutely I would say I would just it puts shoes on that would you mind. Keep it told moves away from everybody else coming up in two minutes is that flip flop you're a flip. I'm not pro flip flop I'm I am probably. If it's odd I'm probably. Leaning left oh anti flu. Lots of women just in your guy you have flip flops not minding your foot in the slides the non none of those on the her shoes got bad and I figured if the judges and I know nobody wants to see my feats are put on an issue does a lot of emotion somewhere between interrogated and house slippers either. No I don't have any house where there's no I don't have any of those coming up two minutes it's it's the top stories of the day involving. A big decision by the Boston Red Sox we get it's that next draft. Sixty in sports. They men this is a Kansas City men's clinic and the heads up for any of you suffering from the embarrassment of erect tile dysfunction. Not too long ago Edie was thought to be a psychological problem well Ellis is wrong we now know better. We know their physical causes free the Kansas City men's clinic has a solution. 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