07/14 - 2pm - Royals Moving Day, Pablo Sandoval, Dayton Moore, Fanning The Flames

The Drive
Friday, July 14th

Fanning brings a golf anaology to how the Royals need to approach the opening of the second half of the season, breaking news about the Panda and the Red Sox. Plus, Fanning is flaming about an upcoming boxing bout. 


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Let's do this another day another dollar another addition of the drive I'll always love. Whenever we come in in the transition between. The day shift and our show to look at that's excellent in the top tech sense. Brinkley's dance is the only reason ladies listen it was just I was getting ready for bio shows a lot of nice year. What happened on the day shift but it is normally very enjoyable looking back through the text mile and a half to I mean in the might. Big things Megan big sound and you'd say he's there is a big when he watches. Anna Kournikova. And so these are making big noises. Squeals. That. It sound like I missed the fun time today they write and I can't believe that I I miss. I missed farm animal time will run over the days and today. A lot to get into today the second half of the baseball season in the has finally arrived it has been a long time since we watched a baseball game that meant something last Sunday in Los Angeles. Was the last time that we got to see a baseball game was meeting but today the royals keep things back off in the second half against the Texas rate absolutely. That mussina and it's not just this game it's the next ten maybe that fifteen games are going to be meaningful games. On Saturday on the PGA tour they call moving day. Golf reference call moving day because god you try to move up the leaderboard. And jockey either way and get themselves and get position on Sunday. Either way the charm or makes good money. I think this ten game stretch for the royals is basically moving day for baseball team and the reason I say that is this. Attended homestand against the Rangers the tigers in the White Sox in those three teams are combined 22 games under five under. They should take advantage of this ten games they're called it got bad teams the White Sox have already started to sell off parts this is a good time to eat. Cleveland Indians. They've got six that are all out western division leading Cleveland Indians. They've got the is energized those two teams though unfortunately for us our combined 33 games. Under 500. The idiots by the way are really good road team to 26 and sixteen us for the twins. They got three other is the masters three home against the Yankees those two teams are combined 35 games. Over 500 so. What that tells me is this the they're probably gonna go on a nice little road trip because that's what they do the royals at a golden opportunity. On moving day on moving week. To LeapFrog the Minnesota Twins over the next ten days so. I look at the American League just I guess a little bit differently know how you look at it if you look at the American and his fifteen teams. Eight of those scenes are within four games above and under 500 and that's that doesn't include the Yankees Indians and Astros that are more than four games over 500. Does look at it as it is so bogged up it is so close it is so competitive. I guess I just don't know what can happen in the ten days unless the team just absolutely falls off the cliff. The royals over these ten games got to go to an eight for me to consider them to be sellers the Indians have to go oh win six. The twins after really struggled I just think. It's so bunched up right now there's not a lot of time between now and the deadline does don't know if drastic things are going to happen aside from an injury or team just having. One of those kind of royals weeks when you go on a road trip and you come back home and you don't come back with a single win that's what I think it's gonna take if you got this kind of law gene gene this fifteen seems the American League eight of those teams are either four games are within four games above 500 or four games under 500. Everybody just kind of bogged up right now I don't know what that's gonna solve itself in the next ten to fourteen days. I think it might I think it at least you can only LeapFrog one team at a time in most cases in the royals have a golden opportunity in my opinion. That'd jump past the Minnesota Twins now in the division in the race for the second wildcard and it's the dollar the Yankees in the master played on. Are done. The twister come are probably all star break and got three other road against the Astros in the got three against the Yankees. That is a golden opportunity based on the team the royals plan. In a not very good Detroit team a White Sox team that sell off its parts and Texas Rangers team what he's gonna get a pretty good fight. This weekend because their distinctive but the that they can have a nice to end game homestand on a nice roll that put the twins in the rearview mere. Because the twins have a lot tougher than the royals. I mean absolutely and that is a big twins are as good as the royals on death with a C over the course of the season between now. And whenever the regular season and I think we're gonna see the Ross is gonna finish with a better record in the twins I had twins are just one of those teams a year away at twin look like a team and it's gonna win like 77 games maybe eighty games yeah that's a really good season compared to the 59 games you won last year I just don't really look at the twins as legitimate contenders maybe I'm wrong maybe we'll get to August 1 the twins are still in second place in his division. And I had to kind of reevaluate how I feel about the Minnesota Twins. As we get to the second half of the season I just look at the keys for the team and a lot much more concerned about the royals about what are you going to do in these next couple weeks. You've been a longstanding outscored started things around. I still like that select. Let's continue in the second half of the season are you gonna continue to be it got hits 200 and his team got to carry another bat in the lineup it's not producing offensively same thing with us it is Escobar is a real bright in Moscow and appears this team. Can date any date for Maurice a layer I'm Taloqan and these next team games in the next fourteen to seventeen days until we get to the trade deadline is. Royals got a position themselves soup when they finally have to sit down and make a decision of what they're going to buy. They have a good understanding because I think everything's looking for an alarm at the back in the rotation every teams looking for a fourth or fifth got to have in their bullpen. You can make it argued that maybe they need one more bad I think they're gonna use these next fourteen to seventeen days have a real good understanding of exactly what they need to target them. And a big get hot rod of the game if they can get hot rod and they create some separation. And maybe they get. The twins don't because they got a tough six game stretch coming up the twins. Coming out of this thing and if they want unloads a body then do. You know I mean the other opportunity. Just landed just lit a solid body blow to the Texas Rangers too because the raiders right now are two games under 500 to three games out of the second wildcard spot. The royals are game and a half hours a wild card spot right now if the can win this year's or possibly sweep it. That can change at least a little bit what the Rangers might do come trade deadline because the more start eliminating contenders. In the next two weeks. The smaller the mark it is for teams going after arms and that's why I think this is the biggest stretch of the season so far for the royals need to say. Listen the royals are ten to one incensed that they've been eleven games over 500 they've been fantastic 3423. To zero tenants want. That was a really important stretch for the royals was the U verse that's but but now this is a different kind of stretch you've got to keep an up. Because he could start eliminating contenders or teams that are competing for that locker spot or playoff spot those kids are gonna drop alternate by any anybody sell. Yeah I agree with you Immunogen. I've said this season is broken up into different stages stage one was about your ability to prove how good of a team you work. Or you gotta be able to keep your parts where you gonna be able to be fully invested it all in this next stage is the separation stage again. Eight teams in the American League or within four games above four under 500. Over half the league is a lot of teams in the same position of the royals have a look at the royals as being one game over 500 being buyers. A team that's two games under 500 at the same kind of bias to when you look at their vision. So what seems going to create separation there's not a tonic to crate that separation between now on the trade deadline. There is between now and August 15 there is between now and September 1 but now's the time where you Keyon. Aside from the offseason in free agency. This the best did you have to improve your chances of make in the playoffs who's going to be that big buyer is it gonna be it seem like the Red Sox just made a big move today is going to be it seem like the Yankees. The royals gonna say all right we're keeping everybody we're willing to package together rom honesty because we got blown away by ideal and really make a run at this being. The fear I think is the unknown of your height one of these two teams might fall off. Maybe one these two teams added that that's it for four games under 500 date make a run and a team that you were not anticipating being being big buyers I would say team like twins. They end up being the big winner of the trade deadline in the and that's and other team that maybe you're not counting on having a battle down the stretch nagger battle between Indy means down the stretch. That's like being abused got to win baseball games as simple as that he can't worry about everybody else is doing you gotta go do your thing what gives me a little bit of confidence. In this whole thing is that the positive unlike other teams the have been up against deadlines. Essentially the entire season. This was an 162 games he's run out of the gate. It was roughly 100 games he's talking but I get a good feel your team for games and they'd go it'll due June 1. Is when you really know what she got. And after that the royals got. It's the deadline old time because they knew coming out of the gates of that struggle there's a decent chance that some of the free agents in the and that and the core of this team we're gonna get sold. They bit up against it the entire year the side of that is that. A little stretch may exert so much energy just to get back above 500 that that hurts and a stretch I didn't think. We have a veteran group and guys that are outlawed years there of one World Series together bid to level. I feel like these guys understand the deadline we'll take it in stride and they can actually. We'll thrive on this where some younger teams like the Minnesota Twins that aren't quite ready will tend to say. If you look at the schedule and the experience factor that the rules set up pretty good and you really can't have a better set of that right now got a ten game homestand. Game and a bottle wildcard you battled back and got above 500 accurate tenant warning on the season. There's a pretty good. Baseball's weird man you know. Baseball is extremely strange and very unpredictable which is another reason why the Saber metrics community drives me crazy you can't predict this stuff. As a bunch that happened to I don't see that happening but it very well could happen to this team they can. Come back and get back in this thing would Danny Duffy out for as long as he was a sure they'll can get on Iran before the trade deadline with him back in health. No you're right I mean this is a team that I think can go in either direction I'd be a little bit surprised that they fall off I'm with you Irvington team is a lot more stable than they or at the beginning of the season. And now that you've got to any dusty back Vargas I think you're a lot more confident in the new work in the early part of the seed because he's done it for a full first half of the season. Moves is playing his best baseball Hosmer is playing incredible sound are raised. But I certainly don't think this team is gonna go on to NH stretch again after the deadline up next the biggest story in Major League Baseball. Also I think as big ramifications for the royals a tell you how an excellent draft. On the drive chanting there Fannie here chances here. Chrysler will be back on Monday as his honeymoon concludes. Thing is calling. This next saying it stretch for the royals moving day. The royals haven't seen game homestand against the Rangers tigers and White Sox those teams are a combined. 22 games below 500 now more of those games below five under with the type a with the tigers and the White Sox were two bad teams. The Rangers under 500 is still one of the teams that deem themselves to be any in this they bury critical stretch. For them just like it is for you would do in the royals have a ten game homestand against the Rangers tigers in the lights. At the adjacent jail on the mound tonight to cast could have baseball back in an allotted. And the royals are right in this thing we've got 75 games to go in the season and they opened a ten game homestand the first three gets the Texas Rangers the lineup is out tonight. With merit feel horrible Fazio Lorenzo Cain Eric Hosmer shopper as Mike whose stock is. Seat got my got more basal layer is batting seventies the DH by the way he's known for his last fourteen. LCDs Escobar batting eighth and playing shortstop and Bordeaux is in left fielder Jason Hamels on the mountain. To be fair and you called over forty story isolated and bring them also called that hitting streak and oh so these are you say for these gorgeous earlier heard a lot of it would be happy. But it just hope for his last four because it gets it like Oprah's birdied one with nineteen strikeouts and two. Spotlight so layers in there he's all Leo for fourteen EU DH you're talking about gore as he. Last segment they be better for sure but again captured every two that adds to our board don't bring some of the best defense in baseball. And they can at least contribute Wii console there and mosques. Doing nothing. A problem in the bottom of that order and a date knowledge talks about is Irvin whose net profits of a camera that was Dayton daily said that. You you grow those hitters in threes and if you got one at least one guy in the group of three that's hot pretty good shape so if you can get. The bottom three that ordered yet more easily policies of the or Alex Gordon. Ole hot there right now so it's one of those guys. Over the course of the next 75 games is still has got to go a little bit and he got shot that we've seen when the bottom of the that order hits this team win baseball games. You. Bring up Alex Gordon which kind of leads us into the next topic about Pablo Sandoval and today the big news in Major League Baseball. Policy animal has been DS aid policy in a law about a five year 95. Million dollar contract from the Boston Red Sox just a year and a half ago. And they are willing to. When I first saw this. It continues to show the financial disparities that exist in baseball. And there's not know outscored and a lot of other things he's great the community he plays great defense out of the Red Sox who keeps a minor everyday line exit below 200 and has been doing that for the last. Season and a half. I think maybe a little bit more aggressive in their fan base that maybe he won him a lot more to get that person out every day lineup. It just goes to show. And I know you disagree about the NFL salary cap if you don't have a salary cap and a team like this as the money that is operate a lot differently and everybody else there's no the royals if they sign Mike response to a contract or or. Aired out to a contract of five years 95 million dollars and their underperforming the way Pablo Sandoval is that person's playing every day and not Wear the Red Sox like. We're gonna give you a lot of money to just don't do anything else we do go play for the Toronto. Go play for the royals. We don't care just don't just give up our team Hoosier taking this these advance. From another teenager shows you how when you have money in baseball you can buy over a lot of your mistakes were teams like the royals. You've got to continue to keep Chris gets a lot of you got to continue to keep Omar finding a line in try to give the machines try to make that money worth. Why it works for the exits and they've been to two World Series and they can handle the data I have taken man. You know the NFL is. What 1415. Billion dollars is out it's worth a Major League baseball's were nine so Major League Baseball can afford to pay all these minor league players they can afford to pay a their forty man roster they can afford to all the stuff NET fifteen million bucks in the Kansas City Chiefs had to catch Jeremy Maclin because he's. They wanna say ten million bucks and like cattle dead and almost the exact opposite of baseball can afford this and pay up. More players than the NFL does not including minor league guys. Signing bonus for bonus babies all that other stuff is Major League Baseball can afford this why don't get the NFL. I don't know if it's a problem but they can afford I think it's just a matter of sheer competitiveness. I would say is situations like this just show how some teams can do things that other teams cannot enact in that doesn't exist in the NFL for example. Boston was one of the teams that were rumored to be interested in my stock is at a trade deadline pick up because we know Pablo Sandoval is there wasn't a player they were unhappy with Bob as animal and he wasn't going to play. So I. Need to be worried about Boston for the next couple weeks for my sockets. But this offseason you can worried about Boston. For a couple of reasons if there's no salary cap in Boston in the weather or beating for same player that they both really ward who's gonna outbid the other team and Boston get out BJ you're not winning that. Market size sheer brand recognition visibility playing on national TV more playing afford more eyes. If those things are in equal or unequal where if you're playing embossed in love the royals they're not the franchise that the Boston Red Sox there are especially on a national level. That's not close so a team I'd be worried about this offseason we'll be Boston. They clearly have a hole in what we've seen from the power from my stock is ticket fifty home runs Dexter for the Red Sox. They're going to give him the monopoly bag beer going offer might respond to something. I don't know financially you can match but you're gonna have to sell my stock is sold being the face of the royals in the continuity and that you stood by him because. Gotta ask yourself how much of that worse because if the Boston Red Sox really want somebody you're not going to outbid the Boston Red Sox four players both you guys really warm and I. Hate to say the moves to be Moses like the perfect personality. For Boston. Bearded dude plays hard gets dirty is perfect. For that the only thing I can hope for is that if if the Sox are get credits and of all the regular roster spot. Hopefully this is what my fingers crossed for on this because my reaction this whole thing when I cells like manic I'm by the royals keep them after moos. It's a trade deadline he brought a really good point we're at next. You know not just the trade and what I hope the Red Sox do. I'm hoping I'm praying the Red Sox news is that they make a deal at the deadline for a third baseman if they can control for. Three of four years after the fact if they do that. All feel a little bit better about our chances to keep him loose in Kansas City because of go get a read a third baseman were probably screwed. In terms of keeping moves in Kansas City. Under club control. You know you know let's take flood control and saying like you know royals traded away Davis Rory isolate controller for like four years will be a free agents allowed to so. It if the Red Sox get a got it under club control then I'll feel a little bit better about it but I. The ripple effect of the Red Sox cutting Pablo Sandoval and eating fifty million dollars. We can feel that Kansas City in the offseason per share in the about you know the red sex can eat fifty million bucks they're willing to do it. I don't handful rich guys. Doesn't tie rich guys don't like Kennedy. I mean he's already paid for the army if the contract guaranteed it doesn't matter of policy in a ball is playing for your every single day. Or not you all that money same thing without scored a deal that glues them. Don't like losing money. And investments invest a lot Pablo Sandoval. And and and normally if you invest in one guy here like and that it worked out. You're a little bit more tentative the next time around to prosecute was not the general manager when they San Pablo Sandoval is this I disagree with you a little because I normally. Think that's the mindset for more people are people with less games. The people back in continue to have a failed investment write about like LeBron. To invest a 100000 dollars and Sunday and it doesn't work now. I'll get a 100000 dollars back. The person that puts their life savings into company and fails there next idea they're not gonna have the money or the tenacity to go out there because of what they lost the first time. This is not the first bad contract and it seemed like the Yankees have signed or team like the Dodgers have sun or to let the Red Sox sign. They just combine over that mistake that assault cost about same thing we I was arguing with Chris Young. Why you're going Trish hung out there you've paid him already fees and help your team and you've got to get rid of and that's arguing six million dollars compared to fifty million dollars. But it willing to give out of a five year deal a year and a half into it. You pretty aggressive in how you operate from a financial standpoint is different and it goes into the overall risk of any free agent. I don't care if it's a guy like outscored that you know his body type now think he's gonna continue to say work ethic or big guy like Pablo Sandoval. If you're giving over thirty year old baseball players. That much guaranteed money something terrible can go wrong it has gone wrong we'll problems seeing the ball and they bought out of it and that's why I think we Dayton. I'm not gonna say it's the hardest thing that he's had to do because obviously transforming disorganization did and to win a World Series artist mark the second hardest part is now hello. You've got a lot of these guys on very teen friendly club controlled kind of deals now got to decide who you wanna pay at a horde as part of their career. You decided on Alex Gordon. Four years 72 million dollars do you like deals not working out right now you paid any doubt the the contract like you gave Salvador Reza a raise when you didn't have to do. Now you've probably got one maybe two more those contracts you've got to give away. Can you afford to miss on those deals can you afford to give my stock is a hundred million dollars. In the moose only hits seventeen home runs a season and that eagle eye you got to really be Smart about this next deal because. Before when you were paying a moves eleven million dollars. And that's what 9% of your cat you could be paid him 22 million dollars next season or something astronomical to keep on that just makes it a different towns and you have. The first we talked about guys over thirty giving a big deals by the time moves. Sizes. Him when he becomes a free agent side is next year is eight point nine. No his birthday is on September 11. It's going to be 29 years old when he when he hits free agency this year so you're essentially roll the dice on the same thing. You know hogs a year younger than him which is another reason why if I got to pick. I'm taking him I don't think they afford him either but that's the dude on Pickens so you're kidding. A body type. You know that was in my comparing most of policy animal mistakes much better served by obviously. The policy inaudible does but his body type is. Is Pablo light you know so that I'll be curious to see if the Red Sox come after but again I hold. And I pray just for royals fans charge out on the royals themselves that. You know that that the Red Sox got make a deal to deadline to get a guy that they control for three or four years that way they'll come after loose and free agency. Coming up royals general manager Dayton Moore was on the station today hear what he had to say about getting maximum value force players. Plus are the royals willing to deal rile modesty while they answered that question excellent draft. He general manager for York Kansas City Royals. Join best go in the morning a lot of conversation has been about his team. Howl all in all art they were they looking for. What possible players they could trade well it's always good to hear from the general manager himself. You're not discusses a lot of the last couple days rom Odyssey. He's probably the royals' best prospect. Certainly one of the top three then. Today are very fond of rom on a suit like most teams are with their top prospects he's been up or multiple times they called him up in the World Series and it's pretty safe to say the rules are pretty fond. Overall Mondesi would they be interested in trading him to acquire he said the deadline date more years of this question today on fast go in the morning. I don't feel threatened little boxes. It'll work itself into this completely blown away that certainly helped it's now for future it's you know it's a billboard because. You gotta deal with such ball. A little that I had to work as possible and certainly is doing that were several short it's eaten triple I. And watched them we moved in Portland that often that's what happened with little help in order and provide you with the skill that help. A win championships in which which we passed. It's a possible move move move move oh quickly and we have today it will. You know and I suspect we'll we'll be here and help from the so wounded and. I don't expect Dayton Moore to going any radio interview and answer this question. But I do think it is a fair question to ask the royals. Now he gets a little bit of a caveat empress and Ashford to buy that says they have to be blown away by the deal but I assume that's the case or any player. I don't think they wanna trade my sockets but if you get a once in a lifetime kind of deal I think they're open trading drachma stock. What are they willing to give. If you're not willing to give up your top prospect that the deadline what are you willing to give. If you just go is about to start is the cows Zimmer a what are you willing to give up. If we you're yesterday from Jeff and Lanny in who I think he's one of the more connected people with the royals organization and I think we've seen time and time again. Some of that information comes directly from Dayton Moore if they're not willing to pick up a guy like. What are you willing to give up are you willing to pick up ten million dollars in payroll down the stretch. You're gonna pick up fifteen what's too much what prospects are you willing to give up again I'm not expecting Dave mortar goal on the radio and say all right. We really are we really shocked at just Josh dome out the last couple weeks but that's the question. I don't think they wanna trade rob Monticello and there are a lot of teams that wanna trade your top prospect. But it came down to it. Are you willing to do if you're all in for this year yet all it means taken some risk in doing some things maybe you don't wanna do you genuinely be all in. That's a really good question that's what date got to figure out and I think. What makes row months he's so much more viable is in some of the younger guys we saw Foster Griffin. Have a picture with the royals drafted. Done federally get out in the futures game in and if he's edited it a good season oh it's what makes a guy like brawl modesty so valuable to the royals. Other than his obvious raw talent is affected each almost Major League ready. Again the big deal for LC whoever gets him if they do trade him. Put him in the bigs that you're ready to go yeah have to wait two years you don't have to do that and that's why. That's to me why the overall modesty conversation is different people in on the tax on yesterday's arrest in like. Whoa what's so viable bout on this point while. He's fast he's a great defender. He's a switch hitter and the royals lead that hit for average and some power as they see so. I don't know Osi got I I'm glad to date left the door open a little bit by saying role modesty. We don't wanna trade him but if it's if it's an undeniable deal that will do it because I think that's the attitude that you have to have. Listen we may not take the deal but you offer me something all the charge it's gonna guarantee. Almost guarantee anyway that we get to the playoffs have a shot got to make that deal. I think the difference between you and I when it comes the month siege you seem to believe in high you and a little bit more than I do other modest he can be a good Major League Baseball player. I just think most guys that his aides that they can tout his feet arms yeah that come up at his age really perform a lot better earlier than rile modest he did that I think they just overestimated his points on the play but I would say if he was that added 21 to I think now next season he's gonna come up you're not be didn't shoot sixty or is it gonna be a little bit of an adjustment I just think they may be overestimated maybe they ought to be ready by 22 point three. And now the number is 2425. Which gave you can be a great baseball player he's just not go over the top phenom but I think they've got a little bit over the last. Publicity but wish that wouldn't who's not to mean who's had to go back to the miners in and get things straightened out Posner struggled after he got here. I mean you're just gonna struggle it's much different game you talked in tons of cash. All over the place as early twenties. And things thrown at you when he made the big leagues very few of those guys will make a mob. Ain't no he's Mike Trout and I'm only a handful of those dudes. You know that are gonna tell appeared handle everything and gotten killed in the rookie year belly judges 25 he's a rookie at least 45. It played College Baseball. So. She too much good stuff world to see he's such a great fit. For the ball park in Kansas City man's switch hitter fastest hill great middle and middle defender and main man Aiken at the ballpark a little bit. He's a perfect fit he's just a puppy you know in which she. You don't really talented young players struggle all the time and that's why you know an accurate number I read is in Flint east peace from there are planning talking about and I'm not sure but. It's brawl on he just kind of you let him finish out the season and all lawns and listen. We're back in a movie and not go up from able to double rated AAA were not about your back and forth between the big leagues have cities this season here. Get comfortable dominate a league and that we'll give you shot next year I think that's part of it and we are constantly. Changing things for a player. Contra and it's almost equal of as maybe a little bit of a stretch but I mean you know comic operate her out some of the she's it was terrible once every Cisco. We had a budget of profits of coordinate our ball came and solidified that pretty good quarterback got there. And he just just need to call down a little bit role modesty and that's what it led to the triple I believe that in big time I think he's going to be terrific. I this thing going back to the point you made about moves and Hosmer I agree with you that it takes some guys and on everybody's mind yeah route. I would say when you call acute in his first big league experience is in the is in the World Series they think I really you'd like to a lot if he's my sockets and probably will obviously take that. It's upwards of 46 to figured out that's five years from now for rob modest it took loose until 47 and really figure out which is six years now for if you're looking at Rahman at all I'm saying is. I think they've kind of sounded like and 2018 you can either everyday second baseman everyday shortstop and played a high level. I don't know what I saw from the times I've seen him that they didn't make sure he's gonna do that I'd just think it's going to get a little bit longer process than even they think it's going to be asked. Tops and meek is Major League curve balls completely different than than a Tripoli curve ball I mean. You know you guys Tripoli throwing. 899091. You got the big leagues at fastballs 929394. Movement and sound like much. The three miles an hour with movement and a little different than 91 it's flat and and guys that learn how to do that that's what you see young guys struggle. Like the level is so different. From minor league ball to the big leagues I just exploding or balls around the strikes only wanna be. It's so much harder to hit the big league level and when you're that young in Europe here in your failing in everybody's called for your head and herb and in the rest your lineup is awful. And I understand that the royals did I'm glad date admittedly we rushed him. It didn't work you know as the ideal for having him up here to start the season was is that listen. We've got what we think is a really good veteran lineup we that we thought. That and was a really good DH and Brandon Moss who has turned out to be much or solar struggle you know the majority that. Lineup struggled and then that put the focus on while bonds. You know because if you've got guys hitting and doing their job. Camouflage column on this he's used in weakness in the and it's acute lucky struggle. But he's gonna be great look at those please make it it was magnified. When he came up here before so that's like. Think he's gonna be really really terrific player and I think he has tremendous value and the people around baseball field to he's the first and I promise you this he's the first name. The teams you're gonna bring it bring up when Dayton calls and is looking for apply. I'm what you anatomy the rules and really not much else than that in on a mile and a caller boils down really well and about did you really overly excited math they traded for audio well. Some depth at third base and they got a Jessica particular Dozier. That big put over there that they ticketed for some power to use our first round has heard all the time via media heard this year yeah for sure but. They've got. Like that they got a third baseman tree right now. You know the first well big the third baseman tree. It added some depth of and they don't have that shortstop they don't have the first space right now they've got some debt to third I would be surprised teams can call for Jessica. Up next we continue the audio from Dayton Moore as he was on with fresco on the morning plus a fanning the flames involving. The fight of the century next in the draft. Royals insider John Berger would join us coming up. Same minutes live from Kauffman Stadium the second half of the Major League Baseball season. Is upon us today it's moving day as you called bird is moving weaker well look at what's your what's your what's your praise for the next ten days it's more like. Moving week but but the point I was making moving sees video moving season moving. It's time to make a move that god at but on the PGA tour on Saturday gullible to date organizer kind of jockeying they would produce double degree in great position. 20 with a turban on Sunday I guess for the next ten days are for the royals and really for every team. It has a shot for right now they got. Three against the Rangers starting tonight and adjacent handle on the mound. Then after that it's a couple of crummy teams in the tigers in the lights option. And you know the twins are taking on a yankees and asked and yankees and Astros in the next six games in. And as a really good teams three of on the road is the masters he's a really good time for the royals to make the remove that horse race and that coming out a stretcher that jockey. With so little that comes are on the outside and you you can pass. A horse it's probably gonna win the race the royals have a decent chance at least to lead to LeapFrog the Minnesota Twins in the next. Ten days. Pop quiz coming up in its image your chance to win a pair of royals six who gets fanning the flames momentarily. A want to play one more cut from Dayton Moore as he joined Bob vesco in fiscal in the morning. Earlier today I thought a good quote year. That the royals are not focused oil and what they're going to give up but instead of what they won't do it in return down the stretch this is date more earlier this morning offense going to mourn. Can provide a battle of the fondness for votes as you watch somebody be so concerned about what we're giving. Did you want a fair deal but it fat lawyer for the future. Is if so this is what you can get over the whole. To make an impact of course in the position the World Series I'm more focused on what we're getting a civil war were different because. I put a lot of legal work I trust remains firm it's so I trust your typical little blond Richardson out sure all of our managers coaches and everything we do in order to go out. Always about with another player it's good job so it's yes. I'm responsible for them and I IIQ what are you all on the everything that we do but I and that's what I twelve our guys if he built. I disagree with Dayton justice image I think that's a great strategy to have been 25 team when you know that's championship level club. I don't know all of you can have that same aggressiveness. Every single season that your. All round 500 and have an opportunity in only fifteen. Everybody in the room should be on the same page about this this the championship level club we need a couple things that put us over the top. Then I think you say to hell with what it cost let's try to put ourselves in the best situation I don't think this team has positioned the exact same way in with a pitting free agency. Does don't know you can be as aggressive so I don't think it matters which you give up as much as it matters what you get back. Sense and I understand that. I'll go back to the thing that I that I I believe in strongly we are small market team when your Kansas City or Milwaukee or you know market like that. You'll selling cracks at this. You've got three building you know you'll get so many cracks at this and he got a shot. And thanks to the Indians. A rough first 87 games. You've got a shot. Any Kansas City. At Milwaukee in its smaller markets if you have a chance to win and you've got to take advantage and so that's why all side with him model a little bit on the a chance to give up on the C market share in the ALCS are ditching a chance. I think you deal. You gotta go for mentally it's different in southern Red Sox you know cut Pablo Sandoval and they eat fifty million bucks the royals did do that. You know the Red Sox game so with a legitimate shot at make the policies that a what do we know what you get in. Who knows what held in ways that 2014 and the age of what our games and royals let them so if if you have a chance. And the royals do have a chance they got a fighting chance in this thing I think you make a move to put you over the top you worry about the rest later. Bread standing I think America he may not be tall but he's never short on opinions do you have plans or you don't have. It's fanning the flames because it off mile long was already taken care Paul. Excellent free can punch something fanning the flames within the tangle on the drive. It is spending the flames. May surprise you. I've said before on numerous occasions that I'm about five I'm I'm out of 400 dollars and yet. Mayweather McGregor on August 26. You receivers has boxing guy. Can't wait to see you hope McGregor takes his ass. Or at least lose his mind kicks him in the face and guess who's qualified I think it's going to be great TV it's it's the equivalent to me. Man vs BBs when the three draw or the Ford horse race Campbell Beckett not watch. Hi I'm gonna watch his fight can't wait for which once the door which ones that came own personality others not and is saying is one of those things. It like you you just like guys Russell Baer a man you know watching that. And that's kind of what this is more of of a circus that it is a fight. So logic but I'm sort of done with this four day. Promotional tour that they've got going the first two days. And a decent yesterday Floyd Mayweather is on one dollar bills McGregor thousand. Drops about 58 of bombs Mayweather calls and Bihac. You know it back and forth and it's the same thing over over over miserly ways to go back to college about five days early so I get liquor up for five days part of my house. Four schools are sounds like a great idea three days anyway. And I ray players can hang out tonight on just Mayweather McGregor out yeah he sold me on and combine the 58. It's it and they're they're doing their thing right now again in London. I'm over it you hooked me it's the same thing wherever regularly did it Brooklyn last night they're doing it London right now I'm done I'm hooked. Enough that it's had too much I'm full I'm bloated on McGregor in mainland. Let me ask you this was been going on this week. In sports. NBA summer league it's a big deal as we go and watch and then most of our ball had. And vina lines a ball had purple nineties anything else and evidence and we thank. NBA summer league of our era law arms of all the performance he's. That's it yeah. So say in terms of marketing they have handled it perfectly. They pick the one week of the sports schedule that does not a whole lot of competition and as these rock drainage you got. Baseball home run derby and got the all star game that you got the espy's ending yesterday there's nothing. It's not doing this for two weeks they said we're gonna do for cities in four days. And they strategically placed them at some of the bigger cities in the world. They were a Los Angeles they were in Brooklyn they were in Toronto today there in London on Connor McGregor birthday. They've marketed this thing perfectly that I'm what you might launch three straight days from beginning to the end of the into going back and forth and talking to each other. Oh but every single day kind of McGregor gives you a funny one liner he gets everybody fired up this has been the greatest pro tour since the rock and Shawn Michaels back in the W WP day there's nothing else happening right now and sports. This is incredible I was they do this for another two weeks I was they did is once a week. Leading up until the fight August 26 I'm what they sold me they never had to go on as the some people right now it's about kind of McGregor. It's about selling himself to people that are not big USC fans there's going to be he biggest audience kind of McGregor ever has in his life. If he's gonna continue fighting and not transition. But this can open you have to do movies this could open new look for the late night circuit that you may be mortgage before because you'll see is still one of those niche kind of sports. However Gregory is hustling them hello this thing here reminds me oval and lightning can jump whenever Rosie Perez tells. Billy hope. Sometimes you can lose and still win. Economy is gonna get beat up and that's why he's still going to be the winner in all of this is gonna make a hundred million dollars a morbidly didn't know him and it Evernote and his entire life. Keep chasing the bad kind of McGregor. And why did it Italian descent I'm Don. Like sixty of the each other space. I believe you don't like the ones I mean today he's in line did on his birth they sense I mean they they set like 6000 people are gonna travelled from Ireland. Not ever Gregory is going to be I think he's been like it's in there there's going to be a fifteen Acxiom way to get the sound bites from today. Eat this stuff up bird and those tickets in Brooklyn yesterday were free to their being sold on eBay for fifty bucks. It's like eighty bucks today and one admired in of the transatlantic I understand. Urged listen I understand the interest for Donald it's the same thing over and over and over and over again. Go away Seattle August 26 a little watched the flight you're hooked me you had me from a low. Talk we can talk. I'm going to win. The pop plays. Five victory Chrysler dodge Jeep brand the prize a pair of royals tickets that it gets. It went in thinking about your problem. I think it might have a solution for new immigrant turned up but it. Squad into this special friend. To me. It's a little. How a little drip talk bloody chance than what you got her a hug a little. A little aggressive today on the five who is. I know movie that is all of jets right now 91357668. It soon minutes are royal insider Jasper you're joins us live from Kauffman Stadium coming up on the drive.