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The Day Shift
Friday, July 14th

Bink says the fate of the 2017 Royals rests in the hands of these 3 individuals. Plus, there is an unrealistic expectation in sports, is the hype machine derailing a major event, and Ryan says Lavar Ball is an evil genius. 


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And it. I'm a little bit more tired yeah. This morning and I typically him. I'm still a little bit oh really why. Still a little bit home wolf. Maybe. From a the dinner we had last night. We hung on Sullivan's stage Allison man analysts means for the first time Brinkley ever went to a restaurant. This is not true. I mean those who was. Out Spain which read a menu they let that woman a lot of that all the drinks we didn't drink menu. Almighty god. Yes. They treated their drinks like you do them amused at what's the deal to break. I mean it was incredible. To see your ID to an I mean. The bacon wrapped cease Dallas. Three big pass on the scallop still didn't and it is passed on the oysters -- all don't I ought to do by the crew and who have worn I didn't waste her but I had the big scalps all this right so I mean you wouldn't want that all the guys at Evan ballot the innings gallop and his egg roll yeah FS two and I shared a plate of oysters. And romantic dance where I tell you grow how about these state though who. Had node is gonna give you the feels right now. Home fitness. In the cocktails were amazed at NASA new cocktails that they're rolling on your end of the month. They were pretty. Results pretty amazing shot out to sell state house all's. Includes the deputy sharper stroke all yes yeah he would be a hot that's someone you take some of bitter they area that's that. That's a demands respect and will sign a sex were Alia that it's clearly appealing here. All. That bananas false culprit putting posts would you place it above men's Keith. The pain dropper orders yes it's hard to say can guess the bits he's worked for human dignity and lobster would. Hobeika. A terminally with so many home. Members of the oils that have been so key to the success here once it got hot here over the course of last couple months. We expect more out of McCain's roles in the second half of the season think that we all anticipate that they're going the in the chase to get to the playoffs in the bowl season. In B angling to win this division title. With that being said. You kind of put together a short list of the most important royals are going to be in the second half a season for this team to go. He's gonna step up there's one thing we know pusher. It's refund this made fun from here on. Where they by. Rugged by themselves and also watching this group of talent that you have may be the last time. We don't know what's gonna happen to one guide me. We'll start with number theory who were away. He'll be number. He's turned little self we've seen flashes. Really did kill in order we've seen times where stroke I have defended or since day one he's at some rough but I see a lot of rough. See situations and be blown to. But his day average fastball velocity is higher than it ever has been his career. He's a guy you have to bullpen. You've got available then towards the end of the year will it manners you need to have their guy. Lights out that shows that dodge can Egypt's they know the teams over jeans guns in the never talk Romney can move for that Britain want. They wanna build these Super Bowl. Kevin and I and the ped you shipping tubes I do valuable in the news to. The royals' baseball I got you through that indomitable. You've got to have the dominant guy. The royals the last two years David three and they have three of this year no they don't. They've got some OK guys that are bird could get bookings were is actually doing a good job Mike Minor. Category sub two year rates of what needs seven at this point would kill me career to me. Is the gap closed the game you feel hundred sick company company and let him have a great second half of the season. That's a rose baseball's all about I'm talking overpowering stuff 97 tool ordered becomes in the game shuts down. Kilby career have been a big second half to me. Would be some of the top three most important royals to me. To Danny Duffy. Divvied up just being the ace that we opened the east the sole last year. He's resulted in the year. Came back from injury I knew we had a rough outing in LAB still very good during the game still struck out nine data Duffy become an it guy. The local Vargas is doing. The 3-D need to feed your future BD Duffy to meet is still the east and your staff even though Jason Vargas was in the all star game. If you go to India playoff series. You start new need to be game. It might it. He's got overpowering stuff race it's your race it's a dvd opium and big second half to me. It is number two well think he could do hope that we saw the Cy Young potential data gut it's the royals give him more money. So killed Federer beat need to be huge for the royals the rest the year in number one putter. He's good I'd be this guy that carries the team giggle in the second half slump what you did at times last year was bent over 300 ends of the 266. Archives and really a year spent 318. Got twelve home runs I feel that. Eric how burst power. We were talking about power on the team installs thanks operas is the most powerful that includes over my stock has. But their cost has the potential he's a reported thirty homer and I released got twelve now and no daddy ends up over one. But he's in three AT. Eric house version. When this is going to have to be to get even more so the moves Cain anybody else Eric Hosmer has to be that guy. For the Kansas City Royals we've seen that. We see that he started off slow but he's been red hot since then he continually just goes out there it hits the baseball city he continues to be consistent. He's been addressed almost lineup since he's been under 200 he's been steady. You can count on their customer delivering those kids he's been 318 right now leads the team. And what I saw from Basra last couple months bats together as we continue rigorous the year he needs his ball you know what it helps him to free. He can make some money. Scott Morse look and every single minute of this but they're cops were to me has to be that bad. Do you need a fee. Bad arm from a story Tobin were shutting people down the other guy is very important this team I just look at these guys is Kenneth three lynch pins in the what did you do wrist rest of the year. Yeah IL I'm with you I'm with you in terms of the those three guys being important I'm a little bit surprised. That. That may be Michael Scott does it make it into your top three that dole and his mom a little bit surprised because. They did so dependent on his power. In the first half of the C eight if he's been spectacular. With his pal and all the homelands they sit. Can he conceded to to do that here in the second half of the season so I extend this list for. He's on okay what does Jason Vargas ranked it would be an atop I thought but a case of de Sousa deliberately to bury it that's my target there there'll on the top with all those guys in the top five. What'd something's a little bit concerned about with Moses. But opera has more than Billy preteen and missed it and I don't think that moos. And I'm not predicting the most pointed tail Lothian the second half of the season that's not what I'm saying that's when I'm envisioning. But I do wonder if the hole breaking the Bobble the record is gonna get his handle it. I hope that it does I think you've got. To like put all the pressure on yourself because he always downplays it though he downplayed this but we you know that he spit it about. Because everything is all right Carter scored for the record we heard loses her. We look at its third losing is here it. Don't think. This is a loser here type of record no it is it's a good sign that he's not openly talking body he's saying he's not. Now they get a body he's not concerned about it but come on now moos is here and body he's here and about it because we're all talking about. You know when that happens if it happens at home. It's commuter reaction. Let me highlight that it's gonna be on the charts. Make sure he looked this year he had stolen that nice appearance and we love the active and everything else but as far as moments. It's when he beats that record. USA what's going to be the biggest moment as he clearly make in the post season they do that the trumps everything. But if but when he beats W record which I think he's going to which undoubtedly the point. Is if the money I'd put money in my stocks beat that record. Part of moral run for share or twelve more beaded. I this'll be discipline and a lot of pressure on himself in the second half to win he has built like he has crushed the record or he has this pastor Rick this is gonna happen. We all expected it's gonna happen knock on wood it's gonna happen we expected Sokol pressure on so. Don't put pressure on south absent. I many times we are delusional as sports fans about what we expect from our war athletes that needs to change until you watch. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Divx. I started to get hungry right about now. And it's. So much so the state tells us a nine. And breakfast and I mean Ken Rosenthal. Filth that and then take them back blu wits. Putter. Yeah he's announcing Michael Pineda diagnosed they UCL ten. Little. High so recommended Tommy John surgery you'll get a second opinion. Some movement shaken that division today. Do you need him here do you think of an arm now. Aaliyah who is speaking to be too much. Now Pablo Sandoval to the F eight by the Boston Red Sox today. Still the guy 49 million dollars by the way it is a bit this debate is bittersweet keys city Boston but every wanna Bill White paint as. It's DF in the body the still 49 million dollars. Is just forty thought it was more I thought it was 6749. Million dollars from. We'll I was reported by ESPN I'm just taken workforce. Woolsey decided 67. Million are thought earlier on Twitter I think you're right. But let's look at this look at moral sees tweet here's Lucy and evolves so this year. 176. Next year 186. 2019186. Seventeen million in 2025. Million dollar buyouts would assume we get the five million dollar buy out as well. But the which is look at this simple math here with the contract. I do believe these below him we'll see who's right 7060001818. Is 36 plus five. Or. Is that a is that the numbers you came out with 41 million. Well sort of they have remaining on mr. 58 or come with you 1818. Well seventeen point six spread paraded for what I was including this season. Yes include next year it's 37. Plus the five is below 42. The via. Her but I I was given in the full 176 this year meaning duties in Michigan seventeen point six million. There's nothing security contractor there. So he's getting 186 for next year 1860 year after that seventeen. You know you yet he he he he he does have his latest up to date he says correction. He says to recap your right John morose he had his his numbers would make me a messed up earlier he says it's 49 point five. From to date through the end of the touch it best result text are asking why couldn't stand over fat lazy bastard that when he fourteen. Policy and he was actually even help you would care to one with fifty mile and he can eat whatever they'll anymore. Be at your fat jokes of his ball pop often drawn up fifty million dollars. He's the one lap he still might have a Bo pop this little baseball this was role based security contract. This talking about. Guys that eat their position in a good idea fail when you're home eighteen million dollars a year this is what's wrong but it. If that's the problem we view that kind of money to somebody became in there. Out of shape. That not a good baseball player and he's still blowing fifty million dollars that's a problem I don't know many in rose's latest tweets. Is that the Tulsa it's rested decided right now. What is wet but 43 and PDQ are cuter he's booed Eagles think they're the ones of fallen. At least in his checked out the 9 o'clock hour of the show why this show podcast. What but point three call them. And I happen to agree gestured great men. He loves it we love sports with a much foresees we love our athletes but many times were delusional. About what we should expect out of our athletes. In one day that we should expect is players. To be low. We ship. And at New Jersey dot com it talks about Brandon Marshall in Brandon Marshall had made some comments. Two up boomer size in it and nobly boomer and carton from WSA yen. He was on the show. And he made some comments about the jets. And he was. Like the direction of the jets. He didn't like how they handled the releases balls. His teammates former teammates Eric Decker in middle linebacker David Mears. He said that all the wrong. Regards the timing of the cuts he says it's too late in free agency for those cuts it was bad business there's no way around it's bad. Business. Did he talked about how he essentially said. That he asked for his release he says I gotta get out of here I just knew I couldn't be in an environment. I think everyone knows the type a personality I am at this point in my career. I would know made it through an entire season knowing that we didn't have a chance that's all you want as a player. You just want a chisel so Brennan Marshall wanted out. We stay in so. A lot of times we get caught up into we want everybody to be loyal to the organization. We want everybody to be loyal. To the fan ethics. And we all appreciate what these athletes provide for especially when they're playing well. But this is the issue. With it. I think the best unfair. To these athletes. Because of a one. People say often times. They use that term having a business mentality. We talked about. How we approach professional sports. There is a business mentality the wind went organizations are dealing with players they're putting players in releasing players in treating players. It's a business. Why should we expect more. From a player in terms of loyalty. That we expect in the organization. Is a make a whole lot of sense to me. If we wanna talk about players got to be loyal pop up organizations have to be able. That's point number one point number two. The majority of players. They don't get to choose to beat the top alt loyalty to the French as I did it we have some some awesome athletes even in this town. That available. Data dusty. Says boring me a royal he's a loyal guy he appreciates the states. I understand it these guys don't choose to play with certain franchises. For the most part. Now we have certain situations where a guy you know this may be international baseball player a T-Mobile sign animal whatever it in the Bettany worked out. Oh what it comes to a drastic situation. Like what more is Peters wants to go play for the Oakland Raiders. He's from all these boards a Marshawn Lynch. It was just about seats. Right he was dropped about it sees what do constable OT. The majority of these athletes. They're not playing for teams in towns that they grew up. With. Or they supported. As junkets. Or may be always dreamed of playing for. I remember Randy Moss he said he when he was a grown up he want to be a cowboy you know what cal always pass on him in the draft which I know that they regret after that. Minnesota Vikings draft. These players. Beer refuel them get dragged into their childhood on scenes. In the players don't get it twisted they're signing contracts or money. Yet they might like this situation because of this player being here this quarterback being here or a team being the winner. But money is the biggest factor when it comes down to. And last but at least they at least for me. As a rational person. I expect players to do what's best for them and their San. That's why we should expect him to be lawyer they should not expect players to be loyal. You gotta be a rational person. They eat and we talk about regular jobs for people. You get selected job would you gotta make a lot of money and eager to put yourself in your Stanley in a great situation. Players are no different no different look at Kevin dewine clearer example. He wanted to win now was it approving of what's given the rain did because he hop on the Golden State bandwagon. Al's not they've given me I didn't appreciate I didn't like it is a just knocked him out in the playoffs when they when the Oklahoma City Thunder were up 31. But as a rational person did he also won a rate is gonna get paid handsomely to do it. I understand it I don't expect OT the every single player. It's a business. In back to you your point about the majority of players don't choose to be either. Now convenience expect local chain raised tattooed into cheat how many of these guys that are taken by the jaguars the being the browns. And these guys were lifelong jags fans are bagels browns. At a 53 man rosters and they do you think of the 53 in Cleveland roster grew up Brown's. But also they have to be a browns fan in its disloyalty to go somewhere else. The funny thing is they're not yelling you chew or anybody else on Twitter YouTube and accounting Japanese switched accounting firm. Between you. We switch in companies where you're disloyal. You don't care would care we switched jobs or give more money or do some good some morals why do we hear as much when the athletes do it again. It's face of global that's our team in a matter who's here. We act logo would like bureau had logo. Really TC on the hat that's ever change that staying here at the players they come and go. To expect the same out of the players is much different because like you said. Lot of times are looking for money they don't like the direction he was going. I've seen for too many examples of players even what leaky and city it is like like the director got Greinke didn't like the direction the royals go. You think you're gonna win. The we're gonna do the things they need to do put the pieces together to win and he wanted to put Gonzales. But she's kind of what the same thing. A big trying to what are what are they doing we expect loyalty. We remember let these guys are from. This big group chiefs and royals I. I have a tough time. We saw the ball. Players should always be loyal. How about win. Franchises. Are loyal to the players. In it click to cut. I just have a hard time. You think that everybody is gonna be able to everybody that's not the reality of it. It is a businessman in got a call for what it is organizations at the top players to trade players that we get attached to. In at the same time players. Lead normal lives like ourselves. Well some normal. They have to make decisions that's best. And we have to live with. Which we you have to look we have to live with the choices that they make. It I don't begrudge him at all with the choices that they. Yes as as at and sometimes guilty doctors what are your favorite geysers of re sign with your team your favorite team. It distrusted by the time the beat every right to do so. LT that we should not him as much as we do on a day to day basis nine out of we have the with the because this Sports Radio that the into that they and should not expect players to be able edition. Could all be promotional appearances for the Mayweather McGregor fight. Actually be detrimental. To the event itself would get to that next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. They because we hope breaking news. I hope you don't have anything against being there. At an open and it's been very good. That is the case. Produced broke the world has been doing some big fan. That we've been. Like it is a bad and it's. She when she was on my college game day. You see the shooter shot unlike all. Osce Katie but baker mayfield. Bill was I don't like overnight yet. He was on the big league or this week you see is what particular is confident I'd really. Crush baker may feel more for not being elusive enough to escape the cops and a small hole. Area is that he used though it was all it got tackled quick he was drunk he did. You accurately he didn't even take two steps out of the pocket. And I cops acted it was loaded. It's it was him he's not playing this. Guy. Old blood done us to. August 26 everybody will be watching not a McGregor. I don't really have a rooting. Interest in the eyes I just wanna see it as one Seattle is gonna sit down I'm not a fan of either guy. Arm all the rubble of robot seeing it then in the make guy both Floyd Mayweather is this. I'm I'm not fame because of what he stands for outside the ring but I'm just interested in and in everything is gonna happen with the match up and we've all been intrigued by the trash talk of we said earlier this week. What are you with these guys had to say and they had been one in their mouse. But now we're at feet into the week in the on the east final on this final appearance at the just gonna be in London I think that. So today they bigamy and then today. This sorcery days smack there's been so much trash talk being. So what's height. So many things that's been said. It's starting I don't wanna say that is it's I think it may be starting to be counterproductive. I think people are I think the first couple days we liked it. But after yesterday. We. All at this stage we're saying enough is enough. Yet it's cool that you guys trash talk to each other in. Connor was talking about he had assumed on UN jumpsuit Bonnie you got a backpack and all this started the whole tax situation for. For us Floyd Mayweather he's they define that. But after yesterday. I pick up a lot of title walked away from it it was packed it was 181000. Spain's. This it did say you know what man rescued at all. Forget all the trash talk let's do it on we heard guys trash talk for dim your week let's move on to the next I think that's what were at. And for me at least. I'd like trash talk but not the we're getting so much of it. Ultimately it my eyes. I just don't think we're gonna get show in terms of almost fight perspective I don't think the we're going to do is show. I don't think the time McGregor is going to. How about that what's it would seriously it's boy. That is the beat these beautiful I meet people sit there and tell about what congress gonna be able to do. And you know he's he's he's little bit bigger than if Floyd. It's not as though I'm a McGregor our own fight. Like his name got him the fight it is like she's in that in the in the world in terms of the boxing right. I just don't think that would gonna get a shell. And they're talking so what's the one thing when it comes to talking in selling and I know that these guys are good at marketing a product they're good at promoting a product. Typically. Even beyond that good products sell themselves. Like you don't have to over hike. Really good products a good product to sell itself. A tick. At this point it's almost like. We're getting over saturated. With all all of the calls. Every day. We're talking about it in we're not helping you never got I understand that what is every weird that you term. It is so what's with the 24 hour news cycle. It's all what it together it's all blending together. Like. What was this said by kind of McGregor towards. Floyd Mayweather. I do a good they did. Do you welcome the club party blown. I want you to take isn't the isn't doing on Larry and I are now. And maintain. A real. Vampire. When you don't win. When you do your. And it sound bite will have a public that it was arrested yesterday in of course idol was sick yesterday but it sounds like something that was said at the beginning of the week. It's all blending together. Onto Connors and it'll always in the messages. Yeah we like the back and forth with this hardware now. The gold comedy routine and he would sit eagle on the same one saint Louis the same way that in a while they seem its same thing it yesterday. It does culminate a lot of people say I agree with them it's two months all intents and stick you we have so much you can talk about. Look at pictures right now of these to the sick like. Private jets small. Tell me they were chop it up on that long flight. Also where it's reasonably more not cancel games will it mean these two promising private jet. If they'd literally hit each of the of this month when they sit on this and tried to get together or. This is a point government. They don't play I play again. Three that's better or on the earth like this guy a ticket to the jet. The money team out of many team the demands yet taken up the Wikipedia. But they're using the same stick. Every single the first day was out steam it was all it was great Zemin these days agent secondly I did it was brought up. Just as good the third day New York. Gorgeous stuff before I mean how is certainly get old tummy doesn't hear slow its latest. I. Yeah. I mean. We get deployed. Bet Connor has tapped out before. Then he's lost a few flights and you have lost fights can you be the same plane same as votes demoted. In your names they know about you to be the same private jet if you get that money would be your own ideas of his business. I mean same project. I don't know the likes of boards them are either worst of the space project. They agreed to do it and do policies is his teacher listen to a brief fight I'm pulling. They agreed to do. They know they both since the end because that money will arrive in this. Honors in the press why they'll say it's it's it's a little bit too much that he said and it was and if he did basic it's a console right now. Is it necessary out of left that just the bay. The two biggest Ron I don't work I don't mind London doing separate appearance all or do a little back back to react the bounty for. Especially in a row. I was good until the fight press count. This fight is I was five we were able to relieve the debt but it's the same act the same route. They're gonna be in London the priority talking now who knows what I'm talking great tennis and stick Weaver. I think so cargo at the taxes. Legal and after he employed the 11 dollar bills Connor picking them go easily and I think the most. And we knew that the promotion of and of it was going to be of a magnitude that we'd never seen before. And that this was just going to get bowl blown up. I think a lot of us like we were looking forward to that. And looking forward of this though in your rightly quite. When I see it there when I see how our merger trying to sell this like. Imagined this fight we're used all our. We continue to just fumble you're all well you're about. Just all of these little stupid nuances of this car when in fact we know that game and things is gonna break down and a week. But I'm just trying to sell this to you too hard. Writers don't trust you because you're trying to sell beta art. It's like the sham wow guy is somehow per boating but I Herbert Gregor Floyd Mayweather fight. A gorgeous delegate too hard for me now like. Back propagated to hear to digest some of this information that's come my way. But we figure out what the smack talk and help give these guys and it's a rights of new dam material. If they both seem to be out of als yes they Floyd's out there. Throw in singles on Connor is where like at a bare skin I wrote it with what is going on. But it was just dom yesterday I don't you you know I care about today I don't. It might make it too much but the rooms and play. That's a net loss due to 82 that much way for me this is business I don't his business but more. It is this portrayal hold hatred if you share a plane with a mine. Being sold here. Porsche B soul yeah I mean where you'd be dead the fights fixed. None of them to the fights for civil this featured I think is. I picked up featured. I don't like each of the you don't like each others it's much is what they're saying yep but maybe not as much of what their patrol policy together. There says these were what 800 million dollars. Keeping different blood. Shadows of the sham wow guy by the way. He's just crew keeper at me. Is creepy you look at. All right tell ends offer this this and we're gonna need your. Eyes assistants. As we have a question about what whether this is a ball malls or bad. We'll explain next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Whole foods that it's. Possible. I'd disabuse. It made me. The forty. In a chance to do live. What we think about what's going on within months of ball. And is. It's sneaker to. It would mean to learn is the fact that. He's not just playing in big ball of rain suits. A couple of nights ago. He rocked tonight. And LeBron James said. Just to. Between that out. Last night. In the NBA summer league. As the lakers defeated the Cleveland cavs. That's around got a triple bubble. He was bawling in. A deed is seems. So he's played everything you've got that seems hard months. Put money. Any wit all on the broadcast after the Davis a big ball bring you got freedom to do whatever you want I'm showcasing net. Why it has a particular take keeping it actually is a good paying for the big ball brand. And potentially athletes moving forward when you have a individuals like bonds of this we're able. We'll sue I have a theory. I've told you before I'd believe although. He is on the surface complete jackass. Lavar ball as an evil genius. I everything he does as some reason behind it although we may or may not agree with that although we don't know it's right in the moment. I think the man's evil genius. And somehow these zero twos that are 500 dollars in five years from now targeted the hottest thing ever and everybody's gonna wish they had by those that. Were going to be kicking ourselves that we pay 500 dollars for their shoes. That being said. I think this is a well. By levoir Alonso ball to. Sway athletes who want to sign with the big Boller for now I'm not saying that you're going to get the James hardens of the world. You have a hundred million dollars to pay these guys. But as athletes come into the league and as they are courted by Nike and Adidas. And under armour and all the other all the of the big guy's name has been a big ball brand's gonna come on the scene they hate. You see how Nike wanted to lock Darren James Harden. Or do you just wanted to lock him down as a remember that story James Harden outside of the diesel 120 million dollar deal or something like that. And the next day he's wearing Nikes and everybody losses stuff oh you're supposed to be doing that. Here the ball bring it we don't do that. We don't keep you contained you can Wear whatever you want and where paired jays Monday due Iraq's Madea's the next day go right ahead. As long as you represent a range and I it I heard Walsh in the guys talking about here today and he said he didn't think. Bat wearing the product was as important. As representing the Brandon like on the surface when him Meyer might freak in me. Those guys were in the shirts as the go to the issues is this that still repeat here isn't that the idea though is like you know. As vaguely mentioned in his war like in the idea that kids want to Wear the shoes because this guy is wearing them yes. I think so I think what he's trying to do though. Is the brand itself is about imaging we've heard out in forty not a big ball. Like the brand itself is about Ian it's not about the athletes that are tied to it. Do those athletes helps sell that brand. I I think they do but I don't have to Wear the product to sell that image. That is big policy I think of our balls being an evil genius here by letting on the Wear whatever the hell he wants and along those balls and following suit. Wearing whatever you want to say look here we had a ball. We're not gonna pulled James Harden crap on your regulatory. What you can't do that with other athletes well. It's not like. That coach does a war for anybody else but his kid. Let's say this because they approached mark helpful. Denmark awful and they say would you be and now mark helpful to probably you know I'll know you guys don't have a million dollars and he said now the exact. In what I'm saying is. Beard or not he's there were going to get mark helpful if they were told mark health also hey check this out. We're gonna try to stay competitive with the other girls wherever you. You have to be locked into wearing a did he would have passed on a very lucrative contract with the Dodgers got another company and it's sad is the thing it'll pass on Adidas and Nike with a guaranteed. Money in the great marketing resource marks the tumultuous big ball as far as being an evil genius backtrack he dated excuse. Where they're where I did exactly why I brought that up is he's not Wear and so rap music is it will or once lawns so. In the dvds that Watson. If he's born three. Through different brands it's a good game in triple double the big ball beat the 36 point than Nike and ice triple double. In the deed is that to me was saving face that was to me let me make an excuse for being able to Wear what you want here's the thing. What athletes you can get his guess what Nike deal is under. There it kept him saying I'm unwritten big ball aberrant apparel. What were your shoes you're gonna say no were our apparel in our shoes exactly do you see yourself and Frito. To these athletes exactly. You you offer you have one unique thing you can educate compete money wise but right now are you just can't. But but. Who cares about freedom. When you can do what the best companies in the world more TD you and you're gonna have commercials. The best equipment again did the best technology. All of my. What her old and they release him they were aware that the dry pits or anything like that what you think he's athletes when we're stain your laser. All they want to do wanna stay in my earlier in your kids don't. Just like to get it treated GG one. Man I really looker JJ watt global choose between two expense. July PC these athletes work that's what the endorsement gives you see what they were injured game neagle. One of those rural amassed this bank how many people were clamoring to get the staff Currie ones. A staff Currie wears them. As those things were hideous and look like grass -- issues in Hampshire they were fine I'm sure a lot of people that you know it's step wears on by it'll look good but I'm a worm anyway but typically. When athletes where search you would George UT now come. It would be like Mike. Is there were no shows would be as effective if Mike Jordan was born at the he's written like well. Yeah I like man I I don't necessarily disagree but I the one thing that I do think about this is that. We can't approach anything that comes out of the big Boller camp. With like a sense of rationale. Because he's a loose cannon man likes it he's making this like we're trying to we're trying to get inside the mind of a crazy man and use of reasoning doesn't work. We look at which you know to be out with Gil and I don't like I haven't necessarily like the bar balls approached with all the stuff. But I will say this about a bit there is something I appreciate about Lavar ball. Number one I don't think he's the worst parent of people try to make them out to be I think that's what I think guys acting Tibet's. Yes disrespectful or what people are doing to him in terms of his his image I know some day brings that sub because you know he wants an awful lot. But the thing people should take away from the far ball and they should respect about him. Is that he is all while being an entrepreneur galore and being in depend. If you can't respect at I don't know what to tell. He's he's saying I'm trying to treat something on my own. I'm not wedded to Nike I'm not running to under armour you have to appreciate it now to what to do is old is going to work no I don't but I I appreciate his hustle. Debbie to be figured it was just a G I mean let's show us for a second and I notices. Much much further down reports say that Lavar actually succeed him as. And is able to actually start paying some athletes. And it certainly would. Somewhere in the neighborhood if they can't say look I'm gonna give you X amount of dollars come to our brand. The fact that you are not locked into having to Wear that brand 24/7 I do think is appealing that went right and you gave India appealing to Rick James Harden you gave me the easiest example rich and wealthy. Went to OG rub you by eighteen cities rich. The guys with the owners their world. Nike deed is a murmur that's who's wealthy Lavar might be rich. Commitment to dwindle and all it takes is one major investor. To help him now he could be going places if if I said you know. Also when. I'm gonna invest your product and an eagle and it gives you 200 million dollars or. India also a sudden all the salt and ice what are you don't notice it should be evil genius is stupid physically why. He goes abroad and more. Abroad because we talked about it. Just say now. That it's on that I want to let you know how much money of our balls actually yeah bent this up people on advertise for perfection that's the way to give you a tall big thing how much money being spent on advertising. Have no idea I would assume the budget has been very minimal. Salt month's. Span of half a million dollars. I don't think so I don't think. They're gonna crackles. Paul holds a private viewing on the beauties off our double up next yet be sixty in sports expected part of this expect. Well hold on witnesses Wimbledon and underwear. We get to that next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. I guess it did not particularly in total to sixty in sports.