07/14 - 1 pm - The Home Stretch

The Day Shift
Friday, July 14th

In the final hour of the show, Dayton Moore tips his hand about the second half of the season. Plus, Bink wants a definition of "fake news", Bink claims women only watch sports because of this, and the Take 2 Before 2. 


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It's that thing. And it was hard to. Here couldn't get into law. It did last week. If at all. Next week and he deserves your meaning you know just on this week. In the wolf. Sport today is mainly some. And you can ask on and it all these elements of innings when he how they got invited to that speak. Usually Mineta and yet it was in the office to unite going by the when heavy keepsake yeah America from Ben's wedding if you like they. He's worried about it to talk to beat them last hold. Secure your music cussing and stuff like this series featuring musical about a I make fun of you that part of my. I think this is sure sure you meet them. But what. Are you where they're trying to. Viewing your attitude seedless sure. Brian it. I didn't know this either to the worldwide Edwards winning. All the best out of Wimbledon that's not a good. I'm gonna give you 32 explanation on the Specter has amassed five times now. And once in the when nobody X on your underworld and think we lost a bunch of weight he put taxes on the underwear the pit. That way when he got into his thrower he could see the x.s and be like that under worse so that's I don't know why you're keeping your bat and -- Did for fun. Now think Alina as axes and all was underwear that fit and his wife and he was looking in my underwear I've enjoyed it. I actually. Those cleaning up as it was hailed displeasure over here you really stretching in your gut was fast or and or sag and I root. It was big hairy man get right my face. I I couldn't help but notice. You put stuff it is cracked before. True I did lotion on your butt. Nissen thanks again. It was different being different. Rule for an unknown and girlfriend it's like if you got shot with a Darden and to suck up the poison you would. Depends on where you got shot with a dark then completed. I mean the best the growing regions or play golf and that's. And stuff for the same if I can see the bush and I had stopped you before I'm not going in the jungle as well. The rope and now. Oh bide guys. Aren't we talked about being we'd be down. And driven home the point about how the rest of the 2017 seasons with the royals as can be defined by the next three series but also the importance of us. Him playing locally on the great. Also bowls in line to with the fact that the Cleveland Indians held theory easy schedule or Elise a pony coming out also break. Would also the fact that you could overtake the Minnesota Twins in the division. There's they have one eligible match up over the course of the weekend. They are playing the Houston Astros you can really take advantage of Minnesota because Minnesota when he Houston. Over the weekend not just for them Cleveland they're playing Oakland so oak was not gonna probably show that much about the approved a much. The first six games on the road but it is it's Oakland as you say that at sea of Cisco giant we've all seen how good their Cisco our arts are there. If for some reason I can't figure this one now Cleveland is ten games over 500 on the road. Three games under 500 it. So from Minnesota Minnesota is bad at home as well yeah they're twenty and 28 home 2515. On the roads and access. It was those two teams last played each other. Cleveland swept the twins in Minnesota Minnesota sweeps the twins in Cleveland we hope these teams Cleveland. The teams are planned but again I don't know how much pulled into this for the Padres when beaten twice. In Cleveland last year but yes it is favorable for the unions it is favorable for the royals. Rules are the ten and help which the royals do have a better record at home and on the road. The road records getting better in four games under 500 on the road 4419 hell. But it favors this all slaves they X 33 games favors bikinis and Roy. But they've had a history this year of losing to the bad teams in beaten get to seven that. We have asked you it's appeared. Taken advantage of the fact that the twins. Eight like this it to twist goats you laws Houston and they swept. All the series. They're the under 500. Public debt. And talk with twins are going to be an uphill climb the entire way because this neck snuck back into the royals after rules doctors. Dated. All quick piece of news to his sounds like from our sixth in royals insider Josh Varner. That died in the title of Feliz he is going on paternity leave. And Miguel Monty is going to be recall. All bought a he's been holed up here a couple times. Didn't pits they want them what time between double header strong got hurt Belmont they meet here to keep the city. To be in the second game of the doubleheader. Strongest heard the first woman gets the twins. They called law of McGill month it was actually real benefit having your Tripoli teams so close to be able to come down to be in the second game. A month as those guys. You keep two cards like Jude bella. You don't buy he ran. There's one thing the ball all the players that we talked about. At the top of the 11 o'clock hour wind you had the short list of the three most important royals. Any talk about Hosmer was at the top the list and Danny does the been Kilmer and bounded out with Jason barges and Michael stock. I think we have moves forth in and orders it. You don't decrease Tuesday about all of that is. Is that we sit here today we believe that this team to be a playoff team or possibly win the division. And Alex Gordon not if enough. Think about that works. I never I don't know honestly I never would have thought going into the season that that Albert thought that the royals did did win this division. With Allen scored playing the way that he. Acutely July 14 he still under 200. Would never thought would never taken at that with you. They those words we under 200 after appeals from never taken it. Just think about their four sec yeah he's he's always right. He's the bottom of the order we it's kind of an upper body needs to be good we know this. Guess what symbol of very good but they have the money to do reverend royals after their ballots wouldn't be good. 72 million Wallace's kids that I saw quite a check to oust orders they are an all cash for being ended with Red Sox do. But I do we have the three most important royals Hosmer Duffy or says that the more kind of on page would be Duffy has to be the guy in the second half of the season. I know what I say ace he's the royals it's not talk about decent Major League Baseball epic there's a big difference. Ace in Major League Baseball these liberals James Shields royalty. But he wasn't an eighth. Still no matter in the podcast chill out. Just one term well no I checked that you didn't mean Ryan for the next hour. Bother me talking about sports. Bothering you know. He's talked you know don't bother us no matter where you bring up old stuff and I. I have like thirty seconds left that up with the ball so we bothering you. We don't you wanna check out manned. Best of toothpaste debris and neurotic and now I've not somewhat distillate shade it's. Trio rights of rock. You don't do about it. All all hope is that lets you face a record in my head I just give the cease obviously look postal or brick I had none. He's go with the braids going grades. Went courtrooms. Pretty serious that is gauntlet shows through. Osu is account is that it's so nobody is admirably so eager subject or thirteen. These seven or phrases that answer. A centrist. David aliens. Going different look. It only imagine one. What else do you embrace that day. Is that they be terrible ID. DR told did once his term from parent to your dreadlocks and it turns on the white guys that are written. Who knew. It would do. I was court. Author dimension. I can gradually is that Josh in Overland Park Josh all the party was the individual that one almost it it's thirty minutes ago. Are right down when it comes to. All of the outlets out here when it comes to news. Brinkley can't believe that this one particular network is spreading fake news we'll tell you who. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. A graduate any. A man as he. What is now. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. I cut the log time ago for a segment am. Headed into. You loved. You understand it would not all just about 115 in a more it was and didn't I'd I'd get dad to steal. We started talking over this really quickly in this horse but so I was gonna say our fallen out of yeah. My bad go. Oh my goodness yeah I'd be solved with small. Got to get into that keep them look good or change. And it's the carrier get Lional Richie next week. From now we likely sort dog on here. Because they rapper to shore. At. And are deeply deeply we don't think Lee is for a long time. Well statements. Now basically can't stand. That. It. I. Literally demands of the word Mormon. Did you do you ought to be the date him. You might actually be my actions they have more than present from. I don't know that's a I asked you wanna call what I just said they do right now and are here. Yeah I think I need created. I was just so much news out there told you guys last week with a fake news the bothered me. In the all rain that sort of thought is the only source remarks he's going to be brewery. It's cleaned up deport these at Marshall when the ball in which we got the port that there. That's his men were all on Thomas and Thomas. And I'm I am among best answer. That was not fake news. How you the context it's you forty your conversation on the markets because deal is one thing that's a you problem. But it's the fake news he simply said about mark he set he said but it does this topic and it's twisting things around. And he says Marshall plan knowing they'll go go go well it's all in jail is delivering the nose Brinkley. That day that the actual all. On the newspaper and Oakland would I sit you'll tells. The story which is fine but the wave radio shows in people part of the story SO they'll make it sound like he's got beef with the raiders he's don't we set his football it was postal leave this out that has been. But this guy. They're buddies they're laughing with the typical football was let's leave that part out and now that's the fake news part of it but you would PS. Related to I didn't watch much of it but it did go back and watch Pete named Marlow. Don't suit every talking about this big. On Kenderick. Effectively makes fun of terrain city won't join the women's gymnastics team is so good. And given to rain gives that's the area. But that's the images assault is subpoenas tweeting up a story with a video of it all may get to see this what he's doing. Turns out according to reports and Corey did what all three of us expected the next day Brett zip on. What they see things like this wanna believe that I'm skeptical to slip these things that happened Arenas. Kiss came in Atlanta. The hawks scheme worked against proposing and she throws the ring general look at fort these people why this this all makes it would have an arts game. It's fake stuff. I told to put the freeze eventually does he keeps can beat they're gonna keep Kevin people pulled out they had another person who all download the first one is that we'll get a new tinted. It's just real tough to disseminate what's true in what's they include his patent anything was funny. There was also fake missile missiles raid between now Floyd. And income McGregor so mad at each other influencing private jet to London it. I kid that was real big war itself. Wall caught on disk to disk copies. This is my perspective on. When it comes to fake news it's. When you said this morning that what happened between him and the rain and pay many doubles fake news. I don't harm any of that is fake news now if we want to sit here number one it was an awards. Show. What you're supposed to be entertained. Now if you wanna say it doubles as skit that's one thing. You can't say that it's big news because. They knew this is talking the ball legitimate. New is that rights or legitimate stories. Us comedy about whether Kevin Durant was genuine. With us stay here that's not they knew people would ESP and the reports on who's been traded who leads in the user Twitter account to talk about this. This dig by Peyton Manning. Was break. Me to believe everything you put up every put on the on some big week it was not a legitimate no story. I talked. If it. How did you talk to compete at the same company puts it doesn't match or a company is not the same context how did you don't the supports a pocket to compare. The temp rant Peyton Manning thing to if if if it ain't it. It is now they say breaking knew somebody and it major in the sport Ford dies it's not to parable it's not to say. Value out of playing on slow news season opener be these I want them but now. Fake stuff in in such a good soap and it just in the build this thing at the same no matter what we see any more have to people by. With the disease fake stories like this the worst Peters is the drives me nuts I mean I Anderson were basically saying because 99%. Of the contents on. ESPN's website. And then I had. 99% of the tweets they put out nine and I'm like the vast majority. Of the stuff that ESPN puts out is meant as. Disseminating news and getting news out there whether it's a trade or inside you know somebody breaking or record or whatever the case may be. That's what ES. Ian does so we knew why don't judge Joseph does disseminating legitimate new us a chill at the wars on ESP I think not a when he is yet a company that. I said the vast majority of the time. Is a new source and then all of a sudden they tweeted out that all you you've got to see how Peyton Manning is teams in dollars. Yes yes it's a very loose definition of the word that it had to make us it is okay member of the Donald Sterling story today tried jokes. Yes yes I feel like there is that it's it's all kind of facilitates comparable to compare ESP and tunes evo. How can one look at it a no story breaks about a legitimate somebody in the world of sports. Dies or org or a legitimate scandal. Awards ceremony. I think it's expectation no lake like. Our expectation. Of ESPN is back and look as he you'll be consider real journalism look not everything on their their network. Is journals and some are a lot of it is opinion. But what they did. Also I don't buy it outside the lines wave something else they Abby just stalls at public espy's and again it comes from ESPN's Twitter account. I expectation for ESPN is not they are going to be TMZ. Our expectation pre SP and is that they're going to be tweeting out information that's relevant to sports and I understand that that's their awards show. But they presented it as if it actually ones with the truth that let me ask you this initiatives. Every. Every body they had a Twitter handle everybody. Said the same thing. And we're talking about every major outlet was at ES beats. So work with a all of playing the same fake noose even though I mean the majority of us thought that it was taking. I just. And texture and it says right on with me like. I sign it once had some things don't translate to Vienna while like that sometimes things don't translate via text well. And what ESPN was trying to do in the senate they were doing supposed to be very tongue in cheek. I we have continually said this they need app like comic sans font. To Twitter so that way whenever you're being sarcastic he just wouldn't it in the sarcasm font. And I think that's what ESPN was trying to do and yes we eliminate digital age that you're trying to get your content out there it was ESP is that like I'm not I'm. Open arms about it but I do understand what being. Insane understandable basically saying but I just don't think it has been terrible I really don't like like. What was the state that was part of it that Kevin Durant was this. It's just put some out there to look like it happened between people like Kevin Durant and he admits gallons face come on and what it easier on some than the until of that mosque being around them. With which we Wii's with that same mistake was was him being a sat right. Right. They did is they present that as fact always subjective. Mean how many people bought it. Isn't that isn't bad it. Is fact or subjective. Presented as fact. They just facts. We presented is he meaning they makes things awkward with Kenderick. In the negativity that's how they present. It's made it awkward PG seven out. So. Is that part of the joke. I don't know man to meet you Biden that just like the videos and everything else I degrees I don't I don't charm that is as it if if our watches CNN. And they say something that's absolutely fraudulent. A bought the United States of America that I'm gonna say best fake nukes. I don't I don't view I don't view this is its stake in its quest and everything is video took three days. Corporate jet. As a makes sense it just before these guys each other they know each other. Same mean thing to each other other prime point one of the I doubt it stop Celanese though are we got a little bit of breaking news in the National Football League if you love fantasy football you need to be paying attention will get to that net. DC from the MVP. Studio sixty and Sports Radio will do pretty tickets dot com right now sixty in particular can promo code sixty in sports. Feet and forced us to. So life but ran out there. Tom feet of Soledad S spot I went to a couple days while home on leave or not here it's. Only went winning streaks on Sunday all that donut king right here don't really want zipper in which you've simply fill all the for him. Burning them with Jews reduce heat that he or both broad and they've moved forward in yet you talked about yesterday. But that. Now entered a picnic that that it wanted to novel way to don't McCain no. But I will. I welcome back days of late beta which house here sixty and Sports Radio six has forced our town I do want amidst it is big it is business. He does big new lows and it is not anything official. But I think a lot of people out here that are in the fantasy football and and it just laughable in general to be paying attention to this. It's being reported by Adam Chester. That Ezekiel Elliott could very well be looking at a suspension. To start the 2017. Season. Now according to pro football talk dot com. Nearly a year after prosecutors announced they cowboys running back easy to Ellie would not face charges. Over allegations of domestic violence the NFL continues to investigate the matter and it's not looking good for elite. Adams shepherd portal ESP to date it Elliott and people wound him. Are starting to conclude that the NFL's going to suspend him with the start of the season. This would Adams shepherd had to say. As he still Elliott at this point in time is bracing for short suspension. May be one game may be two games but as one person told me in quotes. It looks like the NFL is trying to pin something on you know this what I don't get. And I know that they'd been investigating this for well over a year. I'm trying to Frerotte is he guilty of something what is. What is the issue the losses though. So what is the unifil had dual thing did the wall has decided I don't get it they turn. Wood courses themselves. I don't think. This standard full what you should be suspended not by NFL standards is not what you're guilty or not. He would much more I did their best bets on so he he was short. They looked into these allegations that now there's LT here. China what is he guilty up. I don't forget. So what's the suspension and before. The white and curious about with that happened. And I try to be in Ezekiel LE apologist. I just trying to fit growth in the NFL standpoint. What's going on UB UB impractical say there's no charges why we've been. I did it would a guy gets into a car in May be he's among some people is something. You know some like it's a DU it's something bad happens I understand that we signalled a man made a bad decision and we got a 64 game because. Although technically you're not going to jail for a maybe not getting charged for but this is a bad decision on your part. China forgot what the bad decision was or maybe he did something opens up the position that he should have been in. But from reports it was remembered what people that saw him with this gal we were in the call with them and she made allegation that he beat erupt. We'll that he did it in this saying no he didn't touch this out in his in his vehicle it's yet made another against. Accusation and people like nod as best not a mistake either subs. Scratch my you don't what would he done wrong will be is if he if he did something wrong they need to bring to light if he is suspended. He really tickled beams Lou Williams. You'll put. It up to sit at if you beat up popped this big suspect they need to be Angela Williams at least that what. You know I just I don't know I mean it kind of got out outlets that would be more transparent. This is good beyond a year that the resources thank god a year big research it is investigating this for a long time. And we still have anything out of the unifil once ratings there Warner ordered Iran via the continue to go after their store. Would sit Tom Brady perform. Let's go after the. Oh yeah but in the meantime our readings when there. Advertisers and spends its money beat beat the quote again from Adams after Zito Elliott at this point time is bracing. For short suspension. Maybe one game maybe two games but as one person told me in quotes it looks like the NFL is trying to pin something on him. He saved my fantasy season last year. I had Ezekiel Elliot alma tennis team in a winning a championship he was all a bunch of people fear the impact producers that exhibit it was the middle let's say he was the main leads us as one goals it is all the my emotions. I like the seventh pick. It all the when he backs and out wanna work on the David Johnson bundled it you know you to David Johnson you played against him which tells you like five. Lee slash three. Well it's just great addition. There was more than the hour there was more it didn't matter would no matter does because boy it's I told you guys and beans oats Elton. And eighty way but now and is this the roles gift card. You and I give me give corked is he drove me around the Aikman's. So life he saved my season but up yet is he do Elliott. I'd be missed in the game era it was joke around India Angela Williams. Tickle down to a play there. The total immunity it does crazy actually know it but I still. This alone. In this thought process like being clearly says well what's in Nepal during your ratings are down like you need your marquee players. I watched the games that Tom Brady sat like. I was locked in I want to see whether Jacoby percent it was going to be. The next Matt Cassel awarded OJB drop below was going to be the next guy or ratings were down plus we don't know why now we have. General like yeah why. When I look at it I don't and maybe he's just the way I watch football because I'm a huge fancy football fan I love just I was watching the NFL injection ever get a championship. But man this is sort Austrians or watch football because I'm watching for fantasy implications of physique ago if out of the game. To stop me from voting and. Mired in a well I was gonna wants our cowboys game and now I'm not gonna tell you and I just can't stand it chairman fat but Zeke is funnel auto enemy enemy on the economic fed off the way you are isn't a little bit this season he is a start though yet. It does are now. I I guess I'm just not motivated to watch a football game based on the star's been so I'm not motivated by the unifil suspending somebody Lehman George Anthony. That's Korea problem. Wait you're you're what a week. The stars don't know it's really don't. That's that surprises me that you say. Our wants the Orr spoke out now once I grounds used you watch. How awful those games we should be able lots. And on the you're gonna him local market company boards jaded towards the browns have been heading up what Brandon bagels and your wife being great. Both teams sock. Not about the stars of about the game itself being our. But they had the stars people still want to slow lines when when they went I think that's the chicken or Diego argument I mean if you put. Title and finished with its title some bad teams peoples the watts. This is true but people were tuning in the lion's games that record close and it was on some people and a senator case it's 88 record over number. Three years ago you'd need to start Cleveland Browns had that Cleveland Browns made a big sport you don't need stars and I'm not motivated to watch a game like that you have under motivating you price are not games I watched Johnny and Enzo was the quarterback for the browns. One and it was the one that they played against the chiefs I don't care. Like having Johnny man's car. He was a name and that was supposed to be a draw sit there watch Kobe percent what's the difference in the -- means they'll beat the patriots are gonna be equally. The browns look for runner. You'll go launch team you would Deloitte forgive me for ways to watch what good football guy Q I apologize or Iowa this year judgment terribly human being England's year batting practice bird. The Yankees the Yankees go there and chase. If you play for a crack team watcher crack team play. Air ascetic. I don't care your good team though it has the killer aliens out that's why it took probably lost a game. Stars due to a sports. Iowa than I guess the answer is I'm alone and that. You're you're you're you're sick you shall stay of the sport though some people are not diehard fans like that. You don't say you see the difference what it was and I'm a diehard vehemently to tune in superstores do I mean I again like my wife. You watch chief's game she's not watching other football games. I don't care how big the star power is getting she's never gonna to united IR. Well she she never will be like she is almost as casual observer of the sport as you can because she literally only watches chiefs games. Mean men and women there's a plenty of men and women that are exactly like that they do not watch it and I'm what's what is that you're hotter than terms OC cheated. Allen and lack that was that was when I deduced that my wife said that Travis Kelsey was an attractive. I said did you marry me so by. Proxy I am more attractive contract how come anyone you take out the air they don't give a damn about the doing the pacers but he wants the pages because. To them Tom breeze not. It. Not many. Considering his faces hidden under a helmet all the all big game. They seen his face with outlet helmet and they watch to see what he's going to do. You don't think that Tom do we did that helmet stop Tom Brady from from a hot six watching him I think not sir. I think Oates is also and he's he is what if they paused the TV on the but. Thanks for are we third this year. Hides what are some in respect. Eighties just. Now I I do not think that women who don't typically watch football we're gonna tune into watch Tom Brady's bought a pair tight pants. It. And then on Twitter if we see ladies pictures behind first base of customers. That. Watching the royals game to. I think it does to a degree yes I do we let women symbol. I don't watch women's and volleyball all you miss what you can and do. Was neatly and Ryder Cup is just assume literally like beach sports now. Oh see your sexist I took the back of women's tennis that brought us war. Asked if I should just deal. Ultimately real. If their monologues you return to an incident took place at all this had never played out sober you ritzy aggregate. There is hardly hurts yes events in in my crash sucks. So that's what to watch the women sand volleyball to figure arrogance and had your crack with a pick and out of. Well. Just Dominic DeLeon are big here no I wouldn't tax and we're agrees in the big. But. Early two for 20. Whilst I take two before to Roddy Al and the person hates me there and so a group Brian and I thank you. Oh Mike Utley keeper he's sexy. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. As right now. Yeah are good for your good looks and I facility below the waves and. You wanna below the way out of her that would imply. See he's got the feeling. I would want to eat. All I get your implication because we might put the curve enough. Burger. Belly dance. And do you think villages beyond them. The it is true that I Kelly and I burned cars get his money right now. Marine weighing in on the quarter. I like sports I like watching football I'm not tuning in for Tom brings but. Utility of the witness feels like. Now an assistant a byproduct okay I see it bugs too we wheels would. We got pictures of blood you know I don't know try to save I don't. If you let them honest I know women are not gonna say seniors say that they don't want certain app. Happy because of outside if you don't don't don't. Did it take its complete day in school I know that what you're my old white lights watch Topper I know did you bring your implying that you would Gordon's two. Bring your replying to your wife would watch the patriots or the royals this thing is that those guys. If I say I'm watching Lleyton sport because I think they're hot sports supplement our business is big right point point point point like we did they look at me and say how much notes Gordon did these eye. The event but it's not but if I did these comments. The big. Here's. Bad it is so much that. That difference basically is that you were solely watching women's beach volleyball because one look at women ski required running round in the stadium the big sports pretty cool. Yeah right now. Nor reed and other way and this legitimate I statement that watching it witnesses sporting event because I think the ladies. Major outlets that. It was. Which would ladies' sake. It's double what it is no way in the statement was I only watch royals baseball because I wanna look at Eric Hosmer is bought. That would be the equivalent. You. Say at least two or not she's not nymex. It's not ever see melt and she's real thing it's not a matter saying. They do anything at this had to watch because he's not okay when I wouldn't call us. Old. Or you're on it you were only his chickens because you want to see women running around the same in McKean. Sometimes a lot to Levy's. Would it go hopefully. Page with your plea that she is also very retract. And that is. Promised amnesty want banquet. He's what's up and he's like sport early actually use like them and they were the big ran this tournament and all of tennis is going on right now on you mocked me and acquitted yeah I said I used to like tennis. Luckiest likes me in exchange. Never liked it lightly says old policy that mayor Rudy Gordon Moore on the team their taxes is a part keep pointing bake. No it's more just your average female Thain. There disingenuous or nor green to act as dole. There are certain people that she does a patent to a sport because of their come out looking like that's okay. If I have a favorite television show if I do if my words if I have a favorite television show. And I am watching it in its three seasons into it they have a new character and it's an incredibly hot chick. I'm not just watching that show because there's an incredibly hot woman there yes it's a pleasant byproduct and I get a look at her. But that shows still good I'm still hooked on the show with about a woman her for example. That your Knight is it is. Heidi what lousy acting on Apple's world. Other acting on point once. It's great great story line. I don't I don't see your point here I do. You tell it's a purposeful pornography OK you've gone through two computers to phones support that's that's fake news. The totalitarian purpose for pornography admin and my I'm I'm using it for its purpose to see you watch or were. Exactly they do. Accomplishment job night job my job. It's a few oil second half in game hopefully it. What do you have played games under 500 record thirty that's 33 it is set up on the table for the royal yeah we started off. Also break fourteen it was swept sort of way but Boston Red Sox. But 2015 there to predictable and series that producers of the old record. Posted this beat at home for ten games to stretch the finds New York the fine to repeat offender was not because that is fin game so we entry deadline. You'll find exactly what what's more. But these didn't do strip away all the home before going on the road for. Six and 473. All right you'll think its earning the right Rex he's still over 500. Very curious to see what they do after ten games to them hoping. This team continues on the role the blitzing and who's been in April I knew this was playing well does doesn't capable of what they mean June. We start seeing the wheels baseball is all about the spin game stretch. Very important is home yet in the form of vitamin boosted to 4736. Or worse on the east in game. In the second thing is removed important decisions I think he had some royal. Going forward for the rest this year number three killer. Global a couple of saves. But he ended exactly the shutdown dynamite guy that effect in the bullpen for the average velocity is up to. And I believe until you read this what makes a world. And also have a guy like where it took me a rookie who. Shut him down in and I didn't do this being done. Do you need to beat we beat them power. He needed it's not an ace in baseball but again but it at least for this team any debt forgiven if you second half of the critical middle America. Three key during. West Jerusalem over 300 get back down from 66. He's been consistent start off slow but consistent. And really when the rallying cries. This team he must. There. Watch those born to these. Thanks and improve the. The big. Yeah. Fight and couldn't go for lake view our age. Outages spelled it out this note an up note. Cards. You don't. We are food aid board when he was all with vesco playing in my world and we were talking about earlier this old. The rest of 2070 for the world's gonna be defined by the next three series. And essentially all the poise that we talked to bow. Date more at our back in that regard it as the number one thing that you talked about. It is time on what got us to a morning it's at all. That's injury each and every Friday morning is the sense of urgency. And that is also the theme that they started the season when unfortunate this sort of this year. Doubles how they play but now after the all star break. How they're going to respond knowing that historically in in Dayton's on mine and his words earlier they have boss ordered all theories hold. After the all the way they got to get it together this year they can put themselves back in the race in the second take that I have. Is it regards to bomb the fans and expectations from place. From athletes from the organization that these that the he does or you're in Iraq. There's a business mentality that we have a while looking at athletes they get traded away or collect and release certain things. We always look to put the onus on the players to be lower but how about the actual organizations. To me. I'm not expect anything more mobile player that I sued the actual organization. And so when you don't open era. BetaNews I would not. Well. Do mr. Silverman. For the boy. That was embedded video and. It Bryant third half volley occasionally body. Be safe. Do everything to basically what do. All restraints on my wife or worse I. Continue to be the loser that you wore everybody have an awesome week and we'll talk to Gaza Monday sending him basically being. And our guys Steven sort of next week out our guys in world do they drop zone that break we see advance what. There. Tennis is big right point point point point yet they look at me and say I've watched those born to these hot but that but it's not but if I think these comments. The big.