07/13 Vern's Postgame Show

Saturday, July 14th

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And although Lopez whose foreign 6110 tomorrow moron with the Casey Chevy dealers began serving inning at 1230 right here on the royals radio networks organ final line six the White Sox won it thanks for being with us for those of listening arc. Flagship station Kansas City sixty and Sports Radio just burn your will be taking your phone calls coming up next for Denny Matthews ran a fever for. Bill Kara ballas and Ford down three at our. Network control center in two because Steve Stewart say good night from Chicago. Any royals baseball on the royals radio network. The city here six. Inside our Josh burn here. Well well well boy oh boy. And I told you earlier today on the pre game. That these were two of the three worst teams in baseball. Well what I set I was talking about the the record but boy oh boy. If you didn't know the record of those two teams that you and I just listened to and watched play. If I gave you three guesses. As to. The three worst teams in baseball I'll have to imagine that the royals and White Sox football. Names of teams that would come out of your mouth all I could got royals lose. 96 at a very ugly baseball game the White Sox a gift wrap. Half of the runs that the royal sports and I like what I heard from that that. Unlike the positivity surrounding this off did you hurt when that he had to say when we Wentz. Inside the club house delivered by red door grill Kansas city's best little upscale neighborhood grill. You heard Ned Yost talked up the offense and the office. Executives they started to click. Just do a little bit more. Numbers put back a pop. Idol Wednesday the royals scored five runs on Tuesday night runs. You go back to Sunday and they scored four runs they scored four runs. On the Saturday as well Sunday and Saturday against the Boston Red Sox. But let's be honest yes you scored six runs tonight. Three of them were given to buy the Chicago defense. They'd try to give you more the royals did not capitalized. Going two for eleven with runners in scoring position. Eddie what you view this one through the lens of the rebuilt it spills in a league. At a Baird so modesty one for four. Hundred knows your old for three. Port cable Foss one for four with a nice to run two out double in the seventh inning. But nothing I saw tonight was overtly in courage. Nothing at eagle yes double double take that from tonight's all right that's what this game let's turn the page you're ready for tomorrow I don't know what at one thing. From tonight's game oh OK there's a silver lining. Let's move. Because that has to be added to that must be the way you approach these games now. If you accidental it. Demanding that it goes used that ball properly. You got to take Butler out sooner don't give Phil Meyer that extra hey beat. It is six that it don't allow it to face those neighboring if you're still doing things like that. Boy these have been a rough two months for. I made the switch at the beginning of June here we are on the thirteenth of July and boy oh boy I hope hurled it with. It's games like this you have to find one so outlining one. Young player that does one thing. To grab your attention something that you believe is the building block or of these. Sign a better things to count something that you can invest in battle. With an understanding it will. Be something. Idled much grander stage at a much grander scale. Come 2001 the year 2021. I don't know what that was tonight. I couldn't find. Brad Keller was gist. That many was leaving pitches up in the zone and if they were up in the zone they were in the zone. Four walks. On the heels of an outing in which. He surrender five. Walks. A rough night from Brad Keller. Can't get allies like the double from Bonifacio. He's Phil Meyer had a huge strike out it might turn out to be the play of the game. Tim hill gave up a run Kevin McCarthy gave up to now you got to search for some than in this one royals lose nine at six. Phone lines are open for 9135767610. Will take your thoughts as the first half of the season. Inches closer. All star game on Tuesday the royals played an ultimate game but this first half of the season. Tomorrow afternoon in Chicago more on that right after this I'm sixty and Sports Radio. Brother of actor it's. Or by jaguar American motorist Brett motors the city of green valley. We're excited are. The winner. Ernst post game show. Bill by the all workers local 124. Or by seventh street casino a risk of red Mercedes-Benz. CM VP electric heat. EC route Randy electrical. Bulletin strikes smeared field playing golf and life that's ahead. Right Lou. Her throat. And today you could play. And others lived up the check is entered. Quit airfield just reached out and she left that ball the other way and found a hole. Sure it is now seven to ships. Yeah that's the right call. Look I'm not saying at that time I was at. Expecting the royals to tie the game and take the lead and win this one in miraculous fashion bonds. I'll be honest. I perked up a little bit. What Whitman of field again royals at that time or down. Seven to five. 75. Top eight inning. Too wanted to out wit merit field with a chance to. Give the royals though leaked if he can muscle up and turn on one. But instead of having that mindset that bad mindset that so many big leaguers. What happened. Wit instead goes the other way they drive at one. With an opposite field RBI saying. Made it 76 unfortunately Kevin McCarthy would give up pay to run big fly the bottom of the eighth inning and was basically ball. But always feel without question was the MVP at the game became through with the play of the game. And again I loved it he Phil Meyer. Now that that's what a four year old came in game. Almost no win situation. It's the third inning. His ball club is already down 522. His ball club that is forty games below 500. He's still though some of the down five to two. Bases loaded two outs that says that's enough for Keller here ago Heath. Enjoy this situation. Phil Meyer needs four pitches. To strike out over Sanchez and wait a lot of them maps. That would with a lot of day self created mess in the fourth that it doesn't allow on. Creates another mass in the fifth inning but gets out of it doesn't allow him. Comes back outs in the sixth inning get out the first pitch gives up bass solo bomb all star Jose Cabrera. But he Phil Meyer let's give him the blue collar player of the game so he Phil Meyer to a third innings of one run baseball. On three hits he filled Meyer your blue collar player of the game presented by the sheet metal workers local union number two. The fences. But. No one in the royals' lineup hit a home run. Whitner a field was the only one the only Boyle with a multi. Hit game. And the only extra base hits. Or. It Allen scored in double in the second inning and and that's you run. Double trouble forehand volley posse when the seventh an excellent account of the minor leagues were a way. Broke par Hitler. This kid is breaking. We'll play it like six innings of Washington year old seventh round pick in the royals in last year's draft. 22 year old outfielder. Thaddeus and yes north of 930. He hit a solo job tonight is thirteen of the season. And that in double double play northwest Arkansas. Native dean hit a two run shot. Beat diminutive catcher has six on the season. Big deviant and we'll work it. Swinging for the fences with Geiger facts and it just makes sense to get a guide your friends. And what about you feel like. He was the expected starter for Sunday's finale against Lucas G illegal in the White Sox but. He threw 56 pitches he's. Not pitch again on Sunday. Royals likely. Win dole. Have a bullpen game on Sunday. Appliance department pitch. 37 pitches on Wednesday. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday OK so let it be three days' rest he can probably give you a couple maybe three frames. L let's let's finish that off let's sneak a peek broke quick with our friends at twin peaks. So Sunday's game is like with a BA ball and gain the right hander Luke is illegal to won 101 pitch on Sunday. Were on the year at new. On tomorrow tomorrow's an afternoon game as well lefty did Duffy makes his final start for the all star break squared off with. Young righthander Reynaldo Lopez and I'd be able fastball again pre games starting at twelve new team is off. Until Friday when they return home to take on the Minnesota Twins all star game Tuesday night at home run derby on Monday. Sneak canopy would twin peaks twin peaks the ultimate sports lodge you've been searching for. Get your thoughts right after this royals lose 96 the opener at Chicago. Goes the way it lets outsiders. Reveal internal work. We weren't Kansas City empowered by Dick Smith sports Kansas regenerative medicine center. Current post game show built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124 Kansas City and powered by Bob and AC we. Dire events and vital stakes are you win it hands. She's a good hands can't simply. After a better feel for short right frozen in time. Is Garcia takes their place. All students are you in good hands. Dad doesn't sound like a bunch. Does. Otherwise don't need don't give it detonated in solid knowledge of it it wasn't that. Stacked Kass says that that bald Eagles were hit 66%. Of the time the royals were in the shipped it was still an awkward play. Whitman air field in right center field. Ranges to his right back hands that in. Almost does that Jeter throw that we've seen ask you make so many times but. Mare's field had to make that leap being cross body throw 200 hosiery at first base he did. And it was the second out of the first inning for Brad Keller and the royals Whitman air field getting it done defensively and at the plate on base three times. A pair of singles in RBIs and a pair of runs scored. What merit field as the game MVP presented by MVP electric heating and cooling. Relax it's MVP. Let's go up to Seattle would talk to our good friend Kathy Kathy god. Where I kind of agree with you kind of put that in the top of the eighth inning there now maybe. Local mountain. We have a lot of money at them. Erica that one. Say I'm wolf and and and human element slightly. When I got a plan I really wanted to go. But there now I'm going to the coliseum. Well you could still go and that we finally here in Kansas City that broken the Kauffman Stadium started fires can always oh. Thank you very much for the full call Linda writes it to say that she's still listening. Still check it and think it ever won for helping keep her interest and in form see you after the break. The from the projects grill and is the only ex. Diamond no second. I diamond dogs of the best bits from the post game notebook this has more to do was something. From the pre game don't want. A question on three strikes. At high. Was wrong. I don't know if that's ever happened I'm sure it has I can't remember it. I said earlier today that Mike was stockings had a chance to become. The fifth player in history sixth player in history. To have Ford's forty home run seasons in a royals uniform joining George Brett Mike Sweeney John Mayberry Carlos Beltran and Bo Jackson. I was incorrect because Steve Bell bony actually hits. In that group. Yet force straight seasons of twenty home runs for the royals and our kids has about three strikes who ultimately struck out. Said Steve Bell phony and I said it was wrong and so. Good sir. If you're listening right now. 34 outside the united you're listening. Almost. Collison out this week we'll use him royals. Diamond notes are driven by alpha male Kansas City at a race Democrat voters legendary performance rap game today is a luxury. Again the finals or sales fall nine does that. Is now 41 games below 526. And 67. Thanks to Chris hood of Sarah for the help as always tonight's. Sure we have a very fun weekend in store for us watching these two teams go back and forth. Game two. Royals White Sox tomorrow what 101 it's twelve noon. For pregame Danny Duffy and rate although long has enjoyed arrested there Friday Kansas City I appreciate you listening take care. Built by the international pro. Brotherhood of electrical workers local one. For more coverage go to burn notebook it's extends sports dot. Use our town sixty and sports radio and.