07/13 - Unpopular Opinions; French Fries

The Drive
Friday, July 13th
Its National French Fry Day!!!!!!!!!

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Fannie. And Cheney who assuming it's. I've been trying to sell you guys keep big beans have far away from my blade is possible. Smack. Nickel back is amazing in concert ever and we will have them one friend got her. So let's share then it's time. Never unpopular opinions. I can't believe it Spector wants the packages is unpopular opinion when I must tell you spent. Today's national French fry day. We were having a debate. That really should've been a debate. There's no argument of what the best French fry it's. It's McDonald's. McDonald's makes the best French Fries fall my goodness there's nothing better. That when you go he gets a nice. Helping a Mickey d.'s and they tell you it's gonna be two to three minute wait on the Fries because you know but I'm ready. You can see the oil go listen and off those. Crispy golden Fries that's so it's I'm unwilling to infect their preferred to like they were prepared well and I am burglar Ingraham enough that. Number two. Also. Not close but the big gap between one and two AAA Fries. All my goodness the lawful Fries did implement a little bit of that state police saw us. And third. And you real ones know and I'm talking about. Checkers. If you never had a checkered fry I don't know if it's safe to say that she lived properly or checkers. It's like. Fast food place that used to be here in Kansas City even now it's in the south. Armed checkers as ordinary checkers there because that's why I've horrible article check that's why I literally started with the real ones and. 01 I'm talking about. In sports machine and I hate inspector immediately say a 6% of the people you work with neighboring and and heard of pet owners could so we're the real ones the attacks line there's a couple real ones on the line. That are gonna. I know what you're talking about someone on the tax line. Says is one about five guys Fries are pretty sure that Jesus could have he could've fed the multitude with five guys Fries. It is it's too. And he product that the thus. I and it. Five guys feeds nine people like Ali and I amazing. Have prize for the rest of the week did you get as a bank for your buck guy you can appreciate extra Fries in the bank it's at its who might those the best for McDonald's bag did these guys are gone over the badger like no war it's too it's too much odds excellent 69360. Dot gates has the best prize doesn't and that solves nothing better sweet sauce and you guys you know my allegiance lies. When it comes to gay you know why gates as the best front line six locations around town and on your website America didn't count because they're steak Fries you can say with enough. I tried to seventeenth and Brooklyn did it say about dateline can't let your ego are. Six it's more problems out there to us it with a note saying all. Yeah boy as. Spec I agree review but it is mountains it's not a big dipping is the kind. Talk about which actor and nobody knows real ones. The show for the real Bos one text was a walk ons and look I want to sign the real Wimbledon. Checkers checkers actress prize check there. Isn't cheap grocery store run dual role in the lower half of them don't do right that it puts respect on Jack all right. I love and respect on Jenkins back IC energy does dipping bride is not the state in the state militant probably rise not to apparently a bit. Which holds the right yeah. Hold the fried and over her mouth yet that had backing get the curly fry and now. It's the worst rise in town it's a fast food chain that rhymes with more bees. Those are awful. You tell us audit all. Out here all order valued and where will rise to order Qaeda leaders wouldn't say which of the coconut road for a dinner trying to get his art is an accident scene. Terrible everybody's prize agree I think everyone has admitted in front facing for a good don't go and I'm gonna highlight is that it's better Fries and thought it was more reasons sponsor or those who are you I don't know I got another not going to be now. Steak Fries. Standard cut Fries. Waffle Fries. Curly Fries. Your top four ranked and if you want sweet potato Fries. Yet hell out. Anything sweet potato soccer you know that's amazing isn't it at it's not you know the majors within a Fries image in the real ones on the tax island so. Wings cafe. The real on the tax I know exactly what I'm talking about wings cafe you did she was six pack and asked let your mom. You get so little bit little. Drizzle this week let's just don't and I know exactly what we audience for ages now. The and we try to make. More use it. I tried to make sweet potato mashed potatoes Thanksgiving format the window although when. You don't say in Westport. That are always happens means that wrecked as I usually do actually I did the shrimp underwent. A few awkward but it's delicious. Tell me the most of the wings. Again what I call this leg muscle segment this segment is for the real ones it's. Is that you inspector are not it's it is Islam cannot be critical cut Fries on school all of those little worse the war and agree that those of the war like. We do these segments I can tell who had doctored the under in their homes that was me I can tell who had vests and their hold absolutely I. I don't. I can't sell who has had some Jane's lemonade. So. Do so and hit a player has ever asked me knock off cereal brands a gold or an also ran. White lightning. Doctors thunder mister it's a good mix doctor Berger mr. Pickens Phnom. You can definitely tell that when Saddam with a kid his favorite soda was search out. He's seen since our president is it still is you'd like sailors and gorillas get. And anybody who drinks planet football team today bring all sports and our. And nobody offered to do whatever sport list of coordinated. Gatorade my. This probably so bad looking back. It is almost. Holes or is probably so that okay. Hope you are born Tokyo the cleaners apparently Pepsi or is basically you have to put her at one of those rainbow juices where you've got to the top of it. And it comes in the little cooler water in its flavor its bloom it's old it's brain caprice melts. Well. 886. On the text line not a liberal talking to protect life. Threes on the delegates at a completes we re both Jews and I thought we. Or chooses Betsy had you know those little obstacles. And the third grader to keep cold and district in my Jews. I don't what it was six in their players on the text like mountain lightening you'd dunce that isn't so little but there's also white. If you're just pour enough you know all the knock Roberts great all different gyms going to expect frost euros Drupal frost goes and doctor under Malta and dad dad Anchorage about mall so you up -- Malta many of us government thing. Console that Apple's new multiple new Mac Apple's Newton can't believe you never had one of those little rainbow juices and Campbell. Exactly describing a closed you've got about usually bodes. Google images are all. Things that you well. They sell those by the on. I guess violence and a hundred of those things that could honor for six they're desperate to talking about the biggest producer. Coloreds here first off it's real Jews are those let's. Let's be fair there's let's be as there is no actual Mombasa Google images. I noticed let's be respectful someone says all the has now Roche RX. In all these views on it in the Albie do it's no doc on a bit and got it and I'm sort of a joke but right now. As of June that he lights and yellow stake from a week ago. And a bunch of doctors bunker.