07/13 - Countdown to Training Camp; The O-Line

The Drive
Friday, July 13th
We had 10 shows until the first practice in St Joe, we are now nine shows away! 

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We are now thirteen. Days away album thirteen days away. From the start of training teams and I was on Arab pride today I was reading this court. Should chiefs fans be more worried about but the offensive line expected this they put what you have been making to me behind the scenes the last three weeks. It's. These skill position guys are set. The quarterback is set. But why are we not putting up the weaknesses that is this offensive line Erik Fisher number one overall pick. Got paid by John Dorsey John Dorsey gets fired. Not that good. Left guard who is your left guard. Senator Mitch wars never stays healthy but is will run you party to party. Good enough to make what he's making. Probably not it's a Schwartz is to give in on that offensive line but what makes us think as he stands. It one dream on has had enough. Offensive line to run behind. And to this and they could not pass blocking offensive line that Patrick Holmes is gonna have the time to do what he needs to do. I think there's four question marks on the offensive line. Mitchell Schwartz is the only given going in to two d'antoni team. I was reading all pro football focus and I think they're perfectly describe she softens line wanna see you guys agree or disagree the chiefs are the definition of a solid. But unspectacular. Unit Mitchell Schwartz one of the best right tackles in the game. But pretty much everyone else on the line is right above average for the position. That gets the job done in today's NFL where oftentimes in line is only as strong as it's weakest unit. I think it's just a product of the modern day NFL it's a salary cap Lee you've invested pretty heavily right now on the offense. You've spent money on their fisheries that body image of sorts you've spent money on I read an anti repeal on Travis tells you spent money owlen. Sammy Watkins like at some point you're going to be deficient in some area. I think the offensive line at five I'm not calling him one of the best units in the NFL. I certainly think our offensive line is good enough to get the job done in in all the wind to meet more so than as good as the strongest or weakest link. It has to be at what point do you bear last year this offensive line help give you a 4000 are passer and the leading rusher in the NFL but have to be it went to the office. Line and nobody is gonna get this like confusing the John Tate Willey wrote Brian Waters we'll shields line and obviously we got. The sport ruled for several years. And that led to a suspicion of running backs if you think about it that included Christian Okoye mayor Johnson and Jamaal Charles and Priest Holmes often because achieves that it really good line but at the same time those years I was talking about. They didn't have nearly. The offensive arsenal that they have right now so to the point that you were just making. When you're not going to have a super duper team in the NFL not all to way to boost orders are going to be a lead so I think that. It's a good thing that we're talking about this because on defense. Yeah there's a lot of holes but there's still a top Intel Lester you have Marcus Peters he's gone you still look. Stiller Justin Houston still up guys that I would expect through three guys on the outside the ball to end up in the global on the offensive side. You guys nobody who talk about for hours every single day default for thoughtful wars just that the skill position said so if you're going to have a weak link when it comes your football team. I just wolves who will be the offensive line with a caveat as long as it's not often if it was awful then. Having told him what would be wasted or having Patrick won't be great to see these all the time we've seen that. Remember when dare call or if it's a big cause older brother first you're the Texans he was sacked like eat through times that ruined his career. As long as this line is average to a little bit above average out of the talk. Things you solid. Again they salary cap league but you're not going to be a plus at every position due respect to this song I don't think I'm. Solid saying it's not like he might be and it's fine but I mean that I would mean maybe we're just kind of parsing words here. I think that she's often supply is adequate I. I don't think there's a gap like I think sea gals open the line stops them from being a team that can legitimately compete for the playoffs. I don't think that's the case though with the tees but their offensive line is good enough for you to stick to where you wanna go to come down to the other parent company to. Also viewed the wind hole in the ship that is this offense which we all believe it can be. They lose. Tackle who was a very serviceable and good backup you now have humor Irving who has been a bust. You have your seventh round pick in the bill McKenzie. And a couple guys I never heard of as back ups for your starting five. I agree on paper that that unit of five is pretty good but we do know that Parker Rangers never been healthy. Mr. Morse is. Based on his history due to miss four games. I think I bigger problem aside from all that is. John Dorsey Peter Fisher and he paid LTT on the way out. And that was part of the reason John Dorsey got fired and why is he was inside that cap hell. So. Yes this is an adequate offensive line they're getting paid to be better than adequate though and that's part of the issue. I do understand this part of it. So what you're saying. I can't think of a position group on the team maybe aside from wide receiver. Where they had a M where they had invested the resource is that they have invested at the position. There's been the number one overall pick. Boy and a left tackle on people. Right agreement under is saying is mean they did but it was on deep ball great but they also did agree to pace that individuals based animal overall pick a god did I get fired and got prepared to hunter I'm talking up a unit of whole apprised of the number one overall pick in a second contract all of on alleged that. They spit free agency dollars right tackle is the second round draft pick on a center they spent a second contract ornate. Right guard in layered grenades already. By the chief says that resource is all on the offensive line again I am more global leader to mean probably a 180 pounds legacy here until I can break down offensive line play. Does your offensive line bear fruit they bear fruit. First of all let's doctor do what they thirty to you about it as a guy that was on the hormle thunderbirds undefeated B team offensive line let me tell you will something about it. It's a very important position Denton however I like actually column Lauren do burning party to Italy speck about not having any depth on the offensive line name in golf it's a wonderful ball that's a good backup right gore. I can't but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist sure but I'd like given the choice to have a great offense like not good but a great when like the chiefs head back in the nineties like that's the cowboys have right now whoever you think his team with the best offensive line. Is that a quicker path to the playoffs with the divisions getting to a Super Bowl or revenue and average offensive line with a bunch of really good skill set. I think NFL's. If you I don't think you answer that question because every team is oh OK and let's Super Bowl team has ever won because they had a really good offensive line. So I have one but as long as or. And I don't I don't read pro football focus and it fell off and some wineries are available where the Eagles last year. Eagles are good profits good offensive line debit you don't see a rule they kept Tom Brady 41 years old. Party up bright and beautiful as Bobby off I don't quite and I think we're all saying the same thing slightly different ways. I think they're offensive line is the Woolsey if it's good enough my. Start doing well. I don't think the off at the line is it can do to get I think Seattle's offensive line is they hinder. I think that if if Russell Wilson at the office won the title gonna and it I think Seattle. Would be one of three best teams in the NFL. Where I want Russell Wilson every Sunday have to run for his wife I don't think that's going to be the case with the chase so I. In this argument and alluding to the side I immoral and your side sports machine. I think that she's offensive line is grew that he knows that I don't really think it's worth talking about too much on the. Things to worry about when the rules and winning the World Series. We talked about a lot of different things right they were the best bullpen maybe in the history of the game they're the best defense at least in the history of the franchise the lineup was pretty good they're really good at base running. But spec wouldn't say the weak link to those teams was the starting pitching was the rotation. Nate Johnny equate out so what the weekly compared to everything else because I guess in comparison yes exactly. What you can argue that it was. Home run hitting power but my point still rings true that your even if you're really tell 58 World Series or Super Bowl caliber team that was the chiefs are there just yet. We're not gonna be perfect as long as you've got a lot of top end talent as long as you've got a lot of skill set players. Which they do. But you should be OK with this type of an offer to buy and they're not act. I'd I'd I do not usually does Iran is not on and on the chiefs' offensive line is bad.