07/13 5p - The Hits, Phillip Rivers

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Friday, July 13th
The Hits, a Phil Rivers debate plus what is good enough right now for Chiefs fans 

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Back in on the driving just an exercise the same. Comparing the talent between the chiefs in the charred. Exxon's making the point that projector open does that tax on about these specialty. Notes are the special team that's been the head and it looks bad lies. The biggest reason it was the playoffs last the biggest reason why that's something they certainly have to sure up and argued the chiefs in the mean. It's pretty close between the two. I'm given the chart as the slight edge because I think the offenses is closer than people are giving it credit. And I understand the optimism of the chiefs' offense of not gonna toe in the water on that but the dispensing close like it's not evening kind of close between the charter defense and achieved. Ordered defense is much better on paper than the new setup before. From yesterday the whole hall of fame is he could it be may be mentioned air fares at Travis tells he's projecting that way you said Philip Rivers a hall of Famer for sure. Yes he will absolutely convinced it's one of the best five quarterbacks degeneration. It's sad after the hit I'll make my Philip Rivers all of them are affordable our favorite topic actually just I just you know what I. I feel like I'm here to educate them and if you don't think Philip Rivers of the hall of Famer your uninformed. Everybody did you. Think. And the people are great buy into. All about the people liked it very old that also could answer back from it. City needs red. They need basing the information I'm gonna provide it tell you what the ball flavor of it to his back even. Of the big stories of the day game city I've been waiting for that moment all my life we talk about them every day. By the Broadway Dell in mostly Jewish deli in aimlessly not Jewish city now open in the crossroads and as the official Dolly at 610. Or to for radio. Everyday at 330 leading up to the first training camp practice we started this yesterday ten inches out pre. You when he's at radio sure is going or. They had a little idea and was he one of the members. Of the World Cup country's very good player. Brazil. Fairness. Doctrine Alda yeah it was a portable two dozen. Around the news already moved out way out. All is also an idea that alternate all those Fernald yet that's like them has made semi four mil a year on a nightly event. And although not. The night but I am pretty open everyday linked leading up to the first practice of training camp. We are now nine shows away today we chose that topic I don't think it's been talked about one. The offensive line. Scroll around arrowhead pride earlier today have a post up but our friends over arrowhead pride dot com. You miss Eric had tried radio last night account podcast aged sixty and sports. Dot com but. In this offensive line VV. Pot hole in the sheets. Course toward the playoffs. I think that she's offensive line is solid. I don't think the offensive line is great. I'm a big believer when it comes off at the line if you were the casual thing and bigoted hearts were favored you maybe you're not trained enough to really break down offensive line play. Does your office to line produced fruits last year that she softened the line help them get a fourth out are passer in the leading rusher in the NFL. You gotta get the opens a lot of credit for that I know we had qualms about the offensive line throughout the course of the season and some criticisms. But look at this season what did they accomplish and they certainly were a big part of the team. I'm not sixties offensive line is great I don't think they are hindered. I think the offensive line that Russell Wilson has in Seattle that is they injuries I don't think that she's up at the line hinders them from what they're trying to accomplish this season. You can make the playoffs you can win a Super Bowl with the offensive line that she's. Earlier when the royals won the World Series a few years ago you could argue they had the best back into the bullpen not just in the history of the franchise but in the history of the sport. And the defense was unbelievable in the lineup was pretty good they can run the bases that are well but. Nobody is going to say that it was a great starting rotation here's the thing. Everything else that is mentioned they were good at enough all the things they had enough other top end talent where an average pitching staff. Was good enough suspect I would say the same thing too I think it's offensive line is great. The postal rank them I'd put him right commitment to the probably about. Halfway on the play the fifteen bezel with the line in football which is good enough. As long as you have as much tells it team has on the offensive side of the ball because given the option what I rather have a team that has. It was Priest Holmes in May be like it was a quarterback Trent Green for those great. 1990s early two thousands in city chiefs' offensive line teams that had Brian Waters and really wrote in John Tate all those guys. Afforded that it. Health or has any team ever gotten based on having a great offensive line it's all about we're skill set players are given the choice. Out rather have an average offensive line and really good skill set players and great often. And if you missed any actual conversation about it keeps offensive line it's up at 610 sports dot com it's on our Twitter account at sixth and sports DC. And it's not FaceBook being FaceBook dot com by six and sport for no reason. Not to listen to our full conversation on the chiefs' offensive line they're the only team in the NFL Specter as a doctor on the offensive line. I don't know about that means a descent and someone that's excellent Lewis when it's more sir Eric Fisher go down with an injury which they will run puberty toward living color health help diagnose. Someone on the tax line on the average extra Bristol attacks on top story of the day is a blog posts about offensive line while it's slow a slow news days in Kansas City. It is July 13 in your baseball team is forty games under 500 we can only do so. Just like us talk bad yeah might get only so much or any minute while this was news or been good solid rock wall and maybe people won't let us talk about LeBron logged as a bat to undergo surgery on to have an outline those games surge in teen in trade. I'm okay and I'm so excited about being honest. Number I don't I tell you guys ever was one little thing I thought I was turn positive you know. Positive mentions forward on Friday that if the Travolta signed dad asked. Salons a ball went on members I'm I'm not right adjustments and Ottawa yeah Ottawa lavalas three balls and a couple of that's true. Today he's open to see a little bit differently Carrington went way back machine. Okay it's. It's. Harrington this kind of makes baseball great again those your words not mine. Will ever be possible. To make baseball great again and a home run as cool as it was when you were here I don't know I just bring this up because Albert Pujols yesterday hit his 630 home run to go to sixth all time. In home runs. And he is thirty behind Willie Mays and no one here. It's not a big deal. They're not talking about a MLB network they're not talking about it is being none of you care about the stuff anymore and it just saddens me because back in my day. That's when I was a child homeless matter home runs were important hormones were something that you tracked. No one cares about the but he more than makes me sent. It's hard to believe that it's been twenty years since the home run chase 98 Sosa and McGwire. Specter was all long enough to you by that's those audio from earlier in the week and that's just. Radio gold here's the problem and Barry Bonds completely screwed this thing up. Yet it is there who don't blame they're getting a bad dude was bad Martin and Sammy Sosa but he's the rock Yelp all know and but he's the one who has the record he's the one west deal with the backlash and the fact that he hit 73. Look at the record was 68. Maybe last year Jean Carlos being fitted with 59 we can at least feel that conversation it was 65 through 63. It's 73 there's no way that he's human not on steroids is ever going to catch that number the only guys have ever done as we mentioned. McGwire. Sosa. And bonds oh speaking of Sammy Sosa yours would back a satellite earlier this week on sticks. Did you use any performance enhancing drugs at any time in your career and and how did this Boston in this country. That's not the same things nominees. It has test it is so I'm just got to hit a minute this bus that is so. Well according to New York Times he did test pots highlighted upended. Are you pretty saying think not normal times is wrong going on and on our personal bond on the people got you know got out and you know and a paper. But I sure a hundred days Nagasaki. In 2009 in your center where that a 104 players including you. Had tested positive in 2003. When it was supposed to be at odds. You glorious Indian tests pots. Did you use performance enhancing drugs. On the net. And as you know on the you know I never I never. Knees and takes. You know and immediately that this difference between. Testing it pots. And active. And you're seeing into. On once again. You know I never takes any appeal process. A good leadership our. Did you get dirty after hearing that I actually applauded. Out of ought to be said it was like the third time on the news pressed by Shia ideology did you find each sheet. Synergy. She'd. Catch. A few senators don't have respectful and appreciate these guys. Find them lie we we ball what lies but they kept lie in lie like out of love this. He lies the first time chaps like but Sammy he lies the second time by the third time is the throws his hands he's like it down. If I achieve that and there are a steroid in a while and eagle but I was able to sixty plus home runs. But none of these guys have the humility for that are able to keep the money in the bank account not only do that rule their own health to a four but more importantly as baseball fans. They ruled the baseball record. That's what the moment a matter of just over them honest the first timer regard couldn't race I mean in pictures answer a question directly. The type of liar is when everybody knows it's reliant like. Remember in high school big budget like your parents you've ever unit like they knew who rely it's going on him he's also looked like Marcus Spears with the running back. Barreling down war. Our I shall know our guide you toward the sideline I'm I'm good sound like markers Petersburg did you see him because it actually looks a little more to it. The back. Unlike in an art at all. OK so this time I want to talk about. Notes now this. Talk about it because I don't want this to be the first ever east. Fired. Think. This piece of audio it's a stand but the test of time. This is why Phil rivers is going to go into the hall thing is it too much time on net. Talk on the tax. About the chiefs and chargers and wind picked him achieve other charters over the chiefs you said how can you be social that the it is getting in what you don't think they aired. As did dale runs and I think error there is going to end up in the hall of fame in May be Travis Josie and Yvenson Jamaal Charles we shot that down we had a whole argument but then you just. Casually say Philip Rivers of the hall of Famer and I say not so fast okay. So this is. And BI for her case a wide Philip Rivers is a 100% viewed against all thing. Passing yards very important just before quarterback would we all agree Arthur. These are the only acts in these fish the NFL with more passing yards and Phil rivers. Eight remaining. Brett fall or Drew Brees Tom Brady DMO Reno Eli meaning John Elway did Roethlisberger that's it. Indy this fell. By the time he is done playing football. Like week five the NFL season bull have mobile passing yards in G nine. L. But is still at war beat. Numbers wise. You'll be set all time when it comes to passing yards in the NFL were put you in the hall of fame for longevity injury more wins than Bill Parcells he's not and I got. It. Passing completion we agree there appointed district. Vis the quarterbacks in the history of the NFL who have more pass completions and Philip Rivers. Brett Favre Drew Brees Peyton Manning Tom Brady didn't Marino Eli meaning that's it. Six Indy fish jewelry all the NFL. Let's go to passing touchdowns just Eli Manning has more. You meaning hand that he gets in through Super Bowl or passing yards Eli is absolutely you may look for open all up oh yeah what about all of her. Passing touchdowns. Veba the only quarterbacks in the NFL to have more passing touchdowns. And Phil rivers. Meaning Brett Favre Tom Brady Drew Brees damn marina that's it. In the history of the NFL. Now post season success is certainly a measure of how some people get into the hall of fame. It's also longevity and it's also stats. You can't argue the numbers of Philip records I just didn't you try and let me know he's on Tesla guys. So it's in my comparison would be. Very similar to running backs once you reach a certain level of running back they put you win. As Morton. Curtis bark is an all time great running. I think got all the top of my head running backs I think are better they Curtis Martin he's fourth all time in Russia. That did she win and that's same argument Jerome Bettis I don't consider an all time and really who. He was consistent for a long time he stayed relatively in the hole he put up a lot of numbers he got it so at running back. The top sixteen rushers in the history of the NFL that are no longer active. In the whole thing in a Smith Walter de Beers and a curse marketing its policies Rome that is Eric Dickerson Tony or said Jim Brown Marshall Faulk Edgerrin James nodded but not eligible yet. Or I about yelled. All Marcus Allen Frankel and Thomas if you reach a certain plateau of what you accomplishing your career they just put you win. Philip Rivers has reits that rational if you're gonna finish your career not being in passing yards. To pass completions impossibly hot. By passing touchdowns they're putting you in the hall of fame not for ballot but some rivers will 100%. In until all of. Hasn't edged it out of the league long enough how long's it 86. Or seven years and you mentioned it was not for the he's in their budget but it to register with the best running backs are enough here's why there's no way to filter is getting it. We would agree that you have to be a leaked. Or a substantial period of time to do in the hall of fame it's not all of goodness all of great it's all the best guys or the best at their position for a given period of time. Because they went abroad their product names like Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu literally the guys got a little bit Porter are but saying generation the guys that played the position the best those guys are sure fire hall of famers. I mean names and guys that play the position the same era of Oprah. Tom Berry. Payton man. Drew Brees. Aaron Rodgers Ben Roethlisberger. You say Ely is a lot Russell Wilson may be even Tony Romo at eight Ryan Hanigan then fine and I can argue that liberals and wouldn't you agree that behind. Pretty significantly behind all those guys is Philip Rivers which would make him the eight best quarterback of his generation. Do we eighth best player of a generation in the hall of fame signal IC belongs in the hall of very good as it belongs in the chargers ring of honor. But I think he's a whole thing I think the big. Five or first ballot hall of major arguing that by the rivers is a first ballot hall of Famer I don't. I don't think eyes when did you get on the first ballot ideologue in the first three times the associated with those five guys you aimed. Make a case that of them war. Tim the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Brady certainly top Tinder Brady knowing he's brought meaning. Roger I think is a top team quarterback all time up at breweries cut an all time leading by top fifteen I might have problems were so. It was played with five of the fifteen greatest quarterback not rivers is. In that category. Is thinking about next year that I like anything there or here is a hall of famers there's a guy like Randy Moss that just undeniable hall of famers and the guys like Chris Carter. They've really good wide receiver for a long period of time but not re able not. That's why I think Philip Rivers is. I don't think the reasons number obviously I don't think he's eight mean obviously I don't think he Drew Brees. He's and that next year that right below that has been really really good for a bit long periods not tiger or agree Carson Palmer whose twelfth all time and art I've. It's obvious that the numbers are skewed more towards some guys across a plot about an a but it's hot. Five and touchdown pass either the company's wealth Fulmer isn't going to finish. Five all time in touch I bet that last night. Are you that you made helps me a little bit Carson Palmer twelve all time in passing yards it's not about longevity it's not been about statistics would deposition because you're exactly right. We talk about the guys at the most touchdown passes the most completions the most yards. Half of the top ten after the top fifteen or they're playing right now they're like Peyton Manning with they've retired the last few years because the game has changed. We had an argument a few weeks ago about who's the best all time cheap they're Thomas or Tony Gonzales and we were arguing I said Derrick Thomas because the linebacker position has been around an important. Since the dawn of day that tight end position to pass catching score tied and there's only been around since. Shannon Sharpe so of course he's going to be one of the top five or six vessel becomes the quarterback position I'm not going to awarded the longevity I wanna warn him like in the case of inclement. He did if you agree about all of committee it's it's going to be difficult to not allow some I actually don't think he does. I would actually take the opposite stance I think he's going to be on those ballots is going to do it and like to talk about similar stats similar type players about a guy that was as good as the other guy throws entire careers and about Iraq as a member on. The data were drafted as a pressure treated for each other Eli Manning and Philip Rivers they've been about the same the biggest difference is this. One of them has two Super Bowls the other one has zero memorable post season moment that's why you'd like Gibson and the case of all of those other guys. Brady Manning Brees Rodgers ban all of the Russell Wilson and there are talking about. All time great quarterbacks at their position blocks for the hall of fame he went to rip. And I'm not arguing that he is a first ballot the guys that you name I don't know Russell's first ballad I do that Russell's gonna get because this bowl appearances. There's a difference to me and all like some guys we agree like. Example the FR in the NB maybe differ a better example let's look on the immediate argument if LeBron getting it. There's art for Tracy McGrady and I could see why you'll be tracing agrees all favor. I think the same things when Abbott for Philip Rivers if you are saying that he's not in all time on the level loved drew reasoned Peyton Manning. He's arguing and arguing that does think when you look at the numbers and things that he is accomplished he's got like Carmelo at the. And play in the air with those guys that's always going to be judged against yeah you're right Philip Rivers had these stats back in the seventies he's gonna should Fisher filed by an unfortunate for him. He's going to compared to break the best quarterback of all time. Peyton Manning who before few years ago a lot of problems engine is just is not about. Free suitable two but yeah I mean these industries want to. And problem burgers and for all of absolutely it that's makes the difference and rivers is gonna have to wait 345 years ago but that's that's the clintons were dating and first ballot we're not argue whenever he's upper candidacies gonna get in the first ballots are different and we rivers is gonna add a I'm saying is the greatest problem border is not that he's been great. The reverse numbers have been better than bit while Apple's board over the course of their career the only people in this area that numbers or definitively better have been. Brady meaning that's. He's a world record. User basketball cross sport analogy Isiah Thomas averaged 48 point nine points per game three years ago that's more than LeBron James averaged three years ago dude for once in okay. Isn't Dan rivers for fifteen the bit of what his numbers are significantly behind seven other quarterbacks of his generation. There's not significantly but Roethlisberger he has been a better quarterback in the burger over the course there are problems but a better team luncheon at which it was gonna get an in your but he's not a bad. Oh man he has been just too but not yet I know. Sly man statistics in sports lie all the time. All the time. That's what my stock has a forty home run hitter is getting paid nearly as much as a bunch of guys at eleven and twelve home runs because that slot we don't see everything with the number you're crazy if you think that Philip Rivers throughout his career is a better quarterback than Ben I just read enough knows. Does read the numbers for their lives that's all I thought I'd tell her number because he's like numbers like people are buying its and they put their personal feelings in statistics all the time when I was the number actually tell a story it. It's not like they've played in a different era Phil rivers and their local burger played the exact same worthing NFL rivers has had better numbers have been double burger he said better OC and success while the upper hand and that's gonna get them to argue the numbers in the same. And Albert. When I was nineteen I lived in Chicago or to reduce fuel sold peanuts that summer and my line was dopey show I graduate that's. That's man that's Phillip rivers not nearly as good of a career is Ben Roethlisberger bulls or. Let's make this point to about numbers that's gone on this and grow because breaker very soon but I think what makes it so hard to project out in the NFL and why I think it's so hard density and Othello. Is the college the mark rumored. Or a couple of years ago was the five best for a numbers standpoint running back and yes. Two years later that lead. So it's really hard to me in the NFL to project what's gonna happen instantly 22 point 112022. Outlets like the leaked a belief a belief players. Over the last four years up like at a really good idea about Tom Brady air Roger's the man for the most part people coming to 04 years ago just used to with the best defensive player in the NFL arguably. Now we're now looking out of the Vatican may need to cut at the indices and god is gonna struggle to get the double digit sacks. Two years of building guys his age really quickly elite big about a guy like Jerry Mac would think about Dwayne ball. The city was saying that it. It broke its way from announcement he's gonna be good pay out announcement it was instantly out of the well Jenny Macklin. She cider and that's what contract has one good season cut back next year battle injuries he's had short image and what is unsigned wreckage. It is not audit of LT Wright and things just changed Seoul quickly in the league. And that's even true with the running back position like you mentioned to more Omar LLs gonna draft him on my fantasy team UW retired as I guess I'm not gonna do that. But guys taper off all the time which is why is it yesterday. I think that our expectations. Should be that career mark he's not going to repeat thirteen 147 yards on the ground another 500 receiving out of the backfield. But there's no reason to go well. Out to second EU we don't know a lot about it maybe is gonna have the sophomore slump at that position by you're too. You forty future prime because oftentimes by your fog in the unemployment. Know that that absolutely is the case coming up in thirty minutes we will answer your questions in ask us any day. We'll talk a little baseball coming up on the other side I think something really sad is happening in sports let's say what is coming up as a draft. See you in the majors is hosting. Crown town with the ball in the next weekend in Kansas City July 19 in the point first they want you to play joint commissioner George Brett. Dayton Moore will be there and many of your favorite Kansas City baseball legends for a week you know with the ball at the urban youth academy in the hollow. We're playing on a team and it's called fest goes fiasco bush and I will be point. It is the name of our sixth and Sports Radio team and maybe you can play against us all do you play against our team. Fest goes fiasco which is gonna dominate this tournament because why would we. Other information is on sixth and sports that kind it is one of the website six in sports. And down. Com spec. The backs this really quickly and then we'll move won't. What's the biggest reason you are worried about the oft and the line. Many people really even having this conversation when it comes to that she softens a lie. The last couple days when I've been talking a lot about got to get ready for the football season and what we're excited about and not excited about. You in the person that I brought up to me but she softens line and I asked the question is. I think that she's we we compared to the other positions on the field. Maybe you can say wide receivers different. But they haven't retiree Killian they haven't invested more resource is often the line in any other position on. Opposition group on the field. They spent the number one overall pick on their left tackle ending game a second contract. They went out and free agency and got the best available offensive lineman at right tackle this for the second round draft pick on their center emits more big Davis second contract delay or do grenades party talks so. Do you respect a first round draft. On somebody. Org eight Cigna we tip amount of money. To the other opposition LLC would have Parker angered other guys that you drafted. In terms of investment all of the offensive line you can't really be more invested than what the chiefs are doing this season. I know you get points for investing poorly. They've invested well they've invested but if I invested with Bernie Madoff. That's not a good in the Coca and I'm not saying. Fisher or will run diverted our party doctor Bernie Madoff. But. Let's put it this way but Specter really quickly try to cut you off. Isn't the point of investment is to give returns when you're didn't have it and again return. The best your ballots in Israel last season and they have a leading rusher in the NFL and that amounted to white. Oh okay. So. The return on investment is playoff wins right not for individual accolades because yet guys like individual accolades that. What do we care about that is canceled got to be that you guys they didn't win they wanna division back to back seasons they have he says anonymous. Here that they won the division that it's your chance to that in the post season tournament nobody. No patriot Mary down in this. And base in this city it winning the division is good enough. No it's not. All of the meat on the become announced that an abuse mediator Beimel and sports scene side when it comes this. I don't think anyone in Kansas City watches the chiefs in these. All hundred arsenic content. I think the big difference maybe in opinion when it comes to it is I think that people that are in your team when it comes achieves. Act like they haven't accomplished anything or done anything and talk about them like they're of the Cincinnati Bengals now. Other than that I don't feel that way though I think it I think a lot of people like the idea as he was Elvis on while we celebrate mediocrity. You want double digit games and you won your division that's mediocre. Mediocre last year the Pringles. The media that I can I can only speak for myself but I'm not buying it 2017. AFC west championships her senate. No there's no reason to do it I'll get any of seed you know championship team T shirts. AFC championship. He sure I'm not buying old western dude that's like buying a jayhawk. 2014. Big twelve championship teacher a lot I don't want to those that's not my expect. Objects fifteen of those teachers netware and mow the -- melatonin and not an old winning your division is so that's a Bentley one AFC championship game in my lifetime knowledge it you don't wanna hold your team to low standards and hold them the high standards let me tell you something else. In the last fifteen years. Tom Brady and Roethlisberger Peyton Manning are the only quarterbacks negotiable lazy not named Joseph Flacco somehow someway that. And one time so does the chiefs are the exception to the rule and they should expect more than winning double digit gains go to the post season. That in the NC. That doesn't mean they can't. When a playoff game against the Tennessee Titans could've should've put that they've been in positions and anybody anywhere else and lead over the colts. I asked him to beat Tom Brady got a mobile losing a home to the Tennessee time when they. And then finally other and they had the lead in both being here they have a lead in the first it's not that you are that was the coach Nell I was not okay. But I quickly the suspect this horrible insider oddly mediator in this People's Court is. Siege like mentality. I think it's she's fans back. It's better than it was and that's what. I sure up the party under Romeo but. Considered not winning or good when you win the division back to back years five straight double digit win winning seasons under injury how is that not with it's not winning the Super Bowls not winning in the postseason but may and there are a lot of team that matter. Three fourths of the teams in the NFL would kill to be where the chiefs have been the last by the weather fan bases would. I think the big differences and I think you can admit this inspect I'll let you all go back to you is. I we all agree and I'm not really want for our rankings are fun but I don't really think they have much out. I'm followed that your system in the NFL I think there are yours I think there is a year. Up every year we considered these teams to be suitable content editor it's mr. B. All of us at like Green Bay every year we agree bacon when assembling note last that you're music you know Olympic agreement possible this year. And he said Tampa Bay was noticeable this year. I think you're crazy you don't want you know I about it at the patriots had their own two year considering how dominant and not so if you papers at Ontario argued. So in tier pay we would agree that's the Eagles this season that's the rain comes this season that's a team like the falcons. This season. I think she's Spain and are unhappy with the fact. They know under any read in my opinion have ever sought ebitda is Super Bowl contender. The Eagles a tier one team heading in the last year where there it's once he midway through last year there were a tier one team until they had a Super Bowl upper. I would say. I would say they got to that point a little earlier than you bet either but let's say at some point though the Eagles elevated himself to a different year. The chiefs. Elevated themselves pretty quickly from the two of fourteen team to the team they are now this tip a lot of steps to green normally in the NFL goes. You go from two wins the six wins and nine wins then you become what she saw the seeds went from two wins the team's there to the team they are right now. And they have that same team that lost five C. But I've seen by every six chief teams that I think had every bit as talent LLC that was every bit as good as last year's. Super Bowl winning champion Philadelphia Eagles the differences once the chiefs got to the post season. They fats and bad looks bad breaks they played bad games I'm not going to pretend like they've been successful the proceeds in public even dumber than argue. But once you get to the post season. It literally becomes a 32 or three game crapshoot if the Eagles did. We've seen the giants the giants better in the patriots either one of the two times they want to support no better day given exactly so the chiefs once they've gotten into the department the post season tournament. They have not played well that's not to say that last year's Eagles team was better than to a three that the team in three chiefs team that scene. I agree but at some point though you have to eventually bring them argue your case you've seen him. This case you team that went to the final four. Was not as good as the freight is just Jackson's team wasn't as good as the markets Morse a marquee forcing a lost. VCU. But so we don't measured by the team that we think should have done something do get measured by the team that actually deuce on that team had more this marquee Cole Aldrich Jeff with the end Thomas Robinson as big debts that would've the chiefs and that's as honest. It's above my head was the last time you. You watch the chiefs team and bought eight drastically exceeded expectations because the Philadelphia Eagles drastically exceeded your expertise. Thirteen needed. It's too important to starting 900 and I want to see Waldman or maybe eleven I vote in the pledge is right. The chiefs went from two wins to build their act in one season. They had never elevated themselves pass that went over the last five seasons. Eagles elevated themselves the next level eventually the the Seattle Seahawks elevated himself the next level. The Packers when they had a far they continue to stay at that level. I think she's fans have. Grown frustrated with the being stacked but let me go to the other side of the park. Cool as a worst franchise in 1980 by that it. 2014. You know we can't city ruler Ali as mechanical fault but what are the rules ever go to now special or no started royals entities who was worse from I obviously the guy. We were just happy to be there against Oakland. On September 30 2014 great. All the Sundays with the angels. All of a sudden they sweep the Orioles. That wasn't just good enough. In 2015. If they lost that game four against Houston Astros that was not good enough. But for some reason. After that collapse against Indianapolis Colts in 2014. Just making the playoffs. Has been good enough for I would say at least a sizable enough portion of the tees and base that's not me because. Football is. And it is maybe more down alone on the college level but it's about building a program. Two wins too eleven wins or whatever was in 2013. Was it held an accomplishment making the playoffs was held an accomplishment. But then it was a first round loss to the colts it was a big playoff win two years later against the Texans it was losing to the the patriots and there's no shame to losing to the patriots in Foxborough but then it's losing a home game to Pittsburgh. And then this was home game to Tennessee so well climbing that that top. The last four years. That's been leveled off. And I don't think that's enough I think a lot of it has to do with the quarterback that's that's me I'd be in the anti Alex Smith. And I think we are going to continue to climb with Patrick Holmes. But I'm tired of AFC west champion to being good enough just can't dance. No this team has not won a championship since nineteen. 68969. Into another one since 1970. So why is Justin to play Oscar enough we should be asking more on this team to. User royals analogy though the thing is it's really it really first ball different sports different eras different time but with the royals on our expectations as a fan base. They were wildly unfair just because they over achieve and they got back to and won the World Series. Doesn't mean that should have been we thought they got their 2014. So automatically resembled a better at least at minimum to back to where they were in 2015. Yet they did it they cashed in they had a great parade. It is our expectations workers amid the team I was gonna make an example for what Specter says it is the ailing if I remember about its fans were growing very unhappy with Matt Ryan. Our team of the falcons but I I I just think what happens is like anything. In a relationship. It should analogy comics I've been talking to a girl is going along really well even have a really good time in the end she's ready to talk and take it to the next level. I think that's what she stands are at their team is it's a really good relationship but you know there's more Al they're and you look at other people and other teams on the main bases. And you see they have more and you want that no one would disagree with you and I'm on your side for a lot of the stuff models but it's odd luck on your side. The chiefs have been a really really good organization but we all know there is a nother level to do it too. I'm a fan bases do you think would take so I'm a fan bases have it better than us is she spent Green Bay. Pittsburg New England Seattle Seattle marketable assailant Indianapolis distort it probably Denver I think we could bubble rattle off ten you know that means. There's twenty plus fan bases out their that would kill to be in. Of course but I did I again making the point though. The chiefs had just hit a C a a that I'm arguing. Arguing that they're not better than fifteen other teams you know Pelosi and other teams that's. A 100% back I would we agree though there is that next tier of teams that the chiefs I would say for most of that time had not been in the group. The same way you feel about Green Bay going into every season. Every season of your Green Bay packer fan for the last twenty years you felt like your team had a chance to win the Super Bowl. It Seattle Seahawks thing you know Russell Wilson your team had a chance to win the Super Bowl every single year. Do you feel that way about the change without good they've battled the last couple seasons. I'm going to bench around and say. It's a very few times you like you know what the chiefs can legitimately win the Super Bowl this year that's just the next you're talking this is the. All argument of don't just enjoy the desk nation enjoyed the journey. You're right they're being active two or three times in my lifetime may be a stupid young whatever. Pat myself convinced that this team actually has a chance to win the symbol some of those thirteen three teams a couple of Trent green's team. I never once said I bet this Eli Manning led giants teams going to win this April but hindsight. They've got terms what that we just need to enjoy the journey with a more than warned about this Super Bowl destination. And I'm ugly and having a big difference in the Eli meaning teams in his. When it was like the chiefs don't very often exceed your expectations and we can point it seems that all I didn't think that team was gonna do what they went on to do it. That he was never the chiefs. If baseball oils. Nobody expected to do this great thing they went on and did the giants never expect the judge to do is great thing they went on and it. And so the time that the chiefs work and that categorize me as a member of that season where the chiefs went out there and we thought they were gonna be is 79 team and with thirteen and three with the FHA it's a game that season I've literally never happen in my entire life. Texting your questions sex like 69306. Of the segment which you control the answer all your questions ask us anything Texan as a drive. Cheers I mean I think I'm entitled to. Here's I want to ensure that would be anonymous should've just at Jack Nicholson at least this it would have been a lot better to check. Handle the truth yeah. Iran or present and wrong. And certainly a lot of and so let's listen to. What we humans do it step by casting agents enforce dot com also available and I. But the brinkmanship. You can also download radio guys comment. Some of you can heating up about being too and that's what I used to use I'm used to Camping World that. And I got to use the radio that comment I think she favored six and he got a favorite that's key that's number one. You can stay up to date with all the dealings over at sixpence portrait of this segment is the one that you control we do every Friday show. You text in questions answered some sports team what quote old. Person things do you just. Oh. Where you guys know I don't use the computer right down my breath by hand mole in green and I do mall walking into the laps around the studio for the show's stars everybody's got systems on the road all the smoke Pall mall cigarettes when grown. That's about it and an old person makes a normal people I don't know much rebels. I would have won and now owned by an American company and quality to be in the pump more popular in the US. Soccer. Honestly I honestly don't Formula One as one person one person is now in mind there company and that the amount. And Arabic brought the black and his wonderful memories Mario Andretti. That at one maybe. Once in the weeks and I root for you guys into the right yeah yeah yeah a lot of work flow and it was going to be a C phone outlets in case you get blacks in this. I similar Goetschl won I think Chalmers drops over the united drew good and dropped 28 on Wednesday. Opinion doing the league's more revenue for who Drew Gooden. Clinton who bought a big for it to about I would love to see Drew Gooden who the big blue bucket I'm sorry Kate has put together. But I have like. Be on the Big Three team Lester parole. Didn't want to take you or Lester oral look like guys that include a cliff or analysts say that Alexander Lester rural and and where is out and he doesn't even doubting he's doing right his Chile and I idolized. These children an island with Josh him. Just my really different plays bass while overseas that's only to Vegas with. They surprised a lot of guys that ultimately it. Does make. 300000 dollars a year your play basketball again you recent ride guys did you bring into this. CD dual play basketball with the judges. That makes a lot of my Big Ten team Kenny Britt Reid Lester or role and that Belichick it's excellent 69306. See guy how much you hate when that the country concert at Princeton I actually I love it. He think it's incredible. I don't like the hot country nights this thing could exist so frequently but just as someone that lives downtown. And that's the country counselor. I'm always walking down to its patents in its own and eighty. I'm always go to no other blood of the just the people like let's just say there's going to be some good looking girls do it tomorrow and I can ingest what is your favorite. We need excuse me household. I mean it cleaning the bathroom counts that would be it and you know like in the bathroom I'm not much of a wash dishes well actually over the line. Indio is sure velocity. I actually enjoyed some of them it's kind of weird election like to vacuum actually like the fold my wander around with your daughter went to. They stack up I don't mind putting in the dishwasher I don't like when her real lazy and eat spaghetti you don't wash it off for a week orchestra that played way. I don't exactly that if you like watching the likelihood of so much modes of secret including while that you a couple of ads Arrington if you buy your Michael Porter junior no answers yet not right by jurors you have Michael Porter junior does it must of getting teachers at some point down think I'm ever going Jersey board and PGA. For mergers Porter junior teaming up with Isiah Thomas and elm dynamic duel right that I as Thomas is a perfect example of how many seems to not look. Why are you running back from injury to go to teams that don't love you. All the stuff he did for the Celtics. Make sure that a year after his sister died at which she came back early he broke his teeth he scored 28 points per game that season yesterday. It's time for milk two million bucks Dunham do you. Out of he. I take my jazz pays six then sports dot com. Also available on ides is pleased he was a favor if you like the radio show if you like this radio station. Goalie you're Smart well right now go to the App Store and download the radio dot com app putting your favorites. That would make me so happy grass beds high on. It's a debatable but it was the best thing about it I done. Air bag again on Monday old gang back together. We ask drives they give the list.