07/13 4p - Pick-a-Player, Underrated Series, AFC West, Chiefs v Chargers

The Drive
Friday, July 13th
The Sports Machine takes on PaP, Underrated Series, AFC West answers plus a look at Chiefs v Chargers 

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One category but it's. Movies it's the tee and second time today didn't you guy who's running backs. How you handle two turns your accountant didn't Roger. Julius east to play here yes that slider for help on the drive. On the drive coming up in fifteen minutes we will continue our kids under rated securities the last went for the week. Coming up it for thirty. We will get back into the unit felt like to talk about in today's show spec we'll see that apology would only ones apparently that haven't heard checkers on the text line. I tried to tell you men that project grew famous Philly text line everybody indeed says the Fries at professors know though that in there and I only do this sorry group ones I don't believe things are out there. Yours back there. I don't know checkers me back was talking about Friday's rise in coal is no projectors are all right now how is everybody. Four people insects are right now we got that hey we got run a we got Eric in we have Brian today you're going up against the sports machine. John Levine then. In pick up players what does the nuggets and expect. We'll give them a pair of royals twins tickets for the next six and Saturday on July 21 and not tomorrow but week from tomorrow attribute it feels he has a about and it's color and it. Bring a problem for. I expect you gotta tell it to category is ours is my computer doesn't work anymore so I cannot tell you what the category I don't see the categories are. It out to all important talked to Matt and I do incidents. I'm doing great Fiat get down cajun sparkle. All bull. Actually. Say that multiple. On the Imus and Imus in our it sparkle. Well on top line as the cajun a little bit of that actual souls don't expect the details with you don't have to hit. Sounds like stripped down and relax. All right you sports recedes back categories. 123 or four. Or four you're going to add SEC schools. Schools in the US EC schools and remarked it's. Go. Florida Auburn or Texas a and amp. No snapped. South Carolina. Should you. I'm in trouble him. Which you'll hold him down were seven aldermen on them they announce we're assemble spec. Alabama Auburn LSU. Georgia Florida. Tennessee. South Carolina. A lot just Aussie duck. Does LC. On school areas related groups. That it of his that are out there in the SEC now where do you is it official this editorial review. I'd pour. Resentment. Loser. There is. What conference is the university of loser. SEC not only did not name them but that would've won and that would have been the difference. So and you call yourself the sports machine that your nickname comedy sportsmanship it's good that element to that commitment. And there's in this fourteen schools in the SEC in 70 and I just I'm just trying to clarify and to try to get all the information joke that I have right now. Pilots out their money in KCK Ronnie please save us you have 12 or three which when you take. Oh you are right suspect so it is too is movies it's. Friday the thirteenth horror movies on your mark get set go. Halloween Michael Myers. And the silica. Don't know. Freddy Burton gave. Oh I got. But old but they're towards. It completely caught off guard that's the whole concept of the game as yeah. Our hat down for three I'm not giving you Halloween Michael Myers says the same or are also again I'm down with what your favorites. Well I'd. I spoiled let's hear from sports machine. Friday the thirteenth Halloween more and following through Halloween three scream one scream two scream to read. Nightmare on elm street. It follows saw saw warns us to. It follows was very overrated to. It's funny you say that did good. Natalie it is the kind of a jerky respect knows life and utter madness up my first doesn't Purdue and it was over your thought about it you're doing is they show up there in New York City listens all the time. I mean the concept of the movie was a walking STD that was the whole concept of the move up bottles Glover plays out like that's the scary chlamydia that's. If it ever had it won't ever had a good to be scared as hell didn't call them. I didn't even in my office of her movie let's regularly and just released Scrooge but there is a sister Marie is not a scary new book Wilbon is that the one with billboard right evidence goes and stuff involved. Faster at work or to hookers and my my favorite scary movie is the first green and probably followed by us all I'm a big. Aids causes all of that it did you said so once you during does that count me in spirit seven people. I'd say it'll all products operated made a lot of salt what that's gosh I totally. Or Dexter cyst. Silence of the lambs. To go to guy. I'm the limited as a hormone absolutely guys that the real daddy applicant doesn't drama thriller on the vote counted as a nearly super human right. Yeah I yeah I wouldn't count that is were Iowa and it is one but it last dot O'Donnell weighs in against the best you've ever been picked to play an amateur that was your. Those are some games you know W George did that was a LeBron game seven. All right air JC to. A camera of the numbers that are less well we got one in the ring I won and the worry our air one or three. RE three all right Joerg in 1980s. Rock bands what's ago eighties rock bands on your mark get set to go. Rat like we did this are great YE. Are you aren't born. Believe it Led Zeppelin. Well he's done. Strikes were. I thought he says will more likely here. Why are you settling arguments so now lamb lamb quail on Sibley they're probably both these bands that I was named Tim I could probably still only names who did the week. Just did this a game would be like five minutes I would probably only go to name you know song week yet before you go go. Now we have Leah. The full I don't know if you know non interest in Zoolander. No I never seen Zoolander before. And helpless and they hope what has announced hold on a much opportunity here but on the state anyway it was loads up the seventies and each. That's going to the batteries are you either go about the first man announced on all of that going well that they were done by the night I know there's steroid and that's about all know about let alone enough I'm kind of a person as the 123456. Nine US vehicle on my little power outage like it in 1968. So we'll go at their nine. They're not the eighties so it's well. Exactly why they're not a band that I did. What matters toward the what does he what is and what does that instinct gets couldn't conference that's fun poems that that's who. It's fun I saw a demonized. Or not they said you take it in. Our. Now wins you're gonna Amaral and all of its nine was three get a permanent. Ban it here in the eighties rock since a year Dick Clarke all of a sudden I had no clue I. It's poison. Pen terror sticks. Rush. We're all one word maybe just. It's no. Nirvana back into the eighties or would I didn't it. In Europe was a bank and back in the and like a backpack company I don't know anything about nerve and you Indian Wells. Now the rawness. Obama played the outhouse and board which is now strip club in 1989. A very famous show to me and that makes them an eighty's rock band and her on as far Germany's rock. But there were rock and played in the eighties. Which Led Zeppelin was not. Ever knows all about in there that's all I can hear him. And Nolan knows he can name you can name one 'cause. I can't lose and I didn't assault any of those that is Udonis. Who think that's part of song at that she's always play. I'm a little later down and gotten to enter at that spot. Some dudes in a remote system and out of our home and then. I'm more into that who did the old comments member of the cans of the comments back in the day to. Canada and and then didn't in tune and tune it a president that she is PA announcer like Baghdad. That's good for another speech it's just. It is it is the stadium to say that this agent. And it does work and saying that out Manhattan at Bill Snyder family funds and a radical that's in let's say that early ninety's it does say that the little music in the says that all. I. At Syracuse in the Emmy winning team for three year. Is there so I mean knowing that you need to fight here very often he went to hole up first day I tried to set. I soul he got a plus one beaches are plus plus. There's already got a plus per all right Brian in North Kansas City I don't. And get a start up by saying GOK he had about ride a world and you could have it. Opinion that you bureau. I appreciate it the best barbs Fries into them they just don't get in the sweet sauce I Brian what you got let's suspect tells a category he has category number one. 2008 team world of pop country Obama girls Brian countries under mark set down Austin Powers. Three straight through it. Bill let go your way. Purely black guy. Parking lead. It won't which killed there. Argentina and get the last idea for not all. I thought the attention her are bottles rock band between 87 in 94 that for the read it. I 1987 negotiator drugs and nine at the cost that was the we'll lose but put out house I gotta you gotta think even the 2007. Patriots lost you know everybody who's gone about it. I expect. Down all and mean what are you guys at an effort I also had nine currently walkers of famous painters on. Care cowboys committed to another woman or walk that's what we're past it went all right I'm. I went back and look at the act. I let's country in the world I don't I'm gonna upset over under. For four and a half down taken me under Karzai notes it's he knows five countries in the World Cup no change. Russia and Croatia. Japan. Argentina Colombia Brazil. Portugal. France. Italy. Spain. It did not make the World Cup balls bounce a double job growth. Italy dynamic it meant the World Cup like Croatia with four million vehicles on the outskirts. How did the United States of America not mean there isn't. That's luckless all the damage is immoral ones remembering world or Favre I got nine. Without it. All right so player and Casey diet are winners are right back. That is correct I. Casey. Back in on the. Coming up in a bad. Fifteen minutes we won't be eighteen soon. Less right now we're going to continue arts Kansas City under rated series. With one shot Levine is taken us around this beautiful metropolitan and taking a lower he's taking in a Manhattan he's taking mark he's taking it all the he's taking it just about everywhere. And his sand. We have come to our final stop. McKinsey generated seizures associated two year we will mention some of those city series however yesterday we asked. The most underrated downtown euros was the literacy that Weston Weston the most underrated downtown honey. Telling you let me give you guys a little bit of pre game. Take it lady. Take its balance. Pick your loved one. For a nice day trip to Weston Missouri and I'm telling you. You'll have in an amazing. Time I'm still saying Portugal's most underrated downtown was under a you can listen. As a kid and why you gotta tell you got to Daytona agent down we thank just cancel as they take tomorrow on the take you somewhere especially. Weston Missouri and a half hours west and predictable thing in one day there that's like 32 bolts that closest. And it's it's incredible tax like. People would strike tax I'd tell us about the greatness that is less than a third. I think that is like you don't think I've ever been to west even as a kid what's the what's the more we're into is that not west and what was that on the middlemen are and it's not listed favorite. It's underrated annual event was voted on the Irish best. Was underrated part. Fidelity American ball partnered creative underage college down it was a deal. Now that they've been second a the great news film park mayor bill followed by aids in the most underrated concert I thought for sure this would be either. Pearl Jam on the case you campus. Maybe Destiny's Child when that bird Bramlet but the winner. Was Milli Vanilli. Blame it on the ringing I was actually at that she partnered with today's topic does most underrated in Kansas City first marriage and most underrated all time high school athlete. Bubba starling comes to mind but he hasn't really lived up to any sort of hide. Bubba starling and under rated high school athlete. Now was was under great people. National sensation was you LeBron James is he and OJ Mayo now he was big here he was at. Five in the house that turned out a moment ago with a wouldn't do what you're on bush who's next Darren Sproles got errant balls and underrated I ouster on rush. I was under the age. You see. Underage did you go to you still alive when his minutes have been like in the mind and under my answer is Tony temple. Like Marcus walker. Okay look at that smile a little bungalow underage would you accept Tony temple from rocker. In the NF under. Yes Tony temple's hundred high school athlete aren't as underrated plays the taken out of town which is going to come up big a couple of weeks ago at the damage coming in town I'm saying. In the west bottoms is the best which they can out of town. The men and the plays its part you mean and they haven't taken against argues that the case and around town. Maybe get some of the machine company may have been at odds about our ports that's what I was most underrated placed the shop in Kansas City so you get to the plaza is obviously related to a candidate. And you can't your debt in places that are under rated. You can't be like what someone says hey what's what to hold the all Mexican restaurant you can't help patrol duke Chicago's top. It was high school at. The original may name some Carol it was on the road team and he's I thought you said underrated guys laughed I thought it. Actually the books according to implement that with I did boast all of your right to run rush. You're probably right on that we're really outrun the Napster name and often to Florida Lee's summit Sal from 1994. Bit underrated seven days of the underrated please the shop most underrated in Kansas City no longer exists a must admit to have so small hole and all about. About the Lesnar has been. Let your. Opel agreed to ignore most underrated trade paid by a local T digital. Now tell. I need everybody knows called you to. Fun to me tunes evidence that in any time ago about how. Solid carts and cars. Is that the OK okay. The right into the that would be called six or in any vehicles export initiated a process oriented candidate quarter. Learn or. And we may be the data you're losing sponsors here but how about. Chiefs in jumpers cheats don't jump into oh. Specter from a Washington DC what was like the television every city has girl like groovy cool jingle. I don't know no good plans we don't know I'm a little game that looked so what's the grass instead those grants. Anger. And unlike the other dire things commercials they got the dire excellent. Because of everlasting are all my goodness the Alaska mercker versions were all I expect Williams this genius during the pre show Barack Obama. Still my advantage and at the gate C yeah it'll be a global I didn't single. I know. Richard Steele my time all got to. Post under it trades made by a local team I'm going for the will buyers James Shields trade is that what it calls the will Marshal James Shields traded him to throw it was a guy you might have sort of been Wade Davis I'm going with most under the tree. Talk about Danes furniture outlet that was going up just a bit literally had a going out of business. Three times your budget can't you can't keep mystery date furniture outlet you can't keep doing this somebody's. Somebody said the Bob able to implement it sounds that the only difference. The grandkids. On Moran an let's put those kids wanted to beat and asked her arms about doesn't care about themselves regardless of my most agree. Park ride you'll know who's in these easily do the most that they beat you is that whatever that the its advantage. Some respect on its name is liberated late range for you late August discovered that a couple weeks talking about some of talking and judging and your arguments on the most underrated movie theaters in jeans and city on the go to IMAX theatre at the zoo and he went vaccinated. They do under a couple of who's the most I actually went to answer this with you if you remember thirty seconds just talk really quick about it. Thirty under the law and that's more important putts. Especially mournful I actually. I am a friend of the license girl is. I did that had nothing to do the store and that is I just felt relieved so I don't know if the person that relationships Dodi and somebody said the National American University jingle. National commitment and you know there's a grasp I own. But it don't suffer in silence. Some race cars. Most underrated athlete Rome Kansas City, Kansas Missouri area going Barry Sanders at Wichita doesn't give a thought. We all thrown in the air at the hollered as again I don't goodies from Kansas at least from Wichita your body knows what stuff I'd isn't as Smart as you know. I did but he's a hall of Famer and one of the greatest running backs alternate I don't know how. He's wondering weasel just I didn't autograph signer came on this radio show with lest I be some dude in the decay in the city or Wichita last time I heard from Barry Sanders he didn't divorce he was doing those commercials that. But the meets the dogs and one last thing on the stop you know aggressive. A lot of dialogue all. And I. You know nothing is happening. But it's easily amused by every ounce of oh my goodness that in the the don't suffer in silence because your your Droid commercials work all time or beats a lot of movement on some of the GE. EE. Some mid eighties the commercial. Does this do I run is we'll talk about sports. I issue we will coming of the size. I think that we're in trouble. And sales manager. Came upstairs so that we have lost all control and show. And asked if I had something to drink before the show. I just in a good mood today it's Friday. And on the line Mike good who has to be criticized you know I apologize. What she's got movies you're trying to give people your underrated. Things in Kansas City Life. Bubba starling and Iran relies almost goes to drink before the show that the equipment that if it. That is looking at the rundown noticed that was reviewed underage answers or forty or I didn't have much to do besides I'd as I went off whenever it yeah yeah. But the whole point of that is supposed to the underrated series and we spent fifteen minutes talking about. Breast. Pizza Bob Hamilton. Right. And I know that someone on the sex line is going to be really really mad at me for us. Who is he still. Use my body and try to be funny I legitimately don't know who that is. He's going to be starting in place of Ian Kennedy this week hated Chicago as the royals have not won a series since the gain to of met. They want more time in case you forgot you couldn't hear when I was. The royals have not like AC res. Since the end of may. Summer there's not a and series in Harrison. Neither an. And Specter yesterday you came union said. Can you name one person in the Rose Bowl heat bill murdered and I sit there and I'm looking at this and I feel like this is. Major League who these guys. Tim hill I don't break it Mallory is busy with a bomb Brian Flynn was Lori is. With. Pete Kilmer who is this ribeiro gentlemen. Who's who's Romero and that first ever let him it's it's America like Cher comedy little narrow I don't know this is. I came apart the I am. Is that Kevin yet and we don't have gone back there and I didn't vote is he good. Prices more and compares it gives you think he's gonna fire off okay are right out as he's know what's our husbands back to the bridge two days ago. And spark growth it's sparked an adult films is not a war is pretty reasonable and Jason Adam and Jason Hammel who. You gotta be real bad to get demoted from this team like it you if you demoted from the 2008 year old they sell hot out here who that is heats film. Honorees and and until I Adam is because he went to Buddha in northwest high school which is also where I would but it was a guy that you said the beginning. First I've film or film Mayer yeah he's starting in place for Ian Kennedy before you told me the blues and royals player I honestly thought that you were naming my dad's roommates from college that he always talks about and those names he ticket numbers last about the white talking about him that's a. And I know I should know this stuff by I legitimately no I should know this but I mean I don't know how to know this stuff did. He. Is. Would you orioles' bullpen. Wind from the best in the history of baseball at least 789 HDH a few years ago. To the worst in the history of the reporters straight against the war the most unknown issues but really really start because. I mean two years ago I mean the royals had rocks all hours in the bullpen like legitimate scholars the global it now does. Guys I'm glad I don't call it the position guys in the old is that some you know recognizable faces and noble and right now. Does this guy he's this is. Team this year. Our. Organizations. We're not at the all star break these other people the rubber trot out there Allan Reynolds. I of the nation he has Ian. They were doing like quick cater about the AFC west I don't know your answers to this you don't know my answers to this Specter that the little. Around in a fellow music will get to this and let's see our thoughts on the ANC was the did expect our first question who will win the division. Los Angeles. I think I'm the only person in Kansas City pick in the Los Angeles charters now I understand it. Bear the Tennessee Volunteers at the NFL every year and you wizards fans though I'm talking. We are told good Tennessee's going to be announces his bag and are great they're recruiting class and Tennessee goes five instead. Every single year in Los Angeles they have done the exact same thing. But in the NFL I'm going to bet on certainty at the beginning of the season it's an uncertainly so pleased to meet certain. The chargers have a hall of fame. Quarterback they have the best wide receiver in the division in Keenan Allen. Bet the best offensive players maybe help you right now we enjoyed also noticed by the Bob Miller. I got a slap Los Angeles charter. It's up until that they've been talking about the unknown quality and then what we think we do know. War who was a team that won the division the last two years the Kansas City Chiefs want doubled cheats or or. One double digit games every year since injury has been head coach. I don't think there's been enough torn over I get completely new quarterback and wide receiver you don't have market beaters. But I still think they've got enough top end talent to win ten games and I think ten. When's the division I agree with you the chargers. We talk about a talent level I have an easy second most talented team in the division and then there's a pretty big drop off. We talk about the raiders and Broncos but I still think ten wins it I think that the chiefs are the team that wins that. Who CN BP of the division I got a Philip Rivers. I mean most of the time it's going to be the quarterback on the best team and I think that Philip Rivers is the best. And the best quarterback and added so much says it depend on you and Alex healthy and keep Allen hasn't been consistently held. The last year I think you saw it in the city you remembered game one a couple seasons ago at aironet. If Keenan Allen is healthy him with Philip Rivers is a dangerous. Combination. If we're going pre season I will take Philip Rivers to be the divisional will be I don't. Find. Some them makes you wanna say equally on that because I actually think he's the best defensive player in the division but I think the answer. Again I've got my cheap shades on it's Korean halt rushed for 14127. Yards as a rookie yells at 500 yards at the back field eleven total touchdowns. And he was the biggest difference between a good chief's office 116. And it Portland unstoppable offense last year or so. I think it if he repeats and that's a big if repeats those saves that's. He is at least the west and. Tex like 660. In the last time the chargers beat the chief that's a very geared toward careful when B iPhone cool I. And I never I just every she's may have met a skeptical about our. I understood last year what every season it was skeptical about the Oakland Raiders at some point you've got to beat the case. It's the same Intel haven't seized were trying to beat the -- remember it's what you have to beat the team in your division for me to think you can win the division. So they certainly have they certainly have a lot of this season. I was only going quietly won the papal argument. The chargers or a better team the chiefs or take a football games or play on paper the political field but if we're talking in July and patronage. And the change dominated the division last year really they have the last couple of years but that doesn't mean they ran away with the division together back to back champions but as Alec their head and shoulders better than what else can we say let's have a chart beat him cheese chargers and one of the NFL season. Two laps. Rising star in the AFC west. Rising us at all. Where's Peter Kerry and union yeah using stall I got I'm going. The Denver Broncos have a job and it's Bradley job I think that he's going to be an. Us dug right away the same way we've talked about Julio Mac sometimes these guys are stripped from polyps in the NFL that doesn't take long summit assay. He's a rising star but obviously I mean how could you not take patty did you convey we've got a guy who. As you mentioned Peter Schrager they gave him the options back not just in the west but at any player in the NFL who is most excited to see and he would factor more homes and quite frankly if I'm being honest. Besides Joseph Montana. I can't ever remember from a fan's perspective the anticipation for a guy that played before it actually does I can't wait pat are. I mean she's actually at the answer for gore by rising star in the answer is preferable Holmes in frequent if we're talking about us all are in the league. About a pick somebody outside the division I'm gonna continue to be all of the charter Melvin Ingram is probably the answer for all of rising explore. Outside but it probably sell its expected this year. But top draft pick although Deborah mell put their votes than him on defense Gordon Melbourne where he's stuck until like these you're. Both Melvin Gordon and Ingram residents thought the drug as a Toledo went five games younger mock me no tires we've been right and that's obviously and help. It's obviously the final line best newcomers. You can't use job. But Garrity junk data on. Right. I'm a hasty. And Casey is the best new comer in the NFL I thought the last seven years we've also meant of an asset that's repeat of the last three years if the Broncos out of quarterback to be all right well maybe have a quarterback in case you let's see how he performs outside. Of Minnesota. I like he's you know I. Tasty tidbit bulls changed by. Mindset of the NFL so much about being good NFL quarterback is about situation. I think this is Billy would situation case you. He certainly an improvement for them over what they've had the past although taste you can debate. And newcomer and should stick with my ammo to go with Kansas City Chiefs and give obviously everybody's think I'm gonna say and Sammy Watkins knows that you thought I was going to but I'm not I'm going with Jon group in the new. Raiders coach I don't think it's gonna pay dividends necessarily next year but 234 years down the line. Who knows of Indy Reid's still going to be here who knows is coaching the charters who knows he's going to be coaching the Broncos but we know do a ten year contract Jon Gruden is going to be in the division for a long time. I science are really really good question always is on the side. Why do you consider the charters to be more towns go position by position she's first them and I guarantee you ends up lost. I the other side. I pulled my hypothesis that the chargers are better on paper than the chiefs. On that was odd coming up is there. Kinds of really good question. You're going in the AFC west. Specter asked you I thought was gonna win the defense. I sit on paper I think the charges are better team. The text line as you imagined. Very. On the pet projects growth and his belief that. So. I. Try to be honest and transparent maybe I'm wrong. But never done this exercise let's do it together at the same. The text reads as follows why do you consider the charters to be more talented take. The players' position by position she's vs them I guarantee you it ends up a lot. Let's do that very quickly to gain again together at the same. At quarterback the chart is that Patrick Holmes and the audit she setter and home of the chargers had Phillip rivers if we're going just up to 48 team. Who would you rather have a quarterback. River's normal homes. I'd rather have ever because I know when I'm getting would Ebbers all is optimistic I feel good about it. But it's not the sure thing that I look at when I look at what that the quarterback position at the charters that. Other filler is going to the hall of fame like it's hard to argue the numbers against rivers I understand that his personality terrorism people off. But Philip Rivers is eventually going to be in cans and let's see how the career goals or one Pat's home Iran is still playing at eight incredibly high level. I'm giving me a gain is the quarterback to the chargers today let's see what happens throughout the course of the season. Maybe I'm wrong but in July I'm speaking the look rivers over pat. Well it's Phil. Omen apology I've been calling and Phyllis sorry about that man last year 28 touchdowns to interceptions for Philip Rivers in your report that. 43 touchdowns and one in one picks. I don't mean to sit on the fence to answer your question. I think that Philip Rivers is going to throw more interceptions yes I think that Patrick Holmes of less interceptions but the dip Philip Rivers. The rose for more touchdowns I think that Philip Rivers last year as it's at 28 and ten I think is yours probably something like. 25 and 45 and fifties Obama. Are you dance and a little bit who take their. She's revenues are it's the colts all of us taking rivers right now quarterback is identical picks through the last and his. Running back. It's milk board and it's Korean. Am I wrong in thinking that that is pretty much it watched. I'm extremely is a better running back in Melvin gored I don't want anybody on the tax ladder anybody listening to think I'm saying that they are cool. I don't paint berries a huge gap between the I like the sixth best running back in the NFL. Organs like benign breast running back in the UFO. I think it's a substantial. Difference between those two individuals. Well I would did ace light. That she'd just based off I think they have the better running back of the two in the better situation. But I think that is much more of a wash in the quarterback position. Limited to some stats last year when you talk about the chargers running back he had. 1105. Yards rushing Kareem on had thirteen under you're talking about a difference of less than 200 out of the backfield. Melvin Ingram had fifty ML Gordon England Courtney Love or. Abrams on defense and organs off 58 receptions which is very impressive he's also an underrated guy out the back look for another 500 yards which is almost identical to the stats out the back field. Or Kareem on yards per carry him on almost a yard more. Certain you know argue this is. I think it's pretty even like it would talking up adding context I think Kareem until 92 at running back I think Melvin Gordon is a ninetieth running back. At the end of the same players but that's not much of any of being an age to meet all of a slight edge of the chiefs to be fair. Total yards from scrimmage last year for Gordon 1580 worn for career mark 1670. Total touchdowns for gore and twelve Kareem on eleven's ominous say. Barely Korean won but I am with you feel like awarded just because he has another year under his belt has these mormons don't tomorrow so I'm I would rather have three month and Gordon for the. Suspect who you take Corey on our home is a close up. At the same person. That couldn't be closer almost have the same here TO if there are right near one is 127128. All right. Offense lied to colleges that none of us are really qualified attitude which he's better options expectancy is like an expert I don't think it's like this is the office for our three sacks against the chargers offensive line that's all say no more and now they got Russell Cologne. You still in the league DND and feeding them. Excuse Mike announcing victory was that the teacher from one who Boras lamb and Joseph born yesterday. They got they mr. dean the she's maybe have a slightly better on night Tennessee here and make it seem like I can really tell you who's the better off the idea notable focused that. God this receiver corps but the chargers Tina Allen. Tyrell. Smacked you resent you and how does wonders you. I think he's the best receiver in the Asian and an end and that's that's that's backwards and he would deserve that he's about a wide receiver than Tyreke millions. Keenan Allen Cairo Williams Mike Williams Travis Benjamin. That's the wide receiver corps for the Los Angeles charters the chiefs wide receiver corps. Married Jill. Chris Connelly Sammy locked in the markets Robinson mean the mark is him. Are gonna count Kelsey separate and yes unbelievable the most also take the cheese workers. Absolute. Spec sheets. I would take the chiefs. I think that the chargers had the best wide receiver added that mr. I think she downs better than Q I'm I don't think it's. I think it's kind of the same argument is that I would argue that with three month in Melvin Gordon I think pretty pretty that are I think that I think IATA Alan when healthy. Is a little bit better than Tyreke tight end that's a clear advantage the future leader and it indicated a punter handers healthy. He's not he's your advantage no cycles clear advantage to them. And the defensive side and that's why don't really think it's that close between the two. This is dead offensive line for the Los Angeles chargers Joey boasts a brain didn't eBay com. Corey like I. And nobody is close to August it's not it's even kind of closed the better but at the line between the chargers in the I was at the chargers have the best defensive line not just in the division but multiple certainly could make the argument that in. All linebacker for. Denzel hairy men. Pays Pollard Allen manual. The goat cheese on autos royals pitcher to those guys out that. She's linebacker corps on record I don't I'm Olympic all those it's a. That I've heard of the guys play amputees but I but I don't believe it immediately just in Houston I don't know him do is Reggie directly going to be as good as it was last year I don't know deep or. There's never really done much Anthony hits and at that level of defense is a huge question. Secondary wise Casey Hayward Jason Behr Trevor Williams Desmond seeing safety wise der when James Adrian Phillips. For the chiefs. Kindle Fuller Stephen Nelson David Emerson. Eric Berry back off injury. Daniel Sorensen I don't think it's close I rather have the charter secondary to have achieved second. Back to what I said but for different reasons I have sort of the secondary that you and those guys are they're just not any good note to wrong. Stephen Nelson probably underrated or they're healthy is awesome but without mark is Peter's. This secondary is the weak link of this football teams on definitely going to charge. I mean just look at the defense it's not really close I think the charters and Christina that she stepped slightly better pieces offensively in the charter I don't really think it's the gap the way to Tex I'd make it seem like. I think the same debt that you think they have on offense if your she's been the same gap exists on defense the truck or much better on defense in the chief and it it's not with a close. I feel better after doing that and we exercise and thank you very pleasant to have a Wilson's victim would have been a whole lot easier just look at the Las Vegas over hundreds close to rescue teams are. Biggest as the chargers as a nine win team they've got the chiefs as an eight and a half from when teams are basically. Could just looked at Vegas they tell us about half wind coming on the other side will get to the top stores the Dane Kansas City is drive.