07/13 3p - Vern, Mind of the Machine, Chiefs, Unpopular Opinions

The Drive
Friday, July 13th
Vern joins us in studio, we go inside the mind of the machine, countdown to training camp plus Unpopular Opinions 

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Welcome back to drive today's pop ways. Well this. Signs that. Spec tells why George Steinbrenner died eight years ago today. So I thirteenth 2010. Or 21. Years signs though I took Siad ads are very much still on bad. George Steinbrenner out of huge deficit dumped them on that you'll Ben I don't say this. I was gonna make a point about signs though that I wasn't a big fan of the show boy it. I don't watch that comedians. Getting coffee and callers orbital Netflix. It's a short like fifteen minutes he wants it for a minute now it's really what you saw yesterday you question people don't like puppies remember we're talking about that I pushed into the don't like sign it's just hard for me to kind of get behind a show that's based in New York with no minorities like this is not real life brother like wants it a couple of months it's it's. That's not a show I just not realistic to me about her that's as that's why I never was rumored return on my son fainting with friends to like Roland you get a black friends like now. Building to make a lot of sense to me. I. Just right now is insider how old are you still you know. Old upright when it comes watched this every day yeah I mean what other choice do you have you've had one breaking point though when it comes to watching him like what am I do what he likes it was questioning life. No no because once the calendar flips to June. Then I've I stopped caring about wins and losses now only viewed the team through the lenses of the rebuild them when you do that makes. Watching these games a little bit more tolerable. You know how we start every interview. Hopefully you prepared for this I did not. Tell us one positive thing about the world today do not play on Monday it yesterday web Scott Harris I love NASCAR. I'm positive that's they're not planned at home it's a hundred damn degrees outside. A. A couple of really good positive burn low last week they analogous couple days ago they announced the all star teams of course LB goes in wit doesn't. The problem we're not going on the because you look at the guys at that position to urge to take off the team that take up to very often not taken. The effort towards up at a problem in general with a guy like salvadorans basically. A lifetime achievement award. I don'ts out AA because of the talent at the catching position in the American League there's no doubt Wilson Ramos is the clear cut number one. But after that it's really a tossup you look at the power numbers it's Gary Sanchez and Salvador per resident. Selby actually has a better average than Gary Sanchez. After those two. I don't know amid there's nobody that really stands out to me in the American League as far as catching is concerned and secondly. When soap opera is is inducted into the royals hall of fame but when they're putting that number thirteen up there next to a Georgian Franken. Dick howser they're not going to say and now bringing that coming to the stage ten time all star even though between you and I we know it should be ninth don't know this to me only makes his career. Grander when it's all said and done we're not gonna look back and it pick whether or not he should have made it in 2018. Does he deserve it out what he's done this first half now that there's. There's no arguing that but when it's all said and done it's gonna make his career look a little bit better. How would you fix the problem that exists because. I'm with you that Salvi if we're talking about a career achievement deserves to be in the all star game I think he's one of the better players Major League Baseball. But if any still one of the three best catchers in the America but it's got to rule worded one player for every team because that's the main data rule but by Major League Baseball where every team mass that all Serbs and yeah usually at least take the most absorbing guy what every team that it's hard for me to. If we were making a list of who had the best first half of Kansas City Royals players. Put itself in our top fives how to get to go the all star game over guys like when their field who haven't made that big money yet who I'm guessing it's incentivized by making the all star team mean and now taken money at a guy's pockets Cooper accolades and things like that solely based on rule it in a popularity contest I think it would help wit may become. Arbitration but even that is a season or two away so it's really not taken any money out of his paycheck the reason why is exactly what John said I mean. Jose a two day Jose Ramirez. Over at third base of the labor Torres at second base. Many which Otto you you look at those middle infielders those third baseman in the American League in Whitner feel just doesn't stacked up. Yeah that's that's why we don't see Witten airfield in the all star game it's unfortunate for him but in the grand scheme of things. I'm I'm glad it's I'll be because it's going to build his legacy even more in which would not gonna have right now to talk. Are royals insider job for your for a couple of minutes to let the show with the centers is someone who was a lifelong baseball fan diehard baseball fan. Yes available holds he hit cities 630. Home run no one cares. What do we get to the point and I know when it is what's kind of rhetorical love. And when you were growing up in home runs matter that was a big east that it was a big deal to see guys hit home runs and hit the exactly remember. They would whip when Lott Palmeiro hit 500 home runs that was a big deal when guys across this rational. Now is gonna be one of five greatest power hitters of all time in literally no one Ayers that he is going to accomplish that though. Cares about baseball. Period I think we could start there. We of course could mention steroids and how it's bastard ties the record book especially via the the home run chase single season or career. And then third thirdly is he matched Ken Griffey junior. To meet their trip they were really only three sacred numbers when it okay for 4500 was in there as well. I still think that's a big deal I still think that that is in baseball circles and on sport center that still made. Into a big deal matching Ken Griffey junior not so much passing Willie Mays that was one of those big time numbers at 660. The Babe Ruth that. 714. Getting to hang Garrett at 755 to me it was always just about Hank. Babe and Willie those were the three big numbers and and and we've seen a lot of guys match them pass them and of course ruin them. Namely Alex Rodriguez what. Albert is going to pass Willie Mays I don't think anyone's gonna care with thorny moral runs from him he's done accomplished I guess that's because it's happened it's happened. By Barry Bonds it happen guy Alex Rodriguez. But polls they rented a lot of suspicion right now steroids she's the one guy it's well I would say the guys have been avoided Griffey junior we talked about Jeter wasn't big home run hitter. But polls there really hasn't been a ton of suspicion. Sure sure. Baseball not a big deal. And it's not. It's a big deal for maybe cardinals fans may before it angels fans. Albert Wilson isn't a guy that that moves the needle baseball's barely a sports. That moves the needle you guys have talked about it it's a very regional game the best player on the planet. Is a non story in my Trout. In other the two best things that baseball have going for them are Bryce Harper and hobby bias. And they are at times that they they spit in the face of conventional baseball but that's exactly what this game needs look we're we're heading into the second half of the season. And a third of Major League Baseball has nothing to play for you to make a case that two thirds of baseball has. Nothing to play for it is. It's a bad season for Major League Baseball top to bottom last question here burned going back to the stodgy about back in our day. I feel like we are going out there were cool baseball players who would you consider a cool baseball players were taught about the same thing too with Mike Trout. Mike Trout could be greatest player of his generation who nobody thinks is cool and it was a time where we thought came Griffey was cool you thought Jeter was cold you thought Chipper Jones was cool McGwire and Sosa and their interactions were cool. Ask baseball player aren't there any that currently exists the hatchet but you've named five and that's spanning thirty years so that says that. Right I mean that that's one every six years I think Bryce Harper school. And these are won a big hobby hobby Baez is cool but he's on such a good team that he gets lost in the faces like Chris Bryant. And Anthony Rizzo. Other than Bryce Harper no no no one in that class that that Griffin and everyone wanted to be Ken Griffey junior well wore hats backwards because of Ken Griffey junior well wanted to just chill out and laid down in center field because of Ken Griffey June if you got hurt the get a chance to be degrees based Opel herbal thought no question no question I don't know if all three of us are biased because were on this New Hampshire Griffey meant the same thing and all of us but yet. Yeah I know that he was. He was on the trajectory should be the clean Barry Bonds and that's what we all thought he was going to be and that Barry Bonds just died shot by him. That's our royals insider Johnson burn here enjoy girls are Greg and I take you coming up on the other side we go inside a very dark. America. Where Bobby Petrino. Can moral stand on something. Like little also messed up right now Bobby Petrino is the voice of reason in morality. It's actually a really really good. If you guys don't know the story Papa John's is a very very big sponsor at the university of global. They took his name off the stadium today. So he is out of here. And a body Petrino put quote in the light of recent events I am pleased that our university made the correct decision to remove Papa John's name from our stadium. Our football team and our city promotes. All environments of inclusiveness that is from Bobby Petrino oh. All righty then there's a sponsor going to be ongoing old Johnny pizza state. I think they're just gonna name it cardinal stadium and just keep that his group that bad broad issue I think there's a zone they have let's say as us on the cool Robert. You know July 28 at that Silverstein ice center arena is at 730 you've got Missouri stars like three rush yeah unduly Thomas Gardner Ricky Pauline Kim English. And I think it's gonna be there probably nobody really good nobody that really do anything in college or the way they're gonna be about thirty points in the game. Up portion of all proceeds will go to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of greater Kansas City through the rush. All Work Foundation into the VIP package including a floor or lower level seat a robbery renew T shirt VIP pass the player party and before. Complimentary food awful how open bar plus a player mean in Hungary future tickets. 438. Dollars if you wanna watch Missouri. Palestinians this and you can really haven't started feeling to when Missouri dominated teams and basketball. You get a chance to relive that for two hours at a rivalry renewed July 28 Summers and I asked an arena at 730. At their criticism by Drew Gooden again. Actually saw Drew Gooden one time in Orlando we went to a family trip and he counted it was they had not the czar. Plates from Renault. Now keep Dave gave them no you know no energy is about drugs real person he's the bomb. I think. It was. Like the real key to those you exceeds if he scored ten points and OJ is the BK it's like deliberately notes in the camp has like 108. And seven. His entire time there when he scored double duty that night. Good that's nicest neighbors ever said about him you could have named all these different due to Travis wrote for over to those who. I mean. That you guys like that you know like the role that won awards and not drive dies. KU rounds and I electorate let's go. Inside a very dangerous place Beck I wanted to inside the mind of the machine. So that's slide that's excellent Aggies added so I've been sitting here reading some of those. That's behind me. It's excellence expected as a six articles of Portsmouth she Brinkley's arguments armor running. Basically thinks that hurts and flowers smells similar. And it's line as me now is unnecessary. Minus Irving. Inside my mind afforded us anymore that yes this Charles Oakley was arrested guys edit Las Vegas. Casino have you ever cared and cheated. To win a game. Of course I mean if you haven't. Slipped fifteen analogy to pocket their monopoly are really playing the game. A lot of important games I was thinking more respect like a sporting event like I'll admit I'm not a very good golfers would do it in the torso tee off in the fair. I've been an eagle some points like one on one and argued it was. 86 instead and yeah I. Yeah I definitely done that you do not pick up basketball at the right crowd scene like snapped it over less than it was cooler. Utley played isn't different kind of venues but it does not ignore this is 11 of my buddies back yard out I says I've never do that five on I understand you mess up the score. All my goodness NASA's account name a few text line no. You've seen some games it's been fifteen minutes of arguing over what the school and pick up basketball. I would have is there any game and business to get a get away with cheating absolutely nothing good I think I. A number of years ago that was the last time I try as you and air there's a point there was that you win big they're gonna. Through background check to make sure that the actually go to again threat. Eleven dollars on the tape edited out winning it's a lot. So let's do the grassroots outlet for eleven is 25 years old days a week what is your guys' favorite pleased room album I'm going with either. Chronic 2000 more on the sublime forty ounce of the freedom or this one out that the body guard Whitney Houston. Yeah rich that me. As a question almost what's the most plea through album due to go CD one and the other. Your favorite out like this when she probably Lutheran. Experience. Pretty spektr's birthday notes that they quit gay move I guess my age let's musicals are without him over there and didn't help that stage yet 67. Sixty to seventy want to ready to do. 2631. Team that's really good this morning nine. Eminem. I played soccer it is 46. And and and now 3840. World. And last won the Simpson's older the Simpsons. Only three point 729. I let go more towards more maintain. I don't really ever for a reference forum on the way it was some other stuff. Greg with all the other one does have a reference to number allegedly keeping up with Dennis Miller is. Fifty cent 55 hit 61 to be join all. At the center does closer look at don't. He got was that summer league which I admitted as my sports guilty pleasure I love this government look you gotta be honest. I hate the Little League World Series guys I know that a lot of people's sports guilty pleasure you have at least guilty pleasure when it comes to a movie or TV show or a song. I'm gonna keep its board's members I would like watch the World Series of poker I don't really understand poker that much islanders like I understand the concept of the games wildlife when. We can see the cards and you see him play each other mental mind tricks like you got seventy law suit. And you can like jedi mind trick the best poker players in the world to make them think you have a really good gain but there's no. Our residential voice telling you about as bad beat nobody calls of acute you wouldn't believe it I think we know I was drawn to and he's a guy that showed up to I don't care. For the record I'm embarrassed to admit but my favorite movie a stopper my mom will shoot the Sylvester Stallone classic. TV show newlyweds good news and and Jackson's. As we've just just since hot dish pizza did you see you guys remember justice accident. Some justice Nicholas. Yeah yeah that'll sicken a disease. That could check out as we were it I was I was in politics and what we're operating Basil it's. I just listen when I genital strategists join Jessica Simpson was hot is this breeze for awhile nineteen year old that was intelligent man. Curtis yesterday at buying a greater I have to go back and we had to say like what year what what was your favorite. Like it or Jessica Simpson like maybe my time on on the knowledge you let me you know I would like to 07 jayhawks. Oh org Jessica Simpson was very high on my island outgoing 1991. Kelly good pals. Is my number one so strong. Strong expect where US. Carmen Elektra Baywatch days another. A good one yesterday guys build a better they had paid. You're aged and which led to the company's. Today coming out apologized Lotta people and analyze thousands and I ended up by without a Teddy bears you got your sneaker that I know and waited in line for some good bowlers what's the longest you've ever waited in mine mine. Two and a half hours as a kid space mountain it was worth. I drove to Memphis for a pair of sneakers and I slipped outs. Since littered with spent every month something. Public online for so many things that would outlines an Xbox-360 got waited in line for iphones. I've waited in line for an issue why not just wait till the next day. Or it's not hot it's to me it is a good working on Sundays I'd wait in line for Jones that's about it. You have to England after I always likes things that I think the line didn't have been sort of line and in groups. Last one analyst I'm I'm gonna make money spent on other or the gates but our bridges. And each single. A man. You sell. Did you want. To wait fifty minutes. Our thanks. I refused to wait any I don't care how good it is what it did to a restaurant they're like yes sir that's only two minute wait. I'm out of their speaking of ten minutes don't have ten minutes texted me at LA it's a little odd days ago I might have been the best political season ever. This by the record may end up being the worst dot. Just extreme highs and lows that you gave him a fan of this franchise just out of the gates as a as a as an expansion team they're really good there were in the playoffs by the seventies in the world's here's a couple of times. By the eighties and then. It became invisible for thirty years when they got good they got Brady a couple of years ago and now all of a sudden the worst human based. Among an answer and I'm gonna just be average and I'm gonna region this text about being real and at least enjoy this. I was in eighth grade I was about twelve and Jessica Simpson had those boots are made for a walk and video. All time video I mean that was basically she was much better in now Dukes of Hazzard. That's the better it would be a pop star but its the Dukes of Hazzard busier than the boots are made one can be is fine she was better looking in the long. All of you have you ever seen the movie. It's worth the you'd bring users I felt like I give it one more time like that song was made for the south of Frankfurt Duke's rather wrong. It was all I ideally I'd feel so what are you guys watch that show in two in the too late movie scenes as he's Bemis or in Dukes of Hazzard. She looked better in the movie scenes and seated in the music video. My mind is getting uncomfortable yeah in my favorite now thinking of like year and women and all that stuff. League honey Jessica album my accident and number one all I've seen by fifteen times solely of the just loved us and she's over I think you'll love this. About the outlook and this is basically. I mean sit greatest actress of her generation routing and about it album art history to admit it my goal Meryl Streep. Nancy my second Viola Davis mills received an album like that's catalyst like Julia Roberts outing in a bullet out here. Without data here that month. Coming up on the other side. I said we are continuing our series once she's question we need answered before training team will do that coming up in the draft. Coming up in thirty minutes. We will play to play. We'll get a chance LeBron and all you got to call 91357676. Pin and we will play another rousing edition. Of pick a player coming up in about ten minutes we will get to unpopular opinions which is basically just the normal show. The we have incorporated with a really really cool open. We will debate. On its. Aussie. It's that on the other side what we're gonna debate but it's unpopular opinion so that means that one of you will be irrationally angry about what we think that's normally how the site works. Coming up at 4 o'clock we will give it to pick player. We are now thirteen. Days away album thirteen days away. From the start of training teams and I was arrowhead pride today I was reading this or. She'll chiefs fans be more worried about but the offensive line expected this they point you have been making to me behind the scenes the last three weeks. He skill position guys are set. The quarterback is set. Book why we not tying up the weaknesses that is this offensive line Erik Fisher number one overall pick. Got paid by John Dorsey John Dorsey gets fired. Not that good. Left guard who is your left guard. Senator Mitch wars never stays healthy is will run you party to party. Good enough to make what he's making. Probably not it's a sports is that you've been on that offensive line but what makes us think as he stands. It one dream on has had enough. Offensive line to run behind. And to visit they could not pass blocking offensive line that Patrick Holmes is gonna have the time to do what he needs to do. I think there's more question marks on the offensive line. Mitchell Schwartz is the only given going into to deadly team. I was reading all pro football focus and I think they're perfectly describe she softens line wanna see you guys agree or disagree the chiefs are the definition of a solid. But unspectacular. Unit Mitchell Schwartz one of the best right tackles in the game. But pretty much everyone else on the line is right above average for the position. That gets the job done in today's NFL where oftentimes in line is only as strong as it's weakest unit. I think it's just a product of the modern day NFL it's a salary cap Lee you've invested pretty heavily right now on the offense. You've spent money on their fisheries that monuments of sorts you've spent money on Tyreke or not I feel on Travis tells you spent money Owen. Jamie lock ins like and at some point you're going to be deficient in some area. I think the offensive line is five I'm not calling him one of the best units in the NFL. I certainly think our offensive line is good enough to get the job done it in off the wind to meet more so that is good as the strongest or weakest link. It has to be what point do you bear last year this offensive line help give you a 4000 are passer and the leading rusher in the NFL but has to be it went to the office. Line and nobody is gonna get this like confusing the John Tate Willey wrote Brian Waters rose you'll slide and obviously we got to sport ruled for several years. And that led to a secession of running backs if you think about it that included Christian Okoye mayor Johnson and Jamaal Charles and Priest Holmes. Often because she said it really good vibe but at those same time those yours and I was talking about. They didn't have nearly. The offensive arsenal that they have right now so to the point that you were just making. When you're not going to have a super duper team in the NFL not all to wage Hoover's orders are going to be a lead so I think that. It's a good thing that we're talking about this because on defense. Yeah there's a lot of holes but they're still up top and tell Lester you have Marcus Peters he's gone you still look. Still am just confused and still have guys out expect two or three guys on the outside the ball to end up in the global on the offensive side. You guys nobody can talk about for hours every single day default for five full force just that the skill position said so if you're going to have a weak link when it comes your football team. I just wolves who will be the offensive line with a caveat as long as it's not often if it was awful then. Having told him what we wasted or having Patrick will be great to see these all the time we've seen that number way. Dare call or fifty people older brother first you're the Texans seem stacked like eat through times that ruined his career. As long as this line is average through with a bit above average out of the talk. Singing these solid. Again they salary cap league but you're not waited eight plus at every position due respect to this song I don't think it's good. Solid saying it's not too I think I'd be it that's fine but I mean it I would mean maybe we're just kind of parsing words here. I think that she's often supply is adequate I. I don't think there's a gap like I think the album that the wind stops them from being a team that can legitimately compete for the playoffs. I don't think that's the case though with the cheese but their offensive line is good enough that you did to where you wanna go to come down to the other paired up but he can. Also viewed the one hole in the ship that is this offense which we all believe it can be. It lose tackle who was made very serviceable and good backup. You now have humor Irving who has been a bust get your seventh round picking who Will MacKenzie. And a couple guys I've never heard of as back ups for your starting five. I agree on paper that that unit of five is pretty good but we do know that Parker Rangers never been healthy mix wars is. Based on his history due to miss four games. I think I bigger problem aside from all that is. John Dorsey Peter Fisher and he paid LTT on the way out. And now as part of the reason John Dorsey got fired and why his team was inside that cap hill. So. Yes this is an adequate offensive line they're getting paid to be better than adequate though and that's part of the issue. I do understand this part of it that what you're saying. I can't think of a position group on the team maybe aside for wide receiver. Where they had a where they had invested the resource is that they have invested at the position. This but the number one overall pick. Boy and a left tackle on people. Right agreement under is saying is mean they did but it was on deep ball great but they also did agree to pace that individuals based at the level of overall pick they got there I get fired because the parent hunter I'm talking up a unit of whole focus for the number one overall pick in a second contract all of all of alleged that. They spend free agency dollars right tackle is at the second round draft pick on a center they spent a second contract ornate. Right guard in layered grenades already. Like the chiefs have spent resource is all of the off at the line again I am more of a believer that it out whale modern eighty pounds legacy here until I can break down offensive line played. Does your offensive line bear fruit they bear fruit. First of all let's doctor do what they thirty to you about it as a guy that was on the hormle thunderbirds undefeated DT offensive line let me tell you we'll something about it. It's a very important position Denton however I actually called him Lauren do learning tardy to Italy speck about not having any depth on the offensive line named an all that's a wonderful ball that's a good back up right gore. I can't but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist sure but you're quite given the choice to have a great offense like not good but a great when like the chiefs head back in the nineties like that's the cowboys have right now whoever you think is a team with the best offensive line. Is that a quicker path to the playoffs with divisions getting to a Super Bowl or at an average offensive line with a bunch of really good skills. I think NFL's. If you I don't beat you answer that question because every team is what oh OK and let's Super Bowl team has ever won because they get a really good offensive line. So I have one but as long as or. And I don't I don't read pro football focus and it fell off and some wineries available where the Eagles last year. Eagles opened good offensive line that you don't register rule they kept Tom Brady 41 years old. Party up bright and beautiful as well be off the right and I think we're all saying the same thing slightly different ways. I think they're offensive line is the Woolsey if it's good enough my. Start doing well. I don't think the off at the line is that can do to get I think Seattle's offensive line is they hinder. I think that if it Russell Wilson at the office won the title gonna add I think Seattle. Would be one of three best teams in the NFL. Where I want Russell Wilson every Sunday have to run for his wife I don't think that's going to be the case with the jays so I. In this argument and alluding to sigh I immoral and your side sports machine. I think that she's offensive line is grew that he knows that I don't really think it's worth talking about too much on the. Things were when the rules and winning the World Series. We talked about a lot of different things right they were the best bullpen maybe in the history of the game they're the best defense at least in the history of the franchise the lineup was pretty good they're really good at base running. But spec wouldn't say the weak link to those teams was the starting pitching was the rotation. You need Johnny Quayle's so what the weekly compared to everything else. Because I guess in comparison yes the you can argue that it was. Home run hitting power but my point still rings true that your even if you're really tell the team a World Series or Super Bowl caliber team that was the teachers they're just yet. You're not going to be perfect as long as you've got a lot of top end talent as long as you've got a lot of skill set players which they do. You should be OK with this type of an offer to buy and they're not. I'd I'd I'd I do not usually does Iran has not I don't on the chiefs' offensive line is bad. On the other side we will give them all unpopular. Opinions so basically. Specter just gives his normal slots and you crush him on the I'm a bad day yesterday I had to give an unpopular opinion of 5 o'clock hour and you guys are still crushed before now it spektr's turning to crush coming up on the drug. Cheney who assuming it's. I've been trying to sell you guys keep big beans have far away from my blade is possible. Smack. Nickel back is amazing in concert ever. We will have them one friend got her. So let's share in its time. Never unpopular opinions. I can't believe that Spector wants the pack is this is unpopular opinion when I must tell you stack. Today's national French right there. We were having a debate. That really shouldn't have been a debate. There is no argument of what the best French fry ends this McDonald's. McDonald's makes the desperate rise fall my goodness there's nothing better. That when you go he gets a nice. Helping a Mickey d.'s and they tell you it's gonna be two to three minute wait on the Fries because you know but I'm ready. You can see the oil glisan and off those. Crispy golden Fries that's so it's I'm unwilling to infect their prefer to eat like they were prepared and am burglar Ingraham and I thought. Number two. Also. Not close but the big gap between one and two. AAA Fries. On my goodness the lawful Fries did implement a little bit of that chick filet saw us. You. And third and you real ones know and I'm talking about. Checkers. If you never had a checkered fry I don't know if it's safe to say that she lived properly or checkers. It's like. Fast food place that used to be here in Kansas City even now it's in the south. On checkers as a generic characters either because that's why I've sort of oracle checked that's why I literally started with the real ones know. 01 I'm talking about. In sports machine and I hate inspector immediately say a 6% of the people you work with neighboring and and heard of pet owners Christo we're the real ones the attacks line there's a couple real ones on the line. That are gonna. I know what you're talking about someone on the tax line. Says is one about five guys Fries are pretty sure that Jesus could have he could've fed the multitude with five guys Fries. It is pitch to. Any profit that I thus. I and it. Five guys feeds nine people like Ali and I amazing. Have prize for the rest of the week did you get as a bank for your buck I you can appreciate extra Fries in the bag it says it's too might those are the best run it was Donald Baghdad this is Russert on you know in the badger like no war it's too it's too much six 69 just six seed gates has the best prize doesn't and that solves nothing better sweet sauce and you know my allegiance lies. When it comes to gay you know why gates as the best rat line six locations around town and on your website amount due to act now because their steak Fries you can say with enough. Drug charges seventeen them Brooklyn did it say about dateline can't let your ego are. Six it's more problems up there to us it with a note saying all. Yeah avoid it. Spec I agreed to you but it's not it's it's definitely giving out the clock. Talk about the checkered nobody no one's. There's hope for the ring both the one text was a walk ons but I want to find the real Wimbledon. Checkers checkers actress prize check there. Isn't cheap grocery store run dual role in the lower half of them don't do it puts respect on Jack all right. I don't respect dog checkers back IC energy does dipping Frye is not the state in the state know it's probably fry is not the early that. What holds the right. Hold the fried and over me out yet that had backing get the curly fry and now. Worst rise in town it's a fast food chain that rhymes with more bees. Those awful. You always audit all of out here I'll order a valid and will rise in order to Qaeda leader wouldn't say which of the token of the road to run for dinner trying to get as ours is now presidency. Terrible everybody's prize agree and I think everyone has admitted in front anything for good but I'm gonna highlight is that better Fries and thought it was more reasons sponsor on those who are I don't know I go on and not going to be now. Steak Fries. Standard cut Fries. Waffle Fries. Curly Fries. Your top four ranked and if you want sweet potato Fries. Debt hell out. Anything sweet potato soccer you know who has amazing isn't it had to suck you know the majors woods enterprise image in the real ones on the tax I will know. Wings cafe. The real on the tax I know exactly what I'm talking about wings cafe you did she was six packet as slap you mama. You gets a little bit the little. Drizzle at this week let's go read and I know exactly what we want it for ages now. The and we try to make it. Doesn't use it prop. And tried to make sweet potato mashed potatoes Thanksgiving from out the window. We know that you don't say in Westport. There you always have this means that wrecked because I usually do actually I did the shrimp underwent. A few awkward but it's delicious. Tell me the most of the wings. Again what I call this leg muscle segment this segment is for the real ones it's. Is that you inspector are not it is Islam cannot be critical cut Fries on school of visible were the war and agree that those of the war like. Of these segments I can tell who had doctored the under in their homes that was me I can tell who had vests and their hold absolutely I. I don't assets. I can't sell who has had some James lemonade. So all U2 and hit a player has ever asked me knock off cereal brands of gold or not also bring aid. White lightning. Doctors thunder mister is and we wouldn't it doctor Berger mr. business for now you can definitely. Tell that when shall with a kid his favorite soda was search out. He's seen since our guys and it still is like a surge in gorillas are. And anybody who drinks planet football team did it bring all sports and our. Nobody offered to do whatever sport list of coordinated. Gatorade my. This probably so bad looking back. It is almost. Holes or is probably so that did the clear quote art in Melbourne token the leaders of America and Pepsi is basically you have to put her at one of those rainbow juices where you've got to the top of it. And it comes in the little cooler water in its flavor its bloom it's old it's brain caprice melts. 86 on the text line not a liberal thought it was good life threes on the delicate adequately zug. Rainbow Jews and I thought we. Are choosing to let you know those little obstacles. And refrigerator to keep cold and district in my Jews I their. What it was six in their players on the text like mountain lightning you dunce that isn't so little but there's also white. If you're just pour enough you know all the knock on the Roberts great Gibraltar. Jim's going to expect frost euros Drupal frost goes and doctors under Malta and dad dad Anchorage Obama also you up -- Malta many of us government thing. Soul of their apples and multiple new Mac Apple's sudden I can't believe you never had one of those little rainbow juices and Campbell. Exactly describing a quote Jews. It usually bodes. Google images are all. Things that you well. They sell those by the hole and UK and kept violence and under those things to honor for six publicity to talking about the based producer. Coloreds here first off it's real Jews are those let's. Let's be fair there's let's be as there's no actual engine Google images. I noticed let's be respectful someone says all the has now Roche are item but it's. In all these views on it in the Albie do it's no doc on a bit of it and I'm sort of a joke but right now. As of June that he lights and yellow stake from a week ago. And a bunch of doctors found. Coming up on the other side we need more callers 9135767610. My favorite time of the week we need all our college to play nickel player today you're going up against. Sports machine shall be done it Hitler coming up its drive.