07/11 - Veach

The Day Shift
Wednesday, July 11th

Brett Veach has made it clear he's willing to take big swings so it makes sense the Cheifs are genuinely interested in this supplemental draft class. Will they take a player today? They probably should. 


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And marine who laid. She's been clean. He's got a four point 15 and 500 and stuff. No no no you're wrong on that just don't look down I can leave your new charity work required I don't put their code that you don't know. He she gets its. Previously GNU excuse her victory preview of the ship we just go to let the war ended his jokes were here. Takes over the reins limit what your usual. Noon time started switching noon central. For the Kansas City Royals but that's what it is now it is. It is a hundred per cent. Weird bizarre to be stored in the noon Pacific time zone the teams duke and time parent I'm fine with them by three. Acts that he did what every year was the case in Minnesota series yet know at least one game does not actually went to those games in utility. The club also foreign policy community they have one of those minute Minneapolis before you started speaking of baseball yes rules app that can you losing streak last night here it is it feels good when it will be fun to see this it's short showing it to six pack Tebow tickets. So we started right now would it six pack of tickets to what speaking today Tebow to deploy one right now. They get to one now in Washington forty but once expect now wants expect later Alex expects most of this suspected tickets fortunately both pick and the simple saints won the most. Most famous independent baseball team's community America ballpark on Saturday July 14 during gold glove charity night in fireworks. After the game get a pick it up here but anyway six caller right now on 91357676. Then you'll going with. Five of their friends if you're up by the difference. To a T bones game I was once told you really need six runs in life. Is that enough to cure your casket. Holders which you neatly solid gains in nearly six people in your life there like. Because they're the ones that have to hear you. Permanently in lesser cremated as. I have friends you cream I'll run it low ninety's and united if you want you more for a spare a billion a plea agreement that there we're about her and a big data that supplemental draft. Big Indian fellow why is it's important. We usually it's not only 43 players since this thing started and take in the supplemental draft that are picked unifil has not seen it could take in since 2000. In fifteen rarely heard she seemed discussed and they don't typically mess around with that why Kazmir deal supplemental draft. It could be for various reasons it's usually guys got themselves a little bit of trouble academically ineligible kicked off the football team post. The NFL draft in wood whatever beautiful ears 2018 draft. They're kicked up the team ruled an ill like Adonis Alexander hedging burst he's off the team seem real. And also adults Alexander who's the quarterback for Virginia tech's victory that a lot of people like Chris Taylor regret applauding. Yes if Yahoo! Sports or for his Baylor. Those that appears sixth in sports review as well. Put there's typically some kind of red flags were excellent teams kind of back off. The supplemental draft he knows when guys like pro Pryor has been Josh Gordon there has been quality draft picks. In the supplemental draft would essentially about the day as there is a guy at a western Michigan that I really like is in the CMB. He's 61 corner. Did even that Miller mark in the first round is 2000 we too early 2019. Marked draft props human dollar and that's been good at night like Britain I liked it so it's a big day. It did fifteen we'll talk in Swanson admiral had pride who is pit. Time pretty much watching. Every play. Of one singing and being able but the reason. I'm excited about the date for the Kansas City Chiefs is they could be players in this although I'm hearing from people that they may not be. Herb from somebody who's been generally pretty right on a lot of things like. The physical for before his eagle there were not eBay he's been right. He doesn't think it's he's will be a player less than we talked to Brad beach was on Mondays so figure for what it's worth he didn't beat the chiefs will be a player enter in this that may be. The bottom line is. Did she says that there would be first round picks 22 round picks because LaMarcus Peters a third perfect you know fourth round pick next year because. That's X refrigeration bridge Greg when was treated for 20194. Round picks that's gone in they have that sixth. In step in with a supplemental draft goes fast on TV goes past. In people submit the bids on what round you lose the corresponding picked. You put a second round bid on somebody warning yet for next year they'll be chaser to a different group. There's a group of of teens. It finished under 506. Games they won six games last there's a second group won six games or more didn't make the playoffs the third group would chaser and teams that made the playoffs cease would essentially have to. Outbid somebody else are probably put higher round pick. To ensure that the name like yup you sure you get into the brakes I like this because this is the screens Brit beats me I'm chiefs have been the Prodi bogeys. Benefactor were fourteen. To talk to that Douglas Alexander. Brett beach. Shows me the kind of aggressiveness I. He got the key in the city he realized something I've been payment for the longest time keystone of that. First couple moves he makes key deal and review Greg. One of the big moves made free agency is he brings in seeming lock ins for Patrick Holmes takes care of him get particular set the ball that he brings in the Anthony. In his draft he got the knack concentrate on offense he got the just concentrate. On the defense. In the one thing we've always heard about Britain beach because we've heard of for me and he read the Brit beach where. Britain beach will give it is here. And he'll Wear him out on a particular. Eye do you believe he did that with prima is well even though he wasn't the GO. At the time pro football talk dot com has a story about this it has been well documented. About how he will Wear ED readout Friedman speaks was the guy chiefs traded up debris and speaks that in thinking is there. Really speaks was a guy the Brit v.s but Hialeah if he thought so highly album. He brought in to mean he read it he brings and the Indy read and he makes CD read basically waiting making me do anything in green did it and he read like your recent snapped this played in the and he liked and Brett beach is a tendency to work amount because he's extremely aggressive with the Andy Reid said it's that we. It Kelly roles is 'cause he's extremely aggressive and that's what you want in an ethical GM. Better back he said this about brits had his eye on him talking about release speaks at a fire on him all along he was going to go after him aggressively. That's kind of the way he rolls you've seen him operate. So is back in April from USA today and approval talk and had some similar about that today about rebounds speaks. The thing is Barbara beach he is the scouts. We would the Philadelphia and he refuses. If he's got to be SEC form Vinny be read. Brought him along with a lot of other people from the little. And he's a guy that had been on the ground he's been there in person and that's why I was instant in this draft. Particularly for the chiefs because of Brett beach been GM is Brett beach was the now what most most unions are he was a scout just last year. So he's been watching guys like green speak yup he's probably watched the dollar selling these more familiar than maybe some other teams alternate delegate those responsibilities other guys out. So the southeastern region particularly the Southeastern Conference notice that you draft picks. Come out of the southeast region you know the SEC or the region like or state beard not. So Brett beach had been brought us Alexander played this out and play to review that. Repeats also likes the back it up. That is we're remark came out of was the Mac western Michigan seem BO. Again seemed meals a guy there's no reply he just didn't do the work in the last piece that's been been suspended for marijuana. Like it on us Alexander is zero red flags for same beatle. As a matter of fact our friend Matt Miller joins us and joined drive throughout beautiful drafted his marker at the said he had in his from Pitt. Dual Brett body was more the second round pick for 2019. So it's a corner. In you've got to second round picks you bid that was Prodi ran a 44. Donna is more like a 46. Britain beats puts his sights on something goes against it that's why am look at the chiefs the supplemental draft saying. If Brett beach I really want to do something if he's not sold on Emerson. Or Stephen Nelson. He wants one other quality corner put the knicks were talking about a possible fourth round talent top five cornerback next year who's available today in the supplemental draft. What's that workforce is that war the second round pick you do have an extra sicker room picked because of the Mark Peters straight on to say we deal Brit beat. You're dealing with a different attitude he is the aggressive type it would dabble. In the supplemental draft I don't think bourse in these guys really went but the supplemental draft. Scott Julian day it's become buy into the draft but it beats good there's mortality in this one Danny yours back too though there's five guys who technically could be taken. From this including bring in Brian PS safety at Mississippi State does Alexander. Placed corner but he says he feels more comfortable safety that's a word like. She still need that. Quads I Warner slash safety anymore between true outside corner and that's the stimulus he fits the profile six full want. He is perfect but if they truly values guy say this guy is going to be first rounder next here. Both those beaches are gonna have to post that rounded team be if they want and they have to be. Most like in early rounds that pics there's the chance. It some other team grabs in as well as it hits the chiefs are all this but there's a great chance that they don't end up getting through in the oldest story just. In Cleveland he's the odd beat writer for the Cleveland Browns she has an article just posted this as few minutes ago. Why the browns might land quarterback Sam VO in the supplemental draft. And in one of the questions in the article. This is what round with the browns have to be aid to land deal this is just from from the browns perspective but it gives you the overall perspective of what. May be some teams and Watson were thinking about she says opinions vary on this but he Brooks in his old act out the some might take a second round pick. To land him on tape. Who projected by some as a horse round selection in the regular draft NFL odds rascals. Odd duck comes. Dane broke believe c.s or a third round. Rob rang they seized a fourth or fifth might get it done so people all over the board but it sounds like big league. The the bull with the people out there to kind of make in this about waste and when it comes to you looking at deal. They're saying second round pick. I agree with that. I agree it takes circuit for shrimp Helen if you wanna quit digging down getting this year if you get to give up a set a pick next year what if tool and you have to a bridge beach. It's been pretty horrible rule he's been the opposite of Ruble would draft picks you'll Interpol the never camera in rapid Reggie reg and draft pick. He's willing he's willing to move down the draft this year give record speaks. He's willing to play that game. That's an aggressive GM for you executive browser adjusted. President better shot the consistency. In what they get the draft capital through it instantly sucked last year so they have a better groping in the Kansas City Chiefs the. Want to while the browns though it is clear because they have a picture here of his Prodi and shoals John Dorsey standing there in his Cleveland Browns. Us what's her on exit. But the it's going to be interesting because of the cease offer to. The browns have to offer a two or or or better because right according to art who he says that they have. 23 round picks all third round pick in this scenario would get it done. It departure for the chiefs the chiefs have been willing all over on both these guys. They've everywhere but changed signaled chiefs want to get a guy Douglas Alexander would be incredible reach for the second round Beale I don't think is eat complete reached. For the chiefs but if you think our agencies we don't stick around her this guy they would in turn do the thing they keep their word about the incident she yet giving up. In the bidding process again there's three groups. A group with the sixers two wins second group non playoff teams that had more than six wins. In the third group is made of the twelve teams the media or playoffs last year. That's exactly where the chiefs that anyway this thing goes got a noon on on TV you'll see tweets and everything else the chiefs have passed on the supplemental draft of the dark. I'm particularly its spit in the civil little draft his core I see is an extreme weakness for this team and I'm not talking about him before on talk about the outside. With the Emerson who's Jon Gruden sports cut would be bad sickened during an Oakland didn't value me enough to bring back there in of course even Nelson's bit undersized. Who is an average quarterback at best as the chiefs other corner.