07/11 - One and Done

The Day Shift
Wednesday, July 11th

Adam Silver is saying the one and done rule is all but over. Within the next two years we won't have anymore one year players in college basketball. 


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OK bar. Runner coming up in thirty minutes now. For the. One does play seems like something that I would like to see done. You can play pro basketball do we get into it I know you unity to a baseball. He could jump from high school approach it's that simple felt good that you'll we have a Major League Baseball and Peter twenty years old. Once over nineteen years old. Bled through June just got promoted per play nineteen years old who publicly here couldn't play in the major leagues the call. Later this year from allergies nineteen years old you may jump in here. What gives me jump ice we have choice good college three years. Orange streak being pros getting tilting way. It is the same way goal the same way tell you play golf on the pro circuit in the PGA win your next. You music thing in tennis as well the NB ATV camera on the one and done my thing is this you worry about the issue contracts and FBI. That's the problem because they could easily be in the NBA which I think would result still going to be there are bad guys go to college then turn it on all the sudden become. On the NBA radar and also in shoe companies radar it'll still happen I don't think it happens as much it when the eliminate. In finally go forget about the go to college when you're urged street pros to me this. On the logic is always ban then. College basketball. Was always gonna be hurt by goals that jump. To the NBA. Because when we're talking about. Actual pool players the actual role players that team goal from high school to the NBA is that small it's a short list now does that mean it. It'll stop. Bomb everybody that isn't good enough to make the jump no stop everybody all well. The they're always Eagles did it will signal a bit of muscle it is a bad decision. But this American man and they should have that right if you wanna make a bad decision. Biblical and make that bad decision. Emit into the more balls league hit eight if that's what they choose that they ought to do we expected right now they're bypassing optical image Heatley. Seriously essar keys at fifth round pick he's forgetting he's going through did you leads the account to me right now you're probably talking about here in Iraq is only going to be. Two to three players maybe 23 may be. Better really. Able to make the jump cannot be like ports around it's probably like just a couple of kids each year maybe 34 tops. They can go from high school to the pros and actually gives rats in the two rounds but it's a living of course tropic. I just don't think that there's gonna be a ton of guys. That are just gonna be trying to make that jump every single year I don't think decal it's gonna be negatively affected by the is it this whole one and done rule. Is eliminate it sounds like it's going to be. Because Sam comic by USA today. As an article today moved to eliminate NBA one and done rule dating momentum commissioner Adam silver says. And this is something that is going to happen is just a matter time it sounds like. That this lap in with feet 20/20. One wrapped sort potentially look at that steel. Two more years OK two more years of the one and done but that after that it would goal away. This was not Adams so or talking about ending the one and done. Both of labor relations committee and with the board. And there is if there that it can sense was we should be engaging with the players association. Good image to come into the and we presented the pros and cons on going from 1918. In conjunction with that presentation we discussed a lot. About the development of younger players prior to and be coming into the professional ranks. We've we've had. Several discussions with both the NCAA. And USA basketball about engaging with them with players union. You know roughly yet fourteen years old. And especially with those of the players who we know statistically high likelihood under then fired that agent and top tier players. Coming in two weeks are you know I think the next step. Will we see them the players association course has to collectively market. If we're gonna well over the age. So that's that's something we began to discuss with them but you know my personal view is that. Were ready to make that change that it won't come immediately but that when I when I've weighed the pros and cons that given that. Condoleezza Rice and her commission. Has. Recommend to him he gave it goes one and done players now come directly into weakness in the college communities saying. We do not want those players anymore I think that sort of tips the scale mine that we should be taking answers look at our marriage today team. It best question I have is this about the game he wants these players or is it more about college basketball is his tired of the one and done. I'm not sure like. To meet look at it the NBA should want the Kevin Garnett they should want to Kobe Brian C should one. Did the White House issued a bit of course it would Apple's players but. All of a sudden is is is college basketball saying you know what we we just can't stand this one I don't think it John L Perry be so one and done I don't. No I think it's more. I I think it's more powers that be the more converts in the world if he considerably headquarters. The in the NBA the NBA is using college baseball's minor league this is a minor league basic program that like G Europe and in the these guys that played out you know he has said it's what college football is used for for the unit well. This essentially every girl talk and minor league football they have these viewed via the bull like in stakes of the world these things for football but football is viewed. One double one and what a football would probably football as. Basically minor league for. Beat Clemson and Alabama Ohio at its minor league team that is minor league teams for the NFL the final. They'll pay health insurance though they don't pay for the scheduling has written anything culpable parties for intelligent as well I think looks that it thinks this Campbell's. The go on and a lot of them tied to one and done I'd guys guys that will be in the NBA and like all we don't need we don't need is that a dark teleport people like it. At all I don't think Google's open minded at all I'm John tell is to be fine regardless just Kentucky's Kentucky. Kansas is Kansas that he's gonna get the best kid who's got a jump into the it's a few guys get the best of the best let the social both individuals they did not the ones that are us. There are upset a ball. The whole one and done deal I don't I don't would pool all is upset body. Is it that is at the mid majors. I think he'd suitably would care more of the NBA elect instead the NBA shape it's risky for them. The get somebody's heard at a high school would those risky for other teams in the early to make it that because sometimes that work out. And that's the problem but that's what I think NBA he's OK with guys played one year in college again. You can set in the Kansas considering that he you can watch the needs and scouts to other games. You're paying users a year train young dating market I'm sure there's if he coaches. In teams and frost who look at NC you know what. A year with Bill Self would do this kid wonders. Already drafted in the day but a year John tell apart. A year with on his a year with good coach K a year with good good coaches do this keep good so yeah I think would be fine with that. But it define either way but I think they they don't mind guys in the college but the NCAA is like now. Tired of the did Simmons saying we go to we don't you don't go to class holds a bad look would be suitable Tibetan book when they say student athlete. If elected put that commercial all the time student athlete. I think it's a bad look for them ski handled their associated with it's when you NCAA the BA de BBA's is being good about teacher will do whatever to. Anybody that Al Peter Steele wants to one with the excuse that. Wall you know what since says Sally you know Lama goes to class do this gonna told this group BBA because now all these kids are gonna try to make the jump they should be making a jump. Number one you have to be to oddly happy town you have to be supremely town to. To make the jump in number two I don't I don't use that to be the case would not gonna go from. Yell select guys like LeBron in coal being cagey and all the different you know Moses Malone media many years before that gold them for all the bolts type individuals. This sport play here it's okay to ever use the B 22 astronomy to jump that's its not. That's not happening this same wave keyboard to its argues that dole win Brandon Jennings sandy you don't. I'm gonna go play overseas four year. And I'm gonna go to the Indian river Brandon Jennings people all these to the it went overseas now everybody overseas that make money at it because they're gonna go and get in the NBA NB a lottery pick it doesn't work like there. I think it would Jordy did coaches. Would be okay with that you know why they have the pressure the pressure one to fight with the other coach wooden guns white European based once you're. Once you get the best the best in that puts pressure on the coast are Agilent work against coach K cal or oldest. We get the one and done Arizona is the Andre what do you can compete with those in the in 20. You don't have the headaches you'll have to worry about their mom and dad getting money. Somebody slipping your player money you're angry about that as much if you got rid of the wanted to you want. These schools in these boosters but this is gonna be around just does that there's there's no longer get a look what is this let's get money I think what you wanted to add you to worry about it a long. If you have a guy that's a sure fire lottery pick for the next season he's playing college basketball preview. I think he's got to worry every day when you when he least practice session who's going to be stiffening him or is I disagree tournament tell you why why do wanna does the ones that he's got me is these guys that shoe companies want. Basically. Kansas is dealing with the FBI probe right now Mir is dealing with the FBI patrol with some might has played at Kansas he's not a one and on. It's it's it's it's always the one and done. Increases the likelihood I don't gonna Buell something not I don't I don't think that's the case the reason my tempting to save that. Is because when it comes to the one and done players. Let's talk what the force from tapes if you're talking about when it done so we're gonna say like we're gonna say that. The one I don't think it's gonna affect so fifteen players fifteen or less. Best in effect the lives cable all the top basketball know he will continue to gates' money. People to TD did get money under the table eat those on dollar and six all but that's. The fact that maybe there's gonna be re all war deeds and they did the jump directly from high school to the leak. Those 34 or five it has nothing to do on the or steal or all the other kids now they're trying to do that now fassel wants.