07/11 - Ned Yost

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, July 11th
Ned Yost joins Bob and Kling for his weekly visit. He gives us some information into why Danny Duffy walked from downtown to Kauffman Stadium.

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Let's say it is Tesco in the morning along with Bob Tesco ran past the I'm Josh swindler and 9 o'clock on Wednesday means one thing bonnets are visit with royals manager Ned Yost yeah we do and every single Wednesday here on sixteen and Sports Radio all brought you by Dick Smith sport right Ellis debris do well. Ordered an oil. They're to get ready for it yeah yeah. What's on the spread this morning for you guys an inning get. I don't you know they. It's like everywhere they take particular care of this and you know omelet in and cakes and act brown and break well agent. Is it good out here in Minnesota. Our US meat lover omelet guy or a veggie lover omelet guy is not like egg whites and vegetables or Ugoh. Now I'm not no picnic common border and the period you know bacon a little I mean a little cheese tomatoes. Season that they've been tomato and onion that's a good that's good little vegetable Perry Mary got the break coming up man what do you big plans yet having fun plans for the all star break. Now ordered it has to Georgia for couple day if you crank it their all fired up. To go home and kind of take it easy. Do you have any kind of like food plans down their legacy Casper hot dog week and door pizza or anything like that yet all planned out like you do after the season. If we do a little bit you know every every all star break will go over to Jeff Harmon have kind of update. Barbecue. Is you know generally. The second night in on Tuesday it. You know we need to do fish Fries and then but now exit we've got a favorite you know it's just got to greenhouse that he. He grows these Filipinos. And we make healthy you're popular. And there I mean we get everybody to say he and so it's any people. How a piece of property maybe amber and hot dog and then we'll wait for -- I scream afterwards so. At it's a pretty good time and everybody get together probably twenty others there you know and we'll watch home run derby and you know trying to catch up. You know that because we think are all in all summer but that you know what I have a detract from the rank as one night you know the bunt. So you guys are just eat healthy meal Popper and nothing else like that was the appetizer or main course and desert at one point. They're so big he can't stop me you just fill up on a battalion the Cree chief. In the LP yo wrapped in pay and pay I mean there there and you can't copy. Though we learn you know no matter whatever if you cook it and probably be wasted because. We just killed opinion Popper with your everybody's your security. Yes kind of kind of a specialty there to adjust our. And so now he's due a burger so what's the looks like his burger specialty what's he make it non on the Amber's ethics. I'm not gonna need our money how many are that got captured. And and so it goes well I'm just see and it. My goal all the parties like improper maybe waited. Or a homemade ice cores. The directly about the what. What put intense about your Casper hot dog aria. Now that you know that kind of sac religious when you put. Really you know stick. Generally what I'll do as output. You know mustard. Relish in an output. Onion and a little bit of tomato truck that tomato and some salt and they're correct. They aren't they are tremendous missed a couple of them in my freezer Vermont is old just hearing the men. I gotta get a need to eat the rest today and sounds fantastic yeah I mean it is it's it. Was kind of ice cream. Well apple make homemade Vanilla don't make peace extreme poured in from Georgia but I think everybody just gravitate. That they know will make two or three you know two or three I mean all of you know everybody can everybody. It's a good little it's a bit little. And so it is that it little. Dinner right there. And that is a fun group you know we do here and wonder if we which well supper club once a month. Somebody asked everybody over for dinner and make. You know make a specialty dinner you know whatever it is. So you know we're we're pretty involved in eating. What's your specialty when they come over to your place. It depends sometimes I'll do like shrimp parmesan look you know on NATO air pocket which is really really. I'm really get what the stakes I've just learned that started. Understand him and researching a little bit sleepy. I was gonna ask you about that are used to being things. Yeah I am I really am and you know that that can really blow that might do about what. I could do it. I had somebody come up to me the other day we were talking about steak and like all of your odds of being you're doing it all wrong obviously what it is it's it's basically like you set the temperature net of the water and you just look the meat soak in the water and coax it right is that kind of how you deal. Specific drugs that are to the perfect temperature that she wants electric do you like it well. Mean you can set it you know 150 degrees in and took it anywhere from an hour 44 hours and it's never gonna get. More than what she wanted he wanted to medium rare he says the temperature at one point seven you can go to Pittsburgh and our you can to Pittsburgh. You don't twelve hours it's never gonna get more that age where. But you gotta take backcourt together here when you're done but yeah it's hard to tell the difference and it's absolutely cooked perfectly. So you've done this before is is this think idiot proof is look at these things almost like I'm gonna screw this thing out right it's like all. I'm gonna screw this thing up can anybody operate this thing. You know I that always marked a lot to see if I can do it anybody can do it and trust me I can do so. I think it's pretty much all through yeah it's really be I mean you got to be he experimental that you get what you want chick in war. State. Whatever ribs. He intended use it and it and you put it and that and that bag. And you can use actually has that law. Bag or you can use of vaccines in Turkey got it has got to be it's got to be you know the water got in touch ball on the side and and you just put that. And then when it's done you take it out. You know dried up here a little bit and it's ready to go and that's absolutely that's exactly what. My brother was out last week sort of animal could say that we coat. Taliban are album cook absolutely. Perfect and the stakes are so. You know it's it's a fun thing to experiment where it's really really easy I'm still trying to figure out of my wife likes her stake. Well done and I like mine media where you. Were the difference of them wants to be. I'm gonna figure that sort of that. So so like you like your get ready to leave the Condo for the ballpark you throw the stakes in the water you set the time you come back and they're ready to go when she get back home. No doubt that's exactly the way that works yet exist in Italy that many and yours to be machine template. Like in any and hold water and you know we just set it said the temperature and it's state concept at that temperature doesn't it doesn't it doesn't fluctuate so. And when you're done it's absolutely part. How is different from a crock pot. Well I don't know. This is. Hit a crock pot I don't know if you can. If you can accurately. Picture temperature. To stay constant throughout the whole time. If so lucky indeed it did it take it to the degree that you 147. Degrees it holds a 127 McCurry. That's that's a prettier Andy you you convinced me having a winning this game or this had a late night infomercial on this feels like a he's the perfect pitch man for this thing Heatley yeah well done I've never I never heard of that power recently somebody I. I think it was my sister on what we were on vacation last week she is all you gotta be sued being everything well island all right fine well behind on this one hey. You admit that it is can we get it they bring him. A pork tenderloin. Well from the first time ever tasted and unlike the suspect that you know. Okay I'm gonna blow these guys my supper club there and what have you barbecued. And they that you don't barbecue ECB it an act artists and people for either OK I can figure out how to fix this. I got to figure out was India's. Started for me. Royals manager Ned Yost a joining us here on sixty never know what's gonna gallons when when when the skipper drops by. Hey Bob and I were or amazed the other day when you had your first rejection of the season it's been a tough year there's been a lot of frustrations. How did you get until early July before you got tossed. Or you know it anymore is. You know arguing balls and strikes and not to eat. Or and we've had a couple in here to work reached. One was the other night work and you know they call. It. War. Obviously. Felt that there was twenty overturned call. You know tiger if you eat it. Try to easy trying to understand. Our point of view. And they're like players that are like they care and work our you know but you know if you make him say. Don't do that crucial again and this guy has made a mistake but Lucas didn't get second third nobody out. And poll it was probably four inches out of the strike zone strike rate I don't care. You know you'd miss you met to strike out strike one you know you can recover strike three. So. You know of course that a noise from the get go man in darker green you know get your act together. And he looked at me after the ball appear future act together and I said that. Shall. What does that. That you cared that what that means in the year ago. Yet don't structural or. You know ignore Ayers. They're safe on it and you know sit there and look at their structural. Exactly. Just terrible like that's like what our kids do that like that sets us off was apparently with the kids look at it is chargers put his are you wanna go right. You know yeah I mean it's it's like where the pain. You know what he's trying to tell me you know that you don't care or or or fight here or struggle in the short run but you take the bat out of the air. And it's like oh no big deal no big deal for you what's the big deal for enough electricity just. It gets upset and then I want packet in my opposite more stress again I don't think he missed another pitch that he missed one at a crucial time and it's a four bit. Videos for the Sierra sixty of Sports Radio how I think we got screwed out of the all star game you've you've been managing that team for a couple of years you've been part of that vote. Don't think wit deserves to be on the all star team. Doubt about it but every team in baseball soccer players entry. He's also working on actually it. The other problem is that so are you only have so many spots I've done it twice that NLRB do it. You know five times said in a weapon and a you only have so many spots and Jagger gonna get guys are gonna get shafted then you know what it did. You know and I felt like most you know had a all starters are received intense though. I mean it was cool that you know Sally peers voted him into the all star game. You know you keep open. You know that it. You know they have an issue that may be where it will flow you know be picked but. You know what they normally do is they'll go the players vote so you know depending on which infielder or second baseman. You know wherever we've got voter we don't have idea. You know people third four bit. It was probably a little bit down line because judge Larry yeah pit. For tours as a replacement so. Lowry must succeed more votes yet wit it. Yeah it felt I wish she could have gone up because glaciers. All star worthy season. No doubt I think you take your perfect baseball player and NEC's craving on the field he's good on the bases he hit c.'s lead off like like who's the who's the most perfect player that you've been around in your career. All that are you know probably. Have been around really. You know probably to get an addict yesterday Pall mall there. You know he was such a fantastic I'll Larry quote walk. He looked you know it's such quote badly hit a homer siege slash all all over the field. He was you know very solid defender great pace for a record deal they. You know very Smart very competitive. He was and the rocket you know are probably two most. Guys and we'll put that in that category. You said back in May year whenever was even knew what was wrong Duffy and since then he's pretty much got figure he's been really really good over his last six or seven starts and it you know pick up here there but for the most part been dynamic what has been the difference now with with daily from query one as to where he has right. And I didn't want to tell anybody because you know there were gonna figured out any don't have apple 45%. Great for game Danny is sixty to 70% fastball pitcher Kerry. So that he was pitching what the pitcher and office fastball. Guys were kind of eliminate an emergency supplemental hammer every time he made mistakes well they're ready for. And now the you know what we are talking ban it. I could look this is what you've got to be got to be somewhere between sixty and seventy corporately sixty 70%. Fast ball pitcher. You're past all gonna jump up and after the ninety are now expansion office fastball which. Which makes it you know they've got to respect the past also when he hangs his lighter or made mistakes that change. They're not near apt to match at all apart like they were doing before. You know as apple again and I've been at ninety or ninety our. He's blown it by guys if it's set up as stocks set to be effective. You know we just got back if we years he's he's the basketball guys an attacker with as fast on pitched a guy that pitches are as fast all people don't matter. He saw the story where he walked to the K the other day the took four hours from downtown for what was the walk to decay. What is some of the stranger things you've seen ballplayers do over your career. Are you can gain any try to walk I think any try to walk in Texas from Kirby from oracle I mean that's like. We miles and he made it means. You out there at best and Andy loves the law. You know but that's about it crazies that seem really you know guys. You'll from Gaza right bikes and and I never seen anybody do what's the walker all markets like you're standing there. Have you ever walked to the ballpark from anywhere. But maybe say lose street is that if that's a. Thank you Louis we're got to walk across the street generally that they are there so. Not gonna find me lock him at all sorts. Having that is the that's the same banana I guess guys in baseball have a lot like like Wade Boggs and beat that did the chicken and things like battle kinds of like weird superstitions and crazy things that. Whatever works for you know. I guess in yeah all that got I don't see any of that up anymore guys that are real superstitious. The remote are now. You know Danny don't walk because he's superstitious he walked it he likes the walk again. You know straight via the game kind of changes a little bit you know before you I think you have all these superstition than. He you know it you get the ball park it you'd you'd cultural moment now at the ballpark you walk locker minute but it looked at their phones so. Not a different generation. Doubt I'll go out there and get another one today great win last night for you guys good to see Monty doing his thing that that to me like I know the season isn't all the way you want watching Monty did that last night like that something you can build a that's an exciting part of the season watched him out of Nike did last night. No doubt and singing and dancing and closure you know Rick triples. Yeah. Just. That's what makes it that's the thing doesn't think you know by our field. You know get as the debt exposure it as a commodity as. Rare play and the way that he and you know all these young guys coming up and get an opportunity. That's what exit on it you know he is that a lot more. You acted teaching again a lot more. I would say headache but it's your back is where one in terms of teaching the game teaching how to edit. And you know situations where you know we GAAP net group look forward they understood what it took to win it and they slighted that you haven't won and it. You just let him go but you know right out back as a coaching staff or dressing every situation and other a lot of I sit on two awards to kids learn to make mistakes and learn it. Did better. No question about it all right you enjoy that sue V enjoy the all star break and we'll talk the into weeks. Take care dead yet so this here at sixth and Sports Radio brought to you by Dick Smith forty cooking lessons and then I Google I have the I have to get to sue V during during the.