07/11 - Kent Swanson

The Day Shift
Wednesday, July 11th

Our guy from Arrowhead Pride Kent Swanson drops by to talk about the Chiefs potentially taking Adonis Alexander or Sam Beal. He's watched more film on these guys than anyone in the business. 


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Welcome back arguably and he built. Excellent that's what people. He but nobody biblical. Certainly and I won't Timothy Tebow we shot it down tomorrow it might might might pledged and I've heard from some audio from Tim Tebow vomit. Talking about one Timothy Tivo would supplemental draft coming up at noon today. Of course she's analyzed on really two corners volatility to Virginia Tech. And got that I think would be the first rounder maybe second early stick around that you're seeing deal. Two is now for that pride which your courage pride radio each Thursday between six and 7 PM. What if Pete Sweeney hit Swanson makes appearances in the sports machine and Shawn Barber but can slot and other pride joins us out of camp. How about getting much in to talk about trying to prop it yet why. All the. No it is it is it is definitely Christmas Day for you I like this process is well. It's different because it's almost like two draft days to just relieve looking at a couple PO is five guys in my view taken a subliminal trap road to do I think or fits. For the Kansas City Chiefs that you bit all over a guy that I really liked and that is seem beatle. Can that she's actually give him the day and will they get in and. You know that they're gonna take. I think you're gonna have to be would won their second round picks. The you do they're original one hurdle in the required in the market history. And back. I'll bearded evaluated personally arms he wouldn't be in the sixty that are here on might award for the 2018 draft in April. I in the big payment is. What's will we see MB oh here's the interesting thing about him Kia. There's not really the red flags there wasn't the you know marijuana suspension or any kind of PD's or anything else. It was all academic team actually want to go back to school or get his degree you will be the first and his family. Because they get that degree and I appreciate that about there ages school just wasn't meant. For Sam at this time they'll go back approach Finnish degree at some point but that's I think separates him from some of the other guys who may be some character concerns. You're absolutely right we actually did take care workers into consideration Al all Mercury on same deal on the news actually achieved that he actually couldn't. We gained eligibility. India in the eighteen feet and what would be closer to the starter he does eating what is it. I'll announced start career early in that we have no concern on our side based little we know about care. Don't think he is you've looked at all this guy does a lot of times people say he's good outside corner when he outs and that's what she sneaked inside us and Europe. With Kindle for. Emerson that sold him at a fair portable focused keep you know horrible grade Lester isn't good he's have been good for a couple of years. In Stephen Nelson it's basically graded out is an average. Could see him beatle. Beat either one of these guys is he had better quarter than these two right now. Probably the right now he's probably forward on the depth chart to start the year and that's not to say that. I'm currently in the process he could surpass David Emerson. And I think that's entirely possible. I think he's a little bit behind you'll probably be a little bit and it is developmental process trying to get acclimated to the beauty came out. You know the that it did on Kia in Egypt armed ID think you know at some point that you're he would overtake English and indeed that's there. Possibly even the second best quarterback our quarterback on this on the roster. Here's what they can't we and we would target can Swanson are bright. You can sit there and wait until next year but who knows what happens we saw what happened last year. Britain beach really like real and speaks in need to trade up to give him Samuels a guy that you technically can get today. But I'm thinking look at some of these teams like the browns and other teams are urged the because chiefs or behind them. In draft order the chase might have to overspend if you give up a second round pick. Free for for seemingly what other people corny in the first round pick or second round pick next year this makes all the sense in the world leagues chiefs have two seconds. Sure and I think what you kind of insisting about the supplemental process that you know it's different than what we gave a quote. Well in the team had a good outlook on 2019. Quarterback class. They're they've got an early worked on it had a good idea that market next year this could be in the conditions seen that change the ticket being engaged. Possibly potentially weaker position to Katrina. Are you eat you know. I wouldn't be surprised if it did Il. While about being paid by the cheeks in the sector. Especially you know each of those convictions. But. What do you make of the what do you think Obama Adonis Alexander. As a as a player. You know the policy is kind of in the Eckstein guys. I say I want primarily on its seventeen taped it and it was not as good as these two to sixteen people are these two guys that. But he can he's trying to initiate last year and you know. As far as that that witnesses in the core entities. Productions you little applications eating produce as well. I'm in 2017. He could be tied to physical trait that there are really intriguing. I just a matter you can get the most out of I think a little concerned that you know it. To two years ago. You know I could see a strategic you know ground fire on. Yeah out in street to see who's going to take. A flier on him and what is that she's will be one of those teams that would do that because I do have off from a source of mine and somebody that's as close to that program really close of opportunity program. I'd and Knowles. Adonis this book detects and I got back from him this morning. It is says asked about it Donna sir Alexander he says are really like Udonis. Really good die anytime I interact with them which was a fair amount. Good teammate hard worker on the field. Obviously he says some missteps but at the overall he's a really quality died as a player I think he has the potential to be really good. Can't teach his size and that led a schism as they say so that seems to be like the number one solid way yet. There's some red flag Zito concerned about him all the field the people are written written and raving about his outlet says. And a size. Yeah I mean to you. Check the box is all or most of the boxes out on the field there's need to work. Change you'd it could very well developed into. Very intriguing first quarter and the key USQ coach can physical. Teams in the need to learn that around. Well she's able to decrypt it and physical scrimmage seeking decent. Stuff while he connected continue to build its work. He's you don't bet that that does not fixable. On the traits fair comment if you get a little bit ago you would like to see in seeking. What is what is ability. Last year you know sixteen bit. On Gary before any you were there. I heard from somebody directly inside the football program as well Virginia Tech. Has lots of talent but lots of question marks Casey would be a good spot with them. With Kindle Fuller of course Al tires though but who can no Fuller when the politics open he thinks there would be easy transition for him. Which one do you like better. Are you deal and even if you were all things considered it's it's definitely deal on key. He closer to what you want in an edit already corner became athletic pet being treats. Our our little higher and better then what we do without being eager and like you said there is that really can any concern among the field. You've got to be here excited he's achieved what. I'm excited about the two guys I've heard stuff that he meal like playing the safety position better. And and not the corner so I'm just curious about Alexander one thing is for sure canned the should be investing in May do an thing. Of course it is a long shot to get one of these picks the subliminal draft of the duke I think I would be happy to see him deal I think you'd be if you singles. Exactly right and hopefully we we didn't check to see what happens here in and you want the conflict about to be on. Let's give Swanson chicken is fine work literally had pride plus. Makes appearances on air had priority right radio which is six to 7 PM on Thursday night thanks lucky at. You can't Swanson why wouldn't raiders be interested. Quarterback situation is a great you would think he would. You'd think they would be.