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Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, July 11th
In the final hour of the show, Royals manager Ned Yost joins us. Plus, we take a look some new things that have come out this summer and play "In or Out."

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Wednesday it is Tesco in the morning along with Bob Tesco ran past the I'm Josh could learn and 9 o'clock on Wednesday means one thing Bob let's our visit with royals manager Ned Yost yeah we do it every single Wednesday here on sixteen and Sports Radio all brought to you by Dick Smith sport right Ellis debris do well. Or Google now. Fairness getting ready for this yeah yeah. What's on the spread this morning for you guys an inning get. I don't you know they. It's like everywhere they take particular care of this than you know omelet in and cakes and Mack brown and page. It to. It is a good job here in Minnesota. Our US meat lover omelet guy or a veggie lover omelet guy is public egg whites in vegetables or Ugoh. Now not down no bit. On import. And the Rick you know bake him a little amid a little cheese tomatoes. Season bag and leave the tomato and onion that's a good that's good little vegetable Perry Mary got the break coming up man what do you big plans yet lending fund plan for the all star break. Now we're gonna didn't hit it Georgia for a couple days he's crank it they're all our area. To go home and kind of take it easy. Do you have any kind of like food plans down there like as a Casper hot dog weekend or pizza or anything like that yet all planned out like you do after the season. If we do a little bit you know every every all star break we'll go over to Jeff farm and have kind of a break. Barbecues. It you know generally. The second night in on Tuesday it. You know we need to do fish Fries and then but now exits we've got a favorite you know it's just got a green out that he. He grows these are looking you know and we make healthy your proper. And there I mean we get everybody say he and so it's any people. Allocate your property may be amber and opt out and then we'll wait for homemade ice cream afterward so. At it's a pretty good time and everybody get together probably wanting others that are you know. And we'll watch home run derby and you know trying to catch up. You know that because we're big are all in all summer but that night you know what I have detractors to crank it's one night of the above. So you guys are just eat healthy Neil Popper and nothing else like that was the appetizer or main course and desert at one point. They're so good you can't copy you to fill up at Italians are the cream cheese. In the LP yo wrapped in fake and bake and I mean there there on you can't copy. So we learn it you know no matter whatever else she took effect and probably be wasted because. We get killed in the proper sweeter everybody has a very so. Yes kind of kind of a specialty there it just our. And so now he's doomed burgers so what's the looks like his burger specialty what's he making on the Amber's about ethics. I'm not gonna need our money to company opt that got captured left and it felt great note of urgency and it. My goal though charities like and pop or maybe wait. Or a homemade ice cores. I think that the what. What put intense about your Casper hot dog Arian. Now that can't you know that kind of sac religious when you put. Really do not boasting. Generally what I'll do it out so it. You know mustard. Relish in an output. Onion and a little bit of tomato truck that tomato and some salt and Erica. They aren't they are tremendous missed a couple of them in my freezer provide full just hearing the man. I got to get ready to eat the rest today and sounds fantastic yeah I mean it is it's dad. Dad what kind of ice cream. Well apple make. Automate and don't make peace experience or being from Georgia. I think it but he just gravitate. The bill will make two or three you know to a tree I mean all of you know everybody can everybody. It's a good little incident little. And so it is that it has little. Dinner right there. And that is a fun group you know we do during the winter to weed out which calls supper club or once a month. Well somebody better but he over for dinner and make. You know make a specialty dinner you know whatever it is. So you know we're we're pretty involved an easy thing. What's your specialty when they come over to your place. And it depends sometimes I'll do like shrimp parmesan look you know on NATO air pocket which is really really. I'm really get what the stakes I've just learned that started. I'll understand him and researching little bit CV. I was gonna ask you about that you soon being things. Yeah I am I really am and now. You know that that's gonna really blow that might do about what. I don't like it did. I had somebody come up to me the other day we were talking about steak and like all of your odds of being you're doing it all wrong obviously what it is it's it's basically like you set the temperature netted the water and you just look the meat soak in the water and cook it right is that kind of how you do. Specific drugs that part to the perfect temperature that she wants electric do you like it well done. Mean you can set it you know 150 degrees in and took it anywhere from an hour 44 hours and it never gonna get. More than what she wanted he wanted to medium rare he says the temperature of 127. You advocate for an hour you contribute Burke. You know while it's never gonna get more that age where. And you gotta take backcourt together here when you're done but yeah it's hard to tell the difference and it's absolutely cooked perfectly. So you've done this before is is this think idiot proof is look at these things almost like I'm gonna screw this thing out right it's like all. I'm gonna screw this thing can anybody operate this thing. You know I that's always mark allot to it I can do it. Anybody can do it and trust me I can do so. I think it's pretty much all through yet it's really beat me you've got to be he experimental that you get what you want to take it or. State. Whatever risk. He intended use it and it can you put an end up in a bag. And you can use actually has that law. Bag or you can use a vacuum sealer keep. That has got to be is going to be you know the water's got touched all on the side and and you just put it in. And then when it's done you take it out. You know dry topic here a little bit and it's ready to go and I mean that's absolutely fantastic echoed. My brother is at camp last week sort of animal cooked steak that we could. Taliban are out of the cook absolutely. Perfect and the stakes. So. You know it's it's a fun thing gets spared what it's really really easy. I'm still trying to figure out my wife likes her state. Well done and I'm like mine's medium rare you. Were the difference. One to beat but. A figure that source of that. So so like you like your get ready to leave the Condo for the ballpark you throw the stakes in the water you set the time you come back and they're ready to go once you get back home. No doubt that's exactly the way that works it's just in it'll fit nanny and yours in the machine. Like in any and all water and now you know you just set that said the temperature and it stayed confident that certain is that it doesn't fluctuate so. And when you're done it's absolutely part. How is different from a crock pot. Well I don't know. This is. Hit a crock pot I don't know if you can. If you can accurately. Picture temperature. To stay constant throughout the whole time. If so what you can do that it did it take it to the degree that you wanted to 127 degrees it holds a 127 victory. That's that's pretty eerie and he's you've convinced me having a winning this game or this had a late night infomercial on the field like. He's the perfect pitch man for this thing definitely yeah well done it I've never I never heard of that power recently somebody I. I think it was my sister and we're on vacation last we see is all you gotta be sue being everything well Ireland are right mind while behind on this one hey. You admit that it could we get it they bring him. A pork tenderloin well from the first time ever tasted and unlike others suspect that you know. Okay I'm gonna blow these guys my supper club there how do you barbecued. Mr. you don't barbecued ECB it and artists and people for either cable speaker it's this. I got to figure out what India's. Started for me. Royals manager Ned Yost a joining us here on sixteen Evernote gonna gallons when when when the skipper drops by. Hey Bob and I were or amazed the other day when you had your first rejection of the season it's been a tough year there's been a lot of frustrations. How did you get until early July before you got tossed. Talked anymore is. You know argued balls and strikes and not to eat. Or and without a couple of instances here to work replay if I mass the one was the other night where where you know they called except it didn't have that for you know obviously I. Felt that there was plenty of that overturned call. You know tiger he he just. Try to he trying to understand from our point of view. And they're like players that are like they care and war or you know but you know can make a mistake. Don't do that crucial part of the game and this guy that made a mistake but Lucas didn't get second third nobody else. And called a prison was probably 45 inches out of the strikes on strike rate now I don't care if you know you miss you miss strike out strike one you know you can recover next strike three can't. So. You know of course that a noise from the get go then you know I could read that you know get your act together. And he looked immediate exit the ball up here get your act together ignite that that can be sure of the shareholders. Well at that table or does that. That you don't care is that what it means and then that and that here we go yet don't from your shoulders. You know ignore a year there. Say some than don't sit there look at makes their structural that's exactly. Just parable like that's like what our kids do that like that sets us off was apparently with the kids look at your vision chargers put it is you wanna go right. Yeah I mean it's it's likely that many. You know what he's trying to tell me you know that you don't care what or or fight here will struggle in the short run but you take the bat out of the air. And it's like oh no big deal no big deal for you what's the big deal for a enough. You know it's just. It gets upset and then I went back in my opposite more stress again I don't think he missed another pitch. He Mets wanted to crucial just a bit. Videos for the Sierra and 610 Sports Radio how. I think we got screwed out of the all star game you've you've been managing that team for a couple of years you've been part of that vote don't think wit deserves to be on the all star team. Doubt about it but every team in baseball soccer players treat. He's also working on actually it. The other problem is this so are you only have so many spots I've done it twice bitten and help Bobby do it. You know five times. You know what the and a you only have some response and Jagger gonna get guys are gonna get checked it and you know what it did. You know and I felt like monks you know had a all starters are received intense though. Maybe it was cool that you know shall we peers voted him into the all star game. You know you keep open net. You know that. You know they have an issue that maybe. Well it all we'll you know be picked but. You know what they normally do is they'll go off the player vote vote you know depending on which infielders are second baseman. You know wherever we've got voter we don't have idea. You know people third four bit. It was probably a little bit down on line and Larry got it. For tours as a replacement so. Lowery about six feet more votes yet wit it. Yeah it felt which she could have gone up because glaciers. All star award received. No doubt I think you take your perfect baseball player and NEC's craving on the field he's good on the bases he hits he's lead off like that who's the who's the most perfect player that you've been around in your career. That are you know probably. Have been around really is you know probably to get it and it just yesterday all Alter. You know he was such a fantastic soccer player it will walk. He looked you know it's it's quote badly hit homers you slash fall all over field. He was you know very solid defender great face for America feels very. You know very Smart very competitive. He was and the rocket you know are probably the two most. Guys and we'll put that in that category. You said back in May year whenever was even knew what was wrong -- Duffy and since then he's pretty much got figure he's been really really good over his last six or seven starts and it you know pick up here or there but for the most part been dynamic what has been the difference now with with daily from query one as to where he has right now. I didn't want to tell anybody because you know there were gonna figure out any known as apple 45%. Great for game any is that sixty to 70% fastball pitchers are. So that he was pitching he wasn't pitching office fastball. Guys were trying to eliminate an emergency stop and hammer every time he made mistakes well they're ready for. And not be you know which I talk to ban it. I could look at which you gotta be gotta be somewhere between sixty and seventy corporately 6570%. Fast ball pitcher. Your craft all gonna jump up after the ninety. Oh extension office fastball which. Which makes it you know they got to respect the craft also when he hangs his life or make mistakes of the change. They're not near apt to match or the part like they were doing before it. You don't apple again I guess that 94. Our. And he's blown it by guys that it really is set up as fox to be effective. And we have got actively years he's he's the fastball guy attacker with as fast on its. I got to pick it up as fast all people that don't matter. You saw the story where he walked to the K the other day the took about four hours from downtown for what was the walk to decay. What is some of the stranger things you've seen ball players do over your career. Our kicking game and try to walk I think any try to walk in taxes from Kirby from Barbara we've I mean it like. We miles. And he made it means. Yeah out there at best thing and he loves to walk. You know but that's about it straight is that saint really you know guys. You know from got a right bite and and I never seen anybody you also walked to the ballpark as much as an eight. Have you ever walked to the ballpark from anywhere. But maybe Saint Louis street is that if that's. Say look we're gonna walk across the street generally eclectic art fair so. It's not gonna find me lock it all sorts. Having that is the that's the same banana I guess guys in baseball a lot like like Wade Boggs who beat that did the chicken and things like battle kinds of like weird superstitions and crazy things that. Whatever works for you know. I guess in you know that that I don't see any of that that anymore guys that are real superstitious. But the most are now. You know Danny got walk because he's superstitious he walked it he likes to walk him. You know straight the other game kind of changes politically you know before yeah I think you have all these superstition than. He you know it you get the ball working EU cultural moment now get the ball are you walk locker minute but it looked at their phones so. The different generation. Doubt I'll go out there and get another one today great win last night for you guys good to see Monday doing his thing that that to me like I know the season isn't all the way you want watching Monty did that last night like that something you can build a that's an exciting part of the season watched him have Nike did last night. No doubt that civilians and civilian closure you know Rick triples. You know. Yes. That's what makes success that they don't of the things you know field. You know get as exposure it has Monty. As that rare of play in the way that peaceful and you know all these young guys coming up and get an opportunity. That's what makes sit on it. You know he is a lot more. Here active teaching again a lot more. I would say headaches that it's so you're back to square one in terms of teaching the game teaching how to edit. And you know situations where you know we GAAP net group of forward they understood what it took to win it and they applied it they do Atalanta. You just let him go but you know right now back at it as a coaching staff or dressing every situation. The other a lot of that exit on to reward the kids learn make mistakes and learn it. It better. No question about it all right you enjoy that sue V enjoy the all star break and we'll talk to you in two weeks. Daycare Ned Yost who was here at sixth and Sports Radio brought to you by Dick Smith or cooking lessons and anti Google I happy. Crafty at osu V during during this added to spell it. Of the ID. Sue be sue V. Yes as a rancher SO USS AUS the ID much that you live don't exceed that you know hundred and some boxes full thing you stick in the water and his goats yourself yes. I'm not like. That would I know he says he's that it's more complicated and our example entered this refiners to colonel mark the rest of them yeah that's how everybody describes killing every voter describes it is easy simple and the way to cook steak and I don't do a great job of it on the grill beyond cellular and I'm wounded in this drive or you get a severe and I am contemplating yet there. Feels like that is the infomercial the volume net optimal over kids back at. But go a step up and I think it's easy to manage and managing bullpen volley in the first place teams can screw it up next. Our phones phones. Songs. You're all time it's so easy to manage the I could be a Major League manager I do's and able bullpen chance I don't easy biggest deal the world league of first place teams. Kind of take a stumble out to be managing the royals right down going to what they just told us that teaching the kids how to win in all the scenarios of situations and things like that. Now now now of that and then I heard that it reminded me of eight year old softball ovary which I love doing had a great time we have it next year. But it is hard and it's hardly difficult. The Cleveland Indians first place team in the the division by a lot and now they're they're kind of just doing their thing. Had some issues last night Terry Francona. I was trying to go to the bullpen late in the game. Early is miscommunication. He thought he requested called on the open said OP. Oliver Perez eight it was understood is. OTK. Which would have Ben the nickname for Dan a Taro. Taro. Had pitched a bunch of nights. Wasn't exactly who is Liu for fourth time in five days of Tora to the mound. And didn't work out they end up losing to the add to the reds. Seven a four and. And it's the bullpen. Phone rang. The other into the phone I think this may be sent through Syria maybe that was it a union understands race. But out OP became OT wrong reliever came out of the bullpen and surprised manager. We had a communication I shouldn't hold Opie and I think in the midst of all book real colorful emotional plea fell on land squarely on the outs there's no good. On the I got to be responsible for that Parcells who come into the game and I just thought slumping to British. Just other Gaza expect them so I don't know I don't know corals begin cellphone right now much developed lymphoma. They see he didn't notice as you warming up can mean to be called the bullpen get a guy warming up. Don't notice that whose nest or the warm up was that called pitcher out there right now walking towards the mound door opens guy comes through. Oh crap wrong guy here how do you know who warming up though if you're the manager and I understand you have two different guys you know OT OP and you know me. But why have both of those guys you know warming up at the same time why not just go a different direction. And have maybe somebody who's not similar out there warming up so you don't get that lost in translation war. I don't say a guy's name in well like I let's bring in Oliver Perez here not being an old tool or whoever OT activity and a terror. On nicknames or problems they'll. Nicknames O'Toole with its peace and sneakers O'Toole who are not at all you don't from Family Guy. All. Told sneakers O'Toole on earth. The OT he was OT it was a today in a pain. I got my sneakers and tad I am speakers O'Toole. So terror comes in gives up and I can there on hauling out the guy was has been pitching to me it is a row on the other guy yeah. He used their earnings I interest in baseball everybody's got a nickname in everybody's got a nickname in baseball weather here. It. Sneakers off. I. That's one notable that either they think it's easy to manage Terry Francona would prove otherwise. It just you can't discount a simple by Logan by actually using candidate but I mean like like all those years it like people rip and say he's an idiot because he's talking about remember when when Bob Buck Showalter was here they sit in of the smartest vs man. What mistake his dad made double pad in his years of managing this ball club. He kept going back to walking sort. Who else is he supposed to go until you know did you ask the question there was there was some via on brattle literally anyone else but is there I would have done it. There's enough. Is I would but he never had it he never did anything like weeks and Frankel has looked at as one of the great managers in baseball. He can put the right. Is is looked at one of the best interests of all time I might argue that brand and our making appearances though. Continue veteran and a and again who's he going to put it I mean 25 wins between six and care out on a mistake like year your first like he never made a mistake in fourteen and fifteen trying to go to Calvin Pereira and accidentally went to Joaquin sore right exactly and it did the injury first place team. You don't have time for managerial blunders. And those years with the world's winning everything worked out there were no managerial blunders there were no there was nothing mean denied a hundred dollars or is that those guys made him. What our energy you called an easier Annie as sure everybody's saying that but I really doubt that for a bit. It it got its eye opener obviously it is an ice until he plays us they didn't have the same similar letters to her and think hits. OT year old Amanda shot this doesn't happen more often considering that every baseball players nickname and with EN and in in Major League Baseball has eagle or he right. On the so are you all everybody everybody's name and is within me this is better than when La Russa had called the bullpen and it was rent Hinske in right around and got the wrong all that one I was like that so far off this like Holy See this this little EPO ET but it is some lanes. Eduardo is OK I'd put him in LU's the guy's name that is out there in the bullpen pitching instead of initials because they're too confusing but that ripped its key lending is one of the all of the guests seeking a bar yeah I got one for Iran and I was listening to our radio dot com sister station WFAN yesterday to a front of my friends so some -- I was listening CNBC. Can spot on and so I was listen to them and they're talking about you know trading weathered the pitchers like mats or whoever the Mets have right now that they're trying to residents descending artery a one of these guys. And a yellow jacket do you have to take Vargas. A our guys not pitching I don't and the yes he's not doing so I'm glad I'm in fact that I hardly could argue stats but their like you can absolutely loved you have to take Vargas do. Yeah have to get his money off the early nominee three Yankee is the move coach favor. For the Mets right X. Others a lot of weird stuff going on right now also play a little in and outs or outs I should say where it is or out is the name of the game's next. In Sports Radio. They've given its already gonna check it out all the details extends sports dot com or rivalry renewed dot com Saturday July 48. It's over Sinai Sanders a reading independence. KUN and you are going to hotel on the hardwood once again. The you rush Brothers have put together a lineup as well yes iTunes somebody who is district you like by others. Dressed boys got everybody together in this yes they did four Missouri stars Kareem Rush Keon dueling Thomas Gardner Rickey Paul think in English. Among the Missouri players to take on former Kansas to announce brand roster good Mario Chalmers Travis relish for Cole Aldrich and more. Op portion of the proceeds to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of greater Kansas City through the rush Ford Foundation. And you can Nat check out tickets and VIP packages. And now can sellout Silverstein and I senators' arena in independence for this bat cave in and you get together. On hard. Yet the DV IP packages is something you should really consider a 120 bucks and get them did the party the night before a terrorist with all of the players that are going to be here in the of that idea for hours of open bar you've get your food for you get the rub elbows with the guys and twenty lucky VIP. Members of people purchased the VIP ticket. We'll have the opportunity to participate shootaround before thinking KG of line up with the guys immunity your layups and things like that on the court with the team to get some shots up in that group daddy that separate out right so to get the VIP package that extends sports dot com. And down and future VIP packages there by your tickets there everything is right they're sixth in sports dot com it's right on the front of our website is very easy very seamless to do. Make sure you go ahead do right now because the VIP packages will sell outs of get them right now it's extends sports dot com. Spoiled little in or out. He'll have full. Trust and I was all hey. In her rounds release your pumpkin amount maybe I'd like different kind of fallen snow and a four outs. Lot of good stuff coming out this last couple of weeks. We play a game called in or out of I'll tell you something that is new to Tommy her out on our. New TV show doctor pimple Popper on TLC diet Mittal to Sandra Lee. This boy muscle and indeed it has always sign failed performing extraction on everything from white and black adds two assists and let's homers. It's just I'm not watching that at all Nolan and yields. That is disgusting I don't need to see somebody's class coming out of their exits on television and they'll have a pop at him. People of this it's all about I'm out but I know it'll work. And with the pimple Popper MD that image. Gross. This 7-Eleven today it's June 11 hole. Sailors are free day to day from eleven to 7711 will be giving them a free small slugger you enter our Al. Going out on the free sports or games. The deal of the crowd Alex. Heath. I'll pay this guy sense and or Saturday. The free slurp damage. And you're dealing with general public I love that they do those things again and again I think they're great. I just choose to take part in you know there's going to be a mom and there chatty like seven solar priest is you get that neighbor kids whether an irony like that so now. Just in time for the summer all they're too personal nick backpack has been released and they filled cooler that as a detachable white older. Fleece blanket plates and utensils seek imperial bigger crock Korean won on back on on and that and that's good mandating that makes your life easier to do things on and on so IBM and efforts for peace but does make life easier I've got to stop or I've got to go to the machine I'm gonna wait in line and a flight mommy and her in real it's impossible one tomorrow it'll still be there again. Fair point I mean an intern Chris very excited about this the summer crab fest returning to apply ice and accidents you know like crap. As to crack what you've been eating crab meat though you have to cracked crab well it's done four and yet the crack your legs I mean. I'd added it looked into the details of the summer crap in the red lobster my grandmother twenty years ago and she's fighting with the waiter being from fast and it really wasn't for best she still won policy duties for 1990 united we openly and getting it. It's usually like it's supposed to be shrimp then you complain long enough to just get anything I want you to be reported a few elderly at the time he's let it slide probably probably go I'm I don't I don't he grabbed my life I am I love. My wife. Loves the crab fest and on the scale need to roles area of their biscuits there's a visit to win just give me pay for one deal you forget is he just gave me. And limited biscuits it's a bit now. Now for a little bit I've already tried it but I don't know if you guys are in or out on this the wild naked chicken Chiluba from talk about the idea of wild why he why old naked chicken shall we why why is what is naked Israel it is a there there's been shelved the cash again. Is bishop a pact is a piece of fried chicken that is shaped into a cockroach towards both BA and hoopla. And that's that's why is it did it's that's why has talked Nobel world anything other ones that when I'm saying there there. There are the these bats I love Taco Bell but I had the thickest and when they when they came back eight taco. If you can't just fry anything in the shape of the taco short all the talk yes she the can help it he can either I'll say this again if I had taco night in my house and you came over I said sorry Bob I ran out of tortillas but I fright of bush aides. You would not find that to be acceptable popular then you start flying on radio I'll ask as a surprise it would be. Here I am I'm with a terror and I'm not saying it's you can't make it an offer and people like this that's what they'll do they talk about is coming up with the mic leaned a loss or you know the one side is hot once sizable lead and because I think failed them or bit arched a lucky are still lots of the big deal AT and I think to Jason Alexander was advertising in the eighties at all those is that they'll nothing else title belt and are locks. Part of the reason nothing tells us about is because they just you limited runs which is brilliant. He don't really down in his give him for a little and Clinton and bush and their out of those if she goes back at. And I Burton I don't know arrested June 11 while alive and they still have the Al fresco menu at Taco Bell I'd never work from last night. Like being smothered a match or she's final one for you until cheese is your show premiering tonight on CBS. Called tko total knockout Kevin Hart is hosting a us vs them games show. Which will send a runner through an obstacle course while four other shoot projectiles. In an attempt to stop the run you've convinced me what I've served as well the description. Yeah and when you first set and a TK old man now uneasy dean she called first and a great job finding some stuff that they literally just like debt. Where it wants that's the kind of project isles will stop. Randomly having people. Evian. And British men that the DVR yes. All got room equipment that rim. Wanted to pursue feed. RS are narrowed that down right here in the paper and everything and installer probably Sumi rain in there is that the states now. Our established we were. The price point him out. It's like 69 well now there's enough money is wonderful and when he and I they seem to be over a hundred bucks a monopoly on Amazon for eighty I just went to the figure recommended the the chimney starter chimney starter for your growth suggests that those like while box and I was like I'm Tammy. 820. Plus and I quite in yet but what if what eight and I got guys use student I was just into a bar somebody suit v.s. I have not suddenly so you don't share and and now. Page eight Johnston sidebar your suit now thanks I think so yeah it was her my toothbrush at the map. It's a very personal items sounds like you are shared it with rebel but it on business right now. In the swap saliva with their corporate it doesn't matter. How do you toothbrushes here and then I mean I'm assuming you have two children your toothbrush is your very own thing that it Nokia's. That is your thing. That is today's edition of in. Or out. Ned Yost joined us earlier his thoughts on wit and giving the all star not next. BP electrical heating and cooled studio. That's still in the morning powered by the GA. I mean. That just joined us at 9 o'clock. The awful interview will be up shortly. And 610 sports dot com. But his thoughts on the radio guy coming up at 20 it's there already oh a colorful and Chris is very that it worked pretty sad when he goes back to Texas Christian university and nothing gets up and over again being asked her I was here I would always get to like the end of the hour you know or they were the hour turns for that that particular hour and a silly me it's already there and I am cool very latency and go check out the full. Interview with that DOC you hear about him cooking with a Su vida graduate who has thoroughly entertaining. I tell government's ability to be very hungry yet very passionate about food today. So here dad about food but we also asked his thoughts on wit not getting an all star nod. Yeah about it became baseball. Players. Are also working on actually it. You know the problem is that so are you only have so many spots and I've done it twice and nobody knew it. You know five times. You know what that and a you only have so many spots and Jagger gonna get guys are gonna get shafted then you know what it did. You know and I felt like most you know had a all starters are received intense though. Maybe it was cool that you know shall we peers voted him into the all star game. You know you keep open net. See you know that. You know they have an issue that may be. It will blow you know be picked but. You know what they normally do is they'll go off the player vote vote you know depending on which infielder or second baseman. You know wherever we've got voter we don't have idea. You know people third or fit. It was probably a little bit down the line because jetlag recap Pitt. For tours as a replacement so. Lowery about six feet more votes yet wit it. Yeah it felt I wish I wish she could have gone up because glaciers. All star award received. I would agree I you're what mayor Phil felt like one was probably the most deserving royal and two I thought his slate. Is really do everything would make sense for the team to go to for some flexibility in all eyes are always so I that that made it. Kind of issue you know from a seller for as that's fine not have an all star year but. He's like a year guys that are offensive lineman as the yearly gag camp I am not knocking Salvi to two. To to boost Whitner Phillies at the position of need to Saudi Whitner Phyllis I've made a lot of sense is that the the thought the perfect year to get him in and I did I mean what Orkut wit deal and that this is he's had a flat out really good solid year. Also we ask about Danny Duffy course coming off the S six scoreless innings in his most recent start he's been he's been figuring things out. You remember awhile back. That would even tell us. What changes he was going to make it gained obviously IC was the days doing damage to tell about it why teams and know about it then on us now that I like you say you won't even tell a guy he's the son dies he'll be you know we'll open the door tell us things he doesn't and a doesn't reveal red wedge or buddy but. He when he tell us what was going on with Duffy but said he date did indeed. Take. Some us some advice right and now doing. What he should be doing. Gain back and and I didn't tell anybody because you know there organ failure and you don't have all 45%. Rate for game Danny is 67%. At all projectors. So that he was pitching wasn't pitching office fastball. I can eliminate or just sit well and hammer every time he made mistakes well they're ready for. And not be you know we talk to Annie I had looked at which you gotta be gotta be somewhere between six and Stephanie are currently 6570%. Fast ball pitcher. You're fast alternate jump up and ask that night. Expansion office all which. Which makes it you know they get to respect the craft also when he hangs his locker mate in the state has changed. They're not near to match at all or like they were doomed before it. You know apple again if that is 94. Hour. We've blown it by guys it's. Not as follow up to be effective. You know he just got back if we years he's he's the fastball guy attacker with as fast on its. Got to pick it up as a whole bill and. I think what was he was banged up a little bit wasn't in on a percent confident that is is you know it was a it was a miracle coming off that surgery last you know. Earlier this false or fast Danny pearl's throat by people it's okay from our puzzles and a baseball sometimes really simple. Really simple except that you're trying to get a pitcher out of the bullpen right over here OT yen one of them was sneakers into. One we're number 1015 and they shipped heroin prides can Swanson will break down these supplemental draft but again if that's true juice that's what you fortress might add somebody today we never talked about the supplemental before. Could be a factor today for the entities station your help you take your supplement this idea of the good for him. They see it coming up two minutes. Let's go in the morning powered by the Jewish community center. And Sports Radio.