07/11 - 10 am - Brett Veach

The Day Shift
Wednesday, July 11th

Brett Veach if there's anything we know about him it's that he's aggressive. Which is why we might see some action in today's Supplemental Draft from the Chiefs. Kent Swanson of Arrowhead Pride has done more review of these guys than anyone in the business so he joins us to talk these  playes the Chiefs are looking at. The one and done is coming to an end and Josh Vernier joins us to talk about Ned Yost's comments on Fescoe in the Morning. 


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Henry Elaine. Sheep being cleaned. He's got a four point 15 and five under and stuff. No no no you're wrong on that just don't look down I can leave your new charity work for five I don't put their foot vigil now. He she gets its. Previously GNU excuse her victory abbreviated. The ship we just go to let the war ended his jokes were here. Takes over the race emblem of walking through usual. Noon time started switching noon central. For the Kansas City Royals but that's what it is now it is. It is a hundred per cent. Weird too bizarre to be stored in the new fit and so the teams duke and time with her mom finally done by three. Acts that he did what every year was the case in Minnesota series yet know at least one game does not actually went to those games and utility. The club also foreign policy community they have one of those minute Minneapolis before we get started speaking of baseball yes rules app that can you losing streak last night here it is it feels good when it will be fun to see this it's short showing it to six pack Peebles tickets. So we started right now would it six pack of tickets to what speaking today Tebow to deploy one right now. Take yet to one now in Washington 45 once expect now wants expect leader Alex expects most of this six Beckett tickets fortunately both take. The simple saints won the most. Most famous independent baseball teams a community America ballpark on Saturday July 14 during gold glove charity night in fireworks. After the game get a pick it appeared anyway six caller right now on 913. By 7676. Then you all going with five of their friends if you're up by the difference. To a T bones game I was once told you really need six runs and life. Is that enough peculiar casket. Altered what you neatly solid gain in nearly six people in your life there like. Because they're the ones that have to hear you. My mental illness or cremated as a reference you creamy run at low ninety's and united if you what you corporate spirit until you. A plea agreement that they're we're about Karen. A big data that supplemental draft. Big in the unit Phil why is it's important. We usually it's not only 43 players since this thing started and take in the supplemental draft that are picked unifil has not seen it could take in since 2000. In fifteen. Rarely heard she seemed discuss it because they don't typically mess around with that why Kazmir deal supplemental draft. It could be for various reasons it's usually guys got themselves a little bit of trouble. Academically ineligible kicked off the football team post the NFL draft in wood whatever the apple ears 2018 draft. They're kicked up the team ruled an ill like Adonis Alexander hedging burst he's off the teen CNB. And also adults Alexander who's the quarterback for Virginia tech's victory that a lot of people like Chris Taylor agreed to write up on and yesterday from Yahoo! Sports or first Baylor. Does that appears sixth in sports review as well. Put there's typically some kind of red flags were excellent teams kind of back off. The supplemental draft you know who's been guys like pro Pryor has been Josh Gordon there has been quality draft picks. In the supplemental draft would essentially about the day as there is a guy at a western Michigan that I really like is in the same meal. He's 61 corner. Did even that Miller mark in the first round is 2000 we too early 2019. Mock draft props human or two that's been like Britain like that so it's a big day. It did fifteen we'll talk in Swanson literally cried who is pit. Time pretty much watching. Every play. Of one scene and being able but the reason I'm excited about the date for the Kansas City Chiefs is they could be players in this. Although I'm hearing from people that they may not be. Or from somebody who's been generally pretty right on a lot of things like the physical for before his eagle there were not in that he's been right. He doesn't think it's he's will be player less than we talked to bridge beach was on Mondays so figure for what it's worth he didn't beat the chiefs will be a player and threat in this and it may be. The bottom line is. She says that there would be first round picks 22 round picks because of the market Peters a third perfect you know fourth round pick next year because. That's actually Reggie Redding bridge Greg when was treated for 20194. Round picks that's gone in they have that sixth. Instead in which the supplemental draft work as fast on TV goes past. In people submit their bids on what ground you lose the corresponding pick. You put a second round bid on somebody or next year yet for next year they'll be chaser to a different group. There's a group of of teams that finished under 506. Games they won six games or last there's a second group. 16 games or more didn't make the playoffs the third group chaser and teams that made the playoffs cease would essentially have to. Outbid somebody else are probably put a high around it. To ensure that the name like yup you sure you get a break like this this is the screens Britain beats the meaning of chiefs have been the Prodi bogeys. Benefactor were fourteen. To talk to that Douglas Alexander. Brett beach. Shows me the kind of aggressiveness I. He got the key in the city he realized something I've been payment for the longest time chiefs don't have that. First couple moves he makes ski deal average Greg. One of the big moves made free agency is you bring in senior lock ins for Patrick Holmes takes care of him got to figure that said the ball that he brings in the in his draft he got the knack concentrate on offense he got the just concentrate. On the defense. In the one thing we've always heard about Britain beach because we've heard of for me and he read the Brit beach where. Britain beach will give him as the year. In he'll Wear him out on a particular. I do you believe he did that with prima is well even though he wasn't the GO. At the time pro football talk dot com has a story about this it has been well documented. About how he will where he'd be read out Friedman speaks was the guy chiefs traded up debris and speaks that in big user. Really speaks it was a guy the Brit v.s but Hialeah in he got so highly of them. He brought in to mean he read in he brings and the Indy read and he makes CD read basically waiting making me do anything injury did it and he read like your receipt snapped this place in the and he liked and Brett beach is a tendency to work him out because he's extremely aggressive with the Andy Reid said it's that we. It's how it rolls is because he's extremely aggressive. And that's what she won in and Ethel GM. Better back he said this about brits had his eye on him talking about release speaks at a fire on him all along he was going to go after him aggressively. That's kind of the way he rolls you've seen him operate. So I was back in April from USA today in Pro Bowl talk and had some similar about that today about rebounds speaks. The thing is Barbara beach he is the scouts. Re with the Philadelphia and he refuses. He's got to the SEC on Vinny Andy Reid brought him along with a lot of other people from total. And he's a guy that had been on the ground he's been there in person and that's why I was instant in this draft particularly for the chiefs. Because of Brett beach been GM is Britain beach with the now what most most teams are he was a scout just last year. So he's been watching guys like greens yeah he's probably watched the dollar selling these more familiar than maybe some other teams alternate delegate those responsibilities other guys out the year. So the southeastern region particularly the Southeastern Conference notice that you draft picks come out of the southeast region you know the SEC. Or the region like that for us they would beard not. So beach had been brought us Alexander played this out and play to review tech. Brit beach also likes the back it up. Is that as we're remark came out of was the Mac western Michigan seem BO. Again seemed meals a guy who's the reply he just didn't do the work in the last piece that's been been suspended for marijuana. Like it on us Alexander is zero red flags for same beatle. As a matter of fact our friend Matt Miller joins us and join drive throughout beautiful drafted his marker at the said he had in his trumpet. Do Brett body was more the second round pick for 2019. So readers corner. In you've got to second round picks you bid that was pro day ran a 44. Donna is more like a 46. Britain beats puts his sights on something goes against it that's why am look at the chiefs the supplemental draft saying. In Britain beach really want to do something if he's not sold on Emerson. Or Stephen Nelson. He wants one other quality corner put the knicks were talking about a possible fourth round talent top five cornerback next year who's available today in the supplemental draft. What's that workforce is that war the second round pick you do have an extra second round pick because of the Mark Peters straight on to say we deal Brit beat. You're dealing with a different attitude he has the aggressive tactic would dabble. In the supplemental draft I don't think bourse in these guys really went at the supplemental draft. Scott Julian day it's become buy into the draft the Brit beach there's mortality in this one Danny yours attitude though there's five guys to technically could be taken. From this including a bring in Brian yes safety at Mississippi State does Alexander. Placed corner but he says he feels more comfortable safety that's a word like. She still need that. Quads I Warner slash safety anymore became true outside corner and intimacy in Biel is he fits the profile successful launch. He is perfect but if they truly values guy say this guy is in the first rounder next here. Both those beaches are gonna have to post a round bid team be if they want and they have to do. Most like in early rounds that picks there's a chance. It some other team grabs in what was it hits the chiefs are honest but there's a great chance that they don't end up getting through in the. All this story just now from mom Mary Kate avid from mom she's from the other plain dealer. In Cleveland sees the up beat writer for the Cleveland Browns she is an article just posted this has few minutes ago. Why the browns might land quarterback Sam deal in the supplemental draft. And in one of the questions in the oracle. This is what round with the browns have to be eight to land deal this is just from from the browns perspective but it gives you the overall respectable what. Maybe some teams ambles and we're thinking about she says opinions vary on this but DeDe Brooks in its old act out these in my take a second round pick. To land him on Kate. Who projected by some as a horse round selection in the regular draft and it fell on rascals. Odd that comes. They broke believe C sport a third round today. Rob rang they seized a fourth or fifth might get it done so people all over the board but it sounds like big leak. The the bull that the people out there got to make in this about waste and when it comes to you looking at deal. They're saying second round pick. I agree with that. Agritech circuit first repellent if you wanna go ahead and getting down getting this year if you get to give up the sicker and pick next year what if tool and you have to a good speech it's been pretty horrible approval. He's been the opposite of Ruble would draft pick you willing to program ever Cameron rapid Reggie reg and draft pick. He's willing he's willing to move down the draft this year give record speaks. He's willing to play the game. That's an aggressive G and four U executive browser adjusted. Let's get better shot McCain's strategy. In what they get the draft capital through it instantly sucked last year so they have a better grouping in the Kansas City Chiefs the. One all the browns though it is clear because they have a picture here of his Prodi and shoals John Dorsey standing there in his Cleveland Browns. Us what's her on exiting. But the it's going to be interesting because it did c.'s offer to. The browns have to offer a two or or or better because right according to art who he says that they have. Truth orb round picks all third round pick in this scenario would get it done. In departure for the chiefs the chiefs have been willing all over on both these guys. They've everywhere but changed signaled chiefs want to get a guide ourselves in would be incredible reach for the second round Bil I don't think is eat complete reached. For the chiefs but if you think art teacher with a second rounder this guy they would in turn do think they keep their word about the incident she's yet to team up. In the bidding process again there's three groups. A group with the sixers two wins second group non playoff teams that had more than six wins. In the third group is made of the twelve teams the media or playoffs last year. That's exactly where the chiefs that anyway this thing goes got a noon on on TV you'll see tweets and everything else the chiefs have passed on the supplemental draft that guard. I'm particularly its spit in the civil no draft to score IC is an extreme weakness for this team and I'm not talking about him before on talk about me outside. With the Emerson who was John Bruins forced cut would be bad sickened during an Oakland didn't value and enough to bring back there in of course Stephen Nelson a bit undersized. Who is an average quarterback at best. As the chiefs other corner so we'll talk supplemental draft next somebody's been all over same field got I want from western Michigan next. Welcome back arguably and he built. Excellent that's what people. He's a nobody and a biblical. Certainly and I won't Timothy Tebow we'd shot it down tomorrow it might might might find that I've heard from a lot of them Tebow vomit. Talking about one Timothy Tivo would supplemental draft coming up at noon today of course she's analyzed on. Really two corners volatility to Virginia Tech. And got that I think would be the first rounder maybe second early stick around that you're seeing deal. Two is now for head and junior or pride radio each Thursday between six and 7 PM. What if Pete Sweeney hit Swanson makes appearances in the sports machine and Shawn Barber but can slot and other pride joins us now out of Q. How about getting nudged him to talk about trying to prop it yet why you. At all. No it is it is it is definitely Christmas Day for you I like this process is well. It's different because it's almost like two draft days to just really looking at a couple people is five guys in my view taken a civil little trip road to. I think our pits for the Kansas City Chiefs that you bit all over a guy that I really like and that is seem beatle. Can that she's actually give him the day and will they get in and. You know that they're gonna take. I figured it have to be with one under round picks. The you do there original one or the one required in the market either straight on and impact. Now we hear his value is personally arms you would have been six eat better player on my word for the 2018 draft in April. I in the big payment is. What's will we see MB oh here's the interesting thing about him Kia. Why does not really the red flags there wasn't the you know marijuana suspension or any kind of PD's or anything else. It was all academic team actually want to go back to school to get his degree you will be the first and his family. Because they get that degree and I appreciate that about say a ages school just wasn't meant. For Sam at this time they'll go back approach Finnish degree at some point but that's I think separates him from some of the other guys who may be some character concerns. You're absolutely right we actually didn't take care sector into consideration Al all marker on same deal on the news actually achieved that he actually could. Retrained eligibility. India in the eighteen feet in but it would be closer to the start of the genes that eating what is it. I'll announced start a career early in that we have no concerns on our side based on what we about care. Know what that gives you look at all all of this guy does a lot of times people say he's good outside corner when he outs and that's what she sneaked inside is figure of with Kindle for. Emerson that sold him at a fair probable focus gave him a horrible grade Lester is in the duties have been good for a couple of years. In Stephen Nelson it's basically graded out is average. Could see him be all. Beat either one of these guys is he had better quarter than these two right now. Probably the right now he's probably forced on the depth chart to start the year and that's not to say that. I'll birds eat into the process he committed. Surpassed David Emerson. I'm I think that's entirely possible. I think he's a little bit behind you'll probably be a little bit behind it is developmental process trying to deal acclimated to the speed became without. You know the that a bit of a key it mean Egypt's. I'll ID think you know at some point that you're kiwi over cheek English and indeed that's where possibly even affecting the quarterback. Our quarterback on this on the roster. Here's what they can't we and we would target kids wants inaugurated for a you can sit there and wait until next year but who knows what happens we saw what happened last year. Britain beach really like pre and speaks in need to trade up to give him Samuels a guy that you technically can get today. But I'm thinking look at some of these teams like the browns and other teams that are adjusted because chiefs or behind them. In draft order to chase might have to overspend if you give up a second round pick. Three fer for seemingly would other people corny in the first round pick second round pick next year this makes all the sense in the world to league's chiefs have two seconds. Sure and I think what you look at insisting about the political process that you know it's different than what we get in April it. Well in the team had a good outlook on 2019. Quarterback class. Cared they've got an early worked on it had a good idea on the market next year this could be in the conditions seem to change the ticket being engaged. Possibly potentially weaker position into a Gigi knows. Yeah and being you know. I wouldn't be part of it is it is it peel. While about being paid by the cheeks in the sector. Especially you know each of those convictions. What do you make of the what do you think of all Adonis Alexander. As a as a player. You know the policy is kind of an Eckstein guys on. IE I want immediately allotted seventeen taped it and it was not as good as these 216. People are you guys. But he can he's trying to initiate last year. In you know. As far as that that witnesses and the warranties. Productions you little locations eating produce as well. I'm in 2017. He could be tied to physical trait anger a really intriguing. I'd just a matter you can get the most out of. I think a little concerned that you noted that. Bet that's almost two years ago. On Iraq could be a team taken on fire on it. Yeah out entry to see who's going to take. A flier on him and what is that she's will be one of those teams that would do that because that I do have off from a source of mine and somebody that's as close to that program really close of opportunity program. It says asked about it Adonis Alexander he says are really like Udonis. Really did die anytime I interact with them which was a fair amount. Good teammate hard worker on the field. Obviously he says some missteps but I think overall he's a really quality died as a player I think he has the potential to be really good. Can't teach his size and that led a schism as they say so that seems to be like the number one solid way yet. There's some red flies into a concern about him all the field the people are written rant and rave about his atlas as. And a size. Yeah I mean he he. Checks from the arc it off or most of the boxes on the field. Does mean there were. And you need it could very well developed into. Very intriguing first quarter and keep your Q coach can physical. Teams in six need to learn it and how will he able to be aggressive and physical scrimmage he can decently. Stop while he didn't have to continue to build its work. He's you know that that there is fixable. On the treatment there if you get a little bit ago you would like to see in seeking what is what is ability. Last year considered yet sixteen. Com dirty point. You were there. I heard from somebody directly inside the football program as well Virginia Tech. Since lots of talent the lots of question marks TC would be a good spot with them. With Kindle Fuller and of course Al tires though but who can no Fuller when the politics open he thinks there would be easy transition for him. Which one do you like better. Our aid deal and even if you were also being considered it's it's definitely deal on key. Keep closer to see what you want in an edit already corner ink is athletic. Has been intrigued. Our our little higher and better then what we do without anger. And that he said there is that really took any concern among the field. You've got to be here excited he's achieved what. I'm excited about that too I I've heard stuff that he mail like plane the safety position better. And and not the corner so I'm just curious about Alexander one thing is for sure canned the should be interesting data may not do any thing. Of course it is a long shot to get one of these picks the subliminal draft of the duke I think I would be happy with same deal I think you'd be if you singles. That's exactly right and hopefully we we didn't check to see what happens here in an Angel on the scene for about two to be on. Let's give Swanson chicken is fine work literally had pride plus makes appearances on air had prior to the right radio. Which is six to 7 PM on Thursday night takes a look at. You Keats once in while raiders be interested. Quarterback situation is a great you would think he would. Number he's not worried. You'd think they would be coming up next he's the commissioner is spoke about one and done it you know what. I don't think we're at the worry about one Dunn's anymore once he spoken we'll talk about that that. A deep shafts and okay. Runner coming up in thirty minutes now. Oh yeah. One doubts. Slate seems like something that I would like to see done. You can play pro basketball do we get into it I knew each unit usually baseball. He could jump from high school approach it's that simple felt pretty good that you'll we have a Major League Baseball and Peter twenty years old. One so nineteen years old. Bled through junior who's got promoted per play nineteen years old who publicly here couldn't play in the major leagues the call. Later this year from allergies nineteen years old you may jump and what gets me jump high school of choice good college three years. Orange streak then froze getting killed the same way. It is the same way goal the same way tell you play golf on the pro circuit in the PGA win your next. You music thing in tennis as well the NBA could he become. On the one and done my thing is this. You worry about the issue contracts and FBI probes and everything else typically it's with a big name guy that would have been one dons the get money from outside sources to go to your school instead of their school. That's the problem is that could easily be in the NBA which I think would have is all still gonna be there are bad guys go to college then turn it on all the sudden become. On the NBA rate Arnold's and shoe companies radar it'll still happen I don't think it happens as much it when the eliminate. In finally go forget about the go to college when you're urged street pros to me that's. On the logic is always ban then. College basketball. Was always gonna be hurt by golds that jump. To the NBA. Because when we're talking about the actual pool players. The actual role players that team go from high school to the NBA is that small it's a short list now does that mean it. It'll stop. Bomb everybody that isn't good enough to make the jump no stop everybody know well. They're always Eagles albeit it will signal amid a muscle it is a bad decision. But this American man and they should have that right if you wanna make that decision. Biblical and make that bad decision. In the it and at the more balls league hit it if that's what they choose that they ought to do we expected right now they're bypassing optical image Heatley. Sassy yes Syracuse at fifth round pick he's forgetting he's going through did you leagues that account to me right now you probably talk about hearing any Iraq is only going to. Two to three players maybe 23 may be. Better really. Able to make the jump cannot be like. Ports around it's probably like just a couple kids each year maybe 34 tops they can go from high school to the role as an act. Actually gives rats in the two rounds but it's a living of course tropic. I just don't think that there's gonna be a ton of guys. Better just to be trying to make it jump every single year I don't think decal it's gonna be negatively affected by the is it this whole one and done rule. Is eliminate it sounds like it's going to be. Because Sam comic by USA today as an article today moved to eliminate NBA one and done rule. Gaining momentum commissioner Adams so were says. In this is something that is going to happen it's just a matter of time it sounds like. That this lap in with feet 20/20. One traps or potentially look at that steel. Two more years. OK two more years of the one and done but that after that it would goal away. This was not Adams so or talking about ending the one and done. Both of labor relations committee and with the board. And there is if there that it can sense was we should be engaging with the players association. Good image to come into the and we presented the pros and cons on going from 1918. In conjunction with that presentation we discussed a lot. About the development of younger players prior to him becoming into the professional ranks. And we've we've had. Several discussions with both the NCAA. And USA basketball about engaging with them with players union. You know roughly yet fourteen years old. And especially with those of the players. Through we know statistically high likelihood under then fired that agent and top tier players are coming in two weeks are you know I think the next step. Will we see them the players association course has to collectively bargain. If we're gonna over the age. So that's that's something we began to discuss with them but you know my personal view is that. We're ready to make that change that it won't come immediately but that when I when I've weighed the pros and cons that given that. Condoleezza Rice and her commission. Has. Recommend to him he gave it goes one and done players now come directly into weakness in the college communities thing. We do not want those players anymore I think that sort of tips the scale mine that we should be taking pictures look more marriage today team. It asks the question I have is this about the Indy once these players always more about college basketball is is tired of the one and done. Like I'm not like. To meet look at it the NBA should want the Kevin Garnett they should want to Kobe Brian C should one. Did the White House issued a bit of course it won't both players but. All of a sudden is is is college basketball saying you know what we we used to expand this wanted to get John L Perry he's the one and done I don't. No I think it's more. I I think it's more powers that be the market birds in the world if he considerably headquarters. The in the NBA the NBA is using college baseball's minor league this is a minor league. Basic program like G Europe and in the these guys that played out you know they said it's what college football is used for for the unit well. This is essentially every girl talk and minor league football of these viewed via the bull like in stakes of the world these things for football but football is viewed. One double one knew what a football one double A football as. Basically minor league for. Beat Clemson and Alabama Ohio at its minor league team it is minor league teams for the NFL the final. They'll pay health insurance at though they don't pay for the scheduling threatened at any big culpable these four in college basketball I think looks that it thinks this enables. The go on and a lot of them tied to one and done I'd guys guys that will be in the NBA and like all we don't need this. We don't need is heading Garko portable like it. At all I don't think Google's open minded at all I'm John tell is to be fine regardless just Kentucky's Kentucky. Kansas is Kansas that is get the best kid who's got a jump into the it's the few guys get the best of the best but still sold those individuals that did not the ones that are us. There are upset a ball. The whole one and done deal I don't I don't would pool all is upset body is it that is it the mid majors. Are. Think he'd suitably would care more in your electricity NBA shape it's risky for them. The get somebody's heard of ice would those risky for other teams in the early to make it that because sometimes that work out. And that's the problem but that's what I think NBA he's OK with guys play when you're in college again. You can sit in the Kansas considering that he you can watch the needs and scouts to other games. You're paying units a year tray young dating market I'm sure there's if he coaches. In teams and for offs a look at NC you know what a year with Bill Self would do this kid wonders. Already drafted in the day but a year John Phillip or. A year with on his a year with good coach K a year with good good coaches do this keep good so yeah I think would be fine. But it define either way but I think they they don't mind guys in the college but the NCAA is like now. Tired of the incidents thing we go we don't you don't go to class holds a bad look the NCAA Tibetan book when they say student athlete. If elected put that commercial all the time student athlete. I think it's a bad look for them ski handled their associated with it's when you NCAA the BA de BBA's is being good about teacher will do whatever to. Anybody that Al Peter Steele wants to one with the excuse that. Wall you know what since this elegant alarm goes to class do this is gonna told this group BBA because now all these kids are gonna try to make the jump they should be making a jump. Number one you have to be calculate you have to be towns you have to be supremely town to. To make the jump in number two I don't I don't use that to be the case would not gonna go from. You Dole's select guys like LeBron in coal being cagey and all the different. You don't Moses Malone media many years before that gonna go from the old bulls type individuals. Distort play here it's okay to ever use the B 22 astronomy to jump that's its not. That's not happening. This same wave keyboard to its argues that dole win Brandon Jennings sandy you know what. I'm gonna go play overseas four year. And I'm gonna go to the India ever ready to people all these to the it went overseas now everybody can. But overseas and make money at it because they're gonna go and get in the NBA NB a lottery pick it does work. Like Dan I think a majority of good coaches will be OK with that you know why they have the pressure the pressure one to fight with the other coach wooden guns like European based. Once you're. Once you get the best the best and that puts pressure on the coast are Agilent work against coach K cal or all of us. Get the one and done Arizona is the Andre when did you can compete with those in in 20. You don't have the headaches you don't have to worry about their mom and dad getting money. Somebody slipping your player money you'll read about that as much if you got rid of the wanted to you want. These schools in these boosters but this is gonna be around just does that there's there's no long get a clue what that is there's let's get money I think what you wanted to add you to worry that a well. If you have a guy that's a sure fire lottery pick for the next season he's playing college basketball preview. I think he's got to worry every day when you when he least practice session who's going to be stiffening him or his I disagree tournaments you why why do wanna does the ones get these guys I mean these are the guys that shoe companies want. Basically. Kansas is dealing with the FBI probe right now Mir is dealing with the FBI patrol with the white has made it Kansas he's not a one and on. It's it's it's it's always the one and done. Increases the likelihood I don't get it Buell something not I don't I don't think that's the case the reason my tempting to save that. Is because when it comes to the one and done players. Let's talk what the force from tapes if you're talking about when it Dunn's so we're gonna say like we're gonna say that. The one don't think it's gonna affect so fifteen players fifteen or less best in effect the lives cable all the top basketball. No he will continue to gates' money. He will continue to get that money under the table eat those on dollar and six all but that's. The fact that maybe there's gonna be three all war deeds and they did the jump directly from high school to the week. Those 34 or five it has nothing to do all the it's deal or all the other kids now they're trying to bed doubt Tressel wants. Ned Yost has an answer people fiscal in the morning of what may have been wrong would be any doubt the Josh Burton rules inside of 12 o'clock. Joins us and we'll figure out together you and Ed's right about being in the Duffy will do that next. Just we're here. Win this year and earn their past and I'm serious threats to beat anybody think insurers he'll be. The Minnesota to a free and sue that's still living record against them. Billy virtually now all right supplemental draft at noon the swimmer to win is also worked kind of sell the she's analyses insider let's get to go to Dallas Alexander's Symbian or eagle and safety. Brant what your ass on this question in the in the break I mean that's she. He told you blow announcer it's a big Sepulveda got people really says he likes this about as much does baseball. Every year. Houston NB a western Michigan got a really good actor Kalamazoo good time to time be Burt Burt the backpack. I talked east he with the eastern Michigan what you know western Michigan ours that sees that now. Or Michigan and I. Speak for myself you urban Windsor Ontario. I have I have great casinos there will there. A lot of strip clubs thank you. I'll. It goes. Joins us any can drink when you were eighteen I look to his anger and I loved ones Ontario that's great I mean your poisons its lowest strip club Dada or I can do in a game on on this. And low life. International strip clubs I can name a lot of good ones in this country and that spread my appeared on and off international. It is. Also that's your bets international foray into the isn't candidate attitude at club scene I guess now on appeal does this feel why is it is an initial shock you guys did it. The painful. Well call me a couple man it's ridiculous. Lot of guys like ballets. Look the ballot was a statement about what that told you went to the floor of the regional. Hold against competition. And I like it stuck to play anything might be an Olympic event I would very talented very nice to see with what did you go away. Who do regular gas has ballet would go a lesson. It can be look any of your bodies that were in attendance there wife understands who they think about my friends they like our coaches' hours yeah of course they do. Well I'll just carbon copies of yourself yeah you buddy rose to r.s and I'd amend his wife's back today you La what did you witness he's spice stream in this show right after Napster. Later that Thomas Dekker and airports and be guessed it extremists are good people want to witness is here about the Slater trust me always do. I did use joins fiscal in the morning each in their Rio Wednesday's opening as Wednesday yet it need to win them today from Minnesota. Beating death he was going to was deal people speculating tipping his pitches and what was the need to be struggle now he's figured out I'd just date of good bad good bad. That's what he has been Ned Yost thinks he figured that out I'm a play this clip uber NC if you agree with that. I didn't want to tell anybody because you know there were gonna figure out any known as apple 45%. Great for game Danny is that sixty to 70% fastball pitcher Kerry again. So that he was pitching he'd want to pitch in office fastball. I try to eliminate an emergency stop and hammer every time he made mistakes while they were ready for. And the you know we've talked with Annie I outfit look this is what you've got to be got to be somewhere between sixty and seventy are currently 6570%. Fastball pitcher. You're past all gonna jump up and after ninety. Oh extension office fastball which. Which makes it you know they've they've got to respect the craft also when he hangs a lot better meg in the state of the change. They're not near apt to match at all apart like they were doing before it. You know throughout well again I guess that is 94. Our. We've blown it by guys and if we set up has stopped to be effective. You know we just got back if we years he's in the past bald guys an attacker with as fast on pitched a got to pick it up as fast all people don't matter. Who's that on the an apology this little bit to be an easy fix some like that lightly fix that thing with the need to be viewed they've noticed these uses fastball. White entangled with the struggles NC any. Your best word you were white the struggle like he did he gets down the talks after the game how bad it was almost like putting through that if you notice right away. What's wrong with that but it was what four starts. Course threats there you think they can figure idea that the principal. Again it was four start and then it deal stood up parents. It's an easy fix and know exactly what a minute held any Duffy the damages due. Are you are we talking Duffy right now we're talking Douglas eighty Stennis in the past June this in the eleventh for awhile and you. You'll out of the kids it was a team's best pitcher for the first two months they figured him out. Yeah okay it's so we'll see what happens with tunis but if we're talking about Danny Duffy Duffy struggled in the first month of the season. Ned Yost said it's an easy fix and then the immediate start after that Danny Duffy started writing his fastball. Yeah of course I agree with Ned and and and be set it all their. In that final sentence or two. He got back to who he was and this is something that you see a lot in Major League Baseball is a guy gets comfortable in the big leagues. The rest of the league figures him out or counters. Whatever he's doing well and that he tries to get a little bit too shoes. You know George Brett when he took over as hitting coach that was his. Main message to these hitters like Mike was doctors. Moos what kind of player are human moves responded I'm a pull bitter about all power hitter and George said all that go up there and do that. You got it stayed true to who you are you have to remember the reason why your in the big leagues and the reason why Danny Duffy is in the big leagues. Is because he has 9596. Miles per hour were in that left arm. Videos cal Eldred reminded him of that he's been on the attack more. And is ERA is an impressive. You know it's in the low three's when you look at his last six starts despite the fact that. Two of his last six starts he's given up six runs in six innings Danny Duffy has then. The Denny Duffy that we all expected him to beat really when the season started which is why. Even now I still think moving Danny Duffy at the deadline would be selling low. On the 29 year old. If he can start off next season like we've seen him perform over the past month old and next year might be the time to move him. I just think so many teams silly teams looking guys would reverse mortgages in the field their own staff convict him. Those of us thought that you know these detainees left hander pros he's the hardest going left handers in the game. ABC that talent they need to be as you know the thought working say we could fix that. He's got the talents he's got the goods but I trust our staff will fix and it's a philosophy. In sports long time were people leave their pets like. I'm with you I think next year be the year for the need happy but I'm saying there could be team out there that feels like. They've seen Danny Duffy they played against the need to be inning gold fixing because it is hard on the left you roll again if he does so you're saying they should trade him. If they can't get the get anything out of it I think there might tropical due to share of say there could be a team with a philosophy we can fixing he's got way too much talent. But I but he got it you fixing that probably a little while he doesn't it something he does he's not consistent. Sure he's got the talent these consistent right but it is consistent pitchers are all star pitchers when you have the talent of Danny Duffy you're an all star pitcher. A look again the ERA 31 in his last six outings he's been better on the road for her. There's no question that every team believes that man if I could just get my hands on them you know day violent. Was that guy Dave violent thought he figured out Matt Harvey junior one with the New York Mets but that happens in every sport right the patriots think that. Met if you can bring back guy here. Output of at our defense. He will flourish. But I think there's a team right now look at it any Duffy eagle and we we could do something better. And I think Danny's performing well enough that even if that team came a calling that team would low ball the royals. Because. Duffy is approaching thirty his contract right now I still don't look at Danny Duffy is a guy that is. Deserve it sixteen million dollars on the open market per season right now. So again I think you would get low ball I've ugly back on Danny Duffy because you're gonna need those innings next year. You're gonna need that type of leader in your rotation. I say keep him around. Unless you know your blown away unless someone's willing to pay. For the Danny Duffy that we all saw you looking for his midnight 2014. Record got that we all believe he can be at someone's willing to trade for that guy. OK I'd be willing to do that I just don't expect that call just like I would expect a call someone willing to give you. The proper compensation for Salvador Torres just like I wouldn't expect someone to call with the proper compensation for Whitner feel I would think all three of those guys. Will be dangled out there this offseason and then again next year at the trade tool mus be dangled out entered. Whenever returning as they're gonna have to get that they're doing that his moves this thing categories that it's at the roses camp except that. No moose is in a category with Lucas Judah. Where. We got to settle all take pennies on the dollar whatever it takes we gotta get something for these guys we'd love moose. We would like to have him here for the rest of the season but it just doesn't benefit us. To keep him around a team that is 39 games below 500 to take what you can get from my stock is witches. A strange situation talked about this yesterday and the pregame show it's a strange situation where. One of the greatest careers in royals history could end at any moment. Bradley had a nice send off with cane and with Hosmer and with every one last year. And it made it easier I thought it made it easier to see them in spring training and the brewers and Padres uniform respectively. And then of course watching them go on in the season but it's going to happen in the blink of an eye with Mike Woodstock is just suddenly one of the now. Fifteen greatest hitters in the history of this organization. Is no more and he's not coming back I I would be shocked. If he comes back in free agency next season so. No doubt to name moose and go to. I'm just trying to get something for them and allows them to go to a winner and allow us in Kansas City. To proceed with a rebuilt our that would moves you to do glycol with woods he's been with duty and John. Which moves you would have been better. That would John I just delicacy in bidding war injuries I just don't see a bidding war right now for Mike when stock is there's there's there's teams in which he's a fits. But there's not a team that I see that is. Desperate for the services of Mike whose stock is and that's unfortunate. It is I'm with you I feel. The way that's built involved here fishery in their draft years ago right where you like and Dan is really nice guy he's out of yankees game. Status and west of opted for my about significantly Johnson turns out actually he's that's what happens that the that. Bert Josh Berger royals pregame against those Minnesota Twins can't wells with a series against Minnesota. Don't sleep on some reason they got that beat number. That's what I'm talking about right Blake's hometown royals after its business. It's what you Orioles were streak games but it was a six loss came royals win today we will find out. Extreme. Extremely. With the kids Eddie Royal expected for the nation today to remind the supplemental draft. Comes up at noon I'm through the drive comes tomorrow tonight will kill you and CNN.