0623 Vern Post Game

Saturday, June 23rd
Verns Post Game 

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The city pier sixty. Insider just burned here. Runs on twelve betting. But the Astros. Come out on top. Royals pulled back to. Thirty games below 500. Look on display tonight the growing pains other. At all. At Albert so modesty caught stealing in the ninth inning. Hunter Dozier on able to catch. Tough play. In a tough play there in the twelfth inning under Dozier is still figuring things out at first base it was eight. Typical play for the 26 year old. Third baseman slash right fielder slash first baseman. Get tough play over. In too but that was no man's land. In shallow right field right behind the first base bag. A little bloop single for Alex Bregman that sets update first and third nobody out situation today. Darn near Whitley situation for Justin Graham and ultimately it was Whitley situation he suffers is. Third loss of the season. Willie hurled so the 29 year old that the royals acquired this. Offseason. Very impressive in fact I'll get this out of the way right now Whitley Peralta was the blue collar player of the game presented by the sheet metal workers local union number two. I have to imagine tomorrow what your talking royals with your friends or family members or. Online complaining with them. Or excuse me on line complaining about them. On FaceBook or Twitter or average you decide to complain about the royals. I would imagine Willie girl whose name is not going to come up I would imagine that will be Perot does not gonna get much run. Even though he came in in a scoreless game eight inning and he retires backhand springer. And held to abate to maintain that. As had scoreless game royals lead. 32 lead there in the eight inning when Willie crawl to make sure that the one run lead remains. But fortunately the 27 year old. Branded Bauer could not do the same. I was five an hour in the face ray was fine leaving Bauer in to face you'll league gallery Al. Josh Redick you know. Sure. It's bomb managing and as I was managing along with the game I wanted him heal up and ready. I'll what do had double barreled action in Bible and I would've had him built over the face. The lefty Josh Redick yes I know Abbott Gaddis is waiting on deck and that would have been a tough battle for him L. I could've dealt with that. I preferred hailed V Gaddis over a mile or V Redick but not the last. What happens and rebuild you try things out give guys chances. You don't get too up in arms about wins and losses at least not now. I'm not and I don't think you should be either you looked at games from here on out through the prism of the rebuilt. Don't look as don't look at this royals ballclub. As just a team. Look at the Kansas City Royals baseball organization. As a whole top to bottom big leagues Tripoli double late all of the type you got to view this thing because if you solely focus on the big league club you're gonna drive yourself that. They lose tonight in twelve innings the final score four to three phone lines are open for 913576. 7610. That's 913576. 7610. For as disappointing. And I use that term loosely again it was a very difficult place but for as much Ballmer. As it was disease that bright and blue fall in between are rarer Owens and Dozier in no man's land and shallow right field. It was nice to see hundred no chip and charge one. Go the opposite way his first road home run of the season. It is three home runs coming into the night were all at Kauffman Stadium but he goes the opposite way. He takes 95 from Lance the colors over the right field wall nice piece hit thereby hunter Dozier at accounts for. All three of the royals runs. It also accounts for the only extra base hit of the night. This royals' offense they fall again in twelve innings final score 43 did you would vault the show ran activists. EC route Randy electrical. Thousands of sensible use of birds two down top of the fourth inning no score pitch. Swing and a fly ball right field Redick is going back he's looking out but it's out of here at the top of the field three. Around all over 400 no here he hits it out here the other way the royals take a three nothing lead. 800 Dozier home run number four on the season. Little opposite field power. Shown by the former first round draft pick 362. Feet over the right field wall that counts again for all three royals runs tonight. And the only extra base hits. Boys though cannot hang out a badly they carried a three to leave all the way to the ninth inning branded our kids adopt. We go to extras. Royals lose in twelve final score 43 let's go to Kevin in Kansas City Kevin. Yeah one flying bird they're raised beaten upon in Italy and here the year before. It's time the last month Willingham actually occurred on nine and does the job. I'm not talking about these no honorable and just let him play his game can get really get it now. He's in his own. You know things it is congratulations. On being like fashion industry what if you didn't run on the that's that's looking to do it again the best they were over on top of their game. That fit. Are recognized here for me Kevin always nice when you check it. Daimon a second. Shot an ounce of the best bits from the post game notebook you mentioned right there cat and brings it up and if you're gonna run into a three run shot this is the team to do it against because. Houston came into the night averaging more than five runs a game. I think it could think that three rounds would you know. But to ask for more than two more runs seems ridiculous right now all the royals scored four or last runs for. A few runs. In a franchise record sixteenth straight games. Kevin brings up Ian Kennedy. Kennedy has now went hitless in his last fourteen games. Dot denotes. Are driven by aristocrats Mercedes-Benz. Support of the boys in blue when Kansas City. For over fifty here. Don't just. The fact that the royals had a chance in this game itself. White's. Mind boggling. Not just because. The royals at the worst team in the American in the Astros are probably the best team in the markedly don't come about records. Ottawa here but the Yankees and the Red Sox. Want to hear about the Orioles royals the worst team in the American League. Astros at the best team in the American but that's not the reason why it's mind boggling that they were even in this game. No it's it's mind boggling because. Your three best hitters York. With all due respect to Alex Gordon. And Lucas duty or you're just coming back and I'm not given you. Too much love. Your three best hitters that three professional hitters on this team. The only three bats on this team or go away. I'll leave that leave it at CB radio let's see what we've done. I don't change the station just yet let me hear what Selby does let me hear what we are a boost does right. Whitman stock as himself at all only three. Slightly professionally. Means that your gonna get knighted and night out. They've got four for thirty in this series. Which bears field Mike the stock is Salvador Torres a combined four for thirty. In the first two games in the royals won one double and had a chance to win the other. That's in me news quite shock. We'll check out what Ned Yost had to say hear his thoughts are at least. Grab as many of his thoughts as weak there. Coming up in just a moment will also take a look at tomorrow's. Rubber match 21101. Pitch. I pregame starting at twelve noon but the royals don't have another off until Thursday. And they have one winning ballclub. After another winning ballclub coming up for the next two weeks they got their hands full things are not going to get any better. Record wise and that's why I'm imploring everyone. Dive into the rebuilt embrace the rebuilt. Maybe late. May be a lot of the ban. All of this thinking. For weeks now. I'm Ben their four. For five games where I'm no longer getting upset no longer really diving in the DX is it knows it on the today. They should've won this one if this didn't happen or that it happened while. This and that are always gonna happen at this team because they are a bad team in 2008 team likely will. The again in 2098. So don't come out viewing these games through the scope of the rebuild. CN what Peralta and mile were in Bert Smith could be in the next couple years. Not a key piece to the read the we're talking about 272829. You'll. But as far as the bullpen options there there's no one really out there that you'll look at ego that you could be one of these. Big Three. In the bullpen for the next championship ballclub in Kansas City now. That's not how things work to rebuild. A bullpen normally isn't very good during Rita. But offensively. He you can get excited about Roselle her rare. Alberto Mondesi hunter Dozier. It really died at the at bats of Salvador Torres and Whitman air field if you choose to do so. The getting angry when our gives it up or away and Justin Grimm walks the leadoff batter in the twelfth inning there's no need to get angry. Not our Graham. Likely won't be here by the year 2001. I hope that they are I hope they turn it around that they can be apart of I turn around in 2021. But and I expecting it now. I'm not expecting it. Well look ahead to tomorrow's rubber game when we get back royals fall 43 in twelve innings. Turns post game show built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124 of Kansas City and powered by Bob and you seem rude or an electrical dire offense and by all stakes are you in good hands. Mitch data swings into the left on comes forward Gordon Liddy makes the catch Nancy did and he brings it. The first place. Is that he will score. At the Astros have tied this game. All states are you doing. And that's Brandan lower gives it up there. In the ninth inning and Allen scored it made a sensational. Dive team players he charges and dies in. A game could have been over the ninth instead we had to wait three more innings and another hour before the royals lost game number 53. Of the season record 23 and 53 court by the way. One for four at the plate now has 85 game hitting streak. Art coming up tomorrow as we take a quick sneak peek at what's to come with our friends at twin peaks tomorrow it's Jason Campbell and Garrett Ole. First pitches at once and I pre games starting at twelve and royals look in the win their first series and just about three and a half weeks. They come home for one game Brad Keller facing the angels Monday afternoon at 315 and add up to Milwaukee for two game series. Tuesday night it will be Jacob Judas the kid Freddie coral. The finale is on Wednesday with the pair of lefties go edit the Duffy Brian Souter once and for the first pitch. Guys taken off day on Thursday in Seattle sneak in the paint with our friends at twin peaks twin peaks. The ultimate sports lodge you've been searching for. Art always amazes me acts. How angry people can date. Game 176. The browser now thirty games below 500 even I. Have come around and realize getting angry is is no longer necessary. It just doesn't make sense. If you're getting overly angry about these losses about this loss. It's not something you'd need to work out with with yourself. Or you're just not paying attention to what's going on you haven't really watch much of this team like. Quickly does the the pet projects growth Avis Philly tax line. 69306. From the 816 foreign please have branded our Justin gray and shipped in northwest Arkansas. Just skip it over Omaha apparently. For making and ball go in the same Ugoh. I think I understand your point you don't like either one of them should send him to all ball. Got. Probably really good talent is in double bubble you wanna send them there. Also have any ideas as far as a deserving arm for this royals ball. Some of the minor leagues that you wanna see in the bullpen over. Brandon Mallory Justin Graham guys are bad team. They're thirty games below 500. How many good company that teams have a good bullpen and tech slide 69306. From the 816 bird shot up. Well then why don't we just lose a ball Vern bring on football season who needs this summer pastime anyway I hate losing period. Well my friend you should be used to it by now when you see a line up every day when you look at the 25 man roster. Expect and what it's. If you're expecting winds you don't know baseball come up. Tex lines 69306. From the pet projects grill famous Philly tax line. And a 51 Sue Bird you can't beat that stupid. Just heard you excuse yells for bringing in malware because of rebuilding please go Juan. Explain to all of us how that was a good below but the grand scheme of things. That's an absolutely brilliant eight. And I did excuse deals I'm not upset that he brought in branded set would've gone with him he'll face the third battery Josh Redick. Explain all of us how that was a good move in the grand scheme of things. And it hit it it let loss. Hate. So that's a good. Better draft back. Soon. Justin Graham as any are in the thirteen it's. Birds of ads. As many walks as innings pitched. You're not bringing in a lefty to face. Correia in very Al. They are not bringing it hill or Flynn. You wanna see McCarthy. 24 pitches last night 22 in the game before that's. I took that. What blamed because he chose the wrong. I all of you know. There are not better options out there. It really proud to debut 21 pitches solid pitches in the eight. Really proud not the answer either none of these guys are the answer that's why they're a ball and the team that's thirty games below 500. I bet that's before. You saw earlier this season with a guy like Brad Keller the bowl teams at either he's got so that. It got the hell out of the bullpen. Because when you're eight. That team. If you think you have a pitcher would have seen the peak and be a starter. Because of the can be started it could be a part of the rebuilt. I just don't understand. The line of thinking. To believe that there are good options in the royals' bullpen. If there what if there were lower. They wouldn't be in the bullpen if Willie Peralta was any good. It's still be at Milwaukee's rotation or he'd be in the royals' rotation. I don't get. Tex lines always open for you 69306. We're swinging for the fences. Right in the fourth inning hunter knows your line in 95 miles per hour fastball from Lance but colors of the right field wall you're hurt at all right here on 610 Sports Radio yesterday Kansas City and they are easy to speak to. Kansas City it was his fourth home run of the season a three run shot it broke a scoreless tie and was the only scoring wells within ten. Doubt in the minor league still burns it is second home run of the season and all the home. French when Dow hit number thirteen at the Storm Chasers. And down in the late Lexington what age and hero or play. A seventh round pick in last year's draft. Hit a Grand Slam is. Eight home run of the season so our pick Clinton breaks in doubt Bill Burton under those swing for the fences with Geiger thanks. Just makes sense to giving guy your friends and I believe that this it's obvious. Maybe I should in this. But you all know that Ian Kennedy's the game MVP right. You guys know me it always starts with pitching and defense and when you. Can hold this offense to two runs over seven innings yet there's no question in an eighty. The game MVP presented by MVP electric heating and cooling. Relax. It's MVP. Back to the tax line 69306. I'm from the 816 for and there are some stupid people texting tonight thank you very much for the show and thank you for that tax. I don't think. I don't think the techsters are stupid. I think the rude I don't understand why he would started text off with for you can't beat that stupid. I just it just had a bad Saturday night apparently. I mean it's 11 o'clock on a Saturday night a beautiful night in Europe. Texting into a baseball post game showed it tells them. Balding nobody that he stupid. This balding nobody appreciates that though Tex lines always open for you 69306. Are. To hear from Ned Yost if weekend though. It would be delivered by red door grilled Kansas city's best little upscale neighborhood. Great royals fallen twelve final score 423. Text line 69306. Burden our Bosco career you are re in the fives. For Penn. More heat filled minor. Stop and eyes. Tomorrow twelve noon. I got your pregame. The finale of this three game series. Royals and Astros. Julio Sanchez thank you very much for the help. But again tomorrow take care. Appreciate it listen. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. Built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local one. For more coverage go to burns notebook it's 610 sports doctor. Use our town 610 Sports Radio.