06/22 - Vern Joins The Drive During "Breaking News"

The Drive
Friday, June 22nd
hmmmm, what could the breaking news be? 

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We have some breaking news. Today New York Kansas City Royals. Rolf mine this. Is playing shortstop. For the royals. Oust these Escobar. Is playing send her field. And bedding set and for York Kansas City Royals the line it goes as follows Whitman airfield perera. My stockings reds Dozier Gordon Escobar in center field today Paulo Orlando DH rile Mondesi play short. And Dini Duffy won the mound to date a bigger movie news that's the momentum of the top. The streak is over for us he's asked the law are. He is playing sit in her field today where you're Kansas City Royals sports machine a ticket to use first. I've been talking a lot about this this week I'd be very curious to see how he performs in center field they what do you make about basketball are basically changing positions. The mix up I basically yes it exists in the basic added it's official now playing center field. I think it'll work fine I think date in the last couple years when the rules were really really good we know about it right but the bullpen and with a pretty good offense all that stuff. The starting rotation was okay but did the best defense of all time and I'll suggest bark tore up was ordered but again I was there for years at this point. He's a little older a little longer in the two with more on this he's coming up please the same position so it was a move that had to be made. Right now it's the fault line for the breaking news oddly enough they waited so we had our doesn't matter come on the show Josh Berger and I meant. Well to a fantastic I'll give to our normal first question here momentarily but what do you make of the breaking news Pasadena or playing center field for the royals to. Yeah I mean. NA it is small ball park in Houston B. Yeah acted in mocked as he wraps its shortstop but beat the debt mortgage due modesty but it does I'll be beat out of our area. But the witness royals pitching staff has been performing it doesn't really matter who's watching Holbrooke that look there. All right now we're talking to Josh Berger all on the drive. My biggest question we talked to. We talked to Jane he cork about it we talked to Rex Butler about it yet any questions about his ability to transition to a position. He's seemingly never played before and even when the example they're making about him being. An outfielder and they were from 2010. And a long time does he does mark played outfield the Major League. And it might. Concerned. At all concerned about the word with with a team like this. I mean what was your thirty games below I've wondered what life is concerned about much. They think it would be some concern that he was like you call the cabinet. Call eight. But now ought not to worry about here and addicts Satterfield. He's used to it and it's not as if he's there that are out. I would imagine he will play soccer field what they call the stadium that is just the way. Over Belmont with the and there are sort out. And what does he or. Well and I guess expectation and or what you believe we hope to get out of Mondesi. With this move happening how much better you that you vegetables doesn't make them better that way. Oh what I'm hoping. The it is that Z focuses modest is that it is more on a metal object to meet its. Way too lackadaisical. Natural Allen. I hate to call late either but I don't know what other word to use instead of fundamentally. The you know solid day and collecting your ground ball. Simple that are easy target nonchalantly you know ones who sit on the ground. Oh cool looking. What the first day if you're going to be playing short they've got it all on the battle played and that you're the spectacular one. I don't make the spectacular play on curious to see democracy. And make every team plays because what he was quitting. He has gold club with a world games consistently. At our fundamental play. Every single that's about democracy. Wanna know why his bat is so important to keep in the lineup because it's like we're not treating it like these women are you where where. If we can't play second base we need his bat a lot of we'll put on somewhere else like why is this team's so so against giving ask you a day law. I mean I'm sure well first of all they have the proper amount of respect for got a dog what a guy like that he's done for the organization. I think at first and foremost. Of these. Who do you hold back right now. You know when you look at that lineup tonight you know Apollo you're playing a motel a rare is field in the lot of I don't think there has much. Other than the respect that they have for at key and the fact that there's no one pushing it and I demanded more now. It poor people Fazio is with the team and Jorge soler activity LP. I don't think we're seeing as he would center field and I don't like the about sealed and you know the letter are you boarded or so where Fazio or where ordered serving as the DH. The so layer injury and the horse pills taken Bible Fazio. At a wild while it is not about to make it starts and I considered. Burma or talk a little bit as uses a little bit off the wall here but just first bought. Do you think this guy ends up in the royals' hall of fame. Yeah yeah I. Mean he's going to beat top. All of our hands full. Games play that. Stolen. Once scored. Yeah. I think he would also be in nicely choose. Sell tickets to that all the introductions. Of the ball park in 2040. Fives these. And this inside the home run ads it was more one of the more memorable moments of that entire route. You went without question without questioning him. You know that he magic and everything that goes into a manicure and new vehicle if you're part of the championship eight. Let me you can do go wrong in a large majority of those players are gonna add that. In whatever teams all the open Putin after the world or treatments are most of these guys whether they were the superstar that she's more. You know all the twentieth man achieve most of that will make them use it after all the because a lot of idle. Two it's. Vern is always good talk and see you mean this team should breaking news right before you come on every Friday. Oh. That's our guy just for your rules insider always happy to have him more if you miss the breaking news today. Brohm Odyssey is playing shortstop for the DNC rules assi Escobar is playing center field for the DNC rules on the Texas as the street is an over still a consecutive start I'm not necessarily as worried about that part. I would like him a place in a field but. As long as they have moved out of the way for him. To play another position and to put who you think is the future of the position on the field to meet the streak is the streak is eight. I started every game at shortstop I don't think he's gonna play 456. Games a week at center field. But as long as there at story in the process of moving them out of the way and we'll see what happens after the trade deadlines over and they're gonna play Albert Almonte is a realm Odyssey. Every single day at shortstop and they are working towards that emperor I would so if there are going to maybe spin it to themselves of we're gonna step. Out away a little bit let modesty placing a steal and are you let them play shortstop and will let us in just a while applicable positions. Well we're gonna three of shortstop that's really what this move it and that's really what the streak was about moving here moving them out of the way of a bug shortstop certain. And I would put burdens that it doesn't really matter who's in center field watching or bronze fly over the fence out of that matters it. Moments he's playing shortstop he's playing third of escobar's. Selling cotton candy you're taking tickets this team right now is thirty games below 500 quick thought is gonna ask the question about the royals hall of fame. ST to me is the only one from that entire row on the I think you get. The fans are always gonna say yeah put him and not. But I think maybe once the royals wrestlers make that decision there's going to be a little bit pull back because if you go around born he think about pretty much every other position. Hollis for sure moves for sure until the royals hall of fame Selby absolutely Alex Gordon probably Lorenzen okayed. Every member bridge DH a problem for a couple of other guys but he's going to be an interesting case study want to finally does.