06/22 - Pete Sweeney

The Day Shift
Friday, June 22nd

Our guy and the fearlesss leader of Arrowhead Pride Pete Sweeney joins us to talk Chies offense because Henry thinks we're putting to much pressue on this Chiefs Squad. 


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And sport great is things. John barber Sean Lavin sports she peak after the did you put up a peacemaker usually a modest pieces because comedy you're pro now. Usually am on Thursday night but it's nice to be on on a Friday it is little more festive yet hopefully you know we'd like to talk to you because obviously. Windsor or pride and in his training camps more on that area right yeah we will be due and arid for our radio and this summer every Thursday night every third I think there's one Wednesday Nixon because of the royals. And then once the season starts will be taken over. Pre halftime and post in some capacity he tells literally for their excited about it a lot of people excited about it to me it's really creating some buzz. Now the people can read you an hour hearing that you'd podcast you great podcast but now people can do both compete. One of the things I think you were talking about last nines than to meet you guys have been hashing. At least we won even heard Shawn Barber talked about you know points per game for the Kansas City Chiefs in lake or talk about this earlier. Last year you know 4000 yard pass you'd hit Apple's leading rusher 2000 air receivers he's still scored less than 26 points a game. The expectations for this office look around the league there's not many to compete offensively maybe the Steelers the patriots were better last year. Chargers might have some run this year but chief's office should be good. Are all worried about the defense bill that AM this offense to settle CD drop off with the cheese production this year. I think what's really interest staying about the chiefs at this upcoming season is on both sides of the football you really don't know exactly what you have and you we did. Took this offense so we want we did compliment to say it's going to be one of the best five in the NFL. But until they got on the football field you know how they're gonna perform together may take up a couple weeks for two to get to that caliber and offense and your right now I think the defense is a big question mark used rely. I'm Marcus Peters shutting down half the field you know off the quarterbacks are to be able stepped in and do. Something similar you know and and expect enemy of a shut down the field like Peters was able to do. We have new inside linebackers how're they gonna work together. No Bob Sutton apparently it's gonna be more aggressive with scheme bring an uneasy if you're Williams that you're there's a lot of unknowns I think they should be a playoff team beat you look at Las Vegas. I put it up on our website today air pride dot com the win total right now for over under is eight that still. And they cannot be wrong in Vegas I always say you gotta you gotta turn or Las Vegas they they can afford to be wrong and that that's measles. There which Andy Reid always with that at least Brett that's what you bank on the success he's won back to back vision goggles. But I think two peas is towards the pins that are Xavier Williams but would defensive tackle provable focus even that was limited stamps beast though. Get that rating from Haitians run stopper in der direct BA draft the game or state. It's not a good pass for sure at this point he's great at stopping the run that's his MO. Kitty get off the field that's the question is against Pittsburgh two years ago. And I know Levy on bell what went for 170 they gained Pittsburgh did not score a touchdown but they controlled the clock I would remind people yes it is or touchdown. The time of possession mattered. He took in fourteen minutes between that game in the regular season game Steelers head position she's written what nine or political place gets the titans in the second half. My question is detached homes get on the field enough. If the other team's not work at the Bob plated she's on time position I'm keeping Reggie Holmes and side. Yeah you wanna keep that offense in the sidelines it's gonna how to be how you beat this this chiefs team similar to. How a lot of teams will face the New England Patriots are so let's keep the ball out of Tom Brady's hands and not to say that Patrick Holmes is armory yet. I think get to capability potentially being we like again like again we really don't know what we have. In Patrick moms but I'm just talking about the shift out firepower. Of this offense keep them off the field. To me. What the chiefs did this this offseason he said the defense was a problem. It was a mentality problem it was a personnel problem they went out and got a guy like you Xavier Williams a guy like Anthony kitchens to put next to Reggie rag and Reggie Bragman said. Before OTA's wrapped up you know we took it personally in the titans in that we were an able stuff the run and that's not gonna be the case this year and again. Talk right now on what is it it's Friday June 22 pretty she was lesser to secure Johnson was a third to tenth a maturity kids who don't folks are we're stop the run. Didn't happen again you'll talk is cheap. Yes so. It remains to be seen once we get to September and October in the cold weather are they gonna be able to stop the run because that's especially down the stretch we need here injury always talked about. Down the stretch of the season not only have to stop when it's nice out you know sometimes have the sunny days and Aaron early on when it's cold. Can you stop this run and really defend your home state. You don't wanna look at this the you know one of the things. I'm trying to do is I'm trying to rein myself and from getting overly excited about Patrick well OK I am I am not. I know it all excited about the prospects for him. What I don't want us you know get sucked into thinking that this is going to be the greatest office of we've ever seen. In the history of the national the bully I feel like at times our beat Spain's all or getting to that point thinking that we're gonna see something just out of this world in. Last year. Like I think we mention when it comes to the running back. And I know you got better White House this year and you've got to add to those tied in in you we anticipate we're gonna have a good. Rookie campaign from a ball for your campaign because he wasn't the starting quarterback last year from past homes. I think that we anticipate that is gonna be all good. But I just. I can't sit here and believe for 12 that this team was gonna go on as moral authority for 35 points a game when he just scored with 26 last year. It on top of that there's quest is acting you guys are great point and age you talk about a loss at. It's a line. There's there's issues with that offensive line. You you have some concerns as best we all have to sort of like him or being if he has placed into you know Barack Tom would mix more in our. I just trying to rein it in because I think the ball how good this office I think can be. Eight it possibly be top five wood as I look at it like it or hear from in its old dot com they don't have. In terms in this is all predictions so I it's not like they're pretty stubborn that anybody else's but they have it's useless as. Potentially a top it all fits now I think that that's. All the marked the Iraqi indices will have a top two dolphins. But what I'm saying is this I think you were putting a lot of pressure on what we think asked Holmes is going to. Absolutely going to be. Well again that's the Kansas City Chiefs faults really I mean they have been doing that the LaSalle saying. Britain when when the general under comes on says is on the best players I've ever seen. What are the four fans supposed to do I mean we're all this assuming that you visibly mediocre for hyping. Really it's one hour drive I mean I think that and in some regards as a strategy to say OK don't worry that we're getting rid of this above average quarterback Alex Smith. And I think that's what people are gonna have to understand about going into the season a this is 22 year old kid who's made mistakes and Retief is gonna make mistakes in training camp the pre season and the regular season there may be some growing pains. In him becoming as great as people think he Kennedy. And then to me as well. When you look at my homes and you compare him to the brand of football people were used to seeing for the past five years without Smith. This is gonna be more like Philip Rivers where you may score more touchdowns but they're certainly. Undoubtedly gonna be more interceptions there's going to be plays when you. Have my homes and he may overthrow the ball a little bit in and you say why did he throw that ball when Alex Smith. Would have never thrown and that's why it was our you know under ten picks every year his career. In the school were touched on two things we're chances exactly penises so. So we talked about before the chiefs couple years ago and legal in the playoffs came back was banged up so all they do is take our health. It now it's pick your poison you'd figure agreement okay see him walk ins that were killed in the you take a trip is Kelsey saying that human easily outset if your plane cheeks. You look at the weapons they have who is the number one guy. The 20 in on in you wanna take out of the game plan because of the players may succeed if you take out one. I look I think you look at teams and you look at dynamic play makers and you have to say okay what dueling with two we have only one of these. And to meet Travis Kelsey there's nobody like. Giving broadcast he's injuries and his inability to say in the football field there's nobody like Travis Kelsey in the national football. It was a Tyreke hill may be slow slide Sammy Watkins in that position and it's not that big of a fall off and the same thing if you lose in the other one of those guys in his cream hunt. You have seven different running back somebody somebody can perform Travis Kelsey is the one university an emergency treatment of the game yet. Now I don't know that I'm just saying Travis he'll seize the unicorn you say let's try to neutralize this weapon. We could try to worry about everyone else where it's gonna help now with Kelsey is you have the speed that should open up the film you can only double Kelsey anymore and what do team's gonna do against Travis Kelsey when you have to worry about. Tyreke hill and Sammy Watkins of atomic thing that's part of reason Watkins went out are answered each one on ones. Do you like the tactic they've been so open and honest evolved your enthusiasm for pats homes. Or has gotten everybody feels the do you like that a theater do you think that they should they be channeling it. I think they believe that he's going to be a franchise quarterback for sure within the next fifteen hopefully twenty years depending on how long he wants to play. Who knows. I think. That again part of it was was a little bit the strategy because you made a lot of controversial moves this off season Amy Peters one is there. And then your your game getting rid of a great quarterback and so you look at other teams you know say the Baltimore Ravens they may eventually get rid of Joseph Flacco when you be like. Listen Lamar Jackson is legit let me put that out there are some cancer comfortably you know enemy units and now I think there's a lot more comforting Kansas City because of the tone. That the chiefs have taken and said you know and you read who doesn't usually you know complement guys before they do anything if part of selling tickets. I don't know if it's selling tickets and more like to me making fans comfortable and making them buy into this idea that you listen. We got rid of Alex Smith. He's on to the Washington Redskins we put him in a good position we knew how much he loves him but this guy. Is just as good if not better and that may be true but let's make sure we get that message she figures beat airway pride account you're an inch been picking up today. You're a worker hero had headlines. Any and keep across you'll break. Heated first time pro bowlers he had steamy walk and as a pro bowler your headline is Samuel walk exit 2018. Pro bowler or books. You believe that. It just gives you headlines. So the thing that happened and I talked limit about it on the show last night and I'd done in the Thursday's show is. In the same day. There was an article about chiefs who could be pro bowlers that for the first time in their careers or who could be a bussed to different and the bus article came from Bleacher Report. The Pro Bowl article came from Gil Brandt an nfl.com so. People again are gonna lean towards Gil Brandt because this is a former executive in this league in. While the Bleacher Report just a writer like you are ideas so fax Pete or so were to Wear the same facts so you throw it out the window for this particular argument and you say okay this is the same day. An article came out opposite headlines on the same player and that's what's so passing about a fascinating about Sammy Watkins is he has all this town. He had a great year in buffalo in 2015. And yet you still don't necessarily know if he's that count require I went out which is I got this Ian I'm telling you. There are few players in the league who can catch the football like this guy just. One handed catch is sort of reminded you of you that you guys have seen O'Dell back him when he's warming up before the game starts it's like freakish type catch ability. I think that's we haven't Watkins. And the beauty of it I think this year that could make him a pro bowler more so than a bust because again this is off a fourth overall pick. Back it back in the days and when the bills treated up to get. I think the difference is he's a role player and and so that that should open up things I mean I think teams got to defend Travis calcium Tyreke and before this guy and at this as an elite wide receiving NFL. He should eat that she. Biggest unknown easily use office you agree disagree I think she knew Hawkins the biggest unknown opens. I think he's the biggest unknown I also again because of the offensive line questions in just the feel like get in my bones a little bit based upon some offseason things I just don't know of cream hunt is gonna take a setback I. I know cream when he came into the league use a humble kid. At a great season about yesterday he has elusive in this. That you know I mean you you hardly see in the NFL the if you if you worry about the left side of the offensive line and that that's a weakness and you and you you're worried it may be. Three months conceding that and he's a little bit of question Mercury but as far as who who is this player Watkins Cassidy. And that and that case. Don't teacher and a light day. I designed the sun pass this up. Now for the people can't see actually designed this myself it's it was on arid dry dock on recently beat Q there is nothing it was limited. It's the it's it's few minutes to do signs from Tyreke oh yeah gas. Reserves. You know what. We'll have to I have to get miraculously got a lot to get back into the shop and Mickey as. Please commuter good product come back you know what moving forward we're we're learning we're learning as we go out there writing as ago yeah and I think. If I did my best piece I hear him every Thursday night 6 o'clock eroded trade radio six to 7 PM.