06/22 - Devonte & Svi

The Day Shift
Friday, June 22nd

We spent all of our time focussing on MPJ it's like we forgot about Devonte and Svi. Svi might have wound up on the best situation of all the local guys to go in the draft last night. 


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Bullet went in certain. Speed is gonna get the no look horrible. Yeah he's going to late. Thank you are extremely personally border eagle. 273. What Sandra and I think you. And then suddenly back valiantly to. That one reason or because he's an inkling no I mean. Because my name mostly after a yeah a quick answer but about the Ingraham is that with respect of school. The street Sharon what would you be happy about that at the at the moment at the time we ought imagery of the it is that the boy when they're in the backcourt. It worked out. Yet the last it was a fun night. Full Ortiz is basketball fans at the same time. Heartbreaking. When it comes to the situation or a couple of different. Deals. And it's it's. It's it's it's interesting that a couple of guys to get drafted. In and a couple of guys it's really. You really appreciate everything that they did you up in the awards. They were rewarded for all of your hard work. And now the Dovonte Graham the Islamic not. Now when it comes to a Graham. He was selected being. An entry gate to. The sharp and then he was traded to Charlotte in. And that surprised me and you look at that sector brownies solitude on par from off the board of symbols of might. Really like Javon part of it before the Vontae ground. But you know when he comes the second round picks you look at it needs to look at it fits you try to finally got a good pitcher squat so that was the way that they rolled ember or Stew law. To have on Jabbar Karl when it comes in Memphis but you're right Atlanta they made the selection they ended up trading in sending him to see a lot to Charlotte it. It's cool for him because. He's from Raleigh so he's going back with you don't think he's going back to was home state so he gets an opportunity to go what he's nor commodity it so he gets a chance to go to go home but. I thought the Dovonte Graham had a fabulous Renault nobody in what he can doubt the career that he had at Kansas. He had a spectacular final two years had a great senior season and now pulled from day one when assault Dovonte Graham just think he knows him you fall as a basketball player always thought that he was going to be somebody that was gonna end up playing in the NBA are always liked his his shooting ability always like he was going to do you work on his handle is a scrappy player. Just after he doesn't he doesn't you know is not shot on defense so I'm really happy that he landed. Com. In in Charlotte the other player. Was the title key insult. Go into you you said the late show he's more volatility. Was would pick if he sees hey get out exit the more balls busy on the phone tribute easily beat he's gonna be hanging out LA. Ab and so on there and he's definitely somebody that I think that the lakers in their organization. That they aid that they need they need more office of town they need eighty some suitors and it's funny because so many people are talking to bow. The and they're wondering will he eventually end up playing with LeBron James will he end up eventually playing with a wide. Well who will be as teammates. All four right now we do looked as it is bad one of his teammates is on the ball but I'm happy for bolt these young guys they have our opportunity. To be on teams that would still be in positions to to be successful what with with the amount of minutes they're given. I don't think that anybody look at it. Each one of bills. Up players going in the second round. And feel like there's me there's no pressure on second trumpets illicit isn't Adonal awful basketball team and get to scramble for talent. You don't wanna spin any money at free agency you're doing you're not throwing somebody into the starting lineup unless they absolutely on Wednesday. That's is is best is not the case. I like this it's whispered. But did mayors. The other side of RA. In that is league Newman. May decision to come out. Billy Preston. Made the decision to move on and go play overseas. Neither one of those guys. Neither one of goals players. India getting drafted last night. I said this last year in an act in that felt this way the entire. Last season. But did at the end of the year you start to see some growth in the league Newman's game you start to see him. Take people off the dribble a little bit more than he never really truly dated. You know but he started to do its due to a little bit more and he became such a nice Texas. That you shoot shooter. For the jayhawks like well maybe you'll have an opportunity to draft. I don't think it. In this is just me personally and I think a lot you'll disagree on this. I just don't think it is his game translates. To the next focus is if he's got a point guard he's not a point guard doesn't have the height to play too. He doesn't handle the ball well enough to create for himself so I will there's a place formally known to have to play in the India. So. I know that he's going to try to mate or what the lakers. I don't know hopefully it was an NBA player he's got he's he's a young he's a young guy. He'll have time to work on his game I wish him the best of luck we'll see how with how policy itself but it never really truly felt like. Sometimes you gotta go you gotta go it look in the view of player of the year and you know your means of for. And every guy. I'm not sure I like this there was no player hotter than gnome. When he came down to be in the year going into the NCAA and he had a solid NCAA tournament so I don't think people. What's your all by how we started the year could your gonna look at. How did they finished the year he finished strong I just don't think it from a formal. But the respectable BN BA game I don't know if people look at him so he fits. Billy Preston we don't know what to say about that we haven't seen Billy Preston. Idols golf what is he played a high school we didn't see him play chances. And I haven't seen any video of him playing overseas. And he would finish out the year and then overseas. So we we don't know what's gonna happen Billick rustic but those two individuals. Not getting drafted you already sol the general Dick in his situation in not knowing he wasn't going to be drafted. It is it it made for an interesting night for four that you really did he could yet two guys did that went undrafted and yet two guys. Bet we'd debt that they got drafted second round who at. Really good careers. Open ports what are who's given that life. Owner gave league human well. How does it make you jump in the someone told him build them so I think he'd play. I think what it came down to was among college. I think I think woody came down to was I think eight him and his family they probably already had it set up in in their minds is that. I'm gonna have a big year and we're on the only take accused of two years consider that when yours yet but you're but but but but I think it is said would get relief. Overall the dikes. In Kansas got you know a spouse of freed up to go him bring somebody else it. I think it when it comes to drafts. And I could be off on this disk just my opinion. I think today. In BA acting college basketball players. Did the worst. A big party in Butler who tutors on upwards of a jump. Inaugural Motorola was at the college best as they get the wars they get a gorgeous wait horse if there's two rounds who's built. Or liberty talk about it the draft the you know what let these guys go back but probably is the same page. And if they didn't say what they agents yet I somewhat agree with that if the coach will take you back in your adrift than. I get it we gotta get through this whole agency to begin with players are are beginning to pay if it changes late. It changed for seven he'd still be able to go back. Give yourself an option you're draft that was the bulk are being made Padilla filled release. Yeah fills bigger in the b.'s for is given guys are drafted to the league teams in the Macon is washed if you mean roster is more an opportunity. Amid the rough. Albert Wilson. Illegal wanna make big money into even though they're not draft the dignity that it just sucks that we now. Overseas bill obviously it worked out for Billy. Tried again and meanwhile pointed teams are back away from occasional stay with them. All want a Billy Preston's got a lot of Peru. I he he's he's got a lot of reporters ignored because stuck. And I actually. I think I think that dies she. I think that dot should be allowed to go back to school. It this school even at these companies. Mean I can get there you really need the money. I I guess if you do repay you could have a guys they'll repay them with again because this has happened before like years ago you UK. We'll pour beer limited time always it was like maybe just couple years. You guys were getting drafted. And they'd like to draft position in the name whitbeck in two up to point out basket of the public good start if it showed them if you got invited. Project. It got a telltale sign your blundered. The guys make the beard for a goal that means that he found out they talk that he did the idea is a good deal because you become. If you're told you're tundra where I just. I think it is interesting to see if it's moving Ford began to change began because our number busts on Leonard back in 1994. He decided to test the waters in the NBA he declared himself eligible to draft the Milwaukee block selected him in the second round. He opted to return to Minnesota in play his senior season it doesn't happen. Wouldn't mind it happening again double agent part about it I don't know that it would seventh agent. So that's what the guys who come from these. Once they make it jump that they signed with the but but after the draft though even after the threat of one other ports. Or how should moving full IT agents who wants money shorts if you said we can jump. Don't pay him yet suits his many years and years. Review segment school keeping the money won't you take the money. It's basically like these as it's been. Give the U separately blink and you ask them back which a lot of the what you do it alone the pay the money back would have would have weird situation but it was a fun night last with it.