06/22 - C-Dot Reacts to Porter's Fall in the NBA Draft

The Drive
Friday, June 22nd
Carrington has been on the MPJ train since the beginning, how is he feeling today after he fell to #14 overall in the NBA Draft...

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Was not am Michael Porter yesterday it looked like Brady Quinn is felt a lot like Aaron Rodgers yesterday when I pick an all time. Inspect you can attest this. I sit this whole time Michael does not drop it past the Chicago Bulls Michael Porter is going to be a ball at war he's got to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. And then I'll watch the NBA draft yesterday. And they dress something it was a win Bill Carter junior and I noticed is back and nineteen years old nice freshman at duke there's no JT the great NBA player note she'd be good NBA player window Carter junior. No chance he's great. And then number rates come. I'm like you got a chance to get the next Kevin Durant here you got a chance to get a guy who called himself a mix between seven to rein. Yeah it's a month of Colombo outside announces land there and Tracy McGrady. They go Collins sex not like our sex there are lots I was announced that at bat and then on big number nine overall. The crowd is chanting. We want my we want my Wii well I didn't get enough they get Kevin Knox. Michael Porter junior. And then I'm continuing to watch it in Philadelphia. You got. It is we're taking guys who were injured in college proven medical's maybe don't check out trust the process right. No they don't Holmes LJ NH item twenty minutes later. Then the clippers. First I forgot we're used to be is an organization went back to back first round picks and then your pass all Michael Porter. Once they went miles bridges I was positive there were going to reporter because if they were going through there would have the least throw him a bona taken them with. There first of their complex. And then. As you guys know Michael Porter junior goes fourteenth. Overall than the Denver nugget. I don't think this is some hot date I don't think I'm going out on someone here. He does have the back of an eight year old. Because if you really follow the NBA we'll talk Jarrett Sutton about this moment certainly and you watch enough in VA inspector you watch enough in the right. Imus did not ever by this the biggest NBA in the global quality human. Do you do it outside the top eight of the NBA draft too guys well. The stall our. In the NBA draft or take in the top five they're the only take it in the top eight anybody outside of that to be it NBA player. Put not too often are you gonna find great NBA players pick. Nine through fifteen there they're gonna be that diamond in the rough player. A sec around got turned out to be a fantastic player. It's going to be worse ball larger and a five in the top year of the ram one through five. Some paint it any team that sick hearing concede the potential I know Michael Porter has an icy with Michael Porter and you see them at seven and you pass. You see him eight and you tax museum at nine and you pass. A talkative people off the record. Big deal if he was elected to fourteen he was going to continue to drop there was a chance that Michael Porter could have been drafted in that one he's in the NBA draft. That does that tell you that medical report the medical record is way scarier than we. Thought his back is bad and I think it's grandpa Joseph from really want a bad is due to get out of bed for a long time because not only that all these teams pass on him. But think about a guy that has the upside of Michael Porter junior that nobody decided to trade up. Once he passes what you said at five in the bulls don't take that six at seven that he passes the cavs aboard two teams that could use a player. In the exact form of a healthy Michael Porter junior that back was bad news and there's nobody took them everybody pass on him and then nobody traded up to get him. Drive south out toward bud lows birders are you on your browser does not really your neck of the woods but not really taken a lot of should still booze birds fans. Usually it's companies by reporters in Rhode Q let him a unit of boxer noted you know small and when to turn around and looked at and his looks but that. That's our folks Michael Porter June yesterday where the look on his face was that of I know how good I am but I have never gotten a chance. To show the public except for in high school as it takes you Geithner and in this has never come out of my mouth. I feel bad that particular Missouri tiger I have never felt worse for college athlete knowing how talented he once. Knowing what the upside it is. The second rated high school where there was always projected to be a top five top ten pick him at almost slid out of the lottery yesterday. Watching him yesterday was said watching him play in the NCAA tournament was pathetic and the entire Michael Porter junior experiment at and you. Say it was completely sideways because the team went to the tournament it's certainly brought a lot of positives but man if we look back to 165 days this thing certainly didn't collect supposed. Is currently in go the way it was supposed to advocate did actually for Missouri you make the conceivably turn you get the exposure and Michael Porter certainly didn't go as well and your brother. And that's all I'm saying is the medical report much you all are words that we ever had a match. Because Brett. We all knew Greg Oden had injury concerns that was not a secret coming into the NBA. So addressed number one overall over having to reign Joseph beat. Complete season of basketball going into the NBA. That's number three overall of these NBA scenes that have seen other players who have battled injuries and had some of the issues. All head the information. To look at his medical. A mixed bag the question is. How much do the district hit all right way if you got to deal under eight you'll Specter in the current franchise within a couple of years Marvin Bagley guys like that. In the case of Michael Porter junior I think. You have to have come to the conclusion that he's probably not going to help us immediately. Amy Scobee atop through through player of this draft and it's crazy to me that not just Warner to work through 45 teams passed on and but our team teams and the nuggets decided it wasn't even worth. So that's absolutely fair tax on six countries or six this this the second part of the conversation. I don't think a lot of you're thinking logically and I mean no disrespect by that what you're not thinking business wise when it comes to this question. So why Michael Porter stink out let's go down this rabbit hole. If you know back is messed up the way. Michael porter's health situation better than he knows. You can deal would this they said since you were junior high school you had surgery you know what's body feels like after playing basketball you know what short medical reports look like. I get this information you've been a top five top three number one prospect in high school basketball Sinhalese and she worried high school sophomore. So you've always had access to the best information you always talk to college scouts you always had the ability to get this information. If you know you're back is messed up. Why did you continue to play college for free like someone describe or. Breakdown melodic to me to help me understand. We're in this scenario it's better Michael Porter to keep playing for for yet Missouri it's better for him to sign with we can agree with him. All one sided agreement of Missouri gonna get all the benefit of Michael Porter Porter to continue to lose money every single day. There Michael Porter got corrected when he first overall I don't care project in the second round. There was no decision to make once you decided to get surgery once you decided to get surgery back in November you had to declare the NBA draft. Because you've got to think logically you're the worst case scenario and maybe the likely case scenario is. We all didn't really understand how bad is bad was in this surgery happened in no bit or. It is going to be healthy this upcoming season he might as well be healthy making money in the NBA I suppose the only logic from the text line is this. I got almost fell out the lottery that at one point was talked about a number one pick in the draft. If he does come back in it looks like the Michael board you that we thought he was going to twenty points a game pulling down ten rebounds leading his team let's say in the lead eight. Then he probably is a number one number two number three pick assuming that he's healthy an entire year from his perspective. Why would you do that just to be a higher pick in the are opposed to proving yourself healthy your rookie year in the NBA yet like the whole logic to me yield. What the benefits of Michael Porter staying in how you can question while Michael Porter decided to. Tried to give himself the stage the was the NCAA tournament because I thought it's her back is unhealthy. If your team is good but not Cory I don't think anybody thought if Michael Porter juniors healthy. With this threatens her team never did go over the top and also can be funneled four national championship team. Why try to put yourself on that stage if you're not completely health that's the head scratch and meet that didn't help him. I don't know what that was the negative now what the report like you're telling me of Michael Porter never comes back the play and gaming in Georgia never comes back in Florida State distract the ninth overall like but I'm saying is I think what happened was. I think debt. I think playing in those games in the SEC was kind of up the night. You came back it was clear to everybody or wasn't a 100% he was healthy. That was in March we just saw report what was it two weeks ago Specter he could get out of bed in June I think a lot of us thought. Pores that 60% 65% maybe 70%. By by the time to come by rolls around by the time you get a chance to showcase yourself in front of teams he'll be back to know. That's not the takes I think that's pretty obvious now what Michael Porter. But they don't sometimes a good and I'm if you talk about going different scenario because there's not a health situation but go back to Josh Selby. Came up the seniors carried urban right both guys were hurt Josh Selby played socked. Got drafted and flamed out what second round pick something. And you've got carrier urban. Who only played a handful of games but decided you know what it's not worth coming back in the case of Michael and I don't. It carrier complete meaningful games and it was don't know went OK good enough. Every play in the NCAA turn did you did you play in the NCAA tournament against against Stanford he came back to Alter it to work for bush either way Arizona. Fires on my dad but it doesn't he he played in all the veterans against fraternities but it lost there's this money into. Equipment. In the game Austin's own beat you by proxy to me that's the difference is you either don't show yourself or when you do showed herself you release shall out in the case of Michael Porter junior. The last time the NBA scouts saw him. You could meet on basketball back. I don't know what I'm saying is. I think a lot of us believed he was gonna look that way in March in once we got for the early disease and help he was going to be a lot better. I think we saw yesterday ADB's say that's not the case we saw reports last week the Michael Porter were struggling get out of bed and I think that sent shockwaves through a lot of teams. And they about it. Because an example that you giving tiger being hurt its policies to address number one overall Greg Oden hurt during his policies to address number one overall Agile indeed. His policies stood at the overall. Man these medical teams had the same information when McCain Michael Porter and we saw guys like Jeff Goodman. Jeff Goodman said some teams said we would not wrapped and they were told other medical staffs who not draft Michael Porter. I think if anything we saw the teams say his back is way more severe than we think it is. The injury is more severe even though he has the upside of it. That's not something we're willing to invest and I think that's a completely different thing namely team was still willing to invest in July league and it really really odd pick. And all of us thought cooling is attractive all of Missouri sports. They he was going to go to the to the bulls he higher an agent out of Chicago he's working out of Chicago I think they were angling to get him to go to Chicago. What Chicago passed on I knew was way more Ceres that we bought because all the writing on the wall was led to Michael Porter go play for the bulls. You could get to work out better for him his Dick about the wit did you end up with what these crappy teams are really good boy we're so in the NBA works that way in the NFL. Draft the best players to teams so your before that's why the suns the Sacramento Kings and hawks have the top three picks. Didn't this finish ninth in the west the last two seasons as you got to take them over the hump but it seems to me especially with the health issues in the case of a guy like Michael Porter junior. Much better off going to a team where your option 345. Opposed to expected to be the guy right away because this guy already has all the pressure in the world on his shoulders which by the way. Shoulders and back to.