06/22 - Around the NFL; All Chiefs Edition

The Drive
Friday, June 22nd

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It's the reason I'm. You know way these bags. Ordered after the bus they grant granted speed drafted we do. Did not hear his name called yesterday it doesn't make him simply drive conversations. We'll get back into the NBA draft coming up in a balance in minutes. But right now let's build our Mo pads they could circle around in a film who. On the round the NFL podcasts. On Wednesday. The question is asked who's going to have more catches Tyreke milk or Sammy watched it this was in the band was. Answer tyra killed kind of for the Antonio Brown reason that they'll give him some quick. Catches the pavement extended handoff to account of the cats over taken this in a literal sense. But in Perry feels better but anyway I'm surprised you can get closer to our discussion of a top ten receivers pirates nobody sees a better player now walking. He became a very good receiver last just and he was a true wide receiver they didn't use them on the gadgetry as much less these. So is there any question. It Sammy Watkins is going to have more pitches than Tyreke kill or not it clearly Tyreke bill that was Amy be a lot was credible and again and again why any bill want set everything that I. I don't sit watch and maybe they bigger than me month. To some people. But every chill is the better wide receiver in 28 team ain't what he says at the end they're. It was gadgets stuff last through the way it was in your want to attack repealed he made the transition to be eulogized the wide receiver I was talking to somebody about this couple days ago he is what the person Horton was going to be a healthier version at this point. Every till the better wide receiver so I think he's about a lot receiver and yes I'll take him into an eighteen NASA and I don't think what it's going to be good in twenty team. Guild has knows the offense or a state healthier over the last couple seasons and is already built the report up with that the homes of the last two seasons a ticket Hilbert watch instantly team that. Not the case here with a in the CT I think the entire field as the Ellis is the obvious number one weapon because you could probably argue that Berger and four guys of them aboard weapon on the outside the ball but. Look at the first couple of years in the career tyrant here. As a rookie he was way better than expected last year he outperformed into what he did in your warm there's nothing that makes me thing. But heading into the season Tyreke Gil by season's end won't have. Somewhere between. Eighty to ninety catch he's going to get the torque gets a lot a lot especially because you Addison and he walked into the not going to be as much double coverage and you look at the stats back. In the career of a guy like Sammy Watkins. He's never had a seventy catch season so I think it's blasphemy to say this any want it's going to have more reception. Tired it. Was don't tackle. Double that I hate to add in the you're gonna hit and I got Al covered over here. Was reading around aero side right doctor Smith cumbersome. Happy Friday everybody out there. Bruiser around arrowhead pride today. Came across this pro football weekly. Says that you know passing you know is going to be the AFC break out player on defense. Yet by NS I am. Buying it a little bit we were told when they drafted Tom a pass EO of the year one he was gonna not see the field he was gonna struggle a year two we see a big step forward. Recited Joseph Mays about this yesterday that for a lot of NFL players the biggest jump you feel like taking your career is from year one to your team that's where we're at passenger. You drafted with the expectation of your to your three you're gonna see dividends so I'm expecting to see dividends. That's so that's why I picked him as my AFC arsenide AFC but she's breakout player of the year. I think we're going to see certainly a lot more production from tunnel past of them we did last. At Newbury Rodriguez got that new show on Thursday nights that Eric I agree that's their answers to yet putted as. And I think destined to a question that really. It Chris Jones is actually going to be the breakout quarter on this and as a rookie was awesome last year and a lot to be desired. But I don't really know why I think this year he's going to be that guy that we go wow. You end up being a global in the being the guy that we expect to win the chiefs drafted because as a rookie he was awesome when it comes to passing you know. Tennessee man announcing that he can't do it and I think at some point the tees are going to need him to perform on the field. But how does it temper my expectations because they're simply Tom got a really gotten he said I'm really excited about a guy. That really all that receives YouTube pilots in college there so. I hope he's good as you're talking about I do think he's going to get the opportunity I'm gonna wait. Arrowhead pride another greatly from our friends over there error at pride every Thursday night at 6 o'clock whales permitting. CBS sports said gates the over on eight wins for the keys but they had this nugget. Even if that she start to enforce start the season you still need to be over. By now. It's so hard to say how the teams go responded he finished two of four I understand they've done many years pass that was a completely different quarterback. And it completely different mindset I think for the organization. I would take the old girl and eight wins. I think Andy Reid in the amount of options they have off since are certainly enough for you to win more than eight games this season. This feels like at that moment nine at 17 maybe I am overestimating and I know audience and we should temper expectations with Patrick Holmes. I executable is all right. Not saying he has to go out there has to be Russell Wilson you're one but it even meet those Tony touchdown passes and eleven interceptions. I think there's enough weapons on offense for the team to at least be competitive football team. And at least wait 89 games this season be asked me today I would take over on eight months.