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Friday, June 22nd
The Hits, MPJ, Esky in CF, Jarrett Sutton & Ask Us Anything 

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Congratulations. Nine F five thank you so much listening as a drive and here's senior Aztec new highs and tackles XP Specter. John's horse Christine Lavin it. Coming up in 25 minutes we'll play argues on the sports VG do that and now we're did not when I do and I just element that and whenever there. I'll let you guys made exit coming up in 25 minutes we caught up with Jarrett Sutton about Michael Porter will play the best of that conversation you. And those a lot of Missouri fans today that are. Upset. Disappointed about what happened in yesterday's NBA draft. We'll get to that. Also give each insulin a pair rose sickest are the 5 o'clock hour to get into it to 6 o'clock in the segment that you control coming up in about forty minutes excellent six 306. Get your questions in for ask instinct expect takeaways of the big stories of the dating game city I've been waiting for that moment all my life. We talk about their everyday at bottom. Ants are brought you by the broad played Delhi mostly Jewish deli for a mostly not to the city is now open in the crossroads in the official though. A 610 Sports Radio the NBA draft was last night. Couple locals drafted him. Couple locals not drafted with the fourteenth overall pick Michael Porter junior is heading west to Denver. As he's the final pick of the NBA draft waters of Michael Ford junior slips to number fourteen. With the Denver Nuggets in the second round. Dovonte grant. Drafted by the hawks at 34 overall but then as it tends to happen in the second round. He was traded to the hornets. Then. We go later in the draft. To one's team Kyle Luke was headed to Los Angeles Lakers and not LOT meets with one of the envelope all. Again I don't know you do get everything that was a really good comprehensive a breakdown of the NBA draft will get sewage coming up after they hits today. It just had a buried Aaron Rodgers Brady Quinn like field yesterday. When he came to the NBA draft and I said multiple times on the show I can certainly. Big animal for about Portman and a sevens of Chicago Bulls once the bulls passed all at once Cleveland passed on eight I knew we were in sort thus that. I'll miss a really bad that really really bad this almost wasn't a lottery. Remember this time last year he was talked about a as the potential number one pick overall. In the NBA draft in hindsight people are going to ask the question should they not tried to play in the NCA term Judy babies stayed one more year at you. That's blasphemy if you're going to make them when he he's going to me as a rookie you might as well make it in the NBA especially with the health concerns that this guy has. The losses they would if he comes back for another year he shows out there will be expected him to an end up the number one pick. That's Gus apple does that's happened what if he decides to come back his back still injured that he ins like believe human. You're not getting drafted at all means to play his way onto a rough is so I think it was the right decision to make it after looking at last night man. I'm really not that surprised the in the sliding because if you think about all those other teams are drafting ahead of him and the weak draft I can keep so the year before talk but seems like being in Sacramento Memphis and Atlanta and Dallas. All those teams really need it with a quarter that's ready right now. Michael Porter junior clearly not ready to go right away so the Denver Nuggets team that's been on the cost of making the playoffs the last two years. A perfect fit for them and may be appropriate place for Michael. Or you begin. I'm excited breaking news sports as he told us that cancer is the fuel and I. I mean I never would does so when I announced and I. This Friday and 5 o'clock hour positive note I'm not bothered. You already owed 22 dollars from Wednesday I'd as a visitor Wednesday ice here for Missouri and dies that is very true it is their daughter or let you make the wizards' hopes on the shelf I don't need you. At a nick answered joke. Music that's it right there it is right Corso and and Ahmadinejad is eight a standstill at. You do reformers are they true statement of their liking it I can't is beauty and yours it's hours and rooting for the royals right now is there slide continues. Heading on the road this is where it was either Michael or on my words out of the slide. The royals Obama is slated. All respect to Michael board you sliding the royals are 22 and fifty at the end of Michael Porter Jeter's slightest doubt five million dollars. There's another nine DD is still loyal to play this. It is all a belongs line the last. Is going to be at the rest of I know what it is that's eating that's aren't playing center field for the royals thank you today. You know what I decided that he invited them. I don't like that he's playing center field. Think we give it away from shortstop. And the only reason I say I've had a big island shortstop is because the royals have told us for the last three years they feel like they have their shortstop of the future. Poland air roster. And so far we have never seen him play shortstop tonight is night wind up seeing Albert don't mind as he did it change names public shortstop. At the play shortstop circuit city royals August that it that for the first time we get a chance to see the future shortstop royals so that means when he nineteenth. Opening day shortstop Alberto minus. We wish we we have got blown off earlier in the show he pointed out that I don't think it matters who's playing center field for the royals this or just generally watching these balls fly over the center field wall. This isn't about Escobar it's about Mondesi they had to move basketball or somewhere make the most since moved to center field but it's all about the shortstop of the future which. I don't think too pessimistic here but how many years we've been hearing about is driving the agenda mildly organization in this time I was here this is his month in here is finally getting a shot man. Let's actually see you do something at the big league level at least before I get. Yeah I mean it's sort sees something no it certainly has been a wild when it comes to Albert Oman and see what got my support but in the NBA draft and I'll CDs Escobar points and feel stallings was good to. In the big they certainly did so you that they have been more right than wrong when it comes was lately is certainly has been. A tough road for you were Kansas City Royals have a conversation about Michael Porter because. We're sit and watch program. And I sit and it's I thought it was going to be a seven overall this global auto works with the 08 to the Cleveland Cavaliers but seven ask. At an exact window are urgent here. Aspect or seem much window cordial than I have Austin duke basketball to know right now he's a great player every Helton. Could be a good team year plate and he has gifts and in the league amassing them implicitly does doubt he's a great player. Sex game. He can be really really good point guard outlook he's gonna stop are currently building he'd need a player I see 78 happen. My pores the abort and then number nine happens in New York Knicks their in New York City. The crowd is changing. We will mine. We will like they've in draft small forward they take Kevin Knox Kentucky Missouri major certainly with Kevin knots they pass Michael Porter. Number two in Philadelphia 76ers I'm thinking. The sixers. Certainly trust their medical staff that had reason to with whether Biggio Alou and he would review bin Simmons Wetherbee mark hill faults decode the early Noel and Ireland a welcome forgot about him. What they do so again I. The prod trust the process. Good spot lady's bucket don't he don't need him to contribute right away but if you take it a hot outside us it Tina it's asked before they passed on Michael. And that wasn't going to happen only because they're finally ready to go with the process and Vince in the last thing they were going to do was draft if this was two or three years ago. They would've snatched his cup and our people now that they're ready there's no way they're gonna trap and had to wait made in fort. Broad sense I mean they desire Smith who's a freshman at a Texas Tech summit and it. There's certainly at least giving you some time to grow and develop it at the bridge they traded up desire right Brent. So that we continually upping and that that might take them back to back first round picks they don't take Michael Porter and drops to fourteen. Eight personal love got to be at draft lottery is an NBA player the culmination of a dream certainly a good day for Michael and lost money I don't it is disappointing but in the grand scheme of things. Made an opportunity that not a lot of people get the opportunity to certainly a good date for the Porter family albeit a little bit disappoint. And as upset and his office he was that look of just I mean. The week it was off the shoulders when he and a big lottery picks up and tells me if his name was called net Indian being outside the lottery it would certainly been that bad bad day for Michael Porter junior worked out just fine you know it is certainly would have a different. Maybe wanna talk right now to the strains and I certainly think there're some of you listening to think he made the wrong decision he should've went back to dessert. Just think about the options that exist in my quarter of anything more than. Bulls morning Cleveland more on the NBA team and the Altima or Michael Moore. He does he knows his body heat without Beatles that work out he knows how his body is progress. If you know you have surgery in November. Ain't even in March you were still not a 100% I think mania boss. And I'll put myself in this I thought by the time we got to the NBA draft I thought he'd be a 100%. I'll be considered anymore. I was. Not a 100% 95%. He was once the bull market I think he's not going to be a 100% to about and talk about we're gonna go. Once the bulls past all of I knew that the medical was more easier is that we had anticipated so you your medical history. The teams you have to show them your medical history at some point what benefit is there to go back to Missouri. It's a different than a guy like new and you disagree vehemently Newman. But with Michael Porter it was a no brainer decision you had scenery edge. Back in a serious back injury in college there was no possible that you could go another year playing basketball for just a scholarship. Mean even with a disappointing slide at fifteen million dollars guarantee last season in a year which didn't really play. Last year it played three games last season. There was no which you can give teams more opportunity to not draft and the way that you already did so Michael Porter hands down made the right decision I don't care when number one overall lead to overall. Went undrafted there was no way you can go back to college in give them more opportunity to poke holes in your game like we see happen all the time when guys go back. And there was no way that you could risk another injury playing for free you had to go chase them. I totally agree but here's the rationale and this is probably the rationale for mostly in your fans those out there in Columbia. War and he's a Columbia the whole reason that he decided to home plate and use for it out because he loves the city of Columbia told. Come back only when it's around the and you program which argued this as a shall rules on. I think that he actually even though we've only played 32 to three minutes in one NCAA tournament game. Had a huge and certainly positive impact just by deciding to come and you'd have two choices next year in the case of Michael Porter junior it is. Come back to him you're the hometown kid that's that goes Greg it was 25 points a game to Kevin Durant college you take your team the Parnell ordered the number one overall it. Go to the NBA this year. You make six million dollars in guaranteed money that doesn't really matter if your back is good. Or bad by the way are going to be make him when he the next two years also because we're used draft gets at least guaranteed three year contract. Let's talk about will be welcome back good in the number one pick. Come back got more injured not been drafted at all and made no money so. You'd swear that your teacher fireman or a potential NBA best ballplayer or radio host accused. What would you do if you that's a two meter is in the. What's it without knowing what doctors are telling without knowing its family's. It now seems incredibly possible to me again I'm not a doctor no one has told me it is is it just my hypothesis is having conversation with Missouri people. It is possible that Michael ware will never be the Michael Porter that we thought. I'm saying that Dave that we all knew that Michael Porter was going to Missouri. Oh that your take you've made a case that being humans are being armor that bought season tickets thirty seconds later we all thought Michael Porter was going to be axed. It's going to be got it averaged eight point game eleven rebounds status is I thought it was gonna be essentially Michael Beasley. I think the medical reports tell us at least in the short term and that's not always going to be we played a couple couple days goes back if you can pull it up people at all NBA draft. Are led to believe that he could redshirt this season. There were people in the NBA circles that think he could not play at all his first season in the NBA and try to get healthy and that's missing two years of playing basketball with a back injury. I'm not a doctor I don't have a crystal ball. It's possible that Michael Porter would never be healthy so if you know you're never going to be healthy or if there's a chance you never going to be healthy why are you delaying getting money. All of that is the case can you blame any of these teams are passing up on him when Philly drafted jewel NB Dolan that he was likely going to sit up all season. They knew the scenario that they were in the organ winds of between fifteen and thirty games are going to suck in the next year there was total and have a high draft that. And the case the Denver Nuggets. Talk about a team in the west mind you its finish not that finished one spot of the playoffs and back to back seasons they were the only team. Not that you back on that could actually afford to take the risk right there from Michael Porter junior luckily for him. It's still in the bidding at the end of the lottery which to me as a big a big difference and like I said earlier. It might have been the best case in there for Michael Porter junior cause let's say. That he stayed healthy and ends up doing number two Sacramento Kings right. How many guys on the Sacramento Kings and orders completely fade away because they might be good individually but it does play crappy teams at the crappy organization. Denver right on the costs in a Michael Porter junior is helping next year. The option one or two or three and the boy and with a team that's right on the cost of making. Post is certainly gonna hand and as losers and we'll get to Osce does the border momentarily. I just always be very appreciative. A Michael Porter just to citing many want to go to Missouri Michael porter's commitment is the only reason they made in Italy last year. You don't Johnson Porter you probably don't Jeremiah Tillman at that doesn't happen. You don't make the NCAA tournament last year Missouri was a very very bad basketball program in his salary the rebuilt. Not saying it would eventually made the turn and on the console market but he cut the time the media asked. Maybe by 80% for a bet. Allowed them to make the turn at the exact next season so his commitment to Missouri changed that you directory of the Missouri that's corporate all will always be appreciative Michael Moore I will always follow his career and I'll always be thankful that he did that. Because he hoped for Missouri whom frank case. Would Missouri Jimmy Anderson certainly did help him he helped her Missouri around by just simply putting is named wishing to papers will always be appreciative what Michael Porter did from as a as a kid you. You fan and alone he's the only and you player that I can remember it's crossed over where action this eroded forum and Kyle. It was the hells bells probably that. Because you know how good Michael Porter to. Nice 35. A game like fourteen rebounds he was amazed there's a reason that he was the numbers to work. By some accounts number one player coming out of high school when I saw him play especially in the NCA tournament. As a shell of himself you look at the Jewish communities got it could even give up the ground and higher than six inches he's brick every single shot takes. He would look at Terrell bass player but you know inside how good he is. Does it take you and I felt bad for the got a bad for him last night and watching him slip down on the board because. And you weren't the only one it was making a today. If he doesn't go to Chicago seven Cleveland at eight this could be a brief for all yet imagine for the kid himself. Debian or Brett consider forgot all this time last who's going to be the number one pick in the NBA draft of the timer actually sitting there on the cost would not have been locked. So yes there are she denied yesterday earlier today the royals announced what their lineup is going to be for the day. For the first time and Rosie before a correct if armor on its excellence and certainly apologize if I'm wrong at least starting at shortstop. Is going to be. Alberto Mondesi June. Playing in center field for the first time in his Major League Baseball Korea will be LCDs Escobar he's going to be playing center field for the Ross and we talked about it all week. But talking avert today talking Iraq's public. Listening to seeing over the last couple days maybe I'm wrong when it comes to policies Escobar playing some of the I personally don't like. I think the royals are bending over backwards and try to keep him happy in appease them I certainly have all the respect in the world rusty does bark but he's far here. Not Kobe Bryant like he's somebody you can tell no pay decided to one you don't play shortstop it wasn't working out the season. We'll try to Trajan and will try to get something for you but right now be at the young bull behind you. It's it's your job to mentor him it's your job to try to bring him up help Indian everyday shortstop. That's what your role is with the team I'd just like they're trying to keep him happy and keep his bat in the lineup. Polls C defense desperately could be wrong but let's see I wanna see how far this inner fuel experimenting joke is the point had to make you know we you know you have been here. It feels like they're trying to turn him turned him in the bids over us in six weeks. They try to collapse coming up. Maybe a team to look for somebody with a little versatility on the cheap contract. Ozzie does the bar has never given you reason to think complacent after he's never done before why we now trying image center field in the Major League. Love as you that inside the park home run the world's senator's gonna go down as one of the more memorable moment of that run I think what it's all said Denny probably ends up. In the royals' hall of fame but als at the game a couple on two vs the Rangers and that's scoreboards so big it's hard to miss a stat in this as a stat flashed up there about policies as to sit us he's escobar's hitting 217. I might. Didn't I didn't does that that's pretty good. And that looked at the details seat he's getting to 79 in his career in the month of June in the next line said. In his career he has five home runs in the month of June. Runs in his career in the month of June so as much as I love as you view the best you remember how important was this team. Let's not pretend like he's Europe as we as five home runs in his career in the month. Some says pretty sure you're wrong at least the Major League level he's played left field he is played right field he's never played center field in the field and walk it so I mean we're talking about 2000 that was the last time you play the outfield he's never played center field. Just a very very difficult thing I think to ask someone a 31 years old was played one position the last seven years in the Major League. And quick defensively a relatively high levels or maybe I'm wrong you're maybe I'm not factoring in. How athletic he is at his position and how you can do it. And I about burned made a really good point they're not asking him a place in a few at Kauffman right now smaller park. And it's going to be a once maybe two times a week paying. I just feel like they're trying to bend over backwards prosecute Escobar a year it's not like you have to keep his bat line. When that its timber imported is utterly what better option than. There's not always going to be a great option like there's always going to be a best option right now the world's another great option at that position a series does or might just be the best way to go. We just keep saying that though and I'm I'm I'm gonna get not what I'm gonna get there is a little bit more credit for they've run out of options at they had to put the 31 Euro outfielder who's never played or who who's hitting 206. And now was what other options do we know it's sad it's pathetic that. So it's got that are already there are thirty. Or thirty years below five yes it's. Tax on 69306. Watch the plays and Escobar makes will be good out there will certainly say. I could be wrong. I I could do well. I used was it would puzzled early if they want to make him a more versatile player this seems like a February thing to do. This seems like 8 march thing to do. Not really June right before the debt liked it just feels desperate to me it feels like a ploy to try to get something back prosecute basketball are. Because there is absolutely no reason prosecuted a bar to be playing shortstop once you feel raw modesty could play every additional commercial that is doesn't like it's right now. If they think it's July 11 pick random date Osce does art. Can never be starting shortstop again on the tour of the what is suggested that have been so cut and can't come. Cracker Jack problem. I mean thank you for your service. I mean we can't say it's a business for everybody comes down to mean it was a business when they did off Lorenzo Cain a contract. It was a business with Mike sockets. It can't be a business without it just seems like wild guy sitting under through ten on your roster go through six to those acts as a team. Hitting 240 Juan that's why did you have a lot of options. Coming on the other side will sell you what Jarrett Sutton had to say he joined us earlier today to give us his thoughts on Michael Porter dropping in the graduate sudden problems. Raja eighteen years. Levine respect that you're taking up until 6 o'clock Boeing sex and sex lies 69306. That the peppered Jack's groping with them tech's mind. Minneapolis will answer your questions coming up in ask us anything this segment that you control coming up at 540 but girl. Got a chance to catch have a Jarrett Sutton and we asked them how worried are you about Michael Porter backed. Well courage on my lap writers that court here that might be worried about that fact. I guess I'm Hal right there. I think right now you look at Michael book. The reward is it greater than a rep for some but third of that red. Wondered what couple mine for a lot of executives. My Knight in. You know what I thought Michael wouldn't be in. Three top five I thought that you might be able to meet in the air. But then once Chicago. But what really old milk it for Mattel and I thought that that there was some real. Rip it that you can continue to fall and just this morning air heard that the rule fourteen that if they were it's for Michael will always demand in the twenties. The they would you can crap on himself clearly there was a lot out there on Michael medical that's really altered the look. That we can look back and spot in your balance and corporate Michael ordered he I I haven't its order the Albert and Allen all like you saw yesterday. Fear in all not all that basketball. But for hand it to go to fourteen to go to Denver opened on the team while the young college I think it's a good fit for modified it could be a blessing in the darts or. Because you really is. Arguably the most help the draft we talk live with and the Dodgers in Aden. So does get a real chance that if Michael can they help it at the bat but he also have a long and is certain yet. Jerry you follow the NBA draft as closely as I follow a lot of times once you get out of the top eight to may be the top team and it's a little bit of the dice roll what was really surprising to me is teams just seem unwilling to take that risk based on a guy if it works that. Could be one of the top three players in the draft if it doesn't work then you lost the twelfth overall pick it also thirteenth overall pick. I was really surprised once he got the same maybe a team to move up the try to get him especially given how high ceiling could be if he's healthy. Yeah I agree I agree I think being. You know after but look at such a tree on trade. Replaced and then. We started looking at at the back ended at 789. That that was realistic for Michael. That they wanted it more Charlotte. What the mile bridges. And an LA turn around. Up there and in the trade took place. I would I would prefer that than you know I ought to Denver. You know did great you're watching and what. I do but what you get a point where there aren't and I know that that that Denver's talk about that let them come and talk about Michael. What they were discovered yet to put their fingers crop when it looked at eleven that Michael can continue to fall because they're gonna jump all over under team. Knew what what what you didn't get an answer as you get out he'd like that's on what you start getting in the middle first round in the lottery. The third player that Albert all the board. You've got to feel we Korea and it also depends on the organization it is in the team developing. Are they gonna give. The players they're young players that particular time as a coach on board but overall war the vote question that are out there you know might be seen that one would like Michael ware. Now the owner Bob bought and paid too much right we'd move in a different direction and about that happened now. Again you when you're talking about this strap in particular. You look at last year but what what the book when making the clock is pretty good. And I think they're or five guys in this strap that that Archie the NBA all star. If they fail at the BC and so the medical brilliant or something say it. What a lot of great it's very lot of weight in the office within the session with the Portland dropper of the problem pumping really like the island really like fighting that it. The red like the other in been getting it right in the middle of the leash. A governor that is so ultimately it's just a simple in the organization. And in this case I think it would benefit Michael you know the Josh thought he actually heard bill. It's that not. Orchard for and the Columbia. He'd be in and out of Denver but I think it was that the city in a market that it really be. We go to and that ultimately it seemed that that all the right where you sit well there's there's. And Gary Eric in. Dark around but that would be good young pitchers is obviously an open palm and start so well right now I think Denver looked at that they were young. We're right there on the we need on how to heel players that maybe click it's over the edge. And they develop Michael. Iran our talk and Jarrett Sutton is a former Missouri tiger he calls gains for the SEC network he's also a scout for the Dallas Mavericks and we're talking him. About Michael Porter junior. I was starting to see a sentiment amongst Missouri fans that maybe Michael should return to Missouri for software season. And played himself into the top five the way many people thought it was going to be what do you have to say to that portion of the Missouri fan base. Yeah I this group I mean you look at Michael and let that you want to take back what it seventeen. Bummer you know at bear was not a rule where we look out Michael order would be. And the pop audit 47. You know so it it just how it played out well Michael fortunately back injury. Missing a year I don't think you within their outward up spot on the station. Throughout the season and I think a lot of doubt decorative metal that wanted to really the end. It's even of the bombardment in the work out they wanted to have an opportunity. To get went public in an area that Michael didn't work out seeing it worked out at Chicago. Vehicle that suck it up for work out of the border up that emerged and that looked yeah agent. I'm mark oral scene Billy goat and wanted it's a really protect my people on the process. They did submit the medical value or or are seventeen and and ultimately. You know I think adding more but it's not like we're sitting there is that what you were certain what you what you call this because mark will continue and all. I don't think it was the right it and what Michael would go this year you know it's hard to draft. It would still in the conversation at the top and work some property that Sacramento at number two overall pick. It's about a month ago and I understood it of the Columbine when not working out a better view. On opposite Michael or upgrade you think he's about or to strap I'd like that these young kids. He should data. And I'll let Syria as you know I don't pretend that clearly drew the comparison with certain player. But they'll they'll think that is young and I'm here and incompetent. Believe them well and Courtney. You know you're what nineteen yadda that dropped while it is somewhat open I think it's great for John but it ultimately Michael going back. I don't I don't think it would have really ultimately and I think you are going back to school. You've got to have a reason to go there'd there'd have to be a reason for your development for whatever might be yours still that would be the work on. And really Michael the bill but there it sit for medical and being healthy adult but for example about the very would have benefited in all go. And that's Jarrett Sutton former Missouri tiger calls gain from the SEC network he's also an NBA scout for the Dallas maverick you're always good talking to thanks cyber criminal today. It. Always cool to catch up with Jarrett Sutton former tiger former our students current SEC network announcer Yeltsin was scout for the Dallas Mavericks beat listening in on Monday morning for a real cool announcement from assistant Sports Radio if you are basketball and I think you'll be very interested that's really all the information I can give you will be listening Monday at 8 o'clock. A really cool announcement from six cents Sports Radio I was thinking about this was Michael Porter. That's you or biggest sports what it is Bo Jackson I completely understand your old enough to have seen Bo Jackson is 88 you know the kind of athlete that he was that would be keeping Bo Jackson healthy we can see what kind of athlete he would have gone on to be calling Michael Porter Bo Jackson I don't think for me it's always going to be some of that pass as Missouri stated if we had seen him health the if we had seen. How good he could have been in college what could've Missouri what could've Missouri bought one to accomplish is gonna have a little bit of that field. So where are kicking this around. As target rate for the show it's what's local sports what it what's the biggest question if you could have answered about sports or which ain't what would you do. It's very very easy for me the 2012 NFL draft but she selected 74 overall. They drafted Donald Stephenson offensive tackle Oklahoma. Bullying does a decent player for the agency chiefs certainly worthy of a third round draft pick. Once election later. 2012 NFL draft. Round 375. Quarterback. Out of NC state and Wisconsin. Russell Wilson about to go back in. I just tapped. Scott you'll be emotional as tablet game. So much and yet you might wanna just hang on such. You know my national one is kindred junior he's kind of my Bo Jackson where an all time great no question about it certainly Alter romo's 600 home runs one MBP fourteen time all are but. What's that one moment I was Hewlett and junior if he could've stayed healthy. I've been talking about him as. The greatest baseball player of all time local. We talked this couple hours ago the best at what was Zack Greinke. Is that it is time in Kansas City was 61 and 67 out and local buyers record because the teams were no good. But since then he's been sixty games over 500 with the theory of two and a half marathon about a little bit more. Through better want rich it. How good could that chiefs team have been specifically just last 45 games it was that you know her back thanks to your services we appreciate it. But your power back up because don't forget it's rich in all of one season to lead Kansas City and become the MVP of the league for thirteen win team which did and pretty good quarter. Whenever Sam islanders on writing for the kids these army this is a responsibility for Jeffrey Slaney and they should look at every bed sheets cornerback position and talked to the person that made it. That would be I think Carl Peterson. I. I now looking back on beverage can Everett and Elvis or I think you mess and a bright lights you know you as bad up some got to write that book. Does wonder how quick the book would get bored does that mean how many times have we seen the same guys Steve Bono did discouraged even to Byrd Trent Green Alex Smith let. That same guy or those actually different people in the the other one as an individual what a season. How about strike season. In 1994 words and I go on basically our entire lifetime was seeing terrible irrelevant invisible royals baseball and all the soap in 1994. They're really good and they're leading the wild card that got one of the best records in baseball to make a play us. Then there's the strike so I've always looked back to 1994 about what could have been that. I started this exercise senior was a cheesy answer and we kept progressing through we kept progressing through and I can't get my mind office. And Carlos Correia. In the boy given it goes from hero to go out and you can make it. Pretty compelling argument that obviously the royals don't go on to win that game unless something crazy happens in the ninth inning. They don't have a series. We looked at fourteen and fifteen very differently. And I'm not sure we get sixteen and seventeen with the core. Because of that fifteen team fails maybe the timeline for trading those guys. Moves up a little bit and may be right now is bad is eighteen is. May be we are on the backside of the year two of be rebuilt. So Carlos Correia. Miss playing a ball that he would field 99 point five out of a hundred times. Completely. Change in cities love for baseball. Completely. Changed date Morse track record as a GM in Major League Baseball. And it can a team's 201820192022021. When it comes to the future of the royals read. Spectrum various attitudes were not fine. In this I'm humbling you and you only enough blame me or sports machine from Michelle McPhee. Out of Boston she is they investigative journalist for ABC news. And Newsweek. Hanley Ramirez former Red Sox infielder as well dot dot dot. Some issues he is being hiding connection with an ongoing federal and state investigation. State soon. So. This week when it comes they Hanley Ramirez a b.'s big meets a Larry Hoover. How I go. But I insulin that's funny I'm gonna guess. That. As drugs are involved I just knew. Speculation. I have absolutely no reason to believe that but if you are being tied in in federal and state investigation. I'm gonna assume drugs are. Well I appreciate the big meets drop I think of the royals were in the situation. They would wait till the very last second to find out exactly what it is like human trafficking drugs just how bad is this thing to exhibit day. Alex Gordon we talked about this when the Red Sox caught him their mirrors a couple of weeks ago the both technically in the game of baseball book that are really not. Mears wasn't that bad I always wondered reverend happen which it. While the Red Sox cut this guy couldn't you at least get back some sort of value and we find out now that there's a reason they cut him and his point was million dollar contract is the feds are actors. Suspect you got more information as a Michelle McPhee joined 98 point five the sports of this afternoon and said this on their show quote. Obviously I know and absolutely nothing about sports or Hanley Ramirez's stats. But what I do know is crime and there's been some reports about a peace time phone call that was made between a man during a car stop. After the car stop police recovered a significant amount of drugs and during that car stop the suspects. Claim that one of the items down inside the vehicle blonde to Hanley Ramirez and then facetime Ramirez in front of police and that Clark stuck. Coordinated with the timing of his release from the Red Sox beat the reported as a suspect who was pulled over a person who is not Ramirez. Was down with 435. Grams of fentanyl as while as a large amount of crack cocaine allow. So immediately as basically got here is a I. I'm not I'm certainly not advocating anybody do anything I've ever heard I assumed we I didn't wanna go down that I didn't. I declare yeah I'm not advocating for anybody to do anything legally. But you can tell whenever these drug investigations have been who's listening young g.s in the lives and what's the liar. Could you listen to either one of those big giving you instructions on how to avoid these it I'm sure you hire face time around the base. You outpaced I would people board around please. You are right around. I thought big did the best advice to when he years ago never did hire your own supply we're facetime coming in this silo from all over. So Paul was pulled over on the. Not Hanley Ramirez although overeat. According to Michelle McPhee a friend of his. The bay added that basically he was Avon so the ads got pulled over all allegedly battle that saw I'll read a quote again. There's been some reports about eight these timed phone call that was made between a man during a car stuff. After that car stop police recovered a significant amount of drugs and during that course dot. The suspect claimed at one of the items found in the vehicle along to Hanley Ramirez here's an NC needs time Ramirez in front of police. Don't know I'll tell. Now okay that it that's that's an ultimate snake yeah. Just tell them you're in jail with that is gridlock and have dropped car now that is great news. Okay and I understand I understand a little bit better is this the first time. Big is bull by the midi was the runner all alleged. He was the he was that guy Syrian money attitude to one in the wire. He gets pulled over these arts mansion and and around police he called you on based. Nobly she. Friends like Barry Bonds trade remember his trainer there lightly admitted that you didn't stuff like this company has asked breaking the law this guy knew that you want to get sent to jail on the app. Banner bong hit it terrible and several U. Years in jail there's homer just goes out there and opportunity Eric and that's yours and he's like whatever man I'll call on facetime legacy of doing. How much is a pound of crack how bad in the street value no new alliance. It's for. I don't. I 135. And Graham lords of fentanyl. I don't know if that always but. Or I they are and is point 95 pound titles oh my that you can't. The bullet and you sit in the rhetoric that we're talking cricket what's the I Tyrell I don't know if I would ask. About public a pound of cranky soundly fentanyl is an OP you waited a pain medication I got a guy that's got a guys you're looking for pound Akron no I thought it should that air I would say and yeah. I mean I didn't get stopped at Nebraska ordered is now it is do you want budget that does things based on when you do. Did sex six I'd presume is pleased as the segment is done about all indicted right now. Text us 66. Taxing your quest you'll answer coming up. As legendary wood Jersey Mike's throwing an unforgettable party is easy. You supply the perfect guess they supply the perfect. Jersey Mike's via sub above a G Edwards sixteen of Sports Radio give up my bumper traffic. Yours I mean. I think I'm entitled to. Here's I want the true that would be anonymous patient and just and Jack Nicholson at least this would have been a lot better. Handle the truth. It's 969. Or 06. This has been segment that you control. All you gotta do. Thanks in a question. Text finds 69306. Asked the question we will answer is Specter taken away he and Mary guys playing in any summer softball leagues this year no. Season starts on Tuesday. We we have won a game that Merkel the CIA where the Caucasian invasion with one Asian Goodyear anyway playing Third World sixties you recovered. I don't know joke I'm told and I honestly among. Well under reserves that are disclosed its tablet than it was a animated joke answers. As the the the last time it's gonna get a spot just gave us. It's gonna go yeah. Nine and he's making did. I'm on the line you're the go to the Benton well I wasn't it only helps our rooms opening. I'm hearing my items of her we gotta be back here next week you any time I did. Money has been denying it I need to help adherence that the public realize now why did. C dot did you ever consider any singing career person just needed basement I was lifted struggling to tell the difference earlier that's a that you pick about the black delegation. You know like we had those. It says six most of a shop around 63645. We learned how to do you you know. I don't do you'll save about brother. Argument about myself. That's. Any low key. Big spots around downtown recommend yes really. Has abided take regularly take to clean over there the food fraud and down the river I did a nice clever and I want next French cuisine meals. And the like that I was gonna go for taste restaurant week in the insulin after that I didn't have going I'll meet you. Really don't know also you'd US OT. As strategic residency expensive but a nice play itself free right across the street to get lol whole laundry I was report health. Belfort really did sound. They just down the record bar you'll do to help in the tax relief quick tax six reserve's sixth I'm actually going to Memphis this weekend for the first time. What barbecue tonight unions and those would you take sides in the and that's it. Help it help you avoid outlawed them I'm trying to get some wings and I'm trying to get some BBQ and a there. That's excited me as a lot. Help would you rather fight one I don't answer those questions those but. Now we got to fight dogs and horses and they'll. I'm an involvement liberal mean. Excellent here and city trying to escape rooms in Kansas City I have X Abrams I was people wanted to go crawl the public I would do it state rules of listeners. The final being different smaller kind of dog kind of 6 or 7 o'clock I thought it was like awards that you type thing in the six or seven time tour unscathed every time Todd I'm like five for two. Brooke I Tuesday and nobody's I've got a fired out of who'll win an NBA title first Michael Porter junior or. Grace and Allen Chris announcements you'd talk dead zone that's all you need them didn't we all see that coming before that he thought it was Michael to where it would. If you don't student newspaper. It election atletico play for the US. Lets you about it out. No Heidi we all degrees and Allen's demanded that the bodies such as no others there's nothing shocking about that in these. But it. We're not that we got to get to burn I hope we're not indicted from this final week that would bad possibly an indictment and if we are my apologies that's on. I'm definitely I definitely we are now surprised that we got brought in for questioning. About that side certainly wouldn't be surprised if back. The cat's face sixth and sports stocks now also available hides it debate the gang is back together next week. It has gotten.