06/22 4p - Pick-a-Player, Around the NFL, KU Draft Picks, One Year Anniversary

The Drive
Friday, June 22nd
Pick-a-Player, Chiefs version of Around the NFL, debating Malik Newman's decision plus we celebrate a one year anniversary 

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One more. Movies the tee and second time. You've got right back. And to shoot down and there's Roger. Don't you used to play yes wider for help on a drive. Bags and on the drive keep racing here Specter yours or machine is solid being young. We well all roundly themselves coming off in fifteen minutes also get back to the NBA draft and a fourth third. What does not Michael Porter yesterday divides Agrium was drafted as well speak with hi Luke was selected as well. Molly Newman on drafted we'll give back to the NBA draft coming up at 430. If you miss that Michael Porter junior was drafted fourteenth overall divides agree with threats in the exact same spot. As great basin was last season I cannot remember words he was dressed the number but I notre by the Los Angeles Lakers family unit will be playing summer league just like Jordan Barnett. They're still working on cats is Robertson for Missouri but I don't I can't remember where bully Newman's tough minded Bush's. Some that mr. all eating your your zealots who if you with the lakers odds. It is a time to play pick player. Ever not familiar with the game it is very simple all we do is we ask you. Category. So colors red blue green and a pilot or purple. And I mean you go against a celebrity. Today's celebrities are maybe not a celebrity in the sense but they matter a whole lot to me it is the guys on 610 sports radius you have Bob passcode jostling Miller and relate. Ian. To go up against in pick a player today we've got Kevin Tim. Alley and Steve in the OP let's head to Cabot channel next items that haven't. Under a bit odd a fantastic right you've got fast go point late in big legal and opinions. Our thoughts go head NFL quarterbacks Kevin how many different NFL quarterback is game at fifteen seconds your mark get set go. Out commitment to my home. Carson Palmer. Cup jeopardy count yet not quite. Their color I jeered off. C. Mr. B it's heat. Geithner. You know I haven't just the culture our duty talent. I'll tell critic not give it to you I'll give it to home to the fact that he didn't say Tom breed. It's yeah cool Gergen it's Google's victimized are not on and on and now. Argument saying that should feel quarterback it's only eight to get text doesn't make it about now with instinct is shown Kaiser. Might not be a real enough on quarterback even more at this point I would do you want to 34567. Spot. Seven spot or Kevin Hamlin X a let's hear a sports talk radio host Bob let's build those his NF LTDs. If John Watson packed homes Eli Manning Carson wins. Alex Smith. Sam Bradford. America's Mary noted Jamison Winston. I got a nice bounce Roland Bilbao. Fast so a lot but again how do you see Sam Bradford reporters. Bradford the month before Tom Brady did it make him to make him really really good point oh god cannot argue. In the least and I exit plan what you have been eliminated on the game and Ole late that same day. Then. You got playing big like you make it. All are aren't late he has. Links how many hot during the name in fifteen seconds your mark get set go. Hot chocolate Karl Malone well pullout date with what they. Threats like that but you know. Coffee coffee with cream. Writer. The mood as the site poll IP and I'm an insider plummeted dinners moved to. Stephens insiders phenomenal although I. Spectrum we didn't coffee and coffee were no yeah. He also don't get too docile lot table white watt today all those so drinks I did it's a wash today. But chuck and light and everything you the news that it Watson. I'm giving Bob don't cherry air head mystery air had flu like they're after I had you get air head as he candy it is OK once I. Where did you do your thing. Washington 34. Let me make on the on the case timid on the case isn't it. We were doing so does and you instead of being answer and you named strawberry can't largely into its well the theater family but those are two separate its juicy cherry Coke regular code I'd echo the yes. Okay I'm back in my eyes. So yeah. 00. I'm given to normal and Akron on the odds are. Let's put myself into yeah Harvick seeded Java chip strategy may get some more strategy and get a frat Gina. He doesn't talk recruit you get the -- growl of a drink our how many you get. The number Hamid spent so. I don't anger I just I watch him yeah it says. This game is above board at some converse last week on pick to Atlanta to Israel I just want to make sure it's Madonna board and the trainer who was urged more in the sport don't thread I forgot Obama. Seven. I got to seventh but islets of lake knows how. Drinks. C. List dole cocoa less fuel pump coffee. That stole. Help me with something that under is asking the question. What appeal of apple cider it's hot. Apple juice outlook for apple views the public use an amazing served cold I would use a little a little in the morning at breakfast. Fantastic drink don't want it to be hot I don't want you could take my Al James go put in the microwave and an article two minutes conservative suspect. Or answers question remember it's not the same guys bought the cheese soup. Was just melted cheese I did think that you don't know that I like it it would have been held his species suit the red she's so I did in a way that out of it sounds like peso. Had urged her actually it's it might actually be considered they're assessing his cheese do I was in Chicago a few months ago with two. Coulter Estrada should Madonna issued just stuck in my normal thing I walked him. And there's a bowl on the table with a spoon or nothing else that chips are doing so I think it's a concern appetizer. Source dark immediately and I'm like that's a mood uniquely bad I've had worse. And and they brought chips so it does it actually so. Which has left left to laugh and then brought him the ball. I was really trying to play the more you know sounder but I couldn't find it quick enough. How many whole committee OK plus for art sport for a guy and he. In only as an indictment and wait Nolan answered my question when it came to apple juice I'm who Walton and a is it that I'm actually on the same side as you when it comes to the cheese suit but he goes to my at least that close to may sue it's just to make it's it's. Exactly what it is that's not I don't tell me this number it's not just a testament Jews and I have in this conversation W you more. I don't mean. All right you have cling and Brinkley to go up against in today's version of pick a player. I can't imagine Dave big league being good at anything Booker younger optics clutch on the ticket. Dipping quit I could be your. I think we found something that Hinckley is really good that we named him hey Eric we need ESPN personalities. How many ESPN personalities team David fifteen seconds earmark did say though. Perhaps all should be yeah god. Or we're. We. I have no idea I'm not really I want you your ears. One he knows Stuart Scott's dad should tell the break the bad news. It's got no longer with us and Mitchell that's. Actually my to a random. ESP need to do unions Mo valuable about an audience in reply sort don't want. Are we giving them it's been told that his army has been an as the NBC Gerald. Are re overnight giving of Stewart's got a little congress and souls and over five years now. I don't feel like ants got count is pianist and certainly sports center has not been the same since the minute the stewards got past ways to say is it's so it's. I think technologies. And that was cool the other so I think everybody loves Stewart's. I sing in the ninety's other than television als were you watching highlights. Put sports Saturn unit to its coming in TV when used to be video people like monsters he sort of went to crap and I just want or they don't want. Opinion all the time when he is on its same thing. In 1995 pals go large music videos on the television. There's YouTube invention back igniting I don't know. I don't go on there and just type it and because right now if I really wanna see the new daisy be Gaza duty I don't mean to be vigilant to know more I didn't want to muck bowl like ad that's like they killed MTV news to win an audience that. I'll let here. If. I think he does better than one and go with the tumbled eleven let's hear Karl read that you. The government. Our streets equals oh. Dwight Howard and Chris Burmese who worked there to get giving him one Jeremy Anderson. Did he say Dwight Howard. Pro. Let us got very well John Anderson a shell a kiddie many noted that delight our. No name comes from. No big green. Look this is a simple minded governors like that okay. I think one of the TV monitors is on. I think Dwight Howard right now is in the news right as a threat about a contract or whatever he saw what power the quarters ID panic that is I think. He thinks he means it. When he thought Dwight Howard and how little stir he is talking about almighty jolt. Let's Michael Smith who we think he was talking about when he finds what he's said Dwight how. All Berkman has a right in our honorary. The guy the guy just hung up he knew he was not a winner ice deep in the EI ST. To a fantastic I got to go begins jostling I feel about that. Yeah pulling ahead super entirely different shoe brands you at fifteen seconds a mark get set go. Nike Reebok. At Edith Skechers com. That. I'm gonna put you all and hold Tex is saying Desmond our academics arts he said to him. Desmond Howard Desmond that it does our abilities and I couldn't eagle was excellent. I'll say is very off you are right. I mean we get my apologies for all you simple convince you were prohibited as dizzy lows Opel is at her 123456. He gets that Silas is playing is they shoe stuck. We've got to do you balance Adidas Nike Brooks. Be locked. Basics. Reebok. Sears and ultimately column she's you know I mean Reebok I don't know what I mean over the top with seven although Brooks who confirmed the knives at a real thing this is a fashion he's. He's vicious. He used make an opera that a real term that shot it's like a really cool thing called you know as tiger redon I'm missing something you mean apple word she asked me to know what it up or that would definitely did you triple word score on strap is burdens for an. 45 and whiter older to Wear a new balance is kind of what Brooks Brooks. They sound like dress shoes but I other kind of have. Don't look almost looks like Saucony aka. Saucony and a good idea to lock the door without you on issues nod I. And I just Google I mean I've seen the issue before but I would not just got a little rescue. About I was like aggression or your recent stomach brook in times that's on the order got to be a runner like it seemed like one of those like long distance cross country and issues. That you Wear it sounds like Seminole lake. Is the winner of our royals and Red Sox tickets today another. Beautiful rendition of take a play. Coming up on the other side we take our trip around the NFL on a Friday is drive yeah. It's the reason I'm. Global. You know way these bags. Border drafted about they grant granted speed drafted bleak new. Did not hear his name called yesterday doesn't make you exempt from drive conversations. We'll get back into the NBA draft coming up in a balance in minutes. But right now let's build our Mo pads take a trip around Venus who. On the round the NFL podcast. On Wednesday. The question is asked who's going to have more catches Tyreke guilt or Sammy watched it this was in the NY as. Answer tyra killed kind of for the Antonio Brown reason that they'll get him some quick. Catches the pavement extended handoff to account of the cats over taken this in a literal sense. But in Perry feels better but anyway I'm surprised you can get closer to our discussion of a top ten receivers tires nobody sees a better player yeah walking. You can hit a very good receiver last just and he was a true wide receiver they didn't use among the gadgetry as much last season. So is there any question. But Sammy Watkins is going to have more pictures and Tyreke kill or not it clearly Tyreke bill that was any bill watts was red and limit to any and why any deadline set everything that I. I'd say watching maybe if they bigger than any month. To some people. Let's every chill is the better wide receiver in 28 team ain't what he says at the end they're. It was gadgets stuff last through the way it was in your one would tie repealed he made the transition to be eulogized the wide receiver I was talking to somebody about this couple days ago he is what the person Horton was going to be a healthier version at this point. Every kills the better wide receiver so I think he's about a lot receiver yes I'll take him into 118 knots and I don't think what it's gonna be good in twenty team. Guild has knows the offense or a state healthier over the last couple seasons and has already built the report up with that's the homes of the last two seasons a ticket Hilbert Watkins when he team that. That's not the case here with the NTT's I think the entire field is the this is the obvious number one weapon because you could probably argue that we're even for guys of them aboard weapon on the outside the ball but. Look at the first couple of years in the career of tiger did you. As a rookie he was way better than we expected last year he outperformed into what he did in your warm there's nothing that makes me thing. But heading into the season Tyreke Gil by season's end point. Somewhere between. Eighty to ninety catches it's going to get the torque gets a lot a lot especially because you at a Sammy walk into the knock one B is much double coverage that you look at the stats back. And the career of a guy like Sammy Watkins. He's never had a seventy catch season so I think it's less of me to say this any want is going to have more set. Tired. Was cycle. Double that I hated so loud and you're gonna hit him again now covered over here. Was reading around aero side ride doctor Smith on this happy Friday everybody out there. Resorted around arrowhead pride today. Came across this pro football weekly. Says that you know passing you know is going to be the AFC break out player on defense. Yet by NS I am. Buying it a little bit we were told when they drafted Tom a passing EO of the year one he was gonna not see the field he was gonna struggle a year to see a big step forward. Recited Joseph Mays about this yesterday that for a lot of NFL players the biggest jump you feel like taking your career is from year one here too that's where we're at passenger. You drafted with the expectation of your two year you're gonna see dividends so I'm expecting to see dividends. That's so that's why I picked him as my AFC arsenide AFC but she's breakout player of the year. I think we're going to see certainly a lot more production from tunnel past of them we did last. It Newberry Rodriguez got that new show on Thursday night's killer that Eric thuggery that's their answers yet provided as. I the best is really pushing it really. It Chris Jones is actually going to be the breakout player on this even as a rookie was awesome last year and that's a lot to be desired. But I don't really know why I think this year he's going to be the guy that we go wild. You end up being a global in the being the guy that we expect they would the chiefs drafted because as a rookie. He was awesome when it comes to passing you know I got to see it man I'm not saying that he can't do it and I think at some point the keys are going to need him to perform on the field. But I guess I'm a temper my expectations because there have been put it Tom got a really gotten. He said really excited about a guy that really all it receives YouTube pilots in college there so. I hope he's good as you're talking about I do think he's going to get the opportunity I'm gonna wait. Arrowhead pride another great link from our friends over there error it right every Thursday night at 6 o'clock oils permitting. CBS sports said gates the over on eight wins for the keys but they had this nugget. Even if that she start to enforce start the season you still need to be over. By now. It's so hard to say how the team go responded he finished two of four I understand they've done many years pass that was a completely different quarterback. And it completely different mindset I think for the organization. I would take the old par on eight wins. I think Andy Reid and the amount of options they have off since are certainly enough for you to win more than eight games this season. This feels like at that moment nine at 17 maybe I am overestimating and I an audience and we should temper expectations with Patrick Holmes. I executable is all right. Not saying he has to go out there has to be Russell Wilson your one bit even meet those Tony touchdown passes and eleven interceptions. I think there's enough weapons on offense for the team to at least be competitive football team. And at least wait 89 games this season be asked me today I would take over on eight. 214 to gain some of the ticket that's scheduled here in just a second I will admit it. Setting the over under for the 2018 Kansas City keys has to be and I don't think this hyperbole a series. The most difficult over under line heading into the season the Las Vegas has ever had thick but it's an injury is bigger than one double digit games. They've won the division two years in there. They've got maybe as much album one side of the ball as anybody in the yet they've got. Essentially a rookie quarterback so what the biggest hit I think they took all that into equation there like for and I don't know if don't eight it's a good number we'll go with 500. I agree with him and I think even if as hits the fan even if my homes under performs even if there's an injury that we can't expect that happens. This team still wins nine or ten football games this if you're curious. Here is the key schedule at the beginning of the season it opened up against the chargers and then it's the 49ers the jaguars the bang goals. The browns and the programs given that schedule. I think furry infirmary ward threw for six games. But coming up on the other side the NBA draft with yesterday we saw Michael Porter drafted to the Denver Nuggets we saw the bonds Agrium get drafted. He is now in Charlotte and we saw. Speed Mikhail Lugo is the Los Angeles Lakers we'll talk what the NBA draft what transpired last night coming up on the driving the. You know drive carried seniors challenging year. Specter you're taking up until 6 o'clock wheel gets the hits coming up. Five I believe we have one more pair close it is to win at 5 o'clock hour we would. Then during a commercial break month sports scene there once again you were incorrect about something and now we've got to go back and we got to race them here. Yep that predicts he'll famous Philly takes line from the 816 points out that. The previous signal when I said the chiefs opened the season against Johnson County community college and then they go on the road with a little giants I was actually wrong. Here's his first six games at the chargers. Pittsburgh won't talk about to start the season and they come on the air ahead. Face the 49ers and then at the Broncos Jacksonville at home and then at New England arm. Other note actual schedule to and four of the gates does surged in a little bit more realistic let's. With the NBA draft to a certain little bit differently than people think we're going to do a normal user experience of the expectations they were they about Michael Porter and we certainly will talk about Michael Porter. Maybe this is not a correct thing to say cool thing to say because I cheer for the Missouri Tigers are supposed to hate everything that where is their crimson and blue I'm really happy for Dovonte. Like legitimately happy if you Dunst reading about the bonds they grammar your take you fancy your pretty familiar with his back story. His mother was fourteen when she had to bounce Agrium you guys know that initially he didn't commit to cain's he committed to Appalachian State. He did had to go to prep school you didn't wits university Kansas turned himself into. Up national player of the year potential guy first team all big twelve big twelve player of the year last season. Let it does to a final four will eventually have his name up in the raptors. With the all time great team basketball players in to see his name called has to be such a moment in a a very special moment it is spam maybe a proud moment his family that don't care teeny place for like only very human level I am very happy that we are talking about Monty Graham. Being drafting you're not saying that you can't be undrafted in play your ways the NBA letter we certainly seen guys do it but there is a different. Sense of accomplishment whenever you'd have everybody there with you Andy and you see Adam silver say your name and knowing that you were included as one of the sixty best basketball players in that class. Unlike US consulate crimson and blue shades on that smile on the mater on K youth through and through I completely hundred I think it's awesome the Bob Graham. Interest agent pointed out to one program got drafted in the exact same spot that frank Mason got drafted because as good as Mason won't read it will play that your national player of the year I don't think anybody expected in the wildest dreams at the point guard position would take a step back the next season Dovonte Graham was every bit as good. As frank Mason wasn't frankly it again maybe this is what my crimson and blue shades and I'm wearing. Both of those guys are going to have a wall and successful NBA careers looked. Also the superstar that he's ever put in the NBA. Is jewel and beat that restored it to wait a couple of years the CIA that ends up playing out but he has a lot of guys in the mold of like yeah. Cole altered to make a lot of money they have a really long career but really necessarily ever had that moment in the NBA that's what's gonna happen in the case the book of want to Graham and Brad based I think they stick around it make or forty million dollars in the NBA. They play for a decade certain guys I watch like Julian right now like I. Don't see why he'd be a lottery ticker Thomas Robinson twelve while it didn't make sense to me. I think the opposite these are that there ever going to be great but the third one be serviceable serviceable he said point guards in the league for a walk. I've certainly seen Dovonte green being a guy the kind of stakes in the league completes eight continues more callers liked it did just based April a lot of that is essential relations you know on a mile Mario Chalmers let's say he is tracked by the Memphis Grizzlies in the beginning and doesn't play the Miami Heat I don't OP six weeks a lot of pollution situation a lot of it is being given. The room to grow. And we can speak to this from just watching the MBAs or knowing how stunning works meant some guy by the time or fifteen years old. To really mess it up not being NBA player. Like not scouts have seen you of the way to boot your career is treating you're going to be in the NBA so a lot of respect word Allah Dovonte Graham who would an avalanche and state no one picture a future pro in the U turn yourself into account that he turned himself into. And then eventually having your name called. In the NBA draft. Anderson we trades for you on draft day we saw one of those yesterday got kind of confusing which team and these guys put on the hat and ever and playing in that seat got to fix that that's a really we're to thing isn't it. But if they trade up to get you on draft day so you really wanted social really was adjusted about it. You know absolutely it was 3M and and it's Michael Porter. I never really saw in these game until this season. I always thought that people thought he was a better shooter Italy really was a people got oversold the defender that he was heading into the season 47 overall pick the lakers he turned himself into a very complete player issue like there's no denying it. He was certainly worth it in the draft he certainly has a lot of room to grow when you factor is age he turned himself into a media player I remember reading a score from CJ Moore when they were calling him the Ukrainian LeBron wants I don't watch him play to you unlike. It was the same is FEMA how does that look like that to me he's another guy that developed every single year he was their guy himself better played himself into a draft pick restless and. No there ratchet up others yet. As America but looks to eat it's a different start or re awesome shooter you Brit morning installer and keep on analyst mark two armor Brandon Rush. Most years the difference. Speak it's 68. Closer to six not a lot of people don't realize that because he plays a Guardsmen and their position knocks down three after 68 and you gonna knock down three's sticker on the league for. You won't stay. Text us six bunkers are sixty tell us lottery pick means. Basically it is a top fourteenth pick in the NBA draft the waiting in the way the MBA doesn't different than the NFL they just go shear on who's the worst it was a cycle we're seeing who's the third worst team. The NBA does a lottery system so it is basically a percentage chance of what you had to have the highest. And if you're a member of the lottery that means you were a playoff teams are sixteen teams make the playoffs the other fourteen teams that principle. And so Michael Porter was selected fourteenth overall so he was at the absolute in and of the lottery or all of the league knew. Into Dre I mean just bully Newman I mean that the quest with the league Newman and funny you bring him up the question is only Newman is did you make the right decision. I think a lot of times they instinct if you didn't it's collected by the team yea that means you made the wrong this is in you should've went back. Now all is argued just earning potential and starting it earlier let's heavily Newman. Goes with some really impress the team gets a chance to make it's he's eleventh on the roster what's better for you. Making NBA league minimum next year or playing in college for free. I'm gonna take the money. They went with a supporter junior early and I would say you have to go for the money because who knows maybe you combat next year and get injured more but I completely disagree when you're talking but he border guy who didn't and that getting drafted if you're believed Newman you come back instead scored fourteen point eight points a game used or let's call it 1820 points a game instead of being an on draft to underestimate a team and playing the J. League made you detracted at the end of the first round and you guarantee yourself at least that first or your contracts on the case in the league Newman. So did that do bad advice he told their contracted because if not it was horrible decision not to go back to Kansas and improve the draft stock because all of he's either in the NBA for men under way in the. What was that really going to change with going back to Kansas. But. Mean we just watched. I've seen two years of the league Newman you saw two years above league Newman was he gonna be any better than he was the last eight games at Kansas idol mold you as much better than that that's basically saying that he was gonna turn in the body healed this certainly there's some guys that go to college and then they test the NBA wanted to he would review of the need to work on the economic school and they blossom. We never talk about the guys like like like like miles purchase from a Michigan State. You're a top five pick in the NBA draft he went back because everybody was saying you go back you can be better and you lost money by going back I think these conversations not saying you specifically. We're not honest a lot of times where it. There are a lot of seeds that hurt themselves by coming back I'm a firm believer is now like like once you feel like you hit short potential. And that is your hottest point like grace and out. We saw more grace and Allen gets its pick tired and the shooter is now. How did he make money by going back to do keep more money by going back lost money in the draft and you lost years off earning potential. So I understand the philosophy with a lot of people but we always play best case scenario. Best case scenario is your right but he was a junior went back to Oklahoma turned himself into a great player. We don't ever talk about the junior that stayed one extra year twisted ankle in the and he goes undrafted now he's overseas and not a long going overseas or it'll all make the money we saw guys like mark is didn't. Become millionaires playing in Greece so understated. It normally Newman. And you don't make the NBA you can go over to the early inside for 200000 dollars a year. Why you've gone back to kick you can all pistol gold India. My board Keith Langford has put it overseas last fifteen years I think bank saw last forty million dollars so there's money to be made not in the NBA for good Creason Allan example where. The differences right Chris now would have left walls is best yours it is. Sophomore already if you have left after assault or your people projected him to be a lottery picks on people as high as a top ten. The difference was came back is juniors started tripping people yet to come back to see your his draft stock fell a little bit. But it fell from ten were you doing that to seventeen point one want how to difference between going in the first round or second round or even worse which is a belief human going completely. Draft how about another. Example only sell. It wanes like was seldom really helped by continuing to go to see it lets her way seldom got pushed out like given the choice all the would welcome back proceed your that was one of those conversations on a closed or bill so for bill was like. And in no way I think maybe he should his boat it's like you know the bridge over the girl's kind of mutual but it's really not on the wings held and forced. Guys to Uga did. Was play a lot to you were came back for that extra season but about a dilate or black who's still in the NBA your Jeff with the all the guys really did was play at KU and then end up getting drafted and Anna playing in the NBA for a while times are sometimes it makes sense to come back. Just so you can be on that stage one more seized. Eyes think. When you have the opportunity where you were the hottest insured going to be Emily Newman. I don't know if it's possible for him to be better than he was the last six weeks of the of thought about it and tires he's what does he got hurt like a credit strapped to be in the same spot he's in right now but it. It would be drafted him maybe he doesn't get a summer league and I did I. I think that we had this conversation guys get drafted our conversation only shoots to the what do they come out and do really well. What they come back and don't do. Really well like sometimes it's some it's often the money right there. It's kind of like Deal or No Deal right you could roll the dice and see what happens what do you struggled that season what do you get injured a season somebody's an opportunity agrees somebody is going to play in the league Newman money to play basketball next season. I'd much rather make money to go to Kansas don't know what is expected to you by so why is getting handing 9000 dollars next year it it doesn't eliminate you from playing in the NBA we see a lot of guys who is on track the route eventually stick on the roster and played himself into when it. Yogi Bear from Indiana so it. It well it doesn't happen every year that a guy who was Emily newly situation plays himself he's really well and so we worked himself into and gets on an NBA roster. Plus a team like should have to sign a two way contract the lakers really liked you as a player. Absolutely but in the case of only human right now we know how it's actually worked out with Andre it was awesome in the NCAA tournament and about the leading to humans Gordon was right up. Puts you up in the high since we're talking about specifically Maliki Newman not a likely doom and out of what does it regrets in scenario. But actual lead you in hindsight today. Don't you think that he wishes ripples named NBA draft was combat Kansas and that is going to put the Reno bighorn for next couple seasons I. I got to see with the money is with the lakers does all of the money and lakers like maybe he would say if you make it seem it's half a million dollar guarantee. All the dicing at the half million dollar guarantee to play the lakers to go back to teens as do Missouri Kentucky you name the university this can't pass up or money like that because the NBA opportunity. Is I mean the god of the guys go back to school you get beat Robertson is ABA to make money to me you have to grab those opportunities coming up on the other side. There's an anniversary that absolutely needs to be celebrated will will do it next McGrath. We're having a conversation probably knew who went undrafted yesterday in the NBA draft and if he could go back. And stay in school what you do it. So I'll attacks on ask what is league minimum the pet projects growth famous Philly tax on what's leaked memo is just under 600000. So we signed a two way contract with the Los Angeles Lakers that is essentially aid. If he makes team he goes on the lakers if he doesn't make the team he goes to their. If he makes the lakers it's a minimum of 600000. Dollar. Which sounds awesome until you realize the last pick of the first round whatever and Morey Spellman is at the hawks took. He's gonna make 3.5 million to street drafted the first round which is my only argument of you should go back to school. The urban of the hawk and worked it right it plays downfield for Bill Self I can't remember a player you its head. What did you ever go back next eighteen game I don't think you beat them in the game. Now with a better roster at 218 teams a lot of his fifteen indices and averaged more points anyway we and his art was B minister's ability to do this again but my point is let's aid was sixteen or seventeen game. I think that he would be drafted probably late first round early sect run to guarantee money to me that's what differences do you wanna come back. In the case Michael Porter junior don't you take Monica's got injured concerns because the money is still on indicates a malignant and it's not you were not draft in the for prompt your correctness around the drafted at all. I just think we have this conversation fortune many times by guys who go back and get better we don't have the conversation about guys like. Bridges by miles bridges from Michigan State would have been a top three pick it laughter is in it. You're back foresaw policies and everybody applauded he lost money he made a terrible decision you make terrible decision. We could see time and Abigail and offer you the money you need to take. When the EPA comes a knocking and and they are like the recent college basketball for a lot of these guys is to get an opportunity to play in the emea. He's get enough insulin to play Emily I disagreed to say it was a terrible decision for miles bridges who may be what got directed third best idea that getting drafted well he's gonna make seven point one million dollars per year you can't ever say terrible decision and making seven point one million dollar or you're the same sense it doesn't make sense. The sound by doing dodge and let me last year you lost money how much in agreement last and it's really a state like those a last year this is they needed to outbound allegedly. Because I expect a seven million dollars of an image they see any terrible financial decision. Funny it's all these ought where you're right I haven't been rich and live at Los Angeles either I can't imagine I make six pounds on the I'd split on the lakers. That's good angle to meet its outlook it better it sounds better in the main or close. In the general does the desk as a veteran of world. Jet just this vigil now someone says the money playing international is as good as money K you know about the need it and Sylvia and Sosa. 200000. Some it was so much like the league grows for how long match. That was wrong of me since that. Today is an ever forgot about this anniversary. But Specter did not predict one year notes today Stephen a Smith almost incited arise. Do you update about brother I believe that the U because the bond that they did that becomes a much. They got got a mop up this up the and I literally articulate it and gets that head. Bet executives and applicable. To what it's done right it's. I'm not going to be any good job of up to them being able to right now his very first move is the executive. Once that's why low moral. I'm sure. It it it it yeah. Theft yellow law. The important thing that I love Lamar Odom apartment and not let them we wish him nothing but the bet. Metal or at least eight. Peace not met its goal. And a New York Knicks what's this I love them all the whole lawn for apple have. I'm. It most of us even days and it is I've never seen someone who has the ability to seemingly be angry about average. By tomorrow Cleveland could decide. To make Tyrod Taylor there starting corner. He could be really mad that is not baker may feel like bro is not a big video a bigger gonna start at some point it'll. He's really bad about that big of the human race that there is this isn't even his best rain it. We've had slob amid the Dickau. We've had Kwame Brown Bryant. The total loans good this isn't even his best I I you're a fan of Steve and he's now and I'm not cool is a bottom feeder I heard. I usually don't like him I'm usually ignored by him usually turn the channel but. That was pretty. All of that was pretty good that was pretty (%expletive) off somebody is sick he gave up 48 so. It. Gone back. I'm not the music. And don't. They today. How the music right now I am having it that. Have been up every bad thing. We are pretty damn big dog. Eat. Not not that I'm here right now. That's not gonna take that up to it and all I haven't done. Today and get all my damn dark. Out it's not right now. We're not gonna topic did they wait might not not be hectic. You know that not handed. But then I wake up this on. And I grabbed my fault mail. Off the arm and milk Internet today than in and some lip brats and get them very. I could break migraine smoothie drink. Let's take that at eight. Feet. Couldn't. That the New York Knicks all open to trading. Chris that was think it's the number of every bad thing. There's a lot of stuff going on and it's all good and grits this city. And sex. Those that you grew up in a black church you know wanna talk about. Stephen is meant sounds like the one old one in the church. Don't you know the woman talking about that's louder than everybody tells her Holler use or just a little so glad I got to tell you that Amy and a little bit. You guys know if you like Turkey for every black church had that older black woman that's the human race and it sounds like wind is breakfast and the tea but it. Off the cream and also you brought it would you really love. They well on the Lamar Odom granted being a good thing with a Miami Dolphins decided to sign with you try. For the. First move is the executive. Once the asylum law all over. If the dolphins. Are designed it to Williams knows he's pocketed. It's won't hurt the guys upon that you might sleazy but a little bit hungry my little Bedford did. Problem. Was that Clinton. And then there's this. I don't think. He is so yeah. The executive and applicable law. I'm not going to be and you could almost up to the barely able to right now. Is open. And coming. Somebody says it's so basically Stephen Hayes did Medea that is exactly Steven Hayes is used Medea. An honor it's funny second he gets that tops that ain't Kansas City I'll CDs or is playing center field coming out and about every bad thing.