06/22 3p - Vern Breaking News, Movie Starting 5, Sports What IF, Rattlesnake

The Drive
Friday, June 22nd
Vern joins the show during some breaking news, Levine's movie starting 5, sports WHAT IF plus a rattlesnake story has Carrington......rattled! 

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Backhand on the drive. Pop quiz today presented by victory Chrysler dodge Jeep ram. Captain America was the five pop quiz spec tells me this Steve Rogers was injected on this today and has been saving the world ever since. But we have some breaking news. New York Kansas City Royals. Rahal mine this. Is playing shortstop. For the royals. Oust these Escobar. Is playing send her field. And batting seventh. For York Kansas City Royals the line it goes as follows wit mare's field perera. My stockings reds Dozier Gordon asked the bar in center field today Paulo Orlando DH rile Mondesi play short. And Dini Duffy won the mound. To date a bigger motives that's tomorrow and tomorrow. The streak is over for us ease Escobar. He is playing sick in her field today for York Kansas City Royals sports machine a ticket to use first. I've been talking a lot about this this week. I'd be very curious to see how he performs in center field they what do you make about CB basket or basically changing positions at the mix up I basically yes and positions. It is a basic about it it's official now playing center field. I think it'll work fine I think date in the last couple years when the rules were really really good we know how it right but the bullpen and with a pretty good offense all that stuff. The starting rotation was okay but did the best defense of all time NL CDs as Bart shortstop was ordered but again I was there for years at this point. He's a little older and so a longer in the two with more on this he's coming up please the same position so it was a move that had to be made. Right now it's the fault line for the breaking goes oddly enough they waited so we had our and Saturday come on the show Josh Berger bird I meant. Well to have fantastic I'll give to our normal first question here momentarily but what do you make of the breaking news Pasadena or playing center field for the royals to. Yeah I mean. Age it is small ball park in Houston PD. Yeah capped in August heat wraps its shortstop I think that that mortgage due modesty that it I'll be. The witness royals pitching staff has been performing it doesn't really matter who's watching Oprah say look there. All right our target soon Josh Berger all on the drive my biggest question we talked to. We talked to Jamie. Cork about it we talked a wreck subtler about it yet any questions about his ability to transition to a position. He's seemingly never played before and even when the example they're making about him being. An outfielder and they are from 2010. And a long time is a CDS mark played outfield a Major League. And it might be a concern I'm not concerned about the word with with a team like that. Right I mean what would your third game a lot but under what life is concerned about much. Bait it would be some concern that he was playing soccer you call the cabinet. Problem but now all of ought not to worry about here and addicts Satterfield. It used to it and it's not as if he's there. Are out now. I would imagine he won't play soccer field outlet Kauffman Stadium that is just a wait and it's. Over Belmont in the church or. And what is your opponent I guess expectation in or what do you think when you hope to get out of Mondesi. With this move happening how much better you that you vegetables doesn't make them better that way. All what I'm hoping. The is that he focus modest is that it. More on the metal object to meet its way too lackadaisical. Feel a lot is. Natural talent. I hate to call late either I don't know what other word to use instead of fundamentally. Sound it. You know solid day and collecting your ground ball. Simple out of burst they eat China's nonchalantly you know one. That the crowd that. How cool looking. What the first day if you're going to be playing short we're they. Call the place and that you're the spectacular one. I don't make this spectacular plays on curious to see democracy. Can't make every team plays because what he was quitting he has gold club with a world games consistently. At our fundamental play. Every single that's about democracy. Wanna know why his bat is so important to keep in the lineup because it's like we're not treating them like you would mayor field where oh where. If wake can't play second base we need his battle audible put on somewhere else like why is this team's so so against giving ask you a day law. I mean I'm sure well first of all they have the proper amount of respect for got a dog what a guy like he's done for this organization. I'll bet I think its first in portables. These. Who do you hold back now. You know when you look at that lineup tonight you know Apollo you're playing a motel a rare is still in the lot of I don't think there has much. Other than the respect that they have for at key and the fact that there's no one pushing it and I demanded more up now. It port people Fazio is with them or hate solar activity LP. Now I don't think we're seeing as he would center field that I would likely about deal. You know but later he thought he would boarding or so later Fazio earlier ordered circuit is that the page. The letter injury and the horse pills taken Bible Fazio. At a loud while he does mark to make its start in 1970. Burma or talked a little bit as uses a little bit off the wall here but just first bought. Do you think this guy ends up in the world's hall of fame. Yeah yeah I guess I mean he's going to the top and our hands full. Games play that. Stolen. Runs scored. Yeah yeah I think he would do that all Libya in nicely choose. Felt that it's about all the introductions. But the ball park in 2001. And five B that. And this inside the home run ads it was more one of the more memorable moments of that entire route. Yet with without question without questioning them. You know that he magic never been echoed into a manicure and you at all if you're part of a championship. Let me you can do go on a large majority of those players are gonna. In whatever teams all the will be in Houston Astros the world or treatments are most of these guys whether they were the superstar achieve more. You know all the twentieth man on the team most of the apple. Used it after all the because a lot of two it's. Burris always good talk and see you mean this team should breaking news right before you come on average Friday. I love it. I love it like as. That's our guy John furrier royals insider always happy to have him more if you miss the breaking news today. Brawl modesty is playing shortstop for the DNC rules CBS the bar is playing center field for the kids' heroes soma Tex I says the streak isn't over still a consecutive start I'm not necessarily as worried about that part. I would like him a place in a field but. As long as they have moved out of the way for him a to play another position and to put who you think is the future of a position on the field to meet the streak is over the streak is eight. I started every game at shortstop I don't think he's gonna play 456. Games a week at center field but as long as they're at least starting a process of moving him out of the way and we'll see what happens after the trade deadlines over. And they're gonna play Alberto modest they were all Mondesi. Every single day at shortstop and they are working towards that I'm Burton finally so if there are going to maybe spend it to themselves of we're gonna step out away a little bit let modesty plays in a steal and are he let him play shortstop and will let ousted because the bar applicable other positions. Well we're gonna free of shortstop that's really what this move it and that's really what the streak was about moving it moving them out of the way of a bug shortstop certain. And I would put burdens that doesn't really matter who's in center field watching or bronze fly over the fence out of that matters it. Months he's playing shortstop he's playing third of escobar's. Selling cotton candy you're taking tickets this team right now is thirty games below 500 quick thought is gonna ask the question about the royals hall of fame. ST to me is the only one from that and Cairo on the I think you get it. The fans are always gonna say yeah put him and not. But I think maybe once the rules wrestlers make that decision there's going to be a little bit pull back because if you go around born he think about pretty much every other position. Hollis for sure moos for sure that the royals hall of fame Selby absolutely Alex Gordon probably Lorenzen okayed. Every member bridge DH a problem for a couple of other guys but he's going to be an interesting case study once it finally does. Coming up on the other side. You brought today. It's at worst and are you smarter than us oak lawn is really bad. You came today in new inspector or have a little argument and I gave my input. You have created your starting five. Of fictional basketball players and this is one of the most rag tag. Puts together with duct tape and bubble gum collection of players I've ever seen before in my entire life olive Levine tell you it is commendable to drive. Specter here baby is out today. Sports machine shall mean any. Sports machine solid game. Isn't on this show when he's here he gets the country. So you gotta take it you got an opinion I don't pull rank. If you got a good sports take omelet you game. Some little zealot myself. For allowing you to do this next segment but you know what. Fair is fair we vote on the show that the democracy is not a dictatorship I'm not coach urban boom. I think this might be one of your warts takes imaginable. But let's. Promise that aside could do that. Before I get in I'd close as such look I said like that's also a few words born and assets I mean I mean early on I nuked it or it could. The opposite of a weak man my like a bad review Obama what he's got back from the doctor and a bad news like to do. I'm actually walking up to the girls tell him that your unemployment. Are good. So true so true by the way before we did this it only makes sense because last that was NBA draft the next week the local brew movie comes out. Any interest whatsoever guys don't see this film off. Not Odyssey for. But it does look like red box original spec go to seat for free news if you handed me twenty hours ago I would go. I do different ways but I'm not going for a table with my own. Starting five fictional basketball movie characters and it was difficult to limit this list because there have been so many great for example. How do you leave Jesus shuttles were off the list well did you guys. He got game great movie as far as basketball actors don't what was it like high school senior reality that you did a pretty good jobs chose his dad's going with a big state you don't. But he still not my shooting guard by shooting guards got to be Scott Howard. On the movie team. And they had to jump shot your point guard could dunk teen wolf you could dribble. Scott Howard are. That's your point guard. By the way my team it's a little bit white guys that. Realized as Google on but I do know that. I'll let you get that. A white guys I think the best best golf will be able time white maintain job it was difficult to decide who won on my team because. Let's face it if you play the game two on two you won both those dudes. But I had to go what Billy boy. I always flaws that come up that it plays in you before. That's the fifth at that an uphill break. Let me ask you a question of backcourt too little too yeah. Utes looked. Why can't jump is a movie based on two on two basketball rec program. Used it had the ability to take either guy and you took the worst of the two players. That's what you do it creates or team you don't stop until play better jump. Lots of snow that movie and thinks that Billie oil is a better basketball player of the city dvd wants clutch he was more clutch he's got a better jump shot Mets and I'm looking for which you interesting my team I like my mix for the ball. I've got a shooter I've rattled me. I continue and I I know you're not really don't like this one because that basically under Clinton did not want to and yeah. You why you bought but that's. How Lawson who. White point garden and outside shooting guard in a tight grip. It was at the British and Alvin up with a few projects are doing all those that was going to happen I don't know if he knew it was going to happen but I think we'll do is going to happen is that it is in my white basketball team team. He's a little bit bigger he's more of a swing man in what impresses me is. He's never thrown up in his entire life from the movie semi rove talked about Jackie moon. You've been punched in the June. For small business. So right now you have a white point garden. All flights shooting guard and L white small Bullard. I'm not sure it's a whole lot better because you have created inside. The next guy you've got people now are doing gun battle it's like a lot of people wanna throw in your book for example right this. An athlete Specter boy I can put butts in the seats and he. He was also in the book what treatments and documented through sport at the media Julie bear air quality he might be the most athletic guy you're. Doesn't make much as a matter that. Jimmy Chitwood doesn't make my team none of the mom stars make my team but you don't does that had won the sickest crossovers of all time that nobody ever talks about. What does music you wanna talk a purple array autopilot that's a couple of years ago though as he was on the court yes I'm talking about prince. How about you and your friends. Vs me. The revenue. So right now your team is lacking endless at that and I princes Portland ended dec. Don't steal all the Caruso who got friends you've got the general movement is up well against backpack or not. And really oil and I have to have a big guy and had that brother makes a mean flat or is it a basketball team so I just. You got a dead from the from the error of there because I didn't centers I gotta have so you go out there on the one thing I believe it. And I've thought about that this was and Mormon men have been to one of men on the team but also doing. It's up. To war the man didn't make you put Imus approached and got Jack writes back. Right I mean yeah June needs to be on there. As pretty and it is that you items bonus equal apps or coach like coach quarter. Black coach to as a matter that. Coach Dick but just from the get from the show hang time up to be like I don't. This is a word it was alleged that yes this look this is actually use the word us squadron there I've but they knocked on their toes go. Jimmy Chitwood didn't make the team. The girl and I'm actually pretty good jump shot. Marcos I mean. I should put ice is Elena understated. How you creative fictional basketball team built like people. Those boards album I want this one under is and how. Kyle Watson chance starting point. I went on this and how it views Jesus Ellsworth could make the team and a team they're too many dollars. I'd wanna understand how Sydney dean could make this starting. And understand how butch McRae could make this roster. The statement they finally decide to make another basketball movie and it is side of all the marketable athletes they have an MBA and there's a lot to India's remarkable players and anybody else you've created Evansville let's tee and you end. Good. No excuses when the Evansville. Good modality to listen again. Thank you want you make it about carrier and always uncle drove it to me this. And marketable but apparently Europe that it should have made my team over T-Mobile or did that carrier really popular. A really really popular more popular James or apartment LeBron James. I think he's more popular than in partners they handle and shoot ocean matter and I tell you. Ask that's not your seventeen year old kids ask about tiger urban they talk about like just couldn. Did that they loved carrier ring though it may sell a lot of sense. Odds excellent six centers or six an all white team as the oh is the ultimate fictional team that's. It was pitching right. I wanna know how you put you could address any basketball players you picked by white guilt and it was really. And understand how do you spell it is there to brother Garrett so I've plug somebody say and that Michael hour for the longest yard and our. Our forward immunity it would. He he would have been argue that Jackie moon he would have been a good stretch for free your examined does that clones in the gym. It would have been a good stretch for Jackie look. Did you do me already nixed the do a lot so let me ask you a solid meal my team I'd edgy to shuttles were you judge Jackie moon have been punched in the did you. Sure enough. Secure option. His defense is find a must think he's shutting down Jesus shuttle's open but he keeps in the fifty warming yeah well I mean I'm telling you got selling download. Jesus shuttles were given Jackie moon or ball was what he's doing them he's a month or ball is David it's not easy. Thirty ball mobile phones Guatemala were coming on the other side Michael Porter junior made us think of aside from Jackson what is our biggest sports what it'll tell you coming up on the draft. Rick the court T pick in the NBA draft. Back in on the drive MI the only one ahead here Roger Brady Quinn vibe yesterday wants in the NBA draft it certainly had that feel when he came in my. Porter junior I've felt horrible. They would like road kill and kind turn around and look at him and McCain looked at that you remember Rogers there was conversation before the draft is between Alex that there robs in the one overall pick is ever since before or not. Air Rogers Southern California kid went to tout so that would make a lot of sense of the night of that the number one overall it's a counselor that passed on. M in Iraq has continued the drug continue to drop in using the drop many guys elected in the twenties same thing happen to Brady Quinn and Brady Quinn highly touted coming Notre Dame. And he sat down everybody remembers the video Brady Quinn guys sitting there and he eventually gets taken. They same kind of feeling yesterday when he came to Michael Porter does what. EBA compares. Well I do think we're right in saying that he has the ability on the offensive end up being number one overall pick he's a very gifted athlete. Very fluid. 610 with a seven foot wingspan and very skilled. But where he really felt the shooting the basketball very high release he did television on the shot. You take some pop tons of three point range and he does have the ability to. With the winds fanned it out what does that there have been questions about his top line obviously. And fourteen you're never gonna get a player. All of this caliber has left their western parts of the question Mark Green hit his back and this is how long term. But you beat the nuggets of satisfy themselves about not a problem they very well could of got a steal here. Melissa doesn't run hustle that these healthy pitted two years or months we have a young. You know Kevin Durant number eight great list. Beautiful so outside the score for the couple. You put it could have been posted here you ordered held border area is a nightmare to guard and he he he of the press and the score the basketball similar to taking. So it's not gonna say here and tell you that Michael Porter is going to be seven the rain I think seven ran about a Tommy's Duncan won the fifteen greatest basketball players that had ever played but for me. And people who have seen Michael Porter when he was healthy play in high school he is going to be one of my big what is seen Michael Porter plan person at least six times. He is a fantastic. Basketball player that I am fearful. And you'll never get this LT Michael Porter never get to see him reach his potential never good to see him hit the ceiling what I think he could have been in the India. Real quick with a back injury and now knowing the team he's going to play on. Do you think it's more likely turn in the Brady Quinn or Aaron Rodgers obviously Brady Quinn just based on the income was in it it's. It's certainly more likely that things don't work out specially given the injury concerns if the billionaire teams at their medical staffs have really gone over his medical records the bind to go. In so many teams past and nobody traded up it tells me that they know something that I don't know when it comes the Michael Porter and Matthew likely is that he ends up being a Greg Oden is way higher than I thought it was going to be. So I think by the end reporter's career he could end up being my biggest what it. The Bo Jackson what do we a lot of people did and 29 years old as wasn't alive when the Bo Jackson being really happened so he's not what it from eight. I was thinking of what's my local what is. Besides Bo Jackson that's why I think everyone makes. What's on national won my local what if would be. The 2012. NFL draft. Be it city chiefs were on the board and third round. It would pick 74 they selected offensive tackle out of Oklahoma Donald Stephenson. You know the following bitten by a Seattle Seahawks they drafted a quarterback that's who that quarterback ended up being Eaton who's that Russell Wilson. Suton NFC champions Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson and in my opinion future hall of fame quarterback Russell Wilson. They want it's what we can just flip flopped those one picks and then you give the chiefs. A future hall of fame quarterback with Andy Reid. I think it won a Super Bowl with Russell Wilson as their quarterbacks if you're asking me locally what's my biggest what is. What do we could flip flopped the 2012 NFL draft and instead of drafting Donald Stephens and they can just flip flop with Seattle who pick one pick behind him in tape Russell Wilson. Quarterback. It was counts by a local what is in things up working out great for the history that the royals pulled off just so I'll always wondered. What if Zack Greinke had remained generals you form what is Eckerd he had remained. Healthy happy optimistic and was Puerto of the royals when they were making their run you can argue. That's impossible because they need to learn from Turkey they need us he just a bar and I would say that your right. If you look exactly d.'s numbers in Kansas City he was sixty and 67 OK don't go by the record as he played for want to crappy teams but since then. He's seventy games over 500 with an ERA round two and a half does Warner that would look like an royals uniform all. Spec what's your local ads. Tex I'm right now a saint local what is it for me is what Jamaal Charles stay healthy the whole time he'd be all favored to one another and says how about in 2003. The chiefs selected Larry Johnson and they passed on Troy Polamalu someone else also brings Al pools to shortly relieved at what it does not like the rust at abbey. Ability to go see Albert polls play in high school or in college so community college at certainly a big miss for the royals. I always mean chase with this because that's kind of where my heart is as opposed to royals. I always wonder what happens if Justin Houston stays healthy these last three years. Because he got that big contract after twenty plus sacks in fourteen. Any hasn't been the save in 151617. You would probably be right behind Derrick Thomas in the all time she sack leaders I think he passed tomba. And I think we'd be talking about it just in Houston as one of the greatest. Hand sheets of all time. If he continued on but he just has not stayed healthy these last three c.'s. It's what are Bob hammer him when didn't completely disappeared walk off with the splendor. What it. Tex I six countries are six what do we draft Mike Trout instead of error Crowe certainly can't fault you on that one. Obviously the drafted what's that she Scott Todd black glitch that was a great quarterback class I think that adding calling it a great quarterback class is kind of under selling. How great that class would have been excited 69 preserve six having for a lot of people there what it is Lin Elliott I certainly think that she's team goes the Super Bowl if Lin Elliott. Is a little bit better to field. I think it was the year before that they cut nickel our guy that all he did was make field goals he was always accurate can't ever remember him missing a big field goal. And they teach aside and just a ticker whatever what goes literally we all know that pictures an elegy as national what it's our because. My. Penny Hardaway. Or maybe I have. Glamour guys the opinion are Luca. God this can't guard me by I'd I'd like to add a Penny Hardaway is career I think Hartley at my top five point guard all time potential. And then injury after injury after injury I think like every generation basketball player. Kind of as that one player so for me it's Penny Hardaway for maybe somebody who will be younger than me they feel that way about Derrick Rose and rose is the youngest MVP in the history of the MBA and then his body just. Teleport at that point but but the national what it for me is always going to be an hour. It blew my month is. And Hardaway is there grows as they're spending on interest are the guys around five or six years they were elite for the second but got a big time contract what was the but Chris Rock what they sell and remember why it's. And that Derrick Rose to a hundred million dollar to implement dvds which is in saying my. Is Ken Griffey junior they're about she's obviously first ballot hall of famers that played in the league a great career. It almost 600 home runs one MBP fourteen time all star. Moment what's that. What are we really remember I just when he turned his patter on and all the home runs in the home run derby it was a great center maybe the all time great center fielder in his prime. He hit for power he ran well he was the ultimate five tool player and eat it when he was young man talk about. Everywhere you went in the early 1990s everybody was rock in that sweet old Seattle Mariners at. But he never really anything he never went to the World Series which means he never wore world Sears who do you think back to take Griffey junior. Arguably he's a top. Ten all time Major League Baseball player but what's that moment that you don't remember. But your finger region I think he doesn't get injured he certainly had a conversation the greatest is applicable time that was the trajectory that is kind that his career was that. Text size 69306. What tiger's back never goes out very fair question. What tiger is just a faithful husband I think that's a fair question necessarily liked it everything in his personal life and half with Tiger Woods I do wonder what we're talking about I think eighty calling him the greatest athlete of all time. So let's Exxon says what the blazers draft Michael Jordan certainly changes the history of the NBA would have ducked out. Didn't start smoking crack metadata could in this is a little bit of probably recent he buys the what if I read and Kevin Love don't get hurt the fifteen finals and KG mean not to go to the warriors. LeBron has number four. And the warriors are not the warriors that we know right now I mean TD going to the Warners has changed the whole structure of the NBA and I'm not sure that happens if I recount must stay healthy in the fifteen play I. Give you two other really good what is when it comes emea. I look at O'Brien's career as a little bit of a disappointment if Ray Allen misses a jump shot only having two ratings. The heat experiment isn't looked at the way that it is if they don't win that game. You also say what do Klay Thompson doesn't add an incredible gaming gained six of the of the Western Conference finals it Klay Thompson doesn't play arguably the best of his career. Kevin Correia goes to the NBA finals probably as a go to gold state that's certainly changes what happened with LeBron and. And one of the Seattle Seahawks decide to run the football Tom Brady doesn't have another super careful though if your starter bridge on the all time greats that's why sometimes we talk what a championship all the chiefs of all the pieces to win a championship. Host a playoff game due to meet with an AFC championship game before our talked about when he chipped in just a I'm not idea to be that as a really really good to be really lucky. I think we've seen from the Orioles. It takes assert combination of drafting correctly. Making the right free agency moves. Guys being healthy at the right time eight guys playing their best. What ever sported isn't this a little easier those are spec for what the chiefs Dick and miss on a couple of guys in this on the fridge and it commits in the draft and they can still be really good that's Ozal present with the royals did. They basically Dayton specifically had hit on every draft move ever free agent every single trade if not here's going to passed up by a bigger market team and damned if you do it. Correia feels a ground ball that he has done 99 point five out of a hundred times over it's over it's over and we're talking about the royals fourteen and fifteen. Very differently. Mean it's as simple growl a one hop ground ball with tender his morale is running. That's probably to be the greatest NC what it actually to that directly led to a team I think that's. Probably agree or what is I guess maybe not we know they end up losing probably more so than what I've gore to run. Pretty competent and know game seven World Series of Gordon tries to stretch that out that he is at a home plate so the US so we may disagree I just. So is all of us had visions of the wild card game I was pretty confident savvy was gonna get hit that scenario it just didn't act coming up on the other side. There's a news story. I wanna ask you guys what would you do in this scenario. And I know some of you will lie about also it is coming up on the draft. Banging on the drive carried seniors. Spectrum here. Sports machine taken up until 6 o'clock coming up. Did into picked up players. Pick a player coming up acts. 4 o'clock we'll get a chance to win a pair of royals tickets. Coming up at 4 o'clock also in the 4 o'clock hour to back and Michael Porter junior AM does it take you play as a team players. Got drafted as well they deserve their time in the sun as well yes on. Didn't also malignant what you go broke. We're gonna talk about that coming up in the 4 o'clock out I wanna ask you guys this question. Because news. I'd feel a lot of times people. Whenever it's time to be honest about how old scary or not skier you'd be in a situation. People here. A little dishonest with salt of the gentleman in New York. His car is not run so I just think like most it was regarded as a Roland let me try to go get a jump let me jump start the batter. He'd been raises the hood bear is a rattle snake. And that is. Good. A rattlesnake. And may god does aside a little bit. There is a rattle snake. In the hood on how much you guys don't want a card game I'm out of here thanks. I'm not gonna ditch the caller I was over snippet that is that rattlesnakes call our. At that moment that and again. I'm not sure exactly what I would do instead situation but I'll leave the rational thing to me that it doesn't 97 the court. You just come back to my car up that he's met the classic and 288000. Miles not bad boy rattlesnake in the car. I'm not gonna say I'm gonna move the rattlesnake I'm probably gonna call one of my bigger on your friends to move the rails that it does stick to move the thing. But I'm first on octave up the court to disappoint tells me once your group this Nate Carter. Yeah you guys know me probably you man you guys know me when it comes to animals when it comes erodes almost round with had a mouse in my apartment. And I damn near moved out of I was like you know Mickey you can have this apartment when it comes that is all you. Knoll. You would do the same thing I've ever. Rattlesnake in my hood and a bad time to deal I'm not even before me out rather open the hood and realized. Up and this thing has me it was wants to kill me and just do something about it blog Michael. I would be terrified for the rest of my life. Every single time I had that car. And at some point you might have a nice car in the world at some point you gotta get underneath the hood. Something happens to your car whatever reason you got a lift up ability got to look at any many like me you do that is to feel like a main you don't really know it's a little bit like an Atlantic Canada. Maybe you've got your last like maybe you grab your phone you shuttle jet while you can see you like aunt when you don't you sit there are checking your cars at a loss of good words about people all right rally auto parts so you do you feel like a main. If I let all the and there was not face the wall snaked. Not like cricket. It was a poll rattlesnake eight I'd be wondering how we got there this guy that was an Arizona he was an upstate New York wrote a note rattlesnakes. Existed in upstate New York. And because that happens you think that the next week the next year tenure is on the line he's gonna go lift his hood there's going to be another snake that's completely irrational thing I don't know attacks on 690s or six. All I can say is that they got a little video I would begin calls from NFL teams asking about forty time exactly you do know and taxes this happens like five times a year. Year a rattlesnake ends up going through the tubes in the toilet system and it's a bite and summit in the asked whether on the grass is gonna knock go to the bathroom anymore I think about that. Every time I thought about. If I walk into a back room and I see that seat is all the way down in the league all the way down. I assume somebody plus. Or when oh and there's going to be and I. They got joked I MO under present series if I walk in about IC belated down I assume somebody in blood where there is going to be. An animal that jumps up and might mean it would bring us that's going to be it. That's her I have a fear public bathrooms also just because their oats were. Disgusting. Absolutely. Awful. Hotel sort of do the math in hood of 365 days and it's a brand new day. It's the hotels on the field. Half the time it's at a person's sleep in this bed you're about to sleep in a 180 times of the year. Example just for the affected public back to June disgusting I'm in fear of them but not at all because it's just as there really. I can't really blame you for that either just say it was a really really good energy. Now the evidence that sell your eternal partial is so my ideals and show. If you're famous sports talk radio you need to listen to the count how hurt him baker mayfield interview yesterday it is really the perfect blend of so who's really good at his job and asking questions and someone who was really really honest in going to answer the questions in is going to push back on the interviewer it was a really really good interview there was something. That I found it that was really interesting that relates to the cheese Colin Cowherd was basically asking baker mayfield. You're small how do you translate to the leak and baker mayfield answer the question I think if you're chasing you wanna hear the saints. I'm 61 and A half buck 94 the year a bigger thicker kid in maple about the same size historically the numbers say 63 and out. Are your hall of famers but the thing is that a not unfair not fair but I put away. But today's game is different than hall of famers how. It's it's faster. It's not nearly as physical you see. More teams reverting to. Some of the screen game. The you know. And you watch the Eagles and what's that GC what's. The rams play there's a lot of that what are you literally caught our deals right you have options on your run please throw the ball. You're trying to make it defense wrong by numbers it's not just your typical call play the national football it's just different so you don't need a guy it's 65 to sit behind. In the pocket and sit there every down and throw you you somebody's gonna be able to manage team. Make those guys around him better in a matter the size when it comes of that and all of that's out the window. And just be able to. Get a W. There's a lot of different ways to go about this more count up against the break at a very very simple question news. Do you think Patrick Holmes can do that we saw all the way Alex Smith used the RP those in the run pass option he was a master with a I certainly think a home's gonna do I think he mobile enough. But he talks about being able to get the ball or hands quickly make guys around you better manage the game a little bit. The question for that she's obviously they believe he's going to be able to do is do you think that Patrick Holmes can do it because that picket the court what mayfield is saying you can't watch the appellate disagree it's certainly easy eager to play quarterback now than it was before us and easy but it's certainly easier in the game has been watered down enough in the rules a bit watered down enough in the off its the watered down enough. That more people can play quarterback include playmate in 1995 you certainly can't complete a higher percentage passes today and you could. I'd just found that really interesting to hear baker mayfield say that I agree but them I don't know if I don't of size matter as much playing quarterback now because they have dumb down the rules. They certainly have which you kind of be an ordinance for what she should of kept Alex Smith around for another year because of he was anything he was intelligent. The exact reason why I'm so excited for Patrick Holmes and last night. We're into arrowhead pride radio but every Thursday from six to seven right here on sixteen and Sports Radio. And l.'s talking about Travis calcium out once he gets in the red zone he's good but he's not great which doesn't make a lot of sense because he's got the size he's a great route runner he has is he should be the best pass catcher in the red zone. And it was pointed out. Actually not be on Travis Kelsey that might be more on Alex meant that I thought. Actually yes that's probably true. Alex didn't give him as many choices because he didn't try to throw the ball as many tight spot. As chief spans were going to tackle gore to be uncalled for because Alex Smith was the ultimate Greek decision maker and didn't throw the ball away. So you know I wonder how long it's gonna take us as she stands for tract of homes make a couple of dumb mistakes made it cost the team game for the fans to come out. On the water cooler on the radio here at 610 and say man if we just had a ball protector I'd say. Are coming up on the other side we need for callers 913576716. We need for call 91357676. And you know what time it is it's Friday at 4 o'clock so that means pick a player today is what I pick a player Wednesday pair of royals and Red Sox tickets have been trying to go to call stadium. All right now is dress.