06/22 - 1 pm - Omaha, Argentina

The Day Shift
Friday, June 22nd

Binkley learned a lot in Omaha yesterday and he thinks he may have found some ways to fix baseball. We're ready to get rid of the one and done. Argentina is a massive disapointment in the World Cup and Scary  Terry is the best man. 


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Involved he starter they had to sit down 20 they're tripling in round rock. Is screwed up in sitting there of the players involved in view of the oldest turmoil if they. But other minus the war that bothered. Kansas. Jesus football heels in this. If you don't misery might be able dude who was there could be in the maybe get a few more people and it's. Although I think drew lock like Bobble head effective means that the best quarterback in the east right now might fill some seats. You only. Read it. According to a forceful supported them from CBS sports. Going to be it from them and put on the tires which of them I'm but Las Vegas on some tickets free and we football this fall one fluke and let concession items. In initiative university officials believe is unique in college athletics. They also seem to tremendous value. Three games all you can the plane which were -- pound us hot dogs popcorn nachos and soda cost 7093 though some more stuff to notch his dogs. In soda percent and nine bucks one you like doing. Name me goalie some which nachos popcorn soda an odd as that accidents penalty they'll account to be honest with you so. Maybe that's special to me to be special you see now. He's got older stadiums. Come on you know you can do better relative concept of the lake a like the concept of giving the all you can eat. Seats and they should do more America should do seem like it has been there and regain. Which is unique in college athletics which is a minor league stadiums and other Bologna you all you can eat seats the people lab which I think is great will be all you injury the which are seems that he was being you buy the keys to their drink as much as you want it that's great epic singles blues today. Well now torque is a problem is that that. I so at best will you talk more price here than than than this. Yeah I'm saying is at best bet is this week you go and you can eat you keep going back in all. Well that was me that never said but common tickets Obama talk about specials that I'm talking Ayman. It we know teams that I kicked the royals were through the meets the separate section that you buy tickets in and you go and sit but funky at this. These kids ball game. There's nobody I mean nobody. Or during their Beers the date they tell well is being that the pill able mobile. Oh you're leads me to me if I'm if I'm kids as a look at you and obese do what I'm doing tomorrow. But I'm doing three games are doing the tires is. But if you do hot dogs two outs that's that this is you realize it's a cheap B seven bucks a ticket. They're making money people. The average human being isn't going to be me go to your stadium Indy five hot dogs and budget nachos date might lose money on me but I'm I'm. Each morning purse. Givers for hit really buys you need the likes to sit there and for hot dogs is about three orders nachos now he gonna do especially after talking today. But at. Acetate it yet I. That makes Beijing machine in Atlanta that they do I thought this is pretty cool you Adobe's doing them say three games one Atkins. Now a look at these. These non conference games that you have. State and Missouri he's beaten. Sisters or your plane is up that's the sizzle I can hold on demand seldom did it give people reason to go to your game and that's. All you can eat seeds yesterday. With all all you heard the press conference. Like on the drive. With rob me and for being more Alex Avila GM of the tigers yet because it was a one drop and he was dropped entries on the roles but he made it back saying I want drinkers. The mayor of malls there. Visitors bureau was air average hosted the event in earnings Gregory owners choose one noticeable laps and the NC double. Duties and it's John McCain John McCain was there either predict it at at at. But the fact is this is an NCAA event big gap officials there. It's college there they do need to be there they should be there mark Jimmer show and reassure. Of the NCAA should have been here chip the Commissioner of Baseball team I met his day. Rob me of for go to Omaha Nebraska. Detroit Tigers GM got playing with Omaha Nebraska. The GM of the Kansas City Royals that you know what all go of Omaha Nebraska went Swanson editors York actually both teams had their PR people that are. It you know all I just thought it was. The Obama people question question what would it suitably what are they have a seat. At the table I was in Manfred sitting right next against the bullies in this what we're trying to. Is get weekly standard talked to were blue in the face of one and done. Yeah he deeply College Baseball three years. Exactly one year the government needs a baseball evening to you when a high school you'll in the college. There's other issues plus I would be doing some an issue of the get a musings saying bats they do Major League Baseball. That the group that helps correspond in tons of teams took old pitchers this year oh hitters college players relief workers were issued for college players. Didn't have taken in the draft. But the whole concept of play and no more rob Manfred said he wouldn't commit to pass this year. That was one of the questions asked the other was the MLB draft. And how they should bring it to normal or delay. Because that their problem is the latest draft in other question partly because when they do draft. Super regionals are going on how to times we see the guy drafted in the plane. Would it. Singer go they were able to enjoy it there were able to go to Kansas City you know think or all the festivities is the draft. Dude the college World Series or back the draft up a little bit so you're not doing during super regionals. Which I think is a joke I also think he's joked affected measly games they've cut him down but they're still Major League games going on during an address how stupid is that. The echo and the entire NHL the initial draft dust tonight is there any draft. It takes part during the season in Major League Baseball and they're sad they're home now white dress popular do during a regular season. That it's one reason the other reason is that nobody really cares so that that's a problem baseball but a big problem baseball. And I brought this of that more actually. Is affected. We could do I could to bring people would be the perfect time to do their draft. My my my solution as you stop Major League and you'll have any games that he take Mondays they know games they've they've limited. But they've part of you that. He's always will do the same time of year but it did you have to let it not only when they don't do it in the fall before do you pick and it's always big as you make it also dipping to as. If I'm the commissioner angle fox sports reporters and will be on fox Ian Poulter that brings me better I think more people pay attention to. They would watch. In the other issue is. Visually baseball is brought wife here. Or when you're nine year old girlfriend's it and sit here and listen to some audio about in place and Tom Brady who's this. I'm talking the most casual fan it's Palmer. Played in Rogers whose right now they're right play LeBron James. Would Mike Trout. Once they work would say well that's brought it's problems that Greinke was looking for a free agency walker in the streets him Cisco in no one knew who wiwa. Did he was about an under over 400 million dollars from the team in you don't know he has Mike Trout I think you're watching we're in Kansas City any people recognized his neck. A matter of censure. I think speak walker on people but he's rock possibly. Verlander goes around cutesy when asked about rob earlier excellent with a couple of places. The Verlander spot in Kansas city's Jersey couple waiters in restaurants and that don't bother bought him with a tight jeans. I answered it asked that. Could have any words let's take beast opens promise you'll go in the hole bothers. That's probably easily based but that was a step in the right direction yesterday by eighteen game it's it was played regular season game no more pick against the people. I think for I think for a big part of it. Baseball struggled as they can't make baseball fun pianist who lives. Football and the way they are already knows the players how many people kids sitting in the players on the Seahawks the Steelers whoever they would know better care about the care about that is the bubble. This bubbles the best that. You know about players that don't play for your team in the casualty in those players that played the giveaway of the big your you know these players are. Would baseball. I get a complete daily you can play rotisserie. Tonight keeping up but every day men need to do more critical that maybe. I think when he took the baseball to gain the Fort Bragg Lester the that was huge that was on the walk here playing on military police. You know mill military personnel you know hit an idol watch Major League Baseball that was cool near Williamsport Little League World Series. There's the cardinals and there's the pirates he's been openly talking to kids doing a clinic with them. The feature various ones on the watch a Major League game and pork. In alcohol it. TD Ameritrade if catalysts at a Major League stadium to be honest with the I think to be. Meter is more pork the storm chase of players you know which different size. In ballpark take the game with the people or plaguing the soccer in North Dakota. Hit those people to care much for all Annapolis Mike Trout each cup and the plight is given for this state and majored in Fargo that. Beat him in next year's can be McGill Cabrera come and Omaha Nebraska. That's a selling point. Take the game we're the people are is that long stated the unifil as three games in London. Take those away into a stadium series. Played Detroit Lions at the big house take the big stick the browns played with a horseshoe to the chase played Columbia player boards I play in Manhattan. Regionally as your product and bringing the gain to the people. I agree I agree at all what does make you take it again way. Put America I agree with I agree with taking and traveling with the game until going to towns. Like Indianapolis and stumbles Yousef or I'm with it but. Where I disagree with you is I just don't think that we need to saint keeping with the draft. I just today that raft. The Major League Baseball that is never going to be. In a position to what people are gonna care. I just I don't do have a chance to his nobody Google in mobile networks that the efforts and cat come watch your draft this always the people who work in based or hit this on the island three I think it issue with. Our Major League baseball's players trap the usually don't make an immediate impact. And that's that's correct knowing the Pentagon the union don't hear somebody died this not to let this not gonna play right away. They don't I'll bet it did they don't hear about a dynasty to be in the minor leagues for three or odd years in him up in the big leagues they don't. You know what they'll be honest with the I'd look beautiful draft you know that grass idea but I'd like to Major League draft I really usually I could not take my copy of one. Did you learn about people. Like what's beautiful draft. I've seen take one more I know what can do IC a bigger refill I know bigamy filtered so I'm watching baseball and each night we see this kid and robbery call and it's good. Brady senior is it's a learning experience is definitely watch television. No only cares about the draft that way you don't know you don't know making a bigger though Pete is more than just address this other things and answer this. What what round did the to the royals draft down so depressed. They didn't exactly exactly they did it. They signed seldom rants that's a big he's the most popular royal right now he wasn't in the draft. Oh who's the biggest name that we talked about this year it is in Major League Baseball this off flash based on the saint. So it's funny all of you what drastic either all matters. I like spending hours and our outlook corset three days whatever it is to watch the Major League Baseball draft when saudis I didn't drag on the talk I don't. Don't just make it abate the fourth round in big event. Is to ask what does it all these all the cities around the country are watching their teams right. Show the fruits of their labor so they're picking first or second world shall I asked that question all the money you spent. You can agree to think we the bait him into that are on fox the reason that increase the visibility of seventy soldiers sit back 76ers fans. She stands. Would. They all straps more because they know that your stars are coming Apple's threats. Don't know what you're gonna get your startled when he comes Major League Baseball in my just being from international side. I don't think your. I literally like become sort of right. Not doing twice lightning does not strike twice. Seducing the in the Bermuda and bring in our look at one night next night he doubled as the light district what what happens boom gone he gives up front. But that's the one that doesn't rule college coaches are aren't happy the one done is probably going away is Henry epic find out next as a. DC. Want it done warmly. That would coaches on him either one. He's probably going away all of the feel good I be unhappy. What's best for your what you he's been living rooms can you tell them if you can help them get with best. This would bet that CB coachlight. Hey what Lleyton when it comes to. What are some of the legacies. All of Michael Porter junior. I think they'll be a tough. I think number one. Is sad he might end up being the guy. That helped it was or basketball. Back on them. Right I think a lot of US felt that way they felt like. He beat the signing him being in the face. That could be that the the biggest thing for the university. To go back to prominence when it comes to talk about basketball. And athletics here you with the university as a. Number two is legacy could be he could be the face cells. This is why we shouldn't have won and done. I sincerely think that that is the case. With Michael Porter June. He is going to be the guy out work everybody a couple of years now say say this to Bob we'll have one and Donnie Moore Ole war this is what puts it over the top in terms of you know what. We need dubbed Wallace's because this was a guy. Bit when he was graduating from high school he would a win top three in the draft okay. Are some people say once some people say to let's say middle top three. Waiting gold top three because he went to college on the head injury with his work along with his back. And he had a falling to number fourteen OK at the back in the blocked biopic of the life. That I think will be the impetus for. The players' union to say announce enough. Yeah we know that we you know as though. As as a league and as a union and Iran and with the players that we. War or to get more money for veteran players do that's what it was about it would when you add debt debt debt that labor. The labor our grief bomb a few years ago yet owners battling with the players and they were talking mobile quantities we wanna do is make sure that you know. The bets and other vets we we'd we aren't those contracts we've let let you know. Port for us okay are so would give the bets a little bit more we'll take a little bit from the down from these were key players you know what. It's fine to do that but the same time allow the rookie players to get there yet I mean. I don't mind you giving more to people that have been around and have done it longer and have have worked harder thwart. But by the same token at least give the kids an opportunity. To be the next wave. The new the new flock had a talent that's dominant. When it comes to who is going to be the ports and a lot of people look at it say this guy. Is a dyed his his still war. And what he would. Might have been in that one sport that one significant thing that occur. With everything over the top. It could be Michael Porter June and I wouldn't blame you buy for CNET because that he did their lot with the weight of today and look you know say this would happen it wasn't right. Now look. We don't know that he was going to dole. Straight to the only problem was going to Missouri anyway you know sandy he had an opportunity to go right. So so this doesn't apply in every single case of two to waste. Well we don't we can't answer that question. As we know whose hands were tie it at an option to go straight to leak is option was to go to college for a year in the amounts. And had that were worked out this is a lottery pick. But did it war Al best case scenario now it didn't work out best. Shocked shocked The Beatles like this for war and then the players they get they don't worry about it jumping as best that there will be so. There's still one down. He's like betrayal the world need to go to college for years and sharpen their resonate yup did take you to be drip still going to be leaving. Again. Your job is to get them through the city coach every any coach needs to his assistant promoted. That's one thing in angry tweet by personal league is either him or somebody off mystery he gets promoted coach with the in Friday night he'll hired coaches he thought could be it coach. It would get them promote. Your players who want to see them do well. In the NBA raises the profile so but again you're getting a group of players now. They're probably going to be either two or three years. They coaches would like. Without so much that stood at the one downs bogus people raise the profile what is that. We're certainly a good week new and the world that think he can jump of the MBA in still need to play college basketball before they make a bad decision. You go to the NBA. We think coaches be the opposite. What games they didn't you don't advocate on your program. That thinks he's better you expect he's going to be richer than you. Is he going to listen you can yours pits that you just the pit stops that player if they like I'm curious. When players go. How much leverage they have with the coach yet on the student caliber. Who drafted ninth by the Oakland days it is culture race yeah he's making his coat. And I now although with the rays keep units in the dividend that yet but Florida there by don't go quarterback. Is he really listen he's going to be one year he's got two years old blue one here which Eagles out. Through one and done the number one team today how much they listen to. They know they're go. Whether you use them or not they're still going to be India in the one and done you know there when the idea. While the coach would you if you don't have. That you ordeal. You deal with the massive ego when someone signs on a much talk of the Billy Preston. I'm talking about the ones and actually go in no. No and everybody knows their lottery pick. Walt DeVries might deals doesn't count. Utility because they're talented utility because like you to tool final for me to win a national. Instrument. I Carmelo Anthony do when. I mean so so it at anti Davis do. I mean soul. You'll both those guys you'll roll those guys. If I'm Bill Self almost dies what they want security go morning. I think this hi this is why it is like mid major step of beat big time programs and it would turn a good reporter where you apple puts it I think it's you guys. Put it like this. When when it comes down to it. Talent to be Lee wins now in it the more talented players are going one and done are two years at. Bet that that's good to win the majority of the time. There aren't a ton of Villanova assault the year I mean there are some that they do well this got a ton of home that win national championships. I mean typically you see. As a bull snarled. Now Villanova had they had some little bit older team that war veteran team. But I think died at the died at one most outstanding player he wasn't even the guys that they were look at acted to do what's. To me what do guns to be blunt our coaches. You always at the worry about. Eddie Glen big issue money. Are you sniffing around the hit three more about than anybody else your program it's undue had it coming here counseling one how much it big in India. And that wouldn't play urging declining Spaniard it it's a feel like he had to be there. They could have played a few games here and their towards the end beats number Spurrier he would sit out a big if you what a high profile program. You're going to get Susan stuff I'm saying you have to view of headaches. More in one and he's arms priced coaches who complain about is always where you want. These guys that they believe your. You're still going to get them. You may lose money these small small small opportunity players. Is your body on the could compromise. That this is not long. If you can do it has a role in her game though. It doesn't. It was March Madness all about we'll start. All's all it was all the ball but what about one and done knows all about the chemistry halving of having some beds and a and a really core group we got that they're digging I think in some ways it helps me. You guys the choice of these countries just released house basketball great facilities coaches who did indeed that's Olympic basketball that was played. Yes I just simply false thirteen without any doubt about the ball great you got teams like that you got teams below one and done. SaaS security model and the guys there for more years I think would be more benefit. One billion if Hitler had anyway. There had with you bag organic growing at the beginning but the percentages of people one -- the winning battles on out there yeah but it can be done though man. I mean Duke's done what I stones and those guys you look amiss in state. We went went on top is a one assess him if he would Jason Richardson. Means also it does it levels the playing field you have to have a mixed up. We'll putting them in Kentucky but wanted to downs ago how good health or go to his guys mute couple years ago. Maybe his urge. Communities in the World Cup. Slightly where oh where are you or. Tina we do that next. DCN. That are filled the base for me. This filly Woodward's gonna camel. With some man these greens versatility. Leaked a team that's out there and you just played CS games and it's absolutely. If what's the World Cup and the world comes in that produced dominating television based on fox and fox sports one. Did these groups. And Iceland who lost the day. And I like guys that like its city Argentina and you're in Croatia all the -- point two teams being. One team that might not be out of there. And Argentina with the best the most well known players in the world to root retired and back. The big. In it's a runner up in the 2014. World Cup it is as I told you. Easily is this it is this story that a team like that is well known as Argentina could be balanced early. Game. I remembered. When they were talking about a lose here they need when the last day or they would be in qualified for the World Cup so I don't think it's much of a disappointment if they don't. Yeah it's you know it's. This the reason why. I think the boards in Argentina had not advancing means something is because this messy. I'm not I'm not a soccer guru war. You know big on following and tracking all the stuff they know how great their team is our bad ideas or how mediocre is always lose banter and woke up. Because of this name. And because old. The lack still. Being able to come through. That's drama that we need to see like that's drama that we steel DD DC carried out here. And advance the enemy that I'd like that is a story line. Bet that that people will gravitate to. Iso according to ESPN. When it comes to. The teams that have already while OK this is according to beer. To their website. With the second round of of games in the war up groups based now underway. Find out what each nation has to do to qualify for the knockout stage ahead of the final round of matches. Already qualified. Russia. York why France and Croatia. Okay those teams have. Have advance. Already eliminate Egypt Morocco Saudi Arabia room and Costa Rica. Today and that they have broken down in terms of the group a group B. Group C. And it is acting kind of scroll down computer frozen in group DOK. We're talking about Argentina. This what would assess Argentina have to beat Nigeria. A whole Iceland who you were just talking about to not win it and to definitely qualify. It all Argentina in Iceland win. It Argentina must do so like wait a margin as their gold differences worse than ice it's okay. Iceland today this goal was they lost two nothing right and so they lost to nothing's Gilman so so so yeah. The bomb. In regards to their game earlier that was Iceland doubles doubles Nigeria dose of who they play. If the two teams finish with identical records they are four separated by disciplinary records. And that's yelled rec arts. It comes down to this art. When he comes to the diehards. The diehards will watch. Messy or not. Right the diehards will watch. All I'm saying is we'll detachable full suppose it is the that'll always watched. Ticketed they're still wake up over the weekend or wait they'll whenever I'd say almost most all of that left in this. Is that message guy is he still in the oh how to god has that that does that the screwed statue. Would that would put twelve pack gets. You have sand a BP people people. Ask although reference in both those guys. And say aren't their countries steal it it is they are still in. You know they'll ask schools what's best that's the only reason one saying that the whole Argentina. Angle. It does mean something. From that perspective because. It's got to replace it got an. That's. That's all thought I'd add is despite that part of it interest you give him early in Washington. This review I do lastly been on Saturdays. Sino I don't never really I mean on a case and I'll get up super early. Typically when I get up super early on Saturday. I'm going to work out that just feel like I'm revved up and wanna go work out or do but not the most part idea sleep. Asleep. What time to get all you gotta aggressive within. With the rain is that there's been in this week item of but Sammy do you go be it can be blast in his 7 AM. This coffee neighbors. I. Pot and he's there will be. You know earlier we talked about wooed. The old capitol picks. You know there's chemical freezing or are not exposed. At some would stay in the bring it back up with a what happens and it's got numbers in this global said. Back in 2015. He stuck with the draft and how people's that he ruins that you don't who the ruins draft. He goes I don't care about anybody that was from him I don't care if anybody about anybody's television show. By jobs report bring news and the news in new team is directing his news drafted me announcement is the ceremony I don't care about anybody ceremony. I don't wait for things to be there I would never accept inning edict not to report the news. I see this expansion of free agency in the trade deadline if your information is accurate you want to report. About that is eating I would never it's. Except. It eat it it's of the heat of he has yet but he did go back those were last night eat enough. If they were absolutely. Tipping the pay out I would love to then countered. Again these people think is stupid because you hired him to do it is to have someone else or breaking the news when you gave him the big money to do this. Don't need to demand don't tell is eons behind his back. Let him do it. Now. It's funny because here rosier EO. He facetime Dini aims. To get the Celtics pay. On the Bleacher Report rational. That's awesome that again basically is the reason why the NBA draft. Is better than the end of the least bit because of him being trait of like this happening with the players in the league having fun with it. No more boldly could pick the lakers will be. I can play the idea of any gains facetime containers let's see people ask is gone that bad it's. I can't believe you're doing you do if you diocese did via. I think it's. Miller is trying to go directly to me. In February to see you call them from this who is go me. I got the idea they're really who would go beside me you know. Being in the task too. Tough on her and how can you don't really wanna give us a scuba understand. Told her okay guys that. Our numbers are the music. Bob Williams will go Bubba go hook. That's so cool Albany big TV news on yeah. This or did you just talk to him well. If you know he was on something here. I'm closing pitcher who's it was on speakerphone I was at eight so and so's your listening to these that we gives them a heads up like I hate I always a civil call me. It'll just let off like fifteen F bombs to AJ Bluetooth on the car my wife and kids in the car of a deal Wadi film. Ocean usually say every test score some on the radio he always adds that you're there you know on the year. I feel like he had now I mean Terry's as players he said if they tax all the time out Madson that they. Have it communicated about yeah yeah that's your guy I. Studied. I think the data ages I don't buy Yahoo!'s got a story that just came out about how lives Yelena ox general manager Travis sewing. Actually had a deal in place to trade up with the Milwaukee Bucks from nineteen to seventeen. And then someone informed him that the bucks pick had been leaked on Twitter. And he discovered that he didn't have to trade up with them anymore so he so he got rid of the deal before it happened. It. As interest. Al Al outlets are though he was in it. He's aged you know I hope so it is it a stealth from. Us a body language on the video most of aids what was that all bubbles abroad gives them. This report which report. Again. Some say the beginning you just magazine game and again now all that's just say it may have. If your bit on speaker phone with somebody all of that car it would certainly seem like. All that maybe neck both but I don't know I tell people all the time would opt out but you'll speakerphone. Absolutely should you always mostly through the first Lisa. You always and I hate or call somebody on it you have me on speakerphone so what do you never put you never you never wide open on saint until like like it is dirty man. Win win week talking on remote. If like we're out of town or where it decay or whatever in him what we're talking to several let's say eight. This like to bake a speaker phone we're talking about things about the show it. Indulged he's somebody else is listening also and serve as mad about something you don't have broadcasts that are work. What what what were doing remotes the speakers or was there in the speaker speaker global reset. I've been in situations where. Princeton realizes you broadcast room restaurant since. Now he's there so almost nothing else. I've done or. With Vernon. Boulevard. At the KID react. And Stillman a lot. Are you put it nicely. You got beat 69306. Plus. So opportunity pass you by. Yeah he's going to do to excellence it's going through a fixed get beaten Lleyton getting surrogate he made. Get beat anybody hitting it to work and got beaten and incidents expand groups the before we do think there's been this a push. To get Ichiro with a homer and dirt sort of with the donors so they're coaching staff kind of started this. And it's jokingly stroke can have fun with if you talk ready cheeseburgers and three to be able to do it. Obesity need more poorly pitched to him if he's gonna duties 4766. Lifetime or. It's more just what we've been Ichiro. Heaven fund this I don't think it's joking matter I think of baseball wanted some of fun it is but each row in the home run derby at soldier at the legends division. Where did McGwire bonds were I want to do it felt like taken and on the thirty retired the based on runs that elections at a rate and why they don't do this I don't know. That would spice of the wind over to me either regular players in the retired players to which won its moral. We prepare for the regulars played its regulars that he loves to compete against the alarms but even today Ichiro brought it. Would you wanna see Albert C Barnes who we could get its stars of today. Meet guys of sports the game right now currently the plight a back and out of it. When I get some of their big thing where they're at the rate that need to worry about getting more skill at a Mets put you Sherlund. I think that would be fun Ichiro we know he's in the for office down the rare. Burly muscle parking spot. He always seems like to be easy easy old gamer but he wished it always gives me an alias he can jokes about these commercials. Note the mascot stuff for you about your ability to meet each row is the same way in reality I just pitches Daschle the works Doherty uniform. Carrying a bat bag instead of a briefcase is that's who he has been zip it up for getting in there are supposed to be in the Dahlia. Bully players coaches trainers supposed to be a duck got. He Bobby Valentine get dark shades on it gets the most out there's. He's he's got the hook up he just can't stay away there's talks about him is mariners play in Japan next year talk about him in the back. Just for the series to the expanded rosters being effort wither. But each case delayed each odious it was weren't already he's got the mustache he's got glasses. Each rose to want the plane. He actually in the four office. Greg in his own corner office I would guess at this point these drone that was fun. On what the ages to me he's showing more personality now then. Then the days early on he was won the MOB greats visitors asserts in a toaster that's our joke about two cheeseburger needs three cheeseburgers. If he's going to be in the home run derby sixth tagged through six it's time for being. I'm a little Jarrett. Are there to finish. We got some kind of being put food on the table. Emissions he. They've got no. Both dubbed the all they haven't wrestles lost that is jeez what an. I am. Are you ever federal trade Brno. My view is that will be brought you by the it mostly Jewish deli for a mostly I'm Jewish city held within crossroads. Officials killing six did. Sports Radio. From the 816. I beat my boss I actually had 13 accurately my boss put to death meg your hot sauce on my boot. It was terrible pool I. I love hot stuff but here's the thing he does porn but I won't put garlic all of repeats because the bottom was heard she's. Bringing don't put people's from daylight brings a certain way I can just imagine if you lake except analyst at salt just. Colleagues he would need to do. The ones. That's not yet you don't get Los Angeles all Verizon worse than duke I just in the 913 I had people of lake using Jason Richardson and this is made an example. Bonds of freshman who wins I see average five points a game a year's team was led cowboys beat him. And deeply I I absolutely know that. Outlets around those guys more exhibiting these aimed at getting drafted. I know that Jason resume wasn't big key piece on the scene he was Anthony Davis I'm not saying that he was Carmelo Anthony but he was he was a one and done player. That was hoping Millman. This program getting to a final four the year he wasn't all that charge of the good guys went off its. Don't want it done now that average sustained a lot of points will jeered Vanderbilt when the second round last night. He averaged five point nine points or seven point nine rebounds as you forget side. Nearly forty hours. But the once six I've got beat the big league did you require certain to be naked gold that is not true I was told you asserted. Protecting its les Vegas will be girls but Tucker. In my opinion but both phones are why are now sending you pictures of myself. From the 816 I got beaten burned. To beat the bird like. I got people burn Salma gave Wednesday night that hey Bernie looked at real crazy wild exploits of the it's been out. Inverted does his pregame show outside PD left field. He's probably worrying about what he's Dover got lots of blood I'm glad that artist for strikes. Birds are very nice person receiving when Scotty talks to everybody is waiting to be done in more than happy talk and look go crazy right this. After all the guy has to work with cats stadium economy. Then make anybody priest. Anybody. This alone attacks slime him. Mama's match she didn't get a say in the wedding being you I've got people are. I. He's got he put his mom was painful. Update he's Brewster the gonna say select head coach you know you come to a familiar enough. But members they so if if mom's for the big deal and she wants the Baghdad. I don't know if she got paid anything he has no say but other paper from the bill variables that put an Iowa repeat what's happening to work outs of the plate. You don't got through that will be able list. Who starving their can not unit. That's going on her back. I got beat with Alex Smith always had these OK but he never led the team. Who promise. Like I did it she gets here are get a good scheme first nobody was given the opportunity. Know wouldn't that be the team's chief who promised land. Eight we saw him because with those don't. Well so much that people on the shelters and that he was staying on for a young steals the madness outfit last night. After it was trash fuels like EPS your. Home fitness Thibodeau. And there's. Brett mean I don't have as much bad out I believe that the player actionable on the fifth under the Caribbean Community. People. Like this day like I'm doing good that we've we've just been precluded them and put them. The drive commitment not diligent about it. Hip thrusting not a fan.