06/21 - USA Today Says Chiefs Will Miss Playoffs; Why?

The Drive
Thursday, June 21st
The Drive give their take on USA Today and what could go wrong for the Chiefs to miss the playoffs 

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So we can move on here talk about the NFL because today when USA today. There was is basically for teens today that made the playoffs in 2017. That are not gonna make the playoffs into when he eighteen. And number three on the list behind the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers were York scene of the city chiefs in reads as follows Alice it was never gonna take it she's where they want to go my Holmes looks like he could develop into that quarterback but it wasn't going to happen with him spending another season on the bench watching Alex Smith. Dink and dunk his way to ten wins in early postseason exit it's almost like the inspector. Works for the US and a that he does for those reasons moving on from Alice Smith was was was 100% to correct move. But that doesn't mean that that will make it she's a better football team next season they're going from on the smarter quarterbacks in the league. To a younger QB so even at that she softens as more stacked on paper as it looks seeing Watkins it's unlikely that this offense produces at the level it did a year ago. How unlikely it is that with the offense now. It's possible that actual homes doesn't have the season that Alex Smith adds that's that you can't make up the offense in other ways than just strictly passing yards in regard to be better this season. So is this a lot leave office produced at the level it did last year when you add Sammy Watkins. When you add him into the fold in the sprints away the chiefs are certainly in my opinion banking on their offence taken that's helpful. Tiger I don't know what to talking about utility profits isn't going to be as good. You're cracked announcement because he couldn't think you're wanted to go you're okay with them comfortable that your ball and all this you had Sammy Watkins and now you're telling the offense. Can't produce at the level it did a year. I think this he's kind of contradicts himself that. What drives me crazy too about some of these predictions that the he's at another look at for clicks narrowed it stopped. There basically there are basing these predictions on stuff that happened last year and the goal on the top of the defense. Well Davis is completely different analysts last year to get Thomas got market leaders air there is it's completely difference and you're telling me and I mean urging you have no idea. Well this defense and we could we can project shall we think Kendall Fuller's going to be good about where. You guys that would sideline backer into the inches alongside Reggie. You got rid of any Logan in and and and nacho. He's there. So you're gonna have good. So if you say it is gonna come undersea end. It can try to tell you what this defense is going to be I think you're crazy. I just think it's it's more about playing the percentages of act like. What's sad is that the chiefs have a great defense has zero -- Beardsley and he's gonna ever agree and the percentage of that having it really good defense say also very slim via this statement did it and if it's hot in defense or paper maybe somebody is drastically better than I think they're going to be other would take a lot this to be top in defense I don't know you can lose a guy like Mark Peters and some of the pieces. And at one offseason with a lot younger parts just being top in defense I don't think it's very realistic for this to be. One of the top. Upper half of the NFL I would be stunned at this defense finished fifteenth in the league. I would be shocked at their average defense they did the younger they did get faster I think they're going to be better or Islam hoard to be worse yet on. And I think the Kindle Fuller lost Eric Berry can neutralize not having markets Peter who is the top twelve quarters of. Joseph lazy so he was instituted to really got my attention is. I think one of the questions we Agilent season can guys that slot corner of football in Kendall Fuller he moved to the outside and I think it's a fair question the question. Joseph was saying that's easier to do legal outside inside. So that actually made me feel a little bit better when it comes to put cattle for on the. Specter actually had some reasons they'll all like that she would make the lessons when he seemed right now he's in some yoga tips from Jamaica does feel so we'll wait to get the joke is juggle mystery and I guess I mean I guess symbol lax on my daughter and give them a little bit it's not give a little bit it's at. So let's. Let's pick four games because their sports teams that made the playoffs last year that will not make the playoffs this year where Jacksonville. Carolina. The chiefs. M buffalo. Buffalo is almost certain buffalo and wildlife sits poignancy. Buffalo is certainly not make in the playoffs. I'm gonna go once a further in Tennessee. Says he was a V air Ribery flimsy team last year. I'm gonna guess Houston and a lot better I'm gonna bank on that helped the two shall lots of grass to swap out a team also about. The titans who with a five C last year also liked him and for the for the for the Houston Texans and buffalo that a year in of their earlier Olin. I do think that the that the Los Angeles chargers make the playoff as well so if you're asking me to teams in the antsy to make the playoffs I'm wiping out Tennessee. Housewife now buffalo and I'm gonna insert Houston in Los Angeles in the NC here's. This a wildcard here you know I've talked about this team before a team that I think's gonna make it. Only go to Los Angeles rants. I think they've got the wildly talented they're going to be wildly unpredictable. This this season should be an absolute train interact with Peters to believe in dollar considered and a 34 year old head coach it seems like a little bit much for me. It now I can be completely honest and is this team to go crazy and have a killer year run the table. But the same time I think that the tricky to Walt tracks to be back on to say the rams don't. I'm gonna go from that's it seems to get so much for. I'm gonna say the saints. Does think the NFC south is like always so weird wacky unpredictable. And it's so about the vikings I just don't believe Adams goes next he does a lot of IC I just don't believe. I think they improved at the quarterback position last year just felt like one of those seasons like everything just cater together at the right time for the vikings still like like one of those feel good time years so right now you're asking me in it's we still a lot of time injuries do happen and there's a lot of things that can happen which we now on when I'm put my opinions fully on the books. My Ford seems to be Tennessee buffalo. I would say the saints in the vikings' next year is a fourteen I would take out of the playoffs that made the playoffs last these. I got the rams the vikings the bills and the Panthers. Owed the I and the candidates to open. I don't believe anchor 'cause in Minnesota and buffalo buffalo. The ranch or implode. I think those those months and Kirk cousins that you don't really likes. I think it seemed I'm waiting for him to have this big amazing you really puts his team on his back and go win and it never happens. The guy gets paid a truckload of money people the Brinks truck. Drop often in his driveway at his mansion he gets to forty some odd million a year and then never delivers there were 79 last year. I mean Kirk cousins is never delivers I keep waiting I was excited to see the skins committee Kansas City last year and watch him play proposes could deliver. I just year ending year cousins doesn't do it looks like he should be really really good quarterback but when it comes to wins and losses and put the team on his back it doesn't Kirk cousins like our. Like Kirk cousins are a lot more than you do the time a really isn't on his side he is now heading into. Your seven and he almost thirty years old actually he will be 30 August 19. Mean there's probably 23 maybe four more years of Pique her cousin but the numbers are certainly there. The last four U three seasons he is on for 4000 yards 25 or more touchdowns. And completed at least 65% is passed so the numbers have certainly been there but the team's success as you alluded to has not been their food. Erica it's the most important position all sports is teams don't win. He's the quarterback mean. It's not always the case may have completely crappy team and a weapons and no protection I get that part of a fully understand that exiled Alex Smith early in his career champ Cisco. I feel like proposes under achieved any of these overpaid for what he's what he's Hitler.