06/21 - Joe Mays IN STUDIO Part I

The Drive
Thursday, June 21st
Former Chiefs LB Joe Mays joins the guys in studio to talk DEFENSE 

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Backhand on the drive we'll get to. Joseph Mays and as easy to momentarily but you're following the NBA draft today's seems Charney of Yahoo! Sports. Baby clothes says that Phoenix is locked in on the Andrei eight as the number one overall pick in Sacramento has locked in on Duke's Marvin badly so the number one number two picks in the NBA draft are done. According to shams in Abilene jams he's big woes. Phoenix gonna say yeah Andrea eight Sacramento is going to take Duke's Martin badly. I think Sacramento would take. Look at dodging spec. Just like Mike I think he's got back overseas is it comes down to after the play of the Sacramento Kings aren't acclimated to stick to music and senator I'm playing at a Sacramento can't tell caches with its plan that was Spain's errors and he was in the Euro league. Good money I mean it's better for him to come over here and play I distinct. Adding he I think he I think he told sacrament or people we're not coming if yeah that's the drums of your Sacramento you can't for the few guys that she has little leverage here. Jimmy did just that he's just good enough from Americas and he certainly can just say I does not coming I'm not coming to America if you draft me so they're they're not taking him it's like they want him to go to Atlanta. Joseph mates former NFL linebacker joins us as the original I don't amen I'm doing good things have no response to plug your place but nobody can plug their own things better than them what are you doing these guys. Yes so memo once you open a pluralistic well listen we are delayed us and then we located all six along the right number of a market area. And what we do we aim to educate people are out of their buddies who assumed the natural medicines meditation and movement so. We we try to hit all phases mar embodies spirit and you know some about you keep an eye cells are the anti carelessness. Am I gonna ask you snitch on anybody or give anybody's names I would never do that we're talking about Jesse Williams yeah pay a 100000 dollars a month in spousal or child support to Scott's accident. Public is getting divorced yes the pay 2500 dollars a month for child support and she was the one that cheated a little wants to listen every day go chiefs. I know you guys locker room you guys yeah what's the highest number you've heard one of your teammates had to pay in child support. Nutten I think their clothes that I was you know here in 50101000. But a 100000 that is definitely a lot of money but it ended today. And he's meant to 500000 dollars a month. Given a 100000 so your ex wife and your keys like Disco hits also money keeping move. Is that the law and act and off and it is success I mean that is that is excess of what you know it it he density got a city mayor do you know they get they got married he got together soda and they knew way you know what could happen what could potentially happen and they still went along with this so you know this is all part of. Hundreds of text from my wife right now so no longer part of this conversation as well guys know items that she's like me. It's racer he's still she's great in the. This I mean it doesn't have been so man I think we've we've we're not giving women enough credit you know foot for what they do now focused you know if you beat. Put each and every last one of us at home would keep all day just imagine what you would do. I want to wouldn't do I'm not denying that but I know my mom did a for a lot less than one point two million. I'd say that's true I assume ladies and it totally different types were arguments well that makes. Oh your voice was the last time you're here certainly no Shia a lot of respect for all this what you said about that she's defense potentially into when he eighteen I wanna see if you agree. Yeah man we are we ready to roll we we we do with who we get we don't need the word vote. Those those three players that are from 2017. Season and about today when do enough to get it done so we get we we we upgraded upgraded everywhere so the defense is going to be. Guarantee I'm guaranteeing the defense will be solid this year is that that's shown are guaranteeing. Not like I don't guarantee much in life. But I'm guaranteeing his defense won't be top fifteen in the league this year. So mark thinks she's to be a top fifteen defense in the NFL do you agree amid tough it's in defense I guess I'll say yes com. But with the with talking about you know once the season is over and down with so they're gonna have to go to their growing pains. You gonna have a lot and a lot of young guys out there on earth on the field. They've brought they drafted all defense and expect and a couple of those guys to be able to play defense of reps so it is gonna take a learning curve for the guys to get access understand indeed defense. He used to the speed of the game is not gonna happen overnight. But it into today they have the potential to be a tough fixing defense yes. Oh whenever you guys talking about defense are you guys going more yards given up because last year that she's worked 28 in yards and certainly not good enough but the Patriots defense was worse than them for regards him individually at fifteen points per game you are you focused all guys getting into the end zone because we. We can agree that she's defense could be a whole lot better this season than they were last year but they are middle attack they were average when he came to points a level we all can agree last year's defense wasn't good enough. Are you guys in the defense or look at more yards given up or more looking at these guys didn't Indians. I mean it. That's a solar also on the defensive so I would look at everything like we don't wanna give up and not worth seeing when you are when they're when the boss so we're always constantly folks are. You know stop and run and enforcement the passing and enforcing the quarterback it's a bad situation so. Technically is that the best way to look at it is voice points given up let's allow. Because at the end today if your office put nuts when he won the 24 points a game and you only given up fixing more than likely you gonna win again so. I think that's the most important part of with the Yaris that's gonna comment I mean we are an NF trio we are planning to sell the other professionals. Is gonna happen. Did Joseph Mays former chiefs linebackers in studio this. Third down how important that mean to be seen. Forget you are trigger points if you don't feel on third down right and yet if you don't like it's back in no list of important stuff and stats you got to look at worst third. I'll have to say third down it's up to. I think he ran zone is it's very important that are down that that right there that's money down nest nest down where it used as some make played as this euphoria its aim is the sound of the ball. And a spin on beef is meant we all is all about. Do whatever we can put off his back on the view in which is out there just trying to keep keep keep the opposing the score and given off his back while also that's super important. You think that she's got to change who they play defense for this this bend don't break for what the last or five years. It's not working group and and if you do think that they have to change to play defense award is to change philosophies and change the way to. Yes I do think they gonna have to change just into you you get a chance to see the personnel up close and personal com. The thing is is not heart is all about Taylor and defense for you guys instead of the guys being tailored to the defense you know this is about you know utilizing assurance. And China co worker weaknesses as much as possible a felt like last year it was you know a lot of man to man principles. And you know. The size 22 I don't think they had the guys to play those management principles. Which is why a lot of yards given up and passing game from the running game in a lot out of that I'll always felt like doctor Poe was. The key guy that was in the middle because he's able to take up to and still be productive as do you know wreck Havoc in the back Q. So I think also things if you can attend if you. Taylor around what you have your personnel and make sure you're doing what's best for the players instead of warned about just a scheme itself you can be far. Right now we're talking to former NFL linebacker Joseph Mays what do you make of what the chiefs did this offseason in overall and their defense it came very clear to me that Brett beach had a plane oh yeah our defense wasn't physical enough to stop the run our defense wasn't fast enough as certain key positions what do you make of what the strategy was defensively this offseason. Op opt and they may great moods I mean it came at a cost you know they they had to get rid of number eleven men you know which was a very very good quarterback forced. Tommy was very stable which is what you need and you know an office in a quarterback to keep the ball. Hold onto the ball not turn it over so it came at a cost bush I think they they deathly guy younger data faster. Which is with that was the purpose that was the whole you know thing and it's an policies they need to get younger which is why they got rid of you know DJ and Tom looked ominous lesson young guys coming in place and also I felt like it they may some good moves this. We say got to see what's gonna happen you know they I mean these are good players are brought in but it ended today you can be as good as you want to a paper bully you got to do so don't feel. Once saying I've always heard football people say it's unless it knows what's I think it's most affable thing that the the that the biggest jump the biggest improvement you make is from your one to your to do because you've been in the system you understand the system in the game slows down. How true is that an Olympic have a guy like passing yo. You now redshirt a little bit the first year from now when you're too I'm expecting you to produce some expect you to do something this year for the beef. Yes Alia best that's deathly usually know taken at that next step in YouTube because you get it says. Says that big game open in Australia played a first year yes suck because the speed of the game I mean these guys a big strong fast and we say it. Well we used when you get to to feel you really really noticed that. What. Payments a year to feel like the game dose kind of slow down a little greed you know exactly what you're doing and you noted scheme and everything so I would so is a lot less thinking. You don't have to worry about you just go out there react and play and beautiful ball player which is what we brought in to do anyway. Yeah I just I I I does that was really looking at the defense and like every team says we wanna get bigger we wanna destroy you wanna get faster on defense well I mean that's everybody's goal when it comes to football yeah. I was really happy to see to it felt it felt more targeted than in years past like they remove the hybrid guys that guy that can maybe come down in the box help will run defense. And guys that complain the past as well does feel like teaches strategy to try to accomplish younger faster and all that kind of stuff. It seemed much more pointed and other U of course. I mean he when you have put a year defensively like to have last year's Steffi let me point they're gonna they gonna overhaul everything you try to figure out OK what is it that we weekend. Which they decided that they were over every week that defense wins and all three levels so they brought in guys all three levels of China you know. Get to stay Rolen again and and turn it over so. Heat yet it was point you know it was new it was point eight he already knew the direction they want to go any excuse. How long does it Alex it takes for a guy like for young guy on the edge to to really. Find his groove because. And I isn't specifically talking about some like top last Becky from Villanova group you know who I'm curious if he's gonna be the guy on the other side of I just use college it takes for a guy like that's a really. Feel comfortable in the NFL's you're two you're three. I mean it's it it takes it takes a little bit of time unless you come across you know Von Miller who a guy where he likes of yeah he's he's definitely exception. But I was saying it it takes a year to just to get to fee wit. 'cause you know it into today in college we all got by just let me athletic or you know have some something that we were really really good day. In NF fear you got to put all those things together you gotta be athletic. Yet they were technique yet they were levers like you gotta put all of those things together as sometimes it's harder for four or some folks and others. Com but you know I I feel like you know. Is gonna this is going to be here where you get a chance to see these young guys really blossom homage to see if the coaching that they received last year and an everything that they've learned. Is gonna come to play so I'm excited meant until right now. Right now we're talking to Joseph Mays he is with us in studio for another twenty minutes or so we got a question sex up and insects on six countries are six. This year talk of football on Thursday says something really interesting LaMarcus Peters a wanna talk to other side about Bob Sutton in what you see I guess flaws in his scheme and how you would improvement coming up on the draft.