06/21 - 8 pm - White Donte

Thursday, June 21st
Ron thinks Sal should ask for a trade and it's HERE! WHITE DONTE is going to Milwaukee!!! We get sidetracked because our dude goes higher than he was projected and landed in a good spot. We try to figure out what Jon Heyman means by major leaguers and we're all here for Baker vs Colin. We have to go Off the Rundown because Ron isn't show Beyonce the respect she deserves. 

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It showed. Welcome in our number two we are here to 9 o'clock this is the shows don't burn the building. Aren't I've just got to say this. I know that you are from basic in the Detroit mercy and it sent to the Phillips. But but but but Phillips is the letter Mr. Big shot I believe there he has officially lost. But he's been awful on the put it right on the tape how he's been a horrible. All one on as an analyst for the last however many years is it plates audience he would you know is the most boring or is it is breakdown but honestly. What he's read it recent sort of Mickey Mouse bedtime story to me Ed now he's been to a player compares its eighth and off. Off all day and then. I'll listen I am happy for Michael port and a series this guy's silence edits it runs got to be at Richard. I'm not even though they buy it I am not prepared yet. That tepid rate is as compared okay stop at a seat are comparisons to stop. Right now. They should add just that Roberts that they stop it. The same in high he wants to be the most efficient scorer in NBA going on eight when you had stayed Gil is. Whatever his name is the guy was like a flower as Michael. Kid guilt or any evidence Michael Carter Williams that's not aiming high. You've got to be kidding me. That's who Michael Porter junior. Compared himself to David Justice he said it doesn't mean it's not just that it not been awful tonight in his compares. I appreciate it they're one of these kids to Ron Harper. The bolts on our list outs are I have cats aren't that bad news yeah it was pretty. Come on now like this come talks I cannot wait to the net who do you think he's going to have wife like tactic appeared. I sit. Had gone too hard on John John John is good but then what is it we hear what. Michael Porter junior thinks of who he would compare himself to go. I don't wanna before we trash Chauncey Billups Nazis out of control and Michael's out of control toward. It's sort of slow but might believe that he is out of saint in the last you idly. I'd you've got to be but I'm sorry no he he's not compared. That is shooting for the stars too much you don't just go to the kids enacts. I'm a little on the mix geography Katie you don't like are all a little more indicate he doesn't like open and people a little more super treaty but. Oh you know like Super Bowl more than GR about it but I like to prepare ourselves through you know cloture McGrady. Are you prepared to Camelot and I'll let down a lot of you know those three players. So it not a group event have been their car prisoners are. And also feel bad doesn't feel that it doesn't feel bad you put yourself in those conversations don't feel bad. Josh McRoberts. Is disrespectful. And you know just robbers and solid career with duke doubled in two years just it robbers may still be at the leak. Broil whole way in that army I was gonna say double now. Just grab still immediately he was eloquent answer. 611 guy. Frank commits eat it probably got better handle different outcome let me. He is that the Dallas Mavericks. But Robert is silly I. That. They got comes all their consoles with. Michael Porter junior the family out there I feel good for us at this. That kind of looks like. Who has worked in where. He seems like he threw the work that thirteen years and it's got a great coach and a use. All's. Like mad at me like you look at dot Gallup Mary it looks like he's been here Jay Wright it looks like he's been it. Tell me you tell me. If you wanted to Dale's warehouse right now. They use solo. And so mark with a head hard at driving we're with you with the beauty. Console looks like the guy that's always make injury clubs out a better not be doing that project about the blah day so it might tell. I mean he looks like in his club he's got 50s15. Pairs Hilton goes through those boots through Eagles. Oddly I need to do its console looks like he works he's worked. Maybe not now as the aussies they'd go to the zoo but console looks like he has worked. Some hard haul hard day any never complains about it when he gets home. It beats. Eat his meal. I think it's the tickets I cannot outlets concerts I'm not moving past look at it. Why not. That's about why president block he can get up her. Lady all he did the other guys who were drafted ahead. Except that ever read it. To. Why not say that you all are. At it this ugly. Holy Toledo that. Is so much better. There's no question none but was there for testing next front was there for. A hundred described. Her. Other than your 100% if you missed it as that's. I was to Pakistan appeared it to its currency analyst analysts who have been destroyed round shooting law for more. Is compared Bolton. 660 boy heals you'll say he's he's terrible the bolts blow. Up. But actually see this. And out you know but I know it's going to be well but if you start states. Like Dante is the unicorn on active agenda though it from Villanova MO ZMOE. Of the final full. He is the unit the white guy who can't date. Why women who leave previously dated. Black. And get tired easy like there's there's only like 27. In the world. So what's it mean to pick you identified it will work. You've got to fight you're driving don't do you know which she looks like now you do by the way Lucas done to some mom. That back on vague doubts about pearl. Countries the UConn. Sit. Oh god here we this guy had in new cents. Ewan. Andre Iguodala. Is country it would. Hopefully this it light and it cooler. Ray Edwards sister. They're guys that we better like that when these influences idiot platelet. Apparently. So does that study Abdullah did yeah. I spent. Two weeks ago you're trashing it would dollar white let me go eight and then it'll are all that is not I'm not France. If I'm not France. He he's not Scottie Pippen the city's city. If he is not Scotty Pitt and people could stop asking about a picture of this young lady you'd I feel like you know what she looks always amazed she's one of those like girls legal she's too bad. Robert Edwards is there are those that I just know it's the Duluth try that I know that's like I'm gonna go do. It. The look at what Marcia. It's like they look through you. Audience they did they don't even like I'll walk in the room and. Like. You and I checked I could that throw it about ballistic it. I've never given houses in two issues. We did like awhile now they. And Dana we had to do the pickup lines and so my team. As. I went out and had these bad feet. Ahead of the real but like it is bad badly. And I went up to her. He. As an excuse to slip. You know the movement within. I. I. He'd do. You. It. It. Like that it that this act and we too light that's it but I. Asserted. It that way you can report I hear him speaking Whitney talked. Yes. I take is the absolute. Obama got in this ugly. He's b.'s let's see saw he was. I think that's not a heads in his corner as you just automatically comparable with his may. Unanswered he's yet and that's all it. I hope. Pearl. A canopy as an expert since on banquet Snyder's that you get out. I. Was jobs. Better jobs better I think that it would do is take. David. Other persons who are at his name is done to aid the beauty. In his name Mike the Chris Hutchinson had been hit maker bulls might be is there. But dot. Your name. I know it's like I. It out like. That and I don't. Know the last three girls that dot a's they. At that I wanna know. I want uphold then young ladies. What was the guys need required to use date that that. Person. Watch it. Say. In Britain. Third in it. This show would run the show you can leave. From the MVP addicting TV and who's to yield sixteen Sports Radio. Yes it is is nothing if not decisive. No I think he they got three guys with talent. Get outside potency potential. Their rankings are okay. Not the very. I know they're getting some criticism for not really trying to break out more guys will hire right but let's not forget the oil. When they make great sometimes. Those rates are undervalued its size and mandate to have to do a lot better that you think what they trade Greinke as they haven't. He's got a hole in retrospect to get seeing. He get as the Barney got people who read the net nearly derby carefully. Turned out to be fantastic. They think could happen here we don't good of a bit further away from the courts are rare the region to be so that's gonna limit to take some degree. That was done payment on the drive early this week took the puck is saved for that interview. Some runs the first thing that I saw and read about these payment yet is it weeded out of an item and read leading edge. The royals. Many scouts legal rules that three Major League. And I. Or reliever for hurt or kill her with that but my question is now on what con man. As. Is are we talking Christine Cologne major leaguer. Who's currently not a major leaguer but edit it it plays the rules that it wasn't a starter. Even with a guy like over on date frying to give away the are we talking about major leaguers like with Mary. Who who's a starter who can play. Every day but I don't think that they got superstores I don't think they did need now. Well make our. Angle I don't think alone is considered mate are supposed to explain that. Because. You may want your roster of the world's. And in in major moments for not only the twelfth in the head you know it's it's the pinch hit for for pictures. Isn't it like your eyes its image yes yes okay so like I I is that something that makes it say Arabic they can. Always find jobs in Major League Baseball Christian Cologne. Pol Orlando now now to meet those guys hard. Major leaders. So when John Hammond comes out and says that's not what he's talking all three will be major leaguers know I think what he's saying is that third baseman is that everyday player. That outfielders the guy that will always the other big league ball club that's seventy girl arm. Will be a big league pitcher of some sort. Who knows how good the turnout at all on themselves 125 man roster from opening day in the disease could cause because here is that I think there's certainly. And column in your major leaguer. Yes he has he's back. He's back with Washington in an honorary national team. I'm just like but to me that's that's that's a different type of Major League but I think that. It hurts me it easy it is a major leaguers like he's gonna be on this team from start to fit. Nobody does have the warm up song bad company's I feel like making love. And that's pretty impressive and that is funny names below five do you find that as I'm here. I'm not hearing so. If you game. Why did you go eight of which I went with Michael McDonald felt like that was it was statements rice rather than Sheldon my singing voice at least five is that is that. Well there. I'll be. Pleased by that I feel like if I would have gone with all the song. Goes I would've been exposing how icing and pride I'm ready. I'm not ready to do that I did. At didn't at that point I can figure that out if it gets audited by. Religious help answer it it seems like he got they're hit a. Maybe I'll have you got him and others. This is the bad company version I can also play the Kid Rock version. And not just. What are they saying his agent ideas. I needed. I personally would like it this was or how CDs esque aboard an ounce is escobar's not rate Whitney is a dollar in a major leaguer and then. He played every day for you and you know Ailes Ailes is it BP and perform. In the play like that that was because if you look at the Rick Perry got in his mind. A lot about all. Right. That ill man now in town this. Well that's why. I am I out again and again his I might. It's. Up. Nick and as the big argue. It's. So I would imagine that's wag that he. Look at outlet in which carries himself with a deficit. Waiting. This is this is this is this summer night what three want Ron white unicorn just went seventeen to. He's going to the playoffs. My. Third his fitness is sound but this is fantastic he and his. And that's. Monitored those who can pass. It. That attitude that music out to see what kind of music news. The humidity. Here's the question. Adam silver if you don't know at a desirable in the NBA commissioner looks like me when he wears O line. What is. This kid and duty honor he is well. On notes. All. You've seen the honest starts. It learn it reached at this last season can't we checked the roster. I'll cut its ability compared. It's. At 52 million. Tyler also looks like Mose Sri. First of Tyler's been influenced pocket already. What. I've got by the rise under I've got on the roster the wall. He equally. It currently. Matthew delve into nova all alone Chris Arnold tanner Od and die maker at genocide that. Don today the challenge so from Villanova. I seventeenth overall cost to the Milwaukee. Ash tag fear the deer Dante is changed and Lowell and Jason Terry is on that roster yet. Not to say look if you look at him look at the way he's he's looking manner like Sony won't. I don't handsome like you to follow all of the wolves. If that. That's that's the place that they. That they would is Botha. To be out in this it's. Is it that day so what's that bird nailed it. Thank you much hit today it's one round. You know Dante is thinking right now. The emotions. What's so. It is Susan. So this is us. As at Milwaukee have. Does Milwaukee like is there does not work out different institute. In Milwaukee ahead of the Norris I just be careful share is because of the night. That he could fit in Racine without any props and certainly grounds suing to our current Butler from. From Boller and active and a I know. Oh there's work into. This lady this young lady who's brought he brought you. That's. The cheapest. Seat. Who estimates that the big who. Would be surprised. A Hitler. Oh this. Is less is going to be a good team that's going to make the playoffs he might be the missing piece in the second round. To make the playoffs that means he's going to be OTB goddess is going to it's on TV that means he's gonna BO TB. All of my guy to set yourself up with a spot student fees and everybody for half attack us I don't think they're gonna do but if LeBron comes out of the east does pay. This dispute. On. Coming up I don't know what he's really races. Oh. As we come back and we leave you with this than the words from the incredible desperate. Milwaukee is really race. I got its own Chama mom's homemade pasta. Gotta I gotta bring national. He played it is that we think that it is that like that and yet. And I am fine man and what you mean what exactly. What he did that that. We'll leave it right after you play you play it into the lead. By the way if you watched your TV's at home just that is me history. Goes a lot walker before. Eighteenth overall with the San Antonio Spurs Chauncey Billups like it's in the future hall of Famer to way way anyhow gotta zone that's not my mom's rumored cost. God I got to bring Africa. Listen. This is in the words listed at the moment. What boards this is why I called them the white you know court this is why I say he is that. That guy that kids just don't fine. In the range that Justin Timberlake in the range of chaining tape that you just don't line. That can take in poll the white blood that is all league dated black and prior to meeting him because. He tells of stop and sounds this like. I got its own Osama mom's homemade pasta. Gotta gotta bring an afternoon. There. I don't say my mom. I don't write it was an apostrophe S like possessed or does he always call her mom's side in here mom's a mop. What what more oval or. I got its own Osama mom's homemade pasta. Gotta I gotta bring national. It operated well. That man is it ranks tonight I think he's drinking Hennessy. As it is right now. An asset to break. And another brutal compares it for Tutsi bill he just compared this money walker Butler Tinto Wayne way. You can't have a guy at the tot to be prepared to Michael. And it's that point Michael Carter Williams and then this guy who's eighteen into the lane wait that just doesn't work. That the outlook see the first highlight this if any of this now stock. Stop it right now stop. The plane would add on any day. So after it. Do you honestly let's. I only that Chauncey who compared like Dante Tyler Johnson who is also another Caucasian gentleman in the league. I just feel. That shots it was compelled to compare him to in other white most people are I just because about the data compare. But he added nine. That they are light and just. Like Jimmy Butler he is an athlete and a great to figure out as world can shoot the threes you solve this step backs it was putting. He just took over the game against this in Kansas just about the game. Thank Howard Johnson but I'll let because he was a white later they compared him. Another way I don't. If I lived out of purpose oracle that is they came out but it was. I think it starts it's he's been sold or off on anybody else that he's compared to the man. Oh okay is this another white player who decide to Kevin. He what are you environment is a good shooter. But I just like it's compelled. To obvious saying nick staff's kids. And I do I. Oh. Johnson's car and Mike Miller. Also. Very Caucasian. It's it's. Just. And it's that it's horrible. All I do think it's because we talked about is does this accurately this the second most important thing though when you're too. Something happened out Calvert shielded. I'll Albert de. Baker mate who was on here. And Ullman has sort of played as we get my message to play just because I could not. Wait for this this was amazing to me because outlook everybody is for both cy. This is wide range of what we do this is how I want to be able to conducting. They may. Wakefield was on your. With all the account hurt and he is challenged and cal let me out and let me let everyone know because there was some video being dissected that you'll be able to understand may feel. What Powell cowards doing is it's showing baker may feel a moment when he threw a touchdown. At Ohio states and instead of celebrating with his teammates he circled towards the band at the corner of the end zone. Where his fans worried that he knows apple accusing him celebrating its. And I guess can you play at that. This alike doll maker. In Ohio State I watched every snap you were you know gloriously talented. And I see this play right here watch this maker needs or touchdown instead as. I'll like this on terror right now I cannot walk. Or you don't. You don't. Our band is over their student sections are there and then straight back to our sideline. Well boy teenager lost Chris again I watched the whole game you did these ought to celebrate our team it's like three touchdowns before that have. Like I'm now okay you pulled the one clip of me running right there to our fans and people that traveled well of that game personal. And then you didn't show the rest of the clip of New York or silent. Not an eagle we'd have to go to the site identical to the hospital. Or get a dollar after the tie state not gonna go Dracula guy just ran away from everybody what you did but then you came back encircled the sideline. This is there what does a 52 clip of your showing me and then I'm off screen or they're unlikely to be your team points that it wants a wrist again analysts. I know we went back to this high I don't know on goat wants the other touchdowns are very sentinel. So you'd think my accusation that this doesn't this is in fact I feel like you're going for the fact I'm not a team guy. I'm selfish is that we issued barrier mom it is say no I don't think I think duke I think sometimes you judgments just Tampa and I think in April to judgment leak of the game is sold. Our aluminum into the wind which. I. First up is that that was courtesy visit at this one. Numbers. I looked terrible thing I loved it in every way because. So many times. First stop I had this is the most impressive I've ever been with speaker. As I've I think this is a guy who many people believe his the and he's shown we watched him play Kansas inches. I think it's players deserve it. He didn't he seem to me being calm cool and this was a place where you get a option that probably ticked him off. It and everything but I also like a house perspective that one he did I came out and he said what he wanted to say to his base. I needed but it pocket hide anything he said it wouldn't want to say that space and it spotlights and people just have a conversation. And I wish that everything compete out was when we interview people like you can disagree with athletes as they come back and they go back and that we disagree I mean you do. I would that was John Barbour earlier and it's not that afterward. That was all. I'll also encouraged by that and I. Activists celebrated from both. I think I think the reason why don't see more of that is because that was on television. And there's no way for mayfield we get out of it without looking like shot. So it turns it around any house shoes stay idiocy yes that stayed behind the microphone as it like an adult. In what ultimately ended up doing was dominating conversation making. It might. First of all your right. Albert to bring that to his attention in the past he has chastised. Mayfield for doing that that is man I wish more people stop like that that is commendable that's all athletes normally get accountability produced it's about me. Say it to my face but. Calvert also. I think at times especially there. Makes us all look very dirty with this really you're gonna you're gonna nit pick one instance in which I didn't celebrate with my teammates. That like you were talking about earlier that is one of those. Moments. Where I think us in the radio business or writers or TVs we look like someone that never played we look like work. Like we don't get it like we don't understand competition and what it's like to be out on the. God is like you agree with what he's saying or not. I like I think. That's of their bid Samantha leads that I've been hard on here. And I don't know that we can sit like so he outlets or all of you know. I don't think he would take it. I know I can sit here the only way that what is it there and studio. You on the phone and hang up and it's cool out of my studio B and the like he'd get up right now at backing with that it was critical and to his face about sort it would just stopped talking to you and sit down or something like that but I like like outlet passes. I have been really leery of okay and it really leery about it I've been leery and I've always at that I could go baker mayfield. Because I've just not comfortable with him. Being the leader of the CEO basically of my friends that right there that's still I don't think. In any heated situation the way you act can be something. Of how you're going to show me how you're going to act under pressure. And that right there showed I was very impressed by baker the he's gonna have a lot of pressure with that the phone he rejects this as thick coat. But that was the most impressive that's the whole thing was this right to me and I wish weakened to a bit more in our industry. I would love to comment that you know we got to probably. Aid man was it and content. You can do it sold that. How about that single you hear about that W I I I've been very hard balance lord like outlook is be real without. He'd be all right. Sort of a guy that if he's in the clubhouse or not it though GM and and I always party that column was being in an ass may be some people took I think early on laws. That. It's is it being an ass I just look at it. Just like Hamburg which show together we disagree. But I've been at the roads where this awkward that you get up let's go to bill. He might act that the person. Who. Here. To pursue coming up we go all the run down. This right here. I don't know how many people listen this right here is probably the most passionate they. That we were passionate about before these are stored. We probably talked about this for half an hour I wanted to leave the show yes with multiple people I I got it did to bishop Barbara Roland. We wanted to lead the show with this. I tell you don't want it you don't want to miss this. And the question is very simple on all the rundown today. As we. Took them Michael Jackson. I could've done better Mac that statement would look very. Listen to the show would run the show. Sixteen Sports Radio broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios yeah. It's. Building this room would have them. Same room they loose from the white NBA play on this earth. Obvious that your away away and other bad compares him to see him. This accidental use of race. Nazi bill of goods and here we all witnessed compares it. This compares. Quote him here ago. Bob's. These are gone. Is the comparison for grace and Allen shot see this isn't a joke anymore bro stop it. Not a big shot may. Bodies there. This and then there's Bob. And outlets this outlet that did it look at it to but it would be tonight. That I'd never knew at any point today I would theory here at eight ops that are out there. I'll but other. Racking my brain I thought I got on with Keith Van Horn I thought it was good that I did picking up but you taught jobs. It'd do. If you Google more and Jeff Horner sack of earth and hopes her hobbies there. I've Lori closed until he does this thing with the bulls look in the it's a is mainly did it. Not like. Well. That went into. It and that growth and as silly text I'd jump in on it. Outlets I was working with some some youth today and they are watching this yachts they video. And it between the concert. Piece is they had people kind of talking about her career instant and a guy and there's. Yet to really look at her career and see how great she is because. And her younger than age she. She's already got to Michael Jackson's let. It out that's part of it as well. Lol well and I wanted to just take off and just denounce that because. She is in my opinion about why did agree she is in my opinion the artist of this generation and anywhere court. May guards right now to carry whatever. Whoever Timberlake I'm Timberlake and he's in my tapped but she is the artist that this generates the denounce it. Because she is me. I mean Jack she is big there's no performer that's probably been. As good as her since Michael. She is movies everything she is the real deal a relationship probably helped out order I mean he has. It states I mean today. But. He held the same way she helps him yet. I I I thought and I still don't think he's like when you brought it. Up to me at first I was dismissive. But then your just the same weight went about it the more you think about it in at least it at least made me thing but but no she's not. And I think the individuals you need to ask to find out whether or not she uses. It's kids twelve and under. Because I'll tell you when I was young when I was under the age of twelve. Michael Jackson was right there with Michael Jordan and Hulk Hogan they were every CI think he's twelve under twirls mostly twelve to five. I think they're aware of the Adobe. Even if it's more than just knowing who our yes I knew prince once when I was young but it Michael. Michael was different. Yeah Michael Michael with different like it. I think before it's why she's there I think notoriety notoriety that's where she's there. My issue is were her where I think she falls short it is. I don't I don't see ya thriller. Al Al idols hit album yes. When bush he hits now that's probably go through albums it's all meant all of that. Different time different and different time meeting when thriller came out you had cassette tapes. Right you had records whatever it was and would hit play and just go. And I think incidentally canticle Maurizio. I think people do that with. I deals album shore but that the way you make waves. Back then was that cassette tape from start to finish it played in just go about your day. Today it's about dominating. The culture dominating the discussions he did this single ladies song and video dominated. The culture dominated discussion. And I don't know if it changed anything. But. That that whole single entities. It's not a movement but the single ladies music video and song. And that that that took on a life of its all is he decisive ms. spears and me I'd like I don't big of a that I look at the songs on there like halo. Single ladies. Eva. Video phones I was solid single and she has. Album or the catalog from Destiny's Child Ali. Mike I don't like project X and I don't know like site this. I seriously why do you think she got a little sister like Janet. And her sisters and China got. Like it's like maybe see more rain like oh boy I somewhat takes this within. Show show me videos of people Spain at the side of the announcing it then we can start up I don't know that's not bad out there and Alan baiting. But I have seen people call out its will teeters examples. About via astle little lady I bet I made out like I could just a dry. Up some. If I were boys on this album. We took eggs rise. To Saint Louis to go watch that have to go watch her perform and rolled back the same night. That lemonade out of Kabul and I mean. I. I watched two and a half hours of beyoncé. Entire show gist of her music videos. And an afternoon it was strange but it but it move. I just I don't like I don't think she is they. To solicit dangerously in love that problem was it was the real deal to act. I think I think she's easily the let me ask you this report can't. I mean all due respect and a woman. Get to that level in today's society because there are very many men out there that won't give her her due. Because she is she. Yeah I think McCain because I think she can't because. There are people who just didn't. There are some people who didn't give a damn about Michael who were fans of Michael but no we woes into Saul. I ever met that person. There thereafter there I'm sure there's some rainy trend science and in just weren't. Huge painters of Metallica fans and is 000. I'd just let. I don't think necessarily that has to be love from everybody has to be like you know. You know or an assault like you yes but I don't like Star Wars but I I understand I have respect give him yet that's a bit. Like you just can't. You can't have not gone to a wedding in that personally. Like Dennis is going to kiss. I think Jay-Z is one of the great artists at this time that you that everybody's not Casey. I think a dill is one of the great artisans greatly talent probably a bettors prop. It better sinker and it better obviously Ryder abused. The B Johnson. You don't hear dollars. So was it the fact that she's married to Jason takes them. Well that's what's in my column I. With Elvis and if that had taken them. Days the big tease rates. I just a practice it's all sorts he just. All the time it's different I just. Sit. People are buying now. It's. I got its own Osama mom's homemade pasta that I got to bring that thing.