06/21 4p - Chiefs Playoff Chances, Drive Draft

The Drive
Thursday, June 21st
USA Today says the Chiefs won't make the playoffs, plus The Drive brings in a special guest for a draft on NBA Draft Day 

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These are shopping the number four pick in tonight's draft. Sounds like the suns are gonna take generate eight and the kings are gonna take Marvin badly Derek Trucks the new head coach of the islanders and see inspect that's what we know. And back to the show. Backhand on the drive chanting your Specter here feigning fear. Walking suit talking football game here momentarily I I got a question. About rants is not specifically in NBA drafting and tonight is the NBA draft. But it's a draft in general question because. I may be in the way. One person of the law enforcement 1% I spend a lot of time on social me. A lot of you don't spend as much time on social media as I do but you are aware that basically Twitter has broken the whether it's the NBA draft whether it's the MLPs rant whether it's the NBA draft. Because right now they have tried to put a limit on what you can do during the dry. Like NFL network ESPN and fox that basically says you can't tweet up next for the draft because people watching live. So major roads and husky. Has just we'd essentially what the first six picks are gonna be before the draft. It was educate but the information out there before the draft happen again but wall to maybe the best sports reporter in the world. So he's telling you sons are taking the Andrei eight Marvin that is going number two overall Luka dodge just one number three Jerry Jackson's going for. It does seem to have a hate him Baigent Jack's support and he's telling you paid trades gonna happen is that announced yet but I'm pretty confident that Jerry Jackson will for. He has ball bobbled or five in history young going six to the magic. What does not testing here Walsh knows the top six picks are going to be in the draft it would appear that social media has broken the draft. Is that a good thing for sport because what are social media FaceBook is about watching being alive and being able to interact with people locked that you can't do for the draft anymore. If you're sitting there on the first round you're trying to do the draft. Is only 345. Picks ahead of the television broadcast which to me is always really gonna hurt the the product. Has social media broke in the draft because the answer is yes like digital social media during the draft and that's an option to let me just. In 28 game we agree it is a marriage at this point no I'm not saying what you're saying is writing certainly is the right way to do it. But that's how people watch sports in 28 Timor at some point your product. It seen it force us to adjust. To adjust to what we're doing people Wetherbee television show with the review the draft. They like watching it on television and they like live action and talking about it for the masses. So that ports not anything anymore but if we're gonna continue to have the draft the way that it is they're basically gonna tip picks like. What's 2.0 watching the NBA draft for the first six picks a buyer know what it's going to be hours before it happening entry doesn't start till seven. And knowing the way it works though and I tell us who number seven's gonna be the next thirty minutes as the how this thing work. So let me ask you to not I don't watch I don't typically watch. You know drafts on a social me that's that's out watching on TV and onto the less you know those were working order showed some. I can tell how there is is quote always correct on this I woes is not like she's like he done this. Like yes every year of quote does not mean what is his a lot of people the media this thing to predicament this on the that both OJ meet new media quote analysts after. It separate told you. You know chiefs about the draft X wines made. To address the lines the Alan Shepard not missing he's getting his information directly from the source as saying it when it comes to the draft him it was the same thing happening in FO. If you are sitting on your computer your phone watch mediate are the Indy area FL draft. You are way ahead of the television broadcast nursing their talking about all was coming up. Bro we all know who's coming I just wonder social media has broken address. I think if you the NBA he's got to take National League and stuff but that's doing the dual right. If they'd only like what does it make this stuff up -- enemies like you and he's with teams or agents and teams and agents are telling him and that's the only way you can do. Because the cat's out of the bag here and you know I mean it's not. You know that to me is on the leak if there was six is that where they want more viewership and that are free can tell people. And to other teams to other GMs get all those agents about not doing and that we can info about a leaked. It's not getting it out there that's the only way to stop and I'm not sure it's possible. So we can move on here to talk about the NFL because today when USA today. There was is basically four teams that day that made the playoffs in 2017. That are not gonna make the playoffs into when he eighteen. And number three on the list behind the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers were York scene of the city chiefs in reads as follows Alice it was never gonna take it she's where they want to go my Holmes looks like he could develop into that quarterback but it wasn't going to happen with him spinning another season on the bench watching Alex Smith. Dink and dunk his way to ten wins in early postseason exit it's almost like the inspector. Works for the US as it does for those reasons moving on from Alice Schmidt was was was 100% to correct move. But that doesn't mean that that will make it she's a better football team next season they're going from on the smarter quarterbacks in the league. To a younger QB so even if that she softens as more stacked on paper as it looks the same block and it's unlikely that this offense produces at the level it did a year ago. How unlikely it is though with the profits now. It's possible that actual homes doesn't have the season that Alex Smith adds that's that you can't make up the offense in other ways than just strictly passing yards in regard to be better this season. So is the ads are likely to office produced at the level it did last year when you add Sammy Watkins. When you add him into the fold in the sprints away back the chiefs are certainly in my opinion banking on their offence taken that's thoughtful. Tiger I don't know what are talking about here utility profits is gonna be as good. You're cracked announcement because he couldn't take you're wanted to go you're okay with them comfortable that your ball and all this you had Sammy Watkins and now you're telling the offense. Can't produce at the level it did a year I think this is kind of contradicts himself that. What drives me crazy too about some of these predictions that the east and another look at for clicks narrowed it stopped. There basically there are basing these predictions on stuff that happened last year and the goal on the top of the defense. Already that's completely different analysts last year agent Tom has got markets Peter's daughter bears. It's completely different and they're telling me and I mean urging you have no idea. Well this defense and we could we can reject shall we think Kendall Fuller's going to be good about where. You guys that would sideline backer into the inches alongside Reggie. You got right Betty Logan in and and and nacho. He's out there. So you're gonna have good. So if you say it is gonna come undersea end. It can try to tell you what this defense is gonna be too crazy. I just think it's and it's more about playing the percentages of act like. What's sad is that the chiefs have a great defense has zero very very excellent it he's gonna ever agree anything. Says that having it really good defense say also very slim yeah this statement did it and if it's hot in defense or paper maybe somebody is drastically better than I think they're going to be other would take a lot this to be top in defense I don't know you can lose a guy like Mark Peters and some of the pieces. And at one offseason with a lot younger parts just be atop indecent but I don't think it's very realistic for this to be. One of the top. Upper half of the NFL I would be stunned at this defense finished fifteenth in the league. I would be shocked at their average defense they did the younger they did get faster I think they're gonna veterans run horde to be worse yet on. And I think it Kindle Fuller. Los Eric Berry can neutralize not having markets Peter who is the top twelve quarters of. Oh Joseph lazy so he was in studio to really got my attention is. I think one of the questions regular season can guys that slot corner of football in Kendall Fuller he moved to the outside and I think it's a fair question the question. Joseph was saying that's easier to do legal outside inside. So that actually made me feel a little bit better when it comes to put skillful on the. Outside Specter actually had some reasons well all while the cheese would make the lessons when he team right now he's in some yoga tips from Jamaica does feel so we'll wait to get the joke is juggle mystery and I guess I mean I Agassi and all blacks on my daughter and give them a little bit it's not give a little bit it's at. So let's. Let's pick four games because there sports teams that made the playoffs last year that will not make the playoffs this year where Jacksonville. Carolina. The chiefs. M buffalo. Buffalo is almost certain buffalo and fumble at six point city buffalo is certainly not make in the playoffs. I'm gonna go once a further in Tennessee. Says he was a V air Ribery flimsy team last year. I'm gonna guess Houston is a lot better I'm gonna bank on that helped the show lots of grass to swap out a team. Also opt out. The titans who with a five C last year also liked him and for the for the for the Houston Texans and Buffalo's got a year in early very early Olin. I do think that the that the Los Angeles chargers make the playoff as well so if you're asking me to teams in the antsy to make the playoffs I'm wiping out Tennessee. A housewife now buffalo and I'm gonna insert Houston in Los Angeles in the NC here's. There's a wildcard here you know I've talked about this team fourteen that I think's gonna make it. Only go to Los Angeles rants. I think they've got the wildly talented they're going to be wildly unpredictable. This this season should be an absolute train wreck with Peters to believe in dollar can suit and a 34 year old head coach it seems like a little bit much for me. It now I can be completely honest and is this team to go crazy and have a killer year run the table. But the same time I think that the tree took a while tracks to be back on to say the ransom. I'm gonna go from that's it seems to get so much for. I'm gonna say the saints. Does think the NFC south is like always so weird wacky unpredictable. And it's so about the vikings I just don't believe Adams goes when Eckstein I guess a lot of IC I just don't believe. I think they improved at the quarterback position it her class or just felt like one of those seasons like everything just cater together at the right time of the vikings still like like one of those feel good Connie years so right now you're asking me in it's we still a lot of time injuries do happen and there's a lot of things that can happen between now and when I'm put my opinions fully on the books. My Ford seems to be Tennessee buffalo I would say the saints in the vikings' next year is a fourteen I would take out of the playoffs that made the playoffs last these. I got the rams the vikings the bills and the Panthers allowed the I handed him Newt is too up and I don't believe anchor 'cause in Minnesota and buffalo buffalo the ranch or implode. I think those those must Kirk cousins that you don't really likes. I think it seemed I'm waiting for him to have this big amazing year really puts his team on his back and go win and it never happens. The guy gets paid a truckload of money people the Brinks truck. Drop often in his driveway at his mansion he gets twenty some odd million a year and then never delivers there were 79 last year. I mean Kirk cousins is never delivers keep waiting I was excited to see the skins committee Kansas City last year and watch you play proposes could deliver. I just year in and year cousins doesn't do it looks like he should be really really good quarterback but when it comes to wins and losses and put the team on his back it isn't that Kirk cousins like our. Like Kirk cousins are a lot more than you do the time a really isn't on his side he is now heading into. Your seven he's almost thirty years old actually he will be 30 August 19. Mean there's probably 23 maybe four more years of Pique her cousin but the numbers are certainly there. The last four U three seasons he is don't for 4000 yards 25 or more touchdowns and completed at least 65% has passed so the numbers have certainly been there. But the team's success as you alluded to has not been their food. Erica it's the most important position and all sports is teams don't win. He's the quarterback and it's not always the case and he never completely crappy team and a weapons and no protection I get that part of a fully understand that exiled Alex Smith early in his career champ Cisco. Feel like you're 'cause is under achieved any of these overpaid for what he's what he's able. Are coming up on the other side buzz killing since Specter will give you his reasons allotted she's not make the playoffs and when he eighteenth and Jill predicts that one of your players is going to be a new addition to the probable team we'll tell you coming up on the draft. On the drive experiencing here. That's expected here training and special guest joining the studio coming up or thirtieth thinking will put a smile in your face. Coming up here moment here at least someone on the text line. As they are very good question. Tax on 69 user starts. Did I miss you fellow's talking about Jeff Triplett being made in. Is being an analyst yes she did check the podcast page six cents or stuck around and also to the podcast. On iTunes. Is that enough time talking about it. They've literally. Die here. This. Person. To be any rules. Analyst or ESP. Okay. The rule analyst that they've had so far goes to sell mean that don't really know the rules the way they say they do I. Remember thinking I might Carrey among the best officials in the instant though the don't wanna talk about yet. Man that when he was an official I thought he was an amazing official. Then he got the CBS job and then I realize how many times he was doing the same guesswork when it came to Texas a fumble that was too. And that I was shooting a higher percentage of giving these balls right and he was and then they fired him because we're making a mockery of his decisions every time. Is that not what's gonna happen here is PA and the same person who saw Gary Johnson tackle Marcus group. He called that a forward progress play ever trust anything you have to tell me about a call that's going on and game you'll rules yourself. How do you explain the rules that many. Why they hired an awful. Like rule which though for sports. Gothic they are like I got a golf will go to Michael. All the rule. Goes all the rules here tell me that every single one of those officials have all that stuff that right away. It's impossible. Held to a truly is Jeb trip quality is union rules experts all. It's likely the casserole I just. I just I don't understand the logic behind I don't know how you can watch that guy officiate Indian think that he news. He is someone that you really dictate the rules to me just makes absolutely no sense Specter you were like you know it's it's from jail mate and now you're back focused on the show. You wrote down today. The chiefs will not make the playoffs in 28 all this to be devil's advocate this helpless I don't say that I just said these will be the reason at all why it used to make my eyes it's an official prediction. Okay but it doesn't need my it and can you give us reasons that this race won when it comes the by the she's. But politically in this ergonomic layout just trying to protect my downward facing dog would look at all zealots I so let's that I hate when you play that clip that's it. Due to enemy in bottom third of the league in pressure and sacks which means just in Houston is in producing. The forties and producing antenna passing you was not ready to play in the NFL the plus minus turnover differential is going to be. Way different than it has been under Al Smith. I looked it up. Only in 2014. Did it she's having negative. Plus minus two turnover differential the last three years they've been in the top five of the NFL and third. And this may not be controlled necessarily by the chiefs it's isn't the chargers live up to the hype. I think it's realistic bid DC united seven in the chargers go ten and six. It's he's have a good season but they just don't make the playoffs because they don't win the AFC west this year I think that's realistic. I. The chiefs don't make the playoffs maybe this is the most simplistic way and we can all go home at this explanation. The way I see that she's not making the playoffs is one of two things. Jamal homes isn't nearly as good as people think and they're all so therefore their offense isn't as good. Their defense is wait wars that we're giving it credit etc. attacks line. The chiefs defense that most people seem like something you can overcome. Maybe it's not like main defense is absolutely terrible this year and then they're given up 26 points a game. Six point game they make in the playoffs this year I don't know even after all it's good if you can Cary a defense that bad this year so to be very simplistic when it's certainly more complex. It's very simple to me. Patrick Holmes is India as good as people think so we had good rookie season but he goes nineteen touchdowns as the eleven interceptions. That's a good rookie season not a play off kind of season to me especially given the deep as such are gonna have our defense it's his way worse than it was anticipated B. This is that she's silly. Playoffs I think it's because it would help my home is hurt that's the biggest thing without him they got nothing. You unilateral jet heading. Get the job done mean that that's the one thing we haven't really talked about you know if all goes down the chiefs are screwed him and it's doesn't matter. About their defense. The matter of the got Sammy Watkins and nobody including the football but that's the biggest thing. Defense. I don't think it's gonna be near as bad as it has been the last year or twenty is the past week that it's the Iran. Subtle thing you can get much worse I think David's going to be improved. To me. Everything rides on the health of Patrick Holmes you know if he can stay relatively healthy and the DC you know she's a really good chance of squeak in and get one. Tex 6906. Name that seems to go nine and seven and get a wildcard spot a balding nine and seventy seemed you can't do with the ANC is sixteen deeds only four. That makes it seem like we can predict the NFL you have no idea. In last year if I had told she Spain's Alex Smith would have the best season of his life in Jacksonville would still be better than you you will all be Craig's. If I looked you in the face and said Alex Smith a pro going eight touchdown passes and six interceptions. In Jacksonville will still we're we'd be better than you want this season you'll call in its idle talk and and and I don't watch the NFL that's what happened. I told you that that average gas titans team would come into arrowhead and beat that she's been my week five you would call me crazy and I told you after the patriots game. You know this chiefs team. Is going to move in a playoff to the Tennessee Titans. Like to know anything about what he's talking about so yeah I mean you're asking right now as well. And that's the beauty of a while he followed with sixteen that you think are going to be good are gonna be bad. Innings succeeded ticker going to be better gonna be good that is why he wants the lead here and people using the argument about not buying into the charter today the chargers. Let's be honest here dressed to the mine's the chiefs vivid seats and they've won one playoff game last. It Beers think goalies that she's get into the playoffs the charge of our time get in there and able double digit wins in. How many years now so that's the chargers and the one common thing that they have is Philip Rivers. Lot of great numbers not much postseason success and Evelyn double digit games a lot. Tex I societies are sick someone in the logic behind it in the charters because based off last year's that's like picking West Virginia to win the big twelve. Is. Any read and fashionable homes Bill Self. I got that good or not. You want to see west who isn't a roll call down like we're not we're talking about the patriots here and I'm saying that she can't make the playoffs I'd guess right now I predicted to make the playoffs yet. But I think if we're honest with ourselves on paper the chargers are better than that she says now two games gotta be played at all but you're asking me to date on paper epic in the short. Look at this huge game last year right without objection to go there just absolutely curves up the Steelers. The defense is going to be that you can't predict what's gonna happen and I think the chargers. I shall go to charge on the charge they've got to prove to me before I applied the chiefs and and my homes that is for sure quarterback before all bind chart. Coming up on the other side in honor of the NBA draft we're going to do a very special addition of a drive draft. We bring back and Olsen ran for the drown out for the drive draft we'll tell you next coming up drug. Tex signs this kind reserve's six. So yeah. I'm now sitting in the parking lot waiting to find out who was in studio I can't believe Angelina Jolie came in to do this I think is seen my wife thinks it's George Brett she's for sure wrong no it's not either one of those pretty cool that the Blake lively and studios we've been spending a lot of time talking about punts. Maybe you've missed it over the last couple of days but and somewhat enamored. We have an amber not just on the like local news yes it was local news puns we've been absolutely. And hammered with them. If you miss I'm talking about. Well this from earlier. On Monday agreeing mascots out of free meal high into the stands with his iconic Canon hitting the Montgomery County woman square in the face. And here's a sentence I never thought I'd say but he thought a bun and a sausage couldn't really heard anyone. Frankly think again if it hit Dickinson so. It's not like last two days making a lot of television news. Local news playbook and you got to police want the other sum like twenty year old producers managed for the greatest Lambert. Ace Andy yeah Dylan you got to listen this is the greatest partner. So we welcome into hysteria panda PE ND NA. Ice you missed it today actually misspelled the code words twice twice in the same day now and not like over here here's the best part don't highs. We are plain weird in the dry spell envy. And leading into the drug spelling bee segment see that misspelled slim. It's okay. I slip out at a so it's we are about the secret I don't know why assignment. That's. And that was the dry spell terror like hey did you think I don't mess with the Dallas this story in my life for like two years and I mean now we do that code word for. Weeks. That is all. Is said Isaac joins us in the studio. I have been trying to treat Specter for Ryan accounts I have offered slightly Reid's pick a player they. Slept. If you don't see you at your back and honorable and shortly Ellison and a offered Specter for Ryan accounts still waiting Europe was killed when buzz Killington. And it and we have a rule on the show if you say something negative about Specter we will read on some bad things to say about him. We brought to market them because. Ending with. And as Susan under the bank it was an online I got a phone call me at the other end that it so. Today is today the age grants. Program. This movie Ceres draft. The only. Is there has to be these. Movies in this year. They're asked to be at least. In this year today. You can take what ever you will. There's of one to go three Tate Ron. Making examples out at a movie and go across that government acts themselves in the in the world. All right do you understand the rules I do indeed Specter you understand and I got it made. Yeah. Yeah I will select. The guy. That's good as being number one overall pick. In me to be. Ceres. Dress to be honest. Yeah. There was a there is a movie series that has been mentioned numerous times and of course in the years on the show that a sworn you're gonna take. You surprised nobody got out nicely done like this in the dance law. Some bright though and that's. The number two overall it's easy for me and I Star Wars. Easy Star Wars and that's the number. Accidentally let it slide I mean I just I was gonna take a move whose views are nervous until you know and I told him that he didn't like it I wasn't. Is that being the third overall pick Alex or you're taking up a lane before tighten economic how many of those weather and. Okay I'm there and they're gonna steer clearly some of the first round. Expected traded up I know the top two candidates is it hit it. With the number three selection LTD James Bond movie series there seems bonds off the board. It's. Alone the date I mean we never made rules that sorting out I would have given away four of five for three. Which you are yet to James Bond is the greatest movie series franchise of all time I mean did now that you made the pit. Do you wanna trade port and five for James Bond not after that but I'll keep my bet I. Or five I'd. Close out the first round. I knew it was gonna I knew it was gonna economy. But it doesn't matter whether you win this draft by nature mile and winning winning fast and the furious. I was taken a second round I knew that was the day I was taken I would say it is fast and it's yours is a great movie for absolutely fantastic. All right that's really great yes it's great 15. Seven. So it would. That leaves four. Who is okay three was not great what was terrific and after that loss and the rest of movies. Now you're trying to sell the tax line on voting when you're doing it with number two and two is okay. 157. And eight Earl leads to was the first lonely I ever went on a double date would. I go back east glad to hear that at least it felt that double day since the all right com. Start of the second round. And then go die hard. I've done. Die hard 12 and three were all very good movies the first one being the one of the greatest movies of all to us and Russia wasn't. You know wasn't terrible but I think 12 and three were so good that. It's worthy of a second round object okay all right bit that's up to you you just hedging but right now we're in the second round of the drive movies they're so many good action movies that are still on the board stars movie series ago. I'm gonna go on the drama aside intake equal rates action drama all I will take the rocky series. You're gonna saw it take that back I can hold the Iraqis I was opening their hockey. Was there is the biggest series in which you pay one of the main characters. I don't wanna do you think I'm just ask you idealist but Rockies and it's slowly into the crap I couldn't agree. About how hard you hit it about how hard you DJ hit it can move it forward how much can take they keep moving forward. That's how lawyers don't. We certainly he's taken a couple punches over his day pushing it has latches don't pleased with the talk about this way. You say it's not about rock this way I read ahead. The boards years. The warrants Jason Gore. Argues that online a law allowed messages and more solid pick I have not voted on second round with it and it's not your pick his notes non. All right Hauser over there and going to say. V Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. Attack of Batman begins the Dark Knight in the Dark Knight rises and and because I think Specter or bid would try to steal this for me. I will take him rated it the greatest animated trilogy of all time politics towards the work. As much impact. However we'll take based top fifteen rounds and and tell us or dosing and I don't know how stories and don't. I'll admit MLS round that hard that's always it is incredible Arnold asked Burton. Right now we are idiots that are around if you're missing what the draft is it's. Been as bad. You have to take a movie series and asked to have at least three movies in the the series I had the godfather the Christian holy Batman movies and Stewart Brand as sort tourism board. Via hand is James Bond in rocky Specter has. That's a series in die hard race. So all of that Europe is it tough for me. The ocean's eleven CU. Ocean's 1112 there to make an act that letting the polluted oceans eight note you get helps out dizziness. You get eleven does Jesse I don't see them I don't know he was including that in his neck actually help cool all those tunes like put it. We have Brad Pitt those movies are it's it's a great cedar island bar it was a smoke shell like 78 years old. Anything about that presents a great. Yeah. I'm gonna use. They thought Olympics knowing that. I mean I would take him board but I'm not a big board Alan. You can make an argument I think for every series that has gone out there who. I'm round three. I'm noted comedy side and taking great movie series. We series that's been around for a long time to continues to be relevant every Christmas with a high cells before you make. All the guys announced in silver and now I'm. And the I'm not taking home alone because three ruined them to take vacations. That's significant and due date and I think the new homes like the latest one day out what else vacations so why it's. It. Why so these are my final Seawright. Yeah yeah yeah well let's take item mattered is that I got us six or not. All right I'm gonna go with the Jack Ryan movies list Hunt for Red October Petri deems a clear and present danger some of all skiers and shatter recruit really I don't and one Jack brand Jack Ryan's I haven't seen the there seems like state board and make another movie series I don't wanna say the name of it because I've only given away. Yes I think it. It could take Lord of the Rings get out or not I'm between to take Harry Potter that your while I'd be dealt with on the Internet. This guy wasn't kind to my people. But lethal weapon back in the day it was not elaborate. So he was off my North Carolina anxious eye and a yes here's Gary there. That's why he felt the or. There's a clause in his contract it and just in case may not name may not make the roster but I mean I believe though. Lethal weapon like it though that's good that's good as it. There's little plastic you there's a lot of different direct. And I can go here there's no family movie on my board yet but there's just it would be reaching too much isn't it. You media vendors they. To get that I'd be. All right that I grounded out last week wouldn't it blast was a tough one for me. You guys are like an excellent for us a couple of times article that Canada and I'm not that I know you're not taking this sometimes people's I. I can't believe you didn't tape is always try to give Jenson state films transporter movies aren't being brass do not worthy of being ranked run flat. That's the Iron Man. You're. I think a is that you descend on entity being Datsyuk and I got Iron Man accountable and take what I am saying he has. You don't see. All the council does. You can take Goddard and just know that it's a loud it is rerouted to be about editors Bryant is contained in the iron and one was great the second avengers is terrible yeah I'm taking time diamonds limited. I shouldn't. The I know you're gonna go ST you know. This whole. The Marlins well. I. Can I pass. Passed on ram but it takes lethal weapon is still. Because I won in Afghanistan is terrible. And many paid one is not the other global bird because I'd pass on it. I only Mission Impossible still there it's done it's really additional cost I thought speck in the end of the fourth round is gonna go with Mighty Ducks. Three was really bad no one into our. The Indiana Jones was Islam iPhoto here's trial of an area that that. That's that's better than they put Shia LaBeouf really quick look at this in the it will put into it to. Everybody at one more pick what were they thinking a struggle I was being smuggled screen. If I had five I was gonna take screen as my pick I would have probably either Indiana Jones saw. I wouldn't I wrote it on the naked gun. Every stop illegals got two yeah I was just three of those. Yet there once pretty bad but the first two great I mean I was between screen in American pie this American pie just you know. Or generational cup coming coming of age group of us. Transformers has translated it's it's no took Harry Potter. What's the right thing. Seemed like that was is the U Ali. Like. When Narnia ones there's some iron there series that chronicles of Narnia moral to the same odds are 66. I like to see you order. The rest so text in the of the movie series that we didn't say who can call it the best one. Beckett happy in all the other side plus. Talk nice about so I know he's excited about coming up this draft. Missed it. We welcome in a very special that's been nice. Joins us on the drives very weird now been icing was a guest on the drive and we did a movie series. Dressed the only rule was had to take a movie series that has at least three movies. In its series I selected. Godfather. Crist in Nolan Batman movies toy store ramble. We're seeing duck. Brad has elected its all wars the Bourne movies ocean's eleven through thirteen and the higher mean I've been up every match tomorrow announced. Being selected. James Bond rocky that's the vacation series in the avengers I'll man. And once the inspector. So. Fast and furious die hard. Jack Ryan who is at stake Mission Impossible and fake born Ceres and lead the last few of officially give me about. Those were his movies books and worst the worst is I think one. He's probably going to be me. I don't think so I think I want ice receipt out truthfully I think has seen speck who do you think one. It's documenting computer as an enemy movie so you're out. Non voice or an animate him to an enemy that who I am what I risen against the Japanese did not shortened animations and toddlers or ninth place. Locations of radiant only movie series where every hole is after the originals back there. So I think the first time and finally figured out all of my 500 million dollars later that's what your timing and just always does your back just give the points I want. Know you lost yeah us yes you can hear you put in star is. A great series at all. That's like in last place right now on twelve Oz. Ice all of the places I need ice pick vacation and other heavy Sierra Club any aspect and this statement there don't Mel Gibson. I can't again yet a clause in his contract rate cut it. At any time any time. The play is what this is Jeff Goodman he was owlen did you buy a podcast power zoom is yet it's about about Michael Porter Juno is you because of you wanna play for your bulls. Now all that matters is the medical information that the NBA games out right now what you. You know I just got the ball to double NBA guys earlier today in and once that lists and our our doctors have told us stay away don't drop them. But what he told me it's not other people and other organizations. I have as well where they have not read why condemn this day. Jake Michael ordered. There are some that it said it would and we're not sure about all on term viability of Mike supporter in his back. But we're not gonna tell you not been taken it's certainly a risk. One and eighteen year old has back surgery and has dealt with back problems the last couple years. All the way I still feel like Mike reports second most of the player in this throughout. But he could sliding to the ten range this because everybody so worried. Bob outback Jim Jim what are you gonna be a play. Through the first project it. So highs as they Chicago Bulls stand. I don't think the bulls are letting ordered slip past the Porter is available at seven I think they're drafting Porter. From being around him enough to at least be tracking on a day to day. We jewel you'll be eighteen to draft. 100%. Especially if you're one of the teams that were taking over the series of last your you wanna get. Player that has the best potential to be a star Michael Porter junior as a player and so I would be stunned. If he ends of going past either Chicago at seven or Cleveland number eight considering that they may not have LeBron James after the cease and if anything. They'll what I suitable doing is likely going in taking the safe pick which is Wendell Carter junior at a deal but if I'm in Chicago Bulls fan. And absolutely imploring the team to at least take a chance you were bad for a reason to put yourself in a position to go in get a start Michael Porter junior that players. And what excites me most about this draft. A.'s. Thank you picking outside the top maybe it is or like a sex from Albion at point guard pick it goes all the overall. Be shocked if he's the best point guard in this class like this. This NBA draft class I think it's. So probably the most deep ones we've had heard that the deepest one we've had since 03 singles LeBron in this class or Carmelo or wade there's a clear cuts guy after the Hendry and I think everybody is. Basically stock on hand saying he's an on Ronald Brock back is putting a discussion that we could dodge which could be considered number once and he believed Martin Bakley is the number one guy. There's just so much intrigue at the top. You just have no idea where somebody is gathered in and out train young it won't play it was a consensus number one player. Ice he fell down with young column text and we talked says our body CJ more on the tennis or targets podcast. And I asked him who would be this guy that could be Donovan Mitchell for this year and he said he loves Allen Saxton. And the way in which scouts haven't evaluated him. If so a lot of his jump shots for those pot shot that Mitchell's taking in college Saxon are on a lot of NBA scouts about and I think wherever he goes is gonna be really nice thing. If you're an NBA team would you not drug trade him because he's learned some shorts that are. Got the bus in braces embraces and you players have great fashion in great style one and embrace and purses and somebody you sound just like you were as orange shorts suit shorts and scared to I was just in you stretch and really greatness LeBron works in shorts and again being not just a good guy. The Bronx were if they still brought. The case though bra and a stick that's has worsened shores. You did in Kansas City in the summertime. As soon shorts out and say I'm going on. I'm not going on the plaza and saying hey I need a custom made him ever getting it continues and you know it's cool it's. Nice unit you announces that. Absolutely expect. That sounded Mallard. Heist plot which are doing over there is sports mark yet we visited new facelift of her fantasy sports markets if you guys have not played Wear daily fantasy site we offer up to eight different sports over the course of the year. With the new facelift we're gonna do a free fifty dollar to the first place winner baseball content for tomorrow. He hit a fantasy sports markets dot com and register use a promo code homer. HO MER I get to ten dollars to use without deposit and because tomorrow is June the 22 with a new face of Purdue and 622 dollars. As a possibility to win in a perfect roster bonus and go play for free have a chance to win some money place in this bonnet and how much is it does not. The pretty out cost enough that they'll cost so cost nothing like present on the house that everybody's this. I think I speak for everyone that was enjoyed having him back his eyes and analysts and its C sabathia spec back to hate not to continue I ought to know Mae and they. Coming up. Up in 120 seconds we get to the top stories good ain't Kansas City it's been it's it's the drive.