06/21 3p - Hud, Paying Alimony, Joe Mays IN STUDIO

The Drive
Thursday, June 21st
We talk with Hud about Esky playing all over the diamond, 100k a month in alimony plus former Chiefs LB Joe Mays joins us in studio for two segments 

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Backhand on the drive kids in your Specter here gaining you're taking up until 6 o'clock coming up momentarily talking Rex Butler. He usually does here momentarily today's pop quiz was Jurassic Warren Spector is all the thugs who. Tell you that Chris Pratt turns 49 years old today. Actually has seen the new dress a World League is called Jurassic world falling kingdom. Save you money Sears save yours I don't trust trailer the trailer terrific that is not a good move. My out of my sister Agassi. She like she's fifteen she loved it said some really good move into the you don't like and I'm like you know if I was fifteen. I'd probably liked this movie tube and I'm not fifteen anymore the movie was not for me in the dinosaurs are always going to be the dinosaurs and special effects is always going to be really cool but at. That is not a good movie in the least bit. I NBA fans out there Walsh. Put out his mock. NBA draft today at least top six picks certainly somebody I would listen to me is not just picking these names out of thin air. He has the under eight going number one overall Marvin badly going numbered suited to king's. Luke could Don chick going over three overall to the Atlanta Hawks Jerry Jackson going for. Mo bomb and train young going sixth overall. I would guess that Michael Porter is going to finish seventh. Argo seventh in the NBA draft I think Chicago is kind of in pushing to take Michael Porter seven though were also did you miss that. These names are courtesy of Ager was aroused TVs in the under eight Marvin that you could manager Jerry Jackson junior my Obama and train young he thinks that top six picks. In tonight's NBA draft. What I'm sorry what were witnesses. We got we got hotter yeah I don't I thought you had something to say about the silent I was three the registering that that that spec shot. You know what that is who she thinks is going to be the top six picks. For tonight's NBA draft I'm excited for the NBA draft today I think that this is a very unique NBA draft it. I think you can find it's far it's sic so all you can finest are at seven overall we're a little bit further down a guy like Michael Porter I think who have could have one of the highest of size in the NBA draft. It seems very possible to meet a week ago seventh overalls and into the bulls and end up being this far that he could have been predicted to be out of high school. So charged he has trailed go ahead of Michael Porter junior did I thought that right where this'll conversation about this before the show about about tray on what's happening. He was this he was this dude did. Ever the entire college basketball world fall in love with them every telling me he was must see TV. He was must see TV for you and you're gonna tune in every single night to watch straight on your kids fallen. That time number six or early gigs each sort reminded all this right. A step Corey like. Overly six is really falling and if you look at it certainly look at Dodgers had a lot more cash is being a point guard prospect. The bigs that are in that I really think size more than anything and maybe a little bit of a decision making. I just it's going to be really hard to talk yourself into the same way it was just have heard your member. Is that curry. Obviously a really great college players not like NBA scouts you know assault is happy he was gonna turn it to the player yeah the biggest reason was in his body hold up for 82 games remember Seth had ankle problems coming at a Davidson I think a lot of that's gonna end up hurting -- young and small. Dent in being able to take the pounding that isn't mean BA in the top six overall betray you absolutely nothing to sneeze at. Selig had an impact guy right Victoria you would agree that right. As idiotic as orphaned when he Gingrich shoot this big enough to him I mean but the attitude towards you know the longer the season when on the scene that the the more on the war on. You know he's he's thin dude I mean at least ask a little people. Let's go to the phone line right now to talk to Rex Butler guy hood joins us right now on the drug hotline hug there. He's not out there I know Delhi AOL's. Completely pots Brad sellers of our talk. I'd also tell rec solar comes on. And all this is if he doesn't almost perfectly fine understated trying to spend time with his family. Month. Sometimes we hear from people out there are always going to. Boycott ESP. It was all it's I'm tired of the politics is you know when a separate two I'm boycott any ESP. I don't believe a lot of people that say they're boycott news paean sentiment that is out there when it comes to a lot of people. Actually be your reason for you now out of way caddies. Adam legitimate reason to boycott them before. But they're hiring jest Tripoli. Jeff Triplett. Cink Triplett ads or Rodgers as their rules expert I don't know how you can spin manager rules expert. Especially when he blew a huge call that it impart cause the chiefs' playoff game and correct me DJ. Drills area of the ball comes out he calls for progress. On and on that play. And now he's going to be the rules expert on ESPN got that other rules. To reduce that other rules and the rules experts Greenspan didn't. Certainly isn't a whole lot of sense right now at the line they say a second time is the Chara maybe it's there Rex Butler joins us on the drive like you there. But last time we try to sought to use satellite Diallo bitterness you go to the Hud on the it is raining right now and it's an off day for you guys what is the typical rain day activities for a baseball team. Well well typically everything the same. For a player I mean modern day players now they they have the electronic devices they have their phones. You know they have a lot of things that can entertain them have a video games of course you know and they have Kart games they have a lot of things. And aren't anywhere but the more limited. You know since that. You know the via technology has improved greatly in over the years. You know that they have no trouble in urging themselves. But let me ask you this I need you to send me a need to defend something for me to defend it. The delay steel to and the game last night that and the ball game you defend that that decision and a play form. You know what. I was a shooter but it would be on top that my job to let you know before sometimes an actor and I knew I think what you have to lose. As you can rated they have steal a bag do the best he can. He's never has stolen base this year it'll be sort last year. But it would work she just didn't go one more roll up 38. Pop. But again. The catch is already cut the ball he's he's that you haven't taken off and and that's when it works is you lobbed back in the picture he only took two it was a bit excited. And it didn't pay up and and you know that the young catcher. Has never got a game before it's like we never sort of a runner for the plate and he was bound and determined to catch me if you went. And it was a perfect throw. So I'm I'm all for that will be up to lose guys in the core position you know that had a couple pictures I'm sure coming up. But I have no no problem with the drug dealer based it was a perfect throw it to you in it opera or it is the pitcher in the. Which holes ahead. Yeah its own ball game. Yeah I yeah I wish I it was terrible it probable gold by its very that whole continent but do they get to the pitcher ever sought. And that was that was at six inches away from him having serious Bill Burton. Is it. It seems like teams like the royals right teams that are struggling to find different ways to lose is that we have is that the way it feels right now for the royals but we see them. Come up with a different ways to win the championship years it seems like right now they're just fighting a different way. To lose every single night last night she like one of those I'd seen that want to delayed steal and that's how the game and. GAAP deal instead of olive oil for a thousand good situation but it's good that he could probably try to take it to the rigors that would let. But at least it looked up and we haven't seen a lot. In the last couple Putin's. I that the very effective play from a guy not known to steal bases like I said that he take it one more cooperate with a war. It deep it but he didn't use a little excited. You know that they're always there have been on teams that that was it has been like this. And I can tell you it is very frustrating you view of the anger but gets to orca you know that's about that's what goes around. You're the guy that picked up yesterday at the hardware to make the break in eventually it will change they'll start winning some games against it is not a bad team. The spirit and I've been there before it's just unbelievable topic the contagious in this game someone's got to step at a big hit. You know there and blow up somebody bit Houston you watch the advocate of the weekend. But I want to ask you about LCDs Escobar Ned Yost a couple of days ago said that they were gonna start experimenting and putting him around the diamond. You're a guy who work who was versatile who played a lot of positions how hard is that to do. Well it's not easy up and it's a tough thing because he's an athlete. You know while at the top I have no issues that will really the main commodities speed. He did you have speed speed makes a lot of mistakes but he didn't think. What the problem I was drafted shortstop as he was obviously a gold glove shortstop I was no word his league. But I hope that piece of that leak and so what you have that skill that you couldn't. But you have to have the right mind that it is time that wants to hear. He didn't like your computer he's he's ready to accept that he's seen that you know it wouldn't he be able to do it Wilkinson. Maybe be Celtic player. What I want to consider field yesterday taking the ball off the bat liven batting practice. I would not I was a little surprised but not really but he was taken proper route making plays he had been. And he's aware of the reports is longer which is propaganda if you get more and more ball. But he was an indirect routes you can put them about their Q instant. And I have to worry about anything. That plea yet and Portland is this going to be fine I think it's dignified excited like I did. And like let me tell you all the time at the state. Would we go to the ballpark you have no you know that you place certificate it is sometimes middle of the notes and argued that. So that adds an extra excitement for player inspecting it he's engaged to be excited. To partner at the board that deal with. That's like the part where nine American League there's no question any so when you're not playing your starting your chances are you'll get in the game. To him what to deal that he can and that's part of it. But he's become a guy who encourages you don't just sit on the bench. You you we want the guys you have fun with them you know I mean I don't know I don't think it. Give pop looked anymore. I don't think they passed the time like maybe we did I I would hope that these some of that and maybe they would have some liken their but that that you provide. Part of accepting global. Is excepting the bit it's part of it in the big part of it your work is never done are always encouraging guys become off the field. You work in the players you're motivating the player that's how you add value to yourself and your career. But last question here because I ask this because it and you could attest to it. It just seems to me very difficult to at a CDs escobar's age when you were so used to playing one position. It just one day wake up in the play center field like I've I'm just very I'm very skeptical of it being possible at a high level. I say he can't do it all means he is a talented baseball player. It just seems hard at his age you just pick up in the employ an entirely new position seemingly overnight. Well you know what it's hard to explain. Away your baseball player he got. Injured you did you treatment you've done that your whole life you track a baseball. Your footwork is impeccable shortstop it's gonna transfer over to center field where you have another second. You have another second to react opting to second might be too long about 1002001. In the interview reacted on contact at all coming up to smoke and hard and sometimes aren't 500 tips that you have any time at all. So the heat of the most important thing the motor got to have the seat. And when you consider the of that second extreme and helps you even better. It'll it'll take some time track ball. But it batting practice kick ball up the life that. That's gonna help would do that we begin count. But he might pick up he might kick in the Utah and what is it that you burn your roots when you're working in practice before the game. That's what you make your gains. And that's what he does that watched it yesterday but we haven't done that my whole career. He's going to be just fine you're watching C dot I can't wait. And that's our guy royals television broadcast their hug hug please stay dry out there. I'll bloody are you kidding me we're gonna go to Houston and I of the aborted talking about the winds. And I don't care how good they are look at baseball anything can beat another team and a happy in this stuff and believe it they're gonna do appear next to walk. That's our guy wrecks other I'll always gets on the tee thank you. The Hud and the hugs. And the most athletic guy typically aptly shortstop you can of that Aaron anywhere you mean hunt also and then introduce that they're not that bad well you know I mean sunstone the company. You gotta go out to be you guys can still the company line a little bit yeah. Academy and I got to take Bob city when it comes and it's only eighteen euros with a grain of salt you know paid dollar perhaps negative that Liz I got no problem doing that is not was not positive Wednesday op Ed so they have ultimate. Now in odd. And the other side. I don't wanna talk about this for two days. There are some fellas here that can relate to this next door but understand. I'm not the situation. Situation thankfully. Specter is not a situation it does little bit Angel to. Understand with some you fellas out their goal and doing your personal life also it is an excellent draft. This news story here momentarily let them buried here sad news Kate Spade. As you guys probably have heard the story she committed suicide I believe it was last week apologized for a long and about collegial and I believe it was last week have been two weeks ago. But she passed away. Her funeral was today. Her father passed away last night. Cool by statement from the family quote we are deeply saddened to announce that Casey's father. Has passed away last night at the age of 89 he had been failing health of late and was heartbroken over the recent opens his beloved daughter. He was at home and surrounded by family at the time of his passing. A very. Very varied typical stretch. For their families so Kate Spade she passed away a couple of weeks ago. In her father passed away last night could not even attend her funeral very voters sent out there and hammering the story right now who is almost ninety years old news so. Terrell. A vote of a very very Sanchez yeah a very very sad sort. In a little lighter news that a little bit funnier about another very serious situation but I do you think there's some light hearted news in the story. Some of you have heard this gentleman whose name is Jesse Williams. Jesse Williams. Got divorced. And you know is to do a good athlete and he's a Grey's Anatomy. OK got losing ground and that he's an actor he's Grey's Anatomy actress that a lot of stuff but I do know from Grey's Anatomy got so. He and his wife then at the time they split. He then agreed to pay her. 33000 dollars emblem in quote spousal support and they also have children priceless a little differently at 33 grand a month and believe. They then went back to court because she was unhappy with the 33000 dollars and any judge decided. But it was tough for him to pay 50000. Dollars a month. In both spousal and child support so you would think 50000 dollars with a enough blood known don't know enough. Another judge has ruled. That my man Jesse Williams. Asked the play. 100000. Dollars a month in spousal and child support to his ex wife and his kids. Now I'm not saying you shouldn't pay sound support you shouldn't take care of spam link he shouldn't take care of your responsibilities as the main. But a thousand pounds 6400. Racks on the home. Not a year. Not every six months she hits you throw one point two million dollars a year. My man makes 500000. Dollars a month first off on a forgot to make an amateur got to figure out author anatomy out of the government sure doing a reboot. So that's. Of 61%. There are 20% a month. We signed up to a system that allowed this to happen. How we signed up to a system that doesn't at least capped what spousal and child support meet spousal support me and that's why they wouldn't. Eases and thankfully have never been in this situation. But I think what it means she brought it works distinctive kids she sport and his endeavors so therefore. She hits you know like 40% of the situation. You know a spousal support his job. I'd your life spousal support she works there you have spousal support you were certain. Trying to make light of the situation but my main issue seems excessive vision that they are all 100000. Dollars all mulled how many kids like fourteen. To this. Close. You out there are fans out support and take an exorbitant amount out of your check. As well which is asking how we yeah as the system. Have signed up with a system where. Why is this made it all 100000. Dollars I will say this must really mr. Refer herds and I need to harder a month from you but he must've really really mr. I'm just telling you I remember my program called home in this she was alive and hatteras their souls she told me there is an old Johnnie Walker song called it's cheaper to keep. And made it should work and in that relationship work for one point two million odds. Problems work I had no clue what the problems were maybe try separate bedrooms so why and that's and maybe you were the problem like maybe you know by commissioner on Grey's Anatomy. Nice looking guy. You have a tough time being faithful what you don't like four point two million the year I would have stuck by my wife and kids that fizzle out. I just I just don't know as a society we haven't try to tackle this problem as one guy just said I'm an electrician at one should I pay 800 dollars a month. Mad as every month they coming to check in they take 800 dollars. Eight dollars. You import. Hundred dollars at or get done your nails. But beyond child support I think your paper dates to probably have edged it doesn't make any sense to me again how we've allowed exist though. To set up that can take a 100000. Dollars that your confidence. Does not count local sales got to take Erica I'm sure he's got an agent mean what's left for you at the end when you made 521000. Dollars among us at least that 400000 dollars last month it would and you got to factor in taxes and all the other stuff man that all the money. Is certainly he's got to be taxed too yeah I mean I mean did she still coming out ahead of I'm not joking that seems ridiculous to receive absolutely. Sheets one point two million a year from Rex which is absolutely for. Coming up on the other side former NFL linebacker Joseph Mays joins us in studio. Our friend of the shows here at hash tag talked football column draft. Backhand on the drive we'll get to. Joseph Mays joining us this militarily but you're following the NBA draft today's seems Charney of Yahoo! Sports. Maybe woes says that Phoenix is locked in on the Andrei eight as the number one overall pick in Sacramento has locked in on Duke's Marvin badly so the number one number two picks in the NBA draft are done. According to shams in Abilene jams he's being woes Phoenix gonna take you under a sacrament I was going to take Duke's Martin badly. I think Sacramento would take. Look at dodger spec. Just like Mike I think he's got back overseas is it comes down to after the play of the Sacramento Kings are back and it just stick to music and senator I'm playing at a Sacramento can't tell caches with dungeons and plan that was in Spain is a resilient he was in the Euro league. Good money I mean it's better for him to come over here and play at a state. Adding to what I think he I think he told sacrament are people we're not coming if you know that's the blooms of your Sacramento you can't for the few guys that she has little leverage here. Jimmy did just that he's just good enough for America so he certainly can just say I does not coming I'm not coming to America if you draft these other they're not taking them it's like they want him to go to Atlanta. Joseph mates former NFL linebacker joins us as the original I don't amen I'm doing good thanks have no rituals the plug your place but nobody can plug their own things better than them what are you doing these days. Yes so memo widely opened a book holistic wellness center we are delayed us and then we located all six along the right number of a market area. And what we do we aim to educate people on how to have the bodies heal itself to match your medicine meditations and movement so. We we try to hit all phases mar embodies spirit and you know some about you keep an eye cells are the hinting carelessness. I'm not gonna ask you snitch on anybody or give anybody's names I would never do that we're talking about Jesse Williams yet to pay a 100000 dollars a month in spousal child support the Scott's accident. Public is getting divorced yes the pay 2500 dollars a month in child support and she was the one that cheated a little wants to listen every day go chiefs. I know you guys locker room you guys talk via what's the highest number you've heard one of your teammates had to pay in child support. Nutten I think their clothes that I was no hearing 50101000. But a 100000 that is definitely a lot of money but Atlanta today he's meant to file in 2000 dollars a month. You given a 100000 so your ex wife and your keys like Disco hits also money keeping move. Is that the law and act and off and out it is success I mean that is that is excess of what you know it it. He got into the got to sit eight mayor do you know they got they got married he got together Saudi and they knew way you know what could happen what could potentially have me and they still went along with this so you know this is all part of. Hundreds of text from my wife right now so no longer part of this conversation as well you guys know him since she's like me. It's racer he's still she easily. This I mean it doesn't have been so man I think we we we're not giving women enough credit you know float for what they do now focus you know if you beat. Put each and every last one of us at home Wiki all day just imagine what you would do. I went to wouldn't do I'm not denying that but I know my mom did a for a lot less than one point two million. I'd say Castro Castro ladies and it totally different types were arguments well that makes that clear voice. He was the last time you're you're certainly no Shia a lot of respect for all this what you said about that she's a defense potentially into 118 policy if you agree. Yeah man we are we ready to roll we we we do we get we don't need to worry about. Those those few players that are from a 2017. Season of ups they've won enough to get it done so we get we we we upgraded upgraded everywhere so the defense is going to be. Guarantee I'm guaranteeing the defense will be solid this year is that that's a shown our guarantee. I like I don't guarantee much in life. But I guarantee his defense won't be top fifteen in the league this year. Some thinks she's to be a top fifteen defense in the NFL do you agree amid tough it's in defense I guess I'll say yeah dot com. But with the with talking well you know once the season is over and down with so they're gonna have to go to their growing pains. You gonna have a lot and a lot of young guys out there on its own field. They brought a draft the all defense and they expect and a couple of those guys to be able to play defense of reps so it is gonna take a learning curve for the guys to get a chance understand indeed defense he used to the speed of the game is not gonna happen overnight. But at the end today they have the potential to be a tough retained defense yes. -- whatever you guys talking about defense are you guys go immoral yards given up because last year that she's worked 28 in yards given certainly not good enough but the Patriots defense was worse than them regards him individually at fifteen points per game yeah are you focused all guys getting into the end zone because we can agree that she's defense could be a whole lot better this season than they were last year then but they are middle of the pack they were average when he came to points allowed we all agreed last year's defense wasn't good enough are you guys and the defense are you looking more yards given up or more looking at these guys didn't Indians. I mean it. That's a solemn or awesome defensive sigh we look at everything like we don't wanna give up and not want sing we are when they're when the boss so we're always constantly focus on our. In a stop in Iran and enforcement in the passing and enforcing the quarterback it's a bad situation so. Technically is that the best way to look at it is always points given up let's allow. Because at the end of today if your office put nuts when he won 24 points a game annually given outfits anymore elect you gonna win again so. I think that's the most important part of with the Yaris that's gonna comment I mean we aren't in afternoon without any of the other professionals. Is gonna happen. Out of Joseph Mays former chief linebackers and studio this. Third down how important that mean to be team forget you are free points if you go up field on third down right yet. If you don't like stacked in in the list of important stuff and stats you got to look at worst they're. I'll have to say third down it's tough to. I think you'd red zone is it's very important that are down that that right there that's money down nest nest down where it used as a medical played as this euphoria its aim is the sound of the ball. And a spin on defense is man we all is all about. Do whatever we can put off his back on view in which is out there just trying to keep to keep keep the potency of the score and given off his back the law also that's super important. You think that she's got to change who they play defense and for this this bend don't break from what the last or five years. It's not working group and and if you do think that they have to change to play defense award is to change philosophies and change the way to. Yes I do think they gonna have to change just into you you get a chance to see to personnel up close and personal com. The thing is is not heart is all about Taylor and defense for you guys instead of the guys being tailored to the defense you know this is about you know utilizing assurance. And China coworker weaknesses as much as possible a felt like last year it was you know a lot of man to man principles. And you know the size 22 I don't think they had the guys to play those management principles. Which is why a lot of yards given up and pass and it. The running game in a lot out of that I'll always felt like doctor Poe was. The key guy that was in the middle because he's able to take up to and still be productive as do you know wreck Havoc in the back field. So I think those two things if you can attend if you. Taylor around what you have the personnel and make sure you're doing what's best for the players instead of warned about just the scheme itself you can be far. Right now we're talking to former NFL linebacker Joseph Mays what do you make of what the chiefs did this offseason in overall in their defense came very clear to me that Brett beach had a plane oh yeah our defense wasn't physical enough to stop the run our defense wasn't fast enough as certain key positions what do you make of what the strategy was defensively this offseason. Op art other you may great moose I mean it came at a calls you know they they had to get rid of number eleven men com you know which was a very very good quarterback force. Tommy was very stable which is what you need and you know an office in a quarterback to keep the ball. A hold onto the ball not turn it over so it came at a cost bush I think they'd they'd deathly guy younger data faster. Which is with that was the purpose that was the whole you know thing and it's an policies and need to get younger which is why they got rid of you know DJ and Tom look ominous lesson young guys coming in place while also a fellow like that they may some good moves its its. We sit at a C was gonna happen you know they I mean these are good players are brought in but it ended today you can be as good as you want to a paper blew it you gotta do so don't feel. Once saying I've always heard football people say it's on this and knows what I think it's most affable thing met the the that the biggest jump the biggest improvement you make is from your 12 year too because you've been in the system you understand the system in the game slows down. How true is that cannot think of a guy like passing yo. You now redshirt a little bit the first year and now when your team I'm expecting you to produce some expect you to do something this year for the beef. Yeah Ali and us that's deathly usually not taken at that next step in YouTube because you get a sense. To step big game open an affair you played a first year yes south because the speed of the game I mean he's Gaza big strong fast and we say it. Well when used when you get to to feel you really really noticed that. Bush payments a year to feel like the game does kind of slow down a little greed you know exactly what you're doing and you noted scheme and everything you say I would so is a lot less thinking. You have to worry about you just go out there react and play and beautiful ball player which is what we brought him into anyway. Yeah I just I've does that was really looking at the defense and every team say is we wanna get bigger we wanna destroy you wanna get faster and defense well I mean that's everybody's goal when it comes to football yeah I was really happy to see to it felt it felt more targeted than in years past like they were the hybrid guys that guy that can maybe come down in the box help on run defense. And guys that complain the past as well. Does feel like teaches strategy to try to accomplish younger faster all that kind of stuff it seemed much more pointed and other U of course. I mean he when you have put a year defensively like to have last year's Duffy let me point they're gonna they gonna overhaul everything you try to figure out OK what is it that we weekend. Which they decided that they were over every week that defense wins and all three levels. So they brought in guys and all three levels of China you know get this thing rolling again and and turn it over so calm. Heat yet it was point you know it was new it was point eight he already knew the direction they want to go any excuse. Does it Alex it takes for a guy like for younger and the edged it to really. Find his groove because I had isn't specifically talking about some like top last vacuum from Villanova group you know who I'm curious if he's gonna be the guy on the other side of adjust his Collins takes forgot like that to really. Feel comfortable in the NFL's you're two you're three. I mean it it it takes it takes a little bit of time unless you come across you know Von Miller who got where he likes of Jay he's he's definitely exception. But I was saying it it takes a year to just to get a fee when it. 'cause you know it ended today in college we all got by just let me athletic or you know have a some something that we were really really good day. In NF fear you got to put all those things together you gotta be athletic. Yet they were technique yet they were levers like you gotta put all of those things together as sometimes it's harder for four or some folks and others. Com. What you know I I feel like you know. Is gonna this is going to be here where you get a chance to see these young guys really blossom now homage to see if the coaching that they received last year and and everything that they've learned. Tom is gonna come to play so I'm excited meant until. Right now right now. Hawkins huge show Macey is with us in studio for another twenty minutes or so we got a question takes up an insect size six not reserve's sixth this year talking football on Thursday says something really interesting LaMarcus Peters a wanna talk to other side about Bob Sutton in what you see I guess flaws in his scheme and how you would improve it. Coming up on the draft. So on the air here momentarily right now we'll talk to former NFL linebacker Joseph Mays fell by some company today in appreciate no problem. Are you were taught artist Peter you were talking about aside from mark is Peter's maybe last year's defense didn't have the proper corners secondary to run that mean to me in principle. You know Russell ball as well as anybody Eagles fans complain about the defensive coordinator and play calling all the time group what flaws do you see him Bob Sutton scheme. I don't I. That the ski season. The thing about this game as I enjoy playing in this game this team is also miss a sense game that they brought from the jets' wish you've seen the jets were very successful. Within a game you look at the corners that they had no Antonio Cromartie the rear Revis they had two corners that can play man -- all game long. When trying to bring that same scheme here you gotta make sure it's a personnel matchups to what you're trying to run so you know China played man to man with. You know corners that was opposite demarcus Peters it it is so time and time again that. Those guys was they were starting to tire and plus it just wasn't built to play man amend its what's. And as much as they weren't so com. There's really no flaws in his game itself is all about tailoring a schema right players that's. Let back coaching. Mean if if you're trying to run scheme that your players can't run a does that sound like a very good idea I don't know why x.s and those like you do and if you sound like common sense to me. Well you can look at it two ways. Most where almost everyone look at it the same we just say you know it's bad culture. But then again when you put in the coach's shoes you have you showing confidence in your place to go out there and XQ. You know as we brought these guys who for reasons there on his team for reasons so they should be able to play the style of defense that we trying to implement so I'm gonna so confidence and you. Whether it works or not that you gonna continue to come Ryan play and I've and you know hopefully pick it up at some point. It obviously didn't work as such and at some point you gotta be able to have you know we change it was on our. Just speaking of scheme to explain to me and I'm sure a lot of the people listening right now in the same boat when it comes to football ignorance if you had aid. Players talented as Mark Peters and you have wide receivers as talented as Mark Cooper crap pickle wide receiver you've won and what's the logic in not having my best quarterback. Always on the other team's best this year because we hear that argument all the time well. What we don't have them do that well why not why just why not just have more is Peters moved with Antonio Brown explained to us what the logic behind that is. What do logic behind that is you you have players as really really good at what they do put their they may be they may be used only play and wants out of the field so. Some some things they neglected elect ran corners like like Peterson from from the cardinals he broke with everyone he's comfortable doing that. When you have corners as really really good at planned on and one you know one area of the of the field you wanna keep them over there. Whether it's because of them all when these because of what this team offers so is is. Is is kind of it is is kind of some give and take there you know at some point you gotta realize it restless should go to best receiver but if he's only use a plan to one side you don't want to move them around mixed. Both Palmer watching cowboys and niners game back that it would Jerry rice's two point and the niners when and its the Cowboys Stadium. And ended put Jerry Rice in the slot. And they absolutely shredded the cowboys because they didn't adjust and instead of put the bus or I never understood that. What's the difference in like moving sides and and and because a lot of good safety record will put it in the slot that's Antonio Brown eyes yeah how how hard is that. I mean it. You know look for now siding as soon BR yeah right good. Sometimes it is when you we need to use it when you get used to having your your help on your right inside you can you know that you can be had which left so I made that kind of plays a role that's you know being comfortable with. Specially if you dining high school college being got him in a fairly continue to do the same thing you don't want to move anybody out of their comfort zone. So is all about haven't haven't Gaza's that's comfortable on that can play on one side and really locked SI down but. In China Mobile corner from outside to inside that is completely different which is why you hear of nickel corners. Or out like Gaza play outside their strictly outside channels outside guy inside. It just won't work. What about the other way that kettle Fuller easily easily ease is slack ordering another gonna put him on the outside power that. That's not hard because if this is a lot it's a lot hearty you yet Els got him outside our island and what you plan on inside. You have to keep leverage. Why if you have this out leverage that the stay inside sometimes the guys happy and sound levers and given up completely you have no Hilton so if you if you nickel corner you more you mostly the main guy so they did they they have they want to stick to that weapon and that's why it is. Om and they're right there can be tough. Right now we're talking to Joseph Mays former NFL linebacker for a couple more minutes. Obama we've been doing a drug investigation trying to figure out how two years ago in the playoff game just in Houston was on Antonio Brown on an important third down. Who who the wide receiver or running back. That one day audible had been a shift happen and the next thing you know you're guarding marshalls all like who is that player for you. I was on. Sanders from a from Brock went went up front Broncos to receive and bright was mayor Sanders yes so I'm so we will play covets who sort of covered so we Mia had the had a middle of the field. So if number two were vertical I was going with a well no matter who was typically. I didn't see him well. He receiver yeah yeah I had I had the militant continue our cushion you don't get at two yard cushions just to make sure I got deeper and deeper as good. He ran the same route and any cut it short so you know not only was already on top whom I had the cut at the slowdown when I was going to try to break in travelman ball. He caught the pass it was like a seventeen yard gain so. The Caminiti. You can give that up especially with when it comes to play an entire game is closure not donate the entire game before. When you see that you know like I'm so screwed here is that you think it. Not like I've got to make a standard I got to guard discovered now. Am I mean at that point I'm thinking OK I know his sir I know history this mile weakness he's fascinate me yeah so I gotta make showed an implant technique or enemy shouldn't stand on top form as much as I can and try to force tonight outside which were my helpless. You say Sanders at first I was thinking you can't beat that also own standards I was. Nine MM I may withstand. A day and has outlined. In. Has put a double table now us so commercial break learn more about you grew up in Chicago. On. Favorite player grown up down magnet. He was and he was also a Chicago guy and you know going away I grew up you know. A lot of times you don't proffer days is roughest gun enemies you know is is not a lot you what does this debuted a positive either so the move out and move forward right. So when you fire someone that has done. And they're successful and why not try to emulate what he's doing and try to as summit into what you're trying to do. So you know him Ambien and got a group in Chicago making it now in a two sport at leading college in him making it's an NFL and be and be successful. No malice no someone that I really looked up to so it was pretty awesome to not only try to follow this same path but to get a chance to play with the winner got jet that the film. What was it like to be able to tell him that stories I'm assuming you did you play with him filling. I mean. You know it at first you kind of like when it well I'm not sure fallen ten has got there because I come off as you know Kamal resistance some kind of homer and you know I'm yeah Moya. It miss some that's him so I didn't even really matter you know I mean I want him to know day. You're reasoned and what you've done up to this point is a reason why I was able to make it out an ad in one thank you you know folks for being there. You know that person that I can look up to you know from being in a positive influence because is not very me that you can look up to. So I want to thank him and appreciative to do what he did. It's crazy here people from Chicago tell us stored because it I think a lot of time depends on age because like for use on the nabbed by Derrick Rose is that for a lot of kid always here like I did like what generation you are now there's these are athlete that may need to say and if so and so can do what I can do it as well. Albeit and their Rosie was a huge part in you know really me like that meant sort of got to look up to four a lot of guys to Chicago so special we know. You noted the generation at well I guess this the same generation because we ran the same age. But you know to see a guy grow up saying when you grew up and yet he was talented. Yes he did everything he could any made it you know it's a heat so big places when we come back and also still be a part of the city and do everything came for the city. You root for guys like they do appreciate guys like that so. I mean he's done so much for the city Chicago nods his plan would give him Bakken and no constantly and being in in the community is its results. You earnings and because the judge you feel about the Super Bowl and choked up once again and not you know I think it's soaked them and I was I was definitely exciting. You know why I'm because you know. I doubt wins you know he went to North Dakota State he won a couple of message that contentious in North Dakota State to see him win. I'm a world championship and in FAA it was pretty awesome. Two Doug Peterson I mean. In I was with that guy affiliate you know as he was just starting gate it's a culture and then have a McGhee avenue here in Kansas City. You know happen a bigger role and seeing what he's really developed and evolved into. It was pretty awesome as sleazy he's just cheer for guys like that. And yeah I'm deaf yet before the success that they've had. Joseph the settle more time yeah MS so a Wii at the listener. We located on six a wanna write remarking area and we do. I'm aimed at helped educate people how to help their bodies heal itself shall we just trying to take K yourself and not dependent on anyone else take care and he was caught. Anything easy that sums all mean based on a man walks a block it on Tuesday mornings and loudly at 65 it was like flex ultra that's been his movies so meniscus injuries immediately there I saw got a question is it baseball saw bullets kick ball is that these are not tackle okay okay okay Mary Lou I was about it and come away. And that he's a blanket rule and a man and we should do it and we still grown you know. Grown up boy is Iraq it is going out implant you don't. Playing games that before and around San did not in the tying run in the sixth inning with a solid single up the middle yet does make you feel like toll albeit a very Clinton. Other outlets former NFL linebacker Joseph Mays always appreciate that's Joba has ever come into a do you have. Upcoming 120. Seconds questions at those that you want social media about the future. The rants. Well we'll get it back coming up on the draft.