06/19 6a - Royals Weekend, RIP Flounder, Shout, Dayton Moore

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, June 19th

The Royals conclude their 7-2 road trip as Moose & Salvy power them over the Angels, Flounder from Animal House dies over the weekend, Shout It Out plus hear what Dayton Moore says about receiving trade calls 


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Have you ever heard it before they obviously don't pretend that. Now is there. Welcome and vascular in the morning six Sports Radio Mike wells Bob passcodes just playing their producers David Spector. The royals on 572. On the West Coast road trip. Feeling good I guess juice of a computer here has been particularly bad at all with the royals today my god Steven why would we be playing baseball with the royals to start off on Monday morning. When his team finds itself just two games under five under it three and a half back in the division lead right now to say that should we go ahead and wait until they get to 500 forgo baseball for a I don't know man seven to. But they and it's going to happen it's pretty good right I out please tell it like I would. The brakes I didn't think it was going to happen but right now I have faith when you have guys getting hits such monster mile was the way that I was stock is dead yesterday I am a topic that two outs bases loaded I mean. This season that moment for the royals is a guaranteed out out. Might we sockets as India. And the 21. Swing and allied drive toward big gap but right senator nobody's there. Drugs and goes all the way to look at one run isn't true hunter and they're winning customer around here's a girl. It took me. I might lose not just for the royals take the lead here pretty soon. And listen to the moves walls. I think those boos a man hides. I could play their way out if any either way you'll have a dealer plates buddy we exit out of the deck yesterday. Listening to the game on the radio in my life like Ed right before that it used to TV and we don't it's the beauty of radio talk like this what this might just as my livelihood athletic TV out here act. And moos wants that one into the gap in Steve Stewart loses his mind like that not as much as he did on the Salvi homer in the top of the fourth and finally made it 72. And now he lost his mind on that one as well but what a great week what a great nine days or ten days it's been. You know for this ball club sitting at seven in two right now and in an all the people out there who wanted to sell a week ago and I said that. The entire American League with the exception maybe of the Oakland days. Is really still alive and well the National League the cardinals twelve back of a wild card they're the third best team in the wild card race right now so. Teams are starting to run away with things in the nationally but over here in the American League man. Everybody is a lie everybody still has an opportunity and essential is still not playing good baseball and seventeen of the next 35 games or something like that leading into the trade deadline for the royals. Are against the net American League central division teams of they've got a great opportunity. To really make up some ground in and obviously give back. Further into this race from where they are right now but if he would've said two weeks ago the world's would be to wonder 503 and a half back going into this week. I what does it may be I wouldn't I wouldn't put money or anything like that but they're playing some really great baseball right now I don't care who they're beating they're getting wins they're scoring a lot of runs they're pitching well. They're playing good defense they're doing all the things that royals teams have done in the past and they're doing things that say. This has the look of a championship team and you got excited again about the Kansas City Royals and a lot of people like all of a sudden. Pack on. The royals trained who got off the bat in April. I Greg used a couple of new file that they're assured yet that you know like reeling teams and it is fun to watch it is slightly the stated I'll. Well I Chicago. I'd certainly. All right. I'm a look at side would they play Cleveland again exactly yes or like three to have back like. The Indians let's get this done that it's yet been fun I don't yet and Audi really care at the divisions. Quote quote not good. I think the royals are playing good it's for sure cell is like is they do and and can catch everybody in a Soviet this is this is great at work it closer to. July and they may be right smack dab in the middle of an. I was looking at the end ST schedule yesterday morning when I got to parameters could we need to win today if it were rooting for Federer from Minnesota to the got an apple and they were rooting for in Detroit to lose this baseball game today. And I'm by driving myself nuts but that's what it's all about that's the fun of baseball what you can do that you know when your team starts to wind it means a hell of a lot more. Then out when that when you teach is not winning when they're losing games and right now this ballclub has given us everything we possibly could bass for. What would it 'cause that competition Michael Geary on the Padres and on this on the giants but it. The LA angels were above 500 in this series began and it just what the Yankees I think you know they they think it's a two out of three from the Yankees but. If they were in a situation though where. They both 500 in May the angels are solid ball club in the world's Britain and their house took three out of four to two on the road trip and a great moment yesterday after the game with south razzle rents cocaine at. Trying to keep ago. It was looked really good reviews with Bob who will fight through it a little bit longer as well. Look for the within the double hop. They'll go to the break. Out there. Right wrote. The Hubble Fresno we wouldn't know how to do that because it with and its Olympic. Would have a great jobs wrote a decade ago. So yeah. Opera is is based he smiled ivory you like you is why. Is that. He's basically at every time here and talk and so there they get a real and Lorenzo do an interview yeah. This goes there what do you think I investment purpose and that's why everybody loves opera these guys right he does he's one of the few people that have. That every time you see and they just make you smile would make you feel good and Lorenzo Cain is definitely one of those guys is as he was talking there I was smiling from ear to ear listening to salvage talks. Makes kids happy I mean Lorenzen Salvador Torres is really like one of those guys if you fives of me who doesn't like Salvador Perez that's argument and then there's this guy he isn't he is just. Absolute joy to have around at. Accused city what has Lorenzo Cain said there's been an ice road trip they had gone I mean that's they have the momentum and you can tell this team is starting to feel at the start to feel that momentum of that possibility of going on a special run that you stated that top of the AL central yeah it's not. A few anymore it's like they know we have the momentum we have that opportunity right now what we do with this season. Very easily will be. Will be gauged on what we did in June because this month has been it's in the month of the sale Lebanon's foreign June or something that's something like that then you see Alex Gordon skating well and Judah Escobar hitting well in June and everything seems to be clicking for his team during this month so the way this season goes down how will be the story will be polls. We'll start off in April Barry how terrible was 500 baseball through May if they can finish off Chu as strong as it's still the nineteenth there's a lot of this month left. If the royals can finish off June really strongly get over 500. How would that be the story is he's. Oh absolutely will be the month of June they turned everything around for this ballclub and and let's not to do is talk about the three game of a three Susie went to in the West Coast where they won games. Let's take a back even a series further where they played Houston Astros here in Kansas City and about splitting that series with the Houston Astros. And at that point of the year the world's were playing good base nobody expected the royals to even take one game. From the Houston Astros let alone get a split with the opportunity to win three out of four. Against the Houston Astros but they split against the best team in baseball and at that time the Astros were playing by fall are the best baseball in Major League Baseball shall wasn't like they came in nearly beat up on the asterisk on it like eleven games and went straight up they have an eleven game winning streak at Roland and and the royals ended that eleven game winning streak and they were able to split that series with the Houston Astros so we can focus on the nine games on the West Coast but it goes a lot deeper than that and further back to Houston and splitting with the best team in baseball builds a little bit of confidence going on the road than two out of three in San Diego sweeping in San Francisco three out of four against the angels over the weekend. Now all of a sudden you put together one of those stretches or one of the beginnings of a stretch. That we talked about a winning twenty out of 25 type games to really get back into this thing and that's what the royals were able to do it would have been able to do. And now you got the Boston Red Sox rolling in who just beat the Houston Astros last night. And all of sudden because how bad the Yankees were out on the West Coast the Red Sox and yankees now tied for first place in the American League east itself. If you get a win tonight against the Boston Red Sox continued to win and also beaten a team that is better than you when it comes to records and is one of the best teams in the American League. Right now we have an interest in China how to look at the schedule because you have Boston. Toronto. Minnesota right. I guess are all important stretch sure this one feels even more important. Especially that Minnesota series on the back in Minnesota the number one team right now on the American League central. If they can go up against Minnesota as what the thirtieth through the through July 2. That can put a great cap on this June for the royals are what they've been able to accomplish. It joins a fall back has yet against the Cleveland since earlier Cleveland's early ones hot yeah I'm on that completely clueless scorching the ball right W you you don't look like they were soda you know like like like the fact I want us to be Minnesota state go oh yeah keep feeling like. That's the team that I don't I don't buy you write like that they're not ready yet and and if the rules and real lemon because their only. There are only a game and half back of of the twins right now right and I am rapture to go head to head here pretty soon they got to take your business now you got to beat the Boston Red Sox in two with a three games against the Red Sox are facing a pitcher that you never heard of Chris Sale was sandwiched in tomorrow and he's obviously very very good. You have the opportunity against lawsuits Sox think they have before and sales and haven't announced never really been one of those guys that you look at why how he's gonna come in and dominate but it still Chris Sale it's a big name that you recognize. And for the royals now with that confidence that started with the Houston Astros you know they're feeling it and and they're feeling it because Mike you played that putt with my stock is getting that double and you're right a month ago that double doesn't happen that's a groundout the second. And when you get big hits like that when Salvi comes up with a big home run like he did the following inning you know and it gives the royals seven to two lead. That's when you know you're starting to feel that's when you're feeling good at the plate that's when your dialed in bats when you're locked in and now everybody from one to nine is really get the job done for the royals it's been a great little run here debt has I did not see that Minnesota lost four straight. Cleveland went there to care this weekend guys. That escalated quickly yes but it bed just in the post game was asked about the attention. The the Roy and me he doesn't care apparently about the attention that the royals' Mike. I don't really care people look at us now we know what we're capable of doing. You know we feel good about our team. You know we haven't even in the year winning one world championships haven't gotten. You know a lot of people looking at us and thinking that we were very good even back then so we'll learn not to pay too much attention to it. We just go. You know play as hard as we can and finally is one long it's now eleven. Narnia prince doesn't care. Your stupid exact bet if you heard that snack he probably doesn't want beats and probably not broke more birdies ever really. Dude I mean like he's right about the world championship years and in fifteen and it is specially 2014. They were gonna with a wild card they were gonna beat the angels Buck Showalter is a genius Ned Yost was a don's no way they were gonna win the World Series or keep it close against the giants. That the following year the royals got off to a hot start and everybody's and other not that good they just had a great start they were able to live off of that look out there playing in September they're not good going into the posting nobody's gonna give them an opportunity yet fourteen was a fluke the royals are gonna fade in all there's no way they're gonna beat the Toronto Blue Jays there's no way they're gonna beat the Mets and they still found ways. To knock off teams like dad to knock off the blue jays to knock off the mats and take care of business and really show everybody that they can put that right in their pipe and smoke it. And that's what they're doing right now and Ned Yost doesn't really care what David Schoenfeld says a bust are only spewing or what. Any kind of analyst out there in Major League Baseball saying about his ballclub it matters what happens inside that locker room when I talked about it last Friday guys. The colts starts to take over when you get into situations like this and we're seeing the culture take over this past weekend especially yesterday's game. That was a whales culture type game. Good starting pitching and big hits when you need it big time base not when you needed it. From the stock is at Salvador Peru as that's culture that's royals Coulter that's how these guys were raised. And when you've got betting you were DNA you can take it to the next level and the royals have waiting and coming through in clutch moments right now in their. I really move on you're just a moment but I do I don't get this real quickly the pacers are in talks to send Paul George of the cavaliers as Paul George made it publicly very it. Made everybody very aware that he's playing the week even after the 20172018. Season and no longer be a member of the Indiana Pacers so. The really big news of the NBA all season even matters now is whether or not Paul Georgia's going of the cavaliers. Got always look at this one. Is that it could be a bad thing because all anybody's gonna care about these two teams grass state in Cleveland going back and forth in this arms race trying to get more more players they can build a bigger super team right. But it also probably will make people who don't really care at the NBA. Hair a little bit about the NBA because it's too rise teams if Paul George goes to Cleveland I had two monster site. I think there's an even deeper meaning to this move with Paul George adds up going to the Cleveland Cavaliers I think it's really good for sports fans everywhere. It's that it happened because here's what we're looking at the only way they're gonna get called George is if they trade capitalize because that's the best asset and they have. If they end up trading Kevin Love forty rental player OK what's Paul George's he's made it perfectly clear angle back to your team is there I wanna be a Laker guy side. I think it also signals the end of the Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron James I think the cavs realize that LeBron James is gonna be leaving their team. As well at the end of next season if they make these trade for Paul George because you don't trade Kevin Love who's got a controllable contract terms got the opportunity to be their for awhile. If you feel like LeBron James is going to stick around but if you believe that LeBron James is gonna leave Cleveland yet again after the next season. Then you make bad trade for Paul George you go for one more big time run at a championship to try to knock off Golden State. And then you dismantle and LeBron and Paul George go to the lakers and all of a sudden the west becomes unwinnable by anybody that these becomes a winnable by everyone and the balance of power definitely shifts. In basketball from Cleveland Golden State the probably Golden State to the lakers so. I think if you're if you're the Cleveland Cavaliers nutri controllable guy who's under contract for awhile. That signifies your waving the white flag got one more year with LeBron James and you're gonna do whatever the hell it takes to try to win one more championship with the king in Cleveland the capitalist and opt out. Just got to tip Mike and I will beat the this is the NBA okay this isn't like a rumor that's going on out there this is going to happen there letting us know. This is going to happen. Paul George I'd. Bet you money will end up being a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers made you make a strong point about LeBron. Leaving because he did he brought Cleveland to champion yeah that was his goal he brought a championship there's not real really a reason for him to stick around if he thinks he has a better opportunity to win elsewhere that's right. Are we lost a legend from the delta house this weekend we enjoys best moments next. Investor with a warning I'm Mike wells Bob best coach Josh Cleveland producers David Spector. And Stephen first. AKA flounder from animal house passed away from complications from diabetes. Diabetic. We're diabetes according to specs you're a girl. So incredibly sad news for flounder whose at least 63 years old that her. And of course wall missed five under is is in the wedge into the delta house and one of those quotable movies of all time animal. What's my delta tell me Dorfman. Kinsler thought. No I'm. Ending this flunked. Isn't really portable movie really I know most quotable all time. It's up there there's definitely I mean there are posted yesterday on FaceBook it wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor it's certainly not over because floundered died so bad but not over and from there. People discredited him in rain and posted my quote after quote after quote from that movie. Even if it was in relation to flounder because of lines I mean you know he'll go in and stuff like that they had on there. But you only zero point zero. The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor germs and sadly though he's on a role in that kind of stuff I mean their business somebody different line after line after line. That you know people haven't we may be we dance with your dates and obviously the biggest of all time has to be Ito got tone. Toga toga now code so I mean it's got a lot of quotable lines in the movie. And and I thought maybe not the most quotable maybe it is I don't know what else you put up there when it comes that for guys quotable movies any Major League I think is probably easily as a parent hangovers out there that's up there I would say the most portable halt time. I can't say I don't ours does not stand back. Time. Al actors like a box of chocolate and all that some of those I think it's it's up there though it's up there was like you know I think the big bows he ghost busters. It's definitely right at the top it is an enemy as to how one of the most quotable movie still stirs people. To absolutely freak out when we talk about the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor and it's it's one of the all time great movie lines and it's it's crazy and how mad people get as well especially on the tax final we talk about the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor and you guys are idiots you know Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor no. The moron who has seen an animal house and doesn't well one of the more quotable movies kinds suited me this movie. Yeah. And you like if something is batting reined in pop culture OK and you don't get a then. That's on you to figure out why I don't give this moment why I don't get this movie line why I don't get that reference. And then you need to analyze what I can do better to understand what's part of pop culture now I don't know that it'll last considered. Pop culture anymore it's more historical culture Nash yeah it is what it can loan out. But that is still one of the most important movies for guys growing like it when guys get ready to go to college you watching animal house I remember watching it right before I went to college with my grandmother. And she's watching the food sightseeing with Belushi he's got all of the cream in his mouth when he punches itself I'm exist Iraq this is it exactly as she looks back as he does that as a slot kind of like you and I'm like. Thanks I remain very grandma as of yet ready to roll off the college but I mean everybody saw that movie that that was your prototypical. I'm going to college I gotta watch this movie and you fall in love with a edges. Absolutely last year ass off every time you're seeing it in flounder was zero point 20. With his GPA. Whatever was there guitars EB zero points or flounder was right there in the mix of things what I did not remember I didn't. Didn't know the still yesterday there was a spin off television show that went one season he's episodes called delta house that is crazy had no idea and it exists as it had indeed warmer flounder and you know our kickers anybody who needed another check out what an amazing book about. There yeah meeting yesterday I did deviation did have the you know the the main characters it was off the ancillary characters therein is for one season I didn't realize that that was that was a thing. But as far as most quotable movies look at a text line 69306. Dumb and dumber that it has been thrown out a couple times was definitely extremely quotable and then. Tommy Boy asked. Then that got a little coats timeless and that is true but as far as most quotable movies of all time it's there's there's not a haunt. Day you can really put up there in the category of animal house that you read everything little categories because it's really tough just narrow it down a one but I think diamond numbers up there. And you know just all comedies to for the most part that we set emulated there's no serious movie that takes the list of most quotable movies of all time I would say eighty scar face scoreless. Oh. The god father he had a Good Will Hunting. Because I feel like damn map I'll ride on a map that's that's that's the quotable serious movies well sure it really does lean hard toward the comedies because. Comedies in the often times like with the animal house he gives you that glimpse into what your college days what you thought they always would be sure. Now I guess he's ruined my life like American pie and road trip like college is really the best they it'll. Be the now it's this is a lot of classes and stress well I mean without classes and stress colleges fantastic attitude and the stuff you really need to worry about the classes at all distress in the news out of the equation it's four years of paradise but I loved every minute it's. I thought it was fantastic I guess you know I focus more on this the relationship side of things in the in the fund site is edited to class which is Miami radio. Your call. It's rights that's an underrated quote bear yes and it's actually very underrated quotable movie that's it it's just wrong work it's it's not retreat are six. I. That's. Speaking of the tax obvious shouted out coming up in about ten minutes but it's a bullfighter. Got what was coming tomorrow. Next. Welcome back again. Best with a warning I'm Mike Walton Bob vesco Jocelyn their producer Steve inspector. If you're going to be a ball fired out trip on your own case. That's that's the moral of the story are open with a moral bullfighter was gored to death after tripping on his own case. According to the AFP news agency it I was coming to an on go out and and it. I do so that is discussed is bull fighting her I'm rooted for the ball. Every single time. I think he I think you got you know no brainer upstairs in your head if you're going into that ring with a bowl and also the people who run with the bulls in Spain in Pamplona likely people run with the bulls once a year. Odd because they want to they volunteer to go stand in the street and have an angry bull run down the street try to Gordon I've talked to a couple people have done it there like. But the scariest thing you ever to be his running given to that end of that range. And be done with it because here comes this bull and it's chasing your ass down the street McGill the hardest part is is getting around the people who have fallen down. India is now general and a wet down the street right before you're gonna run and so it's like old school Spain and it's got them you know the this I don't know I just don't and it's also. Kinsley kicked so everybody's falling down and totally tripping over everybody in the is like. You're lucky if you make it into the rating because of how dangerous this thing is how dangerous they make it for today. Have Netflix and Spain I guess not a pair having them down I mean it's crazy by something else do your time and I think when they run it was silly little short case of this gamma and a long long can dribble both video and the videos or else I might want everybody wanna watch it I Igor whip it by now I don't they must have really bad medicine over the two is it to look like if it once or twice by the bull and it looked like it was right right in the rectum area so I don't like it may mean they couldn't patch the hole and -- simply aren't over yet. Exactly but I really does bull kind of ducks don't want peace but it instantly clicked on his tape like that that's like the last. You should sizable fighters I tiger could hey I couldn't be happier about it. I mean this guy's a double I mean seriously tho I got your cape and they are getting gored by the bull. So what would you never wanna do in sports that's worth taking this because good I'm happy the bull fighters dead cell. One thing you would never wanna go against the sport when I would ever wanna go against sports. I don't wanna get hit by Lawrence Taylor all that would be it does the battle I don't wanna get hit by you is there's there's a lot of anger and potentially cocaine behind it's good and it's going to your field yeah neo Lawrence Taylor like new well I mean just ask. S Ron Jaworski some time about what it's like you hit by Lawrence Taylor is LT own attitude like everyone Lawrence Taylor highlights is is knocking the snot out of Ron Jaworski and and making Mac and wake up in the morning with a mangled face yet Lawrence Taylor would absolutely crush you for me. I would not wanna face Randy Johnson because that looks scarier than Al. I don't wanna go over the middle against Ronnie Lott as he would like it says that the crap out of me and then you look at like LeBron James I would want to try to guard him. On the basketball floor because I don't know if you saw the video like dunking a kiss and things like at this week as like what the hell's going on out here. I want nothing to do with LeBron risk taking a pass frustrates consummate guy are you ready I'll set I got thousands of kids to campus like I can't. The wars DIU beats you kids I can try to convince Paul George to join me in Cleveland's what about for I mean all those are controllable though which I'll do. Ate a bowl knock I don't know what the ball's gonna do you write I go down in the cage with a sharp I don't know what the shark's gonna do. Like ready Johnson I'm pretty counter he might hit me yet and it might he might be a purpose anybody yet but it doesn't tower. But he's gonna try to throw it up and it'll who's now. I ABBA. Yeah I thought it could do those things that I would just I would not wanna be hit by the by them at no I'm not going elegantly it's not that that's ridiculous Eric Berry coming up like a missile drilling or something like that who the hell wants to be hit by. You don't win those heat seeking missiles that that is a safety in the national football and I'm just worried about the defensive tackle oral lot maybe a linebacker to instantly Ray Lewis. But the safety second he deliver a blow and those guys at the most dangerous players. Oust their football field and that's the last thing I wanna do is lobby to be done over the oh. Is it destroyed. By one of those guys got to get those wide receivers on craft docked backed up well after getting the snot knocked. I'd signal yeah give the old school wide receivers like credit he's doesn't happen in war means don't see the big hits but like the Ronnie Lott days off yes those wide receivers get all the credit in the world we're going over the middle against Iran a lot yet that I mean that those are dangerous times in a man and don't dribble indicate rotation Vicente and Rodney Leisle like you know Ronnie Lott we'll rush you it is time to shouted out you text the topic 69306. On the text line today. All brought you by lady James two locations in Casey makes you tell us extend sincere when wary pressure beware of toilets that automatically flush. Let's. That's Roth who trying to think like ya gotta make sure you put the stretch her out the back like knock down my back. You know and I mean like out outside the bulls and the automatic plus doesn't necessarily to gladly and yet he had yet to make sure our automatic last year. At Ater column it is. It's T inability to believe just blew it a little bit. Duster a plus time so be careful with our talk about sitting on the screaming at the urinal with a automatic life and treasure. Daniel Lyons an interesting question. Candy lines are gone for the summer I think right. I suppose to be treated him the right time and yeah I mean I don't have an idea that's that the use of the rest that I through that stuff them and I have investigated the line in months out of the yard so. I'm good to go with him that I used to Iceland take it like Robin down my hand it would be like Gelman look at do you. Alex Gordon leaving Vargas pinging enough. You're actually just discussing that during the break we don't know I I. I've no idea who lives I have no hot take to give I have no over arching explanation it looked like. It looks like Gordon was making a joke Borg is if you know anything about Jason Vargas. The biggest jokes during the war all the big meeting quite dig joked well I'm not sure I don't know what happened it was a little bit on those. Alex Gordon goes hi fighting guys all throughout the dug out. And then stops. It puts his arm down at the end to win Jason Vargas sitting right there waiting these are hanging in Vargas responds. What the path and that's all I saw from the get damaged I don't know. What it was I out of the serious. I doubt it was anything other than some thought that maybe Vargas took the wrong way right. Buy it. Yeah. It's. I'm going to awkward jokes yours I'm also going with we don't know guys sadly weird things they do with the each other in the clubhouse and celebrations and and relationships. And things like that so. I'm gonna go with and we don't know an ominous speculate on the side and that's part of the deal that's part of the act. With this Roy's team. Eric Decker going to take and he did it first wife's I mean that's the thing that I immediately thought of going to Nashville because his wife Brooklyn is a country music singer. And wants to be down in the epicenter. Of the country music world Sosa is so he decided to side with the Tennessee Titans. To go down there for her I. I don't I don't know if that's the case that my. I mean I guess Tennessee's going to be okay and you look at the thing that cannot hear about it guy but I think that got me I would not I did not see download coming what that he went there is why the media wise not Brooklyn Decker well it's now which is nice lady Jane Decker. Right is that enabling ladylike Jane Jesse Jesse James Decker something like that like teams is a little lame. And she went downhill and she's a country and western star so he took one for the team went to a team it should be pretty good they could challenge for the south. But ultimately the reason he took that job was first wife that that's a mint putting his wife ahead of everybody else kudos to back. Ike I would for taking the job is why I. Go for Marcus area you go and I immediately wanted to better wide receiver my eczema quarterback and has tremendous upside. Left hand turn lanes. On about a man left hand turn lanes that are. And knowing when to quit when that when the light that for some reason doesn't cycle but he just misses his earnings cycle where it's just happens around. This is one of the more frustrating things in life and he Jersey you can do lefty entered you've got to go right around what they call with judge handled two goals last. Now lots of your frustrated and it doesn't turn you just go is that what you do is that we do. Or or not we actually powered cycle kind of get you did you did you just fund our city by doing yeah. The amount and. On. This dance is taken from me because their malfunctioning lights justice at all ads has now airlines flights that's right there there isn't it reasonable lie the other so the road except for 100. Yards I. Natalie 2 o'clock in the afternoon in the light doesn't cycle the right wing you're sitting in a couple times here I got you know just because there's nobody behind you right now. Does that mean the lights he would change green and I can't go exactly it is making sense. And it states in some states there's actually a law firm malfunctioning like review don't get that light and there's nobody else at the intersection you can do is go it's not against the law. Here it is still against ball I've found that out the hard way the best left hand turn signal in the city and I I challenge anybody to fight me on this one. Is the one and a 127. Include fear right by. The Johnson county jail you campus the Edwards camp that the Edwards is if you're going southbound uncle there because the lefty internally is constantly flashing yellow means that of going to read so you get the option. To turn left at your own leisure. At that intersection if you could find a better left hand turn signal in the city Seymour right around lightly you have and where flashing flashing I see more more you had. Apparently there are now though aren't they you know it's popping up over joke that we don't need anymore apartment complexes and senior citizen cribs men built a deli. Okay bill. It's seriously like we needed and we've got more complex is an old folks homes in Johnson County right now. Then I debt anywhere else in the United States of America how freaking apartments do we need to Johnson County construction boom is alive well who's living in these places are are are are are the fullest every apartment in Johnson County fool the hugely more you would actually be kind of shocked. I'm dead serious topic I that I just rented by people from Jackson County so they can send a school that's not on SharePoint but I was looking around and anything it's actually good. Is gone its foal is there really again has a weakness like please I wanted to instill their late. We will wait list and people have to give us a sixty day notice before they get out so you look at it six days minimum before anything opens wow like a place in OJ did Johnson County because honestly they're talking about building 119. And swamp kind of on the southwest portion of the street there yeah and it's been through didn't forever and a day in retirement but another part accomplish some point. We don't need another plates it's as far as these guys see like if you let 135 quarter might. There's more apartment complex is out there that there are people puns of apartment complex is up there out of those are full of those arsenal also worked pretty small apartment since it's very odd. Because eventually get a tip there's not going to be enough people that the greens are limited house's and then I don't know what's gonna happen and it's just. To really odd situation at the apartment but seriously I mean have you seen more apartments per capita than in Johnson County Kansas right now and then you eagle from apartment and then you turn fifteen you move right into the old folks on when you smell like mothballs I mean it's it's the horrific. Core elation I guess because they're building them like it's going out of style old folks' homes going up that I've ever seen him beat every time I Terkel what's. Oh another senior citizens that we do not. Appear in Arizona and Florida. With bird bird I thank god. For god sends a. I'd say is bill that does that throw is that. Royals general manager Dayton Moore was interviewed exclusively right here on 610 sports radio and you don't want to miss his take on this boils hot streak. After the key play next. Well general manager Dayton Moore was going to be who exclusively right here on 610 Sports Radio. About all things royals improved including that streak. The trade deadline me today the minute the first the key play. Pretty spectacular yesterday way to end the game and also. Get this cycle with the same time Pulitzer spit. It's. Okay. She ran there it is that Colorado mills and are not a with. To give him this cycle on that day and united probably helped that I think it's the first time they said in Major League history. That a cycle was captured by hitting a walk off home run so that's pretty spectacular right there aboard the I I got right like none everything Goliath where you can get the first three and then at the situation reaching a law in mind that's that's incredible it really was so congratulations to him and that is our key play brought to Anthony plumbing heating and cooling the technician you could trust with your house keys. I'd Dayton Moore spoke about the royals here on 610 sports radio and a big discussion. Revolving around the recent hot streak we never. Follow a lack of effort I mean they were proud you know competing. And they they do what support they've all of course for friends say. Are we have a lot of new track truthfully keep sharp player going all manner such great support here but. It just part of baseball he Nolan and you can't. Unfortunately. You can't perform. You're you're very fast as far production. I don't every single night out you're gonna go through no troubles and you know court. You're Jason Hammel knew truck or poor from the outskirts put up a little bit you know far been consistent all year compared to an injury in cork you know offensively we are very anemic here in the month of maple. And then all of that go on for certain and you were a little more the better hitter at all baseball. In the month of may indeed continued in court for a bookings got a hot looses it's been a great job of getting big hits in the big home run and so if you've been are really good team effort with very fielder college stabilize this in a lot of ways. How about that one right there when Mara feels a stabilized does this. Right like I thought that was the of the fans comment at the beginning we're date says fans keep the players going. I think that is so true I think the these guys absolutely realize what the royals fan base has meant to them like they get it they understand the fans hope Russell lot. And they always compliment the fans for kinda keeping them going and so that's cooled here. But I thought the biggest comment out of their guys on how you feel about it was the fact that Whitner feel this kind of stabilized does and stabilize this line and that's interesting to hear because at the beginning of the year he was beaten out for that science and we've seen Ned Yost obviously understand how good Whitner field as putting them in their everyday at bat leadoff spot he met yesterday they gave McVeigh off which is fine on a Sunday. But now the general manager realizing holy cow this guy has been in stabilizing force for us. At the top of this and this guy has been what we've been looking for kind of not necessarily at the top of the line but does it mean it may nineteenth in the street there for awhile okay song is -- Major League Baseball this season that's right so Whitman field man that that guy is gonna be booked that as an unsung hero of this team should go and make it into the post season and continue on the stretching continue -- run and get back into first place I think one of the key things when people say what changed during the course of the 2017 season the right the ship I think it's the addition of what their field into this line as an everyday player and then the addition of what airfield in that leadoff spot as your everyday leadoff guy giving the royals a leadoff hitter that they didn't really craving for a very long time meaning is gonna zesty and the royals were when he was leading off that fourteen and fifteen he still wasn't your prototypical leadoff hitter. Whitner feel the starting to fit that bill. And is giving you the opportunity now to be your everyday second baseman in and as far as I'm concerned second base is a position you don't have to worry about going forward now. It's amazing isn't Maine yeah doc about Escobar if you LaMont CDs are guys who were brought in and thought what they can really be great leadoff hitters but it turns out. Eric he'll be guided everybody wrote off over and over and over again throwing day I remember including may be there and I'm telling you skater boy man it's it's really scary as it is it is including them yeah we did write him off their arrival organist edged down yet I'll come back up late like his personal elevated but yeah. He's an everyday second baseman he's in every day Major League Baseball player on. Any club but. Also bit that the similarities that continue to like just show themselves with him. And bends over because when they got and sober they got a well we like his versatility and use about left field for a while when Allen scored was down there when Alex came back later what do you do now was sober he became that I get second base that you were counting on because yet Omar Infante you thought he was gonna get the job done and obviously. He didn't live up to the standards at the royals needed him to live up to. And there was Ben Zobrist a guy you really were counting on a luxury a guy that you could play anywhere all of a sudden kind of becoming door second base leader. And that's what mayor Steele has done he's old that second base position over the last six weeks it's. Also what's about to be from dean's comments is it's very royal like you named like seven guys yeah that's true ironic today that everything goodness guys do in this in this guy's doing this in this guy's doing this. That's what we've come to appreciate about the royals culture of death but it's a passerby everybody for this team because. They add I think the middle of skating better when you have Cain in Salvi and moves all hitting the way they're hitting it up and Hosmer. But you need everybody on this lot of it has to be strong one through nine you can't have 789 hitting in the one hundreds right so. As Gordon and Escobar get better this entire team gets better when you add in the fact yet mere field in Bonifacio at the top of the order. Do in a very good job pulling down the number one and number two spot. Well where you have the weakness on this why have you done very hard to find on a daily basis and that's gonna make the royals have an ability to make a real run at the AL sense no doubt about it when you're clicking on all cylinders like they are right now look out and nobody is gonna stop being scored seven runs a game this road trip pretty impressive for these guys. Another may have taught the big break this week. Oh explain two minutes.