06/19- 10 am - Do We Owe Bink An Apology

The Day Shift
Monday, June 19th

Bink has been the eternal optimist, but are things finally going his way? Plus, the number one reason to keep the faith, Bink's dreams were shattered over the weekend, and Fanning had a half-baked theory this weekend. 


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What greatly. So now think these. His bleakest day. He actually takes me 7 AM yesterday talk about grass though about birdie. No that did that he's out Moline I noticed an article and that did not occur through that Molina had a recruiting question. Bogut if anything you're going would have text to say don't you dear. Think about cutting branches of him actually in the recruiting push ups and fifteen. But have we go by the base of late think it would joust is ours right now here on six and Sports Radio six and sports. That town hall Brian's. Alice Davis to clean while he still in your travel status to Brinkley as well as Ryan and to everybody out there listening help that everybody had a happy Father's Day. Happy fun Thursday. Solid beautiful. Thanks late appreciated one of those one of those days I was the top spot. As good as these. At least once a year it's that a these kind of nice day I Jesse will observe day I'm glad that we do get this out of they today is that he feels appreciative vote obviously is typically. He's he's he's the scoreboard. Talking about what's not happened for him on file I got when he actually appreciates Father's Day yesterday for this preceded some ports and that's pretty awesome there was definitely a scoreboard. Are there was. I didn't hear about it up so the only area got it's LV also your bad. Speaking of school board. About the royals the whales right now. And I know we won't play the music. But we used the phrase a few years ago all they do is we and that win win no matter what. A great road trip for the KC royals. They juggle seven into on the road trip against San Diego San Francisco. And at the LA angels. And Jason Vargas remains hot in the Austin it's more than anything remains I know that they didn't score a run on Saturday but. Aside from that office progress rate Alex Meyer. Game pitching against them but they went on that stretch of five games to beat teams at least by five runs. Scored at least seven the royals haven't had that in five straight games since 1970 nah. We just all around good weekend though that it's by that ran the fever Lewis is the show and little things that we have on the show. That's always a good omen and it it is and would write Le fever can be part of the show and this this tells you the rules play well. So that'll do it for tonight for producer engineer Don free for Steve Stewart. This is Brian a fever don't forget. If you're listening in Kansas city state to go our flagship 610 Sports Radio Ford Josh burned here he's waiting for your phone calls. He's waiting for your text and of course don't forget. He shout out for TDB. That's when things go well. They do well with the fever shouts out KGB has dropped in my moment. It's unbelievable. Out all my guys. Even looked beavers in on the right that's a while I may Bogut right here with fevers and I was about. That's what she said during the broad royals blood test or Ryan the fever with a shout out ADP. I saw us any expense would she said. I saw owns Warner but I didn't actually hear the audio alive but when did it well it is going extremely well. Sold. I think that we all looked at pistol right now make. A and it. Everybody's excited everybody's happy the team now comes back home or six consecutive games against Boston in two final. You're sitting just two games not just to. Under 500. And everybody fields. Tools good about the organization about the team and awaited the playing in the show. But is this for real is this the real kid city royals is it just hot streak though. Or possibly a mediocre team which one is it I think that the royals par. Clearly they're playing much better baseball Altman's clicking. In the surprising being the entire season has been how good the starting rotation but invested with how. Dusty being a part of the rotation lately a caller we apart they put up. Just piece it together best rotation deal central even Whipple. Seventh of baseball. Even with the problem I think is this org or oils are right 500. When your scheme making insidious things went to Baltimore roles played really. You what life happens fast greens have the last in the back of 500. Royals swept the speed with all right that's good series the rules we and the Orioles editorials is the 500 team salary starts where he finished. In the royals did take awhile ago. Once the bats thirty that would get save once the bats. Is gonna be your GG in this game. There's going to be some games were guys as well and get blown up they have. Not good one through five across baseball. Teams have problems with reports that this order these do in the rose trying to piece things together even Ian Kennedy. Took a perfect game into the six the other day in even wait for Ian Kennedy. The step up and shine in he sure did it it's good things whose team gold fourteen Kennedy competes like you did this week. Things are starting to come together for the team horrors actually looked okay. His last couple times out with the royals are playing baseball. Like we thought they could begin this year in there do it now that matter when you do it better if you do. You know what they're doing it to trade deadlines in July there's plenty of opportunity to see where they stand. Is it getting better tonight against the Red Sox who by the way because the Yankees lost that six straight. The Red Sox find themselves tied for first place unit unit test yourself against the best starts tonight at Kauffman Stadium against the Boston Red Sox. To me is the does the litmus test. Misses. I do about it you know face saying com. Teams that are right here at Bob would not facing teams that are carts that face in San Diego anymore not season giants. Tonight is when is now the angels game yet able to find out of poverty my ideal that. Boston you're gonna be facing. Sale tomorrow night. Pom rants on Wednesday. I think that this is a good test and I think that the warm us up to the test I really the way they play right now you have to. What is that you'll see a couple years ago you need a bullet he does he get hot at the same time in right now with this office. How many guys are hot. Alice Gordon is getting not. Woods attain. Hot fire moves. Hot. You've you've got you've got got to bullets Hosmer Steele still bad as wedding ever since beginning and you got a bullet two guys right here. Bet are taking care business in oh by the way south would have race. He trust that would mr. That they're hot at the right time and you're right it's not I just start it's well. We just hearsay is that istar sites and it's about what you do with with media that you got to be more consistent you have to continue to be consisted they'd been consistent over the last week and a half and that's the number one. What do deathly begin that you inflating included at this week it's similar cool ones cocaine but confidence is back in. It is. So Cain. He's in home runs and you or anybody else Lorenzo Cain has more home runs in either person hit one home run April 1 and day. His values use Skype app is a little that was the one thing about it was the proper. Everything else is there hitting the ball stealing bases playing great defense all that was they're the one thing that was missing Lorenzo Cain was the power. In he has found that power right now he can't get any better when you look at the way this team's built people are talking about right. It went from selling to buying this team I just look at this team a week ago. Lou we had that discussion as that this team was better than whether planted the capsule I'm watching this team gets Cleveland Indians when they won two straight series against them. In by the way there in first place won a series in Cleveland. Won a series at home against Cleveland. In and he played the Astros. Extremely Oprah's good as the Astros are you a winning record against the Astros it hurts and we won the severing its winds at six games that are 500 against them. Three games under 500 flights. But against good teams has teams actually been playing good baseball. And when you watched them this team is too good to be is there. India what are piecing things together that rotation of Hammel come around it's been really good and for those last five starts. Ian Kennedy gave you Clemson may be something the come you do that. You argue that Fort Collins inspectorate who knows how long has been taken with beef and corn that your piece of getting got master. How good comedian notation what he's pretty good last weekend. Exactly when tomorrow gets into the detail and you know herself grew up well against Mexico does that element I do plan on being here that's gonna be fun it's an island series. It's got to be consistent though manned at best that's the bottom line we get sick here to talk about this phenomenal stretch of them on the role in this but a great stretch. But remember we had a stretch with a 16 out of seven games and started without it played in Tampa number that stretched and they they cannot fill back a little bit off the wagon after that. Now they've set consistently bull for eight UT a racquet somebody's. It broke records or reports of abuse seven to a road trip started three games or 500 on the road in the store to creep up. In that category but they've been on the walked into heaven on the plea and lose he said they're playing on house money everybody picked the Cleveland Indians. You know what Cleveland in the first place at the four game sweep. Of the Minnesota Twins that are terrible at home in effect the worst team in the American League playing at home but Cleveland Indians have presented the occasion can they get Ott who don't. Gold 41 by street game. Cleveland Indians have got themselves back in the first place. That's how you do things in the wild card standings the American League is and if the Mets for GM and mayor Ellis budget today the only thing is a mess. Because even the Oakland days as bad as the record is seven games that are 500 California back wild card that's it. Fort halfback he NC rules two games back in the wild card you look at the nationally. It's much more clear further Virginians because this Chicago Cubs are nine games back the wildcard even though their best chances to win their division. It's because of the Diamondbacks the Dodgers the Iraqis. The guardians both the market with me in the last book those teams are even in the cardinals and Mets twelve games back in the wild card. The terrible record 3137. Feet bare out of the anybody in the American League is not out. The Rosie be the better teams reside and actually this year they used it. I'll add that there's no question about that. I wonder if maybe we open raided the Il central overall. And I think that clearly nationally I think people data. Just nationally what did they say they say Cleveland was gonna run away with this as we cleaned Daily Mail and that was not that is not in the case apple. Is we sit here in June 19 here five games or 500 by game winning streak gap in the five games over 500 they were right at 500 now they've won five straight. Course for those tepid against the Minnesota Twins neutral Hilton that's one reason he jumped up little place in Minnesota finds themselves. Two games back. Yup I tell with the royals red there's a stat about one of their key division rivals. That will lead you optimistic in blow you away we get to that next. Including studio sixty and Sports Radio. I welcome back in days of my. Murkowski on six there. Think we've pulled those stats. In regards to. Well this year. The top liable for the other wells is in the twins. But not just the twins in general but just. With this team getting back into the swing of things when it comes to their winning ways. Kind of of value waiting what's going on in the AL central. The AL central right now is totally up for grabs they told a progress. Everybody expects Cleveland's run away with this thing that's not in the case. But I will say would the revelation from over the last week. Twins. Taken a step back what I say last week stated to you middle lastly does it we need a week in which the twins. Over the course like ten games ago. Who lot of eight and it's let him. In terms of wins. And in or maybe a three and seven type a week. That's what they had this past week. They have lost four consecutive games on a guess what by the Indians which is a good team that's in fourth place but that's what you need out of the twins the only thing that's. A little bit frustrated from out of perspective right now is again we food good that the twins are coming back to earth. Which you know is playing better baseball the indians' best team in the division this playing better baseball. It is in really something it's very strange about the twins. And you know I try to figure out this team the good the bad. Ten games under 500. This crazy for team that's well they're creeping close to 534. And 33. Is actually only have one more win and the rows of 33 wins it winds of 34 up game deep in the dark it was talked about the twins but they're ten games under 500 home. It's the fewest wins at home. In the American League gets worthy the worst three teams are playing at home. In the American League rural meals and Indians are fifteen and seventeen twins are fourteen and 24. White Sox are the White Sox royals and tigers all of winning records and home. It fifteen. Fifteen and twelve polite Suggs eighteen and sixteen for the tigers seventeen and sixteen for the royals. The twins. The worst team the American League's second worst team in all of baseball at home in their bowl in his worst the national. Yes bidwill and they've the worst bullpen by Yuri in the entire league this. Our starting rotation we're going about it though is did the third best team in terms of both record in the American League you've been great on the road. It is all it is in orbit and it. Make a lot of sense to me it really does make it easier but that trip to root for their team games under 500. Home but you've got the four best twenty wins on the Russia and it's no system. Indians between one and fourteen the beginnings of cold weather pounds the team does better wrote. I don't know he's been playing in the cold Adam Adam did it really good look at starting rotations is better as the royals' rotation when he's piece things together. Is it that bad. It's actually not the rules are just eight right now is rotation in starting your rates at best this. Second best is the tiger's seventeenth in baseball. The White Sox eighteenth and all of baseball the Indians nineteenth in all of baseball in the twins 42 all of baseball. Your locations. As good. From eight to seventeen that's the difference rows of the best starting rotation in the division eight. That's what comes down to a comes down to pitch. That's what comes down to an bullpen. Different Cleveland Indians still the best open in baseball things lights up there one. The White Sox or seventh the royals are bottom third point one tiger's point 730. Thirtieth of the Minnesota Twins. The thing about it is it Duffy back. Miss the rotation still when doing their deal without the need up. They have the best rotation in baseball for for four weeks into the season the best starters the RA Dickey and city royals this I have optimism for the yeah there's there's pieces like units we've seen skull. The big unit Strom is the answer there. Whatever the Wales done his for peace in the rotation together there's still eight best in baseball that dropped eight yen as of yesterday there were seven that'll baseball. Yesterday and other eight baggage optimism because they can pitch. The twins team with the worst bullpen. In all of baseball team literally were about. That team gonna find some collapses. You know towards in his season and twins may be when these situations there. In maybe that's what they buy they're looking for bullpen roles in the business with the a career minor those guys are going to Minnesota. Big more on trading pieces the division if he's not going to do so as to the best bullpen pieces up there in minor error in the twins are getting. So I wonder whether gonna get help from. What I look at this division. Is see how wide open it is. I respect the Cleveland Indians. I think the royals realistically. We look on paper move would look at the talent and what they can be when they have all the year he's as healthy elected Danny Duffy. I think the world is probably the second best in the division but this issue that I have currently disagrees on not. Denny did all the emotional Bol the one that the world's have been on here for the last week and a half. The reason I'm not gonna get over emotional bond is because. When Alec at all paper. Francis just for example. The royals all paper or is the Minnesota Twins on paper. The better team the Tennessee rules of the bounty. To meet the royals are better team than the twins the what happens when they face each other. The royals the win. So it's not about this year yeah I don't know what's going. I guess my point is is is what does not believe in the royals that they had bows backing continued to maybe it'll stay hot. They have it easy to go on prove they have to be consistent and they have to do it gets good. Mean it's not against bad teams but it gets good teams because it's what to talk about what batted in this team on paper. When you actually meet with them. And you played games in a key kicking you in the face just stop it confuses. I'd lose games it's twenty played yet. Do you get a chance to rectify that don't appear real also got four games at home exactly and that's what you gotta go in sold ruled the yes. What you saw earlier in earlier part is seen yet the twins got a bit early but now we're getting payback. Big two series against the twins in April misty just what plane. But Minnesota Twins now when things are one better in the got a double header coming up here. The first of July up against Minnesota Twins right here in the five and four against the Indians the Rosen played it in well. They'll see what happens going forward but I feel optimistic about this being one thing that was missing was the hit. And you've got Hosmer hottest hitter in baseball since may first he gets out corporate hit in his fourteenth home run this whole deal guys hitting twenty home runs. That's all man let's say for guys it's forty home runs they're going to. This is almost there now so he's easily can get the pointing who knows but before he gets up there too. I Hosmer I think if possible get his home in straights here at some point I just am. I'm concerned because well look at this street did that did this this one at the wrong. Let's look at the wins here on the rose. Seven runs yesterday. Yet three runs onslaught. Seven before that seven before that eight before they ate before that twelve. Before that. Too why think that this offense is that good. Affecting even June 3 only twelve against the unions it nine and seven and back to back games against the Astros. It's more rounds and all I know all. Today it's you put it was at this pace though. I mean you're winning games like twelve to 6831727. To do the reward that powdery you don't home as an overdose on this road trip. Eighteen. It's crazy scheme get along Bowman. Again didn't it did release this all the CT before the year. Beaten awards assembled this team to score for a little bit more worried about the pitching and has been in the past he's built a line of the camera. Guys like Brandon Moss haven't been hitting like he expected to. Bring a mosque is home Britain bosses get a some supplement some home runs a morale. The thing is reveals canopy of the base. It's been the other guys that are crushing the home runs to make a big difference. I think that the I think that the years. See we're feeling good about what's going right now but I'm not totally all the way order you're at. I think that doles out did it over oilsands. That wanna buy a 100% in. But are being a little bit pessimistic I think what goals wells fans will say today is. Guys late to beat. They hit eighteen home runs over this road trip. And we know. The children's obtain isn't the masters in what we're seeing we know. It almost an outscored has gotten red hot. It hit some home runs those guys against eating ones at that pace that that's what the the pessimists will say you know what. I don't have any reason just to shoot down in saying that is what we did that words are taken to negative moments at this rate absolutely not but the to oust towards getting it. Three home runs a week well. But he's just need to get better at the plate to see that happening. How much more valued Lorenzo Cain get literature. In terms of what people. It's a trade value yes old thoughts. Me most is already sky right now on the value. The marshals say partisans did more they'll learn to gain and that that that we always in the attic outscored what did you witnesses that don't sleep on the words okay he's got some serious power. And he does it lean back working. A reliance. Now that the royals are back home. Do you think. That by this time next week. Alex Gordon's pitcher. Will be back to the suit yes I think it's on the wall before the boss answers them. Really goes on your market is that the Boston series when Gordon it's over 200 is that what one when I before. You close. But the pictures of their before Toronto here. All he's got six points together can be done. Goes the other way too desolate saying I mean I mean let's let's let's press on a bigamy Chris Sale tomorrow in pomerantz on on Wednesday. So will say. We will see. I gonna stiff mortgage some more and begin at what stiff mortgage type five million in. In which high five. It's such a voice said they basically they called value city yet so to be dignity I applaud today's who's about the Luther. GG IE. Oh man I still have this team goes on to watch what they get a view the intrigue around this team is. And it ought to wait did you have the afraid to have an idea of every state the the navy and all that. And eight haven't updated at a separate orbits good debate today. At Akron. Newser a benefit will be more said this week and he's in goals is that this when polls are ramping up. Via draft has done team's third focusing in on the treated on you know. I all isn't good don't necessarily educated city sports and it's about one particular issue with the chiefs. Nobody's going to be more disappointed than basically we get to it next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do anything. Dot com right down to sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. We'll. All man. Samuel and again. Do a little bit attribute with a big. A muscle into it. Big Arlington. DC it's Dubya would have recognized over growth. Who made this song right here. No I give your name. It's the same group that made Saddam. How we holly openness on Wednesdays. The confidence. I don't know beyond digital immigrants. AG. You all week on my favorite favorite moments of the factory I was shocked funeral notice. Would like to think that it's not so it's a dollar. But it noses you he's wearing that because Vietnamese. I actually got a bug there. Pick up. But to do underground and on the basis whoever they got to play shocked me in that new boxing by the loyalists. Pretty spot. That there's a lot of mixed reviews on it and a lot of people are bullets ticket because Smith who. Was friends to spot back to you how one. Described friends we don't know all the AM. Were updated or will whatever it's. She wanted to we storm what was on Friday at think. And she she wasn't really ripping everybody with the movie was she essentially said that. This is not as true as people want to believe that it is she says I don't feel like this movie is honoring. To pop the wave that we should. But doll. I guess some of the people that. Both formed and acted in the movie she said they try to do the best they can but she. She felt like dom was going to pop a little bit about the service but you saw the movie yesterday right I did. What you think of it. It was well past I think there are a lot of people that the did a great job. Playing the characters and they were very believable I just a movie itself jets jets. Yeah haven't. I come out meg diet that is the trailer. Doesn't look also. And I'm just in a way in the trailer for this one just didn't move me wanna go to that it's about the movie. But I haven't been bulletin movies like I should the last top leaders are probably will take it out at some point. But I digress let's get to you all talk about something that's not really. Leaving some of us super optimistic. Was beyond the recent visit of the NFL commissioner Roger dale he came to Kansas City here this past week. Hung out and visited with you've from the cheese organization. Was a part of block its use in seeking. But he made some comments Brinkley that down. Part of your interest numbered or sit in a photograph toilet they care about local garage. Would lead in the draft. Older report that Philadelphia just build it they detail so did thousands exit downloadable model if they took it to another level they need to show. Chicago's good just the big news if they still veteran media fountain they had their mirrored chill political Buckingham bounds or dead that day in Chicago. Bear children use that fountain. At the beginning of the show. They hit and run its worst for the all the teams are on the square I'm not real landmarks as. Arm that he that's woman's. That's I get out of Europe which is desperately but I am but today there at the big hit more shield is resolved to work. The stage and everything was under more celebrity people like the reported the event Philadelphia did a great job. That's what Roger Goodell said that Taurus Baylor. Put the story out in the store says there's tremendous amount of international communities that host this. It is a tremendous platform in that gives exposure to commute communities is tremendous economic. Impact as the guy of that they keep all be on the lives of Billy is complain about it. Cities too I can drag Anthony's three people all the hotels what is a baseball I mean you all don't know who tells Mike keep it it's not a bad things which will. It's what you want your cities but is it was transparent that way and say you know what I'm not I'm not a medical society all the hotels have just that's a good. It's good that it helps your body does it does with ebitda is a much bigger than ever thought that it takes more infrastructure. Either draft recently in Philadelphia seventy speeder. It created a new event. 200. In 50000. Al people. That's a lot to school down in watching the NFL draft. My wildest dreams of an NFL draft didn't include 250000. People what we have for the parade when they said 800000. For the parade. I don't know what the actual number. And yet I was in what I was desperate measure it was gridlock people apart from the highly Walken and they're so it was a I do think 280000 people from the drafting kids that ago. I don't think that's what we have. But that's OK still have this thing here. He goes details is I think we see this thing got a passion here in Kansas City course you do. But I believe we had fourteen cities in Philadelphia too older to talk about how we're going to improve our pit. Our proposed how we can make the drafting bigger than the game in this the innards. Keep going up in as the bank bodies cities LA I'm sure Dallas. Big time in this with the new facility haven't Frisco turned fourteen cities. Are we gonna make this thing better I mean yeah helped Cincinnati that didn't help kids that he didn't help Cleveland doesn't help Green Day. Some of these bigger cities fourteen cities I'm sure Minnesota. Would like to have this thing as well. Bro Whitley when you when you when you talk about fourteen cities. You don't successfully. You don't cities. He's realistically talk assistant about a force a number one you don't wanna do something with LA. Dallas we already know is is part of the Dallas morning or one B us Charlotte is emerging city. They're definitely makes on Minneapolis I know wants to be a part that makes as well who else is gonna record the weather's much cooler in Minnesota do outdoor type. You know events. The F extra problem for them pressure arm what is not necessarily that. Hole you'll soon enough trash goes back you know me you know Philadelphia is back in on it. I would assume Pittsburgh would vote on this thing this obviously you're you're you're in Asheville there's a there's obviously you're not mentioning. Brand new stadium in a town Atlanta. Atlanta is a major. Topic of infrastructure yet they can handle the thing about Alain is you know this is bulls idea. Who's you know I've been only a few times you with the school there. Yeah exactly passionate families like the but they got transplants doping test to date that you didn't have the passion is but they got it and the draft. They did it ablaze and knew I stadium the new stadiums great there's not a lot of passion and it just isn't. It did more of an SEC Tim and his pro through an area where you did hold something massive beer with the Olympic park I don't I get picketing and infrastructure with the they trains at mass transit to repeal. They can host the deal probably want to backed by products. Like New York have to be in their. As well they said it also. The more size will not be determining factor deciding who host team let's get that's good news for Kansas City. Which for for years to place a radio city musical in Chicago and Philly is I think this community in a back and that was some of them in Philadelphia. They keep they could do a great job draft. It's not about big markets the meat it's about passion. In having your own experience for the draft it's going to reflect well on the community in football. In they're going to be different Chicago's differ from Philadelphia Kansas City will be different in either one of them so. That or is encouraging when he said that it on the other hand the awards show. They showed 250000. People watching their draft they want that eagle says hey welcome if you watch larger. Give 250000 people spit outside the NBA draft. Now eat up with the NHL in a show drafted is nothing anyway or Major League Baseball you couldn't get this for. In will be going to drafts that are. The best that's the NFL media. In my opinion at this. West's all this piece man. How little bit on. I'm espionage. The keyword in the oracle was of a structure that in fourteen cities demery says that more size as a matter. That that's encouraging to me but then it's not as well because I knew the info won't ship. The NFL wants to show that many people outside and I think you I think in years that's important that you could tell you more optimistic that we can possibly get. It took us that it doubles with. The acting as an international level but did only something because of the London today it's the thing. That they've had this deep love looking at the chiefs and a big game that they took double picks way for it bring back. In some respects that unifil is doing that like a nobody's above the wall kind of thing like Whitney when it encumbered with the couple's golden child in suspended for game saying. Nobody is of Little League. I think those teams do better than in more hot I know. It mattered the unifil it mattered so much Pete Rose though he's talking about Kansas City possibly noticeable if they passed liberal group. If had this thing where the oak or console. All morons in now when the chiefs took a home game this one Jacksonville. Taking a home game with a TARP off the upper deck. The London this is a team that sells out this team has the passion of the NB a.'s 21 of their home games. In you put in London I felt like the old Kansas City something I still do. I think that we eventually get this right made a good point do we get six primetime games is that in in and out it could be very well could be but I still think he gives chiefs have been. The shield above the team. That's usually state the rate of two they were to shield above the team they were the team it's well Davis usually was dissenting vote. In any kind of in a film deal ascent is able much less resentments of the NFL. SE which assembled by collected that is I don't think that the NFL as a lead I think that this is how they think about it I think that the NFL as a leak. They don't think they all the tees and I think it's up I think that's how Roger Goodell is moving through his thought process there is much say does because. What we've been told the last three or four years and asked the bullet that everybody's gonna play game a month. Baltic city tour term. I think that's the way Roger looks at it doesn't get it gets a go play game over there anyway. This got to need. To take gable a clerk on kind of had to do it he's chairman of the international committee. The good cheer on the mini get your own people just have to do it through the it committee chairman. In Goodell said he might have a little bit influence that case is this Roger chiefs go to overseas against. He doesn't chiefs want to go back I think we'd love to have them give a lot of means in the UK. Goodell also added that more teams want to go overseas so that process has become more competitive. To play Jacksonville. Scarcity and direct route though. Let's US. I think there's a lot more people does mean that aren't as obvious as. These are Abby Nelson lately. Refused to tell us what you've got this that he knows of no great news on the days I have no beef with restaurants and threatened a I do that next exchange between standing and basically. It reveals that theory dating ads about baseball. Or will we agree we get to that net. Putting studio sixty and Sports Radio. And in. I'm back to instantly coming out here. Most successful sales of one our feelings you promo. He promotes extensive fit it. We're far from being if you promo what do you like you thought he would really. Brilliant. What did you tell a lot this Texas changed it's you dad. With Fannie over the weekend just biggest had a theory he's even mention it on no but norm for a couple weeks. Let me let me just really quick throw this in there somehow Vern and I always get lumped in these group messages between being cleaned famine. It's it and you suspect we'll literally never even respond it's just me and Vern being innocent bystander occasionally we'll throw us marquee comments and there. A bit Mattis has been putting any yelling any other birdie at 1130 at night Burnett agree with the week in. I cameras are on Fannie as well. It's gotten to spread the word tell your friends. Usually a fan he's an outstanding. Usually just reply I don't play all feeling like he's group message mean banning the Annie took like two cities get this theory that if teams. Play indict. They're terrible in the trap which which I buy into a little bit that I've done this last couple years. Teams that would come and play the royals played a night game models that are in Kansas City directly to 33 in the morning does it make a difference. I did have this theory prevalent are the opposing teams again in 233 Mori's that is. This body legal and that bothers could be lying to me yet to be they seven the most or they're used to this would be do. For us at the Red Sox by theory. Beating steering the Red Sox because they played less violence than a baseball he would travel to Kansas City. So my theory the royals who lacks in the so we've put it to the test and put to test but I will say this seems like the Dodgers. This lady demons against the cubs big turnaround at all would Saint Louis in play at 1 o'clock. The next afternoon these teams get used to this is what argue for sure do. Pressure nothing's perfect and teams do scheduled night games are big games. Did the royals do the the rules management do the royals a favor by playing in the game when they had to travel to San Diego. The next day well you can put about in the 151000 more people with being denied their and they get it. What things we want to keep their money well it takes things like this to make money so it zero problem billion dollars that the big game two hours. But flying through the West Coast. So I'm not getting this. If it is clearing the royals blog they lose the seat Diego denied after the travel key in city to San Diego I'm not buying into his all the teams. You act out now buying into the the only way to travel on what you would be to make Abby. Any Neitzel theory tomorrow with every team has to sources there were on man the best teams in the league are gonna find a way to win those damn. Baseball to disarm. I'm saw. Damn it I can't wrote on it mostly been to get it to 33 minutes syllable or to Lebanon and in. Still find a way to get virtually. Being held in on this. Especially about his sources that would tell me otherwise a well what sources is this great millionaires or why. This week. Especially as a way to get it did a Lorenzo is it bad you did the flight as it now than it did that especially when you're in those situations where you actually. Gaining a couple of hours amid what what do you make of acts of tiger's red clay why the West Coast so it is asked. Two hours. In play in the early afternoon this happens tool to team. This is not what was the royals in the travel and play at night the next day is the Major League problem you know. I would hate didn't schedule Major League. I would hate to sit there and try to figure out that typically they do a good job of that but the royals just makes him. Played you play the Padres. In you go just seemed Cisco same state. Admit or since August with the angels before you played the big giant big deal solves things they say flights here Cisco and it led LA and play for. Which doubles or. But that was a road trip the didn't take anything and typically get West Coast swings ease those swings mid you're you're divisional swings but no I don't think it's a factor. In winning or losing does it if there is right which may be it is. The royals beat the Red Sox and nights because they beat the Red Sox it's not because the Red Sox traveled exact or protein that makes millions of dollars helping to be affected by the travel Rangel. Are all baby. I mean that's I mean. I'm not I'm not buying is a theory. But I mean any of them keep Sydney up and lets you go in Vernon right unless you go to the clubhouse tonight. And you're asked in the Red Sox about it and then the you know all the memory selling babies are gonna think cry over that you don't know what's gonna sound like. You don't know you're doing like this. Team I've seen actually complain about it with tiger did this wacky schedule meant little you were in Houston and back to Detroit the but it also complains about every optimist that's completely got everything he was template about it quite quite a scene here so would doesn't shock me that the tigers with a team like. Stop. He's got to do it. That doesn't mean a whole lot to me when it's rat hospices is a dad it's. Bitch and complain about every sing all the royals right led the Red Sox I guarantee feeling bunea. In burning in Iran saying look old so I don't think it matters that the trip. We're just ease these are working with Promos Morton and we aren't on the way for fans. The 22 next month all hope and there. All of these bodily that's eight to shocker you simulate the gym on Saturday shock I go to the tasteless mean they're not. Aiding Doherty now. And. And I. Mean being in the off and in the and awful awful old awful. Big ending guess. That's why is mine bigger juniors I don't know man decision that. Am so glad. You finally figured that out good news and sports dot com and check it out and bowl. That's one thing that's one hell with Marshall the all. I have no idea is that this exit to assist in the process and turn you. And abuse is easier than ever thought it would be. He literally just read it right off the paper because the whole bathroom thing with me and V8 bit I guess we didn't like it with the social and obviously you read these ports. So you could wait a minute to. Yeah I'm getting back there wasn't a lot of hoodwinked and going on news. Literally we just game a piece of paper and asked him are treated me like walks in the studio rendered. He was practicing the lines on the way to studio. And its nuclear issue are fair and. Why I. Watch that looks like a grass than to watch. Genetics and cameras ready to I don't know man it's just in the tick. Rid. All men suggestion that. There it is I think we got a fairly. Well right now. A field goal hole and listening. With the royals had like a totally different ball club these days what has it done to their stat. Are they buyers or sellers we did that in two minutes that I dark meat to. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now and sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports.