06/18 - Soler is Injured (Again)

The Drive
Monday, June 18th
Another setback for the Royals as they lose Jorge Soler for an extended period of time but we shouldn't be shocked given his history 

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This is what Ned Yost had to say about mores salt layers injury he suffered over the weekend. There's very tough on me he was area. Very disappointed very upset last night. You know I knew something was wrong and non. You know after the X ray came back down this really was really upset because see he was put together really really good solid year in hours in a chance to play every day and you know those nice things. I can't really say any better than what Ned Yost had to say certainly disappointing because Horry so layer was putting together a really really good season and was one of the lone bright spots and a very disappointing season. From a royals perspective. I said this last week I didn't look at this year as a rebuilding year I looked at as a transition year there are a lot of young players that are currently plan that I can say this is a team in the rebuild. Or so it was one of those players or basal layer only 526 years old guy that was hit for a high average guy that was showing you a little bit of power guy who was improving defensively. This is a crushing blow to the royals not in a win loss is the important when he eighteenth. But this game experience who wanted to see it port is a layer could stay healthy and do for full 162. We're not gonna have that opportunity Tony team. Names on pace for twenty plus home runs yet nine home runs in 61 games his career I was twelve home runs in 2016 so. Yeah I I agree with the percent on this in actual ciller a lot last year and he deserved it but this year he's been fantastic and I think. You know the strides he's made defensively out there are remarkable I think he's a great out there the majority of times made a couple of mistakes but at the plate he's been really really good and you could tell that when he came back and we reporters were entering this year he he he knew. How big of the year this was for at least 46 years old. And he showed up and showed up ready to go he was in shape. You look great you can tell is committed to his craft and so this is a real blow for the royals and it's not only blow for the royals to blow for him too because he needs to get some reps. The most he's ever played was in 2015 we put a 101 last year only played 3586. The year before that his rookie year Hewitt plate when he forced the royals are gonna. You know. It does that the fast button and and get good quick guys like Rory solar need to get those reps the big league level so the ready to go ready to win when everybody else's. You talk about the games played for horse race a layer leaves me to set I found this weekend humbly with ash on court found as it's it's a shout to him. Or basal layer has played in 307. Major League Baseball games. He's missed 174. Due to injury and he's basically been Steve McNair. Left leg injury left ankle injury left calf injury left oblique left hamstring in grow toe nail right side injury ridge toe injury. I mean we're basically play an operation with a and it's a layer over the last two years three years when it comes orders layer. He's starting to develop a reputation rightly or wrongly fair or unfair. Injury prone. That's worse not I think he wanted to Major League Baseball player I don't think you want that the level of clubhouse cancer shortly dangerous one and a you certainly don't want the charm of selfish we've seen that attributes athletes. You don't want the target injury prone injury pro is a very damning statement to say about a guy but when I'd but I region the specs. He's played and 307. Major League Baseball games he's missed 174. Due to injury and counting the Disco beat 200. 210 by the time he gets back maybe a little bit longer edit this play I mean you miss almost two thirds of the time which are actually go on the field it is. It's going to be very hard to build a round of players that you're not sure he's gonna be someone you can count to play consistent day in day out. And I asked tells him about that and I mean tells them is that god couldn't stay healthy injury prone. Or is a layer after this year as two more years of four million bucks and this is the guy. Is the kind of play that the royals need to be healthy needed any to have big years because. There's a cost you very much and he's you know he's he's that age that you talk about some Muncie that he's 46 years old he's a free agent point nine. And that these that these are the years that you need a really really good or a solar can't stay healthy that's a problem for the royals because they thought they had a the the perfect player for them. High ceiling young guy doesn't cost much at four million a year but he can't stay healthy you know what's the point in your pain got four million and not be out. We we caught up Denny Matthews earlier today will play that conversation for you at 3 o'clock this what did he had to say about the injured or isolated. Well sure he asserted that direction and there are guys who are injury prone and sometimes it's the biggest strongest guy on the team and he just can't stay healthy sometimes. A little guys who. Doesn't look like these are stronger than a durable he plays most of the games and a and rarely gets hurt it's it's a lot of luck involved in the other thing too could shut. Most baseball injuries or accidents and it doesn't matter how good shaker is there much you worked out if you collided with. And outfielder if you're an infielder going out for Papa can you get hit by protection coming into right field you're probably not gonna. I'm very good shape so you have most baseball injuries are accident some sort will will show where. And it's a shame because. He was improving in a lot of areas he was developing. And now they're popular slowed his development as you're gonna make a big difference in the won loss record. This year probably not. But it doesn't make a big difference and help. You can improve and develop and see how good player he can be so that's the sad thing about it is effectively just dishonorable and it's for quite some time and that's gonna put him. Put the blocks in his development. I thought you said it really well about the importance of getting reps or or basal layer that's really what this injury is about. The royals aren't going anywhere in 28 team that's not really what the conversation is a conversation isn't about winning five or six more games and maybe voiding under losses. This they season that you should be focused on developing all your young players or basal layer was certainly one of those young players. And a guy that was put together a top three top four season together for this team. Losing him for eight insignificant amount of time is certainly a big detriment to pushing this organization forward as they try to get close to being competitive. Their day talking before the season you know we are asking about modesty you know when's he gonna get up here what's gonna happen within. What's the plan and one of the things that day and talked about the stunted his growth injuries you know got her plane went herbal ease was hurt part of this year already. Injuries. Injuries are an issue here and here's the thing when it comes to ball players and I know when watching on TV we don't think it's that the video but slightly pulled him here and there's gonna stick with the for a month. You know turf toe foul trouble with did offers me you know catcher laughter ankle diving. Do you know there's all these different things injuries that it won't heal until the end of the season and were 61 games in 262 game season. So part of part of the deal would be a major league baseball players been able to deal some of that stuff now broken bone. That's a totally different ball game that Solarz gone through but if your injury prone to high and everybody's gonna get nicked up at some point during the season. For you know probably multiple things you've got to be able to battle through that and and build the one thing and you're right chance and I mean the one thing you don't want as a pro am pleased to be injury prone because. Why would anybody want to sink millions of dollars into an athlete that they can't depend on to be on the field.