06/18 - Are We Rationalizing the Chiefs Defense?

The Drive
Monday, June 18th
We tried to compare the Chiefs defense to the Royals in January; does it make sense? Let us know and send your thoughts on twitter to @cdotharrison @bradfanningshow & @stevenspector10 

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I was reading Monday Morning Quarterback today on the Kansas City Chiefs. And they said this quote most of the changing JC centers around Patrick Holmes take over quarterback is that most of the change. Patrick Holmes that's adding a hall of fame quarterback at the position Charlotte that you can't just say most of the change yeah. But the chiefs went through a very deliberately make over on defense over the last few months I do think that is. Very apparent with the chiefs they went in there. And I think that threaten beat strategy is the kind of scrubs some of the John dorsett off of it. And our defense needs to be a lot faster than listen to what they were saying during a routier's what bread because saying after the draft that was one thing he continues like our defense is not fast enough or defense is not physical enough we think about one of their big signings aside from saying why did you pick up in communities. You let some guys go in the annuals for six draft picks all defensive players yeah did a pretty clear statement of we need to start over and younger and faster on defense so a deliberate make over on defense is the perfect way to describe what happens. Offseason yet had to be done and we've been talking about how bad the run defense is in the last two years and in the past events last year was 29 one of the things to other tribes throughout the defensive line to Bennie Logan is gone he's out. He can't really argue with a a lot of changes on the defense because something had to be done get a piece up right now on sixteen sports that come. Talking about what you're gonna do Chris Jones and he's he. And it is he defensive end in the 34 they're gonna put on the nose. A little bit this year to try them out there I think it's a huge year for him. Because they got to figure out what's going on defensive line because the one thing. It really possible that playoff loss to the titans is the running game to hurt Henry at the best game of his career he did it at arrowhead. Against the chiefs and it cost in the game so big changes needed to happen now over to work on an apple find out what we get in the season but big time changes happen. Speaking of Derek Hillary says playoff ouster is against Pittsburgh and Tennessee over the past few years showed KC brands it needed to get tougher faster on that side of the ball. And the belief is that that she's had taken steps to get there this is from Monday Morning Quarterback the additions of a veteran linebacker Anthony agents Xavier Williams whose nose tackle had a really talk a whole lot about in this offseason. Not really sexy to talk about the nose tackle you're out of the defense don't think it's gonna be very good. Jindal Fuller David Emerson have also help and second round of really speaks is already taking first team reps opposite just news and outside linebacker. Certainly a guy that is pressing before for some first team snaps in third rounder Dorian O dean of speed is shown up as he has played nickel and dime linebacker gain I think the chiefs defense. Set a very clear message or what they were trying to accomplish this offseason. We got to get more aggressive and we thank you let teams push us around when it comes a run in the football certainly the way Pittsburgh as in certainly the way Tennessee has and we need to get younger and faster. If you're upgrading from Gary Johnson didn't. I was at one of the bigger offseason additions when it comes to defense in the agents certainly goal. You pick up you know Fuller who's 22 years old you have a veteran on the other side of the Amer emirates David Emerson which you certainly need some help. It was clear that she's wanted to get faster or more aggressive on. The soft yeah they had to you know you look at some of the defensive players that John Dorsey took and you said he got to scrub some of the John Dorsey off of them. Two linebackers in the fourth in the fifth round equals and DJ Alexander that was in. 2015 those guys that work out daddy Nicklaus didn't work out. At linebacker Teddy with a team in them anymore you could take the lord Russell third round pick or that they took it may got to camp. So Dorsey missed a lot when he came to defensive players and we still know that Tom passing yet that's a question out there Kenny elect way. And it seems to me maybe that she start by sending him a fifth round pick a linebacker and endorsed these final draft so this thing needed an overall for sure and with Rios these get reps of the number one that's posit. It also sounds like a rationalizing its defense. And it's it's similar to what we're saying about the royals this offseason. Other gonna win 75 teams all gonna be right around 500 they're going to be competitive through the trade deadline. No this team was destined to be a 6065. Win team if no talent. And you could probably say something similar to the chiefs defense early one position that are buried and he's coming off an Achilles. Now. Chris Jones final a defensive line. Just in Houston asked. These forward and hit a passing a we don't know if he can play their quarters they get remark is Peter's they bring in an up or who bile counts is good but we don't know if he's number one good. Emerson not that good and in Oakland. It sounds like we're going to be rationalizing this t.'s defense for a long time in the reason why. Extra timeout Patrick Holmes in the offense that there's a pretty good chances TC's defense is going to be ranked twenty to thirty sometime in the two dozen eighteen and a policy. I do think it will be better as the run because you get hit you got Reggie rag when you're inside linebacker party worse against the run yeah keeps. And he runs Xavier Williams and again in the nose tackles the big we would melt my house Chamberlain said he wasn't flagrant yeah well I mean they got an insult them their man so I agree but I. Jaeger London isn't the answer yeah I mean bringing it that he kitchens and and put him next to Reggie rat there might be when it comes to stop the run a little bit and I don't think. I understand recovered from what comes amber Emerson Fuller. You know I hope we don't know Fuller the true number one he may be the game he does his defense he's your case but he's really about a number three. You know I think that's much fear when it comes to hit kennel full. But your I mean rationalize that wrote the defense. That may be something we do I I think. You know I was scared to calls this war the transitional year for the royals is going to be that way for the cheese to out of the chief's plan a nor suitable scene right skinny. Can you take the ball lag. And you rush the passer. And can you stop the pass you. Is that she's a year before it's a global they get no sacks they gave way their best turn over weapon. And they got two new corners so we can talk about how they brought in some Anthony kitchens and all those types. As far as I'm concerned at three keys to defense they are below average across the board compared to the rest of the NFL there's three things. Are looking at the chiefs defense from a glass half empty perspective and I mean you know I got to be the positive one on the show as I am so Europe and was killed and buzz Killington I don't. It's that hard to look at that she's defense is glass half full. Argument aid in the difference I guess and equating the royals and the chiefs is the style is so much more unpredictable to me. If it didn't really battled paper and really battle paper throughout the course of the season because disease and has long enough it. Looks don't really happened over the course I like baseball and he's don't really happen in baseball over the course of the season. Felt the short season all the time. I don't think it's that unrealistic to think Justin used think it's what the fifteen sacks this season. I don't think that you think Justin Houston twelve to fifteen saddles and it's that unrealistic to think he does it's well what he had not I'd ask last year basically add to basically ask you have one really good game which. I saw her in to be healthy. Isn't healthy since fourteen. Isn't healthy before the royals have been in the World Series. How the last time these healthy. The royals had been less than thirty years l.'s Los and is healthy. I don't think it's that unrealistic that you can get twelve. I don't think it's that unrealistic that Eric Berry can continue to be one of the ten most viable players on defense in the NFL is dating back to the level that he was that before the injury maybe it will Fuller is as advertising you've got that quarter position Stephen Nelson in your three transitional you're not given opportunity he takes the step of being the serviceable corner. Their defense obliged younger faster more aggressive. I don't think they're playing in theory makes a lot of sense. How many times we talk about last year like they were trying to really hang onto a lot of old aging players that if oh all of the young person's game all is eighth to be under authority to play this game at a really really high level. Maybe they went out this offseason and said hey we got 34 year old Derrick Johnson let's go get a guy like anti kitchens. We really need to increase our speeding get more aggressive on the outside. I'm saying their defense is going to be booed this season. Is it unrealistic to think the defense gets in nineteen this season I I don't excite him. That's not the right about the gonna talk about you or Sunday NFL countdown but not. With that offense that we think that she's gonna have. Could complete saying that I don't think there in transition maybe the way that the royals I don't think Earl Teaneck dwindled Super Bowl this season. But this is certainly a team back to win nine team may be eleven games on high because the offense defense a little bit better and you can win one playoff game this year I don't think that's. That's unrealistic does not out of the range of possibility for the chiefs the other chase or until these and slash and she's your toys. So what do you think you're going to be worse I think. No I think they'll be better but I think we are going to rationalize to the point where were starting to think during middle of the pack team. There's also a very good chance on the field a lot more this year. Mean for say what you want about Alex Smith but those time those teams took six minutes to score touchdowns. The way Patrick monster's ball down the field you could be scoring in three minutes. And your your defense is going to be back on the field they made me more to the field and forty seconds very true big daddy could be on the field a lot more in 2018 and they were in 2017. That was let's do this let's girl where we think that she's defense is gonna stack. I'm curious to see where you would have it where the listener what he added that she's defense will be the blanket best in the NFL this sound like. It was a total points yards given you that said I would point point the last five or. So points out. Odd years was he where everyone would have coming up on the other side because I did it sounds. Publicist would be you and I are going to be vastly different on which we think they're going to finish based on what to say.