06/18 2p - Mickelson Hurts the Kids, Soler Injury, Chiefs Defense, Gimme a Minute

The Drive
Monday, June 18th
The feigned outrage at Phil Mickelson, Jorge Soler is injured (again), rationalizing the Chiefs defense plus Gimme a Minute 

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Let's do this another day another dollar another addition up to drive chanting your senior hash tag new highs and tackles back. Stevens back there ain't getting ready board old man baseball tonight it is the one the only red Benny has everybody doing today good. Celek or through puberty you know obviously am losing my voice as they economy. Is today national no voice that they get I don't. I don't know what it is today ads like I do know is national splurge days when this case. Splurge is inviolate exorbitant amount of gifts yeah I'd much crap you don't you don't go to AM and that's a sure thing that's different. I think that's what me. Coming up one excuse me coming up to 30 the Monday Morning Quarterback talked about you working at the sea change we'll get into what they had to say it one hour to catch up. With golf hall of Famer Dini Matthews will be on the show coming up one hour always an honor to get a chance to talk to someone in the baseball game. I've got a question. For a female listeners on behalf of men everywhere just the question. I come in peace I can come in trying to lower settling in advance in understanding. I have a question will get to that. But. I know it's set to meet so. The biggest star in sports right now has to do with the US open note not a not happening in Major League Baseball right now certainly not your chair to city royals are on the Amazing Race to a hundred losses right now. It has to do with the US open and Phil Mickelson who found himself in a little bit. But he did if you guys didn't see it in India haven't seen even under a rock somewhere Phil Mickelson hit upon on thirteen on Saturday. And he ran way past the hole. And instead of letting it stop it probably got off the green probably fifteen yards off the green he ran over there headed back towards the holes we get a two stroke penalty well. There's a bunch of people in the golf world there really upset about this. Really offended by this it sounds like failed kidnap something took your dog he. Had a fling with your wife he did everything humanly possible to offend everybody on the planet and there's some English dude out there that really matter about right Tina. English guy's name is John Hopkins isn't what he had to say about one Phil Mickelson in the play. He made at this weekend. He made a complete mistake. In Britain we would call him. And she especially yes I'm. What worries me mole is that he shows little contrition now there's not much room. Chelation and he doesn't look to me this morning as though he realizes quite what has happened and how he's offended so many people. And if my judgment is Roloson bit then I'm British I might make no poll historic. John a lot of and John a lot of people in America are calling him that too I don't know that's just a British state the golf people think they may. Pushed a police source here you know it's not like he. You know tell kids that somebody in the eagle either he lost his mind a little bit. I I call did you pull the markets theaters what happened at the US I think I think Phil is really upset the setup of the golf course. All the golf world was complaining about how the US GA let Shannon got killed getaway from a rose to dry it wasn't fair. And as a golfer that offends me not because the way that the course got away. Because everybody's complaining about it rub some dirt on display it's 44 rounds of the entire year. I think you guys can handle that actor like will cease that's what irritates me but. On have Phil should probably disqualified in missile that that's exactly what should should happen I understand that most golfers can relate to you know. Losing their mind a little bit at a situation like that it reminded me of something that mark is Peters you know loses mine on the field. You know has an emotional reactions on that than he did it outlook filled didn't do was come back and just apologize to head screwed up irritated with the course set up and act like an idiot. Is in the golf world that is pretty big deal what he did especially in a major championship speak a lot Phil had to say this is what Phil's. Ed asked the pot if somebody's offended by that you know I apologize to them but. You know tough enough because this is. This is not meant that way it's just simply. I just want to get on to the next hole and I didn't see that happening at the time. I'm gladly gladly take my T strokes and and move on. That's BS he knew it was Dylan. That's he'd fill those better and I. Was actually PR for athletes right. Is dreadful people decide to listen and just own this thing goes away but humans. Film really was duel and he knew mr. it would laws and Campbell some BS story about when he was don't there was somebody there's some other tech site citizen that project row. Famous Philly tax. He said it he said. They're making too big deal this thing to agree golf people about your days I agree with. A 100% and a lot of people are saying that you know. Listen it was fun to watch these guys struggle I would disagree with you I think that's what makes the USO with a pal. The United States Golf Association sets at this event and they take the course to the age they roll the dice and there is a chance that they may lose the course at some. Point in the tournament because of wind directions change of the weather. Changes all those things happen the US GA gambles. In all these other tournament's round and what they want low scores elicited much birdies and we see all these great place US cases screw that. We're gonna make this a battle of attrition. And the Vatican they can pull this thing off is the true champion in the United States and sell. As a golfer it irritates me these guys complain about I think on the exact opposite side. Just about everybody golf media and on the exact opposite side of all the players there I thought it was compelling television to see these guys really struggle is still out there and try to make shots. This doesn't come as a shock to anybody still knew it was a penalty and simply wanted to move on from the hole. I don't mean disrespect by anybody I know it's a two shot penalty and at that time I just didn't feel like. Going back and forth and in the same shot over right to the two shot penalty moved on its. It's my understanding of the rules I had multiple times where. I've wanted to do that I just finally did. My favorite quote in all of this was from Andy North on U espionage trial all morning to fine audio of it's I apologize for not being able to find it but I can't find what's out there. Andy North on ESPN. Went on television and said. That Phil Mickelson cause damage to the millions of kids around the world look up to him by what happened to. This makes it hard to light in appreciate gulf. What he did to everyone is not a hardcore ball was incredibly funny yeah like what happened when your really frustrated only date and you lose it and yeah well. Did you miss and spirited and it broke went. A lapse. If it's that's series if this is the most egregious and you're on a golf course where Phil Mickelson did damage to the millions of kids who look up to him by doing what he did. Why the penalty only two strokes he's given schools I would say is felt there was more often than. Double wasn't the stop rolling any time soon now. The help. Himself out there to probably say so strokes Bible what happened and what that completely falls off the table it rolls down the aid now dotted chipped I think they'll save themselves beer. That were given filling them credit for being a heads up and make their heads up play. Think you've lost as my I think he got frustrated I think he did a cost benefit analysis right there if I can keep the ball one the green here take the two extra. It took its channel whole measure how much really help. Well. Could that was qualified easily in what could happen you know. This phils finished. Second six times in the US open it's the only major in one. And they use really frustrating knew at that point is ran on Saturday they had no chance to win the US open. And I think that's what he did I think Phil's pocket that is you know why. Went when he tries to explain this thing I do that any north is a little bit extreme. He's what was the quote seed because damage to millions of kids look up to yet on a bit and bill and actually I think that's a little bit struck again they golfers. In people and all taken a little too serious. I. Mean it's it's is over the top a little bit but the numbers we golfers and the other sports is that you do call penalties on yourself. You know it's supposed to be a gentleman's game there's honor all the all these other things advocate these things you have to abide by. And to see players Phil's caliber one of the greatest players of all that in a major championship. It's it's extreme fatigue damage millions of kids I doubt. Speaking of what you think Phil Mickelson is talking out of I think John Hopkins has a good idea he made a complete mistake. In Britain we would call him. And she question yes I'm. What worries me mole is that he shows little contrition now there's not much room. Chelation and he doesn't look to me this morning as though he realizes quite what has happened and how he's offended so many people. And if my judgment is Roloson bit then I'm British and I make no apologies for. So that was John Hopkins all what Apple's Phil Mickelson at the US open hopefully you've seen this novel aspect it's weed out put it on FaceBook it was say it was all the funny are stories that happen in sports over the week. Earlier this tag text of the pepper judge really famous Philly techs like. Is for the 816 and says the US open is the worst of that on to a Rickie Fowler had a nineteen stroke difference in two days. This is a little bit off topic from from the Phil Mickelson. Rickie Fowler is one of those guys that drives me absolutely crazy. Rickie Fowler is an altered talented kid. They can't play well when it matters most and when they get the golf course to make it easier which they over corrected on Sunday. To make our guys can go out there and score and found like yeah this what I'm talking about we all know that I can get garbage time stuff we can play. Amazing when it doesn't matter that's exactly what Rickie out I think it's four days out of the year. For for the gulf war. I love to see those guys struggle that's for Ford four days out of the year. The day US GA says the par is important part is the score that you don't four and the winner in Brooks captain was one over par. The Michigan GO US GA got exactly what I was a little bit upset that they went too far the other way. On Sunday and made it easier these guys go out there play stick your guns yours GA I mean make that course stuff make a brutal form lets you the best can do with Alec was that control. Speaking of easy is certainly has not been easy for the DNC rules it's almost like the day you came on here and said that the royals had a really good month of may they did the bottom completely fell out for the kids you so much. Do you remember when Denny Matthews said this. You're here. And other kind of because you remember back at fourteen and 2015 it felt like everything the royals it was just gonna work out of their failed. It didn't matter what happened it didn't matter outscored went out with a groin injury and vintage rod Tyson was gonna step up it didn't matter what trades you made. Hell even though even would you trade average on equate it seems like it was gonna work out until that work out as a member list. You're here the other. Ran out the exact opposite is happening right now and what. High 2015 and 2014 you guys I'm talking about. The exact opposite is happening for the room right now it's eight. This great lesson in Murphy's law it would be hot is it it's it's in high school this today. These wall don't want everything they can't go all will go along with the team this year that's what's happening right now in fourteen and fifteen Guinea Mathews was and stuff like this. You're here. Well now in 28 seeing guys like Brett Fannie are coming on the right it was in this team's not playing that bedrock there Ryan really all know that that's what you showed that things have completely change who they sit what is it 22 and or not correct. Right now they have completely fallen all the date that the auto four what they'd go 4150. The rest of the season and not lose games and I can promise you that right now because. This rosters can elect a little different after July 31 Jerod and he Kennedy is out there last week. Throws eight strong shut them out you lose till the Carrera can't close it out with mare's field you know 1095. On hour fastball off his kneecap. Or racial air brakes is tell. Like can't go out or able to Fazio eighty games so I'll got hurt naked arts and see them editing the field everything that could go wrong for the royals this year is now. I would say one of the worst things that could have happened solar royals happened over the week in. It has big ramifications on this team's future let's say what is next on the drug. The clock inside 37 states in here inside here is North Kansas City. The Larry Johnson beer dinner and got Peterson and her book the room is silent auction tickets right now 75 dollars thing a little bit of the deal. You did an incredible state he did some beer some cinder block re in a Q&A. With Larry Johnson portion of the proceeds. We'll benefit the motivational edge organization Larry Johnson works with. To help used develop skills they need to express themselves. The arts VIP at six general admission is 630 it is our partnership with arrowhead pride in fall of your favorite sixth in host will be in attendance. Going to be a great time next Monday at. 37 state inside here is North Kansas City. We slot Larry Johnson is imposes a much different man it was when he played for Kansas City Chiefs in. And the handful of times that on the show I he's extremely self aware individual and com that beer dinner as a motivational edge that the benefits it's it's an armed group that this particular Johnson tell kids so while I think the great. This is what Ned Yost had to say about mores soul layers injury he suffered over the weekend. There's very tough Khamenei was area. Very disappointed very upset last night. You know I knew something was wrong and non. You know after the X ray came back down is really was really upset because see he was put together really really good solid year in hours in a chance to play every day in the you know those nice things. I can't really say any better than what Ned Yost had to say certainly disappointing because Horry so layer was putting together a really really good season and was one of the lone bright spots and a very disappointing season. From a royals perspective. I set this last week I didn't look at this year as a rebuilding year I looked at as a transition year there are a lot of young players that are currently plan that I can say this is a team in the rebuild. Or silly it was one of those players are more easily are only 526 years old guy that was hit for a high average guy that was showing you a little bit of power guy who was improving defensively. This is a crushing blow to the royals not in a win loss is the important when he eighteenth but this game experience who wanted to see import is a layer could stay healthy and do for full 162. We're not gonna have that opportunity twenty team. I was on pace for twenty plus home runs yet nine home runs in 61 games his career I was twelve home runs in 2016 so. Yeah I I agree with the out of percent on this an actual ciller a lot last year and he deserved but this year he's been fantastic and I think. You know the strides he's made defensively out there are remarkable I think he's a great out there the majority of the times made a couple of mistakes but at the plate he's been really really good and you could tell that when he came back in when reporters were entering this year. He he he knew. How big of the year this was for 26 years old. And he showed up and showed up ready to go he was in shape. You look great you can tell is committed to this craft and so this is a real blow for the royals and it's not only blow for the royals went to blow for him too because he needs to get some reps. The most he's ever played was in 2000 routinely put uttered one actually played 3586. The year before that his rookie year Hewitt played 24 of the royals are gonna. You know that the that the fast button and and get good quick guys like Horry solar need to get those reps the big league level so the ready to go ready to win. When everybody else's. You talk about the games played for horse race a layer leaves me to set I found this week in Mobley was ash on court found as it's it is a shout to him. Or basal layer has played in 307. Major League Baseball games. He's missed 174. Due to injury. He's basically been Steve McNair. Then left leg injury left ankle injury left calf injury left oblique left hand street in grow toe nail right side injury ridge toe injury. I mean we're basically plant operation with the warnings a layer over the last two years three years when it comes orders layer. He is starting to develop a reputation rightly or wrongly fair or unfair injury prone. That's the worst not I think you want as a Major League Baseball player I don't think you want that the level of clubhouse cancer shortly dangerous one and a you certainly don't want the charm of selfish we've seen that attributes athletes. You don't want the target injury prone injury pro is a very damning statement to say about a guy but when I'd when I region the specs. He's played and 307. Major League Baseball games he's missed 174. Due to injury and talent in the Disco beat 200. 210 by the time he gets back maybe a little bit longer edit this play I mean you miss almost two thirds of the time which are actually or on the field this is. It's going to be very hard to build a round of players that you're not sure he's gonna be someone you can count to play consistent day in day out. Pastels and about that I mean tells embers that god can stay healthy injury prone. Or is a layer after this year as two more years of four million bucks in this of the guy. Is the kind of player that the royals need to be healthy and he did indeed have big years because. There's a cost you very much and he's you know he's he's that age that you talk about some Muncie that he's 46 years old he's a free agent point nine. And that these that these are the years that you need a really really good or a solar can't stay healthy that's a problem for the royals because they thought they had a the the perfect player for them. High ceiling young guy doesn't cost much at four million a year but he can't stay healthy you know what's the point in your pain I got four million and not be out. We we caught up Denny Matthews earlier today will play that conversation for you at 3 o'clock this what did he had to say about the injured or isolate. Well sure he asserted that direction and there are guys who are injury prone and sometimes it's the biggest strongest guy on the team and he just can't stay healthy sometimes. A little garden. Doesn't look like these are stronger that durable he plays most of the games and that's. And rarely gets hurt it's it's a lot of luck involved and the other thing too because that's. Most baseball injuries or accidents and it doesn't matter targeted shaker in her what can work out if you collided list. An outfielder if you're an infielder going out for Papa can you did that bug protection coming into right field you're probably not gonna. Not very good shape so yeah most baseball injuries or accidents and so will we saw where. And it's a shame because. He was improving in a lot of areas he was developing. And now they're popular slowed his development as a convicted big difference in the won loss record. This year probably not. But it doesn't make a big difference and help. You can improve and develop and see how good player he can be so that's the sad thing about it is effective he just this article and it took quite some time and that's gonna put it. Brooke block certain development. I thought you said it really well about the importance of getting reps for or basal layer that's really what this injury is about. The royals aren't going anywhere in 28 team that's not really what the conversation is a conversation isn't about winning five or six more games. Maybe voiding under losses this they season that you should be focused on developing all your young players or basal layer was certainly one of those young players. And a guy that was put together a top three top four season together for this team. Losing him for eight insignificant amount of time is certainly a big detriment to pushing this organization forward as they try to get close to being competitive. Their day talking before the season you know we are asking about modesty you know when's he gonna get up here what's gonna happen within. What's the plan and one of the things that day and talked about the stunted his growth injuries you know got her plane went herbal teas was hurt part of this year already. Injuries. Injuries are an issue here and here's the thing when it comes to ball players and I know when watching on TV we don't think it's that big of a deal but a slightly pulled him here and there's gonna stick with the for a month. You know turf toe foul trouble with it offers me you know catcher laughter ankle diving. Do you know there's all these different things injuries that that won't heal until the end of the season and were 61 games in 262 game season. So part of part of the deal would be a major league baseball players been able to deal some of that stuff now broken bone. That's a totally different ball game that Solarz gone through but if your injury prone to high and everybody's gonna get nicked up at some point during the season. For you know probably multiple things you've got to be able to battle through that and and build the one thing and you're right and I mean one thing you don't want as a pro am pleased to be injury prone because. Why would anybody wanna saved millions of dollars into an athlete that they can't depend on to be on the field. Right now we got a little bit of Dixie is looking for coats. There so I thought this wasn't a sport. Just I thought I had to take that theory to practice try trust my apology what happens to them. There's not going to be for you guys. Oh Washington -- this yet now he's got a year of beer Detroit's trots front for the organization they have his decision to resign as the head coach of the Washington Capitals we're obviously disappointed with Bayer's decision. Bullet like to thank Barry for all his efforts over the past four years in helping bring a Stanley Cup to Washington Barry is a man of high character integrity we are grateful for his leadership. And for all that he is done for our franchise the team is looking for coach with a cup with a guy quits school odds. Not to get too inside hockey is that a bore you but there's like a clause in his contract this according to appear LeBron as. I think it's whatever that Kennedy ESPN has Beasley is. Here yet all also with the law in front of their names but he's gonna get like it 300000 dollar salary bump from one point 51 point eight they won the cup. That's not enough money for a Stanley Cup winning head coach in so they're truss is now free agent is going to probably continue coaching but not in Washington. Seek from the Cannes just wanna cup format the capsule pony up. A great question that I being sorted out probably as we speak I think that's really the only question at the end you know and I mean I mean I'd I'd. It seems like he wouldn't there SA cut in object. They said not we could and he said our I thank you I appreciate your time appreciate this summary. This us Stanley Cup make sure that my ring inside properly and I'll be seeing you as a Beagle it's an Anaheim Mighty Ducks are they still in Anaheim as the the Mighty Ducks and yes there talks now I just I think they're not the mighty now let the dogs I mean debated in the Stanley cups and McCain be there was a lot of started to bring back the old logo though when it hearings that with a few hockey sticks and and amassed confront. That's always been giving him without grounds of the next time man are coming all the other this month or in back I think. Perfectly characterized that she's defense I'll say what they say coming up on the. Backing it on the drive Specter's senate earlier this. Wasn't Marvin badly designed diploma U I drink eight has signed the moments. I think we now have the answer of why Jay-Z is a sign on to be president over there certainly makes sense why over the last three days. Three of the what top. Are two of the top five picks in the NBA draft is out of the boom just trying to Pullman Nolan could really explain why does the president think think Jay-Z Obama that is the president over there at puma. Especially at I was really surprised Marvin back. We didn't sign with nights you've got to know Marvin back he's back story at. Thanks very safe to say the Martin Beck has receives more legal benefits from Nike and steering him in the direction of going to a Nike school we ended up going to do. And you're hoping detention of non patent with him now was an NBA player. And Jay-Z happens and you lose out on Marvin Mack was booming even in basketball that word they were doing hardly anything about Lauren. But I edging zero pounds. Now you were dirtier lose a lot of those negotiations when OJ easy steps in the room when it comes to solving just have a little but avenue as the jays decide that the president. Over Anna whom I was reading Monday Morning Quarterback today on the Kansas City Chiefs. And they said this quote most of the changing JC centers around Patrick Holmes take over quarterback is most of the change. Patrick Holmes that's adding a hall of fame quarterback at the position Charlotte that you can't just say most of the Cheney yeah. But the chiefs went through a very deliberately make over on defense over the last few months I do think that is. Very apparent with the chiefs they went in there. And I think that Brett beach had a chance to count cards rubbed some of the John dorsett off of it. And our defense needs to be a lot faster and listen to what they were saying during OTA is what -- beaches saying after the draft that was one thing he continues like our defense is not fast enough or defense is not physical enough we take about one of their big signings aside from saying you want to pick up in teenagers you let some guys go in the annuals for six draft picks all defensive players in a pretty clear statement of we need to start over and younger and faster on defense so a deliberate make over on defense is the corporate way of describing what happens. Office yet had to be done and we've been talking about how bad the run defense is in the last two years and and the passive and slash she was 29 one of the things to other drugs throughout the defensive line to Betty Logan's gone he's out. He can't really argue with a a lot of changes on the defense because something had to be done get a piece up right now sixteens or stuck on. Talk about what GNU Chris Jones he's the and it is he defensive end in the 34 they're gonna put on the nose. A little bit this year to try them out there I think it's a huge year for him. Because they got to figure out what's going on the defensive line is the one thing. It really possible that playoff loss to the titans is the running game to hurt Henry at the basket of his career he did it at arrowhead. Against the chiefs and it cost in the game so big changes need to happen now they're gonna work and we'll find out what we get in the season but big time changes that. Speaking of Derrick Henry says playoff ouster is against Pittsburgh and Tennessee over the past few years showed KC brands it needed to get tougher faster on that side of the ball in the belief is that that she's had taken steps to get there this is from Monday Morning Quarterback the additions of a veteran linebacker Anthony agents Xavier Williams who's a nose tackle had a really talk a whole lot about in this offseason. Not really sexy to talk about the nose tackle you're out of the defense you don't because gonna be very good. Jindal Fuller David Emerson have also help in second rounder really speaks is already taking first team reps opposite just news and outside linebacker. Certainly a guy that is pressing before for some first team snaps in third rounder dory you know being a speedy shown up as he has played nickel and dime linebacker a gain I think the chiefs defense. Set a very clear message to what they were trying to accomplish this offseason. We got to get more aggressive and we thank you let teams push us around when it comes a run in the football certainly the way Pittsburgh as in certainly the way Tennessee has and we need to get younger faster. If you're upgrading from Gary Johnson didn't. I was one of the bigger offseason additions when it comes to defense in the agents certainly goal you picked up Kindle Fuller who's 22 years old. You have a veteran on the other side of the Amer emirates David Emerson which you certainly need some help. It was clear that she's wanted to get faster or more aggressive on. The soft yeah they had to you know you look at some of the defensive players the John Dorsey took and you city got a scrubs some of the John Dorsey off of them. They get to linebackers in the fourth in the fifth round equals and DJ Alexander that was in. 2015 those guys that work out daddy Nicklaus didn't work out at linebackers netting with a team and anymore. You could take a hard Russell third round pick or they took it may got to camp. So Dorsey missed a lot when he came to defensive players and we still know that capacity yet that's a question out there Kenny elect way. How does seems to me maybe that she's art by the they have a fifth round pick a linebacker and endorse these final draft so this thing needed an overall for sure and I would bring it was based it wraps the number one that's. Positive sport it also sounds like a rationalizing its defense. And it's it's similar to what we are saying about the royals this offseason. Older gonna win 75 teams all gonna be right around 500 they're gonna be competitive through the trade deadline. No this team was destined to be a 6065. Win team it no talent. And you could probably say something similar to the chiefs defense early at one position that's are buried and he's coming off an Achilles. Now. Chris Jones final a defensive line. Justin Houston and the Ford and hit a passing a we don't know if he can play. Their quarters they get remark is Peter's they bring in can afford who bile counts is good but we don't know if he's number one good. Emerson not that good and in Oakland. It sounds like we're going to be rationalizing this t.'s defense for a long time and the reason why. Eggs were timeout Patrick Holmes in the offense but there's a pretty good chances this TC's defense is going to be ranked twenty to thirty sometime in the 2018. And a policy. I do think it will be better against the run because you get hit you got Reggie rag when you're inside linebacker party worse against the run yeah keeps. And he brought Xavier Williams and again those tackles the big we would ultimately I LC Bruins if he wasn't programmed you well I mean they got a insult them their man so I agree but I. Jeter lunges and answer yeah let me bring in an entity kitchens and and put him next to Reggie radler might be when it comes to stop the run a little bit I don't think. I understand recovered from what comes amber Emerson Fuller. You know I hope we don't know Fuller the true number one maybe the game he does his defense he's your case but he's really about a number three you know I think that's my fear when it comes to to kennel full. But you're right I mean rationalize that wrote the defense. That may be something we do I I think you know I was Turkey calls this war the transitional year for the royals is going to be that way for the cheese to out of the cheese plant north of suitable scene right. Can you can you take the ball like can you rush the passer. And can you stop the pass you. Is that she's rule here before it's a global they get no sacks. They gave way their best turn over weapons and they got two new corners so. We can talk about how they brought in some entity kitchens and all those types. As far as I'm concerned at three keys to defense they are below average across the board compared to the rest of the NFL there's three things. Are looking at the chiefs defense from glass half empty perspective and I mean you know I got to be the positive one on the show as I am so your arms was killed and buzz Killington I don't. It's that hard to look at that she's defense is glass half full. A argument. Aid in the different I guess in equating the royals and the chiefs is the style is so much more unpredictable to me. If it didn't really battled paper and really battle paper about the course of the season because the season is long enough it. Looks don't really happened over the course I think baseball and he's don't really happen in baseball over the course of the season. The short season all the time. I don't think it's that a realistic debate we just and you think it's what the fifteen sacks this season. I don't think that you think Justin Houston twelve to fifteen saddles and it's not realistic pinkie just it's well what he had not to have flash you're basically at you based at. You have one really good game which as sort Ratigan to be healthy isn't healthy since fourteen. Isn't to help people for the royals have been in the World Series. Al the last time these healthy. The royals had been a class in thirty years l.s last and is healthy. I don't think it's that unrealistic that you can get twelve. I don't think it's that unrealistic that Eric Berry can continue to be one of the ten most viable players on defense in the NFL is getting back to the level that he was at before the injury maybe it will Fuller is as advertised that you've got that quarter position Stephen Nelson in your three transitional year god given opportunity he takes a step of being the serviceable corner. Their defense obliged younger faster more aggressive. I don't think they're playing in theory makes a lot of sense. How many times we talk about last year like they were trying to really hang onto a lot of old aging players and if oh all of the young person's game all is a need to be under authority to play this game and it really really high level. Maybe they went out this offseason and said hey we got 34 year old Derrick Johnson let's go get a guy like Anthony kitchens. We really need to increase our speeding get more aggressive on the outside. Sing their defense is going to be cooler this season is it unrealistic to think their defense gets in nineteen this season yet but I don't I don't excite. Improvement. It's not the right about the let's talk about you or Sunday NFL countdown. But not with that offense that we think that she's gonna have. Could complete saying that I don't think her in transition maybe the way that the royals I don't think Earl Teaneck and without Super Bowl this season. But this is certainly a team that way in nineteen may be eleven games on high because the offense defense a little bit better and you can win one playoff game this year I don't think that's. That's unrealistic does not out of the range of possibilities for the chiefs the other cheese or it'll be senseless and she's your toys. So what do you think they're going to be worse not I think. No I think they'll be better but I think we are going to rationalize the point where. Were starting to think during middle of the pack team. There's also a very good chance on the field a lot more this year. Mean for say what you want about Alex Smith at those times those teams took six minutes to score touchdowns. The way Patrick monsters ball down the field you could be scoring in three minutes. And your your defense is going to be back on the field they made me more to get the field and twice it's very true big daddy could be on the field a lot more in 2018 and they were in 2017. That was let's do this let's girl where we think that she's defense is gonna stack. I'm curious to see where you would have it where the listener what he added that she's defense will be the blanket best in the NFL this sound like. It was a total points yards given up you but said I wouldn't points points the last five or so points out. Yours was see where everyone would have coming up on the other side because I did it sounds. How offices would be. You'll quietly to be vastly different on win we think they're going to finish based on what to say and all will be today and we'll get to give a cement on the other side coming up on the draft. See you tomorrow especially on the clock. And coming up. She's a little riser or pop quiz will be to give us a mini here momentarily but you're having a conversation about the cheese defense. One of us was negative about the cheese defense was a buzz Killington or not this Mike it was a shock to you was not me I'm kinda did. I don't know why have this moniker I don't know what this label is attached to you guys follow man. You guys have as an army as the scarlet letter is as negativity. I'm not negative. So we're talking about chiefs defense. Fanning your optimistic about the chiefs' defense I'm cautiously optimistic about the she's defense. I subscribe to the theory that they had younger let's get faster to try to get more physical on defense like correction that the defense is going at least the year one. I've got I would say. Regular expectations. I'm not expects them to be the Minnesota Vikings defense and Jacksonville Jaguars defense but I think they're going to be an improved defense Specter neck. Writer thinks they're defense is going to be 33 in the NFL. So we had a conversation. About where you think there over batteries. We were talking about points allowed. I think after doing a Google search on that we should maybe change deck as last year they were fifteenth yeah you look at that given it a little over willingly and points allowed. Which is a good metric. What they gave up a lot of yards last season speck in your age. They were 28. In the NFL the only teams gable more yards in the chiefs that last season. Where they're doing a major scene Apple's Colston New York Giants in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Buccaneers defense was not very good. All those facts I'll let you set the over under on hold yardage. Where do you wanna said last season they were 28 in the NFL. Again there were four teams below them the patriots the colts the giants in the Buccaneers. Where would you like to set the over under for the chief. Defense and when he eighteen point ninety. C. Houston's twentieth. Thanked ranked twentieth is about right. Twentieth I think I think they're gonna allow less yards this year because they're going to be trailing. Six as significant more amount of time than they were 2017. It geez seemingly were all always had some sort of a lead which force other team to rack up more yards and he's played prevent. This year other teams are going to run the ball. And probably run some more clock so I think that number would drastically be reduced in 2018 also to point. I'll take that bet in that she's finished top twenty yards our take that. I think diet is when he is tied twenty to 32 yeah I'll take that bet they finished fifteen of nineteen I'll take that bat right now. A cup points I think will be about the same I think that kind of fluctuates. I think yards per game I think dolby fifteen in 1960. And in the yeah I'm with you see it I'll take you over on an addict are going to be to going to be better. And I think to get his things that made she's almost election she's if that's an eighty's or is it. That fifteen of their defense was good. We had a pretty good defense. This bend but don't break thing to me is ridiculous in the chase and get a couple of yards they would turn they would they would. They were bailed out because they would force a lot of turtle or they didn't do that last year. And more target teams over like that years past so all the churches if they change the entire philosophy. A value decent went with a different players that Alter that are gonna be better that's why you are. Coming up in five minutes we'll give you a chance to win a prize during our pop quiz coming up in ten minutes we'll catch up with Denny Matthews the hall of Famer. In talk a little bit rose baseball was back give us a minute. They said if they want. A show that I grew up watching and maybe I was wants it way too young an age. Has come to me that Jerry springer show was on her twenties. Seven years. And still it's not going to be news. After us a thousand episodes. They've decided to not taken up there was also some pre produced in some repeat episodes this ball. But they're not going to have any new episodes that Jerry springer show. This dissent I remember back when I was a child program moment of my mom would drop me off for the summer wolf there. My grandma would make a nice little vacant naked. She needs Richard Causey outlook the towards you as we sit and we will watch here is bring everything to good old days yeah. Yeah all like this over the days Jerry. 47 years yet had a great run. Thank you. Brawl you DJ really gave birth to all the reality shows like your girlfriend your life that's watch it real housewives of Atlanta that's the real housewives of Orange County are loving hip hop and all those other TV shows. All powering of the Jerry Springer Show it's 47 years. He's safe. What it takes care of ourselves and each other. That he says that's reside in the derby a final thought to be in the show they said that leaves the mayor of Cincinnati before you wrote the check to the hooker you don't have enough is Yahoo! like friends back in the that's not I says those and yet they worked together. That's an IDF is excite you got a problem. Yeah this that's his that's his guy so like yeah that's a minute from the dangers for Rashard. And I expected that please. It's actually does this weekend that read I've never heard of Brooks Capcom but he just won back to back US open. Yeah so Virginia Brooks kept as everything you eat in a stall. Women wanna be within a dudes wanna be the guy looks like he'd be on the cover of GQ he's got guns like dog looks like Josh well. Get the body that NFL linebacker that is done. Athlete it's just it's something that Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus were never able to do. And that's when back to back US open daily guys the modern era to win back to back opens or Ben Hogan Curtis Strange and now Brooks. Capcom the PGA tour has a golden opportunity right here. That's a superstar if they market them correctly. He's got movie star looks looks like he played yesterday NFL and he kicks the crap out of the best in the world in the toughest terms. So if you don't know who Brooks kept it is find out. I think he got a rising star on the PGA tour probably not tiger like this that's wanted generation. This could get some real potential stars golf tournament. Really quickly a little bit of breaking news what mare's field is going to place that you will be the designated hitter haven't seen the full line of the Tom Martin KC TV five you said that Whitman air field. Will be the designated hitter today for your Kansas City Royals against the Texas Rangers believe he filed a ball off of his medium sneak this week in which Mary field is going to be the DH today I saw someone -- it was Clint scholes tweeted this out today. That which is better now than bins overs was on the Wall Street reform and when he fifty well. Like statistically is that he says he is a better player right now I'm numbers would suggest that which is better than to play the royals traded shaman knives war. Back into when he fifteen so look a lot about the development witness it and if that's the case to the trade deadlines coming up he just found in 95 mile an hour heater off his kneecap. And what are we talking about when it's not your year when you look at for trade bait this in the. I'll take a minute. I found one of my new favorite Twitter accounts and things app on Twitter a long time this comes from started sergeant Steven wheels it was an Indiana State. Police public information officer. Tweeted this I stopped his vehicle today rate left lane violation on I 65 driver had approximately. Twenty cars slowed behind her. Because she would not move back to the right wing again if there are vehicles behind you you must move to the right lane to allow them to pass. You should go to jail here drive below the speed limit what can claim. I'm looking at you state of Kansas because it's a lot worse and insanity is in Missouri not to survive it's not true technically old I would say a majority. Have a nice jail on. Top left hand corner of their lives displayed there is certainly case the left hand lane driving below the speed limit their goes and it's very simple not legal dispute that you should always goes beat them maybe plus or five you know plus five miles an hour that's fine. But don't do that left hand lane it's dangerous it's and going to the rest of us on the road so move over the right if your going to drive the speed limit. Or just over which is fine. But just don't do it locked in thank you Sargent Stephen wheels. That's his release and yeah Stephen wheels at UH EE LE yes. I saw this tweet pop up on my timeline and gets the pop quiz coming up in about sixty seconds was until the last 365. Days for Bill Self. He was inducted into the pro basketball hall of fame. Kansas shock the world I mean shock. The world by winning another big to a eye on. It's old and this team to look like it was it didn't you know this team we're did know in the big twelve that I mean overcome all odds and then I'm. Coming every obstacle plays let me now I mean when you got a second team all American like the Monty Graham and you gotta future NBA burrow in in being you gotta future NBA pro in the league Newman and got a future in April and you don't Azubuike and Kansas overcame all I did it was tough and one of fourteen straight big twelve title. Know they've won the Kansas invitational down it spreads and are you guys followed the big twelve tournament I call it beat Kansas or Iowa State invitational when I was they terrible this year so as the keys invitational and they went to the final forwards that was all a team to win a major conference. In the final or I mean I had a team that wins the big twelve and got the final or appoint as a as a one -- I mean how can that. Yeah and then they just won the gold medal in the under eighteen for team USA they want that about as easily when the big twelve most years the last 365 for Bill Self pro basketball hall of fame fourteen straight big twelve championship a tournament championship a final four and a gold medal. Good to be teaching they did a nice run in the arena really good right now. I was mixed up top we start to my surprise. Your stuff. Yeah. Chrysler down. I am against the six packets you don't think it's aliens and their community America ballpark a six packets that it's today's pop quiz is saying. Movie inspect. Good guy he's. I always knew you week. Coming accident. If you know move. That is prospect right now not 1357676. Day coming up in 120. Seconds to catch up to the pro baseball hall of Famer Denny Matthews joins us lots and drive.