06/16/17 The Show Hr2 - Money, PGA, Whatcha Watching

The Show
Friday, June 16th

In the last hour of tonights shortened show we talk intelligence and personalities in sports and how that translates into more dollars.  And why as fans we love to hate players along with how the PGA's managed to screw themselves again. 


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You show. Does so. And what heroes run this usually shout out all our lives. Is this prize. Your call are as at your computer at certain two that knows. Is that because we salutes you for allowing us to be a small part of your Friday. Evening it. Julio Sanchez reduces this bad boy it's the and Saturday is out. He found something better to do with this time than to join us for this year. We've had fun denied a good first hour the sun fresh on that show with Josh burden here is coming up at 8 o'clock. As the royals look to continue in that look to win six in a row as wanna say one of the biggest stories. Today. I'll just announce the news. And the officer. Involved in. The shooting of the Alando. Can't steal in meany and a Minnesota. Was. Acquitted. Of charges. Know the one. So that if you did that kits that today. From one of the biggest stories. That Davis or. Mom. Has announced the news on that went. Up as S and earlier B. I think we've added that shields this week are a good conversations this week and I think this one may be is interesting. As ever and I wanna start this topic Leo with. Com. Talking about. Intelligence and sports. And a part of this came to me. Through a lot of things that's happened this week. But as a lot better this week with throw this out and really recommend you check this out on YouTube is where I saw. LeBron James. Is a company. Is a media company the uninterrupted they did a elect barbershop sit down it's like thirty minutes 2930 minutes. And this is the most comfortable this is the most. Trance parent. You know hair down you know even though he doesn't have a drop of here for a pared down. It's you'll ever see of LeBron James straight month greens in it to changes in it several people in his team. They just have a really good conversation instead of drinking hard liquidity would reply to. But. They had a really good conversation one of the things they were talking about was intelligence. It players and talking about intelligence is. Knowing what you can do. Ed executing which you can do. Did that they have that kind of wore a little bit of what we seen this week. So we've seen kind of McGregor and Floyd Mayweather sign. To make this magnified acted and I say he's got to me between 5060 million earlier this week. We came on when it was announced now we're hearing on a hundred million for Connor. The numbers that he's going to make. It's crazy and it NA data vault me this is not just go to beats. Specific to that fight. I just thought that I just thought to myself when using the book and tell it. Why don't athletes. CE. What provocative. And of motion in in turning yourself up edge being. That. Personality. What he can do for you Conner McGregor. Jess made this. Event in fight acted. 90%. Because of his mouth it is acts. Like his mouth not fighting. This is a guy who's never. Had eight blocks again. Pulled low late Mayweather. Who's 490. In forty years old out of retirement. He's never paid more than five billion dollars for a fight in the USC. They're talking about this that's gonna make a hundred million. And he dated with his now. Also game is strong. Is that intelligence and sports because most people will listen to his antics and listen to what. He does and they got Easton god he's at eighty. We see how its. Latest example of why. And howl. Effectively leading. Advance. Your personnel lead let it come out and being provocative and being. Out there and putting yourself in making yourself overly entertaining. And controversial this controversial youth who say the work. We've seen many odds how bet. Can't make so much money end. Make more steps per person and their Weickel leads. I think it's mainly because he's at the top of the sport I mean he is. USC for a mean. And have to be at the top yours is. It not every athlete can just go out and do this. I think you have to agree re BL a certain point your career and have a certain amount of exposure to be able to follow through something like this. If you're not. A certain point of your career. And no. It still is to make yourself more. Archer. This local. Is Moses Malone. National League team most known athlete. Professional athlete accused. Yeah the good ones are did you say I think it's the person that matches Riddell with what we're talking about. I think is to skills. Fiat I don't know might note that our biggest threat is Yeltsin. Easy. This not. Is that I think that this is the one who's been kicked out. Of gains for throwing a talent and official. Who does this money gains who's gotten fifteen yard penalties. But this is also that that that's partly. It's personality into. Having his own television show. On. On ESPN NF they'll count down during the play. Why don't other I just thought it is it like why do we get so much in the minds at ease after it so much of the mines it. Of the Alex bit model. Hit down the Eric Hosmer model. It down like. Here's the example. Looked looked at Dyson. More people in this city to more people almost more people nationally. Know more about dice it it you probably should know about a fourth outfielder. Jay steals bases a case. What is because of the personality what is the what is Dyson Kelsey. What do they have in common what what's gonna come down. Those guys I. Or Jews and for me I think they're just not afraid. To let themselves. For me it's emotion they show emotion when they play emotion and passion they did it and Pete it's not that that's enough that's what. Fuels them but what people like to see what sells the most. Guys elected to a certain degree and differently correct but I do when he stole the base. It is the eighth immediately cranking them handles. Starting started that yet. What does what does the phrase is we remember it as city and they are an internationally because they are running hit. On TBS as with speed bill. They like the passion they like. It's not needed help because friends in general out save it soft hands and I was gonna go to it is so fans don't like. Some fans think it is stupid it's all of the top. They're at their self is. They're not it's not fun to make a mockery of stuff some fans do not like. That man is their money they're. Man is their money they're just think about. Pick up there a tight end in Kansas City. It's that has Kelsey has pulled off what he's pulled off. Because of that personality it because he's not afraid to let it out me up fourth outfielder. And dried ice it. Whose pull up this cookies pulled off. I dare to say it is. And I'm not sure if I would be awful in this Leo. But. I feel like a part of ice is personality. And what he'd aid. Is hip problem is to eat so. Absolutely he brought he brought extra element into the clubhouse absolutely. I think there it is there is sold. Much charisma is another word I went six like there's so much money to be made. Me sick to think this through. Content McGregor has meant for stepped foot in a box angry. Connors or even loss bites that you it's not like he's undefeated. Connor has talks he has done this with its. Oh. I've made it is end up. It is incredible. No all of that got people that that may be out there that are real boxers that could have a legit shot dead maybe able to touch a little Idbihi. At this eight. Maybe. Millions of tobacco is grown so that's at odds with is the intelligence of sports. At least they'll see the money in this 'cause I. Think now I don't think. That Jacob do this did come out here did you start turning it up. Okay and that's that's you Buick. Some people want the spotlight in here but she also does little business. Even difficult to look at way. Does buddy there. And it's unbelievable what Connor McGregor has pulled law. I mean it's unbelievable that I do I do 'cause I want only get to. Get to Steven and I wanna get to miked and we got the phone lines open up to a year and a lot of it is a mural quick little. I think the playing I think fans. Mostly don't care careful and act expressly of them the market theory it. Don't care about. Don't like. Like I don't think Nancy that the fans will look at somebody of that seized at a guy like Josh dorm. I've the got his contract partly because of his actions in his antics at his mouth. Because he's more known because he let's let's. In this seat because people enter it out any time the giants play the Redskins because what him and Odeo did. TV's trying to get there. Ready to try to get there because he's entertaining and he puts butts in the seats. Like most kids don't like. Yeah and I take it that makes these players not want to others. In this way you hit the nail on the head is in the fact that there may there's. They're just making people feel some type of way so whether you love or hate him even if you hate him you're gonna watch it you're gonna pay for just to see him lose. As we hear someone says 816. He lost a long time ago early in his career and never. In the USC let's not get carried away I'm I'm not gonna claimed to be the best person of mixed martial arts or UC but I'm pretty sure that he lost an AT and it's the first if you would be correct I know that him it's. Any beat him the second time. But anyway but I have an amateur it's that do fans your fans do you like your guys. To be. Alex Smith Eric Berry. Do you like your guys to be kind of regret your thread is Kelsey Jerod dice. That's come. So you listen back into the isn't any room we were just thinking about it. Just everything that's occurred this week wanted to look at what intelligence is. Principal. And looking at intelligence and work. And we've seen a real show of intelligence this week. It supports it with the biggest story in sports but levels I also believe we've seen a lot of examples of carbon McGregor. Hands. The word out is that he's looking he's probably going to make about a million a hundred million dollars in this fight with fluid. He's never made more than five in the US he. And he's really pull this surely by being. Controversial. Charismatic. Putting his personality out there. I think it's genius we've seen examples of this here's another one. You all may hate Lavar ball Jack. You all may think he's a jerk stupid we know sort of hates them but dead man. Fits this category two that T. Alonso ball and I don't think I'm awful and saying it is. Is the most. It's the biggest door we've ever seen come out of college probably said she. Yes dark power by his name. Picked as Tuesday. A ya in that cup he's pulled off the Connor thing. He's got folks out here about half hundred dollar to machines. He's got himself into his family what he's pulled up yet and his family. Make him money. Like it and his son. Is going to get endorsements. Out of this world. More people and I'm telling you whoever he extracted too. They're gonna get on TV. Because a look for lots. And I X this week does that at this quest it to the audience. 'cause I believe fans don't like this brash in his. Like I I don't think most fans like it I think most fans as someone said. Barry Sanders and Marcus Allen hand the ball to the risk we axes would you want your your players you read your player B. Eric Berry and Alex Smith. And I feel like it's rude to put your area Al Smith can't Alex's that they are wondering if from a parent initiatives of the most. But Eric Berry Alex Smith or had his Kelsey dried ice. I mean Jerod Dyson has made a fourth outfielder. Sometimes fifth outfielder. It. Based dealer look. Bigger did have a bigger place on the team that he should it. He was atop the go to the interviewer. Like let's say like. People say it says it is like. Joseph Frazier. Was a great fighter part of the reason why we remember Mohamed Ali a lot more. The mouthpiece. It's worked for years Dion. It's worked for years. Mike. Eight Casey may delay which of thoughts on this. Mike. It'll once. Or twice sold the lady in the with the spider wrote. Know that I I I ideas but like this level like Lavar and levoir bowl. Now slash lines a bull. A kind of Macgregor have done over the last six months or so I just don't understand how other athletes don't see this at the how much money could be me. The only people that I think can really get a rate would get away with this our quarterbacks. Because they're just there's the stars anyway like Tom Brady I don't think is a real. Provocative. Out there person. But I mean he doesn't have to and he's one at a level where he doesn't have to do the. Like even Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson he's turned it Russell Wilson has turned this thing up every sits he started. Started. Knocking off Sierra. We've seen a change in Russell. By people. Like I'll even admit this. Shirt at the corner for Seattle he gets a minor bush. He's a star. He can get these beat Turkey commercials. People give a rip about Dick Sherman. Even if they give even if they care so much because they wanna see he'll lose Mike in Casey you backe did man. Yeah that is right about that. Being. Sucked into the middle. You've got the wrong guy. Injured like that that Iran. The bald Brothers and it is that and that middle. Harper. In baseball you know the approach poor. Make people more cool with certain bank board just Jack Omaha. Or. He even he could drop the back on the play thick report steps towards first base batting order like I'll come ashore on the pitcher or whatever. But it's not an acute when you touched down. All our you know watch nick and amber and I think in the end. I think. Fly out and out person in. It ago that. You're. Being eyes. It only an. I hear you my I disagree I think Bryce Harper is righted their category. He just plays baseball. And I and I believe there are people who try to get to Bryce to even Tom price. Price went on a campaign. And started wearing hats that mimic mimicked oh here's another person who fits in today. Donald Trump. Say what you have to say about ultra. Think about the way. And the things he did. Part of that was because he was a celebrity write them off. Part of his appeal was because he was out there it he would say outlandish things are he would do things that still made you want to. The hills Bono. But it would rise. And yet that mimicked Donald Trump. I I think rice's right in and he just plays based on and we in this country don't really get rid of him. But had no surprises in that range he's caused that much of a disturbance. In that sport. Steve emission man things are hanging on with a sniper that was on which it thoughts on this. Serve what. Hey I mean look what they're Rios here in the ball small time finish compared the content McGregor try to McGregor the world champion Neil street bill. That ball it averaged just. They've done I'm not talking about their accomplishments I'm talking about. What they'd. Are you jet. McGregor. And pictures. Here. And could well it's. They USA USA you don't think Lavar has any the old Connor McGregor. Or they aren't over man he's yet there games being. And that he's yesterday and kind of McGregor who didn't show the world. I think that would mean like my. Cheryl had men and Cutler and. I can't wait dot com. Out what to what is this amazing feat he's done this just with his mouth at. Plumber is. We have a lot. I ought to grab. I use my. Vote and there aren't. An. Absolutely. Well it. All and sort of there it. Flood ready to have a that I used I love your pants in Floyd's gonna bring it to. But it is insane to me it's amazing McGregor has pulled this off. This now. Is all over the out people as well with this man. Man. If all Mike Trout somewhere up here like I colts. I need a personality cult. To the way. What I can show. One of the biggest things they use that that was said to me at ours was. And you eat your energies. Here energy's low man like. And I don't comment as I said earlier to do stuff to try to get on people's dip but I mean. I just may turn. And I think that's Connor Connor had and loaded and there is some little extra in there. What just these athletes just aren't just like some of the athletes that fit into this example they show they've shown up their personality. And date is made money owed bill. He snapped when he five million dollars you deal with Nike no global players it's the. I mean I imagine. I imagine Yvonne Miller. Had Connor McGregor is personality. I let it chill out. And it's easy done that are gonna say he's done a little Matsui put himself out there that. Justin Houston ages. Because blah blah is there a lot and that's. Did we have not ever given a day of about eighty college players that are coming in at. Not like this. The highest rated games in the NCAA tournament. Let's get tucked UCLA. Not just. Because that was Kentucky UCLA. But because. Lamar was talking trans prior to the game and we cared about Alonso. As it has to sort of yesterday in that he was opposite you'd think people permanency lie do you think people embassy just X. At the people at his. 7% of this country don't know who just you exit. I'm telling you look what Dick Sherman has done a sixth round pick in the addiction and in his what his mouth. Hours I come and I will put a we'll put a blow is about as good as it is if if you could go back it time and pick like I don't know sixty fives and sixty fives it's. Any moment in sports. Besides being able to be there when tiger arrived. And his home in. His wife at those golf club a little love to see in the next 65 tickets. At the article in the driveway but besides that I think I have another moment. That can be just as good as next. Gee I don't know how it is you won't believe that was the only because you know well I'm owning it. You don't like the. Eight aren't gonna take over the centrism that shows the royals. OK look to win the second game against the giants. Just close out though we had a really good conversation. Tonight about intelligence and sports and Hal. Home these other athletes don't take the lead and see what people like look horrible as it. People like Connor that breaker is that people like Deion Sanders. People like Mohamed Ali and people like Josh Norman. Bryce Harper to a smaller XP it displays they thought nobody knows. These guys have allowed their personality. Their charisma. Controversy at times to give out. And it's made him millions. Out of Macgregor just got a fight. Where he's going to make a hundred million dollars he's never made more than five in the UNC. Surely. Because he. Perfected running his mouth to work people were interested it. At furcal didn't. Did thirty night. Does as you go back in time it just takes it to five seconds. In this port. That I say the giants upset the angels. You just can imagine hinting that you know replace her till I graduate Angel all night correctly. The angels all night. Sorry about that the royals will be playing the angels Ian Kennedy tonight against I don't know. Look at lucrative. If you had 65 seconds to go back in just watch 65 seconds. Of something. You go back in time of something. Man. I wish I could have been there. With the PGA tour. And fox. Found out that Phil Mickelson was not going to be able to perform the US open because of his daughter's high school graduate. If bucket. It a bit there is sold as both parties found that out. But the next sixty fives that. I would have loved his seat with their reaction. I how hot today. Do you other outlets like I'm sure the first thing they try to probably contact the school. But then that's a bad look hopefully somebody got a before they'd be like how much as they put it we aren't you know tiger's not going to be this. Does the Johnson as a bad back. It down hills. I mean he gave blimp a guy. Give a family urged to take care that. He's he doesn't need the money. All he does it need not say fielded to the right they build it correctly. July ducks for golf but to hail slaughtered I hope the PGA if they did not need that I wrecked right. So. This. That's boarding. Leagues need to start doing ordinary on now. This the PGA tour need to start looking at their top guys seeing what possible lie. Changing beings who have bits may be happening in their majors. Because that is was they'll waste open. The Waste Management old does not rob us of the US open. The old golf tournament I believe the only at least major it may only be the only golf tournament. That fox puts all. Bested jets and other first days it's that suits three over 75. And Phil's not here. Aziz and his daughters graduate. Let out like they should have the expecting like the PGA tour oxidant known this six months ago is it to start working on this school. Mean it's gold's fall put themselves in this position should have to rely on guys it's been. How long as you go well. It's not fair with those are spent hustle that up or does not calls fault that. George speed that the plane is person in the world. Well good things to market their players a lot moderately educated you can drag. George beef up that the outside of that guys as boring as Alex and it. In non and so we just talked. John Daly now walk into that door anymore. I mean it is boring. I gas has not completely gulls all. But it damn maybe if they do this six months ethic of the Denis it got to get this they moved to Wednesday. They need to do the graduation on Thursday can you do it on Wednesday. Tuesday. Phil held out hope. All the way to the end because they thought there might be a weather delay. Now. It is growing fox of the PGA and it pays out all out with second here that I mean. What they were saying when they first heard that news just. Oh. Is that time didn't show stopped. I. As showstopper. Shows. Chris Vander dean is no Floyd Mayweather but he is a guy with a 25 to one record was one if you built in his career. So there would be no shame in getting worked by the inner being as McGregor apparently did. South African boxer sparred with the Gregory thirteen months ago teams he caught up with vanity who explained he was out of shape and had just returned from far from holiday. Can still work there I'm sure he's improved a lot since then. Yeah well adults on the lake was talking about that lie earlier today. If this guy look. Like people are coming out it's say they're going to come out say stuff about old like this guy I sparred with kinder. Like nobody thinks that Connor except for skip Bayless who is. It favorites. No one thinks that Connors gonna actually compete in this fight. Like I've taught in the boxing match. Like no one thinks he's going to competed as. Though you don't have to covet so maybe you. We were able to work over ponder out of state okay. All right that's sad about this like I think product a buck or. If you don't think he's gonna get knocked out by Ford thought I think he's gonna get knocked out. All the only reason that I sadly mistaken the only reason why that that there's a chance is I think honors going to go hauler. And I think Connor get tired is out we'll keep you there I don't know if he's. If he understands what twelve rounds news. But maybe later late hits but I'll leave it deployed as a deflection power it. Floyd's gonna work them out Randy Moss is inducted into the Minnesota vikings' ring of honor this week. At a press conference on Wednesday asked what he would with Satan Dennis Green who coached moss Minnesota and died last June if you had the chance. After fighting back tears moss said I was six years old playing this game on draft day. Really don't know why I was treated the way I was treated on draft day the coach Greene gave me an opportunity. Man I told him coach you're not gonna regret this you ask me what I would say to him and I'd probably just fallen is on him a hug. A solid all I wanna say this. Food here. This lady's on that we've talked about deep Randy Moss is may one of the biggest transformation from after. Is playing period. Like he started working in this league with fox. In doing. Doing as a football analyst and got a lot and got really good it was pretty solid even though his country is ill. They moved his paean and he's become one of their top guys like. Brady loss in his second career after football is cooling a hell of a lot better. That I thought like people are forgetting that pull your pants down maneuver he did in Green Bay or him walking out at the end of the game for the raiders. In Washington. But I mean biggest rating bar along bringing moss and his his 3430 range university one of this. Coming up. We in the week. What you want to romantic comedy Friday I'm excited to expand goody two to six assists and 306. Which shows you watch it. Movies Netflix Hulu would have what's what's. Governor. But that can we better not move yeah. They don't well yeah. There. You spent Battlestar Galactica what commitment if you'll look good. Indeed what is to believed Pettway touched down at Super Bowl my first class plane people want to embark connectors. I'd like remake movie because I am with O'Neal recorded. I'm not a good solutions for. Hi my girls it's been up front so it Brett goal. That goal and I think god. Web site. It works and missed games what a rather be feared or loved. Tomorrow evening folk. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. So let's watch. Spots are absolutely no one's someone good stepped good to get six on 69306. Techs did. Let's show you lots and Hulu Netflix movies. What you watch and let us know lobster most he'll be probably second out the royals. Tonight. I'll watch some of that too. But did you know this show maybe we got a lot of Friday. It is romantic. Comedy bride day. Because Friday's Saturday's these scandals like Rob Lowe. And though we had TV is he would stack them. Stack these suckers are romantic comedies and rob those got a run denied baby. Last holiday every idea is a silent one. A solid one. Sister's. The core Roddick hit port to Bob Knight slipped it to this that was a strong what is will. That's coming on tonight. I used to really into play for some reason the cheaper by the dozen movies I've done no line. I don't know why either I don't know why does their profits of those Steve Martin is prone. From them the 785 blacks and gains in New York Daniel Day-Lewis. As bill the butcher. Listen I I need to go back and watch. Gangs of New York that is it was sold all alone it was a little slow and I think I was I was young when I try to watch it. It is that it is it is it's a just a great movie if it's Florida a day and I was younger. It really is really and I just that could keep up with an old violence is is. It's pretty epic some years really do Vienna with 32 season of Magnum PI. On who's. Why it just just walk walked. Oh he. How world stars we've seen that come through I've really count deflated on Keating. Stars okay so what that does it 78 watching grant it. Culturally as Achilles. I'd like movies like. Like that's a lot really sceptical sceptical of watching game at the world adult like movies shows like it gave author does not like. Like I'm Obama puts rolling Troy is amazing well I remember we can't play my roommates ecology because and it. Uneven knows it was movie night we just roast a phone. Eddie the colony was like just saying only. Ed man opening scene earth it would open so he's saying which came. Did tonight. Is that at night is that got us it all by. It's brand that was the first movie that I seem to Brad Pitt that actually made me like him again Brad Pitt's for me was like Leonardo DiCaprio or to my daddy. They're good actors I just I don't like it. I had like that the Los now and I added that Lewis. Reeled in the day was there it was. Somebody's that Nate the lord's. Washington think alone stripped down and national anthems dorm Daze. At that. Any official does is somebody says last night this is them sides booby amid sort of the sort of man he says they're making televisions this. Anybody have you seen John what do. I've knocked is that he that's Keon yup he wanted to get him as a person who's really got into a sort of thought these. I mean he's off even in his this rule. I mean I like speed when I was younger and now watched it as builders all through refer. Of that his drive personality fits this movie. I character at least it's. To last night and his. Episodes. Of salutes to win three of through detective. So I'm trying to get real or go through in his stuff I've got to finish stuff. Things in girls have been things avidly watching our shows more going off to me like girls. Girls age through detective on my HBO on demand is being. And it links up guy. What season of how of sorts it out on season the re of seamless. And I got a house of callers. Leg weights and way way way too. Sodium and and it's on tonight romantic comedy Friday. A mobile and then. That's then. That last holiday last holidays with a strong Cameron he is performance. This which they made you below solid as world in this bill. So it does get confused because sometimes it gets you think it's holidays. Or last that the Queen Latifah and good. Just very you coming up behind this. Sort of will be back will we're back burns gas centrist on that still let's go royals win. Six in a row we all. Yeah. No I think that yeah. Yeah it's.