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The Day Shift
Wednesday, June 13th

Live press conferences on the North American World Cup bid that was awarded with Kansas City being 1 0f 23 potential host cities. 


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Well I don't know Kathy did this on purpose but I didn't notice that we went from tallest to shortest. I'm there. I was standing there looking Jacque in the suit and a lot. Looks like that but I didn't think that realization that the fabric looks better when you read it this way. So thanks for rob thanks for the ego boost there. I don't know if you have a real appreciation for what it takes to do something like this from this important I've been involved and the global bit. The Republican National Convention did. Yeah Amazon did this bit. The amount of work. It goes in putting up a bit package the amount of people that are necessary to sign off on it engaged yet. The amount of coordination that it takes just to get the information together and then put it in the right marketable warm. It's absolutely government so wanna give a big shot out captain Nelson candidate in Oakland Cappy for all the work he does and bringing. Activities like this Kansas City and for today for the work he's done not just for this what you do it works well soccer villages well. I've loved people who do things for the right reasons. So now here we are. We're here in Kansas City at that time I believe this is probably shocked him about it much care and we still have so much more room to grow. And this is certainly proof of that room. If one of the things that I noticed it always try to connect things and understand. How the foundations. Of any operation after being placed review would be able to build four. And one of the things I know about this bit. Whether things I know about the Amazon did one thing I know about the Republican National Convention it was every single columns did what about your airport. Okay. And we talked about that and the people of this city voted 76%. To build a new single terminal airport and it is exactly for this reason that you need to do that. And it is exactly for that reason why we now know and understand the ways we never understood before. That if you wanna do great things if you wanna have huge accomplishment. If you want the city to grow continue with the momentum. The only way to do this with collaboration. And you. Heard about the collaboration you've heard about Kathy hurt update you forgot Jake you've heard about. What should happen. I'm. Only suffering here that's been longhorns. I know mark I just have brain cramps sometimes and you heard date you've heard about how everybody came together to get this done. That is the thing that we need to celebrate this much is actually getting it done. Because as long as we remembered to celebrate the process. That we use to get things done. And we see the results of the employees that process will continue to get things done by using that process I want to thank all of well thank all of you for the work you've done in collaboration you show. Also wanted to argue that I have no no doubt whatsoever in my mind. That when you think about working at city was eight years ago where it is now. Think about working in the city is today and work will be in eight years. And think about what that's not a means to visitors that come from round the world into our city. And think about when they come here in the experiences that they have what that means for the coming back at other times bringing their animals what have you to enjoy this city. These are the things that makes these great. This is a way for us to showcase the city this is also a way for us to showcase the talent that came together to make it happen. That is something that should not be lost in this discussion it didn't happen by magic we didn't sit in a cart we didn't answer survey. People work hours and hours and hours to get this done and they were all dedicated not to their own egos. Not to her own organizations. But to the whole process. As a way to accomplish something for the good of the city. So that we're celebrating the great news let's remember and celebrate the great people debate ends possible thank you Auburn.