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The Day Shift
Wednesday, June 13th

Live press conferences on the North American World Cup bid that was awarded with Kansas City being 1 0f 23 potential host cities. 


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Thank you Kathy. I want to thank also the local organizing committee. All the government representatives here Jake for being here with us. This has been sloppy. And it is in months and months with years and years. Working together that you put this together. And the only tool for the next step in this process. Yeah. The vision. Lamar Hunt. The commitment of the Jackson County taxpayers. These support of the millions of fans. Who walk through these walls. Have created. Iconic. And that is internationally recchi. And because of that we have the ability to bring you events like this in this region and this. We're excited. To be able to be part in hopefully we'll bring these matches. To arrowhead. The hunt family. She's organization. Are at events division. At put an emphasis. On bringing the biggest. And best events. To our. That's starts with Lamar. When he built this building he helped design this building his dream was of this would be America. Entertainment. Activity. Of the best in sports. Anticipated this event definitely. Fits that mission. I think a lot of people on the orders can be you know it takes just a second recognizes tees. Organization and folks the individuals. Really workarounds. For the entire generation. That Kenny. Seriously and Michael writes. I it's another you guys to work in and we appreciate that. We want a lasting takeaways from me. And I think for the entire organization. How proud tomorrow would be to see this. As you know. I know you'll be more proud of currencies a match actually happened. For the World Cup in 26. Many of you know of his commitment to news sports. Minute you know Hughes impact in innovation. Across. The professional football landscape. You know. You won most of packed full quarters of professional football period. Soccer's always part of his legacy. From the very beginnings of the very inaugural. Professional soccer leagues and franchises. If you want to be instrumental pieces of greens in 1994 world. She's the US. And it being a founding member. Of Major League soccer. And being one of the innovators. Of singles sports soccer specific facilities. Soccer's part of place. And the opportunity part of you know celebrate that legacy something special and we are special to our organization. And again raise one of the biggest and best events to our region of the country we're very excited about that. I know all talk about this. So you have worked with the organization Iowa and that's about us we see this as a great news celebrate we office in this step process. We're excited about the opportunity. To convince me to convince the world Kansas City. And current stadium is the right place owes the World Cup. That Arthur average reference to increase confidence he scored case.