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The Day Shift
Wednesday, June 13th

Live press conferences on the North American World Cup bid that was awarded with Kansas City being 1 0f 23 potential host cities. 


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Just like here it is. Just. What oh on on what mark said I want to thank the unfriendly. She's organization. It. It's actually amazing governors and about you know the founder of our franchise. More on her heart lead. Lots. Robert this franchise and see all that come together. It's pretty remarkable. When you stop and think about it so certainly currently or no on the market and how happy news via that your family. I.s through this case thank you again for. So 94 Los summit host and was when he was born. That World Cup the United States so. You fast forward now thirty years to use one point six. Oh yeah thirtieth anniversary or lead. And I think it's hard to explain the impact that this. Our sport of soccer and certainly. Dated was huge part of that 94. Process as well. Where are we as calm over a relatively short time ran out twenty teams from Penn. We launched and thought well over double from late ninety's got forty soccer specific stadiums with five more on the way. You look at facilities like animal which just opened MacKenzie Kansas as. You know I think the best facility of its kind right now certainly in North America rather than anything. And the world's when he starts at the kind of compile all of these. Assets again this city including this fantastic if you were all sitting in today. I think we feel very bullish about the opportunity. For us that the host this indices are certainly. Some work done but. I think. For me what in what has been accomplished and very short amount of time. And our sport this is a monumental day for the sport soccer in this country. I think gives us an unbelievable runway over the next. Eight years view continues to build on the continue to improve facilities the players. How they train them how to go about their business the grassroots programs. All of those with the ultimate goal of getting our nation the best opportunity to step on the field point 16 represented our country and hopefully the game here. I think in the city so. Thank you again one is huge part of this happy you're very humbled. The pass the torch over here but certainly the sports commissioners waited massive role. And it's happening and I think he's walking around some of the other cities that are out there or more Portland are not in the process and it's important understand these aren't easy to do from what yeah it city's port the go to Q. Sports franchises you've got you you got to the line that has come together. Bombs sports commission has really helped drive this I don't want him take programs was an easy process on the way. I don't think at all for your artwork and property owners Americans it is the dollar.