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The Day Shift
Wednesday, June 13th

Live press conferences on the North American World Cup bid that was awarded with Kansas City being 1 0f 23 potential host cities. 


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So thank you all. And we we are extremely honored to have been chosen by the members beat it to host the 2026. People world. This is an historic day for soccer in North America. And we are committed to making it every bit as historic and memorable and blasting for the entire world. In 2026. The overall bit played demonstrated to the world that we are going to deliver the most successful people World Cup in history. On behalf of everyone loves and cares about football. The idea of three neighboring North American nations committee as one to staging what will question. Unquestionably. Be the greatest sporting event in the history of the world. Is all that unifying concept. We're grateful that the rest of the football family believes it shares that vision. We believe that our message of unity opportunity and certain resonated with the voters. That's the message that is ultimately intended to serve the game players supporters partners. And much more beginning now building over the next eight years. The unity. The unity. Our nation's. Canada Mexico United States. Unity these two states Missouri Kansas. City Kansas City, Kansas in Kansas City, Missouri of the counties. Unity to join together to showcase the power of our people. It's an opportunity. Certainly economic proper opportunity it's significant for people are members but also for our region. So opportunity as well for fans from around the world to experience first hand what we already know about our people. That we are welcoming two deaths. That we respect people from all over. That we are hospitable. That we love our football. Soccer. And opportunity. To show that we know how to create world class organizations. Kansas City Chiefs sporting KC we know how to create world class facilities. We know how to create a world class experiences for fans. And it's an opportunity to further develop soccer in the United States. From our neighborhoods up. Just as sporting KC. Has done by building puts all courts in the neighborhoods of hate CK. Where young people wait for hours for an opportunity to play. And certainty. Certainty we bring the certainty of our passion for football. Passion I would suggest that is unmatched anywhere. From the kids on the football puts all courts that high school teams to close. And of course the sporting KC. So unity. Opportunity and certain. That was the message that's what carried the dead and now we've got to go one more step and bring. A World Cup site the NC. At this time out of here and there.