06/12 Vern's Post Game Show

Wednesday, June 13th
Vern discusses the Royals 5-1 extra innings loss to the Cincinnati Reds. 

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Whose pregame show beginning at 630 right here on the royals radio network thanks so much for being Willis we'll talk to tomorrow. At 630 for those of you are listening in the Kansas City area our flagship station 610 Sports Radio. State to judge her nearest taking your calls coming up next have a great evening for Denny Matthews Brian a fever. Our producer engineer Keith Kowalski had done three in our network control center. In Topeka Steve Stewart say good night from Kauffman Stadium. Any royals baseball on the royals radio network. This is Ned yes this is the home of the royals 610 Sports Radio. The city your sixth. Insider Josh Verniero. I bet they're just announced. I'll tell you what ladies and gentlemen days are testing us it's. No coincidence. About 2008 team. Was deemed that test because boy oh boy. Man I don't know. This video what else have a splitting how. Headache. And you know I'm not even. Upset because. Let's be real 22 and 45 now on the season dollar pot upsets or. Broken hearted after this one yet that's. That's on the individual you shouldn't be setting yourself up. To be broken hearted after a loss but boy oh boy HS. You know I could take the usual well. I wouldn't have an issue well the offense just was no goods and the offense just wasted day fantastic outing from Kennedy move on let's get ready for game two tomorrow night. But he had Kennedy was so darn good. Sorry I'm sorry this well and. You're start homestand. You have the defending World Series champions come at a town for a three game set starting on Friday. Outlook. Look at down on any opponent. I think human that we watched enough for this royals team this season that we know better that we should look down our noses at any one. It should always begin by looking in the mirror understanding where this team ranks among the other. Thirty big league clubs right. We all know the issues. With this 2008 team royals ballclub we all know what the Monterey. But the Montrae needs to be at what the Matra should have already vet. And that Matra is if it's not about the rebuild it really don't have time for. But even with that Montrae you're still sitting here with a splitting headache after this one because you're most prized asset help would Pereira. I can't do it mattered tell. Not that I'm searching for somebody get mad at but. Think I wasn't going to be perfect all season. Writes. It's is. Second blown save of the season. He walked a batter for the first time this season. He allows a league golf hall Rhonda Tucker Bart hard to lead things off in the top of the ninth inning and yet here's ER rate balloons. To one point 05. Mean how get overly upset at that guy. If you want to get overly upset that Kelvin perera for leaving that changeup up. To Barnhart. If you want to get upset Adam. You better get over it quickly because you need that dude a rebound and you need him to rebound quack. Not that. In my opinion not that another GM would be scared off by her rarest performance tonight of course and now he's still one of the most. Sought after relievers sought after players in all the Major League Baseball. For the upcoming trade deadline not not too many teams. Would say things but no thanks to a Calvin Guerrero now now he's still the top trade chip that the royals have but. I don't know. I set myself up maybe it was. Baseball reminding us how unpredictable it can't be maybe it was baseball reminding announced that it is designed to break our hearts. Maybe that comfort that so many of us felt deleted and ninth inning with a one nothing lead. Maybe that comfort was. Our fault. Maybe we should never feel comfortable in a season like this maybe we should never take anything for granted in a season like that maybe. There's a lesson Baylor. That nothing. And I mean nothing. Will be easy this season. Not an inning. Not a game. Not a week not a month nothing about the 2018. Season is going to be easy. So maybe I just got myself out hopefully I helped some view. Is honest that. This had like Israel. Mean. I don't know frustration as the right word. But the disappointments. Frustration called what every will. That's real. 91357676. Tennis our phone number and that's 9135767610. Yeah. That's what I'm gonna do. I'm it'll let this serve as a reminder man I didn't think I needed one. All one and six West Coast road trip should have Andy. Eye opening experience. For all of us of day. Don't forget how difficult this season's going to be. Dole for a second forgets. About the test that is 2018 now I feel I've failed the test tonight. I was sitting fat and happy when number forty ran out of the bullpen. I have a questions all lined up here's what I'm gonna ask Ned Yost. Big league knew what he was going to ask Ian Kennedy dusted likens at his questions ready. Ali act ride oil started a whole standoff rights. We can't let. So I apologize. Maybe I should have had a completely different attitude in the ninth inning and maybe that would oh allowed me to do a better intro to tonight's shelled out eight. I'll be honest. I was. Frustrated. Frustrated for Ian Kennedy frustrated that I'm frustrated with Kelvin her rare because the did spend so darned good. Offense tonight scores one run. Only had one other opportunity. Outside of hundred soldiers lead off homer in the fifth inning. Royals had a runner on second base once. All that hundred Dozier touching second base what he rounded a ball. For that fifth inning home run. The only other time the royals had a runner on second base all night was in the first inning. Well I hope you guys enjoy that little therapy session I just had myself on the radio. If you wanna join in if you want to pass along your advice to fellow royals vans driving home from this one feel free. Fault lines are open 913576. 7610 and again that's not 135767610. Royals fall in ten innings by a final score. A five don't want double header inside the royals' clubhouse the reds clubhouse is well. And we'll hear from me right after this. There it's. Easy. Or by jaguar American federation of red alerts the city of green valley. Trail side. Where. Ernst post game show built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124 tee. Powered by seventh street casino covers the red Mercedes-Benz. CM VP electric heat. Then plumbing heating AC route Randy electrical. Will hit he'd left field by coach your back goes wicker to the war. Hunters go to London nothing big city. That's the Bob Hamilton plumbing heating AC Rooter and electrical play of the game this is playing join us on Tesco in the morning tomorrow at 745 tell us who is part of the play and you'll win pizza from toppers now back divert. Second career home run for hunter goes your he's reached base safely in fifteen of its last sixteen games royals while they fall in ten innings. By a final score of five to one that one of course the home registered. By Denny Matthews the home run of course though from. Hundred coach welcome back a job turn your we are lives at Kauffman Stadium with the royals fell for the 45 time this season the record is now. 22. And 45 game two of this two game interleague series comes your way tomorrow 715 for the first pitch at a pregame starting. At 6 o'clock fault lines open for a 91357676. Tablets start off at Overland Park. Blake you're gonna hit leadoff go had. Favour of the game and I. As well versed in how bad that's when it was but I'm certainly avoids every little. We signed a couple years ago or two World Series aren't. Natalie wanna pay the piper at some point side of soreness. Villain in this seat going to their courage yet to property down and any one given game and I mean yet that's what has dropped by. Like you mentioned earlier killed injured finger at all year when it keeper Ike jet skiers. Crucial at this point two are you a live report straight he's now. And then there's no reason to get too down about this on the has slipped down a decision that was. Kind of a lot of Portland until it they were to sit. A little Dayton Dayton Moore what is different outlook or future as opposed to begin to doubt about it. Now way to start a softly great job thank you very much that opens up line for you I don't know if you can do much better than that though. The phone number again 9135767610. Let's head inside the clubhouse and our friends. At a red door grill inside the club house Ian Kennedy addressed in the media Ian Kennedy threw eight innings of shutout baseball. And he stuck with a no decision let's hear what he has to say is our dusty likens is inside the royals' clubhouse. He knows. The difference tonight. Just getting ahead. The car door Kubel were for strikes. There's a lot of things just kind of went on the right pitches right council. I'm thrown a curveball one of those falls behind in counts. Really do have a fast forwarded to the news throng in different places and so naturally fearful after the great game plan for a full time. To help them. Eight through great straight home place got to go play in the second inning went. He needs them sometimes plays a big game changer that. Encouraging was asking for for news to these terrorist yeah what do last week it felt good in the usual sort of looked. Philip favourite right direction when it comes between starts and with a one game plan everything isms actually while more. Votes consensus. If this. It's over. To do evil Google. I mean it. I come there are any power I was. This definitely got me. I kind of felt like elves are so good this year match a notebook and and I did like him is kind of like. Handshakes. That's pretty much it they were talking about it back take. Tonight when they communities like that is it any different group with a ball or throw the base color you. He's trying to do. Coming out. Lou Orman. It's pretty pretty wet soggy or things sticks to you. It's we discuss the West Coast where it was perfect weather and he had a very much community but moisture here. It's kind of used to pitching here. His. I think it Miller affectionate warm and if you want an awful lot quicker in the throes many pitches during bullpen or. Exert a lot of energy from waste and comfortable in my. They. Go Ian Kennedy eight innings. Shutout innings three hits he walked three struck out five the best out the season. For Ian Kennedy. Inside the clubhouse delivered by red door grill Kansas city's past upscale neighborhood grill. Dimon no second. Well look Blake mentioned it. Calvin Herrera has been absolutely. Fantastic this season and so. Not that you have to just say oh well move on nobody else. But you don't have to get on the break. I don't think any of us expected Kelvin her rare to be perfect all year right. So what kick up here and there was expected it's. It's just been such a long time since the dude has looked anything other van that. Well. Royals closer ask if he had is built out team. Equity. Among the fan base this season. Soon. Put us studies. The same way in 2014. Greg Holland put us paddies. The same way in 2015. Wade Davis put us at. When the royals let go into the ninth inning and whomever songs started playing you felt this at the game was over. That's a reflection of that dominance that Calvin Ferreira has displayed this season. I'm not saying you have to get over it right now. But by tomorrow morning you better be back to. Supporting Kelvin Pereira. Thoroughly. Fully behind it. The Mets a lot of faith. But I ought to spend this as we dive into the best bits from the post game notebook we column Dinah notes here on the post game show. Kelvin Herrera gas surrenders that game tying home run in the ninth inning just the third run that he's allowed this season. Again it raised its ER rate of 105. But issued a walk in of course it comes to Joey bottom. It was the first walk that Kelvin her rare had allowed since September 7 of last year. Snapping a streak of 124. Batters faced without a walk. It was the second longest active streak in the major leagues behind only quarry clover. Clover. The club Obama. Is on a 168. Batters without issuing a walk. Also. The walk to Joseph bottle snapped a streak of 26. Appearances with not a walk to begin a season that was the third longest streak. Since at least 1908. Four Shia of Kelly Jansen and mark Einhorn back in. 1991. I corn excuse me. But how about that. 216 appearances to open up the season without a walk. Kelvin her rare at the third longest streak since at least. Nineteen always. Meta pop throw out stats that date all the way back to nineteen no way yet you better. Mo Vaughn. You better pack Kelvin her hair on the back and go you'll get of the market. Diamond notes. Driven by jaguar of merry about a aristocrat motors experience luxury performance. Royals fallen ten innings final score 521. Let's go to Colby in Kansas City Colby you're on sixteen and Sports Radio god. Say. And and for sure. There are great. And one thing. Waited. More and more bought call on. Yeah. They passed we got into the bay. But they act and every other oil. And I'll dot. Just about it after. I got. As it. No question. Well in my opinion takes the full call will be good stuff man. I'm glad you enjoyed the game glad you grabbed one of those it's a bear suit jolt T shirts that they were handing out. It's in May that Billy Hamilton play at third was vary. Soul sucking. Soul sapping. However you wanna characterized it. Yeah I think everyone that has pledged their allegiance to the royals nation thought that Billy Campbell it was going to be based pack. JB Li from the day's shift he was out here tonight she was directing it to the rule book. And he pointed out that that's. Based writer has what you're allowed to go three feats. Outside of the line to avoid attack. I mean I'm definitely biased here. I I don't think that Billy Hamilton was more than three feet outside of the baseline. It was a nice lie it was a fantastic play. By real shifty base runner Billy Hamilton. But that's and he wants that play wasn't made. That's what I lost all hope. And maybe I should not have. Bases loaded one out you could get a double play from Joel Otto sure. It's not likely but you could have. McCarthy could make the pitch. Bottom jumped it for a three run game ending triple well it did it and gay he wonders to. Royals fall five to one in ten innings. LL what what's that what's that play it was at Maine that's what I really felt the energy not only leave the stadium but it seemed as if the energy left the ball club. The the hope of holding. The reds right there. Because what McCarthy was. Off of the battle Barnhart the McCarthy somehow stand somehow collected himself. Follow the ball. Came up with base runners everywhere I mean he was gonna go to second when he was on the first and that he saw the radical also eager at Heathrow to salvage. So that right there had me panicked enough. But McCarthy was able to collect himself make the throw Holmes LB and moose got handled it into the run out and ski joined it and somehow Hamilton and ups remaining safely. At third base and that came just moments after Salvador Torres made eight tremendous play. On a swinging but ideally Hamilton. Because remember that tenth inning started off with. Jose Verizon on second base after an errant throw it like Woodstock. So right out of the gate Kevin McCarthy is a man in scoring position with nobody out. Swing and bunt by Hamilton Salvi comes out bare hands it throws a and with his momentum carrying him towards the right side of the infield Salvi throws against his body towards third base a perfect throw. Throat I think wait too many of us take for granted. But it's out in beta fantastic play he gets the lead runner allows. McCarthy to kind of reset. Catches breath. And attack. And and you know what happened from there. 91357676. Status our phone number again royals' fall five to one you heard it all right here. On your exclusive home for royals baseball for more than a decade now 610 Sports Radio KC SP. Kansas City KE RB easy HD two. Kansas City. Let's go to Kevin in Kansas City Kevin what's go on our body. Known. Materialize get a hard. Flawless Olympic this six in my crow this Lowe's gained particular marker decision. When you again drawing heat and lasers all game long. Euro wanna poll while after the eight. Are you yes there now yes and I are rare in the ninth inning yeah well. Let me get this thing would kill. We get the dead in the radius mainly about Vietnam. And that we heard your interviews. Sweaty ball. Either way. Light dark chocolate thing works out. Shelving and worked his butt off. And I don't care that you are you do go fastball. Can make sure wander. So there's 23 small. Itty bitty things that has turned the game on it. And then everything can't gated apt words and everybody was on base revenues trying to get things. It's still that matter and the Hamburg has made it this year but you know let. This was an in game because we've really stuck in all the way through the media. Yeah candidate for the phone call I think they've been doing that throughout I haven't seen much wildest ones over let's just made a living and I haven't seen that attitude much. From this ballclub this season takes the phone call Kevin always nice to hear from you and speaking of Kevin let's head back inside the royals' clubhouse the aforementioned Kevin McCarthy. Address in the media and our dusty likens is there. Part come backer of with the second maybe some of their turn to work. That's his former confidence for the home. And that. It is. I think a month and up the middle. Mead did brilliantly. Well plain and so the couple pulled up so. A look they're quick vote on those home. Simple enough they go Kevin McCarthy suffers his third loss of the season royals though they suffered their forty fit. Loss of disease in the record now. 2245. Gain to the mound at 750. We get right back to your thoughts inside the reds clubhouse what happens after this one. Do that next. Be eligible. And how we're right. Or Kansas regenerative medicine center. Turns post game show built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124 of Kansas City and powered by Bob and you seem rude or an electrical dire offense and. You won immunity could sit out for the place out he throws the third start this is there that tag and Barraza is now. If that was big gold glove all star play by Salvador Perez. Streets are you in good hands. The great right of the premiere here on 610 Sports Radio meant we we see myself and make that play a lot towards first base. Wright to swinging bunt in front of the Bagger swinging bunt in front of the plate. He grinds it into the ground with a bare handed goal in one fluid motion. Throws appealed the first well just flip it around tonight it was a perfect throw to loosen the bag Brian. Described it perfectly great play there in the top of the tenth inning. Really allowed in my opinion Kevin McCarthy catch his breath that things would only get crazier from there four runs would come across to score for the reds and Cincinnati would go on to take game one by a final score of five to one saddling Ian Kennedy with a no decision despite. Eight shutout innings. First time he's thrown eight shutout innings. Since April of last season Ian Kennedy without question in the game MVP. Presented by MDP electric heating and cooling relax its MVP. Let's go to Scott in Kansas City Scott you're on 610 Sports Radio god. Thanks for taking my call. And she spoke review since the World Series here. Nice to have side. You know at the beginning of this season's idol for an mind. I wanted to turn on the games. And for us to be competitive in most of our games. And I kinda hoped its sometime in August by could look at the scoreboard and wish a little well I think I've gotten the first one but I'm probably not gonna get the second thing. In most of our games this year we've been in it we've been in them. And it's just been 11 part of the part of the game has fallen apart tonight it was guilty Guerrero. Think about it this way if he'd let Kennedy and Ted Kennedy at ball apart everybody would be and scream and why you put in Shelby error. Know now no question. We can't get over the top. It's seems like. I think it's sort of have a cumulative effect on the play and I know whatever on me because every game I watched I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. You know the other night when any people want to know that I kept waking. The bad to happen there when it was Oakland when we were two to two. I did a premium like Cha gonna happen and it's going to be bad. Because losing is contagious just like winning is contagious and it seems like this year. Everything is on again and I know adequately been that way but it seems like. And I'm wondering if that isn't that some. Point having some effect on the tree could I swear to god I'm waiting for got to come up and verify Ronald Ronald reform that would lead. Okay. You know it just. Telling her it would gone out and nine times out of ten it wouldn't want to Korea and it just happened to be tonight. That it didn't happen. After a wonderful pitching performance. And you reaching a point where you start or what we have to do one. Or K and we win. That baseball gods against. And I mean I level at two games to get up to you right now when what time. He remembers something different we are competitive and and virtually every one of these okay yeah. We just never we just something goes wrong. And it just unfortunately it just keeps happening. And like this that is at hand. Listen to games but I wouldn't care we were hit by the net and I'd still be worried now. I hear ya I hear it's got I appreciate the full call I agree with everything that you had to say your right. I'm with ya I'm with you across the board and I will say this you know. Loser losing teams find a way to lose right just like in fifteen in the royals found a way to win they would steal a game here. They would leave you confused at how they wanna game there. They would blow someone outs. And then they'd win a close one. When this year it's how they lose that one. I'm confused at how they lost that one holy crap they got their brains beaten and and that one. And and we lost a close one. 22 and 45 tells quite the story. But it doesn't tell what your pointing out that that yes. They are. Competitive. It's not a good team not a great team. But they're not putters they're not they're not Adam and I'm not look in. For anyone to throw bouquets that way for not quitting right I mean they're professionals they showed and. But we've we've all been around teams. Professional teams that get mail it and that did just go through the motions. But yeah waiting for that other shoe to drop on what you Scott. But that's what comes. With being 23 games below 500. It should also serve as a reminder arrested just how difficult it is to win a big league baseball game. How many things need to go rights. To what a big league baseball game. And you haven't had a. A pitching performance like this all season. Daniel lost. Great great starting pitcher. Your closer how does. What his second pick up of this season. Kevin McCarthy allows a run at home. For the first time this season. And you lose. No room for Kevin McCarthy no wiggle room for Calvin Herrera the offense didn't afford them any wiggle room. Because after the first inning the royals never advanced a base runner past first base. No one touch second base other than a hundred closure when he was rounding the bases. After his leadoff home run in the fifth and it quick shout out to wit Mara fielder went two for four played right field. He's the blue collar player of the game. To hit wit that's what you show up to say he'd edit to its. But two out single in the third a leadoff single in the sixth. Played a flawless right field. Mean you show up expecting two hits and you're curious as to where he's playing. I know he's gonna hit global war where she played which glowed as you have tonight. He was in right field tonight played a solid defense once again. Wit Mara feel the blue collar player of the game presented by the sheet metal workers local union number two let's head down inside the reds clubhouse. The great Joey bodily dressed in the media and RJ Brinkley is there. Here's what here's it was a really object time for him to get his fourth and two. Those are the display is a larger ballpark it's got its problems ballparks where. If you miss it is gonna carry out like. We are all more or ballpark is a little bit like that in times where it was it was getting stronger every chance you out here it's. They're very fairly typical mobile. And he clearly flustered pretty good. And tied it up. And I thanks so you know that was that was good on him. We'll. We're giving yourself. You know Heidi Heidi I saw he was aggressive. He. Go after guys and and and pretty much. Let them okay. There's got to keep me it was a barrel and on Sunday through while. Numbers. Film. Knows. So I'd like. Hello it's funny you know that's I think one of the reasons why I like baseball so much. Well he's also much because we have. We have we were very much skill sport. But then every now and you see a guy who could alleviate if you NFL. What could be a little you know could be rugby player playing a joke could fight UFC. Or you know to do something special maybe Olympic caliber. He's a ball field in the house today played so. It's really the front part of baseball. It's very often has its good. Ego that is Joseph if Otto he draws the first walk of the season off of Calvin her rare indeed ninth inning. And then he wins it for the reds with a three run triple in the tenth inning he has. Some kind of hitter Joey bottle inside the club house delivered by red or grow. We can't swing. Defenses. And heading hundred closures naqvi full count fastball from south remodeled 425. Feet. For his second big fly of the season left of that and an impressive 112. Miles per hour down on the farm only one home run of note that came from a high it Wilmington it's clean up better. Second baseman Gabriel can sell. Second baseman went one for four. With a Grand Slam his third home run of the season. Cancer Alice the organization's. Number twenty prospect according to. And LB dot com no PS of 664. This season that 21 year old second baseman isn't he is. First season in high Wilmington after hitting some 77 last year in Lexington. So can't sell and don't shares swing for the fences with dire threats. It just makes sense to get a Geiger fence. 91357676. Janice our phone number let's go to branded and independent brand and all had. They Josh. And I eat foreigner. Consecutive game it's a yeah. You know wallets. Yeah effort. You know what her so that means. Mean we can probably. Mention the whole tech played yet about you know whatever the whatever sure the official explanation about pretty broad based apps and all that street stuff. It is good that it's called it government anyway. But it weighs. You know them well but those. A lot closer about bubble. All better shoe drops during it's like. Articulate. Their existing capacity that can winning percentage of how the warlord in on the road it you know equipment back years. Here they managed to at least. Do little better from there on the road. But we knew too little trip there and it's like this team they're not really score around the don't seem like they're really. Didn't really eaten much of the much of anything going it seems like. He got a game plan and that is that it planned that you don't get in the Bible the stadium and if necessary we do a whole lot. So you know hopefully he. Should go to on the road and hopefully we're not. Get a ball as deep into all or nothing sort of stuff that she and because. Well. Gonna be pretty 87 to the to be out for a while. But yet just one as well as gain. There's instant double and that we he has recession and rhetoric yet draft order and they go out. No doubt no doubt credit they very much for the full call royals record at home now it's ten and 22. That after starting one well. Here in 2018 dropped the first thirteen coupled with that. It. Ten and 22 this year at Kauffman Stadium tomorrow will be game number 33. At Kauffman Stadium. Let's take a quick sneak peek at what's to come with our friends at twin peaks. Tomorrow Jason Hammel squares off but the fellow right hander Tyler mentally. 7151. Pitch at three games starting at. 6 o'clock the boys take Thursday off before opening up today. Three game set with the defending World Series champion Houston Astros Friday night at 715 in the bowl Saturday and Sunday's game. Will be in at 115 and of course you could hear all right here on sixteen and Sports Radio. Thank you very much to dusty likens it to a big lead for their help inside the club house Jason Katz what is an absolute superstar great job. Your rationality here. Pre game post game and toward I'd really appreciate. The help from some facts. It rose about 22 and 45 all talk you tomorrow at 6 o'clock don't forget that goes tomorrow morning nine month vesco in the morning. Thank you very much for listening. Built by the international. The brotherhood of electrical workers local one. For more coverage go to burns notebook it's extends sports dot. Use our town sixty and Sports Radio.